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Hi Matt,
Thanks a Million for the prompt reply.
I think the Greek Government should make you their tourism minister !!

Hi Matt. My name is Stacy and I just returned from my honeymoon in Greece.
We spent 3 days in Athens and 8 on Mykonos and had a wonderful time. I
visited your guide religously before we left and even printed out a bunch of
pages for my husband to read on the plane. We had a Fodor's guide but yours
was much better. The pictures, directions and advice were great and you
really helped us get the most out of our visit to Athens! I went to the
site again today just to reminisce a little.

Thanks so much and I'll definetely recommend the site to anyone I know
travelling to Greece.
Stacy Refermat

Dear Matt -

My mother and I just returned from our winter trip to Greece and I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how invaluable your website was to us. I know you hear this often as I read several of your testimonials, but for a novice traveler to Greece, I can't tell you how much your website helped us. We not only found a wonderful travel agent in Barbara and Giorgos at Aegean Thesaurus through your links who helped us make all our international arrangements, not to mention George the Taxi driver who was a godsend when our planes came in at all hours, but all your articles and even some of your emails to me helped prepare us for Greece in the winter.

So, thank you Matt, for your wonderful resource.

Nicole and Lee Ranadive

Hi Matt, just returned from a great trip to Greece. Just thought I'd let you know we visited a lot of your website favorites. Jana at agean thesaurus did a great job of booking and transfers with georges taxi company was very polite and professional. Hotel Attalos was really a great place to stay! Close to everything. Psiri is a great area to hang out and eat. To bad about all the graffiti and empty stores in Athens. From there we visited Sifnos, great advice from you. We felt like family everywhere we went. Mosha pension was really nice to stay at. We tried several of the places on your website. (sofias place is no longer open) The whole island is beautiful! From there we traveled to Santorini, and stayed in Firostefani and Kamari beach both great for different reasons. In Pyrgos we found Penelopes, and had a great late lunch. Really lovely lady that made us the mixed grill platter that was very tasty and I thought the bread she served us was the best bread anywhere. We finished our vacation in Varkiza and had a nice 6 days away from all the tourist. Yabanaki beach is a great place to enjoy your day and all you need is pretty close.    

Thanks again for all the work you do with the website, its comes in very handy as a guide to areas and eateries. I mentioned your website to many of the places we visited and people were appreciative.    

Nik from Vancouver
August 8 2014


I’ve visited many countries of Europe, yet never been to Greece – an unfathomable oversight, especially for someone fascinated by ancient history. Finally, I go in May. And while I dutifully spoke to friends who have lived there, or visited often,  and although I did my customary research (Fodor’s, etc.), “stumbling “ on your website was a wonderful bit of serendipity. Yours is one of the finest, most comprehensive and delightfully personalized travel guides I’ve ever read. As a sometimes travel writer myself (I was a newspaperman for 40 years), and a devotee of great travel writing, I genuinely admire what you have done.

The only problem is that there is so much information it can be dizzying! I have a pitiable 4 days in Athens and 4 more on Santorini. I don’t want to follow a script, as it were, but your observations and suggestions are irresistible. Where to begin!?

Many thanks,
Bill T
Charleston, S.C.
(a transplanted Tar Heel)

Hi Matt,
I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how wonderful your information was and how much it helped my husband and me on our highly anticipated vacation to Greece this year! I have wanted to visit Greece since I first started learning about their history and mythology in junior high school. My husband didn't know much about Greece until we started planning this trip and the information you have on your website was a great way for both of us to refresh on the history and the country. This was our first real vacation and we were very nervous about it. We had only flown once in our lives and it was an hour and a half flight, so the fifteen hours of flying (from Utah) was very intimidating for us! Luckily, we survived and are planning more international trips for the future. We used Fantasy Travel to arrange all of our transfers, hotels and tours, because of your recommendations. They were the greatest bunch of people I have ever had the experience of dealing with. Our travel agent, Vicky, was very accommodating and gave great information (such as the unreliability of ferries to some of the islands, and non touristy areas). I had so many ideas of places to go and things to see after reading through your websites and she was able to customize a great package for us that was economical as well as thorough and fun. We stayed in Athens for a couple of days and then we took the four day classical tour (Mycenae, Epidavros, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora). We then went to Naxos and Santorini. We loved Naxos! It is very calm and not as touristy as I thought it would be. The scenery was amazing and the people were extremely friendly! We stayed at the Grotta Hotel and the room, the staff and the owner, Nicolette, were wonderful! After Santorini we went to Nafplio. The one word I would use to describe this town would be PERFECTION!!!! We stayed at the Marianna Pension and it was amazing. Everything about Nafplio, from the hotel to the fortresses were beautiful. Sorry this is such a long email, but we really wanted to thank you again for all your great information that helped us to plan a very unique vacation. We were able to see everything we planned on seeing on this trip, and we plan on returning in the future to tour more of the mainland and new islands!
Thanks again for all your great advice, Misty & Jeremy
July 2012


We've got to thank you for an incredible vacation in Greece, just completed. We took your advice and signed on with Fantasy Travel for a customized vacation in Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens. We handled the whole trip over the internet with Litsa from Fantasy Travel.

From the moment we stepped off the plane in Athens, we were met by representatives each step of the way. I can't tell you how reassuring it was to see a happy face, waiting to help us on every island. All the transfers were provided, to and from each hotel, airport, and port, and they even helped us just before we left change our travel plans from Rhodes to Santorini (the ferries weren't running that day due to a country wide strike!) so that we could fly to our next destination instead. They helped us arrange tours and even rent cars while we were on the various islands.

We also used your suggestions for taxi services on Rhodes (Michael - Nicholas's brother took us all over the island) and in Athens Dionysos (George's son) took us and some friends on a customized all day tour of Athens and Sounio. It was fabulous and they were exquisite hosts. We observed some protestors gathering in front of the Parliament in Syntagma square during the day, but never felt worried or concerned. We felt some of the concern and worry the Greeks have for their country and their future and we certainly hope all will work out for the good. Thanks so much for the great service you provide!

Paul Camarata

Hello Matt,

My name is Archana R and I just returned from Greece. I just wanted to send an email to you because your website was so incredibly helpful in planning our trip. My friend and I took a lot of your suggestions and had an absolutely wonderful time. Your website really was our saviour and I just wanted to pass that all along. Thanks for all your hard work.


PS Fantasy Travel Agency was unbelievable! They made our trip completely stress free and we couldn't recommend them more!

Hi, Matt,
I'm from Serbia and I have just returned from Greece. I was there with my girlfriend and we spent only 7 days there. It was great!
My girlfriend, Ljubica, found your website and read it all. She is fascinated with it and she always mentions you.
I would like to get her a present and I think that your book would be the nicest one. So, I finally come to the question-
Where can I find your book?
Sincerely yours,


Hello again Matt, Well, we made it to Sifnos and Milos and had 3 blissful weeks on the islands. Sifnos was more or less exactly how you describe it and you certainly have not "oversold" it. The hotel Stavros was the perfect place to stay and right at the heart of Kamares. We visited Platy Gialos, Apollonia (never seen a place go from "Ghost town" to absolutely rocking so quickly) and Kastro - all beautiful places on a gorgeous island. We ate in various places and never had a bad meal: Neptuno, Simos, Meropi all great traditional tavernas, but our favourite was Absinthe where the food was fabulous. Great prices too, particularly with a good exchange rate, and generally, we ate for nearly half the price we were expecting. Beers and cocktails at sunset most evenings in the Old Captain bar - heaven, and plenty of ouzo each evening, too. Milos was a good contrast to Sifnos and we did a great Kayak trip. Pollonia was a nice relaxing base. Didn't get to try many restaurants as we went to Gialos on the first night and loved it so much we went there more or less every night and ate our way through the menu. This place was packed every night with Greeks - they obviously know a good thing. A great final day in Athens too, but hot,hot,hot! Too hot to get up to the Parthenon, but made it to the flea market and Acropolis museum which was great. Once again, the Attolos a great central place to stay and having a drink in the bar with the Parthenon lit up at night was an unforgettable experience. We will certainly return to Athens at some point. We reckon we will never have another package holiday again. All of our transport links worked out fine and it was really easy to get around. We saw only a handful of our fellow countrymen in the entire three weeks, which is no bad thing. Had some great conversations with total strangers in Athens - wonderful people in a lovely country and no bad experiences whatsoever. Everyone should go! Thanks again for your great website and recommendations and we look forward to reading more. Regards,Paul
Hi Just came back from my first experience of Greece. Our holiday was self made , we spend 3 days in Athens (the royal Olympic hotel) and then traveled to Olimpia(great western hotel Europe) , Delphi and back to Athens... We have loved and fall in love with Greece... I have found your website by chance before we went our hols...and even though I had my DK eyewitness travel (which I found very useful) , your webs has answered more questions and prepared me for well for our fabulous trip.. I have loved the flee market and we have visited places which 'normal' tourist would not think to visit...I only could not find an answer for why tourists can not pose next to statues in museums? Is it something to do with respect or ??? Do you know the answer?We have decided to explore more of Greece next year , now we have traveled whole across the Peloponessos... Greek people are friendly and very welcoming, food is fantastic and we even got used to the reckless driving loll..Thank you again for developing this fabulous website.Take carePavlina N

Dear Matt,

Just a quick note but one deeply felt... I am so very grateful to you for your website. Your recommendations of Fantasy Travel and George's Famous Taxi service put us on the right track and resulted in our having a most fabulous 24 days in Greece. Our visit included 6 days in Athens, 5 days with George in the Argolis, 6 days in Crete, 4 in Santorini, 3 in Hydra. I also used Athens Walking Tours on our first day in Athens; we had two tour guides... one was for the actual walking tour and was very good; the second guide was for the Acropolis Museum; she was tedious witha dramatized style of speaking. But these tours got us off to a good start and we did well on our own thereafter. We signed up for the Fantasy Travel tour to Cape Sounion. We me a couple from India now living in Houston who also used your website and used Fantasy Travel... small world indeed.

I am attaching my reviews of Fantasy Travel and George's Famous Taxi Service which I have submitted to them.

Keep up your great work!!!

Leon K
May 28 2011

Dear Matt,
I've just got back from greece (mykonos, santorini and athens). Just wanted to say your website has been a great help in planning!
Hotel Adonis in Mykonos was simply awesome and Athens Cypria in Athens was just way above expectations.
2 thumbs up for your great site~!

Hi Matt,
We've just returned from our two weeks in Greece! We had an amazing trip with the help of your website. We stayed three nights at the Attalos--what a location! The staff was very helpful and friendly, as was everyone in the country. We traveled with our five month old and ten year old--man do they love babies! I think he was held by everyone in the country.
We went to Mykonos and Santorini--loved them both. The Lady Anna hotel on Mykonos was perfect--I don't know if you know this hotel, but it was booked for us by Fantasy Travel. Right on the beach with a pool--perfect for a family. Our son's dentist is Greek and he sent us to his friend Mimi's restaurant called Sea Satin Market--most expensive fish I've ever eaten, (95 euro/Kilo!) but what a location. The ocean is practically coming under your table! In Santorini, Lucky's for Gyros is the best. He's a little kooky, but the chicken gyro is awesome--2.50 euro!

Fantasy Travel is a great find. We felt so lucky to be able to pick and choose the places and length of time and to have all the booking handled for us. We had transfers galore, and they were always there waiting for us at each hotel/airport/port. They were very reliable and we will recommend them to anybody who asks for an agent in Greece. Of course your website will be the first thing we mention to anyone considering a trip to Greece.

Thanks again for all your hard work. We will definately return to Greece someday!
The Polston Family

Matt-We have decided that you should be named the Mayor of Athens.....its hard for us to believe that every word you said in your website was true!!!!!! Right know after 2 days back home, I am currently wearing my sandals, eating cheese, drinking OUZO and staring at my icon. First things first....Fantasy Travel is the bomb!!!! Everything was perfect.....they took care of us from the minute we stepped off the plane in Athens and until we returned to the airport. All of it was beyond our expectations!!!!The Hotel Attalos in Athens...was a perfect location for us to wander and explore Athens. The view was spectacular from the bar of the city and The Acropolis.The Princess Myknonos hotel was great, the staff awesome, the food lovely and the room perfect. We missed a ferry due to the recent strike...they accomodated us without any question for an extra night. Fantasy Travel had even called to check on us even before we returned from the ferry dock. In fact, when we returned to the hotel (in the back of a 3-wheel truck!!!! what a ride) they were just coming down to get us to bring us back. We really were impressed. I don't think this would of ever happened in the USA.THe Volcano View as we arrived a day late...let us stay in an 2 bedroom suite instead of our studio. WOW. THe room was spectacular, the help was great and the food wonderful.The beaches were..........well no weinie waggers LOL, but everywhere they were beautiful. The ocean was the best ever. Generally, renting a car on both islands was the best. The fast ferry was spectacular. All of the recommendations you made for shopping, eating and drinking were right on.!!!!! One resturant in Santorini you should add was recommended to us by the desk at Volcano View....Nicholas Tavern in the heart of Thira. Very small but oozing Greek. The food was authentic and spectacular. Very reasonably priced. We really could go on and on.... we really are thrillled with our whole trip. Thank you for making this possible. I started reading your site 8 months ago. It really made things alot easier for planning and what to expect. Thanks again,

Nancy and Doug Coppernoll

Matt, I want to thank you personnaly for your assistance directly and through you wonderful and well done web site My friend Art and I did a wonderful 3-week vacation just returning yesterday from Athens back home in Ottawa, Canada. I wrote you early on during our planning regarding booking at the Volcano View Villas and you refered us to Fantasy Travel. This reference has been most fruitful and we did work with Nikos Emmanuil who helped us put together a good plan for our stay. Him and his colleagues also were of great assistance in changing travel plans due to the general strkes and tension over the last three weeks. We send our appreciation to Nikos. Do not hesitate to mention it as well to his supervisor if you are in contact with them. I traveled with my I-Pad and did refer to your website anywhere we were going to have a better understanding. We also used it for restaurant referals. Again your website is well done and so comprehensive like no others. I will refer any of my family or friends who wish to visit Greece to the Greecetravel website as The Reference. Efaisto poli Michel Tremblay

Ottawa, Canada

I wanted to offer thanks from my wife and myself on your wonderful site. Earlier in the year we went to Greece (athens, and santorini) and had a blast. I found your site earlier in the year when I was planning an after summer trip, and that made up our minds on where to go. Even with the protests and intermiddant shut downs (it didn't affect us very much, though it was interesting to watch in Syntagma), it was a blast. I had visited other places in Europe, however Greece was a place I thought was a bit too obscure. That is until I saw your site. It took a lot of the confusion out of our trip, and made it much more enjoyable. I love my new sandals, and my wife loves her new jewelry from Byzantino jewelers in Athens. I was reading your blog and saw you might do something similar for Istanbul/Turkey. That would be wonderful I think. It would be very helpful for a lot of people who find such a country a bit outside their comfort zone otherwise. Just wanted to offer my support, and again say thank you for your hard work!

Dear Matt,

Thanks to your invaluable advice we had a fantastic holiday. We arranged our first and only night in Athens, and our stay on Poros through Fantasy travel who really could not have been more helpful. They made a complicated trip run like clockwork. We stayed at Saga on Poros and everything you said about them on your website is so true. We felt so welcomed and cared for by
Zefi and Takis, and all their staff, it really felt like a home, which was just what we needed. We took a day car hire trip up to Epidaurus and Mycenae which were extraordinary places even in the summer heat.

We spent the second week on Skiathos which is the most tourist-centred place we have ever been to on holiday. Yet somehow the island has coped with exploiting the visitors and staying beautiful, having something for everyone - noise and peace!

I have to say it was one of the best holidays we have ever had and I am indebted to you.


Hi Matt,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your guide. We just got back to Amsterdam after a bit of a turbulent week's holiday in athens. We ended up escaping to Loutraki for a few days as we could not go out to the islands due to the strikes and general chaos. We had a great time in the restaurants you recommended and the suggested hotels were also excellent. Your guide helped to make our trip a holiday.
If you ever need tips for Amsterdam, we would be happy to help.
Thanks again,

Craig and Eva.

Dear Matt

I have just returned from a trip to Santorini and just have to tell you that after many years of “using” your website and enjoying it I decided to use Fantasy Travel and boy with all strikes was I glad that I did! For many years I have done my own bookings for hotels, flights (between islands) in Greece but this time I decided to use Fantasy Travel mainly to support one of your companies that you support.

We arrived on 27 September to a very chaotic customs and it took us one hour to get through customs and another ½ hour to find luggage that was dumped on the floor because no one collected it in time so by the time we met our Fantasy travel representatives they were not very happy people thinking that we had got lost somewhere in Athens. Anyway we didn’t mind the frosty greeting considering we were just happy to be in Athens and back in Greece. We stayed at the Royal Olympic and enjoyed our stay there mainly because we were next to the Plaka (after all these years I still love going thereJ) and we were relieved that we had used Fantasy Travel because the next day all taxis etc were on strike so they had arranged a private transfer for us which was great. I thought we would have the same representatives to take us to the airport en route to Santorini but I delighted to see that we were given Nelly and Demetris who really made our trip to the airport a real treat – Nelly is amazing with all her knowledge and Dimitris was just as friendly as well – when we got to the airport Nelly booked us in (another treat) and so Fantasy travel really made our trip worthwhile. So thanks Matt for your recommendation.

We stayed in Santorini for 8 nights and I was quite interested to see how the local Greeks felt about their situation and was amazed that a lot of them actually were quite indifferent to the situation – maybe because they genuinely feel that there is nothing that they can do as individuals but I think (just as in my country) on the whole if everyone really just gets together maybe in time there will be a solution. I was shocked to hear from one of the chaps were know on the island that he and his wife were hijacked in a taxi en route from the airport to Athens! I thought that only happened in my country South Africa! It made me really upset that Athens had become like that and when I read your story about your wife it made me really sad – I hope she is ok now but she seems a strong person (as in character) (from the way you write about her) so I am sure she is. You must tell her that I think I shocked a taverna owner on Santorini who was trying to be “cute” when he gave me Sardines and told me smugly that there was a special way to debone them and I said “I know” and proceeded to debone them just like your video showed all of us and he was quite shocked and impressedJ so was the guy from the UK who was sitting next to us – so thanks to you and Andrea. A great moment to rememberJ

To end I must say that I do agree with your about the wealthy Greeks, the yacht owners etc especially the churches – personally I feel if the lot of them got together they could bail Greece out easily because they all have vast “hidden” wealth. Time will tell as they say – I just believe they HAVE to get it right, not only for Greeks but for all of us around the world who loves Greece as well. Greece belongs to the Greeks, not the Chinese etc etc

Bye for now


Hi Matt I just wanted to thank you for your advice and for putting me in touch with Fantasy Travel. I have to admit that I had my doubts at first about them as the agent I was dealing with only seemed to be able to communicate by means of one email a day, which made the arrangements a little protracted (but quite amusing). HOWEVER, once we had thrashed out my peculiar itinerary and requirements they turned out to be a model of efficiency. All the arrangements went smoothly, in fact so smoothly that my daughter and I would start chuckling every time a 'Fantasy Travel' card was waved in the mayhem of an airport or ferry stop and when yet another taxi would whisper to a stop outside a hotel, bang on time. I'm particularly glad that I read and absorbed your recommendations concerning arriving at Piraeus and trying to find a taxi with 500 hundred other desperate and possibly ruthless fellow travellers. I have been coming to Greece since the early 1970's and always did it the hard way, sleeping on the deck of night ferries to Crete, taking doomed bus journeys to Northern Greece with incipient dysentery, trying to placate small children through ticket buying ordeals in Piraeus, walking miles in heat, waiting for inexplicable transport links that never arrived. So, for me this trip was GOING SOFT and IT WAS GREAT. Samos was our ultimate destination and it's possibly the nicest island I have been to (and I've been to a few) We flew from Athens to Ikaria and found Ikaria to be as weird as its publicity. We took the ferry back during the day from Samos, which was like a mini cruise, except more interesting when your fellow travellers have their dogs, canaries and rabbits on board. Athens in August was a bit of a revelation, hot but strangely quiet. We walked to Lykavittos where hoopoes were swooping in and out of the pines, then found paraketes flying around the strangely deserted Zappeion Gardens. It was a bit magical. Equally we took in your restaurant recommendations in the Plaka and were not disappointed. So, thanks for your help, it was great. I still love Greece and the Greeks and to hell with the Eurozone! Best Wishes Nan Bovington
Hi Matt,

I wanted to thank you and tell you how valuable the information on your site was in planning our trip to Greece. We a considerable amount of time on your site, including some time when we were in Greece and needed to check something out, and your recommendations were perfect for us. Based on your recommendations we also worked Litsa with Fantasy Travel and the package and service provided she provided was exceptional.

Our daughter was on Paros with a study abroad trip, and my wife and I met her at the end of her semester then we spent time on Paros, Naxos, Santorini, and in Athens. Not sure if would our daughter would have come home if we didn't go over an "pry her off a Greek temple".

We will recommend your site to everyone we know that is planning a trip to Greece. The value and information was worth several times what we paid for travel books.
Thanks again.

Hi Matt

My wife, 20 month old son and myself just returned about a week ago from our first trip to Greece. I wanted to thank you not only for your fantastic website but also the time you take to respond to individual emails. Your recommendation of Fantasy Travel is much appreciated. I would strongly encourage anyone traveling to Greece to contact them, especially if you are traveling with a small child. From the time our plane touched down in Athens they were available for all of our needs. The fact I did not have to worry about any transportation really eliminated some stress. In addition your hotel and restaurant recommendations were also excellent. I should also add that Sifnos, as you suggested it would be, was perfect for a family. The beach at Kamares was as you described and perfect for a 20 month old to run wild. The weather was perfect the week we were there this past October and we basically had the beach to ourselves. The Greek people could not have been nicer. It seemed that from the Plaka to Apollonia the folks went out of their way to put a smile on our son's face. If he wasn't getting free bakery or fries, it was a toy at the pharmacy. I planned this trip for a long time but it was worth the wait. I can certainly say, my family would love to go again. Thank you again for all of your time and effort.

Warm regards............................ Casey, Julie & Caleb Palbicki

Oh, I'm sure you get plenty of better written testimonials but please feel free to include this email if you'd like.

Hi matt;

I really just want to thank you for this wonderful, helpful, unique site of yours.

Felt like you are talking to me directly and not googling or reading something from the www.

I became to know you more and more every time I opened the site since started to have interest in visiting Athens.

Hope to see you there sometime.


Khaled Al Jawamis

Hi, Matt. I can’t believe I haven’t written you before to thank you for your incredible website on Athens and all of Greece! My Bride has always wanted to go to Greece, and after discovering your website, I felt comfortable taking her. When we landed in Athens on our way to Mykonos, we had a six hour layover. My Bride asked what the heck we were going to do for six hours. I told her not to worry. We hopped onto the Metro and went to Syntagma Square and walked to the Plaka. She was amazed I could find my way around a city in which I’d never been. I gave you all the credit. After two days on Mykonos, we returned to Athens, and I was able to lead her around the city easily. We followed many of your suggestions, such as visiting Byzantino Jewelers and George the Taxi Driver. He was wonderful. We had booked a half day tour to the monuments in Athens but the workers were on strike. George apologized then drove us all around Athens and even drove us down to Sounion and up the other side of Greece back to Athens. One day I decided to take her to Aegina. I wasn’t sure how to get to the port, but I sent you an email, and you wrote back promptly telling me exactly what to do! You are absolutely amazing and an incredible help to visitors to Greece! Thank you for all you do!

My wife and I just returned from two wonderful weeks in Greece. We have friends who have an apartment in Nafplion who had invited us to visit them several times. We decided to take them up on the offer. We booked flights to and from Athens, but really had no idea what we were going to do other than spend a two or three days in Nafplion.

Fortunately, I discovered your multiple websites which gave us a wealth of information and ideas. Perhaps the best suggestion of all was to contact Fantasy Travel. From the moment we landed in Athens until we were delivered back to the airport there two weeks later, everything went like clock work. Wish I could say the same for the flight arrangements we made.

I can't say enough good things about your websites, Fantasy Travel or Greece. Keep up the good work, even if it does mean more crowds.

Art Surguine are amazing...I'm the hospitality business and wish I had a staff full of guys like you -- someone that obviously loves this stuff!...anyway, you've given me a lot of material to review...and I'm sure I'll have more questions....but thanks in advance!


Hi Matt;THANK YOU for your wonderful website, per all of your advice I traveled to Naxos, Milos and am currently at Old Captains Bar - Sifinos! I had previously emailed you about diving information, and throughout my travels have found some great things that I thought may be interesting additions to your site. On Naxos, off of Agios Prokopios, is The “Lost Beaufighter”, a British bomber aircraft which sank during World Word II. It is in pristine condition - to a divers delight it landed perfectly on its belly. It sunk to about 30m. Blue Fin Divers ( ) does a great tour of the boat - which takes only about 1.5 hours from getting to the shop to leaving. They also offer a lot of other great (from what I am told) dives around the island. I have attached a few pictures I took of the plane, feel free to use these as you wish. It is a hidden treasure, many island natives who have been living on Naxos their entire life, had never even heard of it! The owner of my hotel did not believe me, when I showed her the pictures she printed them out and has them at her reception area! I have dove all over the world, and this was one of the most interesting dives by far - it would be a shame for divers to come to the island and not see this hidden treasure!
Another inresting tidbit, on Milos, I did a sail trip with Captain Niko - whom you recommend. His boat is not identified as Captain Nikos (and I thought of this and failed to write down what it was really called - shoot!) but I thought you may find it interesting to note that his tour now stops at the seaside taverna at Emborion, which you recommend. Another thing to note, I took this boat because of the great price (the best in the marina) and the fact he has a small scuba flag on the back of his boat. I asked him about this and he so graciously offered to take me diving with him through the caves at Kleftiko. It was a divers delight, as it was just myself and the Nikos on a free dive, which he does each day while people are swimming in the rocks. He refused to charge me for this, but I did tip the kids (he wouldn't take it) 25euro, which is far less than the cost of a regular dive. Thanks again for all of your great information - it has been an amazing trip! -Katie
We've just returned from ten days in Greece and wanted to thank you for all your helpful tips and information. We stayed at Hotel Attalos in Athens and couldn't have been more pleased with your recommendation. Following your top ten list was a smart thing to do because the highlight of our trip had to be Melissinos' shop. Of course, everything we did and saw was special, but getting my sandals put a smile on my face that I can't even explain.

Originally, we were going to stay at the Boat House in Kamari on Santorini, but the cliffs of the caldera called too loudly and we stayed at Hotel Keti in Fira. We did travel to Kamari, however, and the Boat House is definitely on our list for the next trip. And there will be a next trip because we have so much more of your advice to follow.

Darlynne Vrechek

It's been quite awhile since I've been home, but in speaking to a friend I went looking for your site again to send to them.

I wanted to let you know that your site is absolutely fantastic, I booked two weeks via Fantasy where I wanted to go, they helped me tweak the order I should go in based on ease of travel.

It was literally 2 of the best weeks of my life!
the sun, the sea, the people, the food..............

And fantasy travel is amazing they met me at the airport at a ridiculous hour, with huge smiles (Nelly I think was her name) and right away I knew that everything was not to be worried about.
The hotels they booked were fantastic, each stop they seemed to get better and better!

All of the tips and information on your site were extremely helpful as well, I printed out portions to bring with me.
I definitely will return to see more of the country/isles and will be using the site for more information!!

Thank you a million times over!

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful website! My grandma and I have had a
hard time talking since grandpa died. I mailed her a calendar with pictures
of Greece as a gift, and she called me up. She sounded like she had come to
life again. She is bound and determined to go to Greece. All I have to do
is plan the trip and come along, :). Your website has eased my mind.
Again, thanks for this resource!

Betsy H

Hello Matt,

It was about mid August this year that i contacted you to forward my e-mail to Fantasy Travel concerning a round trip in mainland Greece my husband and i were planning.

Within a day after i e-mailed you, Dina Kastrinaki from Fantasy Travel was on the case . From the moment we started e-mailing, things went smooth and swift. Well, if i compare the customer service i got from Dina at Fantasy Travel to some of the companies i deal with in the States...there is no comparison.

Fantasy Travel is every traveler's dream. Their services were perfect.

We went on our round trip and had a wonderful time in Greece. Everything Fantasy Travel had organized was flawless. We met with Dina in Athens and thanked her in person, gave her a big hug and a T-shirt we brought from Texas (which was an "over-sized" one..., it turned out that Dina is a petite looking woman...we hope her husband is build a bit larger ). And we extended a invitation to her and her family, if they ever were to come to Texas, they are welcome at our home.

Our future plans are going back to Greece next year, this time, maybe an island cruise and we will be looking forward to work with Fantasy Travel again and of course, with our favorite employee, Dina.

Thanks for the wonderful website, Matt and guiding us to Fantasy Travel. Keep up the excellent work ! Thanks.

Nicole and Robert from Texas.

P.S. I included some pics from our trip....ah, wonderful Greece.

Hello, Matt!

My name is Fabio and sent some emails to you requesting information about Greece in winter.
What I can say is it was the best trip I've done so far!
The Attalos Hotel is excellent! It is close to Plaka and the staff is extremely kind.
After three days in Athens, we rented a car from Avanti Rent a Car with Mr. Elias Manou and went to Peloponnese.
Sparta and Mystras were pleasant surprises. We stayed two nights in Sparta and a program that my wife and I liked to do was going to the ancient acropolis and seeing sunset on Mount Taygetos.
We were also in Crete for six days and half the time was devoted to Chania and the surrounding areas. Crete in February is green and full of flowers, and the climate is quite nice!

Thank you for the tips!

Next July we will go to Greece once more. Of course it is time for sun, beaches and clubbing! Too hot for trekking. And everything is a little bit more expensive and booked in advance...

We are thinking about Rhodes, Santorini and one or two additional islands in the Cyclades (Milos, Serifos, Naxos or Folegandros). We have about two weeks to make this circuit. The rest of the time in Greece (4 days) we intend to visit the island of Aegina (a day trip from Athens), the Temple of Poseidon (on Cape Sounion), the ruins of Corinth and even buy tickets for Epidravos Festival.

I need some tips to prepare this trip. I want to combine touristic with out of the beaten track places.

Best regards from Brazil,

Fábio Lima da Silva.
A good number of months ago I e-mailed you about a trip I was planning with my 16 year old granddaughter to Greece. I'd not been there before and didn't know where to start planning. You gave me several ideas and followed up by suggesting several Greek travel agencies for me to contact. I contacted Fantasy Travel and within a day, Vicky Asloglou had put together a two week stay which included a four day land tour, three islands, and transfers. We didn't need to do anything except show up! Everything went perfectly, and we enjoyed an experience completely free from stress or confusion. Even the weather cooperated. I expected it to be really too hot in July, but it was quite nice.

Thanks so much for your suggestions. Now that I've made the trip I hope to get back again in the next year or so. This time I will have a better idea of what I want to see and where I want to go, and I'll certainly be contacting Vicky again when I start to plan the trip.

We took day tours on our island stays, which we arranged after our arrival at each place, and they were also well done and very interesting, although, at age 75 I have decided "No More Donkeys!" I could get on but I had a heck of a time getting off!

Thanks again for your help. It was much appreciated.

Deloris Perez, Fremont, CA
Matt: I, and two of my friends, returned home last week after our trip to Greece. Of all of the places I have been fortunate to have visited, I will tell you quite honestly that Greece will hold the most fond place in my memory. Every day was more glorious than the day before. All details of the three week trip turned out perfectly....and you can not say that about many trips....even weekend trips to New Orleans! I want to thank you for your valuable information that played a large part in the success. First, and foremost, our time spent with Dennis Kokkotos was outstanding. His manner was professional and courteous, yet friendly.His knowledge and obvious love of his country was evident. Dennis arranged for us to employ guides at several of the sites we visited. And they, too, were excellent. I must admit, too, that we were completely spoiled by Dennis!! I had the fun opportunity to speak with his parents, George and Lulu on the telephone. We volunteered to adopt Dennis!! What a wonderful family. Greek....of course!! (We learned that everything good and valuable is Greek....of course!) I feel that I now have friends in Greece. On Crete, we were fortunate to meet Leftaris. Another winner. Courteous, knowledgeable and personable. Leftaris also contacted Maria, a guide for us for Knossos, who was excellent, of course!! We had Leftaris for our airport transfers, but we also spent a whole day with him. He drove us around Herarklion, took us to the museum, and drove us up to a charming village in the mountains. The tastes of oranges and feta will never be as good as on Crete. Actually, the wonderful food was quite a surprise...I didn't expect to enjoy it as much. When I travel, I am usually more history oriented, and less food driven. But, not in Greece! Lastly, I am the proud owner of two pairs of sandals by Melissinos! If I had had the time, I would have bought one of each! What a wonderful character and experience. And a Parsons grad....very impressive. I know that you must get tons of "thank you" notes....but I sincerely thank you for your wonderful site and advice. When planning this trip, I did so assuming that it would be a "once in a lifetime" voyage. But, I am afraid that the country may lure me back. I am going to study the language, more of the wonderful history and brush up on my mythology. I think I will be drawn to the northern country..... Over the years, I have developed relationships with several travel agencies. I am going to give them your information, as well as that of Dennis and Leftaris. Again, many thanks and wishes for continued glorious days in Greece.Kathy RichardsonMobile, Alabama

hey matt, I just wanted to draw a conclusion to this excursion! I spent
the last whole week in Greece ans LOVED it!!! Thank you for all of your
help, it was tremendous and so smooth. My Greece experience was beyond
my imagination and such an amazing country and culture, especially in
the off season and less tourist islands! Thanks again so very much!
alicia hoffart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Dear Matt, We had a great trip in Greece! And now we already back to China. Thanks your information and suggestion before we go to Greece, it's really useful! This year is year tiger, hope you have a wonderful year! Regards! Arthur _ Yan Yong
Hello, I have just read your 'day in your life" written the 7/23 ; very interesting, I like very much your style, as much as french people can understand it.I keep reading your web site from time to time, it is for me the most interesting site for greek travelers, as I write in my own site which is of course … the most interesting site for greek travelers... written in french.


My wife and I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your help and advice regarding our trip to Greece. We spent our honeymoon there for 10 days in mid July, we loved every part of it! Specifically, thank you for recommending Stavros Melissinos's shop. We found it on our last day in Athens and my wife was able to buy some beautiful sandals. Everyone in the shop was incredibly warm and friendly, not to mention talented. What a great find, thank you again for recommending it!

After a few days in Athens we spent the rest of our trip on Santorini; simply incredible. We stayed at the Oia Mare Villas. We found the villas beautiful and serene. I can't even describe the sunsets we saw every night; but I don't have to as you know exactly how beautiful they are. The only thing we didn't anticipate we the stairs! Boy, what a workout.

Well, thanks again for all your help. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone else who is interested in visiting Greece and needs an honest and informative site to visit.

Take care,
Troy and Erin Smith


Your website was very helpful in planning my fourth trip to Greece this past June. I took my two boys ages ten and twelve for seventeen days. We all agreed the trip was too short. I kept running across your website while I was planning the trip, and something said to trust you. The best part of our trip was staying at the Hotel Stavros on Sifnos. From my first contact with Sarah I knew I had found a treasure. Through a series of emails she helped me plan ferry travel and hotels on other islands. In the end I found Karmeres to be the heart and soul of Sifnos, albeit the port town. I found it the most friendly of all the places we traveled to. We also stayed at the Hotel Attalos in Athens several times as we as we passed through Athens. While the rooms were a little sparse they were clean and the staff was always gracious and helpful. I was able to dump 15 pounds of clothing we were never going to wear, which they took care of. The view from the roof was amazingly reflective of the human condition and my own personal life. I never tired of it. I am now planning trip number five. I would like to cycle as I am a gear head and was impressed with the upgraded roads throughout. I am also thinking I could afford to retire in Greece something I have long since given up hope of doing in the states. So thanks for suggestions they helped make our trip a real success.


Hi there, Matt,
It has been too long in coming, but I just wanted to say that my family used your site to plan a 3 week trip to Greece. It was two years ago and we still rave about it as our "best vacation ever". We stayed in Athens for a week and then the rest of the time at two different locations on Lesvos. Amazing, really.

I booked a couple things through your site, so I hope that helps you keep going.

We plan on living in Europe for about 3 more years and I hope to get at least one more trip to Greece in before we head back to the States.

Thanks again and kind regards,
Scott P
Vienna, Austria
Hi Matt, I love your web site! You rock! I surf web pages for a living (I teach web design) and I have seldom (never?) read a series of pages that are as joyful, passionate, and inbued with great personality as yours are. I tell my students that "Content Rules" in web pages and your site is a fantastic example of that principle. My husband and I are headed for Sifnos, Milos, and Athens in a couple of weeks and I think I've read and enjoyed and learned from every single one of your pages. Thanks for this labour of love. You're what the best of the web is all about.


Dear Matt, I am writting to thank you for several things but mainly for your strong suggestion to use the travel agency Fantasy Travel. At first I was going to put everything together myself but since I was going so lat in the season, first few weeks of October, and ferries are so unpredictabel, I decided to take your advise and go with them. It was the best decision I could have made. From the beginning Litsa worked with me to get a hotel they didn't even work with but that I really wanted to stay at in Santorini and they worked it out. Later we added a day trip to Delphi and she answered questions I had throughout the process (since we booked about 8 months in advance) lol, silly american girls! Patient, professional...we even had a confusion at one of the hotels with a double booking and she helped take care of it for me. Above and beyond. When we got to Greece we had not one problem, all vouchers were taken care of, all transfers were at the ready and we had a carefree Grecian adventure and all we had to worry about was what to do next. It was amazing and I couldn't have more wonderful things to say about them. So thank you again for their endorsment. I honestly could say I never would have used them if it wasn't for your page and recommendation. I have already sent two people to them! I also wanted to say thank you for your pages. I used it frequently while planning my trip. My friend is a picky eater so you food guide was unbelievely helpful. I had no problem knowing what foods I wanted to try (that I haven't already! lol) and she knew she could eat. I tried things I never would have if I hadn't read the guide. Plus the resturant recommendations in Athens helped as well in the Plaka. Thank you for your effort and time, I am sure you hear this all the time from people but your pages are such a benefit and make a Greece experience so much more easy! So thanks again!Yasis!Melissa Lassiter


I just got from two weeks in Greece with my wife. I've done quite a bit of travelling and never even considered using a travel agent, but I took your recommendation from your site and was very happy. It's amazing how stress-free a vacation becomes when your taxis and accommodations are already lined up! I only used 2% of your guide and it dramatically improved our trip. Thanks again!

Best Regards,

FSM Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan

Matt:I just wanted to let you know you are absolutely right about using a travel agent. Patra at Fantasy Travel is a jewel! My husband said the transfers to/from the airport alone were worth it. Plus, Fantasy had a very pleasant young American of Greek descent named Fotini meet us on arrival with the taxi to provide our travel vouchers and a bit of an "orientation" to Greek driving. (We rented a car and did an eleven day driving tour of mainland Greece, primarily so that I could visit my grandfather's village.) There was a little mix up with the type of car we wanted, and Vassilis at Fantasy advocated on our behalf with the car rental agency. He got us something different, but completely suitable, and managed to snag a bit of a refund for us too! One thing we found was that our months of learning a little Greek from audiotapes really paid off. My husband was more fluent than I, and the astounded reaction, followed by the visible relief and approval, really was gratifying. My husband is intent on learning more, and has directed me to finish my tapes, buy Rosetta Stone, and then we get a tutor. Not hard to do in Tampa, which is not far from Tarpon Springs (used to be a very large Greek sponge diving community, now diminished but still many Greeks in our area). We plan to go back for an island vacation and have already decided to use Fantasy again. It's just a question of the readies, as the British say. Now, about those language lessons.... Thanks again for your wonderful website.Anne Lawrence

Hi Matt,

I wrote to you enquiring about Athens in June...

And i took all your advice, and i really had the time of my life in Athens, Greece!

Fantasy Travel really made our trip to Santorini effortless and seamless, I must really thank you for recommending them.

Our stay at Remezzo villas was unforgetable, as was the caldera view. I count our blessings that our initial choice of accomodation was not available. The village of Imeriovigli is the best place to stay on Santorini.

It was so convenient travelling on the metro as well.

I really hope to come back to Athens again, with its magnificent geography, addictive greek yogurt with honey!! and of course its beautiful people.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Claira from Singapore


It has been 22 months since I was in Greece, first getting my daughter
situated at her Semester Study Abroad in Athens and then heading down
into the Peloponessos for 10 days, then back to Athens and then on to
another destination.

I always have your internet site close by and sitting here in Oregon,
in the gathering darkness, with a steady rain coming down, just made me
want to return to Sparta, Kalavrita, or Epidavros or the wonderful
driving I experienced in Athens with my rental about a city
constructed for my way of driving.

Simply put, I just wanted to thank you so very much for the many warm
memories that I was introduced to through your web site. I cannot say
enough about your work, your recommendations, and your love of Greece.
Fantasy Travel and Patra, an agent there, were absolutely amazing. I
had never ventured far from Oregon, except across the borders into
Mexico and Canada and so entered into my first major trip with a bit of
intrepidation. Your site simply gave me the tools to begin and end the
first leg of my trip to Greece, Ireland and London on an extremely
successful note and one that gave me the confidence to more easily move
forward with each new day.

You get many emails, I am sure, so I will remain brief. Just know that
I continue to relive the wonders of Greece in both memory and realtime
through your web site. Thank you again, so much, for all that you
share with our fellow travelers.

Most humbly,
Patrick M


I just want to thank you for your site. It is a wonderful resource for
someone (like me) who was planning a trip to a relatively unknown

This was my first trip to Greece, and your site was invaluable in making
it memorable and, quite frankly, perfect!

At your suggestion, we used Fantasy Travel to book our entire trip. Dina
and the rest of the staff out together a wonderful itinerary (3 hotels,
taxi service, bus tours, rental car and an island flight) that went off
without a hitch. I can't recommend them more highly.

In Athens we stayed at the Attalos, which was clean, quiet and so close to
the Plaka. We had a great time walking around, shopping and eating. We
stumbled upon Byzantio by accident, and then I remembered seeing them on
your site. So I just had to buy a lovely ring...I wish I could have
bought the whole store!

In Lesvos we stayed at the Hotel Aphrodite in Vatera. We had a balcony
that overlooked the Agean. I can't say enough about our stay there- great
food (oh, the stuffed squash flowers!), clean rooms, beautiful views,
lovely beach and the most friendly and accomadating staff! They even lent
us money when the banks were closed because we couldn't exchange our own!

We rented a car and drove all over Lesvos...and got lost A LOT. But
everywhere we ended up, people were friendly and helpful, even if we
didn't speak the same language. The hot springs at Polichnitos were
amazing! We waited until our last day to go and cursed not finding them
the first day of our trip.

I could go on and on about our lovely trip- but I won't. Thank you again
for all the information. We will be back as soon as we can!

Marianne Rose

Dear Matt,

I cannot thank you enough for all the help, insight, and references we received through your website. My wife and I just returned from our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Greece and it was absolutely perfect. I poured over various websites for months prior to our trip and kept returning to yours. Your tips on travel agents, hotels guides, transportation, island synopsis were invaluable.

For the record, we used Aegean Thesaurus as our travel agent. They were professional, patient and implemented flawlessly

We stayed at the Electra Palace in Athens, Dana Villas in Thira, and Alkyonis Villas in Sifnos. They were all exactly what we expected because of your descriptions. Clean, Friendly and the staff was amazing. Maria at Alkyonis even lent us some of her personal towels for the beach because we didn’t think of bringing some and Franko at Dana Villas copied a CD for us because we liked the music.

We used George Kokkotos Taxi for our port transfers, (unfortunately didn’t get to meet him though). Your tip about arranging the port transfers was right on. We arrived in Sifnos at 04:45 in the morning. We were the only ones of about 30 people who had a taxi waiting….Magic!

In Sifnos we drank Ouzo on the beach of Kameras at the Old Captain, and ate at Simos and Claudio’s and Manolis.

We had the Tomato Keftades in Santorini, by the way you may want to add a restaurant called Rimini in Thira to your restaurant list, excellent!

In Athens we ate at the Platanos and Byzantino restaurants and for our last night on the rooftop Restaurant at the Electra Palace.

I guess you are getting the point, all above were recommended through your site. We had the most magical time, it was everything we hoped for. We want to thank you for the effort and dedication you put into your web site, I have no doubt that our trip would not have been as good without your help.


John and Laurie O’Connor

Matt, I followed the links through your website and booked a skippered charter through Globe Merchants which stopped in Plaka Skala Leonidaion, Spetsos, Hydra, Poros, and Aegina (Perdika). This was, without a doubt, the best vacation I have taken in my life. The weather was perfect, the winds were awesome and the captain and my fellow passengers, all from various parts of the world, a charm! I have made some life long friends and created a life long vacation sailing habit going forward! And the travel agency you recommended, Fantasy Travel were professional, courteous and bang on with their hotel recommendations and reservations. Thank you so much for creating this website so that those of us who wish to take the road less traveled can get the vacation of our dreams! I can't recommend you enough to my friends. Best Regards,

New Hampshire

Dear Matt,

Four of us (middle-aged ladies) used your travel web site extensively to make sightseeing plans, and land and in-Greece travel arrangements. We used Fantasy Travel (our agent there was Paula) and I can’t say enough good things about the excellent service and price we got from Paula. We went to Rhodes, Santorini and Athens and Paula booked our hotels, transfers to and from hotel at each destination, and our inter-island and Athens travel (both air and ferry). Everything went very smoothly and all of the people who met us at airports and the ferry were very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Our trip (1 May to 10 May) was a huge success and we feel Paula is due accolades for that.

The Belvedere hotel on Santorini was incredible. Very nice rooms (with kitchenette) and a large terrace with mesmerizing views of the caldera. The staff there was extremely nice and efficient. I highly recommend this hotel.

And, a special thank you to you for all of the advice, travel and sight-seeing information, and restaurant recommendations. We think the Greek tourist office should put you in charge of all Greece travel information!

Bonnie DeZur

Dear Matt,
I want to thank you for all the help your website has
been in making our Eclipse trip to Greece wonderful.
Dennis, (George the Famous Taxi Driver's son),
chauffeured us to Delphi in his limo. Dennis was the
best! He saw to it we traveled in style, even played a
DVD about Delphi for us on the way up. His attention
to detail and kind understanding was beyond our
expectations, and we hated to see the day end. Markos
George's friend who drove us on a day tour of Athens
was also very good, and we couldn't have asked for a
better way to see the city. We even caught up with
Dennis at one point. Dennis knew we were with Markos
and checked in on us to make sure we were being
treated well. They really do care, and it shows. I
could go on and on...

Your suggestions and tips really saved us time, money
and stress that would have most likely have been a
mood killer. We came to Greece because it was in the
path of the Eclipse of the Sun, perhaps it was
Apollo's hand that guided us there?

Thank you again for all your hard work, and advice.

Warmest Regards, Alan Rothenberg and the Warren
Astronomical Society Eclipse Chasers - Michigan, USA

My name is Laura. I live in Georgia. I wanted to tell you that I have used your site and love visiting it!! After finding your site I went to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and other areas and have fallen in love with Greece. I wish I could visit it as often as you do, so I live through your website!Photography is a love of mine and there isn't anywhere else I have been that has so much to capture.
I'm hoping to return with some friends of mine and celebrate my birthday in Greece!! I will no doubt return to your site for more tips! Thank you for opening this world to me !!
- Laura

Dear Matt-

We just returned from a wonderful vacation in Greece. We used your web
information, and stayed at the Attalos Hotel for a few days, then
charted a boat from your brother-in-law David, and sailed to 6 islands.

My husband works at the Univ of Vermont, and our star basketball player
is moving to Greece to play for their team. So we gave Kostas at the
Attalos a Univ of Vermont t-shirt as he seems to really like
basketball. The Attalos was as wonderful as you said it would be.

We had a wonderful time, (boy am I saying wonderful alot) and wanted to
thank you for all the extremely helpful information.

Beverly P

Hi Matt,
My wife Donna and I just got back from our marvelous vacation in Greece and I just want to send you a warm thank you, because a large part of how great it was is due to your site, information, contacts and advice.
We used your site for travel, hotel and restaurant info. We made a list of restaurants you had suggested in both Athens and on Santorini and we went right down the list while we were there. You did not steer us wrong at all, and we did mention to the owners who we talked to about how we found them through your site.
I have to tell you that the most endearing dinner we had was at Scaramaga's. The food was great, the place was quiet, very laid back and pleasant and we were entertained by the little granddaughter Maria's antics while we enjoyed our repast.
Byzantino and Mono were both standouts too. The owner at Byzantino remarked that he and you were very much alike as he rubbed his bald pate.
We purchased some jewelry from Laura at Byzantino Jewelry, a copy of a museum piece, a pendant of a Minoan statue's head (they mentioned in passing that your wife likes their wares a lot!) and also were very happy with her suggestion for dinner up the hill from their shop on Kydathenion St. at "Olive" (sorry, I don't have a Greek keyboard) on their roof terrace - great service, food and view.
Paula at Fantasy Travel was very accomodating when making our plans and everything she arranged went like clockwork.
Tom at Greek cell phones was very helpful and jovial. I enjoyed meeting and talking with him very much.
Tha Volcano View on Santorini is a really cozy and remarkable place to stay, and it just seems to blend into the background of the island so nicely.
It is a warm and wonderful country and I can easily see why everyone loves it. One of the things you wrote about that intrigued me prior to going there was the "impossibly azure water" and I have to agree, the words fail me when I try to describe it to people here.
Although it seems crazy at first, I even got used to driving in the city. There's a dance-like fluidity to the way the drivers work around each other that makes sense when you get in the middle of traffic. I'm a downtown Boston traffic veteran so it wasn't too much of a stretch.
I don't want to bore you with superlatives, but I do want to thank you again heartily, both for Donna and me, for helping to make our vacation there an unforgettably wonderful time, and for your calming advice to Donna after the fires to just go and enjoy. We absolutely did!
I miss the tomatoes and olives terribly already.
All our best to you,
Pat and Donna Wilkins

I am writing to you tonight but I should have done this 6 years ago
when my wife and I took our first trip to Greece under your guidance.
The tour of Athens was a little revelation for me and as we were
staying at the Omiros Hotel on Appolinos street we were right in the
middle of the Plaka. I am sort of gregarious by nature so we made a
lot of friends in the restaurants you recommended. Some of the
employees started there own restaurant like To Hani for example, we
always go to visit the two owners because we love them so much. We
are from Montreal but we live in the Greek district, so the
connection was easy. We spend time in Athens walking around and
enjoying its beautiful sites (some spot in Anafiotika looking
towards Mount Likovitos at sunset). Thank you for introducing Paros
(Naoussa area is a little gem) and Sifnos were we have been for the
last three trips (I fell in love with Appolonia and its people) . I
could say the same for Naxos, staying in Mikri Vigla at the Oasis
with the best guide of the island sharing all kind of information
about everything you wanted to and more! Manolis is the owner of
the Oasis.
I could go on and on but I had to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Very nice travelling with you Kirie Barret.
P.S. We are looking forward to go to Crete next May or June, I will
probably ask you a few pointers.
Bye for now
Paul B

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to let you know that our trip was a wonderful one. Better than I
imagined! I took your recommendation on Fantasy travel and used them to plan
our island hopping adventure and they did such a great job for us! Vicky
from Fantasy travel helped us and was very good and patient!
We did Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, back to Athens.

I have to say, Mykonos was my favorite :).

Again your site was very helpful; everything from your site that we used was
a positive experience, hotel Cecil, Fantasy travel etc, wonderful!

I look forward to the day I can return to Greece!

Yamas! :)


Hi, just returned from Greece and I wanted you to know I appreciate your information and website.

We used Fantasy Travel to book hotels and a private driving tour with guides and they were excellent to work with and the details were perfect. Not one hitch. (and this was for my group of 8)

Of course the people in Greece, as you said, are the best. We will definitely return. Thanks,

Jeanne Ann Reid

What a great site! I do believe it is the best I have seen. We use Rick Steve's books, but your site is even better. We will probably go to Greece the first two weeks in March 2001. That is the only time we can get away this year. What do you think of the weather then - are there any places we should hit because they are likely to be warmer - or less rainy? Thanks - Sara
PS I am the real Mayor of our small Minnesota town - pop. 5,200. Stick with the web site - I am sure it is more fun!

Hey, Matt! I'm a travel writer working for a U.S. tour operator. I
just stumbled across your WebSite, and it's fabulous! This is by far
the best destination guide I have ever seen--even in print. It's been
enormously helpful to me.
Thanks! Susan

Dear Matt-

Just to say (along with many others) how much I enjoy your site. I have been reading it for YEARS and it has been a great help on travels to Athens. Right now I read it as therapy when I am at my desk at work. I am enjoying your pages on Myitilini. Have you ever seen the photo book Vanishing Greece? Wonderful. Love your music page also. Keep up the good work. You are a palikari!



Damn it Barrett!!!

I am sure that in some book of law, somewhere, it is stated that it is illegal to be this good at something! And on top of it to be this funny...... Suspicious suspicious, I say.

Well sir,

Whenever I googlificate anything remotely interesting regarding Greece your sites pop up first. I am impressed. I meant to e-mail you last summer to tell you I though you were really good but now I'll just say you are annoyingly good.

It is late and I am tired but I am happy to know the name of the cd of Tsitsanis I was listening to. So I am suppose I must say thank you.

Kali nihta!


(Please don't stop being so irritatingly good at writing, photographing, traveling etc etc etc. etc. etc.)


I told you YEARS ago you should print a book, YOU ARE THE GREEK ORACLE INCARNATE !

how do I keep saying thank you to you?

you are something else !

thank you ! ( again)


Hello Matt, I have been reading your web sight, and enjoying it very much. When I came to Greece for the 1st time in 1997, I had no preconceived notions about it, I read later or after a trip, but when we got to the Peloponnesos I felt like I had come home, I was raised in the Sierra Navada mts of Calif, and they are so similar, but I fell in love with the people the beautiful sea..the food so I came back every spring and fall..than in 2001 I moved to Athens, than later to Porto Rafti where is home to me. I am in the states right now not liking it at all but will soon be Home on the 22nd of this month , I can't wait, in my heart I am there already...and just wanted to say your web sight really show's the best of Greece thanks keep up the good work...Barbara

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a great website. I planned my trip to Greece this past spring, using the info in your website. Even before I arrived in Athens I felt like I had already been there. Your descriptions and advice were on the money. The people were very friendly and helpful, especially if you attempted at all to speak Greek -- they really appreciated it.
I'm a history buff, so there is no better place in the world if you want to experience places of great historical signifigance, but what is really hard to describe is the natural beauty of the countryside (Delphi was stunning).
The one mistake I did make was in not using a Greek travel agency - found out later that they can book a room cheaper than I could over the internet!
Going back as soon as I can afford it!!
Thank again,
Jon M.

Good Evening Matt - My wife and I recently spent 10 days in Greece and had an absolutely wonderful time. Your website (and love for Greece) helped make it all possible! We booked our itinerary through Fantasy Travel (per your site) and studied your site religiously (along with our own books) to prepare ourselves for the trip. All your writing/photos/experiences definitely paid off by calming nerves and providing us great ideas of where to go/eat/relax.

Thanks again and keep up the amazing work!

Joe Holubar

Please let me say without exaggeration that your internet sites on
Greece and travel recommendations are breathtakingly thorough, and well
written. You have certainly helped travelers like us in a big way.
Keep up the good work.

Ivan Applebaum

Yours was the most informative site I found. Have you
thought of applying to the Greek Tourist Office for a job, they really
need someone like you. All the best and THANK YOU.
Bob McRobert

I'm doing a really big project in school on Greece; (It's over half my grade), and your site has been of sooo much help to me.

Hello Matt,

I wanted to thank you for your website and recommendations. I was given your site by my medical partner. My girlfriends and I used your information. I will only recommend your site in the future. It included everything we needed and then more.

My compliments to Vassilis at Fantasy travel. He even worked out the kinks when the air traffic controllers went on strike. He was so accomodating. I only wish I met him in person. That is for my next trip which we are already discussing!!

We stayed at both Hotel Attalos and Hotel Astor, wonderful, and terrific views. I stopped by Byzantine, loved Laura, and walked away with 4 exquisite pieces rather than the planned one.

We also had Teresa as our guide for the Acropolis. I loved her emphasis on symbolism and Greek mythology. She asked me to proof read her oral presentation the afternoon of our tour. I told her I could also proof read future book chapters as long as she taught me a little Greek along the way.

Thank you. I will recommend your site to everyone who expresses any interest in Greece.

Sincerely, Lisa S

Hi Matt,

Our trip to Greece was terrific, we loved Mykonos, Santorini and (not as much) Athens. I spent a lot to time on your fabulous website before we left which helped me look forward to everything and I printed out pages and pages which I carried around with me.

We went to Art Space and had a grand time with Adonis, we bought 2 bottles of his excellent white wine, I wish I could have bought more. We looked for the caves which are now full of trash but we had fun anyway. We ate at the Dolphin and Liminaki restaurants and had delicious meals and laughed with the other customers. We followed your directions to the Plaka instead of the crowd and visited Brettoes and bought Ouzo.

How coincidental that when we got home the travel section of the Washington Post referred to your column about planning a trip to Greece! You were also mentioned in the guidebook I was using but they spelled your name wrong (frappe with ouzo).

I can't wait to go back! Thanks for all your advice!

Judy Lukacs

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazingly honest travel guide!

I first started using your site back in 2005 when planning my second trip to Greece. Since then I have visited again twice and can't seem to get enough of Greece (and your guide)! My husband and I visited Sifnos last year after reading your guide and it is honetsly one of our favourite islands right along side Paros.

We are travelling Europe again this year but have decided to visit Croatia and Turkey (and are stopping through Rhodes for a couple of nights though).

So thank you again and look forward to organising my 2010 trip to Greece using your site.

Samara Zarimis

According to the page I just read, you love getting emails. I often feel inclined to write and tell you how much I love your pages and how often I go back to them but I figure nobody wants to be bothered reading mail from people they don't know. but since that is apparently not the case here, well, here goes. It has been about a year and I half since my last Greece visit, so in this time I have gone back to your pages often. I go to them again and again and I never tire of them. Please accept my good wishes for you and your family, and I do hope you will keep loving your job. No complaints and no criticism.

Blake More

Dear Matt Barett, Kalimera (or I guess Kali Nigta in your hometown, by the time of writing this email?), Just a little note by email that we have been enjoying your comprehensive internet pages very much. We are two 'Hellas Addicts' from Amsterdam and - just like yourself- we are mesmerized by the grace, pure beauty and hospitality of Greece and its numerous islands. Right now we are planning a trip to the Peloppenesos and our dear familiar island of Milos. Your artistic descriptions of the Pelepponesos and other areas are inspiring, uplifting and are a great guidance! Your internet page is how internet was meant to be: an exchange of the wonders of the beauties of our earth between world citizens! Keep up the inspiring work... and.... have you ever considered writing a book, besides generously offering your experiences for free on the internet (please keep doing so!!!)? Kind regards and 'Jasas'! Edo Donkers and Caroline DekkerAmsterdam- Holland

Dear Matt, Before leaving for Greece, a friend recommended your website and I believe it made all the difference in how much my daughters and I enjoyed our time there. Because one of my daughters was studying in Athens, we chose to stay there and take day trips from our hotel. On your recommendation, we contacted George, the famous taxi driver of Greece, and were treated to the services of his son, Dionisis (Dennis, to us). He was a wealth of information not only while we were with him, but also for suggestions of activities and places to go while we were on our own. He took us to restaurants and shops that had specialties we would never have known without him, all the while answering any questions we had regarding his limitless knowledge of Greek history, sites and his amazing country. When we told him that we wanted to visit Rhodes, he took us to a travel agent that fit into our busy schedule and helped us negotiate our arrangements. He even contacted another recommended driver, Nick, in Rhodes and arranged for him to meet us at the airport, and then called the next day (while we were with Nick) to be sure things had gone smoothly. In Rhodes, Nick was his equal in every aspect: caring, informative and also a fabulous guide with an obvious love of Rhodes and its unique history. ( I told Nick that I thought Greece should give him an award as a Good Will Ambassador. Dennis also would qualify out of Athens.) Their knowledge and personalities magnified our experience by sharing so much background information about Greece's rich history, that we came home with not only wonderful memories and fabulous pictures, but also a deeper understanding of life in Greece from ancient times to the present. Thank you so much for sharing your love of Greece on your amazing website. I can't imagine what we would have missed had we not visited it before we left New York! Sincerely,
Kathy Grossman

Hi Matt,

It seems like eons since we first exchanged notes about Greece and you generously provided me with invaluable information. I have since been to Greece and am now back with nothing but good words and good feelings for my trip and all the information I received from you in my quest for the perfect trip.

The links to different sites was always very helpful and my traveling companion checked them all, made notes, and we diligently followed your advice and were always pleased. We did not get the chance to hook up with George, the taxi driver, in Athens because of our failure to act early but we did find a most delightful driver through our hotel, The Electra Palace.

Your absolute best recommendation was for Fantasy Travel. We got everything we could have hoped for and more by way of assistance, recommendations and bookings for our trip. It was a genuine pleasure to step off of the plane in Athenson our first day and be met by their agent who delivered us to the agent for our car, be given a packet of vouchers for our next 25 days, explicit instructions and to have everything operate smoothly with courteous helpful people.

The very best part of Fantasy Travel is Vassilis Comitas. I could never say enough good things about this man who before, during and after the trip has been in constant contact and “mothered” us through the entire process without ever causing us to have the “oh Lord, he’s a travel agent (!)” feeling. On the first day of our arrival I, unfortunately, became very ill with some form of stomach flu. Vassilis was calling the hotel just to check if we arrived safely and if everything was okay and he was advised of my problem. Even though this was the Easter holiday, and, as you had previously advised us everyone was involved in holiday activities, Vassilis called everyday to check on me, see if we needed anything and arranged for a doctor to be on call, if needed. I didn’t need one but it was really wonderful to know that we had a good friend in Greecewho cared about what was happening.

During the trip we were constantly in touch with Vassilis for just about anything that came up. We wanted a hotel change – he arranged it immediately. In Athenswe wanted a serious hotel upgrade – he took care of it with no problem. If we had a small problem with not knowing something or needing to change a ticket – he was always on the other end of a phone or computer.

All of our arrangements were smooth and efficient. We needed only to arrive at a high-speed line or a hotel, hand over our voucher and we were well taken care of. And after getting to know us he profiled us very well and made accomodation accordingly. For a trip of 25 days everything went very effortlessly and if a problem came up Vassilis fixed it.

We visited the mainland, Peloponnese (Vassilis arranged a special visit to Monemvassia), we came back up through Olympia(where we met another delightful friend), crossed the unbelievable Antírrio Bridgeand continued on to Métsovo, then Metéora and Delphi. After that we traveled to Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and Mykonos, ending in Athens. Every place we visited was better than the other. Vassilis’ recommendations for number of days in each place and for special hotels were right on the mark. The recommendations from your website were perfect and we used most of them.

A couple of things I think may not have been on your site but are tried and tested by us. I used the Michelin Green Guide and the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides for readily available information while traveling. The DK has one book for mainland and one for islands. I highly recommend all three. In addition, since we were doing a lot of driving I used Michelin map National 737 for Greece. With all due respect I found it to be more helpful than the maps you had recommended on your website and easily available through Amazon. You may want to have a look at it. My other great find was a holistic massage therapist on Mykonos– Jo Church. What a wonderful thing to enjoy at any point in a trip, but in my case especially at the end after climbing thousands of feet (in total) and riding donkeys.

I will be writing an article on our trip for International Travel News and my agent may throw it to some other sources. Please know that Matt Barrett, Vassilis Comitas and Fantasy Travel will be highly recommended for anyone considering a self directed tour to anywhere in Greece.

Thank you for your good advice, your encouragement and your wealth of information. I am already thinking about my next trip to this wonderful part of the world.


Matt I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and web site!!
We just returned from the most wonderful trip we have ever had. We took the
printed pages from the Athens survival info and had apricot brandy at
Brettos and I came home with a beautiful gold pennant from Laura (she dyed
her hair by the way), we ate wonderful food, drank coffee and other
authentic Greek beverages and used a lot of your recommendations. We had
been before for a few days, but did not experience Greece like this time due
to your guidance.
We used Fantasy travel for the arrangements to Rhodes and it went absolutely
perfect. We had the trip of a life time. We walked miles and experienced
Rhodes to the fullest!! Thank you again for your help. I took Hazelnuts
from Oregon for gifts, ooops....they have more hazelnuts there than here,
oh well I gave them anyway. I also felt uncomfortable at the flea market on
Sunday, they just did not seem glad we were there. But that was the only
place and we just stayed 1/2 hour, We did not dress touristy, but I am sure
we still stuck out, but we just left and went back to the Plaka and finished
the shopping. We stayed at the Mediterranean in Rhodes and can't describe
how wonderful that was....We walked miles and ate at least one meal a day a
Kalimaro near the hotel. It was wonderful and we felt so welcome. Everyone
treated us so well. We love Greece....Our dream vacation....
Thanks again Matt.


Hello Matt and Happy New Year,

I want to thank you for the information posted on your website. Especially the link to "George, the Taxi Guy".

Upon arrival, and my flight arrived early, there was someone there to greet me. I just spent the day at Delphi, an amazing place. I had lunch at a little restaurant, up the hill from Delphi, that had beautiful view of the entire valley. I am in love with Greece.

I'm getting married this summer and we'll be coming back for our honeymoon.

Thank you so much!

Matt--just to let you know, Santorini was a fabulous suggestion and working through Patra at Fantasy Travel was excellent, too. Many thanks.

Derek Booth

Hi Matt,

My name is Grace and I have been checking out your Greece website for the past few days because that is where I will be going on my honeymoon. I have never been to Greece so I’ve been excited and nervous about what the country is going to be like. However, after reading through your endless amount of information on Greece, I feel like going there now! Your website is more valuable than any travel guides in bookstores and I find your writing style very entertaining. I have a better understanding of what to expect once I arrive in Greece and your photos are marvelous. Greece is so beautiful. I really can’t wait for my honeymoon. Thank you again for making this website!



I just want to thank you for your website. I have not had a chance to sit down and do this and seeing your Chistmas in Greece section reminded me. Looking at your pics brought it all back to me. Looking at them was more like looking at pictures of home rather than some exotic place you hope to visit. My husband and I had the most wonderful time and if it wasn't for your site we never would have found Fantasy Travel who were unbelieveably wonderful! We were there early September and hated to leave. I hope we can get there again, this time with friends because we just could not express how wonderful it was in words. Thanks again.

Best regards,
Jennifer Spaeth

Hi Matt,
I think Greece goverment should pay you that you made a wonderful site like
that. I have been reading your site since my visit to Greece last feb., now
I come with my wife to Athens on the 28th aug. and I begin reading again.
None of the sites about Greece is that rich, someone has to do the same for
Turkey. Anyway thanks for your help, you did a great job.


Kanat Kutluk

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to once again say thanks for such an awesome and informative web site. We just got back last night and we had such a great holiday. Some of my summary info-

- Fantasy Travel rocks! We've done a lot of European travelling and always on our own without a travel agent. I took your advise and used them this time and was so glad. What a relief to have all the transfers taken care of. They were very thorough and I just can't say enough....

- We ate at Psaras in Athens and loved it. Excellent food, not bad prices, and wonderful ambiance.

- we stayed in Mykanos and didn't find it that expensive. Well, really no more so than Athens or Santorini. Also, though a lot is going on in that island, it still is very beautiful and one doesn't HAVE to party all night! Found a small, wonderful restaurant with amazing service and food, but not too expensive.

- Santorini was more expensive than we expected.

- We bought a metal bottle of ouzo at Brettos and told him we were there because of you. He seemed happy about that.

Thanks again. We loved Greece. Long, relaxing meals, excellent food, Greek music, beautiful, friendly people, the most beautiful islands, souvlaki's (thank you for that guide - very helpful), etc., etc...... We can see why people like you move there!


Ian & Teressa

Dear Matt,

We just got back from Europe - we were on the Grand Princess - 12 day Mediterranean cruise from Venice to Rome. Thank you for your extensiveve guides to the Greek Islands - they were extremely helpful and we only went on one shore excursion with the ship - all of the rest of our excursions we did with private guides. There was one guide in particular that really stands out in our minds and his name is Michael Pitropakis of Rhodes Private Tours. He was so professional and friendly and helped to make our day in Rhodes so special and unforgettable. We met Michael at the Rhodes port around 8:30AM and he drove us through the magnificent Rhodes Medieval-town. We then proceeded for a scenic drive to Lindos, stopping on the way to buy gorgeous leather jackets and beautiful pottery. As we approached Lindos, we could see the Acropolis and then the spectacular bay and beach below it. We stopped at the beach, swam in the sea and ate a long, leisurely lunch at the Palestra Restaurant, which I would highly recommend. The food was superb and we chatted for awhile with the chef/owner and his wife to complement them over and over! We stayed at the beach for awhile and then Michael drove us back to the ship. It was truly a day I didn't want to end and Michael made it very special for us! My husband and I will definitely go back to vacation in Rhodes again. What a beautiful island!

I would recommend Michael P. to anybody planning to go to Rhodes.

Sally Moskowitz Bethesda, Maryland

Wow -- we just got back from Greece a few days ago....I had no idea how much we would LOVE IT was Great.....My favorite are Santorini and Hydra!

Hi Mr. Barrett

My name is Apollo. I'm 25 living in California. My mother is Greek-American, my father is from Greece. He moved back there after my parents split, and for the last three summers I've traveled to visit him and the rest of that (large!) side of the family. I made my first trip alone to my father's villiage in the Peleponese in 2003. I'm grateful that I came across your site that year as well. The information you provide is great, and if anyone asks me for resources concerning traveling to Greece, I'll definately refer them.

I especially want to thank you for you for you writings on pre-trip anxiety and flight anxiety. I really become a nervous wreck before I take a trip, (going to Ellada in June with family) and it was nice to learn I'm not alone. Flying and the whole experience of airports is the worse part for me. The boredom and discomfort is almost excruciating! I really enjoyed reading your tips for passing time on the plane, and again learning that someone else shares those anxities.

Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!


Hi Mr. Barrett, how are you ?

I don,t know if you remember me but i wrote to you last summer to make a trip to greece from mid-july to mid-august. And i made it. For me it was not only a trip or a vacation it was an accomplishment. I made the trip of my life it was so nice and intense that now, i feel like a new person, i have a different way of thinking, because of this incredible trip. When my friend knew and my parents that i decided to go to greece they was all like, why greece ? why you want to go this far ? But in my mind, the place i wanted to go last summer was greece. I don,t really know why, but inside of me there was something that was pushing me to go there. When i arrived at the ariport in Montreal ( Quebec), alone with my parents and they were leaving me so ican catch my plane in my mind it was like : WoW, now i really in my way to go very far from my country and i,m alone !.
But there was nos stress at all, when i arrived in Athens and i saw all the greek signs and people coming from everywhere, speaking greek, english, italian i was lost alittle bit. But, the first day i was at my hostel ( Athens backpackers, the best hostel in athens with a rooftop bar incredible!)
i was already feeling good and free. I was already speking with people from everywhere and making new friends, that was the party ! it was just day one !
After Athens i went to IOS. What a paradise it was for me!!( 21 years old ) and for all the crowd of hundred young people that where there at this time of the year, i have no word to describe what i felt there. I slept 2 night at the Ios palace ( INcredible, unbeatable view, its near the best beach of the island and near everything, I recommend it to everyone, it woth every penny i pay to sleep there) and i slept 5 night at the hermes hotel 9 very nice too, i recommend it too, very nice pool, with lots of nice young people. I went to the bar every night and i met new people evey day!! Many italian there ! In Ios every body is son nice and it,s very easy to make friends. After this i went to Santorini 4 days very nice, i have hundred pictures of that island. The sunst is unthikeably nice.
After i went to the most charming, entertaining, fantastic, unthinkeably nice place of my life : MYKONOS. Wow, even if it,s more italian than greek, and there is almost no real greek tradition there, i was 21 years old in a place that is in a league of it,s own! The girls were so nice that sometime i was pinching me to know that i was not dreaming !! I spend 10 days there and by chance that i had a plane ticket to exit this place, because i would have stay there more time.
The only think that was missing me was the greek tradition.

So, Mr Barrett, i wrote you this letter to you because i really want to thank you so much because if i haven,t foun your site on the internet, my trip to greece would probably have been impossible , or very hard. I took all my infromation on your site and that,s your personnal info that made me chose to go to greece and spend big money on a place that i didn,t even know one year ago, that is saying alot about the effort you put on that site( it is a achievemnt for me) I also want to thanks so many tiem the traval agency FANTASY Travel , i made my reservation in Ios with them and they send me a letter in my hostels with many different informations to guide me in Ios. They send a taxi to pick me up at my hostel and bring me in the port at my boat, so there was no stress for me. I was very happy to pay money and have a sevice so great. Thank you all the member of fantasy travel, i will made businness with you again anytime!
I was 21 years old, i was from Quebec ( french Canadian), i was alone, my fisrt langage spoken was french, and i went in greece. That was the rip of my life and i would have stay there all summer long ( if i had the money :):):):) You should have see my friends faces when i showed them the pictures from Ios and Mykonos, and the girls !!!
Yes, greece is not cheap for a canadian, but i made an achievement i spend 1 month there alone and i made more friend than in 21 year in my own country.
So, for all the young peolple that want to go there and have no idea what greece look like in summer i have just one thing to say to you : GO FOR IT!

SO finally, mr barrett thank you so much , because you made possible to me a experience that will stay in my mind all my life.

Yann Veillette
Quebec, Canada .
In went in greece from mid-july to mid-august

Hi Matt,

Thank you for all your help in giving us information on our travels to Greece. We had a marvelous 17 days, thanks to Makis at Fantasy Travel. We spent 5 days in Athens, off and on, 3 days in Mykonos, 3 days in Santorini, 3 days on the Peloponnese Peninsula, and two fabulous days on Poros with Zefy. Zefy told us you have photos of being with them. What a wonderful hostess she is.

We were gone from our home for 7 weeks, the rest of the time spent with family and friends on the east coast, Ma., Me., Vt., N.H. and Ct. We saw the beautiful fall foliage and spent a wonderful week at one of our favorite spots Ogunquit, Me. It’s good to be home.

Thanks for all of your help. Everything went like a dream.

Cecil and Eleanor Clardy


I’ve got a million questions… none posed at you J

Just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you...

You’ve done more for experienced Greece-travellers and Greece-novices than anyone I’ve ever found on the net (or in any bookstore)

Again.... THANK YOU!


A big thanks to you for your information and especially your referral to
Fantasy Travel. My husband and I just returned from a 2 week trip to
Athens, Santorini, Mykonos (sorry, had to do it; had to go on the Weenie
Wagging Lizard Man hunt!), and Paros. We ran into people every day who were
traveling based on your recommendations. Two big kudos: we got stuck on
Mykonos and were going to miss a day in Santorini because the winds had come
up and the ferries were cancelled - Theo happened to be in the reception
area (owner of the Princess of Mykonos), overheard our conversation and
worked with his receptionist (Sophia) in getting us and two other couples
routed to Paros instead of remaining in Mykonos for an additional day so we
could see more of Greece. ; he was more concerned about us seeing Greece
than collecting another night's stay and even offered to take us on his
fishing boat to Delos for the day if we stayed. Fantasy Travel was
wonderful with the last minute ferry re-routing and booking of a room in
Paros. Kudos number 2: we flew into Athens at 4:00 a.m. Hotel Attalos let
us into our room early which was totally unexpected and literally added a
day for us in Athens - the rooftop was wonderful. However, one word of
warning - the meat market is NOT the place to go first thing in the morning
after an evening of Ouzo and wine! I have never seen my husband more green!
I could go on and on - it was wonderful, thanks so much and we are already
talking of going back. PS - we thought "Boobie Dropping Leather Ladies"
might be a good nickname for the sunbathing women.

Susan M. McDonnell
Human Resources Manager
HCA Patient Account Services

Dear Mr.Barrett,
I find your website with very exciting. I have a paper on Greece and I need
some information about it. I have found a lot data, but they are too
disorder and scattered.
Fortunately,I found your exquisite web.It is very good. You compile these
useful information in clear orders from weather,transport,accommodation to
entertainment, even a lot of details of Greek islands,festivals.Also,you
give many important news about travelling in Greece.

I appreciate your effort to establish this website. I hope I will have a
chance to travel to Greece and visit to you.

Best wishes!

Sydney from china


We're a couple from Spain who was planning a trip to Athens for over 5
years, but we which we had to continously pospone. My wife is studying
ancient greek & latin filology and made me promise her to take her on
a trip to Athens. In the meanwhile we almost knew your site by heart,
and kept checking all kinds ot tips and hints you gave there.

At last this summer we have finnaly made it! Although your
descriptions and pictures are great, there's nothing like being
there!!! We were even at the celebrations of the greatest achievement
ot Greece, since the end of WWII. The European Soccer Championship
2004. It was amazing!!! (we've got some pictures at Omonia, you can
have if you like).

Everything was great (people, food, weather, visits). Though It's a
foreign country to us, we call it HOME!

Now that we're back we can't help checking out your site, every now
and then and recall our wonderful days there, together with the over
300 pictures we took.

Congratulations for your site!!


Paul N

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to thank you for the invaluable information on your website. Our family (2 adults - my husband and I - and our 2 kids, ages 8 and 5) just got home from a fantastic trip to Greece and we used a lot of your recommendations and were really, really pleased with the outcome!

We availed ourselves of George the famous taxi driver's services in Athens - actually, he didn't drive us, he sent a guy named Mikas instead - and we were so happy with Mikas that we engaged him for an additional two days including having him take us to Corinth as well as our original plan of going to the Temple of Poseidon.

In additon to spending some time in Athens, we went to Sifnos and Santorini. Santorini was an obvious choice for us to visit, having been there 3 times already (we wanted to show the kids). But we went to Sifnos largely due to what you wrote about Sifnos being a great island to take kids - and it sure was. Not only did our kids love it - but my husband I agreed that it was the highlight of our trip.

Thanks again for all of your valuable input - you helped make the best 2 weeks of the entire year even better!

Best regards,


Hi Matt

I have just spent some time on your website, it is the best I have come across for information on Rhodes. Yesterday 7/01/2005 I booked up for our second trip to Rhodes this next October, we previously stayed in Pefkos and visited Lindos and the old town. This year we are staying 2ks outside of Rhodes at the Esperides Beach Hotel, I have read some good reviews about it. Although its a way off yet, my wife and son are looking forward to it, and with the information received from your excellant site. I am sure you will have enhanced our forthcoming holiday to Rhodes.

Thanks for such a great site.


Doug H & Family


I would like to commend you on your excellent and extensive site on Greece info. I'm happy that I discovered it 2 months before my trip to Greece, because that's about how long it took me to go through it. I recommend it highly. I have just returned from my 14 day trip to Kos, Naxos, Santorini and Athens and wanted to let you know about the relocation of the famous Poet and Sandalmaker Shop." Melissinos Art" has moved from 89 Pondrossou St to 2 Aghias Theklas St. just off of Ermou. I am sure you would like to change this on your website. Thanks again, Terri , Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Dear Mr. Barrett - Your guide to Greece was most helpful and my family and I just returned from a successful trip there. George, though we only met his associate Tom and his son - made our pick up at the airport a breeze and the tour of the city very nice and pleasant. Litsa at Fantasy travel was most helpful and organized much of our trip throughout the islands. I did want to update you that we stayed at the Electra Palace Hotel, which was very nice, but they no longer have a rooftop pool or garden (and what a wasted view!) They said they may add another one back in next year. Other than that, your guide was pretty accurate.

Many thanks - Jane W.


I've just returned from 25 days traveling in Greece to Athens, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, and Rhodes. Your newsletter was my primary source of information to plan the trip. The weather in October, the food in every restaurant and snack bar and especially the people were all wonderful. Your recommendations all worked out perfectly.

First, I read over your newsletter and recommendations for visiting the islands. I made out a tentative itinerary and contacted Dolphin Hellas. I received a response immediately from Uli Perschau. What a professional. She worked with me, made recommendations, changes when I changed my mind, and had everything organized perfectly. Having all the vouchers for hotels, tickets for ferries and airlines made the whole trip go so smoothly. No waiting in line or trying to find the ticket counter.

I also took your advice and contacted George Kokkotos. He arranged all of our transfers, and if he was not available, he sent another driver equally professional, English speaking, non-smoking, with an immaculate Mercedes. I totally agree that the extra few Euros you pay are worth it. We also took a private full day with George to Delphi. This may have been my husband's favorite day in Greece. George gave us a comprehensive introduction to Greece, the language and its history, as he showed us the countryside, a monastery, the ruins at Delphi, and took us to a wonderful little restaurant. Since this was our second day, it really set the stage for an enjoyable vacation. Now that we have returned home, we feel like we have a family friend in Greece.

The travel cell phone through Tom Mazarakis was a real money saver, and a convenience that I would not travel without. I had Tom program in numbers for George, Uli, a few folks back home, and most of the hotels. I confirmed all my transfers with George just before arriving, called Uli if I had a question, and the hotel if I needed a taxi from a distant spot. I always felt I had the professional with the answers right at my finger tips. I didn't get to meet Tom in person, but again, after talking with him on email, I felt I had a friend and a point of contact.

As you said, the overnight ferry, Lissos, to Crete was great. It was comfortable and clean, and we truly enjoyed the trip. I was very impressed with the ferries throughout Greece. They were excellent, and much better than any I've taken in the U.S.

Driving in Greece was an "interesting" experience. We had reserved cars for Crete and Rhodes only, as on the other islands and in Athens we really didn't need a car. My husband did pretty well on Crete, driving in the country and from Chania to Iraklion but once we got to Iraklion, finding the Galaxy Hotel was another story. I found it impossible to read the map, read the street signs, deal with one-way streets, motor bikes and cars darting everywhere. So, I jumped out, got a taxi, and my husband followed. We didn't drive the car again until we left for the airport 2 days later. Based on that experience, I called Uli on my Greek Travel Phone, canceled the rental car in Rhodes, called George on my Greek Travel Phone, he recommended another George, George Sialadakis to take care of us in Rhodes. I called the new George on my Greek Travel Phone, and it was all arranged. He took us on a great tour to the sites around the island and to Lindos. Again, we learned so much about Rhodes and the history, and the people that it made us feel at home for the rest of the vacation.

The hotels that Uli recommended were all very nice. We especially enjoyed the Casa Delfino in Chania, the Santorini Palace in Santorini, the Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos, and the Lindos Mare in Rhodes. It is hard to recommend specific restaurants, as each one was a peak experience.

Another thing that really made the trip more enjoyable was reading many of the books listed on you Web site. I strongly recommend, This Way to Paradise, by Willard Manus for anyone who is visiting Lindos. Greek Unorthodox by Elizabeth Boleman-Herring was a hoot, and at the same time really prepared me for the Greek culture. Her Pocket Guides to Athens and the Aegean Islands were invaluable. Another book I enjoyed was Hellas by Nicholas Gage. He is a wonderful writer and a joy to read. I also read his wonderful, but very sad book, Eleni, about his family and the civil war. Anyone visiting the Palace of Konosos really should read The King Must Die by Mary Renault. Finally, I studied the language with Dr. George Balanis's Read and Speak Greek CD-ROM, and found it very helpful. Another month in Greece, and I think I might be able to speak the language just a little. On the way home, I found Paul Johnston's new book, A Deeper Side of Blue, and continued my Greek adventure all the way back to Colorado.

In summary, your newsletter, Uli Perschau at Dolphin Hellas, George Kokotos (Yinnis, Nick, and George Sialadakis), Tom Mazarakis Greek Travel Phones, together made our vacation the best we've ever had. I strongly recommend that anyone visiting Greece for the first time seriously consider them. Just picture arriving in Athens and someone is waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. You are off to your hotel with you luggage in minutes. Arriving at the hotel you have a cell phone and all your hotel vouchers and tickets waiting for you. My husband and I were impressed. My only regret is that we didn't see Lesvos. We will do that next year.

With much appreciation to you, and to all the wonderful people I've mentioned in this note. I hope I have not left anyone out. Thanks so much for helping us to have the best vacation of our lives.

Della J. Bossart
Wellness Consultants

Hi Matt,

My wife and I just got back from a unbelievable
vacation in Greece. We went to Athens, did a day trip
to Sounion, and then took ferries to Paros, Naxos and
Santorini. Everywhere we went we had a great time.
We used your website a lot and it proved to be an
invaluable resource. I ran into many people that
mentioned your site as well. I just wanted to say
thanks and please keep up the good work.



p.s. We went to the Art Space winery on Santorini.
Very cool place. The owner (I forgot his name), says
you haven't been to visit in a while but would like to
see you again.

Dear Matt Barrett - Andrea and Amarandi !

At present on our shelves we have 3 letterfiles containing about
1500 prints from your lovely web-sites - Greece4Kids too -
and as you are still going strong - more to come - we hope.

We like your web-sites - your page layout - the good writings -
the whiteness (purity and peace) - the blue colours (peace -
stability and profundity) etc. - and the lots of lovely photos.
You are making very good web-sites !

Reading your web-sites gives us the feeling that you and your family
and friends are doing fine.

In continuing doing that - we wish you all

A Happy New Year

Dorthe Isaksen and Lars Faurholt Larsen


I just wanted to write you a quick note to say “thanks” for all the information you provided on your website, for returning my inquiry so quickly, and for recommending Fantasy Travel. I just got back from a two week trip to Greece and it was the most amazing vacation I have had to date! The people at Fantasy Travel were exceptional and our accommodations and travel arrangements went quite smoothly – it really made it stress free and relaxing despite our rigorous attempt to see all of Greece in such a short amount of time! I would, without hesitation, recommend Fantasy Travel and use them again upon future trips to Greece!

Thanks and happy travels!


In case I didn't already make this clear, thank you for your amazing and passionate website. The piles of books I've purchased--Let's Go, Frommer's, Fodor's, Lonely Planet--didn't even come close to breathing life into Greece like you have. The best thing that most of those books did, in my opinion, was to refer me to your site. I've traveled all over Europe, and have been all over the web to research the places I've visited and I have never seen anything quite like what you do; clear, concise, opinionated, informative, critical and compassionate all at once. You're a rare breed.

I'm planning our honeymoon and using your site for EVERYTHING! My fiancé
hasn't seen Mykonos so we're planning to spend a few nights there. I've
never been out of the US except for Mexico, Canada and a few local islands.
We want a week cruise as well, so it's taking some planning.

Your site is a terrific resource. I just wanted you to know that I really
appreciate it!

Mike Jacobs
Pompano Beach, Florida

Dear Matt,

I have dreamt of going to Greece since I was 12. 20 years later, I am no
closer, and probably 20 years from now, I won't be, either. However, your
site is so wonderfully descriptive, I can almost smell the souvlakia...

Thank you,
Wendy Whipple

Dear Matt,

My husband, two daughters and I just returned from 2 1/2 weeks in Greece. I want to let you know how much impressed I am with your website. We followed many of your suggestions (e.g. I spent too much on jewelry at Byzantino!). The best suggestion, since I didn't get around to planning our itinerary until 2 weeks before we left, was Dolphin Hellas. Esther at Dolphin Hellas suggested ideal, reasonable places for us to stay and made all our reservations.

Your website is much better than any travel book I've ever used. It contributed immensely to the success of our trip. I'm sure we will return to Greece. I plan to send a donation to Green Meadow Mission. Thank you!

Joan P. Warrington

Hello, Matt,

I wanted to thank you for your help in planning our trip to Greece. We spent 9 days in
Athens and Iraklio over the Xmas vacation seeing great ancient sites and their
museums. George The Famous Taxi Driver's team did the major airport transfers, got us up to the Acropolis
on the only day it would be open when we were actually able to go and then out to
the airport to go to Crete, and George himself took us on a wonderful day trip to
Mycenae, Corinth, and Epidaurus. He was very nice and a safe driver, answered
questions, etc. He was important to our trip's success as were ideas and hotels I
found on your websites. We stayed at the Attalos and at the Lada Hotel in Iraklio, off
season luxury. Thanks so much.

Paddy Colligan

What an amazing site you've developed! Thank you Thank you Thank you! We are
going to Greece this August (bad timing we now realize) for our honeymoon
and to see my dear friends in Athens (who are taking us to their home islands of
Lesvos and Syros) before we take off to Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and now possibly
Sifnos because of your fantastic info and the tale of Adonis. Your wit and
lively descriptions are a true delight and we can't wait to go! Any additional
tips you have would be enthusiastically appreciated and we'd love your newlsetter
(assuming that it's on-line). Bravo to you for developing such a magnificent
site -the Greek tourism bureau should be paying you if they're not! Many thanks!

Dear Matt:
After weeks of searching web sites regarding Greece. I finally came across yours and thank goodness! I had sent endless, unanswered e-mails to hotel sites requesting information on rates, reservations etc. We will be leaving for Greece in a week and I still had not made contact to reserve a hotel in Mykonos or arrange for transport from Athens. I found your site, and contacted Aegean Thesaurus. Within an hour and a half I had my e-mail answered and Giorgos Venios is arranging flights and hotels for us. It feels like the Gods had mercy on me. Thank you so much for an informative and well working web site. My next e-mail is to George the taxi guy.
Diane Antonvich
Houston, Tx

Matt, just on a point of info; do you operate out of the US, or are you domiciled in Greece, now? Your travel venture seems really to have taken off. It must give you such pleasure to know that you assist and advise Grecophiles so much. I think you are just brilliant! If you were a UK citizen, to be sure, and were running the UK equivalent of your brilliant venture, I'm positive that Her Majesty would have awarded you a Knighthood for services promoting the UK. Seriously! Is there not some similar award in Greece? You deserve it for sure, if you don't have it already!
Thanks again.
With best regards

Matt -

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how helpful your website is to me. Right now I'm in Iraq and I'm trying to plan a trip to Greece with my new wife once I get back to Germany (Feb 04). We had only been married for 1 month before I was deployed to Iraq for a 1 year tour. I am using your website ALOT in planning our trip to Greece for Mar 04. Just to let you know - it all started when I took the Lonely Planet (Europe on a shoestring) with me to Iraq. I saw your site in the book and looked it up. Man - what a GREAT site! You are making everything easy for me. I really appreciate the time you took to put everything in there....all of my questions are answered. I've now got a very reliable source of un-bias information to make our first big trip a great one.

Thank you so much,

Jason Utton

Hi Matt and Uli,

My purpose of this email is to let you know how wonderful and helpful your sight was and to tell you how wonderful Uli from Dolphin Hellas was!

Devon and I were married on Oct. 7th, 2000 and spent our honeymoon in Athens, Samos and Santorini (suggestions from Matt). I must admit I was a little nervous at first booking this trip via internet and email access only, but Uli was absolutely wonderful and very responsive which helped put our minds at ease over the last months of planning. Neither Devon nor I had been to Greece and we were going into this blindly as a suggestion from our Norwegian friend. As I researched all possible web sites I ran across yours...I found it to be the best sight out there! Your sight was extremely helpful with a touch of "down to earth", not one of those overly commercial sights were you're not quite sure if they are trying to sell you the shirt off your back!

As Devon and I became serious about honeymooning in Greece it came time to decide what to do as far as a travel agent. This is where your handy dandy link to Dolphin Hellas came in perfectly. I emailed Dolphin Hellas and was blessed with the response of Uli! She took very good care of us! She was quick, very responsive and helpful with all of the questions we had. She even called us the night before we were to leave the States regarding an Olympic Airlines strike that put a little kink in our plans. We gave her our thoughts on what we were looking for and what she booked for us neither Devon nor I would have ever expected! She put us in some beautiful places that will remain with us for a lifetime!

I wanted to thank you both for your help.

Matt, if it wasn't for your site I don't know if we would have gotten enough inside information that would have interested us in Greece.

Uli, you did an incredible job on booking our honeymoon we can't thank you enough. It was a pleasure meeting you when we were in Athens!

It's the combination of the two that made this a special trip for us that I know we will never forget.


Devon & Nicole Nance (used to be Ehrman)

Mr. Matt Barrett
I wish to thank you as Greek-American for what you do for Greece.
Thank You Very Much
Taki Hal

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your wonderful guide to Greece. We had a fabulous trip. We stayed at the Athens Gate Hotel from April 23 thru May 1 2010. All of the staff were gracious and went out of their way to make our stay comfortable. We especially enjoyed starting and ending our days at their roof garden restaurant.

Also through your website we found the Aigialos Hotel in Santorini. The view was so dramatic that we never tired of looking at it. We learned the names of every employee at Aigialos and were treated like family. Because they weren't too busy yet, having just opened the day before we arrived, we got a lot of extra attention. The chef even made us a food gift to bring home.

Trent Lipscomb and Janet Howard

I'm sitting here in leaden-skied London, looking at the most wonderful
website I'll ever visit. It's your Greece travel guide. I've only ever
been to Crete so far, but for Christmas 2000 I just have to go to Greece!
Christmas in Dublin with the folks just won't cut it. I'm off to Matt
Barrett's Greece. Karl Jennings

Thank you so much for your website! My family went on a 2 week pilgrimage
to our Greek heritage July of this year. We took my 81 year old Grandpa to
the place his father was born. We used your website as our main guide, we
even used Swift car rental (the Scuda we rented with unlimited miles was our
best value, boy did we rake up the miles!!).

Without going into too much detail, you have been there so you understand
the awe inspiring beauty, we met a lot of family, saw a lot of sites and ate
a lot of great food!! Crumpled up printed pages of your website were close
by at all times.

Thanks again for all of your help and advice on the site. Keep up the good
work, we are going back to catch what we might have missed and we will need
you along. (Sorry we didn't bring back any Ouzo for you this time, we had a
lot of first-timer trash with us, next time we will buy smarter and have
more room.)


Connie, Dan, Gloria and Jay

Dear Matt,

Thanks for the kind words on the web site and the recommendation on George!
Your sites are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
We will firm up our ground arrangements with George within 24 hours or so.
Thanks again for your time, Matt, and congratulations on your fantastic and informative web sites!!!
Bob Schuman
Web Travel Guide

Dear Matt,
I am these days in Stockholm as a Masters Student and was
giving a thought to visit Greece this Dec. Stumbled upon your website and
what a remarkable job you have done. I am writing just to congratulate you
for your hard work and the veritable master piece of travel you have created.
Wish there were more Matt's one for each beautiful country. ;-)

Love you work so much


Matt, I wanted to let you know our experience in Greece this past summer.

It was great and I wanted to thank you for all of your suggestions.

I had Dolphin handle all the hotel reservations and the ferries. All went

I contacted George and reserved him but he could not make it so he sent
someone else instead. Chris greeted us at the Athens airport on time(our
plane was a half our late) standing there with a sign which had our name on
it. He spoke very good English and liked to talk a lot so we got a lot of
information about Greece. We loved it. Took a half day tour of Athens (it
was great but very hot) and enjoyed it very much. Chris drove us to the
port as we were heading for the island of Naxos.

On the island someone was waiting for us as soon as we arrived. We were
amazed. I was sure that somewhere someone would not show up. On the island
the weather changed the second day. It changed so much no one was able to
get off the island until Monday (we arrived on Thursday and planned on
leaving Monday). So, on Monday we had to share ferries with a lot of people
that were suppose to have left Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It was
a zoo at the port. On the way to the island we took the Catamaran but on
the way back had to take the slow ferry because the Catamarans were not
running! Actually this worked out well. Originally we reserved the
Catamaran but Aliki told us for some reason she could not get it for us on
the way back so she reserved the slow ferry. Since so many people were
leaving the island on Monday we were lucky to have the slow ferry as those
were the only ones running!

Aliki was great. I e-mailed her from Naxos to tell her we may be stranded
on the island. We were not sure if we could even leave on Monday until noon
on Monday. Anyway, I asked her to contact Chris to remind him to pick us up
at the Attalos hotel at 6am on Tuesday. She called us at the hotel on Naxos
to say that a taxi will be waiting at the hotel. She also arranged to have
some taxi pick us up at Piraeus on Monday night. Aliki also called our
airline as we were leaving for Warsaw on Tuesday (I told her what airline we
were flying in one of my many e-mails to her and she remembered which one it
was. I was impressed!) When we arrived at the port no taxi was around for
us. That was the only thing that went wrong with this vacation. Anyway, we
made it off the island on time and to the airport on Tuesday and arrived in
Warsaw on time.

We really enjoyed Greece but I think it was too much history for the kids.
They did enjoy the island. We stayed at the Alkioni Beach Hotel. It was
very nice.

The food in Greece is phenomenal. I would go back for the food. Chris, the
taxi driver took us to a Greek restaurant in Athens where no tourists visit.
The food was fabulous and inexpensive. No one spoke English there. The
cucumbers with the garlic in yogurt were to die for. Never had anything so
good. French fries were wonderful. I had the chicken and it tasted nothing
like the chicken here in the States. That chicken had flavor! The ouzo was
wonderful and not green but a cream colored. It was great!

All of those people that you recommended exceeded our expectations.

Thanks for the tips.

I will recommend your sites to others.

Take care.

Barb Stopinski

Yia sou!! WHO are you? Where do you live? I "accidentely stumbled onto your web site and it is WITHOUT DOUBT....THE BEST site I have EVER seen on greece.
you REALLY see & experience greece/the islands. I have sent this site to approximately 150 people...that's just today. you live in the states I need to know who is Matt!! we go to Paros every year & have been for the past 30.
you are the only person we have ever "met" or read who really captures the whole spirit of the greek islands. Again, your web site is WITHOUT doubt, great! The Greek tourist organization should be VERY indebted to you!! please if you have a chance write back. thanks again, & we will be forwarding this site to everyone we know...& we have never done this before!! yia sou!!

"Matt Barrett's travels and experiences in Greece over the last 20 years are humorously documented with precision and sound advice for the foreign traveler. He's probably telling the truth when he says, "There are thousands of pages and some people spend more time on my website than they do in Greece." Because it's a personalized site, it's more interesting than many that try to offer similar information."


I write the curriculum for a travel vocational school where we teach people to become travel agents and ran across your web site while doing research on European tourism. I visited Greece in 1991 and both loved and hated it. Regardless I have wanted to go back ever since. Your web site is magnificent. It is extremely well done. It made me remember so much I had not thought about in years. Your web address will be put into our curriculum and hopefully all of our students will use it whenever they need information on Greece. Thank you for all your hard work and I know our students will recommend your suppliers and friends to their customers as soon as they get into the workplace! Thanks again for a pleasant morning remembering.

Dear Matt Barrett: It's not often I am moved to write in response to something I have found on the World Wide Web. Your site, however, compels me to say WELL DONE and THANK YOU. Helpful Information About Greece is a goldmine of useful information. I have been in journalism all of my life (I'm 55) and I appreciate your well-written, personal insights. My wife and I are hoping to do a Greek island cruise in the summer of 2001 and I'm sure this information will prove very helpful. We would fly from Toronto and I'll be sure to make enquiries through Kiki. My cousin and her husband (in Scotland) are building a house on the island of Kefalonia. Have you ever been there and, if so, your unbiased thoughts about the place would be appreciated.
Thanks again,
John Gibson

I am going to Greece with my wife in June and just got done reviewing your entire website. This has to be the best website on travel of any land that I have ever seen and you should be commended. I will drop you a little something for your time. Thanks again

Hello Matt.
Thank you for the useful, and witty, information on your web site.
Long ago I worked on Let's Go Greece (published by Harvard Student
Agencies and St. Martin's Press; the 1990 edition), so I have some
experience with travel information. I stumbled upon your website and
have been using many of the referrals for services to plan our trip. We
are currently working with Christina at Dolphin Hellas, and plan to call
George the taxi driver.

It seems like an amazing amount of effort you've put into your site!


This has got to be the most complete tour of any country(ies) that I have
seen! I am truly amazed at the loads of hands-on information that you have
provided on this web site. It is also very easy to maneuver around to the
other websites that you've included. I am considering getting married late
September in Greece, or one of the Greek islands, and can't wait to read all
the info that you have complied with my fiancée this weekend! Your stories
and humor are entertaining.
Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be visiting your site again!
Retha Moll
ENTEX IT Service
A Siemens Company

My husband and I just returned from spending a month in Greece. We had a great time and I just wanted to let you know how helpful your website was. I used the Dolphin Hellas travel agency and they were great. Everyone keeps asking me what was my favorite island or part of Greece. This is a very tough question because we loved all of it. The greek people were the nicest people I've ever met and also very honest. We were invited into several homes for drink and conversation and enjoyed learning about there lives and meeting their families. Although I still can't aquire a taste for Ouzo, I went to Brettos in the Plaka and bought about 3 bottles for my family members. I did, however, aquire a taste for retsina. I brought back several bottles for myself.
We rented a car on several of the islands and this was a great opprotunity to see more of the islands. We also gained about 20years to our lives from the taxi drivers (what an adventure). We also had a minor injury riding the motorbikes around Mykonos.
I guess I have to say Santorini was the most beautiful island that we went to (in my opinion). We took a boat out to the volcano, went swimming, and then went on a sunset cruise and then back to the port. After this my husband decided that he and another man that we met would walk the stairs from the port to the top of the caldera. Needless to say, the mans wife and I took the lift back up to the top (the volcano walk was enough for us).
We definately intend to return in the future because there is so much more of the country to see.


Hi Matt!
I am a travel agent, based in Johannesburg (South Africa). About 6 years ago I worked for an agency which specialised in Greece only. While working there I discovered your website by sheer accident & it very quickly became my 'Bible on Greece'. I am unashamed in saying that your site provided a lot of those special touches to my clients' intineraries & my clients' thought I was wonderful!
After a 5 year break from the travel industry, I have recently started working for a mainly leisure agency again. I tend to be given most of the clients who want to go to Greece & have been cursing the fact that I didn't keep your website address in a safe place. Today, much to my great excitement, I have once more run accross your website by accident. Yes, it has grown a lot but it still offers invaluable tourism information on Greece & I'm thrilled to have found it again!
Congrats on a brilliant site!
Best Regards
Penny Philip
Independent Internet Consultant
Thompsons Leisure Travel

In preparation of a visit to Greece in August I have just today
discovered your web site. In my opinion, one of the best I have ever
visited. Please send me your GREECE TRAVEL LETTER.
Thank you

I could not resist replying before reading the News Letter. I have
nothing but the utmost in praise for your informative efforts. My wife
and I have lost considerable apprehension concerning our upcoming trip to
Greece as a direct result of your wonderful Web-site and correspondences.
We thank you so very, very much.
David and Stephanie Seward

I thought I would drop you a short email just to let you know I
just came back from Greece. It was three of the best weeks of my life.
Thanks for all your help.


I just want to praise you for your wonderful web page on Greece and its content. I visited Athens and a few of the islands with my son 3 years ago. I am now writing a book about the 7 countries that we visited during our escapade. Your web page was a godsend in supplying some of the details that I had forgotten.

Again thank you so much for all the work that you have done.

Don B

My wife and returned from our trip to Greece ( 2 weeks at the end of Sept
2006 ) and it was wonderful. I just wanted to say how helpful your Web site
was in preparing to get the most out of our trip. The recommendations for
hotels, restaurants, and islands to visit were invaluable. Between Fantasy
Travel and your Web site we made all the pre arrangements we needed. We
just wish that we had more time for all the places that we did not get to
see. Your honest, unbiased opinion was a fresh approach to what we often
find on many travel web sites.
Thank you

Hi Matt,

It's been nearly a year since our incredible trip to Greece. Three fabulous weeks of Athens, 3 islands (Mykonos, Santorini and Sifnos), and the Peloponnese were in large part due to your wonderful website. We used Aegean Thesaurus as a point of reference and Barbara there was absolutely fantastic. Due to your website, I was able to plan an unforgetable trip to a country that was beautiful. We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the culture and walking everywhere! We rented jeeps and scooters on every island. We were able to get to the interior of each island and explore what this wonderful country has to offer.

I was so pleased with all the information I found on your website. I was just going through my "favorites" and saw your website listed there and wanted to drop you a note about how thankful I was for your hard work!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If we ever get the money again, I would love to travel to Greece and do it all over again! The people were wonderful and your insights and advice were right on!

I also appreciate your quick responses to email I had sent to you a few times. I have given your website out to many, many folks wondering about how to spend their time in Greece.

Thank you for this service you provide.

Best regards,

Dee Grier, Chattanooga, TN

I went to Greece in late September and your guide was a great help.
Dolphin Hellas (Kostas), which I found through your guide, did a great job
in getting things like a windmill house in Sifnos, hotel in Athens,
hydrofoil tickets, etc. We went to many of the restaurants you mentioned
in Athens -- the waiter at the Europe was delighted to see the photo and
write-up of his restaurant, which I had printed out. I left my copy with

I'm too selfish to send you the metal can of Brettos ouzo I lugged home,
but I am sending our leftover drachmas to you -- it's not a lot, but at
least a small thank-you for your great websites on Greece.


My daughter and I are winding up our two week trip to Greece and have had a great time thanks to your information. Everything we relied upon from you is correct!! Thank you so much! We are looking to travel to Italy next year (or back to Greece) and wonder if you know of any site that is as informative and reliable as yours. Although we've never met we love you!!!!!

Dear Matt,
I wanted to let you know how helpful your web site was
for us (not the first time you've heard this, I'm
sure). My two grown sons and I flew to Athens in
mid-October. As part of our trip we booked George The
Famous Taxi Driver to take us to the southern
Pelopponese to an obscure village to visit elderly
relatives. As it happened, George had one of his
employees, Michali, do this and it worked out
beautifully. We also visited Fantasy Travel and made
last-minute arrangements to fly to Santorini and
stayed at Volcano View Villas (the less expensive of
the two adjoining hotels) for two nights. A beautiful
place with very nice staff. We can thank you for all
of the info that led us to these great people.

We've enjoyed your web site and all of the great info.
Thanks again,
Alameda, California---friends of the Christ family

Hey Matt!

I wanted you to know that your name is spreading around, not only in my neighborhood, but in my schools!
I have been giving presentations to the students about Greece: culture, language, traditions, music, food, etc., through the eyes of a 6 year old! I pull up your website and pick out interesting bits and pieces, some from Amarandi's too...we pass out a packet of info and they love reading about it! It is written in such a friendly tone and in a way that intrigues them to read more. I taught them the alphabet and then how to write their names in Greek. They ate it up!
Anyway, the teachers are excited because it ties into world cultures, social studies, math, etc. What do you think? I'm finding that it has sparked an interest in other worlds, planting the seeds for travel and gaining knowledge about the way other people live and speak.
Anyway, I'm pretty excited about it! Want to make sure it's ok with you to use your site to expand these sheltered minds.


I just want say how helpful your website was in the planning of our recent trip to Greece. Once I stumbled upon your site, I knew I had found "one-stop shopping"! We had a wonderful time thanks to Fantasy Travel and the hotels you referenced. We stayed at the Attalos in Athens, Mykonos Beach Hotel on Mykonos, and Lava Oia's Traditional Houses on Santorini. Those 3 hotels and those 3 locations were ideal for a first trip to Greece. Fantasy Travel and their marvelous staff made our trip to Greece so wonderful! The staff members were so pleasant and helpful. Every transfer went smooth-as-silk. All vouchers were well organized. Everyone was prompt and courteous. We will highly recommend them to anyone. We left Athens 2 days before the 5 May riot (thank goodness!) and our only other problem was a delay on the flight home due to volcanic ash. The only folks we met on our trip who were not warm and friendly were the employees of the ferries, especially Blue Star. They were cool, aloof and unfriendly. They offered no assistance as to where we were supposed to sit (economy class is section is not identified with a sign), no smiles at all from them. The information offered in your website was immeasurably helpful; from historic sites, to restaurants, to hotels and food....all great info! Keep up the good work. We love Greece and hope to visit again someday.
Steve & Linda Meade
Biloxi, Misssippi, USA

When we first contacted you about 18 months ago we asked if you thought it would be possible for us to see Greece while using a wheelchair as a means of transportation. Your answer was that you thought it would be difficult but mostly possible. We have just returned from 2 weeks in Greece and it was wonderful.
Things worked out perfectly but only because of the hard work of Aliki from Dolphin Hellas Travel. Even though I am a travel agent here in Baltimore we decided to have her do all the arrangements. After all, she speaks the language! We visited Rhodes, Santorini, a car and driver outside of Athens for 5 days (Delphi, Olympia, Nauplion) and then Athens for 3 nights. Our driver was outstanding (great English and a non-smoker) and in addition to educating us about his country he also imparted his love of his country to us. We now have a new friend in Greece -- George. When we got to Athens we met Aliki and even took a picture of me with her. She is truly a special person. While we were in the Plaka we bought gold jewelry from the shop you recommended. (And told them why we were there!) The trip was a very special one for us and we appreciate your Greece Newsletter's contributions to it.
Thank You!
Howard and Pat Butz

I'm traveling alone, so the information is even more helpful!


It is absolutely beautiful. Web pages like yours justify the Internet's
Thank you.


Matt: Cant begin to tell you how much your website meant to me and my friend. Being 2 middleaged women w/o a word of Greek between us you literally saved the day. Our arrival in Athens got off to an aspicious (sp) beginning by being treated like incompetents by the classical greek male. I had the name and address of the Adonis Hotel (thanks to you & Patra at Fantasy Travel) and he insisted that there was no such hotel in the Plaka and no such street. Ah well. It cost of a fortune and we had to suffer his abuse. Gee. We should have gone with George the Taxi Man. The Adonis was great and our 3 days in Athens a success. Then an overnite ferry to Lesvos where we stayed at the Sea Horse in Molyvos for 5 nites. That was truly wonderful and i could have stayed forever (if i had a coffee pot). The day boat to Pireaus, an overnite or 2 in the marina zea, and then to Hydra for 3 nites where we stayed at the Mistral, a quiet clean & sweet hotel w/in walking distance of the port. We spent the next 4 nites in Naflio at the Nafsimedon Hotel which was arranged for us by Sapho Travel. Thank you thank you. Spent the last 3 nites in Rafina so we wouldnt have to do Athens again. Took an all day (8 hr) ferry ride to Andros, Tinos and Myconos and back again. Had to get up at 4am to catch the 7am flt to Zurich. We had a delightful time and we couldnt have done it without your help and the help of those you recommended. Thank you again & again.

Marianne Hiebert
Troutdale OR USA

Dear Matt,
My name is Allison and i live in Kansas City. I'm
doing this project-a 14 day itinerary of western
europe-and i'm spending the most time in Athens and
thanks to you, my project will turn out great and i
really appreciate your site! You seriously have it
all-everything i could possibly need is right
there-and what a relief to have found your site! THe
pictures are great and all the information is there
and....THANK YOU!!!! I usually have no one to talk to
about greek mythology, and i usually don't mention it
at all-but let me tell ya i'm crazy about it. I'm not
a master at it but i think it's fascinating to think
about how all the ruins of the temples and monuments
are still in athens, and if i had the chance i'd go in
a second. How many times have you been to Greece
anyway? it'd be my #1 choice if i could go anywhere
in the world. On one of your pages you said somehting
about "the guys at high school call it that" and i was
wondering how long or if you've studied Greek
Mythology? This is a first time for me to email a guy
who has a website i enjoyed but i kept saying to
myself THIS GUY IS AWESOME!! and let me say again-i
really love your site! and i'm not some stalker or
anything-just a curious freshman. My dad gave me the
book "D'Aulaires book of greek myths" when i was 9 or
10 and i'm sure i've read the whole thing twice. And
i was just wondering if you had any cool sites you
know of that talk about the kind of stuff we're into.
That'd be great and it'd make my day if you were to
write back-but don't feel pressured to because i'm
sure you have a lot to do-but ithought i'd ask-

Allison Muller (Write Back please!)

Hi, Matt:

We've just come back from Greece. Just to tell you that DolphinHellas (Uli), George Kokkotos and his group of taxi-drivers, the phone service from Tom and also the pizza and pasta from his brother were all great. Beautiful Old Town of Rhodes; we were in the Nikolis Hotel, just beside the wall. Fascinating by night!

Ana Maria Orsatti


I just wanted to thank you for the recommendations for taxi tours in Santorini, Rhodes and Crete. All three of these people were terrific and made our visit to their islands great. I will be sending them notes they can use for their own advertising as we all agreed they made our days there.
Kathi Lovejoy

Thank you so very much for all of your help with our Greece trip. We have been and are back home now in Augusta, GA. I cannot tell you how much your advice helped us. The travel agent in Sifnos was fantastic and really helped me out in a pinch. I was terribly late in letting them know confirmation dates due to our daughter not responding to my questions. Finally, I had to do it with or without her.
We loved the Attalos Hotel. It was very convenient and very neat and clean. The people were very nice and accommodating. We also ate at one of the restaurants that you recommended and it was wonderful. I can't remember the name of it right now and my notes are all downstairs. It started with a B.
George, the best taxi in Athens, was the best. He was not able to meet our flight, but he sent Toni, who was delightful. George took us on a tour of Athens on Tuesday and then took us to Voulagmeni, where Kate was staying. We then had dinner in Glyfada. Toni again took us to the airport at 6:30am on Wed for out flight to Santorini. It happened to be Greece's National elections that week and that made it hard to get a flight.
Santorini is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!! We loved it there. We stayed in Oia for 2 nights and then in Fira (actually, Firastaphani). If you want any information on this from me, let me know.
Sorry I did not get the Ouzo for you. We didn't have time to shop in Athens. I do want to send you some money for the newsletter. I hope your address is included. If not, send it to me and I will send you a check. It was so helpful as were you.
This was our first trip to Greece, but not our last. We would like to see more Islands next time. The week before we left, I met a man at Fripp Island whose brother is a taxi driver in Lesvos. They were really wishing we could get there. Maybe next time.
Matt, thanks again for your help in making our trip a grand success. If you ever come Augusta way, let us know. Will try to pay you back for all of your help.



Dear Matt,

My wife and I just returned from a two-week visit to Greece and had mentally prepared a flowery thank-you to express our respect and indebtedness for your remarkable website about travelling in Greece. To avoid duplication, we thought it a good idea to click on some of the previous love-notes to you and found we were at the end of a para poli long line.

To make it brief, then, we have been doing most of our own research, planning and arrangements for the past ten years in Europe, Mexico and the Pacific, and have relied a great deal on folks such as Rick Steves, the Fodor books, et al. Never have we come upon such thorough descriptions, recommendations and observatons about a people and country. From Giorgos at Aegean Thesaurus to Laura in the Plaka, you led us by the hand and heart to a delightful experience in Greece, for which we now hold blossoming understanding and affection.

Thanks for helping so many people share your love and appreciation.

Mike and J'Ann Pybas
Dallas, Texas

Dear Matt, We arrived in Athens last night and are at the St. George.
George's driver Christopher picked us up and is taking us out for the day
tomorrow. We went to meet Tom today at his carpet shop. He was very helpful
and gave us a map and pointed us in the right direction.

We bought Ouzo at Brettos and gave the street musician money and he played
us a song on his accordian. We bought two original paintings from Takis and
he talked through an interpreter with me and my husband a very long time and
gave me an espresso and my husband a juice. We played with Charlie the dog.
We ate at the Byzantine and told everyone hello for you.

Tonight we ate at the St. George at the Grand Balcon with an amazing view
and have reservations at the mountaintop restaurant on the Lyb. Hill at the

We would have been lost without your help. We leave for Lesvos Sunday and
will be there a week and can't wait to eat at Remezzos (sp?) We will have a
jeep. Fun! Oh, we went to Skynet to e-mail and said hi to the guy and said
everywhere we went that you sent us.

Better run. I am on the hotel computer and the disc is running out of time!
Again, this trip would have been chaos without you. Remember my original
idea...9 islands or something crazy like that in two weeks! WHAT was I
thinking. I like Greece better than Italy hands down.

Bye, Anneke

Thanks again so very much for your website and response(s) to my questions! I
just returned from a wonderful holiday in Greece (and Turkey) which was greatly
enhanced by the info I got from your website. One of the things the website
gave me was the confidence to plan the trip myself--true, I used Dolphin-Hellas travel
agency some (and took a short cruise), but mostly I put together the trip based
on your recommendations.

I especially was happy to have the island guides; they came in quite handy. And
even tho' I did not go to all the places in Athens that I intended (your rec's),
I enjoyed everything I did--all of which orginated with your ideas, suggestions,

I spent some time in Istanbul, too, and realized I was much less well-prepared
because of the LACK of a Matt Barrett site! There I really had to "have a go" on my own.
But it was great, too! VERY different from Athens!

Once again, thanks for the valuable service you provide--AND working with Aliki
at Dolphin Hellas travel agency was a big "plus," too!

Best regards,

Lynn Sorenson
Provo, UT

Hi Again Matt,

I’m heading back from an Athens cruise and wanted you to know your name and website are famous on this ship. SO many people used your page to book hotels and George for a taxi. These are people from all over the country. You’re doing a great job!


I would like to take this oppourtunity to thank you for the usefull and entertaining info on your web page. Last summer I finally got the chance to use some of it. It was the first time I had been to greece in 18 years. I was only there for like two weeks, not enough time to see alot after visiting relatives. This summer I plan on spending at least a month, hopefully two. This will give me more of a chance to really use the info on your page. Whenever I miss Greece, I usually go to your web page to make me feel better. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your advice on our Greece vacation.
I also like to thank you for all the wonderful information you have
about Greece on your web site. They're very very helpful!
Thanks again,
Cara Choy

Hi there,

It's not clear to me if you are Fantasy Travel or not,
so in case you're not I wanted to email you part of my
comments on the Plan-Your-Own-Itinerary page. They

this web site is genius. I can't thank you enough for
making it. It is incredibly helpful, beautifully laid
out, clear, coherent, and has all the information I
actually need! I've just spent two hours clicking
around. Thank you thank you thank you!!

I am taking my first vacation in 9 months, and I am
traveling alone for the first time in my life. Your
web site is a god send. It lacks nothing. I can't
thank you enough for making all this info available in
one place. And the maps!! Finally, something that
actually shows me where everything is.

Liz T

In celebration of my 50th B'day, I have been given money for travel. My
daughter who is a linguist and has lived all over Europe immediately said,
"Mother you have to go to Greece." I live at the beach on the Gulf of
Mexico, one of the top 5 rated beaches in the world. My daughter says that
the only other prettier place is the Greek Islands, so the decision was
made. I have to see this.

Through a web browser, we discovered Matt's site. EVERYTHING we needed to
know was at our fingertips. But the best part was that the questions we
had, were answered by Matt within 12 hours. I was convienced that this guy
not only knows his stuff, but he really cares about the people that are
interested in traveling to Greece.

I continue to use his site even after having printed in all out for my file.
I have passed it on to my local travel agent for her use as well. His site
is highly organized and very user friendly. If I had to pick one site out
of all the ones I've used for travel, this would be my choice. Matt should
get the BIG #1 in my opinion.

Nancy Skinner


I have been meaning to tell you that the trip my husband and I took in September based on your recommendation was OUTSTANDING. We went to Sifnos and Santorini. The best way to describe our trip is to say that my husband didn't really want to go and we both had tears in our eyes as we were leaving to return home. We're already talking about returning to Greece next year.

Thanks for all the help and information.

Hello Matt,
I am a travel consultant, and must say that I found your web page to be extremely helpful, and, I must admit far better than any information in any travel guide, or from the tourist board, for that matter.

I am traveling to Athens next month, and unfortunately, not able to do a Greek Island cruise. I am considering visiting a few nearby islands for one day, and understand that there is a one day cruise that visits 3 islands in the Saronic Gulf. Do you think that is better than perhaps a one day ferry to one island ?

Thanks so much for all your help!
Diane Lander

God Bless You
hi this is akram fahim a travel agent from alex EGYPT i wish to meet you to say: I have ever never seen travel site like this
if my e-mail deliver to you e-mail me .



I know that you probably receive quite a lot of e-mails. this is just to say thank you very much. My wife and I have just returned from 2 glorious weeks in Athens/mykonos/santorini. It was better than we ever imagined. We got so much information from your website, that it made our holiday so much easier. Instead of arriving in a strange place not knowing where to go, I had pages of information about Brettos, The Poet, Tavernas, historical sites, shops and so much more. We walked the plaka for 3 days

had 4 wonderful days in mykonos and 6 fantastic days on santorini. Everywhere we went we knew exactly what to see, what Tavernas to eat at and how to experience life in Greece. I can't thank you enough. We saw the most beautiful sunsets while drinking wine in Little Venice and Ia. We had the best meals at the Byzantine in Plaka and Kouklis flaming sausage. I bought sandals from the poet and got drunk on ouzo in Brettos with some people from Pretoria South Africa and a young single chaplin in the Canadian Armed forces stationed in Afghanistan, on a holiday to Greece. Our holiday was beyond our expectations mostly because of your info into Greek life. Thanks again. We will always relive the romantic sunsets. the food. the atmosphere. the history. the people. the beauty. and even paradise beach. wow! Thanks Matt. Your website made our 25th anniversary the best holiday in the world. We will be going back for the baclavas, the pelicans, the wine, the keftedes and the ambience. thanks. Steve & Deb McCullough, Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

I am a student at a Tourism college in the country of Trinidad and Tobago,
in the West Indies. When faced with the challenge of a project for my
tourism geography class, which was to choose any destination in the world
and to create a brochure on it, showing accommodation, transportation and
tourist sites, i was basically stumped.

Greece however has always fascinated me because of the myths and legends,
and fascinating historcal background of that country. So me and my fellow
projecteers (for want of a better word) were basically swamped with a
plethora of information on the country, but with no idea of where to start.

Thanks to your very comprehensive and extremely informative site it made
getting our project started a whole lot easier. Your suggestions on
accommodation and transportation hints are wonderful and we are really
grateful to you for your help.

Our group would really like to mail you our "donations" but we are merely
students with a couple tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to pay,
so we hope that our gratitude will suffice.
The invitation to visit our small Caribbean country is extended, to you and
all your friends. We are similar in climate...but we have a tropical

Thanking you again,
Renee Deane
The Trinidad and Tobago Tourism and Hospitality Institute

Matt:Hello my name is Bob Barnes and I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and we just returned from a fantastic trip to Greece. While planning our trip to Greece and the islands I used the information on your website extensively. We used Fantasy Travel to book our transfers, ferry rides between the islands and some of our hotels. Everything they looked after went without a hitch and made our travels worry free. We also used George the taxi driver for a trip to Meteora which turned out fantastic as well. I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into your website it was very informative and helpful in the planning of one of the best holidays my wife and I have taken.Thank You Bob Barnes

Hi Matt

Hope all is well

Thanks for your tips about Greece

We had a great time in Santorini and Crete. See our photos below

Working with Dina at Fantasy Travel was a big plus. Based in Athens, they, of course, were on top of the Ferry Schedules so when the Flying Cat was cancelled a week before our trip, they immediately rebooked us on Aegean Airlines from Santorini to Crete.

Having someone based in Athens made a lot of sense!

Highlights of the trip

a) Having dinner under the Acropolis during a live concert

b) Walking through the Venetian Harbour in Hania

c) Eating delicious seafood at Amoudi in Oai, Santorini

d) Looking at the beautiful sunsets every night in Santorini

Lowlights of the trip

a) The Hotel Irini in Iraklion should probably be dropped from your list. The bathroom was filthy and the location was quite poor.

b) Driving in Crete was more difficult than I expected. Turn left at XIYSLDXXX then right on SLKKLLKLKL. And, the Greek drivers, they were a bit much. We landed up taking the 20 minute bus to Knossos rather than Risk driving in Iraklion!

Thanks again Matt for creating such a dynamic website

We’ll recommend it to anyone who wants to travel in Greece


Ken L
Seattle, WA

Thank you MATT for your helpful advices.I am now in turkey at home.I will be again in greece this year,and ý want visit you.Now ý have new friends in greece and we are talking sometimes greek,sometimes turkish together because we were together here in anatolia.We have to do something for peace.

Just got back! I never wanted to leave! My sister and I can't wait to go
back. Greece is the greatest gem on this planet! Lovely, fantastic time.
Which I could visit as much as you can!
Amanda H


My wife and I will be visiting Greece on March 16. I was browsing thru
the net and found your page.
I don't normally do this but I must commend you on what is, in my
opinion, the best and most informative web page I have seen on the
internet regarding travel. You certainly thought of everything... thank
you for your advise.... David, Saddle River, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for a truly comprehensive and interesting set
of Greek web sites. To say that this information has been helpful is an
understatement. I am going to Athens/Naxos/Rhodes on my honeymoon in two
weeks and I have bee amazed at the depth and scope of your info. Just
Eric Weidman


Just wanted to thank you for a really useful site. I've just got back from
2 weeks in Greece (Peleponisos, 1 week near the Mani, 1 week close to
Naphlion) where my family have had a brilliant holiday, helped on a daily
basis by reference to your web pages, in particular the ones on food and the

I also used your site to help me plan the holiday in the first place.

Much appreciated.


I enjoy reading your blog and got a good laugh out of one of your recent entries--getting a full-sized spare tire replacement in Greece...

We had a great trip to Greece last November. I was very apprehensive about going with our two young sons, aged 6 and 3 years. However, I would now advise anyone traveling to Greece to get a kid (even if they don't have their own) if they want doors opened. 'To paidi' was at the top of the list everywhere we went. Even the surly Thessaloniki cab driver lightened up when our 3-year old did something cute.

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that it was your website's admonition to potential travelers not to overlook Greece in the Fall and Winter that helped me sell the idea of going in November to my husband. That and the fact that his work had slowed down considerably by then (so much so that he got laid off immediately upon our return) helped us set our timeline.

I occasionally make submissions to Odyssey magazine, and I wrote the attached about our trip for their 'Homecomings' section in their March/April 2009 edition. It is about my husband's family in northern Greece. Next time, I hope to visit my family's horio near Kalavrita (which I also read about on your website).

I wish you continued success and perhaps one day our paths will cross!

Christina Papakirk

It seems that my daughter and I checked into the Electra Palace Hotel just a few days after you were there! As I registered, a very nice gentleman down the desk caught my eye and asked if I were Virginia Lake. When I said I am, he introduced himself as Dorian and proceeded to give us a half hour instruction session on the use of the mobile phone. He is the one who told us that you had just been there.

You are indeed the Duncan Hines of Greece! We had a very successful trip and it is all due to you. I followed your tips and never regretted it. Our reservations were made through Dolphin Hellas and Aliki was extremely helpful. While George (the Famous Taxi Driver of Athens) was tied up taking delivery of his new taxi, he made sure we were well taken care of by other members of his family. Christos picked us up at the airport (what a comfort THAT was) and Spiros showed us Athens one day and took us to Delphi the next. We made use of the Museum Internet Cafe and shopped the Plaka - including getting gold jewelry and ouzo at the places you recommend: the Byzantium and Brettos. The mobile phone idea was great - my husband is in a nursing home and, because we had the phone, we were worry free since we could always be reached immediately. The hotel was magnificent: their breakfasts are wonderful and Stavros and Socrates took very good care of us. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back and it is largely thanks to you.

I did learn a little Greek (bought the tape you recommend) and it was certainly positively reinforcing to use it. I have never been successful in learning another language but somehow Greek came easily. And I felt completely at home in the country and among the great people. I suspect I was Greek in another life!

Please forgive me for taking up your time and email space like this. I had to tell you that your name was dropped often and it always brought a smile and warm welcome. Thank you for helping to make our journey an outstanding one. We owe you a lot for all the excellent advice and you never steered us wrong. If you ever need a testimonial, count on me.

Virginia Lake

LOVE the updates! Keep them coming. Especially grateful for the ferry
schedules! Off to Greece in three weeks! Got your tape -- good investment!
Thanks for everything!

David Virden

Just wanted to drop you a congratulatory note on how wonderful I think your
site is! A plethora of information creatively arranged and easy to follow.
Not to mention your information is right on and it definitely exudes
Greek culture.
Thanks for putting this together for us to appreciate.
I send it to my cousin a tour agent.
She loves/raves about your site!

I must write this letter to you, to thank you for the help that you have given me. You probably do not remember me with all the letters you get. I am the woman that met a wonderful Greek man and finally went to Greece to meet him on his invitation. Thanks to the encoragement that you gave me on the last correspondence I did not loose a great and important opportunity to happiness. Love the country, the history, the people, the culture, the sea, the country side, and more. Kostas was a gentleman and a Romantic Greek as you stated. I am grateful to you again and I wanted to let you know. Your site has helped me a lot.Now I need to learn the language, and I would like your advice on that again. Thank you again, God Bless You.

Congratulations Matt, without a doubt your website is certainly the most
informative, easy to read and no-bullshit website I have seen in a very
long time. You have done an excelletn job mate!
I am greek (born there actually) and have learnt more about it from your
site than I ever knew, well basically all I had learnt was a 4 week
experience in '88 and what my family cousins and what not have told me.
I'm planing to go there in a few months (I want to bare-boat sail the
greek islands) and was just doing some research on the topic.

Thanks for all the information and I'll be putting a link from my
personal site to yours,

best regards,
Steve Pagratis.

Dear Matt: THANK YOU for such an excellent website and giving readers the
"inside" view of Greece. I am now more excited than ever to go to Greece.

I have been searching the Internet for 6 months trying to find this type of
information. I found you from your link with the Greece Accomodations
Direct webite which I happened upon yesterday. I've already contacted them
and Rob is helping me put together my honeymoon to Greece for May 2000. I
only wish I had found your website and Greece AD a lot sooner.

When I decided upon Greece as my destination, I went out and spent a ton of
money on travel books (Foder's, Frommer's, Eyewitness Guides, and Let's Go
Greece) which are helpful, but didn't really give me the "real" information
(i.e. step by step on how to book a ferry or what to expect at the Athens
Airport) I was looking for. I appreciate your fun writing style and sense
of humor which makes for enjoyable reading unlike the impersonal writing of
the other travel guides. I'm sure you've heard all this before, but I
wanted to personally thank you for the time and energy you have spent on the
site. The personal stories and resources you included really make the

I just printed the text version and can't wait to get home to read the whole
thing. My check is in the mail!

Shelby Lustgarten

I just wanted to let you know that I traveled to Greece (athens,etc) last
summer with a group of 6 friends. I used your web info and it was fabulous.
We had the best time trying your favorites in the plaka and yes we bought
great jewelry and Byzantino - they remembered you fondly and treated us
royally when we mentioned you name. The Ouzo shop was a treat as was the
flea market etc. I just checked out your site for 2 friends who are going
this summer and boy was I impressed - pictures and everything- it is a great
site. Now - If I could find a web page as comprehensive and fun for
Barcelona or Lisbon ( this summer's trip!).

Great job.

I have been reading your web travel guide as I prepare for my 4th trip
to Greece. My Greek is rusty(but not too bad for a 4th generation Greek
American). I also was fortunate to have been exposed to Athens of the
late 60s when I spent three months as an impressionable 13 year old
with my folks on a mission to adopt my brother.
Work and life have had my span since my last trip too long for my tastes

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love reading your
guide,,,it is easy,concise,fun and written as if I were talking to a
friend and peer. Keep it up,,,and if you publish,,put me down for a
copy..You are more fun to read than Fodors or Frommers!

Leaving Sept 14 for 20 days....How do I get you a bottle of Ouzo?

I am sure you have invested a lot of personal time and sacrifice on these
web pages. We are going to Greece in September and have found the
information you have no doubt meticulously gathered and presented most

Keep up the good work !!

Peter Chik

Dear Matt,
Your website has been most helpful!!! I can actually say that yours is THE BEST website I have come across while researching information for my upcoming vacation!
I am Greek and have traveled many times to my country but I don't think I was ever prepared like the way I am now...thanks to you!!!!!
Thankfully yours,
Foula Vretos


I'm Greek American and travel to Greece every summer. Though I'm very knowledgeable about Greece and speak, read, and write Greek fluently, it was a pleasure to surf your web site. You've got fantastic information for any one wishing to travel there. BRAVO *****
Kalo Kalokairi

I had a wonderful week in Greece! It is a fantstic
place and I really hope to spend more time there in the future. It was
cold there but beat the weather here. I was able to get into the
mountains (up to Larisa and a lake in the mountains which I am blocking on
the name just now) and even saw Mt. Olympus peak out from the clowds for a
bit. We spent Christmas in this little village and roasted a pig on a
spit! Athens for two days and Hydra for one. Thank you so much for all of
your help and words of wisdom. If you ever want to meet, like at Weaver
Street market or Welspring, I'd be happy to show you my pictures and tell
you about my trip. It really was a unique experience that I doubt many
tourists to Greece get to experience. Thanks again, CJ

Matt-- thanks so much for your help with our Greece trip! We have loved and
been so thankful for George at Fantasy Travel and our stay at Volcano View
Villas in Santorini
(INCREDIBLE!) Nick (a Greek-Canadian) at VVV is a
wealth of knowledge and a friendly/comforting/trustworthy friend. His
mother was born here, and she actually lived through the big earthquake
after being rescued from under the rubble. We can now see why you are so in
love with this country!!

Thanks again!

Meredith and Jan Ripley

Thanks for all the great infor on Greece. I am going
to Greece in April with 40 Junior High Students... I
am looking forward to the "adventure'. Your site
without a doubt was on e that provided me with a very
diverse amount of information. Some I will use on this
trip, others when I return to Greece with my own
family. You have been helpful, and I truly thank you.
Ps listened to your music on MP3 (not bad for an old
guy.. as my Jr high students would say!)
Again my deep appreciation for all the work you have
compiled for the benifit of others to pull upon, it
must have taken many years to compile such a diverse

I dont´t know where you are or where you come I write in English.
I like your report about santorini very much and want to tell you that you
found the right words to describe the spirit of this island. I´ve been
there for 13 times and I never felt the way I do there anywhere else on
this planet. I feel so alive there and everything seems to become easier
and problems lose importance. It´s freedom I feel there....I think you make
people going there to feel this special feeling - if they can feel it!? Ok,
that´s all. I just wanted to say hello to you because you also have this
passion. sarah.

Hello Matt,
I understand from my sister-in-law, Jinny Lee, that you wanted some feedback about my trip to Greece in May
'98. Your information was most helpful in planning our trip. It was simply serendipity that I would find your
info sheet posted at the Carolina Coffee Shop last year! It was full of wonderful info.
Our trip was great! It was my second time to visit Greece. I absolutely fell in love with the country the first
time I went. I now plan to try to return every few years to explore a little more of the country each time.
I used your suggestion of travel agents: Kiki Zikou. She was great! We went to her agency when we first
arrived in Athens and picked up all our tickets and info from her personally. Very friendly, helpful person and
her travel agency seems very well run. All the folks there were on top of things.
Thanks again for your helpful info.

I must let You know that Danish people like Your site, when some mail me about Greece, they also tell my about Matt Barrett.
That's all for now

The best from Jette in Dania

Dear Matt, I just stumbled on your website. You're amazing. I can't
believe all the unbelievable information you've put together. I go to
Greece for the summer every year and usually book my own hotels and ferries,
but I just sent an e-mail to your friend Kiki asking her to help me.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know how incredible your site is. By the
way, I've noticed that the Athen's News website has been updated. Where's
Brian Church????? How can I live without reading his column every week.
Thanks again. Susan Walters.

Dear Mr Barrett, After reading your Travel Guide to Greece, my wife and I have cancelled a vacation planned for Spain and have made air reservations for Greece. Will stay three nights (frequent stay program) in Athens at Marriott and then would lilke to visit islands. Definitely would like to visit Santorini, Mykenno an probably Sifnos. Our goal is see and experiecne the everyday life and culture of Greece and its people. Any suggestions or recommendations for the island travel part would be greatly appreciated.
Your web site is the most interesting, informative, and genuinely helpful of any travel site on the Web today! Thank you.

Hi Matt!

I wanted to write and let you know that you have the best site for Greek travel I have ever seen on the web! It is so full of info, I cant even read it all in one sitting! I cant wait to come home from work and read more about my potential Greek vacation. (Btw, I found it after doing a search on Greek Island Tours on

I sent a note to Dolphins Hellas Travel with a question regarding hotel classes. Hope to hear from them soon. My travel is not for a while (darn it) so I have some time.

I was in Athens way back on 1982 on a college trip and spent some time with relatives there. It's been a long, long time. I am anxious to go back. Since I wont be with any tour groups this time, I'll more than likely use Dolphins Hellas Travel as my planners.

Well, I just wanted to say thanks for all the terrific info and you have my vote for Best Travel Site in Go Greece for 2000!

Rebecca Bryan
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Hi Matt:
Just to let you know -- I just got back from Greece yesterday. It was my first trip abroad and you helped me soooooo much! Thanks for Dolphin Hellas. Even though I couldn't hook up with Kiki, I dealt with Aliki and she was awesome! She helped us so much. When I arrived in Athens, I walked to their office and met her. She's very gracious & professional -- it was a pleasure. I took her picture with her permission -- as long as I didn't put it on the Internet!!

One question: I know you usually spend quite a bit of time in Greece when you go. How in the world do you deal with coming back to the States??? I think I'll have to take Prozac just to deal with the depression of not being there anymore!!

I was with my Mom this time and she couldn't get around very easily, so we didn't go to as many places as I would like, but I'm definitely going back! Hopefully next year. Next time I'll bring my husband. For one thing, he and I can keep up the same pace; the second, he can defer the Greek men from coming on to me! (Not to say it wasn't flattering, by all means!) Boy, oh boy! And I wasn't even on the island of Sifnos!!! Paros was my trouble spot -- Beautiful Greek men filling me with a bunch of lines. Kind of reminded me of the movie "Shirley Valentine" when she says: " Aren't men full of _ _ _ _? This is after a Greek man says her stretch marks on her stomach are beautiful. The Greek men ARE charming; I'll have to say!

I did, however get to Brettos Ouzo, which I am sipping at this very moment. (Which is probably why I'm rambling.) Wonderful Ouzo -- thank you! If I could have carried more, I would have!

We went to Santorini (Oia) and Paros (Naoussa). Enjoyed both places, but especially Oia. I was really a magical place for me. The sunsets really got me and the people were so wonderful. Our staff at our hotel were fabulous -- I hated to leave them -- they were like family.

I hope the salmon was OK. Just a small token of my appreciation.

Coleen Fussell

Matt, Thanks for taking the time to reply to my desperate email.And also for the newsletter. Your site is such a great one! Keep up the great work!!! Nora

I just wanted to THANK YOU. Having just returned from the best vacation ever, thanks to your website and the amazingly wonderful information you provide.
My partner & I spent 21 nights and 23 days playing tourist in Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini.
Thanks to you we didn't feel like "tourists", we knew a lot about what to expect and how to get value for money. We saved countless hours of saved time because of the information we noted from your site.
We are now firmly in love with Greece and plan to return next year. (It would be next month if we could work out a way to live there).
We got engaged on Santorini and plan to get married in Greece as well.
Every hint, from taxis and ferries, to accommodation and how to see what we wanted to with minimal fuss was used to the fullest.
We live in Melbourne, Australia but most of the "American" tips you provide are still very relevant to Aussies. Similar cultures, same tastes.
Keep up the very good work, we'll be checking your site regularly as we plan which Islands to see next time.
Our favourites were Athens, Mykonos, Naxos and (of course) Santorini.
Regards and A VERY BIG THANK YOU from Rose & Drew in Australia.


Just returned from my first trip to Greece. I had to work for four days in Athens and then took a quick flight to Mykanos...high speed boat back to Raffina...and then spent the day doing the Acropolis tour.

I used your info from beginning to end, and found it one of the most useful documents ever. Thanks Matt.


Hi Matt,

I returned from Athens on Thursday. Had a great time, and loved it! The information I got from your website was right on, and indispensable. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!


I suppose we have you to THANK . You were a gigantic help. We took your suggestions --went to Santorini, Sifnos with a stopover @ Milos. Even Athens was great for us. We are now in love with Greece. We will always be indebted to you for your suggestions. We will stay in touch as we are ready to go again.

hello Matt,

I did receive your response to my request on the
Greek language, and I appreciate both your willingness
to help as well as your prompt response.

I also received the newsletter the following day.

I have enjoyed exploring Greece from my office &
intend to continue. It seams to have re-sparked the
imagination and enjoyment that was there in school
during all of those Mythology courses many years ago.

This IS cool !!!

thanx for all you do.


Dear Matt,

I have to start off by saying that your site is one of the reasons for our addiction to travel in Greece, specifically the islands. But I'm sure you hear this alot.
My girlfriend and I have been coming to Greece since the summer of 2000 and your
website has been an invaluable resource for information, advice and entertainment (we love your stories too!).
As I search your website once again for info in preparation of our upcoming trip this summer I realize that we owe you a long overdue debt of gratitude.
So... thank you!!
Keep up the good work.

Erik & Nicole

Matt, I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS! My mother was born in Kea, Ellinika. My grandmother was born in Pisses. When I was little we went to Greece every other summer and stayed in Pisses for 3 wks, it was so quiet back then in the early 80's only natives and Germans. Still go to Greece every other summer ( unfortunately not this year, too expensive/ have 2 little humans, but I save all my vacation from work ( I'm a nurse) and last year took off with the kids for 7 wks, stayed on Syros for a month but I haven' t been to Tzia in a while, Have an uncle sta Ellinika too .. Kea is deep in my heart, I used to dream of getting married to a local Tzioti and going by donkey to the church steps!!!!!!!! Ha! Got married instead to an Anglo-Saxon Bostonian. Anyway I read your entry tonight after a long 12 hour shift at work and your words are like medicine to my anxious soul ( too much tension) I have you on my favorites. I miss Greece so much and my family that is there ( been here in the states since 1970 in Richmond, Va) Kiss her for me. Keep up your wonderful work and never forget you touch peoples hearts and make them happy when they're down. All the best to you and your family! Have a wonderful summer! Angela Fulakis-Wood

Dear Matt

Your web site is excellent! I was cruising my way around it looking for
helpful tips and quirky stories for our travel documentary we are producing
for the Travel Channel and Discovery Networks. Basically we produce the
Lonely Planet TV series, which is broadcast to 30 million international

We are off to film around the Greek Islands for 23 days in June and July. I
was wondering if you could shed some light on the following islands and

Do you know if there is still a community of lesbians here? If so where are
Is the mental institution still operational here? Or is the big asylum on

Do you have any information on Patmos and the big nudist scene here?

Anything different?

Please can I have a recent copy of the Greece Travel News letter and the
Greek Island Synopsis (the later I have taken off the web - have you a more
up to date one - if not that should do the trick).

Thanks a lot - I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Paula Formby

Pilot Productions Ltd
The Old Studio

Dear Matt!

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your website! In December, on a whim, I bought tickets to Athens, Greece because I have always been drawn to that country and had never had the opportunity to go. I made the opportunity! We will be visiting Greece the last week of April 2004. I bought the tickets before I ever researched any travel plans. (Reverse order of what I normally do!) I found your website on the internet through a Google search! Thank heavens!!!! I am amazed at the quantity and quality of the information that is presented! We have successfully planned our trip through Uli Perschau at Dolphin Hellas travel agency. They are very resonably priced and fabulous to work with! We will be staying at Hotel Adrian with an Acropolis view for 4 days, taking a ferry to Santorini and staying at the Sun Rocks Villas for 4 days, then flying back to Athens the last day of our vacation. It is such a joy to have everything taken care of! I am basically guaranteed a stress free vacation... At this point, I am sure that we will be returning to Greece for a longer stint of time!

In addition, I would like to tell you that I have friends that were planning a trip to Italy. I told them about our trip and your website. They have now bought tickets to Greece - due to your website! They could not find good information regarding Italy on the internet. Your website is so comprehensive and easy to navigate!

One question: Since we will be visiting Athens and Santorini - do you have a listing of "non-tourist trap" restaurants with fabulous food for these areas? We LOVE greek food!

Again, thank you so much!

Marsha and Greg Nelson

USA (Tennessee)

Hi Matt,

Just got back from two weeks in Greece using nothing but your guide for learning and planning.

Used Dina at Fantasy Travel for hotel and transfers to the islands and she was very helpful and patient. Answered all my silly questions and I think got us a very good price on our trip.

While in Athens stopped in to see Laura from Byzantino Jewelry even though we were not planning to buy anything on this trip as we had bought lots of jewelry at Xmas in St. Thomas. We talked with her for about a half an hour (she talks as fast as a New Yorker!) and when I told her it was our anniversary she ran back in the shop and presented us with two of the blue eye charms for luck, even though we hadn't bought a thing from her. She is much prettier in person than your photo of her on your web site!!

Also paid a visit to Brettos Liquor and had a nice hour sipping raki and talking with Domingos. We left with two decorative bottles of ouzo and some nice memories. He's a lovely man and we mentioned you there as well.

We visited Santorini, and stayed at the Volcano View Villas and Myconos and stayed at the Princess of Myconos. Both were wonderful properties.

Oh, we used George for an airport pick up too. He was great as they lost our luggage and we were the last ones out from the entire plane. He was there waiting for us and it was a good thing as the cue for the taxi line was about 30 people and we were drained by then.

A few things I would mention:

1. The Acropolis which usually charges 11 euros to enter, is free on Sunday. We didn't know, just lucked out.
2. When in Myconos, DON'T MISS DELOS. We paid 5 euros for the ferry and 6 euros for a self guided tour vs. the 30 euros the tour guides charge and probably had a better experience as we went where we wanted. It was a very special place and should not be missed.
3. We ate in the Plaka at places where they beckoned us in from the street and never had a bad meal. Zorbas was particularly good and the head waiter was wonderful.
4. We overtipped where ever we went and it made us feel good because the service was always good and the people were so appreciative of the money. They probably thought we were crazy Americans who didn't know what we were doing, but we did. I'd rather tip over there where it's not expected and you still get good service than in L.A., where it is expected and you get lousy service!
5. Be sure to do the tourist things...ride the donkeys in Santorini up the steps, rent a car in Myconos and see the entire island. We rented the Smart car, it's about half the size of a real car and my husband loved it. Take naps and...relax. I never do that at home (who has time) but I did almost every day in Greece and it was wonderful.

Thanks for your website and hope to go back again in a few years to some other islands.


Caryn Bates

My family and I went to Greece for the first time this summer. I
discovered your website about six moths before we went. We had decided
to stay at the Hilton in Athens simply because it was American and we
didn't know what else to do. After I found you web site though we
switched to the Electra Palace Hotel and with the money we saved (it
cost about half what the Hilton did) we hired George to take us to
Delphi for the day and for transfers to and from the airport. We had
the BEST TIME! :) All of us (even my 15 year old sister who doesn't
like being anywhere without her friends) enjoyed our stay and are
determined to go back! You website was a life saver. On behalf of all
my family - THANK YOU!

My roommate and I returned from a 2 week (not nearly long enough)
backpacking tour of Greece, we visited your website hundreds of times
before we left, and as per your advice, printed your Athen's survival guide
(which was an absolute lifesaver). After reading about the islands, (with
only 2 weeks) we decided on Ios and Santorini and left some time to go
somewhere spontaneous. We chose Paros (after reading your summary) which
turned out to be our favourite of the 3.
Your website is the most useful tool one could possibly ever find if
travelling to greece (more helpful than even the travel agents)
The only thing you forgot to mention is island fever, we have been home for
1 week now, and think of nothing else but returning to Greece, we can't
even look at our pictures yet, because we feel so sad and homesick to go
We are returning to Greece next year for 4-6 weeks and will continue to
explore your phenomenal website
Thank you for helping us make the most out of our trip to Greece
Julie &Colleen

Dear Matt Barrett,
I am astounded at what you have put together! Thank you for such a personal and well-informed guide. Your "empathy" for fellow travelers, or soon-to-be travellers to Greece is astounding, making it useful and enjoyable reading.
I'm taking my 13 year-old son for a first look, sort of scouting outing for a longer trip this summer. This is my way of rounding out his education, and having a good time of it. Thanks to you, I've decided to go first in April, visit in Athens and go to Meteora, go to one island, and hopefully get a feeling for what we'll do in Greece this summer.
Your enthusiasm and effort put into this website are truly appreciated - I've wandered about western Europe for the past thirty years, and I've gathered volumes of notes and info, but to see what someone who is able to put it together under one "roof" is impressive. Bravo!

I would appreciate receiving a copy of your Greece Travel newsletter.
Congratulations on your website. It has been the most compact, relevant
and informative source of information about the Greek Islands that I
have encountered.

As a native Greek who has livedin Southern California
since infancy (but tries to get to Greece and see the
folks annually), I find your guides to be the most
amazingly accurate, truthful and connected to the
local culture. The descriptions are always dead-on --
from the feeling af arrival at the airport and driving
through concrete jungles to the listings of clubs and
hang-outs at the latest hip neighborhoods to your
pages on Rembetika. I recommend your guides to any
everyone who plans a trip as the best and most truly
atmospheric. I'm amazed that a little Anglo boy like
you can have entered into the Greek spirit so
completely (unless, of course, I'm mistaken about your
background). You ought to explain how your family came
to live in Athens (as you describe in your Rembetika
pages about Jimmy Quidd and the music conection.)

Also, I'll put in a plug for some of my favorite
places: Jimmy's American Diner (or something like
that) on the pedestrian mall off Voukourestiou between
Panepistimiou and Akadimias (I think it's Valaoritou
Street) has excellent Greek food AND genuine,
authentic, New York cheesecake! Amazing, for Athens.
I also like the chain of Deli-Kiosk fast food
restaurants for breakfast: good strong coffee,
excellent fruit tarts and turnovers, and well prepared
European breakfast fare like croque monsieur and
gilled cheese sandwiches. Some locations also double
as concessions for Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors or Dodona
ice cream (very good, if you've never tried it.)

Do you get anything out of this, or is it merely a
labor of love?

Anyway, keep up the phenomenal work! You have all my

Constantin Marcou

This is the coolest website I have ever seen. I'm in Chicago, born in Athens 47 years ago and living in the US since 1955. The Rebetika stuff is excellent. I'm a fan myself. When I was last in Athens, my friend John and I went to a club in the student section between Omonia (my father used to carve souvlaki/gyros there from 1929 till we emigrated) and the University. It reminded me of the Village in NYC but the populace looked more like terrorists. Anyway, we went to a second floor club like the ones you describe, and this fabulous suinger was performing classic rebetika with an excellent band -- excellent. Her name is Voula Sallides. The greatest regret of the last 5 years is not buying her CD there that night. Your friends in New York don't have it.

I'm also president of the Hellenic Museum in Chicago. We're going to start a building next year. Very cool. And we do very good exhibits (including one on Greek Music a few years ago.) E-mail me here so we can talk. I'd love to link your sited when we're on the web (early April). We're doing The History of Gyros in the fall.
Dino Armiros

I just wanted to say thank you for your great website.
I have not travelled to Greece before.
I have been writing to a girl in Athens for 25 years and have never met her or any of her family. Her family comes from Naxos originally.
Through your website, and fantastically well written descriptions of Greece, I have been able to better understand the places which she visits and the lifestyle which she leads. You have a great ability to make someone feel like they are actually there. I could go on but I won't. I just wanted to say thank you from an Australian, who will probably never get to this wonderful place, you have brought me one step closer than I ever thought I would be.
Thank you

You have my thanks for doing so much to promote a beautiful country and wonderful people to the world, plus enormously helping travelers to enjoy
Greece in the most effective and abundant way. What a talent you possess!
I continue to pray that the Greeks treat you with as
much friendship and love as you so deserve. Someday, you should
receive honorary "keys" to the country! :)

Matt; Hello, We left for Greece on the 24 of Sept and just returned on the 12 of Oct. We were married in Santorini at the Volcano's View hotel. Everything went well and we had a wonderful time. We spent 10 days on the island, starting at IA, THIRA, and then on to Kamari beach. This island is the most beautiful and easy to get around. Easy to shop and eat. We travelled on to Paros then Mykonos. We returned to Athens and spent three days enjoying the sights.
We landed in Santorini at 5:30 and at 10:00 that night the other ferry sank. There was panic at home and we were the last ones to know as all papers and news reports are in Greek. Then the cruise ship Zesus III sank and then another sank. Before we arrived in Athens they had a major mud slide. We left just as there was problems in the middle east.
Still had a fantastic holliday.
Dennis & Bonnie Dittmer


Thank you very much for your kindness.
Your informations make me easier than any other guide book
written in itself!
I also love Greece and the main focus for me in this trip is
following the footprint of the originated western culture including
Greece and Italy. I think it not so efficient in a short time using my
vacation from a company, but I will do whatever I can.

Thanks again, and your cooperation will be within my heart forever!

Best Regards.

DongKook Ko


You kindly sent me a copy of your Greece Newsletter on 12th September 2000 I
am just writing to thank you for the information in it we found it very

My husband and I flew from Edinburgh to Athens on 6th Ocotber and retunred
home on the 28th Ocotber. We spent 3 fantastic weeks just doing exactly
what we wanted, we used some of your hotel ideas and all of your general
ideas and your Greek Island Synopsis were really useful.

You are obviously a great enthusiast of all things Greek and it is great
that you take the time to share your experiences and knowledge with others.

For the first time in our lives we left the children at home and went back
packing, it was such a success that next year we will take four weeks and
visit the states or Austrailia and I hope we are lucky enough to find
another Matt Barrett before we go.

Anyway thanks again it was really useful.



Dear Matt

I came across your website as I was planning my next year's summer holiday in Greece and looking back to holidays I had there in the sixties. The website is fantastic - informative, personal and evocative. Actually, I teach English here in Switzerland (although I am a proud Scot originally) and I should really have been preparing exam papers at the time, instead of surfing the net. However, it occurred to me that your material, slightly amended, would be excellent for the comprehension test that I was supposed to be making up for my Swiss students and I wondered if I may have your permission to use some of them as test material. I would acknowledge your name and the source and I'm going to send a donation to the earthquake fund you mention anyway. Could you please send your reply as soon as possible because I'm supposed to come up with something this week!

Thanks again for the great website.

Alison Taylor

Ok..i'm not trying to be nudgy..but I'M GONNA WIND UP IN A FRIKKIN HOSPITAL from laughing so hard!! I swear my ribs are gonna crack..i can't take it!! Matt, I need to know who you are, you are hysterical!! I pished in my pants reading about Andros & Patsa ( eating of shit soup!!!) Iam SCREAMING so loud that my neighbors have called & said, are you husband, who IS greek, thinks this is it...I've hit the wall...your writing has me hooked..I am sitting here needing to pish but can't get up becasue I can't stop reading & laughing...god I have you now on conference calls with other friends who are reading all together. YOU ARE GREAT!!! I haven't laughed, or hurt this much in decades!! please write back, you
are my new elliot Mintz ( do you know who is was/is?) take care, i'm going back to reading everything & forwarding your web site to everyone I know!! I still will hold you totally responsible if I wind up in the emergency room tonight from too much
laughing!!!...I can't even go light the H. candles!!

Great sitec... I have planned our first ever famil summer holdiday in greece
this year, with the help of your we site. Information there , i FOUND TO BE
THE BEST AVAILABLE, better so than some if the things sent out bt the
tourist board etc ....

thanks and here's my vote.
Ewan Smith

From the moment i came across your site i was taken away!!!!! i thought there is no way i will get a site on the WWW, offering my knowledge and help to those traveling to Greece - this MATT person not only beat me to it, but beat us all to it - LOL - should be Mayor!!!!!!!
A job so well done!!!!!!! I hope that we will be albe to chat sometime and maybe even meet in person in Greece - i plan to be there next summer [June] and will be staying 5 days in Athens to see one or two of my closest relatives then I'm off to Mt Athos to hopefully learn to paint by and with the monks, then off to my favorite Island Mykonos to stay with my friend VASILIS the owner of the ELYSIUM HOTEL in town. Actually Vasilis is one of the first original hotel owners who built a 5 star
establishment - for the time -while everyone else had their homes to offer [as you may remember as late as even the very early 80's].
Once again - my hat off to you. Stay well.
New York City

Dear Mr Barret,
This is just to thank you for the extraordinary site created
by you about Greece.Let me tell you I have not come across any similiar site
ever. Whether it is lucid style, user freindliness,dealing with various
tourist requirements with care,sesitivity or thoughtfulness it meets them
all.It tells very much about Greeks or taking up an issue like taxis in
greece or telling about the only vegetarian restaurant and what it serves
the best etc.If there be a bench mark for a contemporary travelogue I think
this is it.I could already sense visiting Greece through you and your
immense energy.
I am an Indian working in the Persian Gulf and I
am certainly looking forward to my visit to Athens in mid March.Thanks once
again for your superlative site

My favorite plant

Cherete ,congratulation a realy great fabulous Page !!!

I visits gladly the homepage of people they one large heart has and gladly something to undertake. Great Page,Design and very interresting INFORMATION :-). I will in such a way by-continue to look more frequently times your Page. Very often i am looking for home pages from Greece. To visite the Greece again... soon i hope . I prefere your country and your habits. Also a small homepage i have. Load our PAGE required at present still little patience. We are about however to bring in the immediate future in order.

I would be glad for an entry into my guest book much .

Greetings from Uperaustria. Much FUN in the network wish the traveling team.

Dear Matt, thank you so much for the info plus I printed out the newsletter you also sent. I had already purchased a Frommer book but your info is soooo much better and am so glad I found your web site. We are getting so excited about the trip even tho it is a year away. :-) Thank you again. Bobbie

It's Fyodor Rukin from Russia bothers You. For last two years I and my
family (wife and two girls of 14 and 11 years old) have visited two
inexpensive resorts in Spain (Costa Brava) and Italy (San Benedetto
del Tronto), the last being self-catering apartment. After that I have
set my eyes on Greece and mainly on Crete because of its rich history
and spectacular nature. To be well prepared for the trip and in order
to get as much information about the island and possible alternatives
I started surfing through Internet and after rather long way and a lot
of information to have stomached, I went into Your site and to be on
the square, it's most wonderful and comprehensive guide I've ever seen
about Greece islands so far because it bears a strong touch of Your
personality and experience which no other sites offers.
Are there (super)markets or its cheaper to
meal in taverns & restaurants. I would be so kind if You gave some
examples of how much some staples do cost over there. Thank You very
much beforehand for Your help and excuse me if I annoyed You too much
with my questions.

Kind Regards,
Fyodor Rukin, Moscow, Russia


Just wanted to say what a great site you have and thanks for putting it
together. I haven't even been to Greece yet - am going next week - but
I already feel like I know what is going on after just reading a few
pages from your site. Thanks so much for creating such a great


The other day I was totally stressed and then I recreated the feeling of being on the deck of the ferry at night and remembered the smells, the mood, the motion and how just simply happy and carefree I was. Felt gratitude to you again for getting all that set up and giving us good advice!

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip to Greece! Your information helped us a lot, and we had George the Famous Taxi pick us up when we arrived in Athens. We went on to Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, and spent a couple of days in Marmaris, Turkey. We encountered wonderful people, I can't get over how friendly and hospitable they all were. The food was great, and all I can say is that we want to go back!! Thanks again for all your helpful and interesting information...glad we found it before our trip!

Lois Trent

Dear Matt

While I was planning and investigating a 4-6 day side trip to Santorini during my Easter visit to family and friends in Athens I discovered your Web pages. Your Web pages are my greatest find in the Internet since I started "browsing" a year ago.
I have visited many Greek Web sites but by far yours are the most complete, informative, and reader friendly. As a native Greek with family and friends in Athens, who has visited home more than 10 times in the last 25 years, I still find your Web pages invaluable. And I have not yet fully explored or read all your info., tips, and suggestions!!! Keep the good work going.
(You are welcomed to quote me if you wish.)

Thank you,
Anthony G. Petropoulos

P.S. - I just discovered that you and I have the same love "Rembetica". Some other time we can exchange notes on the subject.
I also love/get homesick with plakiotikes cantades.

I visited Byzantinos in the Plaka, and I agree with you on Laura's looks. I bought my girlfriend a bracelot and ring and mentioned that I found about their shop on your website. Kosta told me to visit Anafli off the coast of Santorinin which I wasn't able to do.

Thanks for your guidance on Greek travel. My trip was much more enjoyable thanks to your website. I think you should write a book, your info was much better than the guide books I purchased.

Ed Grose

Kali Spera Matt Barrett!
The travel agent in Raleigh, remember?
I just got back from 2 weeks in was great. Athens was, as
always, loud, polluted (high respiratory advisories on the days we were
there), traffic-jammed, know the deal. No love for
Clinton or NATO, although we had absolutely no problems. Metro workers
on strike every other day...the typical Athens experience. We stayed at
the Adams. It was just a tiny bit more basic than I expected. Kostas
and Demitri couldn't have been nicer. I got ferry tickets from
Dolphin-Hellas; they were also great. It's wonderful to be able to
e-mail these people ahead of time, just a little less stress once you
get there, and to feel like you have a friend in the big city.

We went to Paleochora in Crete. Even though it is built up from the
last time I was there (12 years ago), it was still laid-back and
peaceful. The Greeks were the best, seemingly unfazed by tourism, warm
and really sincere. What was weird, however, was that the village was
filled with Germans. We heard more German than Greek. Mind you, this is
not a problem for me, (I even speak German!) they just aren't the
bubbliest lot, older people (our age) and families. A few wild English
or Australians would have livened up the place a bit. Each day the bus
coming into town was fuller and fuller, so I'm glad we got there before
season. My husband and I got totally into the slow-motion Greek way of
life, that sort of inner Nirvana which I'm sure you are familiar with.
(The same aura no one understands who hasn't been to Greece!) My
husband especially liked drinking Raki with the older men of the
village. He is having a hard time making re-entry back into the North
Carolina world. (I'm sure after a summer in Lesvos, you feel the same

So I just wanted to let you know...your web-site is great; even a pretty
seasoned traveller like me picked up a few pointers. I actually have a
few clients I referred to your web-site, and to Dolphin-Hellas as well.
The boys at the Adams mentioned you were on your I wish you
safe and happy travels. Maybe next year I will see you in Lesvos.

Hello Matt,
Thank you for the newsletter - quite informative! Or should I say VERY
informative. Much appreciated. I guess I have the very same appreciation
for Greece that you have - while I tend to feel that NO ONE on earth can
feel the way that I do about Greece - except God Almighty ..........
since He created it. It's my heaven even though I've only been there
once in my life! I cannot get over the experience and LONG WITH ALL MY
HEART TO GO BACK. I've just moved to America from S/Africa but find
myself longing for Greece terribly so. I live in Florida which is very
beautiful indeed - but the white painted houses, the over ripe tomatoes
and the olive oil, is just not the same over here. I happen to make the
most delicious tzatziki - I might be able to sell my recipe to the
Greeks some day, but that's the closest I get to Greece in America. Your
"page" has helped my soul to find peace - in that it tides me over when
my longing grows too much to handle.

Kindest regards and THANK YOU. You have no idea what your page means to
me. For now it gives me reason to hope and live.


Hey Matt,
This is from a couple of Americans living in Germany on our way to Greece
for the first time( this week) ...lived here in Europe before but never got
to Greece.( Back in the 90's you could take a military hop to Athens but the
as soon as we tried it they stopped going...had to do Turkey instead. ) A
friend told me how fab your web site was and she wasn¹t kidding. I can tell
you love Greece and thanks so much for making it so comprehensive and
exciting ... I've been dealing with Panagiotis w/ Aegean Travel on
Sifnos...we are going to Sifnos too...had to see your favorite island (they
are probably all pretty cool).
I check out your web site sev times / week just to get excited about this
all over again and read something else...
Hey I even saw your web site mentioned in Europe on $85 / day guide book...
You're an authority now!
I'm so impressed w/ all your information and great pictures too. I try and
spread the word around about your website. (How did we travel before the
Sherri H


I just love your web site. I have visited it for the past week and still haven't see all of it. I have been to Greece twice. The first time I was in Athens and then went on a cruise to Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete and Kusadasi, the second time I spent more time on Santorini (six days) and in Athens (four days). I absolutely love Greece. I am currently planning my next visit which I hope will happen in the sping of 2001. Your site is the most comprehensive site on Greece that I have found. I have often check on Altavista for Greek Islands and never seen your web site. Is it fairly new? I envy the fact that you have been visiting and/or living in Greece and/or the Greek Islands for so many years. I have often mentioned to my friends and family that my dream is to win the lottery and move to Greece.I would appeciate your sending me your newsletter if you get the chance. Even more if I am in the same vicinity as you and your wife are the next time I visit Greece I would love to meet you. You are living my dream!

Thank you for the wonderful web site and for your time in reading this.

Take care


Thank you so much for all the valuable information you
put out. Many of our husbands are stationed overseas right now and because
of your website already four families have linked up and made arrangements
to travel to Greece. Your website has been very valuable source of
information and the inspiration of many people. Thank you for any
assistance you can provide.
Jeri Julian

Matt: your web pages are GREAT! I have been using them, poring over
them actually, for over two years now. I am a Canadian archaeologist
and historian (now environmentalist) - During my studies and career, I
have studied and worked all over the Med and particularly Greece and
have been traveling there to feed my soul ever since. As a single
female, I travel alone..... I never have any problems in Greece and have
many wonderful and hysterical adventures and "moments". I know the land
and the people well, but I still have something to discover every time I
read your pages - thank god - it would be boring to think I had nothing
left to learn about the land I love!

I try to get to Greece at least once a year - usually for a month or
two..... and these days I never leave without studying your web
sites.... I have contacted and used many of the services you recommend
(still have to meet George, though!). Thank you so much for this labour
of love -I sense you understand and love the place like I do... a
spiritual home, rather than a tourist destination.

Sign me up for your newsletter, if you please....


Nancy Reid

Hi Matt..

My name is Sandy and I live in Vancouver Canada. My husband and I are backing packing to Italy and Greece this summer and I think your website is a true God sent!!!! I think if I printed out the whole thing it would take up like 100 pages!!! I have contacted Dolphin Hellas and we are as we speak setting up a package for our trip in the summer...I can't wait! All I can say is your website has been really helpful and I think before I leave I will print out some of the most important pages.

Thank you once again.


PS: Keep it up!! I don't think we will need our lonely planet!

Dear Matt:

What can I say about your travel site that has not already been said? My wife and I booked a cruise on Orient Lines' Crown Odyssey from Athens to Baltimore. I found your website when I started to research about the port of embarkation. So far, I have emailed Laura at the Jewelry store several times, and currently trying to get a price quote from the Attalos Hotel through your website.

In addition to the above, I have read and made copies of most of the pages on your site for future use. I find myself being exhausted with joy after reading page after page of your stories and recommendations. We think you should be the Official Ambassador of Travel for Greece. No other website about any country is so comprehensive.

My original plans were to fly into the airport on 8/26 spend the night and go to the cruise ship on 8/27 for departure. What a change. We are now trying to book the Attalos Hotel room for five nights. We cannot wait to visit Athens. I enjoy reading about Mythology and the Ancient Sites. However, your site inspires me to want to visit and meet the people and enjoy each minute of our visit. We are very excited and want to say thank you for this wonderful gift of travel information. We feel that we already know some of the people, and places and haven't even been there yet.


Karl and Dora Butcher

My wife, son, sister and I recently vacationed in Greece. My wife lived in Ierapetra, Crete for 2 summers over 20 years ago. We spent 2 nights in Athens and 11 on Crete. My sister found your sites while surfing the net for info and passed it on to me. It is the best, most exhaustive, quirky (in a good way) and endearing site of any type I have ever seen. We booked at the Hotel Attalos on your suggestion (as had most of the English speakers we ran into there). Not only was the hotel great, I was very glad to be be staying in the funky Psiri as opposed to the touristy Plaka. When we first arrived, I mentioned your advice so frequently that my wife sarcastically said she felt like someone else was along on the trip. By the time we left Athens, she was saying the same thing, but now in a complimentary way. We enjoyed several meals around the Plaza Iroon, I bought my wife a beautiful gold Greek key bracelet at Byzantio (where we ran into a California couple who are also devotees of your site), toured the Athens Market, and used countless other bits of your site in ways that made our 3 day stay in Athens uniquely enjoyable. All my Greek-American friends told me I would hate Athens. Thanks to you, they were wrong.
Crete was wonderful. We had a rental car and stayed in Ierapetra at the Creta Villa, a restored 18th century villa 100 meters from the beach. A triple was about 50 Euros and the owners went out of their way to tell us about the island. The town was touristy, but in a relaxed way. My wife still has friends there and they took us out and took us into their homes. With the car, we managed to visit quite a few isolated beaches and the plains of Lassithi, one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. The view from the entrance to Zeus' cave was awe-inspiring (cliched but true). While in Aghia Nikolaos, I bought my wife a gorgeous sterling silver necklace for about $100, a fraction of what it would cost here. The shop-owner asked if I was American (I didn't get the sense that the Greeks consider Greek-Americans to be Americans per se, I have dark hair and by this point in the trip my skin was so dark people were mistaking me for Greek). When I replied I was from the States, the owner began hugging me in a very emotional way and said, "We have not seen you since 9/11:. I stepped out of the store and told Jane, "I think I just paid too much for this necklace".
Greece was everything Jane, and you, said it would be: the natural beauty, clear waters, delicious food and drink, folk music, and most of all the people. I have travelled fairly extensively, but this may have been my best trip ever. We'll definitely be back. My wife wants to retire in Crete. I want to go back and take ferries to some of the smaller islands
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and love of Greece. I would love to receive your newsletter.
Kirk Osborn

Dear Mr Barrett,

Matt if I may, and only because I feel like I know you personally through visiting your website. Firstly, I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful masterpiece that you have put together. I often find myself browsing through the site hours at a time. I too lived in Greece for six years, and fell in love with the country, it's people and way of life and I relive all my wonderful moments trough your elaborate site.

Thank you thank you
Alex A. Faraldo
Manager, Tire & Wheel Assembly
Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.


I never fail to click on certain places on you web site that is volumes of help about Greece, and end up laughing till I cry at your own experiences. I have been looking at the food trying to learn how to say a few words, but I have such a deeeeeep southern drawl, I fear what I would be saying.

I have spent the last hour reading things you have written that have had me laughing till I can't breath. Not only is your web site filled with everything from A to Z, it is written in your experience's and that makes them come to life. Not just information, but your own real honest opinions of the places people are searching for help with.

I am positive when I get home, no matter how many pictures I make, I will come back to your web site to read and remember what I saw and did. I am so sure there is a good BOOK in you and you are denying people like me, the enjoyment of reading it. Just think, you could have written "Under The Tuscan Sun," and now have a hit movie.

I know you are busy, but I have guide books from various places in the world, none worth the money they cost, or offer you anything but pictures, I usually wind up making myself. No help of the country we need. You are so full of real stories, you owe it to people interested in travel anywhere, especially Greece, that will fall in love reading a BOOK you would write, or fall off their chair laughing at it. Either one would make it be a best seller. You have a way of giving us all the information we can possibly need, but then you give us your own stories that bring your help to life.

Thanks for some laughs today when it started off so very bad for me.

Linda Pendleton

Man, am I happy to find your site. I am leaving for Athens on Friday; I will be there for 10 days before going again for a month during the Olympics. I was very nervous and felt totally uninformed. No longer!! Your site has EVERYTHING I've been looking for: a real, honest to goodness and DETAILED description of the city. You are great, this site is great, thank you so much for making this resource available.

Samantha Martin

Jacksonville, FL

Dear Matt,
Thank you for all of the wonderful things. The sites are especially good for those who, for whatever reason, cannot go there. Sincerely,

Hi Matt!

I just wanted to let you know that I feel like I know you already! I host my own morning radio show here in Houston on Mix 96.5 radio. I think that you have the best Greek site ever!!! I have referenced your site many, many times to various friends and listeners over the is GREAT!! Just wanted to let you know and keep up the AWESOME info! I cant wait till my next trip to see the family! My parents were born there in Tripoli! We have a house there and I LOVE to visit!! i am probably the only Greek that doesn't have fam in Athens so i have to stay in hotels when I visit that part. :( Thanks again for the great site and have a great day!!

Roula Christie :)


Thanks for all your help e.g. Athens map, website, emails. I used Fantasy Travel for all my planning and Hotel Attalos for four nights as well as two nights in Thessaloniki (Hotel Egnatia Palace was very good also). My trip went well with no problems.

The people in Greece are awesome (very nice). It is one of the few countries (along with Israel) that I have visited that I look forward to going back as soon as I can.

Kind regards and God bless
Jeff C

Hi Matt,

Your website has been like a light in the confused darkness of planning a
vacation in Greece. I have been reading so much on this place that I got
pretty overwhelmed. My DK Eyewitness travel guide was not all that
helpful. Thank-you for your website. You have put things in an organized
clear manner. Your writings are personable and engaging. I have already
written to the Fantasy Travel and Dolphin travel for information and tour
ideas. Since I will be traveling with my three kids, (Husband can not get
away from work) , I was looking for a family friendly travel sight. I love
your descriptions on Greek food. I plan to try most of it. It is one of the
things that gives a country distinction. I think you have one of the best
jobs ever.

Thanks and have a great day,



hi, matt,

Thank you again for your exceptionally helpful site & responses to my
questions while I was trying to determine which island might be best for me
for a longer stay. I have been on Naxos for about a month, staying at
Pension Irene, primarily because she offered a rate I could afford for the 2
months. The weather has alternated between a sharp, cold wind & warmer,
sunnier days.

I am relaxing, enjoying the quieter atmosphere of off-, getting ready for
high-, season! Several times I have taken buses to inland villages & walked
through & around the villages, beautiful with wild floweres & the greening
of spring.

In June I will travel to Hungary & would appreciate locating an internet
site with the useful information your site offers. However, greecetravel
may be one of a kind!

With appreciation,

Pegi Wallace

Dear Matt,

How are you? I just want you to know how much I enjoy looking at all your photos of Greece. I had wanted to go to Greece for 30 years but being that I had 6 children to raise on my own, I had to patiently wait. I went in 1989 for a month and stayed with my girlfriend's parents. I loved it so much that I wanted to come back home to Hawaii, give away all my things and go there to live. However, when I came back that summer of 1992, it wasn't more than 6 months and my Dad ended up in a care home. I realized I couldn't go there as long as my parents were still alive. My Mom got ill while my Dad was slowly dying. He passed away in 2002. My Mom is 89 and I will stay here as long as she is alive. Going on your web site every night is like being there. You are fullfilling my dream. Thank you so much. I hope one day I can go back to Greece.



Hey Matt,

Just thought I would drop a quick line to let you know we had a great time in Greece. The Hotel Stanley was a nice hotel three stops on the Metro from the Plaka. All our meals were in the Plaka at an outside taberna called the Bizantino Taberna and we spent a lot of time in the Plaka. The Benaki Museum and the National Archeological Museum were phenomenal. We took a day trip to Delphi----awesome! After Athens, the four-day cruise to the islands was great, and the perfect ending to the cruise was to stay two days on Poros. We stayed at the New Aegli Hotel on Aeskeli Beach. All our rooms were on the top floor with balconies overlooking the sea. We had a local fishing boat take us to and from town. I liked Poros a lot and I thank you for the tip.

The next time I plan a trip to Greece I believe that I could do it with the local resources mentioned on your website without involving EF Tours, but I will have to say they did a great job choreographing the trip. Our tour guide and the local guides we had were superb.

I now will begin the process of making a DVD of the trip.

Thanks again for all of your help and for your terrific website!
Eric Hoover
AP Studio Art / Computer Graphics
Chelmsford High School

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for the Easter journeys in Kea… I have your site as my home page and always check for new adventures. All your hard work to keep this site new is very much appreciated by someone who can only get to Greece rarely (last visit 2202) were we able to stay in Greece for 1 month. We did get to Poros and met Zefi & Takis at the Saga. We met so many wonderful people in our travels and try to keep in touch.

Thanks Again

Debi in Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you for your great travel guide. I have recently spent a holiday in
Aegina followed by a couple of days in Athens. I did it on my own and found
just about everything I needed to know on your web site.

Julie in UK

"Matt – what can I say? Another superb trip to Athens and points north,
south, east and west just completed, more than ably assisted by a handful
of sections of your website, printed in advance. As well as Athens I got
to Aegina, Poros and Hydra, plus a day out to Epidavros, Napflion,
returning via the Corinth Canal, and another day to Marathon and Rafina.
Thanks for putting me in the picture before going: I found your site an
invaluable tool, as usual, using it to plan things such as visits to the
Athens markets, new Plaka restaurants and the above-mentioned days out,
before I even left home.
I still haven't been to Brettos or found that restaurant with the fragment
of column in it, but hey.... guess I'll have to go back.
Keep up the good work - your site is essential."
Alan Hayes, London.

Hello Mr. Barrett,

I have been looking at your website for the last 2 days and I miss it like crazy. I am planning a trip for next summer (Aug – Sept, I saw that shopping guide SALES). I lived there as a child about 20 years ago on the AFB of Hellinikon. Very thorough website – one of the best, if the best I have seen for content. Thank you – I can smell the souvlaki (special sandwich) now!!!!! Yasou


I stumbled across your site as a result of a Google
search, and am sure glad I did. Mainly based on your
site, my wife and I decided to visit Syros this
summer, and absolutely loved it. We stayed at Hotel
Hermes and ate at a couple of the restaurants you
recommended. All recommendations were right on! We
definitely plan on going back again.

Thanks again, and I'll recommend your site to many


Hello Matt

My wife and I live in the extreme south-west of England. The mosy southerly point in Great Britain. It's a place called the Lizard. Coming here is like travelling back to the fifties. Today, it's raining and the penninsular is covered in a thick mist. Downstairs in our cottage, my wife is taking a hot bath surrounded by candles, burning incense and listening to folk music from Karpathos. I'm here, pouring through your travel guide to Greece, planning our next trip. Your website brings the sunshine and the memories flooding back. We have been travelling to Greece every year since 1981, sometimes twice a year, once to work in Crete for several months. We recommend your pages to anyone who wants advice because we know the information is authentic.

So thank you from Sandy and Tony, Cornwall.

Hi Matt,
No wonder you like Athens so much! I was there the week before last and loved every minute of it. My partner was actually working there for a week, so while she worked I was busy being a tourist. The 10 euro travel ticket was the best investment I made. I was able to travel everywhere on the trains, subway, busses and trams all day.
We even took in a free REM gig the night after we arrived. I joined the local musicians in a restaurant one night and won them over with a traditional Scottish folk song...The Proclaimers (I Would Walk) 500 Miles. Well, I am Scottish after all. Nearly came home with a bouzouki too.
Thanks for your info before I visited, it was appreciated.
Take care,
Brian B

Matt I have been meaning to write to thank you for your help on my Greek trip. The thing is; it was in the Fall of 1997 and well I guess I just didn't get to it. I have been writing my granddaughter about Greek Mythology and checked out Sounion on the web to tell her more about Posidon and within a click or there was George the Taxi driver who it appears is now Famous and doing well with his sons in the business. I don't think you had a website yet but were kind enough to respond to some e-mail. You gave us George, Sifnos some other tips and a lead on a local (Athens) Travel agent, which well could have been Ana who you reference on the Sounion page. We were mature (late 50s)travelers who nicely survived bouncing from Island to Island Santorrini Paros, Sifnos, Mykonos, Delos, and Milos). By the time we were told in Milos that the boat would leave Thursday and on Thursday were told "No, the next boat is next Spring, and then had flights cancelled3 days in a row because of strikes, we were completely ready for it. No worries- the point of the whole exercise in the first place. Of course our landlords, by then friends, made it easier by seeing us off and welcoming us back 5 days in a row. Back to George; he met us at the Airport, took us for Sounion stopping for lunch at the taverna I just saw in you site (probably). He also took us up to Olympus. I'll send George a copy to thank him. A lot of time has passed but he should know the big bald guy from New York and his lovely wife who snored all the way back from Sounion from jet lag, had a great time and are glad things are going so well. These memories create a strong pull so maybe we will be back. This time with your great website and proven insight to smooth the waves. Belated Thanks, Larry and Karen O'Brien

Yes there is lots here


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