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Dolphin Hellas Travel

I originally met Kiki Zikou and Aliki Hamosfakidis of Dolphin Hellas through my friends Stavros and Sarah who own the Hotel Stavros in Sifnos. One of our favorite things to do used to be sitting around and complain about the lack of personal service tourists get when they come to Greece. Most came with big package tour companies and were treated more like sheep than guests. We knew there were some very good agencies in Athens that provided excellent service and individualized itineraies to their customers. But the big agencies had a virtual monopoly on the tourist information people could get about Greece and most of the American travel agencies were working with a handful of these companies. It was a case of the rich getting richer and keeping the smaller agents from getting their fair share of the market. As the big companies got bigger they were unable to offer the same level of personal service that they had forged their reputations on and became more like tourist factories. Travelers looking for a quiet island were being sent to Mykonos and Malia, Crete and  going home unhappy. As one Scottish woman said to me on the bus from Agios Nikolaos to Iraklion "Besides the weather and the water what does this country have to offer?" I think I took it personally and I asked Stavros and Sarah to name me an agency that really cared about their clients and was not just in it for the money. "You have to meet Kiki Zikou at Dolphin Hellas!" they told me. I met her in Athens and that was 20 years ago. Since then I have been referring travelers to them and recieved countless e-mails praising them.  Anyway as you will see if you read these there are plenty of happy customers and chances are if you decide to work with them, you will be one too. In fact there are so many of these I had to ask them to stop sending them to me. You may also get some ideas for your own holiday.
Matt Barrett

Dear Aliki,

First and foremost, thank you very much for managing to give our group access to the archaeological site at Despotiko.  It made a world of difference to our visit, and all of the group felt very privileged to have the head of the excavation accompany us.  He is a delightful and inspiring person.  It was marvellous that you were able to arrange that, and everyone was very grateful.  

But not just that…. thank you again for all your attention to every detail of our trip, which went very smoothly in great part thanks to your meticulous supervision.  Whether it was restaurants or menus, special visits or transfers, resolving problems or making things happen, your planning and assistance was always greatly appreciated by Susie and by me.

Looking forward to next time - in October.

Nigel McGilchrist

We had a wonderful agent take care all our needs. I highly would recommend your agency and your agent to anyone. I waited 37.5 years to return to Greece. The last time I was in Greece was 1977. Even though I can speak Greek, it was a treat listening to the people chatter.  Despite the politics, we had a wonderful time.   Thank you very much!
James G. Burlotos

We had perfect, correct information from Eleni at Dolphin Hellas. Every question has been answered very quickly. No question was too small to ask. 17 persons arrived for the first time to Greece and everything went smoothly. Thank you, we will contact you again next year.

Eva Groop.

Uli was THE BEST. Easy to communicate via email, which was a bit scary. She was hospitable and so helpful. We received our documents in a timely manner and what humongous help to have our boat tickets sent to us in advance!
Thank you very much for a wonderful stay.

Hope Ann Nguyen

We’ve returned from our trip, which we enjoyed very much. Our guides were all lovely, but Penny was especially wonderful.  Our daughter has studied Greek mythology and has been introduced to the early philosophers at university so she and Penny talked non-stop for 3 1/2 hours. Our driver was also excellent and made great suggestions for where to stop and we enjoyed some interesting conversations. Thank you for organizing such a lovely trip.

Joanne Copeland

We had a wonderful 6 days of travelling at Peloponnessos. It was like a dream trip for me and for all of us in the group. Eleni, thank you for organizing every bit of it. Our guide Vicky, was wonderful.  She was kind, considerate, very very knowledgeable, wonderful English. What could we expect more! Our driver, Dionysos was wonderful. He was kind, friendly, patient, and a very good driver. Our bus was very comfortable. The taverns and the menus were perfect.

You have a beautiful country. All the nature and historical places were incredible.

Thank you again for all your help and efforts.

Tulin Kenber

Good morning Aliki & Uli!

Thank you for planning such a wonderful a trip to Greece for our family. We had an amazing time. The hotel accommodations were great. The kids loved the hotel in Olympia while the adults really like Napflion. Unfortunately, Ancient Olympia was closed due to striking employees, but the beekeeping experience was a ton of fun and perfect for the entire family. It rained but did not detract from the overall experience. My six year old said it was his favorite part of the trip. The caves were also really interesting for the kids. Everything from the airport pickup to drop off was exactly perfect. I wish I could thank you both in person but we're already back in Berlin. Please let me know if there is a particular review platform you like for customers to comment or rate and I'll be happy to leave a 5* review.

All the best,

Tali Reiner

I am writing to express my appreciation for the outstanding work of Uli Perschau. I have worked with Uli for several years now and want you to know how impressed I am with her talent, professionalism, and dedication. I also know that it takes a professional office to produce professional service, so I also want to thank you for the quality of services you provide and that you ensure are replicated by your staff.

As you may know, in my capacity as a law professor, over the past several years, I have hosted small groups to Athens and other locales to study the Trial of Socrates and otherwise acquaint them with ancient and modern Greek culture, including modern Greek film. We visit Athens, Delphi, and an island or two.  Everyone has a great experience. I was with a group of 12 law professors and attorneys this past September with all of our accommodations, transfers and excursions organized by Uli Perschau. We were in Athens during the terrible storm that cancelled our Flying Cat flight to Hydra. Uli was just phenomenal in keeping us advised and in securing alternate accommodations for our group over a period of two days. She kept me advised on a regular basis, before and after normal work hours, and was invaluable in assisting us during this difficult time. Without her support, we would have been in a terrible situation struggling to find accommodations for such a large group.

So, I just wanted to say "thank you" for the excellent work of your office and to give special deserved recognition to Uli, a most outstanding employee and person.

Chris Kanios

I am a travel agent here in the U.S. yet I did our whole trip to Greece with Aliki/Dolphin Hellas as I am in a wheelchair and had been told by many here in the States that I would not be able to "do' Greece.  Aliki accomplished the impossible!  We had 2 weeks of travel that were unbelieveable.  She did not know that I was an agent until we met her in Athens.  What she did was marvelous.  We did not have a problem in our travels.  When I am booking clients from the US, I will only deal with her.  Neat Person (and extremely competent also!).
Thank You!
Howard and Pat Butz

Matt, Hiya. I just wanted to say how helpful your site has been. We used it extensively for our recent trip to Greece. Even though we lived in Athens for nearly a year, it had been been over four years since we returned. We booked a cruise through Dolphin Hellas and they were wonderful. Aliki and Uli made us feel as if we were their only customers and took very good care of us. They made sure that we were away from discos and bars on the ship so that our two small children (and us) could get some rest. We had a very relaxing time visiting the islands. We hope to return to Greece one day soon and we'll use Dolphin Hellas and your site again. Thank you!

Keep cool,

Contact Kiki with Dolphin Hellas in Athens.   She put us in the Phillipos Hotel.  It had a great location next to the Plaka, air-conditioning, breakfast buffet and small but nice rooms.  Depending on the season, approx. $80 per nt., double.  Matt Barnett gave us great advice, and Kiki was wonderful to work with, a true professional!  I am a travel agent, so I do know.

Hello Matt,
I understand from my sister-in-law, Jinny Lee, that you wanted some feedback about my trip to Greece in May.  Your information was most helpful in planning our trip.  It was simply serendipity that I would find your
info sheet posted at the Carolina Coffee Shop last year!  It was full of wonderful info.
Our trip was great!  It was my second time to visit Greece.  I absolutely fell in love with the country the first
time I went.  I now plan to try to return every few years to explore a little more of the country each time.
I used your suggestion of travel agents:  Kiki Zikou.  She was great!  We went to her agency when we first
arrived in Athens and picked up all our tickets and info from her personally.  Very friendly, helpful person and
her travel agency seems very well run.  All the folks there were on top of things.
Thanks again for your helpful info.

Hi Matt:
Just to let you know -- I just got back from Greece yesterday.  It was my first trip abroad and you helped me soooooo much!  Thanks for Dolphin Hellas.  Even though I couldn't hook up with Kiki, I dealt with Aliki and she was awesome!  She helped us so much.  When I arrived in Athens, I walked to their office and met her.  She's very gracious & professional -- it was a pleasure.  I took her picture with her permission -- as long as I didn't put it on the Internet!!

One question: I know you usually spend quite a bit of time in Greece when you go.  How in the world do you deal with coming back to the States???  I think I'll have to take Prozac just to deal with the depression of not being there anymore!!

I hope the salmon was OK.  Just a small token of my appreciation.

Coleen Fussell

Hi, Matt:  Wanted to tell you John and I had a wonderful trip to Greece a couple of weeks ago; we used a lot of the information you sent us, and it was very helpful.  Thanks for sharing with us.  We made all of our arrangements through Aliki of Dolphin-Hellas Travel Agency, and everything was handled so well.  We stopped in to thank Aliki, in fact, and  she said you come in quite often.  What a lovely city Athens is, and we also so enjoyed the Islands and the stop in Turkey (Kusadasi) where we toured Ephesus.
We will certainly recommend your help and the travel agency to whoever asks.
     Sincerely, John and Donna Carruthers

Hi, Matt, I go back to your site every now and then to dream! I wanted to add a note to the testimonials about using Dolphin-Hellas. Uli was our agent. She booked us at the Athens Plaza for half the price for several days. We had a wonderful trip to several islands and then I decided to stay at a hotel not on your list that looked great on the internet. BIG MISTAKE! The room was nothing like advertsied, the A/C didn't work and when I asked for another room the personnel were rude and the lady behind the desk even said to me, "Whadaya gonna do lady? Cry?" I am quoting her sarcasm exactly. I called the Athens Plaza and explained we had been there weeks before and we would like to book them for two nights immediately. They said they were full and even if they weren't the price was double the price Uli had gotten for us. I emailed Uli and within 15 minutes she emailed back to say she had gotten us the room at the Athens Plaza for half the price. She saved us from a nightmare our last two nights in Greece. We tell everyone about Dolphin-Hellas. She even sent us a Christmas greeting the following Christmas! Anneke

Kiki, we were pleased and impressed with our "Exploration Trip" of Greece
 visiting Athens; four day cruise visiting six islands; and then touring the
 Peloponnese on our own and driving 1334 km.  All arrangements,  reservations by you were outstanding; we had no problems or difficulties.

 We would change nothing and will recommend you highly!

 Again, thank you for your many months of planning and e-mails on our
 behalf.  We had a wonderful holiday in Greece because of your
 outstanding efforts.  I'm only sorry that we could not have spent more time
 together with you.

 Jim & Marilyn Gillern


Just returned from Greece a few weeks ago. Thanks so much for your web site and all the information. It truly allowed my dream to become reality. Uli at Dolphin-Hells was fantastic! I was there during the Mariner's Union Strike, and got stuck in Athens for 4 days. Enjoyed it though, and Uli worked hard to make changes to my itinerary and everything turned out great. I would have been LOST had I used a U.S. travel agent.


Rod Douglas

Dear Matt

Thanks for the E Mail.  It arrived at just the right time - when I was
just about to leave for my first trip to Athens.  Used, on your
recommendation, Dolphin Hellas and stayed at the Allalos.  Things went
perfectly and we had a brilliant time.


Kate Francis

January 7, 2005

Dear Esther,

Jim and I would like to extend to your our sincere Thanks for all of your help in preparing our vacation in Greece. You put together our trip on a very short notice and everything was perfect. All of the accommodations were excellent...the view of the Parthenon from room 601 at the Acropolis Select was well worth the extra fee, the breakfast buffet was fantastic and the staff, very friendly. The Knossos Palace was a complete surprise as we thought it was going to be a tiny ferry, it was impressive. The Irini in Herakliion was comfortable and friendly, the only negative being the parking and getting around all of those side streets. The Kriti Hotel in Hania was a most perfect location and also a very friendly staff. Your suggestion for 2 nights in Hania was a good one.

The tours to Delphi and Mycenae/Argolis were quite enjoyable.

Thank you also for you help and suggestions concerning my luggage. It did arrive at the Acropolis Select on 26/12 a few hours after we had left for Crete...but that was least we knew it wasn’t lost forever. I took you suggestion and called Olympic Airlines more than a few times a day. I also was able to get $100.00 from Olympic Air without any receipts....thanks so much for telling us about the money as Olympic didn’t exactly mention it!!!

Thank you again so very much!!!! .... We’ll be back....Greece is a beautiful country.

Janel Barberito

Jim Jurczyk

I have also sent this e-mail to Matt Barrett.

Hi Matt,

Had a wonderful trip to Greece, 9 Jun - 30 June.  I saw Kiki and had her
make some travel arrangements for me, she is fantastic.  She told me
that you would be coming into the office, but unfortuantely I was in
other parts of Greece at the time.  Had a wonderful trip to Crete and to

As you assured me, there were absolutely no problems or negative
problems encountered by us (my daughter and I) during our entire trip.
We only found Greece as we left it, full of love and beauty.

Hope you and your family had/have a wonderful holiday too.

Take care and be well

Back in the USA
Cathy Bower

Tue, 17 Oct 2000
Hi Uli,
Just a fast note to say thank you for the wonderful trip!!!  All  of our
reservations and accommodations were great.  Chania and Crete were our very
favorite.  We definitely will want to go back there and spend alot more time.
 When we are ready we will contact you again for arrangements.

Again thank you for your assistance and recommendations.  They helped to make
our holidays fantastic.


Deborah DeMaddalena and Kathryn Jackson

Wed, 12 Apr 2000

I just wanted to thank you for help us with our vacation.  We had a great
time in your country.  I am glad I took the two day trip, it was worth the
drive (and what a drive that is!).

Thanks again!

Teri Merrigan
  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Matt Barrett,

    I received the Athens map you sent me via Express mail at the end of
September. Thanks very much for making it arrive the actual day of my
departure. Your timing was perfect.

    Thanks also for recommending Uli Perschau at Dolphin Hellas Travel. She was
very pleasant, helpful and responsive. She was able to book our
accommodations in ATHENS AND Crete, rental car and flights to Crete. We only
had one minor problem with the car rental. But the problem went away after
only one call to Uli. So that worked out very well!

    Best to you,


Thomas K. Crumlish
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fri, 14 Apr 2000

Dear Uli,
Just wanted to drop you a note to again thank you for the great job you did
in setting up our trip to Greece! Everything went very well (other than the
incredible wind that about blew Monica and I off Santorini!). Had a great
time, and everything you did was perfect. Please feel free to give our
e-mail out as a reference if you need to.
Sorry we didn't get to take you to dinner. We had great food and saw great
sites. Was delighted to get back home, though. There's no place like home,
wherever you're from.
Thanks again!

Dennis and Monica

Tue, 25 Apr 2000

Dear Uli,

We had a fantastic visit to Greece. Many thanks for all your help and
support during our stay. Everything went smoothly apart from missing that
ferry on Tuesday night! Oh well.
I will recommend your agency to all my friends who travel to Greece. I hope
we work together again.

All the best, Gail
Gail Hudson

 Wed, 26 Apr 2000

My family and I have returned to the US and I just
wanted to tell you we had a wonderful time in Greece.
The ferry, taxiand hotel arrangements you made for
us went very well.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Rich Hansen

 Sun, 30 Apr 2000

Our trip was wonderful! The hotels were everything we'd hoped! Santorini
was magical and we are coming back someday!
Thank you again for all your help.

Mon, 22 May 2000


I had a wonderful time! Thanks for all your help.

David Dodd

Wed, 24 May 2000

Dear Uli:

It is now May 24, and both my sister and I are back home again.  You were
right.  The trip was fabulous, everything went smoothly, your country is gorgeous, and your
people warm, kind and generous.  It is a trip both me and my sister will never forget.
We apologize for being such paranoid travelers, and want to take this opportunity
to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind efforts and professionalism.  We
will not hesitate to recommend you and Dolphin Hellas to anyone here in the United
All the best to you always.

Tina Song and Charlene Lim

> Hello Matt:
> Just a quick note to thank you for all your helpful
> information.  We are just back from 3 weeks in Greece
> and your website and letters were a great source of
> helpful ideas and contacts.  In particular, we never
> could have done what we did (4 islands + Peloponnese,
> Athens and Delphi, Comfortably!) without the
> unbelievably thorough, flawless and kind help of Uli
> Perschau at Dolphin-Hellas.  She and I emailed for 4
> or 5 weeks and set up a most wonderful and amazing
> itinerary.  (Based on your advice, it included about a
> week in Crete!) Uli is out of this world and I would
> recommend her more than highly. She not only set
> everything up without a wrinkle, she was able to make
> changes along the way, and both were invaluable.
> Thanks, really.  We have wanted to see Greece for
> years, were there for Easter (Chania!) and could not
> have had the outstanding and unforgettable experiences
> we did without your advice, and Dolphin-Hellas/Uli in
> particular. Our only problem now is figuring out how
> quickly we can get back again!
> Thanks and best to you--
> Catherine Riedel

Sun, 4 Jun 2000

Hi Uli,
We've just returned from Lesvos-All went according to plan-The Hotel was
great, The People Friendly, and the Weather Perfect.
Once again thanks for your Help.
Pete, Pauline, Darren and Michael Long

Wed, 7 Jun 2000

Dear Uli,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance with my trip to Greece.
I had a wonderful time!  The people were so nice, generous, and kind, and the
country is beautiful.  I very much enjoyed myself, and can't wait to come back
again.  Thank you for helping to make it all possible.

Best regards,


Mon, 12 Jun 2000


My family and I arrived home safely from Greece after a wonderful vacation.
I wanted to take the time to thank you for your assistance booking hotels,
and to give you a little feedback on our experiences.
On our last two days in Athens my daughter and I took the trip to Delphi one
day, and the trip to Aegina, Poros, and Hydra the other.  Both were
worthwhile, and thoroughly enjoyable experiences.

All in all, a fabulous trip.  We loved Greece, and everything about it.  Our
thanks for your assistance in planning our trip.

Diane Lehder

 Tue, 20 Jun 2000

Thank you for your assistance during our travel to Greece.  We had a
wonderful time!
Thank you again for all of your help!

Jeannette Peterson &
Colleen Charland

Wed, 21 Jun 2000

Thank you so much.  We had a great trip.  I appreciate all your help and
have recommended you to many people.  Til next trip.
Donna Fontana

Thu, 29 Jun 2000

Dear Uli,

We all wanted to thank you again for all of your assistance with our travel
arrangements to Greece.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the people of
Greece so much.  Our hotels were all very nice and located well for our

Thank you again for your outstanding service to us.  We hope to return to
Greece and will definitely call upon you again.

Best regards,
Pat Mitchell
Johnnie Denton and girls

Fri, 30 Jun 2000

Dear Uli,
You've probably forgotten who I am by now, but I have just arrived home
from Europe and go back to work next week, and I wanted to thank you for
all your efforts on my behalf when I was in Greece. Everything went very
smoothly - despite the ferry timetables. All the hotels were really
nice, the people very friendly, the transfers efficient - even at 4
o'clock in the morning - and I had a wonderful time. So many thanks, and
I will certainly recommend you to anyone else going to Greece.
Gael Golla

Tue, 4 Jul 2000

Dear Uli,

We just returned home after a wonderful vacation in Greece. All the reservation
that you arranged for us were excellent. I wish to thank you and Dolphin Hellas
for a very professional service. I will certainly make use of your services if I
ever visit  Greece again and will be happy to recommend you and Dolphin Hellas
to anyone who plans to visit Greece.

Thanks again, and best regards.

Paul Schmid

 Tue, 4 Jul 2000

Dear Uli,  Thanks for all your work to help arrange our trip.  We had a
great stay in Greece!  We met fine people, enjoyed beautiful scenery and
buildings, learned to travel on the ferry system, and learned to speak some
Greek.  Our 30th wedding anniversary trip was one to remember.  Respectfully
yours, Phil & Eileen

Thu, 6 Jul 2000

Dear Uli,
     I am writing to thank you for all your help and recommendations for my
trip to Greece this past June.  The itenary and accomodations were grand.  I
will recommend the agency to anyone I know that plans a trip to Greece.  It
was great.
    Mary Allain

 Sun, 16 Jul 2000

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in making our trip so
wonderful.  Everything you did for us was great and there were no problems of
any kind.  Your country is so beautiful and the people were kind and helpful.
Thanks again.

Sun, 16 Jul 2000

Dear Uli:
This words are for say to you that our trip in Greece was marvelous and we
are very gratefull to you.
May be some friends we write to you and mentioned my name.
We hope to contact you soon.
Good by.
Julio y Elvira

 Wed, 19 Jul 2000


 Tue, 25 Jul 2000

Uli, Our trip was great.  Thanks for all your assistance.
Hillary A.

 Sat, 29 Jul 2000

Dear Uli:

We just wanted to thank you for all of the arrangements that you made
for our trip to Greece.  We had an absolutely delightful time and look
forward to a return visit.  You are welcome to use our names as
references if any of your potential clients should want to contact us.

Best regards,

Paul, Andi, Alyson & Melissa

Wed, 2 Aug 2000


We are back home now from a wonderful trip to Greece.  We wanted to let you know
that all of the arrangements you made for us worked out very well!!  Many
thanks.  We enjoyed the entire trip.  In the future, if any of our friends want reservations
for Greece, we shall give them your name.


 Sun, 13 Aug 2000

Dear Uli

Thanks for your efforts in arranging our holiday accomodation this year in
Paros.  We had a wonderful time, the Hotel was great.

Best Regards

Phil B.

 Thu, 17 Aug 2000

Uli --

  I just wanted to thank you for the arrangements you made for us on our
trip!  Everything went very well and I appreciate how organized and prompt
you are!

  I will be sure to recommend Dolphin Hellas to any other acquaintances of
mine who may visit Greece.  Thank you for everything...

Ananya Sarkar

Sun, 27 Aug 2000

Uli .
Just a note to let you know that we were very happy
with our hotel accommodations and how everything was
organized.  We had great rooms in terms of view and
location within the hotels.  Our trip was fantastic!
Thanks again and we will definitely keep you in mind
for our next visit.... the Mentis family

 Thu, 21 Sep 2000


Jennifer and I wish to thank you very much for helping us organize our honeymoon
in Greece.  The trip was fantastic!
Everything went very smoothly and our accommodations were excellent.
We had a terrific time and will definitely recommend you to any other friends or
family travelling to Greece for honeymoon or vacation.
Thank you once again.

Best regards,

Matthew and Jennifer

Mon, 2 Oct 2000

     Dear Uli-

     My husband and I had a terrific time in Greece. What a beautiful
     country. We will definitely be back. Thank you for all of your
     assistance. I will be sure to recommend you and your agency to

     Many Thanks,

     Kelley Shihadeh

2 Oct 2000


Hello, we hope you remember us! You put together a wonderful Greece honeymoon
for us that we took in May. We stopped by your office to say hi and took a
with you, which I have attached.

I just wanted you to know that we had an absolutely wonderful time, and that
everything was incredible! We couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more.  We want to
thank you for your help, without you, I don't know how we would have gotten it

Again, thank you. We will remember this trip for the rest of our lives. You
helped to
make it very special for both of us.

-Kristie (Lewis) VanGorkom

 Fri, 6 Oct 2000

Dear Uli. Our trip to Greece was more wonderful than we could have hoped
for. Your help was First Class, everywhere we went we experienced nice
people, professional attitudes and great accomodations. We deeply appreciate
the care that you took on our behaf, and the fuss that was made over us at
each destination because you told them we were honeymooners. Your talents
are very respected, and we will both contact you in the future for all of
our Greece Travel needs, and will reccomend you to everyone we know. Thank
you so much, again. Faithfully Yours, Bill and Derys Jagde

> Dear Aliki,
> Well, we made it back home safe and sound.  I was so busy catching up with my
work last week that I have just now had a chance to write you.  I
wanted to thank you again for all your help - it was very much
appreciated.  Your picture turned out nice and we'll send you a couple
pictures soon.  All of our pictures turned out great!
> Our ferry ride to Mykonos was nice.  We didn't get to go to Dilos though
because of the high winds.  (Next time!)  The hotel there was very
nice except for the walk back up to it from town!  We walked a lot there
and liked the windmills.  We did go to Paradise Beach though!  The guy at
the travel office there was very nice also and he made our reservations
for Santorini and for the ferry.  Then it took us all day on Thursday to
get to Santorini!  Because of the high winds, the ferry was delayed
several hours and we had to stand out on the dock waiting for it.  It was
miserable plus everyone got drenched from the sea water while waiting!
Oh well, these are the things we'll always remember!  Anyway, our hotel
there was also nice and quiet.  We rented a moped one
day and went all over the island - that was fun.  Then we got a cabin on
the ferry leaving Saturday night to go back to Athens.  That was really
nice.  I'm glad you recommended we see the islands first!  I was
disappointed we could only get to two of them because of the weather and

The second week we rented a car and went to the Pellopenese (I know I
didn't spell that right) area. We were able to see Corinth, Sparta,
Kalamara, and Tripoli and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  Hotel in Glyfada was
very nice also and we found all our American restaurants in Glyfada!
Except for the two days of high winds, our weather was great.
> We are having nice weather here in Michigan right now and the fall colors are
so pretty.  I wish you could see it!  As we said, you have an
open invitation to come and visit us anytime.  It was so nice to meet you
and have a friendly face in a strange country to us.  (Next time, I will
have to learn more Greek though so I can at least read some of the
signs!).  Who knows, maybe we'll be able to come back for the Games - I'm
sure that will be exciting for you.
>Again, thank you very much and
I'll keep in touch.
> Bye, Anita Demario--------

Tue, 07 Oct 1997

> Aliki,
> I just wanted to thank you again for your help with planning our Greece
> trip. We had a fantastic time, and are looking forward to visiting again
> soon.
> Sincerely,
> Michelle & Bob Spina

Tue, 2 Dec 1997

Dear Kiki:

Julie and I want to thank you for the tremendous job you did for us on our
Greek vacation.  I have never had such a care free vacation.  You took care
of every detail from taxi cabs at the airports to just walking into the hotel
and out again with a minimum of paperwork.  We are recommending to our
friends that if they ever want to take a trip to Greece to be sure and
contact you and Youli.

We hope you have a happy holiday and wish our best to Youli.

                                             Your friends,

                                             Barry & Julie

 Tue, 10 Mar 1998

Dear Miss Aliki,

Many thanks for your handling of our visit in Greece.  I and the people in my
group were delighted with all.  The hotels and their staffs were fine;
our driver, was excellent--and also just a pleasant person to be with.

And thank you for your patience with my bungling.

Yours truly,

Thomas Wahl

  Wed, 22 Apr 1998

Dear Ms. Hamosfakidou,

we are back from our visit in Greece. Everything went very well. Your
arrangements were great. Thank you very much for your patience with my
nagging questions.

The positive aspects of our visit were overwhelming and we
both, my wife and I, would like to thank you again for your
conscientious preparations.

Best regards,

W. Boucsein

  Mon, 27 Apr 1998

Dear Mr. Barrett,

my wife and I just returned from a wonderful three-weeks visit of
Greece. For our preparation, we used your hints on the website "helpful
information", especially Dolphin Hellas. Their service was really
professional and I would like to thank you for your recommendation.

Kiki Zikon came into the business only when we came down to payment.
Before that, Aliki Hamisfakidou helped us tremendeously and with great
patience to arrange our travelling. We really appreciated her business.

Thanks again for your advice!


Wolf Boucsein

  Tue, 2 Jun 1998

Dear Makis,

We wanted to thank you for all of your help in arranging the Monticello/Coniglio
trip to Greece.
We have just returned this weekend and had a wonderful time.

Your recommendations worked our very well.  We especially liked and would
recommend to your future clients:

-    having a car and driving through the Peloponnese.  Once out of Athens,
where driving was manageable, the driving was no problem and lended the
opportunity to see so many areas of Greece that many miss.  What a beautiful
country!  We actually made it down to Mystras, which we loved.
-    the location of the hotels in both Delphi and the Acropolis.  Especially in
Athens, an easy walk to the historical sites was essential.
-    ferries to the islands, even the overnights, which we did not try this
trip.  We had long delays with the Olympic flights to Rhodes, even when the
strike was over--next time, we would take an overnight ferry.
-    Paros is a great base for other islands, and a nice island just on its
own.  As we knew, day trips to the other islands would be just enough to make us
want to come back.

Our trip would not have been nearly as successful without your valuable help.
Thanks for answering all of my emails so promptly and for making all of the
arrangements.  We look forward to another trip, sometime in the future!

Ellen Monticello

 Thu, 16 Jul 1998

     Dear Kiki and Eleni,

     We had come back safely.  It is a very nice trip with your enthusiasm
     assistance. I'd like to say "THANK YOU" to both of you to give us a
     lot of advices and help.  The Greek islands are nice places to stay
     for a holiday.  I'll stay only on the island next time. Thank you and

     Kind Regards,

Thu, 23 Jul 1998
... I would like to thank you for all your help...  I appreciate your efficient
help in making all the travel arrangements for my friends and family.  I will
surely recommend your agency to my friends, and I look forward to being in
contact with you at this time
every year in the future.

Wed, 29 Jul 1998

     Dear Aliki,

        Our vacation in Greece was one of the best ever.  The people were
     warm and friendly, the food wonderful, the scenery spectacular.  Thank
     you for all of your help.

     Best Regards
     Bill Kauffman

Fri, 31 Jul 1998

Dear Aliki:

I am back to Hong Kong now.  Every one in our group enjoyed Greece very
much.  We all want to thank you for your help.


Fri, 31 Jul 1998

Dear Makis,

It's late, I know, but I do want to thank you for all the help with Ms. Serio
and my trip to Crete, Santorini, and Athens.  It was all quite efficient, and we had a
wonderful time.
We took a daytime ferry from Santorini to Athens and enjoyed all ten hours of
it.  The hotel in Athens was perfect for this trip.

The only thing we weren't too happy about was the Panorama Hotel in Santorini,
but that is not your fault - we asked for it.  Next time (and I sincerely hope there
will be a next time) I shall ask for your advice.

Again, thanks.

Pat Reed

Thu, 06 Aug 1998


We really enjoyed our recent trip to Greece.  It was wonderful and your
country is so lovely.  Thanks for all your hard work in putting it
together for us.



 Fri, 7 Aug 1998

Dear Mr. Kostas,

Thank you so much for everything you've done to make our staing in Athens as
beautiful as it realy was.
Thank you also on your wishing well note and brochures. I'm very sorry that we
couldn't meet in person beacause of my schedules, but I promise it won't happen

Sincerely yours

Milan Ducic

Sat, 29 Aug 1998

Cher Kostas,

Thanks loads for you expert, fast, and efficient help.


Wed, 9 Sep 1998

Aliki - I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us plan
the most perfect trip we've ever taken.  Everything went very smoothly
and our mission was accomplished.  Our hotel in Athens was great and
yes, we did dine on the rooftop our first evening there.  We did the
Acropolis tour the next day plus enjoyed the shopping areas in the
evening.  Ferry trip went fine (wish we could have seen more of the
sites during the day)!  Our home in Santorini was absolutely perfect!
Everything about Santorini was fabulous - food, wine, people, sites,
etc.  The weather was spectacular.  We really relaxed and enjoyed each
other.  Thank you for all of your assistance.  We are hoping to return
to Greece in a few years, but have already passed your name on to a few
friends who are interested in a vacation to Greece.  Again, thanks for
making our 25th wedding anniversary PERFECT!
Candy & Cliff Fowler

 Fri, 11 Sep 1998

Dear Kiki,
Thanks very much for organizing our recent holiday accommodation and
travel details for the Greek Islands.  We had a wonderful time.  It was
great having everything organized beforehand and it made it so much
So Kiki, from both Alex and I we thank you for making our Greek
Adventure a very enjoyable and memorable one.  You have a lovely country
and we look forward to visiting it again.

Kind regards,
Fiona Yu.

{that's funny!}
Tue, 29 Sep 1998

Dear Aliki,

Thank you so much for helping Jeff and I have the best
vacation ever!  All our hotels were great but of course...
Based on our experiences, please recommend to your
clients to: 1) bring a wash (face) cloth, 2) bring sleeping pills
(the beds are very lumpy and the pillows flat and hard) and 3)
above all else, do not stay overnight in the city of Irakolian
(the noise level was impossible - planes all night, chairs
scraping, doors slamming, people talking, cats fighting, dogs
barking, etc.).

Thanks again for all your help in planning our vacation.  You
have a beautiful country.

Best regards,

Cindy Byron

Wed, 30 Sep 1998

Dear Aliki

I just had to write to you to tell you how thrilled we were with all of the
arrangements you made for us.  Each hotel was wonderful, and we could tell that you had a
good reason for sending us to each one - each had a really great feature that made
staying there wonderful.

We also really appreciated how you kept following up with Olympic Airways to get
us off the wait list, and find us in Athens to get us the new airtickets.
Everything worked out perfectly, and we had a much better trip than friends of ours who used a New
York travel agent.  We were doubly glad we used you!

I hope you show this message to your boss, because I want her to know what a
great job you did for us, and how much we appreciate it.  We will call you if ever we
come to Greece again!

Thanks for everything!

Carol-Ann Simon
and William Bowers

 Wed, 30 Sep 1998

        Thank you for making our first trip to Greece a pleasant, enjoyable
        and memorable experience.
       Kiki, we were pleased and impressed with our "Exploration Trip" of Greece

        visiting Athens; four day cruise visiting six islands; and then touring
        Peloponnese on our own and driving 1334 km.  All arrangements,
by you were outstanding; we had no problems or difficulties.

        We would change nothing and will recommend you highly!

        The only disappointment which is not your fault, was the widespread
        dumping of trash/garbage everywhere.  Many of the country roads were
        littered with trash.  Many beautiful mountains are trash dumps.  We saw
        people stop their cars and dump their garbage on the side of the road.

        Again, thank you for your many months of planning and e-mails on our
        behalf.  We had a wonderful holiday in Greece because of your
        outstanding efforts.  I'm only sorry that we could not have spent more
        together with you.

        Jim & Marilyn Gillern

{German Lessons}
Thu, 1 Oct 1998

Wir danken Ihnen fuer Ihre Anstrengungen und sehr wichtigen Auskuenfte
herzlich, und werden uns auch bei Matt Barrett bedanken, von dem wir Ihre
Adresse bekommen haben.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Th. Fehlmann

Mon, 5 Oct 1998


Thank you for a wonderfully planned trip.  We had a great time!  Everything was
very smooth and
well organized.  Thanks again.

Dear Aliki,

We have a saying "Better late than never." And I have been intending to
write and thank you for your help in making our trip to Greece one of
the best times Elaine and I have had in 40 years (and we have had some
good times).

We truly enjoyed the island tour on the Olympic Countess. Even though we
were lost for more than an hour in Hora on Mykonos and I was as scared
as I've ever been climbing the Acropolis of Rhodes, we thoroughly
enjoyed every moment. The crew of the ship was especially friendly and
helpful from our arriving at the port with barely five minutes to spare
to the
moment we returned. If we were to come again, I think we'd cruise for a
week rather than four days.

The short trip to Cape Sounion and the G.O. Classical Tour were ideal
for us. The pace of the G.O. tour especially suited us, we really
enjoyed the
company of the others on the tour, the guide rooted everything we saw in
stories from ancient mythology, and we had a great conversation with
Elias Petrou (who designed the 2004 Athens Olympics logo) in Delphi. Although
the accommodations were not the equal of the Marriott Ledra, we were not
disappointed in them or the meals.

We fell in love with Athens. The Marriott Ledra's free shuttle to the
Syntagma made it easy for us to get to the Plaka area, we found a
mini-mart around the corner from the hotel which had those good ham and
cheese rolls for breakfast and a little place across the street from
there which made super souvlaki pitas. We ate at off the beaten path
places in the Plaka and enjoyed dinner at Socrates' Prison, visited the
Monastiraki flea market, bought souvenirs all over (mostly for our
grandchildren), and visited the Acropolis in the only rainstorm of our
trip. I'd recommend visiting the Acropolis in the rain since it only
lasted an hour and gave us a reason to spend more time in the museum.

We visited every museum we could and found them to be as interesting as
our trusty Michelin Green Guide said they would be. That guide, by the
way, made the classical tour much more interesting since we could read
about the next day's site the night before our visit and use it to focus
on the things we wanted to see.

We thought the Hop In, Hop Out tour would fit the way we wanted to visit
Athens since Elaine had a sore foot and wasn't up to a lot of walking.
We were wrong. It's schedule was too locked in for us to be as flexible
as we wanted to be. We really did appreciate the ease of using mini-bus
and trolley bus routes to get around. The folks of Athens were very
helpful, one even sat with us on a 200 mini-bus and gave us a guided
tour of the central market and Omonia. I'd recommend that everyone
visiting Athens be given a copy of the tourist office bus map of the
city. It was the best map that we found and really helped us find the best
bus routes to places we wanted to go. One last thing, we recommend the
Skynet Center (Appolonis and Voulis) to anyone who wants to communicate
with home via the Internet, They were knowledgeable, helpful and inexpensive.

I've really run on since Elaine has been in the hospital since Thursday
with diverticulitis, a painful abdominal condition. As the doctor said,
"How would you like to have had to spend your Athens trip in the
hospital?" Well, she did have some twinges, but we managed to make it
home before things got too bad. She'll be fine and home in a couple more days.

Thanks again for helping to make our trip so terrific. I recommend you
to everyone I tell about the trip. Have a most blessed celebration of
Christ's birth and New Year 2000.

Dick and Elaine Tupy

I got a bunch of info regarding Greece from the Net.  I believe that I
used the travel agent you recommended- Dolphin Hellas.  They were
great.  Kiki was unable to help and felt stonewalled, but another lady
quickly took over.  I enjoyed reading about your adventures there.  We
went looking for the Byzantyne (?) gold shop.  They were all closed up.
Figured that they were closed for the slow season, as there were a lot
of closed and locked up places.

I enjoyed the trip.  Thanks,

Hi Matt and Uli,

My purpose of this email is to let you know how wonderful and helpful your sight was and to tell you how wonderful Uli from Dolphin Hellas was!

Devon and I were married on Oct. 7th, 2000 and spent our honeymoon in Athens, Samos and Santorini (suggestions from Matt).  I must admit I was a little nervous at first booking this trip via internet and email access only, but Uli was absolutely wonderful and very responsive which helped put our minds at ease over the last months of planning.  Neither Devon nor I had been to Greece and we were going into this blindly as a suggestion from our Norwegian friend.  As I researched all possible web sites I ran across yours...I found it to be the best sight out there!  Your sight was extremely helpful with a touch of "down to earth", not one of those overly commercial sights were you're not quite sure if they are trying to sell you the shirt off your back!

As Devon and I became serious about honeymooning in Greece it came time to decide what to do as far as a travel agent.  This is where your handy dandy link to Dolphin Hellas came in perfectly.  I emailed Dolphin Hellas and was blessed with the response of Uli!  She took very good care of us!  She was quick, very responsive and helpful with all of the questions we had.  She even called us the night before we were to leave the States regarding an Olympic Airlines strike that put a little kink in our plans.  We gave her our thoughts on what we were looking for and what she booked for us neither Devon nor I would have ever expected!  She put us in some beautiful places that will remain with us for a lifetime!

I wanted to thank you both for your help.

Matt, if it wasn't for your site I don't know if we would have gotten enough inside information that would have interested us in Greece.

Uli, you did an incredible job on booking our honeymoon we can't thank you enough.  It was a pleasure meeting you when we were in Athens!

It's the combination of the two that made this a special trip for us that I know we will never forget.


Devon & Nicole Nance (used to be Ehrman) 

Dear Kiki:

We arrived in Athens to a packet of vouchers and a perfectly detailed
itinerary from your Agency, and have
returned from our vacation in Greece with a lifetime of magnificent

We enjoyed every minute of our time in your beautiful country - particularly
our accommodations in Santorini ... and Naxos ....
and the Plaka area - was ideal for our first night in Athens.
Please accept our most sincere thanks for your efforts in arranging such an
ideal trip.  I truly appreciate your kind attention to every detail.  We will be sure to
recommend you to friends who we are encouraging to make this wonderful trip.

Thank you, again.

-Cynthia Purmort

Tue, 06 Oct 1998


I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again for all of the
arrangements you made for me.  My husband and I enjoyed Greece very
much and all of your recommendations were good ones.  Thank you for
doing an excellent job.

Linda Dupree

 Tue, 6 Oct 1998


Thank you very much.  We can't wait to be back in your beautiful country!


 Sat, 10 Oct 1998


We had such a GOOD time on our honeymoon. You picked out wonderful places for
us. We were  just talking about Santorini and Sifnos.We were saying how Sifnos
is not listed in all of the books. I am so glad that we found a nice out of
the way wonderful island. EVERYTHING was just so wonderful and we are ready to
     You have won permanant friend in the U S. We hope to do another trip very

Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:59:31 -0400

Kostas -  Greetings from San Francisco! We got back Saturday.  I'd like
to thank you so much for all of your good work!  We all had a WONDERFUL
time - Greece is more beautiful than I ever thought!  Can't wait to go
back! Thanks again!
Grace A

Tue, 13 Oct 1998


I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help in our
honeymoon.  We had a wonderful time.  I think we went at the right time.
It never felt that crowded.  The weather was great, the food was
wonderful, the wine was tasty and the people were friendly.  The
accomadations were wonderful. We easily could have stayed in Santorini
for the whole trip.  It was beautiful.  Alot of stair climbing though.
Thanks again

Sergio Lozano

Wed, 14 Oct 1998

Dear  Kiki:

We had a marvelous trip to Greece, thanks to you.  Of all the places we went
and saw, Bill said he'ld like to go to Mykinos and Santorini again.  Our trip
home was long and uneventful.
Again, Kiki, thanks for all that you did.  You put the trip together
beautifully and everything went like clockwork.  It was wonderful!!!!!

Fondly, Jeanne

Thu, 15 Oct 1998

Dear Kiki,
We would sincerely like to thank you for the work you did, in organising
our recent trip to Greece. Everywhere we stayed, we were warmly welcomed.
The hotels were great and in fabulous positions, that allowed us to easily
walk to the main parts of each town. We have both fallen in love with your
beautiful country, and the absolute generosity of the greek people made it
very hard for us to leave.
We also appreciate the many changes that you made once Joanne joined the
trip. It must be frustrating at times, to communicate by the internet, when
you cannot speak face to face.
Again, many thanks and we are sorry that we did not have a chance to meet
you in person while in Athens.
We hope to return to Greece some day and bring our children so they can get
to know the beauty of your country.

Efkharisto !

Karen Lyons and Joanne Green

Sun, 18 Oct 1998

First of all, Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! I am sorry, my
courtesy has been so late.   We loved our visit, dinner and all of your great

The hotels, especially the ... were wonderful.  I tried to make contact
with you when we returned to Athens, but already knowing you, and your
schedule, you were working!

Our whole experience was wonderful, and I promise, if I never do personal
business with you again, which or course I hope I will beable to, I will
praise your professionalism, great choices of hotels, and details over the USA

Kiki, again thanks so much, hopefully we can be travel friends in the future,

Claudia Genna

 Mon, 19 Oct 1998


I wanted to drop you a line to say that we were very pleased with all
your arrangements for Sharon and I last week in Greece.  We both had a
wonderful time in Athens and Santorini.  Thank you for all your help!

Eric and Sharon.

Mon, 19 Oct 1998

Elini & Kiki -

Thank you for your assistance in making reservations for our trip to Athens
and Santorini.  We enjoyed our time in Greece and were very pleased with
the accomodations.

We appreciate all of you help and would gladly use your agency again and
recommend it to anyone travelling to Greece.

Many thanks,

Sharon Yule

Mon, 26 Oct 1998

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job with the arrangements!  Our
trip was a smooth success.  I was nervous about making reservations over the
net at first, but you made the experience a truly positive one.  Thank you!

Lorianne Siomades

 Tue, 27 Oct 1998

To Aliki and others who helped with our travel arrangements:

Thank you so much for all your help.  Our trip was wonderful and all our
hotels, car arrangements, and the ferry arrangments worked perfectly.
My sister and I loved Greece and had a great time.
and again, thank you for all your help.  I will definitely recommend you to
anyone I know who is traveling to Greece.  You made our trip much easier.

Mary Taubert

Wed, 28 Oct 1998

Dear Aliki,
Thanks for your help. I would recommed your services to anyone.
Regards, Barbara Weist

Wed, 28 Oct 98

     To Dennis and Kiki,

     I recently used Dolphin Hellas to book room, air, boat and tour
     reservations while on my trip to Greece.  Thanks for all your help!
    I know I'll be returning to Greece -- probably in a few years.  I'll
     be sure to keep you in mind when booking my arrangements while there.
     And I'll be glad to pass along a recommendation for Dolphin Hellas to
     friends who may be heading your way.

     Thanks again for all your help.  Calendars and pictures of Greece
     adorn my office walls as reminders of my pleasant time spent there.

     Lyn Gray

Thu, 29 Oct 1998

Hi Kostas,
...  I, too, was sorry not to meet you in Athens.  We fell in love with Greek
salads and ate them twice a day.  Also, I have been making them at home since we
returned.  On Santorini we found a restaurant that actually had fish (we were
astonished that it was so hard to get fish - plenty of kalamari and seafood, but
fish was rare) that the owner caught himself.  We went there twice (our first
and last evenings).  I loved the excavation at Akritori, and we rented a car so we
were able to get around the island easily.  We swam in the Agean SEa, so warm and nice.  The
pool at ... was too cold for more than a dip, but we really liked the location
at Imerovigli just above Skaros (I think that is the name of the land formation
that sticks out  and makes a great hike - we climbed up on top of the rocky
formation).  We also had a great night at Oia at a restaurant that claims to
have the best view of the sunset.
The owner spoke good English and cooked pasta for my husband that was the best
he ever had, then Takkis sat and talked with us until we were ready to leave.
It was quite interesting.  In Athens, we liked the Eden restaurant best and went
there twice, also.  It was really great.  Another time, we followed your
map and instructions and walked up the acropolis through the charming
restaurants and around and down the other side to the Piano restaurant for
vegetarian food, but the piano was not being played the evening we were there
and actually the food was not so vegetarian, but we enjoyed the walking
tour of the Plaka very much.  We did the Athens 1/2 day tour and enjoyed it, and
the second day, we went to Mycenae and Epidarius, quite interesting as well.
The rest of our trip was in Italy and France.
    Of course, I'll let you have a stab at finding us a place in Greece, when we
come again, but you will probably be operating on the internet by then and
technology will be such that you'll be  ble to pop up pictures for us as we
"chat" - won't that be fun?  It will be a while before we can afford to come
again, but we did enjoy it.
Well, I didn't mean to write such a long letter.  I'm so glad you're well!
Please stay that way.
Yia ssou,

 Thu, 5 Nov 1998

Dear Aliki, we had a wonderful vacation in Greece.  We were very pleased with
all of the arrangements that you made for us.  I know that Cheryl particularly
appreciated the cleanliness of the hotels.  It was so nice of you to call our
hotel in Paros to check on us.

The weather was as expected.  Many good days, a couple of not so good days.
Surprising to us we became very interested in your country's history and
archeological sites.  We especially enjoyed visiting the Minoaon ruins in
Akrotiri.  So much so that we made a special point to visit the Archeological
Museum in Athens to see the actual excavated frescoes.  We bought a
reproduction of the fisherman fresco to hang in our kitchen.  Being able to
see the Parthenon from our room at the ... Hotel in Athens was a real treat.

Through motor scooter or car we were able to see most of Paros and Santorini.
The marble quarry on Paros was fascinating.  The caldera of Santorini is the
most stunning vista that I have ever seen.  People were helpful and friendly.
Thank you Aliki for all your help.  You live in a beautiful country with a
fascinating history and interesting people.  We appreciate being able to
experience it for a couple of weeks.

Best regards,

Clark and Cheryl Ward

Sat, 07 Nov 1998

Just a note to say thanks for helping to arrange a great trip for us.  We
loved the windmill house in Sifnos; the Adrian Hotel was just right in
terms of location, price, quality and friendliness; the rental car was
great.  Everything went very smoothly (except the hydrofoil to Sifnos,
which was pretty bumpy!), and we appreciate everything Dolphin Hellas did
for us.
Thanks, both to Kostas and to the woman who helped us on the day of our
arrival (Aliki), when Kostas was in the hospital.  I hope all is well with

--Many thanks, Betty Wheeler

 Tue, 17 Nov 1998

Dear Aliki:

Thank You for making our trip to Greece a success. We apreciated your help
planning the trip as well as your help when we needed to make changes during
our trip. It was great to have a travel agent that really cared.

We will tell anyone planning a trip to Greece that you come highly
recommended, and we will certainly book our next trip to Greece through you.

Thank You again, we had a wonderful time.


Jim Francisco and Jane Tirnady

Sat, 21 Nov 1998

Dear Kiki:

You may remember me from last summer. I am the American
law student from Boston who visited Greece for the whole summer.
I wanted to write to say formally thanks so much for helping to make my
trip to Greece so special.
I really had the time of my life and your country is one of the most
beautiful in the world. I am sorry I had no time to visit you once more
before I left. By the way, everything at Hotel Attalos wa fine.
It was reasonably priced and convenient to Plaka which was great.
I will be back in the near future.
Best wishes.

James (Jim)Pittman

Thu, 26 Nov 1998

Dear Kostas,

Thank you very much for all your help and assistance.  I am so glad I found
you.  I do not think others will give me such good service.

I guess credits should go to the person created for
your company.

Thanks again.


 Sat, 28 Nov 1998

Dear Aliki,

We just returned from Paris after a lovely holiday.

My wife and I wish to thak you for the flawless arrangements you made
for our holiday. If you ever need any help re India--or wish to travel
here yourself, please do email us.

We thank you once again.

Warmest personal regards,

Marut Sikka

Mon, 30 Nov 1998

Dear Catherine !!!

Thank you very much again for your efforts to organise the hotel
accomodation for my relatives and friends during the last week-end.
To be honest my schedule was completely crowded because I have to look for my
relatives and friends and I never found the time to say thank you to you
personally. I want to apologize that and will make another trial when
I will pop over tro Athens next time, ok ?

S' efcharistume para poly....
Kind regards to all of your "crew"

K. Schutte

Fri, 4 Dec 1998

Dear Kostas,

I just wanted to thank you for resolving the hotel issue for us.  We do
appreciate it a lot.  Also, I wanted to let you know that we really liked
the hotel in Greece.  It was lovely and very well-equipped for children.  Our
daughter loved it.

We very much enjoyed our trip to Greece and look forward to hopefully
visiting again.  Thank you very much for all your help.


Sarah Holmes

Sat, 05 Dec 1998

Dear Aliki,
Thanks for all the effort you put into our travel arrangements for Mykinos and
Rhodes. We thoroughly enjoyed both islands and the accommodation was well located and of
a high quality. We also appreciated you checking on our safe arrival in Rhodes,when all
the flights from Athens had been delayed.

Thanks again,
Jenny and Bruce Croad.

Tue, 8 Dec 1998

Hello Kostas:

I was going to write to thank you for the excellent service you kindly
provided us.
The entire trip was absolutely perfect and it was the most organized trip we
ever had.  Athens was spectacular as was Crete.  I could hardly believe it
but we had the entire palace of Knossos to ourselves and were even able to
go there by public bus ( as a personal challenge ).

As for the particulars as you requested:

1) Drivers: All of the drivers were extremely courteous and prompt.  They
arrived on-time and were extremely polite.  Our Athens driver ( whose name I
do not remember) was particularly noteworthy as he made us feel extremely
welcome, gave us excellent review of Greek History and would not leave until
he made sure all of the plane reservations were correct and that we had
found our way to the gates.  He was even awake at 3:29 AM !!!!

2) Hotels:

The Divani Acropolis was a good recommendation.  They furnished a large
clean room with a view of the Acropolis.  The staff was very helpful and the
location close to the Plaka was very convenient.  We would easily stay here

Candia Maris : This was almost empty but a truly first class experience.
The room and view were excellent.  The staff, especially a desk person named
Dora, were extremely helpful. The grounds are well maintained. Their
breakfast was the best we had during the entire trip..  We had only one
lunch there on arrival - a moussaka which was the only bad meal we had
during the visit.  As a result, we went into town for the other meals.  The
dining room was quite lovely and we don't know if the chef was on vacation
or whether someone in the kitchen had one bad day!!  Nevertheless, we would
highly recommend this resort to anyone and would like to come back here in
the summer!!! Opa!

St. George Lycabattus - The location was excellent as it gave us an entirely
different perspective on Athens.  The rooms are well maintained though quite
smaller and noisier than the Divani Palace Acropolis.  We would also stay
here again without question.  It is important to bring a map since even one
of the local policeman could not find the hotel and had to use his radio to
ask for help.  We did find an excellent local restaurant which had a French
flair added to Greek ingrediants which also gave us a new perspective on the
local cuisine.

Even Olympic Airways was rather prompt and managed to deliver our luggage
without problems.  We will definitely consider a return here in the near
future as it is a wonderful country.

In fact, a woman in the department who is of Greek heritage has a daughter
who is planning a honeymoon in Greece.  I have given her your name with my
recommendation and hopefully they will contact you soon.

Thank you again for the bookings and the lovely posters.  We look forward to
working with you in the future.

All the best

Steve and Leslie

Tue, 8 Dec 1998

Dear Aliki

Thank you for helping us with all of our travel arrangments.  You made the trip
much easier for us.  We had a wonderful time in Greece and hope to return some

All the best,

Fri, 11 Dec 1998


Thank you very very much.  I have told one of my friends that is going to Greece
 next year to use you.  We hope to again soon in the future.  It is cold here
too, well about 55 degree Farenheit but that is cold for Houston.

Thanks again for helping to make a great honeymoon for us.

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to send a big thank you for all the info and insights from your
website that made our short trip to Greece such a wonderful vacation.  As
you suggested, we booked our hotels and transfers ahead of time with Uli at
Dolphin Hellas and she was extremely helpful and flexible with all our
questions and requests.  I wanted to especially mention their affiliate
agency in Santorini, Bellonias Travel.  We unfortunately only had one day in
Santorini, but was super-lucky to have had Luisa from Bellonias take care of
us.  Even though her agency's job was only to transfer us to and from our
hotel in Santorini, she went out of her way to help us make the most of our
short time there.  With only about 45 minutes of time, she helped us get a
private mini-bus to see the sunset at Oia, recommended and reserved a table
for us at a beautiful restaurant there (Paleo Orihia---wonderful place,
owner Milton, food, and service!), and had us call her 30 minutes before the
end of our dinner so that she can get the mini-bus to come get us again.
During our dinner time, she had already arranged the next day for us.  We
felt very much taken care of!  I would definitely recommend anyone heading
to Santorini to call up Luisa from Bellonias Travel 6932409406.

Thanks again for providing such great info about Greece.  We've already
recommended your website to numerous friends.  We are looking forward to our
next trip to Greece!

Thanks again,
The Woo Family

First,  I read over your newsletter and recommendations for visiting the islands.  I made out a tentative itinerary and contacted Dolphin Hellas.  I received a response immediately from Uli Perschau.   What a professional.  She worked with me, made recommendations, changes when I changed my mind, and had everything organized perfectly.  Having all the vouchers for hotels, tickets for ferries and airlines made the whole trip go so smoothly.  No waiting in line or trying to find the ticket counter.

Yes! There are here

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