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Poros, Greece"The island revolves in cubistic planes, one of walls and windows, one of rocks and goats, one of stiff blown trees and shrubs and so on. Yonder, where the mainland curves like a whip, lie the wild lemon groves and there in the spring young and old go mad from the fragrance of sap and blossom. You enter the harbor of Poros swaying and swirling, a gentle idiot tossed about amidst masts and nets in a world which only the painter knows. To sail slowly through the streets of Poros is to recapture the joy of passing through the neck of the womb. It is a joy too deep almost to be remembered."

Henry Miller - The Collossus of Marousi

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Poros Hospitality: A short stay at the family owned Hotel Saga in Poros

Poros, GreeceWinter Colours: 8 Days in Athens and Poros: A special package for those seeking to discover the eternal beauty of the historic Greece. Discover the secrets of the ancient Greek civilization in Athens, the capital of Greece, a modern metropolis where historic monuments of amazing architecture lie next to contemporary buildings and museums. Continue your journey with a visit to the famous oracle of Delphi. A mystic oracle where a priestess named Pythia used to offer her prophecies inspired by god Apollo and by bay leaves she used to chew. And last but not least, visit the picturesque island of Poros. Explore the island lifestyle during winter, when the island is full of locals and you get to experience the real everyday life.

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