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Windmills in Chios

Chios is one of those islands that you need a week or more to really explore, and then once you get to know it you always want to return. During my visit to Chios I drove all over the island and met people who spend every summer here, exploring the many walking trails and remote beaches and villages, studying the island's rich culture and history while enjoying its natural beauty and fabulous food. Beautiful beaches with water the color of the Caribbean scattered all along every coast, you could spend a month here and go to a different one every day. I had five days to see them all and probably visited twenty or thirty. Some were full of people spending their weekend or holiday, while others were empty, one solitary car at the end of a dirt road. Usually mine. This guide will help you decide whether Chios is the island for you.

Chios Beach

Chios Town
Arriving in Chios

Chios Town
Chios Town

Pirgi Chios, Greece
Mastica Villages

Lagada, Chios
Northeast Chios

Chios Beach
Western Chios

Chios restaurant

Chios Hotel
in Chios

Anavatos, Chios
Top 10 Things to See

Chios Beach
Chios Beaches

Chios sundried tomatoes
Photo Album

Chios Ferry

Culture Tours and Classes

Souma, tsipuro, tsikoudia

About Mastica

Ferry to Cesme, Turkey from Chios
Turkey Trips

Delacroix Massacre of Chios
of Chios

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus

Chios Cooking Class
Chios Cooking Class

Chios Food Tour
Chios Food Tour

Kambos Food Tour
Kambos Food Tour

Chios ferry
Leaving Chios

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Fantasy Travel of Greece
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