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Kamares Practical Information

This is a sort of review of the Kamares page for those people who like to see things in outline form for it to make sense. Most of this info is on other pages too.

Check with Aegean Thesaurus Travel. It is best to book with an agency if you are planning to go to other islands or need help with other aspects of travel like ferries, transfers etc because most hotels will be unable to help you. If you are planning to stay at the Hotel Stavros or the Hotel Kamari you can contact them directly through their website and they are very helpful if you have other travel needs since they have an in house travel agency and car rental agency. There are also Villas available through Sarah at the Stavros Hotel or
You can find hotels, descriptions, photos and guest reviews and's Sifnos page.
See also the
hotel page on this website.

The Old Captain My hang-out of choice. Classical music at sunset with a nice view of the bay. It can get wild late at night when people lose their inhibitions. Featured in the Legend of the Sifnos Monster and Sifnos Basketball. Owned by my pals Tony and Lefteris and run by Kelly from Oklahoma.
Absynthe: Across from Old Captain and up the steps. Great place to watch the night-ferry come in while sipping ouzo and absynthe especially after a delicious meal here.
Folie: On the far side of the bay. Sort of a multi-purpose snackbar, restaurant, bar.

Kambourakis: Traditional Greek-fare. The Kambourakis family are fishermen and farmers and grow or catch almost everything they serve. It's my favorite place for ouzo and mezedes. Good homemade retsina. Also known as "Meropi".
Boulis: On the square a few meters up from the waterfront. Excellent food and wine. Delicious fresh meat and fish cooked on the grill. Real Taverna atmosphere with wine barrels and plenty of happy people. All the food comes from their farm.
Avra: Another nice spot for ouzo and octopus.
Captain Andreas: On the beach. Very nice atmosphere and delicious food. Best place for lunch. They have their own fishing boat and make a delicious fish soup as well as grilled meats and fish.
Simos: Great island cooking. Delicious lamb mastela an island specialty cooked in traditional clay pot.
Claudios (Duo Porcini): Great Italian restaurant. Run by Claudio and Paulo. Fantastic Pizzas. Imported and domestic wine. Nice anti-pastos. Nice place for a romantic evening. Long menu of pastas and sauces, seafood, meat and fish. If you have tired of Greek food come here.
Absynthe: One of the finest restaurants in the western Cyclades with eclectic entrees, wonderful mezedes and a very nice wine list.
There are three more restaurants on the far side of the bay, all very good, one owned by Nikos and the other by Argiris who used to be one of the village policemen, and the third in the house of Markos the old potter. There is also a restaurant in the Delfini Hotel.

Stavros Cafe: Breakfast, yogurt with fruit and nuts, coffee and espresso, ice-cream, ouzo and liquors, beer and sandwiches. (This is where I start every day).
Boulis: This is the only true zacharoplastion which means literally 'sugarshop'. They have many different kinds of cakes, cookies and pastries, all made in their bakery next door. They also have delicious spanakopita (spinach-pie) and tiropita (cheese-pie). They sereve coffee and espresso drinks, liquors, ouzo, soft-drinks and beer.
The Old Captain: A hotbed of nightime activity it's also a great place to come for coffee, breakfast and snacks. Right on the beach too.
Kima: This has been everyones favorite cafe for years. Run by Kyria Eleni and her two absolutely beautiful daughters it's the kind of place you could spend the entire day, playing back-gammon, drinking frappes and taking an occasional swim in the sea just a few meters away. If you are a parent this is not a bad spot to be while the kids play in the sea.

Other Stuff

There are 3 bakeries, only one of which sells bread. That's the one on the back street behind Boulis Zacharoplastion. The small shop that sells tiropita's and bougatsas(like apple turnovers without the apples), is next to the small platia (square). The best bakery is Boulis next to the zacaroplastion. It specializes in local cakes, cookies and pastries like the amegtholota. My personal favorites, made entirely from almonds and sugar.

Swimming: You can go on the long beach. The water is very shallow and great for kids. You can also swim off the rocks on either side of the bay. There is a small dock in the area known as Spilia (caves).

Car and Motorbike Rentals try George Podotas of The Podotas Group from his office next to the church on the main street in the port. Stavros rents cars from the lobby of the Hotel Stavros or you can rent them through their car rental website.

Travel Information about ferry schedules and accomodations on other islands use Aegean Thesaurus.

Camping at Makis Campground in Kamares. Many facilities including showers, cafe, shop and plenty of shade. Great place to stay if you are on a budget or backpacking.

Pottery Shops: Adonis Kalogirou, the world famous potter and Kamaki is certainly the most visable of them but don't forget to go into Podotas Shop just behind the church. There are several others on the main street and one or two in the back streets. You can't leave Sifnos without a piece of pottery. Don't worry. There are smaller pieces available then the one Adonis is painting. See also Sifnos Pottery

There are three supermarkets where you can buy almost anything including pampers, babyfood, batteries, liquor, canned fish, toothpaste etc. Two are on the waterfront and Simos' is behind Boulis Cafe. My favorite is run by Apostolis and his wife Moscha, underneath the Stavros Hotel. There is so much interesting stuff crammed into this little store it is like going to a museum. Imagine taking your local American or European supermarket and then cramming everything into a store the size of a two car garage. Pampers and baby food are available. Kambourakis also has a supermarket which is a little more organized. I think going to these small supermarkets is more fun than going to a museum.

Cheese Shop: Yiannis Boulis has a cheese and local products shop right before where you get on the ferry. Be sure to stop there and buy a wheel of delicious Sifnos cheese.

Boutique Maria
has the latest styles from Paris, Rome, New York, London and Thessaloniki and is run by Maria, a very nice and engaging woman.

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