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George the Famous Taxi Driver

If I was held at gunpoint and told I had to to take every business off my site except for one, the one service I would keep would be George Kokkotos, knoan far and wide as George the Famous Taxi Driver of Greece. In my opinion George provides the best and most personalized service of anyone in Greece. I first met him at the airport. We stood on line at the taxi stand and by chance he was our driver. At first we spoke to him in Greek but when he began answering us in excellent English we asked his story. He had just moved to Greece from New York where he had his own restaurant and drove a Good Humor ice-cream truck in the summer. He also had experience as a machinist and was planning to do that part time while living off the money he made off the sale of his restaurant. But Greece had become expensive and there were no jobs for machinists. So he was driving a taxi. It was a VW Jetta. I think I had heard an Anthony Robbins infomercial the night before leaving the USA and I gave George a little speech about how if he had to be a taxi driver then he should make himself the best taxi driver in Greece. He took us to our hotel and we took his card to give to Andrea's aunts for their yearly trip to the Health spas at Edipsos. A couple weeks later I was approached by some guy who wanted me to see his bar. He spoke English, had relatives in Chicago and everything, but it seemed like visiting his bar might not be a good idea so I declined and continued on my way. A half a block later someone was calling in English "Excuse me...hey...excuse me..." and of course I figured it was this bar owner still trying to convince me, so I ignored him. Then I heard him say "Mr Barrett!" and I knew I had not given the guy my name so I turned around. It was George. He was dressed up and had a big brand new Toyota  parked on the corner. He had taken my advice and was on his way to becomming the best taxi driver in Greece. 15 years later and there is no doubt about it. I have heard of people crying at the airport when they said goodbye to George. His trips are wonderful and packed with fun and adventure, and there is no better feeling when you are getting off a ferry in Pireaus with hundreds of other people and you see only three taxis but you know one of them is George and he is waiting for you.
George Kokkotos is the best taxi driver in Greece and I am honored to have him on my website and to be his friend.
Matt Barrett 

Mr. Barrett,

My wife and I just returned from a week in the Greek islands plus a
whirlwind two day tour of Athens. Your survival guide was extraordinarily
accurate and useful. In particular the gold jewelry store you recommended,
Byzantium, was clearly the best and the Taxi driver, George, and his
associate Nick, the VERY BEST! He attended to us continuously during our
stay and he gives one faith that there are really intelligent honest and
enthusiastic people in this world who take pride in their job and their
country. He is the greatest ambassador that Greece and the Greek people
have. As a result, I recommended him to friends for the following week. In
spite of the city being on strike, he managed to pick them up at the airport
at 12:00 am (the plane from Los was 2 hours late) take them to a hotel for a
short sleep and then return them to the airport at 4:00 am. In confusion my
friend over-paid the driver, Chris, by a factor of three. The driver stopped
the car went back into the airport found my friend in line and returned the
money. Find me another big city international airport where this would
happen; I can not think of one. In the Eastern USA you are lucky if the cab
drivers speak English much less know where they are going.

I give you, George and his team, full credit for making our trip to Athens
one that I will always remember with a warm spot in my heart.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for George and your Survival

With best wishes, many thanks, and if you would, please forward this to

Henry S. Reeder 


This is just a note to say thank you for the wonderful trip to Delphi
and Meteora.  Peggy, Maggie and I had a great time.  I wish that we had
known about your service before our travel agent booked our half-day
overview of Athens.  Although our guide was fairly knowledgeable, her
voice was not strong enough to be heard outside and more time was wasted
getting everyone on and off the bus than actually touring Athens.  Next
time we'll know who to contact first!

Again, many thanks for a great tour.  I hope you were able to get your
Thanksgiving turkey without problem.


Ken & Peggy P'Pool
Maggie Speight

Hello there.

Just wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed spending time with
Dennis.  I wish we could find someone like him every time we travel.  He
made things so enjoyable and easy for us.  I'll certainly recommend your
service to anyone I know who is planning a trip to Greece.  Thank you again.

Three more Americans that consider you a friend.
Ron, Linda and Jennifer Speer

George’s Famous Taxi Service

My wife and I took George’s 5 Day Argolis Tour.  Our experience was simply superb… a true 5 star adventure.   From the moment we met George at our Athens hotel to the moment we part with hugs at the Athens airport five days later, it was a time of becoming friends and having a most memorable experience of ancient sites and related museums.  George is so very engaging, both personally and professionally.  His main concern was our enjoyment and discovery of Greece’s rich heritage.  He would take us to a site and then allow us to spend as much time as we wanted exploring.  In Olympia, we were getting a little tired and were going to skip the main museum, but George strongly urged us to visit the museum saying that we would regret it if we didn’t… and, was he ever correct!!!  So, from then on we followed his guidance very closely.  After the day of touring, we would get settled in our hotel and would have the rest of the evening to ourselves… George certainly respected our privacy.  The hotels he reserved for us were within our price range and were very comfortable with great view especially Hotel Europa in Olympia and Hotel Varanos in Delphi.  Ancient Greece: Corinth, Mycenae, Epidavros, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Thermopylae and more made their lasting impression, and we now carry these treasures with us.  However, the best treasure of all is to have shared these 5 splendid days with George… his fame is well deserved.  I suppose that is why there was sadness when we shared hugs at the Athens airport.  Many, many  “Thank You’s”  George!!

Dear Mr. Barrett,
            Four ladies (my sister and I along with two good friends) traveled to Greece this past spring during Holy Week right before Easter (2010). I had been researching Greece and was attempting to come up with an itinerary complete with transportation. Then I found your website and George the Taxi Driver. WHAT A GEM!! We reserved 5 days with George and he was absolutely wonderful!  He is professional, courteous, conscientious, thorough and pleasant. I know this is not news to you…but to others who are looking into exploring on their own without a tour bus and group schedule, George is most definitely the way to go! I have recommended him to two others since returning home.

            George was prompt from the moment he picked us up at the airport. He had books in the car in English so we could read about what we were seeing at every stop we made. He explained the history…some of it so confusing I don’t know how he remembered it all.

        We started our vacation with a 2-day trip to Santorini before heading around the mainland with George. Our flight to Santorini was cancelled due to high winds closing the island airport and George was ready to adjust our schedule to leave earlier if needed. As it were we ended up fine, but he was willing to adjust. He selected hotels for us in Nafplion, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora as well as restaurants all through the trip.  Each choice was excellent. He knew when places were open and when they were closed, he knew the best time to arrive before the crowds and even knew about how long we needed at each site to go through the ruins or museums. When we were done he was there waiting with doors opened and a smile to greet us. He even went so far as to call a cab in Meteora for a couple of young girls (Japanese maybe) who has missed their bus and he knew they were stuck. They were so grateful for his assistance. We could all see they were so worried. That is the kind of man George is and it is genuine.

        George is very proud of his country and enjoys sharing it with visitors. I think that is the difference that makes him SO GREAT at what he does. We hope he is still doing this in five years. We all decided we will go back again to check out the changes and see more of the country now that we have seen the “big, must see” items. We were all very sad when we had to say goodbye. We really felt we were leaving a friend.  I don’t know how I could thank him more than let the world know George the Taxi Driver is a wonderful choice if you want to see the real Greece!!

I would be honored if you chose to share this testimonial. If not, THANK YOU for your fantastic suggestions and information on your website.
                                                    Jennifer Tonkyn

Hello Matt,


After extensive research and planning on the web for about six months, my companion and I (recently retired) completed an extended European adventure, June 21-July 16, 2012, which included an Oceania cruise, from Barcelona to Athens, a taxi tour of the Peloponnese Peninsula, flight from Athens to Milan, train to Grenoble, France and by rental car from France through Switzerland and to Munich( for flight back to LAX). 

We had a truly wonderful trip, without mishap, and a major highlight was the Peloponnese Peninsula tour for 4 days with Makis Kourtis of George's Taxi Tours. He was a terrific guide, driver, conversationalist and now we consider him a friend. Our every need was met and when we requested something different than the original plan, he made it so! He said "take your time, I will wait as long as it takes, it's your vacation". He even got our laundry done overnight in Gythios! We had great, family owned, hotel stays, which were reasonable in cost  and lovely meals in small tavernas, as requested. We saw awesome scenery and ancient ruins, had history lessons from Makis, both recent and distant past, learned some Greek and met wonderful people at "off the beaten path" stops. We visited the Diros Caves and went to a beautiful beach in Messina. The side trip to the Mercouri Winery, near Olympia, was another spur of the moment highlight. The Europa Hotel in Olympia was particularly splendid, beautiful pool and their restaurant on the lawn had wonderful food and the prices were reasonable! I will eagerly recommend this tour service to anyone who wants a worry free, economical and personal tour of Greece. 

Thank you, Matt, for the recommendation and the posted reviews, which I did read, before making my decision to use George's Taxi Tours.



Patti Reese & Rich Varela

Anaheim, CA

PS: You may of course use all or any part of this correspondence on your web site review. If you would like a more in depth review of the places we visited in the Southern Peloponnese, I would be happy to give it a go. Frommer's only mentions the Northern Peloponnese in their travel Europe book!


H            i Matt

My wife and I want to thank you for providing such
great information on Greece AND for telling us about
"George Kokkotos".  We just spent five wonderful days
with him in May (07). He picked us up right on time
from Princess Cruises, "wowed" us with Athens,
delivered us to great places like Corinth-Mycenae,
Epidaurus, Nafplion (really loved this), Olympia,
Delphi, and more. He arranged our excellent "colorful"
hotels and impressed us with his choice of unique
restaurants, and finally delivered us to the airport at
5am so we could catch an early flight.  We put our
complete trust in George and he made this trip PERFECT!
 Always on time, very informed, funny with his jokes,
and assisting with every request we made.  He is a hard
worker and I can see why you list him on your website. 
He was so great we are going back to tour the north of
Greece with him next year.  My only question: How do
you do all this for free?

Gary & Claudette Worthington
PS: Feel free to use this in your "testimonials" if you

Mr. Barett,

In early October 2011 my husband and I had the great pleasure of taking an all-day tour to Marathon and Sunion with George Kokkotos, the owner of V.I.P Taxi – Limo – Bus Service.  We learned about George from highly positive reviews written online by satisfied customers, and we found those reviews to be completely accurate.  When George picked us up at our hotel, we were impressed to meet a professionally dressed, neatly groomed driver whose taxi was clean and spotless.  More importantly, it quickly became apparent that George isn’t in this business simply to make money.  He genuinely likes people, is a great conversationalist, and clearly wants his customers to enjoy their outing with him.  We thought that we were only going to go to Marathon and Sunion, but George stopped at several interesting places in Athens as we left town, places that we had missed last year on our first trip to Athens, including the site of Aristotle’s Lyceum and several places that offered breathtaking panoramas of the city.  He took us to a beautiful beach with good restaurants at lunch time, and because we told him how interested we were in the ancient history of Greece, he surprised and delighted us on the way home by stopping to show us a model of a trireme used in the battle of Salamis.  As soon as I mentioned that I was learning Greek, George began to tell me the etymology of Greek words and names, starting with the fact that Marathon comes from a Greek word meaning “fennel”, a plant which grows abundantly in the region we visited.  After just a short time with George, it felt as if we had known him for years.  The day we spent with him was one of the highlights of our recent visit to Greece, and we certainly won’t forget it or George.  In fact, we learned that George also takes people on extended trips, and we’d love to visit other parts of Greece with him.  We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Kathy Roig
Santa Barbara, California

Dear George, We wanted to write to you to tell you thank you so much for your taxi services! You and your crew were wonderful. We met the "other" George and think he is wonderful. He said to write you if we wanted to book a boat cruise with you next year in June. How much would it be if we had four of us on a boat with a captain? We are thinking for two weeks next June and of course we would want you for meeting us in Athens and taking us to the boat! You are the best and we will tell everyone about you! Thanks for everything...Ron and Anneke Schieberl 

Hi Matt,

Well, our whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean ended on the 14th. I came back
to work on Monday, this week.

George was everything you'd said he would be, and MORE! He was right there
on the pier, as he said he would be. He whisked us off to the Acropolis
before it got too hot and -- most importantly -- before any tour busses got
there. We went to the Plaka and visited Byzantino. Boy is that place
dangerous!! George was great about this too. He got us as close as he could
by car and then called the store on his cell phone and had them send someone
to take us the rest of the way. He couldn't leave the car, but we got an
escort in both directions. Such VIP treatment! Anyway, by the time we got
out of there we had done our bit to bolster the Greek economy, believe me!
The workmanship, as you had said, was outstanding. It was impossible not to
buy something. I wound up getting three pairs of 22k earrings for gifts. One
of the girls bought a gorgeous ring, and another bought a ring and a couple
of gold charms. The people there were very gracious and attentive and I
think they gave us some good deals also. They said that they always extend
an additional discount to customers that you refer to them, so thank you.

George took us to this great little Greek taverna on the road to the Temple
of Poseidon for lunch. It was great food with a sensational backdrop!

All in all, it was a delightful day. The women will never stop talking about
George! I will certainly recommend him to anyone headed for Greece. Thanks
so much for your great Athens Guide -- you perform a real service. I am
sending a little "note" of appreciation your way.

Thanks again,

Rick Holmes 

We just recently returned from our Greece/Turkey trip.  One of the best things we did in advance was to "book" George ("The Famous Taxi Driver").  He certainly made our short visit to Athens everything it could possibly be in two short days.  We never could have seen so much with a large group tour.  He had all the Guide Books and let us take them to our hotel room over night so we could prepare in advance for the following day's trip.  All his suggestions on where to go and what to see were perfect.  His suggestions for small countryside restaurants were so unique, local and inexpensive.

I highly recommend George as a trustworthy, knowledgeable and (very important) nonsmoking, taxi driver guide.

Thanks for making a great trip even better!

Renee Latty, Colorado, USA 

I also took your advice and contacted George Kokkotos.  He arranged all of our transfers, and if he was not available, he sent another driver equally professional, English speaking, non-smoking, with an immaculate Mercedes.  I totally agree that the extra few Euros you pay are worth it.  We also took a private full day with George to Delphi.  This may have been my husband's favorite day in Greece.   George gave us a comprehensive introduction to Greece, the language and its history, as he showed us the countryside, a monastery, the ruins at Delphi, and took us to a wonderful little restaurant.  Since this was our second day, it really set the stage for an enjoyable vacation.  Now that we have returned home, we feel like we have a family friend in Greece. 
Della Bossart

The “best” thing I have ever found on the internet was Matt Barrett’s website and

“George the Famous Taxi Driver”.  My wife, daughter and I spent a week from March 26 - April 2, 2006, in Greece with George’s son Billy as a guide.  It was more like traveling with a nephew than a hired taxi driver.  Billy was very personable, polite and went above and beyond the call of duty to make our week pleasurable.  We not only learned about the ancient sites but about life in Greece today.  Billy was very candid with answers to any and all questions about him, his family and Greek culture.  It was the best of our 4 European vacations and in my opinion the only way to see Greece. We met George while in Delphi and George was there to say goodbye after the changing of the guard on Sunday.  George, you and your family are the best and we'll recommend your services to all. 

Dale W.

Dear Matt,

I found your site only upon the last minute change of the Seabourn Spirit`s final port.  What you supplied was wonderful and can help all who travel!  Yor are to be commended for such a thorough newsletter.

My wife and I have traveled to all the continents in the last four years and are fortunate at our age to know more about travel than most.  Your supply of information was excellent for this independent traveler.

One of the best finds is George Kokkotos.  He and his son, Dennis, were excellent and I thank you for planting the seed that makes him what he is today.

I would like to help those who see your site to and want to visit Athens to know about George.  What can I do to spread the word and help his exposure in this time when few travel?


Dr. Ken E. Edwards III

My family and I went to Greece for the first time this summer.  I
discovered your website about six moths before we went.  We had decided
to stay at the Hilton in Athens simply because it was American and we
didn't know what else to do.  After I found you web site though we
switched to the Electra Palace Hotel and with the money we saved (it
cost about half what the Hilton did) we hired George to take us to
Delphi for the day and for transfers to and from the airport.  We had
the BEST TIME! :)  All of us (even my 15 year old sister who doesn't
like being anywhere without her friends) enjoyed our stay and are
determined to go back!  You website was a life saver.  On behalf of all
my family - THANK YOU!

Hi Matt for your swift reply. I was wanting to send your websight to a friend so they can contact you for information on there next vacation. I never did tell you thank you but this seems as good a time as ever as my mom always said better late than never...... My son,dad and I arrived in Athens dec 18 2004. We were greeted at the airport by George co worker(John) and what a pleasure he was. It was about 2am. We almost felt like we were coming home with having someone there to meet us. He spoke very clear english and knew just how to get to the Cecil Hotel. The streets were full of Christmas lights and when he told us to take note of the deserted streets for the next day would be full of life. We had a very confortable nite and were up the next day greeted by George himself and taken on a private tour of Athens one we will never forget.... We were in Athens for three days then rented a car and drove to Patra(TimeShare) then found our way to Olympia, Kalamata, and to Pylos finding the family we were in search of in Meshori. By the end of our stay we found our way to Delfoi, all the way to Sounio. Eight days we will never ever forget..... With your help we started our venture with great ease..George helped guide my son to feel comfortable in his driving thru the country. I really appreciate all his advise.  Hope to return in the summer to see new sights. I will be in touch and share your websight to my friends. Thank You Glenna

Hi. I want to thank you for your home page and give you some feedback.
My name is Jack Sabia.  This past July, my wife (Joan) and I traveled to
Italy, Crete & Athens.

Before we departed Virginia, I came across your home page searching the
web and printed out the information with George Kokktos's phone numbers.
I took along these pages.  I was lucky. George was available. I pulled
out the pages AFTER arriving in Athens early in the morning and showed
them to our son and daughter-in-law after getting to the hotel.  I
called George, referenced your home page, and, fortunately, he was
available.  He came over two hours later and took us around Athens for
about three hours.  He agreed to meet us at the hotel the next morning
and we took an all day tour to Corinth and several ancient sites in that
portion of the mainland.  (Three of us took a bus tour to Delphi in 1986
and decided to go to some place different)  Since we had to return to
the ferry on the evening of the second day, traveling around with George
with our luggage in his trunk of his air-conditioned Taxi was great!  As
you stated in your home page, it is cheaper to use George than a tour
bus.  Besides, George is a pleasure to be with and we truly want to
thank you for your home page information.

Jack Sabia 

Dear Mr. Barrett,

I just read Albert Harris' posted letter to you praising George the Famous Taxi Driver.  I can only say, that I wish I had written it.  We spent one day in Athens last year while on a cruise.  It was amazing what we were able to see in one day, with George as our driver.  I had read about George on your web site, and from there was able to follow the link to George's web page.  I too, like Albert Harris, had been hesitant about putting our only day in Athens in the hands of a taxi driver.  It was the best decision we could have made.  George was there waiting for us as we left our ship at 7:35AM in the morning.  He made sure that we were back on board, long before our ship sailed.   With George, we saw much more than what all the tours promised, and we never felt rushed.   We too, now feel like George is a friend.  We will be taking another cruise of the Mediterranean this year, with our daughter and son-in-law.  Yes, we will be spending another day with George.  Our daughter is a classics scholar, and this will be her first visit to Greece.  As we will, again, have only one day in Athens, I wouldn't consider trusting anyone but George with this precious day.  Thank you so much for recommending George on your web site.

Vicki Trenten
Dear George, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get this thank to you, but we came home to our daughter in the hospital with her pregnancy for 6 weeks during which I've been there taking care of my grndsons.  Good news is - we have a new one and  he's healthy!
Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website.  I have already posted info on and aol.
We were delighted with all your services from transfers to tours!  The tour with Kristos to Mycenae, Corinth, and Epidaurus was so comfortable, and the video on the dash board to prepare us for our visits was real bonus!  We cannot say enough good things about your son Billy who took us on a tour of Delphi and Meteoras.  He is extremely knowledgeable, very thoughtful, and fun to be with!  We were introduced to some areas and aspects of Greece we would have never seen without his guidance.You take such good care of your clients, too, even calling ahead to tell Billy to take us to a new restaurant you had just discovered.  We left Greece with such wonderful memories of the country and its people, in large part because our experiences with your "family." 
Thank you so very much!
Lynne Harris

P.S.  Could you send Billy's address?  We discussed a book I'd like to send him.

Dear Billy,
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip to Delphi and Galaxidi last week. I think those two days were the highlight of my trip to Greece this year. I miss Greece already and it was very hard to leave. It was even harder to go back to work yesterday! I am already planning my trip for next year! I saw some places that I'd love to visit next time. How was your trip to Italy? I have some pictures to send you from the trip. Is this the best e-mail address to send them too? Please also tell Dennis thank you for getting us to the airport at such an early hour and for doing such a great job squeezing all of our luggage in! Next year there will definitely be less luggage!
Shari Taylor

Dear Matt,

On behalf of our traveling companions, (Ken & Sharon), my husband Terry and
myself, our sincere thanks for all of your advise and suggestions which
contributed to making our recent vacation in Greece nothing short of fabulous.
If you're in the mood for on.

We took your advise and hired George - what a sweetheart and a great idea.
Although he wasn't able to pick us up from the airport, he sent Peter who was
equally courteous and promptly escorted us to the Hotel Hera.

The Hera was one of the recommendations made by Aliki and although at first
glance appeared somewhat "tired", it's in a great location while hoofing it in
Athens.  The rooms are clean, the breakfast reasonable and overall felt we got
good value for our money.  If I remember correctly it was about $52 US/night.

After a long journey via Frankfurt, we arrived in Athens mid afternoon and
stretched our legs by scaling the stairs to the Acropolis.  A few photos, a few
drinks and dinner in the Plaka, fought to stay awake past 10 pm.

George met up with us early the following day, and we set out to tour the
mainland.  The Corinthian Canal, Ancient Corinth, Ancient Mycenae, Naupoli (?)
and finally to the Theatre at Epidaurus.  Quite a day.  George generously
provided ice water, cold apples, and on the route home introduced us to fresh
figs which he picked from a roadside tree.  We arrived back in Athens, the end
of a great day.

One more day in Athens, mostly window shopping and a walk through the park
before preparing for an early rise and sail to Sifnos.  Aliki  arranged our
hydrofoil passage and George made sure we arrived on time.  He secured our
boarding passes, toted our bags and before long were on route to places unknown.

Thanks Matt and keep in touch,
Suzann Landry

Hello Matt and thank you! We are now back from an awesome time in Greece !!! What a great country! We went with George’s taxi service and had Makis Xilagouras  as our taxi driver. He made our trip. I mean that totally. On the 26th , he took us to Corinth and I knew it was closed but he made it incredible even taking us around beaches and getting cheese pies and baklava. So we signed up for Sounio and  he even took us to an authentic Greek restaurant and ordered for us and we signed up then for Delphi and he took us to an incredible restaurant with an incredible view. Our trip was made by Mr. Makis Xilagouras . He showed us what Greece was really all about, not just Athens . I just want to express my gratitude for you and your recommendation of Georges Taxi , our family had a trip of a lifetime. Thank you. Karen Dunn  

Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 10:55 AM

Hi George,

Thank you very much for the helpful and efficient service we received on our recent trip to Greece.  Our travelling was much more enjoyable knowing that one of your drivers was going  to meet us, help with all our luggage and get us to our destination on time.  Having travelled to Greece on many occasions, I felt that your drivers were far more helpful and friendly than any other taxi driver I have had before. 

In addition, your personal help in emailing me with advice on timings and information on the riots in Athens was absolutely invaluable in enabling us to plan our trip in the best possible way. 

We will certainly be using your taxi service again and hope to come back to Greece either this September or next May.

Teri Farrar

To: "George Taxi & Limo" <>
Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 10:34 AM

Good morning from the USA, George!
I wanted to let you know that my wife and I decided to hire Makis Xilagouras for a private tour of Athens after he picked us up from the airport when we landed in Athens in the middle of May.

In short, he was absolutely amazing, made our trip and was truly an incredible person. Without him, Athens wouldn't have been the same. We will forever remember him and his great service.

In fact, we recommended him/your company to another couple we met in Santorini.

Please feel free to post this message on Matt's site, which is where we found you originally.

Congrats on having the best taxi driver ever.

-Josh and Kristin Lord

Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 1:46 PM

Hi George,
My group and I would like to say how much we enjoyed our time in Athens.  Mike (Mykos?) was absolutely wonderful!  He made our stay so enjoyable and special.  Please let him know this and also how much we enjoyed his wine!  Mike was very entertaining and knowledgeable about Greece.  He took us to some very special places that made the trip even more enjoyable.  If any of our friends travel to Greece, we will definitely recommend you and your associates.  Thanks again!
Jane Shuh

Dear Matt:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to send you (and George) a quick thank you.
I found George through your Greece Travel website, and even though I had never done anything like it in the past, went ahead and contacted George regarding his services for our trip to Athens. What a great experience it was!
George' s response to my initial inquiry was very prompt and he proposed an itinerary that went way beyond what we thought we could see in one day. All of our emails went very well and my wife and I were looking forward to our Athens excursion and meeting George.
Business being what it is (very good I guess), George had a prior commitment and was not our driver. His associate, Nicholas, though was a worthy replacement, and met us at the agreed time at our hotel. A native Athenian, Nicholas spoke excellent English and his knowledge of the city and surrounding area was superb!! He provided us with excellent information about the sites we were touring and never made us feel rushed. While we saw quite a bit in one day, we never felt that we were shortchanged in the amount of time we spent at each site. It was clear that we could take as much time as we wanted - Nicholas would be waiting for us when we were ready to move on.
He followed the same itinerary that George had proposed and even took us to some additional sites that George had not mentioned. (In this case, Athens traffic worked in our favor!) Nicholas was articulate, interesting and smart enough to know when no commentary was necessary - allowing us to simply absorb the beauty and culture that is Greece! He made our day one of the most enjoyable ever.
We did meet George later in the day at a restaurant near the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. He was as nice as the other testimonials led us to believe. He wanted to make sure that we were having a good time and that Nicholas was taking good care of us. We assured him that he was and offered many compliments.
I hope that you are able to add this testimonial to George's page as we are extremely pleased that we found him. We would highly recommend him (and Nicholas) to anyone looking for a fabulous sightseeing adventure in Athens and surrounds. Should our travels take us back to Athens, we will happily use George again!
Thank you as well for the wonderful website - it gave us everything we needed for a very rewarding stay in Athens.
Sincerely yours,
Jerry and Kerry Park
Simi Valley, CA

Message for George Kokkotos:

You drove my 14 year old daughter, Elizabeth, and me from the Herodion Hotel in Athens to Delphi (via the Monastery of Hosios Lucas) on Saturday, August 5.  I have just discovered that the paperback book on Delphi which you lent us came home with us in my backpack. I shall send it back to you in the next few days.  Thank you again for the wonderful tour - and all those fresh figs!  We also appreciated Tom meeting us at the airport very early in the morning on Friday and Chris taking us back to the airport on Sunday afternoon.  We loved Greece - it was the best part of our trip.

Karen Crow 

Greetings, George, Billy and Family:

I hope this e-mail finds you all well and that you remember us.  We visited Greece this past June and you handled our many airport, ferry and hotel transfers…but most importantly, you took us to visit our relatives in Doreza.  

We wanted to thank you for your professionalism, reliability, and compassion.  You were there when you said you would be; every driver we had was knowledgeable, courteous and personable; and Billy…you took wonderful care of us and our older Cousins on our memorable trip out to the Peloponnese.

We hope to return to Greecein June 2007.  If we do, we will certainly call upon you again.  We still have not had the opportunity to meet the famous George, so we have to come back!

We wish you and your family all the best.

With kind regards,
Jamie, Dennis, Zoe and Eleni Scurletis

When I was planning my third trip to Greece last winter (first with internet capability), I read the message board and recognized from Matt's answers that he was a knowledgable person to ask for help. This was confirmed again on reading his Athen's travel guide. Having spent some time in Athens I saw right away that he knew the city well and I enjoyed the fact that there was more offbeat information than your usual travel book.

I made most of our travel arrangements (except for Athens hotel) through Dolphin Travel who proved to be very responsible. I faxed George and though it seemed like a lot of money to pay a taxi driver for a ride from the airport, we did book him to pick us up, as we were arriving in Athens on a Saturday night at midnight, and needed to see a friendly English-speaking face.

We arrived exhausted after a day of travel that had included a 5 hour layover in Zurich, and there was George with a big sign with our names on it. My boyfriend, who never believed that the people I talk to on the internet really exist, was astonished and happy. George took us to the hotel we had booked ourselves(as we always stay there in Athens) only to find that they had never received my deposit and had given away our room a few hours before. So
there we were at 1:00 am on a Saturday night (Sunday morning now) in Athens. Any other taxi driver would have been long gone by that time - but George, who had helped us with the bags - had stayed, waiting to make sure we had a room. And it was George who ran around the Plaka until he found us a place to spend the night. We felt really cared for.

And it was through George that I learned that Matt was in town. We spoke on the phone - met for ouzo at Bretto's and had a wonderful dinner with Matt and Andrea and their friends in the Plaka! That evening we met an old school friend of Matt's (he and Matt both speak fluent Greek, by the way) who was going to Santorini with his mother and staying a few doors from the lovely villa we had booked through Dolphin/Hellas. With another couple we all rented
a mini-van and saw the island together, having great meals and lots of fun. When we got to Lesvos (at Matt's suggestion) we also visited Matt and his family and had a great time on that beautiful island.

And that's my story of Matt and George - the people in my little black box who came to life and enriched our trip so much. When George returned us to the airport for our very early morning flight back to the states 3 weeks later, he told us that he would have taken us home with him that night had we not been able to find a room. He remarked as to how rested we looked now, and that I had "some sunset in my face." How poetic and priceless - that was
worth the whole wonderful trip!


Hi Matt--You had a wonderful message on the Greek board called the Situation in Greece, on your return this week.  Then, overnite it disappeared, as you see in the letter following.  Maybe you can zap it back on.  How does stuff just disappear like that??

Anyhow, I'm totally enthralled with George and his family.  If they'd rent me a room, I'd move in.  Our Easter dinner was 10 hours long, and I could never stand to be with any other friends for that much time.   On both sides, we all could have sat there all night.

An amazing coincidence--amazing closing of a circle.  I asked them about my childhood favorite song, Herakina, by Tsintsanis.  Not only did I finally get the translation I've been looking for for 30 years, it turned out to be the very same song George used to have his mother sing to him when he was little and couldn't sleep.  Talk about small world.

If Loula lived on my street, we would hang out in each other's kitchens.   Their 3 sons and all the rest of the family, even Mom who is 80+ and spoke no English were wonderfully hospitable to us.  We're going to stay in touch for sure, as friends.

Anyhow, we thank you for being instrumental in arranging this new contact for us.    Oh yes, almost forgot--the liquor shop Brettos or similar name, with the casks and the colored bottles.  They know you well.  I made a toast to you with their nice fresh ouzo.

I want to go back so badly--if you ever need an unpaid assistant, just let me know!!!

This was the last "family" trip before my daughter goes to college, and it was a total success. . . 

I just wanted to thank you for your help.  George was
right there at the airport after the tiring flight and
it was such a relief to see the sign with my name on
it.  I love Pagrati, I'm staying right near Plateia
Varnava on a really nice residential street.

Thanks again,


Having just come back from 2 weeks in Greece I feel like I know you since it was your guide that helped make this one of our best vacations ever.

First of all there was George the Taxi Driver.  He was outstanding and I hope you will pass this on to him.  We spent 3 days with George one in the Peloponnese and 2 in Delphi and Meteora.  By the end of 3 days I felt like I was saying goodbye to a member of my own family.  He was very knowledgeable and gave us an insight into the Greek culture that you just can't get from tour books and huge bus tours.  Plus he knows the best place to stay in Meteora!!  Not some chain hotel in town but a wonderful spic n' span clean inn in the mountains called Arsenis.  When I walked out onto our balcony the mountain view was so beautiful I wanted to sing out a chorus from the Sound of Music!  By the way, no one should go to Greece without Meteora on their tour.  In all our travels I have never experienced any natural beauty like it not to mention the spiritual aspect.

Thanks again for all your recommendations!  We cannot wait till we return to Greece with all its beauty, history and warm and friendly people!!

Charlene Carbone 

I want to thank you for providing Chris as our driver and guide while we
were in Athens (Jan 27); he was phenomenal.  He is to be commended for
being a very safe driver, knowledgeable, and a great person.  We got to
see things (such as the Changing Of The Guard) that others on our Cruise
didn't even know about.  And Chris knew the best areas in which to shop,
where to eat (the tavern he took us too was superb), and where the best
cappochino's were.  Mind you, I am not a coffee drinker; I don't even
like the stuff.  So when Chris offered everyone a Cappochino, I accepted
more out of courtesy than a desire to drink coffee.  Well...., I was
pleasantly surprised at the taste.  When you see Chris, tell him that I
am now hooked on Cappochino's.  In fact, I bought a machine yesterday
and put it in my house.  But I haven't found the right blend yet; Greek
cappochino is so much smoother than anything we have in the USA.  I'm
still searching.  If you or Chris can provide me with the name or brand
of coffee that is commonly served in Greece, I would appreciate it.

Again, thanks ever so much.  My wife and daughter and I have been
watching the video I shot from the front seat of the cab; my daughter
says it's awesome dad.

Take care,

Brad Hanson
Al Polacek 

Hello George,
We have just arrived back from Europe and this is my first opportunity to tell you that without the excellent service and hospitality of Makis, our experience of Greece would not have been so thorough and rich. Having him as our guide was like having a long lost family member showing you around his homeland. At every opportunity and in every way, Makis showed his country with pride and excitement. He was full of information about all of the places that he took us. He always dressed very sharp and spoke great English. He also brought us to some excellent restaurants and places that we never would have known about. He was always extremely punctual, dependable and patient. I would never hesitate in recommending him to any of my friends and look forward to having him as our Greek host the next time we come. We love you Makis!!

David, Kerstin, Valerie and Lukas Franco

My name is Eva Zakariasson and I live in Sweden. I just have to send you a "thank-you" e-mail because you have helped me so very much...
Yesterday me and my family came back from a vaccation in Greece. I´m sure you have heard about all strikes that´s going on there right now... We almost missed our flight home because the busses and trains where on strike. Not the taxis however... Suddenly I remembered that I read about "George the taxidriver" in your fantastic Athen Survivel Guide... So I gave him a call and he (or one of his drivers) drove us to the airport in time so we could catch our flight just 15 min before they closed for the day...
I really like your Survivel Guid a lot!!! I read it over and over again, specially in the long cold Swedish winter...And this time it really helped me to "survive". For that I will tank you a lot!
I hope you forgive my poor english, I´m not so used to write in english... I whish you all the best from Eva Z in a rainy Sweden...
PS. We even had time to visit Mellisinos Art and bought a pair of sandals to my husband..

My family and I traveled to Greece in summer of 98.  Your quide was
incredibly valuable and we thank you for it!  We printed it, read it and
depended upon it while in Greece.

The night before the first day of really sightseeing, we got out George's
number but decided that it was too late to call him for the next day.  So we
went out on our own the next day.  At the end of the day we were walking by
the Grande Bretagne to see it again (from a previous trip) and hopefully to
grab a cab.  We needed to go to the office of a ferry company to pick up our
ferry tickets.

As we were walking by the Grande Bretagne a man called to us to see if we
needed a cab.  We said yes, expecting to go with the gentleman who summoned
us.  Instead he directed us to another gentleman.  We jumped in our cab and
took off for the ferry company.  When my husband went inside to pay for the
tickets I was looking at our driver and he looked vaguely familiar.  I asked
him if, by some small chance, he  had a web site and he answered no but that
there was this man named Matt from the US.....etc. etc...  I pulled out my
picture of George and his wife that I printed off the internet and he pulled
out the original!!! Unbelievable!!!

We used his services that night as he drove my husband, me and our 2 small
children to Sounion for dinner and sunset.

He is a godsend in a city of smokers!!!  As with all the people we met, he
was informative, very friendly and genuinely nice.

We thank you for all your incredible tid bits of information.  It made our
trip quite pleasant.

We thank you!

Heidi Evans 

Matt Barrett:
You provided lots of information on Internet about Greece, and you sent me
an additional E-mail.
I just want you to know that I used George for Taxi service.  He actually
sent his right hand man Jonas Arvanitakis to pick us up at the airport, and
we used Jonas the next three days to  sightsee in Athens, then to Sounion
for a half-day trip, and the final day an all day trip to Delphi, then he
took us to the airport upon departure for Turkey.
Jonas did a wonderful job, had a very nice Mercedes Benz taxi owned by his
dad. He is a good driver, and speaks pretty good English. George called me
at the hotel and hoped all is well.
Your internet information and e-mail were very helpful.  Thank you very
Gustav Raaum 

hello george -

sorry we did not get to meet you during our recent visit to athens.
however, both your wife and the "other" george were most helpful.  please
also know that we very much enjoyed george's tour to corinth.  he was both
knowledgeable and exceedingly gracious.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services in the future.

bob berman 

George was VERY kind to me and the other 3 people who were with us.  He spoke very good English (he drove a cab in NYC for years).  All Greeks can be short at times, but George was very polite and courteous.  He treated us like royalty.

After my first full day with George, I decided to use him a second day.  I also recommended him to a friend who tried to use him but George was already booked.

Greece is not the cheapest place to travel to.  I was going to rent a car for one of the days I was in Greece because I needed to go from Athens to Patras.  I told George this, and he said that his fee would actually be cheaper than a car rental.  Showing him a disbelieving face, he insisted that I compare and stopped at the Hertz counter.  He was right.  His services were cheaper than renting a car.  We are all in our own financially driven life style.  I enjoy paying a little more for something that is a little better because I can afford it.  But George was inexpensive to the other comparison I had.  Because he was such a good driver and because his fee was very reasonable, we tipped him extra, and I still feel like I should have gave him a bigger tip.  In fact I purchased him a Christmas present that I haven't sent yet.

George was very concerned about our comfort and safety.  He had a wonderful newer car with GREAT air-conditioning.  He insisted that I not touch any of my bags.  He let me spend many minutes (long distance I add) on his cellular phone.  He did not charge me for this.

I have traveled around the world and use personal tour guides often.  George is the best I have ever had.  He made sure we always had water and would bring food for us to munch on.  He always arrived early to be sure his windows were clean.

I found George to be reasonable and a very kind driver.

Dear Matt:  My husband and I were planning a Mediterranean cruise and I happened upon your web site.  I found it to be the most well written, helpful site.  We were planning to spend a couple of days in Athens so I called George the taxi driver and although he wasn't available for the dates we were going to be there, one of his other drivers was.  We arrived in Athens on April 20 and Christos met us at the airport and took us to our hotel.  He picked us up the next morning and we spent the day touring Athens and Sounion.  He then took us to the ship.  What a great time!!  Christos was a wonderful tour guide.  We also followed your advice and went to Brettos where we got Ouzo and brandy.  You were right about the Ouzo.  There's no comparison with what one gets in the states. We haven't tried the brandy yet.  Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your hard work and your wonderful web site.  Thanks!
Fran Powers 

I wanted to thank you for your help.  As per your suggestion I contacted George
to have him meet my family at the airport on July 15th.  He was extremely efficient
with our reservations calling and faxing to make sure we had the correct dates, times
and flight numbers.  When we all arrived (10 of us:  Mom, sisters, nieces) three
taxis were there with Jordan in charge.  They were undaunted by all the luggage.
I like to travel light but my nieces like to take a pair of shoes for each hour of the
day and a different color frock to match whatever mood or occasion may arise.
Jordan and his friends took us into Athens and the next day picked us up to
take us to Souion.  We had a grand time and loved watching the sun set over
the "wine dark sea".  On Saturday our new friends met us promptly at 4 pm to take
us to Pireaus to catch a ship.  The Fam was suitability impressed with my
arrangements.  (I had lived in Greece in the 70's , my daughter was born in
Mitera Maternal Clinic in Athens and they think I am the authority on Greece)
Thanks for your help.  We had come through London on our own trying to get all
of us together into town from Gatwick.  What a mess.  Our arrival in Greece made
me look like a rocket scientist.
Athens has changed.  Glyfada has changed.  The Plaka is so different.
However, the delight I felt when the plane touched down in Glyfada and everyone
clapped was incredible.  Some things never change - the delight and the clapping.
I enjoyed your newsletter.  I'm already planning to return but would like info on
renting a house in Naflion  or perhaps on Crete.  Any suggestions?
Thanks again.      Cindy Lanier    Ozark, Alabama. 

Let me tell you about George!  We just got back from two days in Athens and a week in Crete.  We had originally contract George Kokkotos, VIP Taxi Service, to have him take the three of us to Delphi and back on Sunday April 11.  We had already been to Athens' other main sights, all the Delphi sightseeing tours were overnight trips, and we had only one full day to play with.  So we decided to splurge on a private tour, and reserved George well in advance.

As we got closer, George found out that Delphi would be closed that day for Greek Easter Sunday, as would everything else and sent us the most amazing invitation:  he asked us to spend the day, Easter Sunday, as his guest, with his family.  Of course, we were thrilled and accepted with great pleasure.

From the moment he met us at the airport with our names on a sign, to the minute we said good-by-until-next-time, we were welcomed as if we were family.  It was as if we had all been friends for years.   His whole extended family, and even some neighbors, made us feel more than just welcome, they made us really feel happy to be there.  George and his lovely wife, lived in New York for some years, so they speak good English, as do his three handsome
sons.  We sat around swapping stories,  from one in the afternoon until eleven at night, and if we hadn't had to catch a plane the next morning for Crete, we would probably still be there.

We're going to stay in touch and will surely get together again.  The day with George set the tone for our continuing trip to Crete, where the magic continued and we have memories that the three of us will never forget.   A fantastic, safe, staggeringly beautiful visit to Greece.  Crete has very dramatic scenery and is filled with history back to the Minoans.

So, if anyone wants to know the best person for taking care of you in Athens, talk to me about George.  If you don't want to have to re-contact me, here's his number.  He does his work only by advance reservation and books up fast during the peak months.  It's only him and the one car, so plan ahead.   Mention me, please.  George Kokkotos.  VIP Taxi Service.  Phone and fax:  from US:  0113015024482.  Mobile phone 0110932205887.  Incidentally, he must
be the only man in Athens who doesn't smoke. . .

Note to the cynics out there, I am not a travel agent, no I don't work for Matt, or for George, or for the Greek Tourist Office, or anyone. . .just a person passing along a tip. . .

Marie Troxell 

just thought you'd like to hear some feedback re.: you're website recommendation
of GEORGE--this taxi service ROCKS! 

Dear George:

Please accept our thanks for your aid and assistance in showing us around
Greece.  Your service was outstanding and we feel your company went out
of your way to make us feel welcome. The tributes to you on Matt Barret's
page do not do you justice. It was a comfortable feeling to know that we
were in your hands.

We thought Greece was beautiful, the people friendly. Unfortunately for us,
we didn't have some of your best weather, but no one can control that.

We will highly recommend you to anyone going to Athens. If you are ever
in Indiana, please feel free to contact us.

Mike and Carolyn Gibbons

Dear Matt,


Before leaving for Greece, a friend recommended your website and I believe it made all the difference in how much my daughters and I enjoyed our time there.  Because one of my daughters was studying in Athens, we chose to stay there and take day trips from our hotel. 


On your recommendation, we contacted George, the famous taxi driver of Greece, and were treated to the services of his son, Dionisis (Dennis, to us).  He was a wealth of information not only while we were with him, but also for suggestions of activities and places to go while we were on our own.  He took us to restaurants and shops that had specialties we would never have known without him, all the while answering any questions we had regarding his limitless knowledge of Greek history, sites and his amazing country.  When we told him that we wanted to visit Rhodes, he took us to a travel agent that fit into our busy schedule and helped us negotiate our arrangements.  He even contacted another recommended driver, Nick, in Rhodes and arranged for him to meet us at the airport, and then called the next day (while we were with Nick) to be sure things had gone smoothly.


In Rhodes, Nick was his equal in every aspect: caring, informative and also a fabulous guide with an obvious love of Rhodes and its unique history.  ( I told Nick that I thought Greece should give him an award as a Good Will Ambassador.  Dennis also would qualify out of Athens.)  Their knowledge and personalities magnified our experience by sharing so much background information about Greece's rich history, that we came home with not only wonderful memories and fabulous pictures, but also a deeper understanding of life in Greece from ancient times to the present. 


Thank you so much for sharing your love of Greece on your amazing website.  I can't imagine what we would have missed had we not visited it before we left New York!



Kathy Grossman

          We've just come back from Greece. Just to tell you that DolphinHellas (Uli), George Kokkotos and his group of taxi-drivers, the phone service from Tom and also the pizza and pasta from his brother were all great. Beautiful Old Town of Rhodes; we were in the Nikolis Hotel, just beside the wall. Fascinating by night!

                                        Ana Maria Orsatti 

Hi Matt,

We just returned from an unforgettable trip to Athens.  Your website was invaluable as I booked my trip 9 days before my departure and didn’t have much time to prepare.  We fell in love with the food, wine, people and city.  The best information obtained from your site was “George the taxi driver’.  While we never actually got to meet George, the services were out of this world.  Our flights were delayed and another friend’s luggage was lost, yet when we came through customs on three separate occasions, there was someone to meet us and take us to our hotel.  Talk about stress free!  We toured 1 ½ days with George’s son, Dennis.  He was amazing!  He was professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and fun.   We wouldn’t have had the same experience in  Athens without using this service.  Thanks for the tip.  We can’t wait to go back.

Thanks again,


George, the best taxi in Athens,  was the best.  He was not able to meet our flight, but he sent Toni, who was delightful.  George took us on a tour of Athens on Tuesday and then took us to Voulagmeni, where Kate was staying.  We then had dinner in Glyfada.  Toni again took us to the airport at 6:30am on Wed for out flight to Santorini.

I'm back in New York right now and still somewhat recuperating from that long flight.
I just wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous time in Greece.  I Hired George's taxi service and I got Christos.  Christos was every bit a gentlemen, enjoyable and extremely knowledgeable about every place we visited.
I plan to come back to Greece in April with my husband this time and because of Christo I wish very much to hire him for all my tours!
Christos--don't ever change and I hope you receive this email.  Best wishes to you and your family Christos and thanks so much!  You are truly a gem.
Dr. Sheila Grant-Bolanos
Oct. 11-18th, 2000.
Acropolis Select Hotel 

We cannot express enough how wonderful Constantinos was during our trip to Greece these last 2 weeks. Please pass on our email to him.
He was the best thing we found in Greece!
The conversation with Constantinos was enlightening as well as entertaining. He was so very helpful with information and assistance. Our trip was so much more enjoyable and rich with memories because of him.
Please tell Lula that the suggestion of the Sunday trip to Sounio was the best idea!!
14 rolls of film are in for development - we will send a few on to you via email.
God Bless and may we meet again!

Becky & Mike Janssen 

Had a great time in Greece and hope to see you the
next time we travel to your area.  Hope the diet is
going well.  Will recommend you to anyone we know who
is traveling to Athens.

Donna & Susan 

For what it's worth, I used the information on your page to contact
George for two days of guide services while in Athens.

We were met promptly at our hotel by a man named Christos who told us
that George was booked but he was filling in for the day.  Christos
owned an older Mercedes that he normally used as a cab and drove us to
Delphi with several excellent side trips on the way.  He was well
informed and spoke very good English and went about the excursion in a
leisurely and informative manner.  As we approached Delphi, he confirmed
by his cell phone with a private guide, whom we met at Delphi, that she
would guide us through the actual site.  She also did an excellent job.

Upon returning to Athens on the day long excursion, Christos showed us
where the shopping would be best and dropped us off there, offering to
wait for us but we knew we could find a cab to get back to the hotel.

On the second day, Christos was again prompt and conducted a four hour
tour of Athens, getting us to all the right places, such as the changing
of the guard, without long waits.

He did an exceptional job and we'd highly recommend his services.

Hope this was helpful.

I also used the information on your page and found it to be an excellent
guide as we found our way through Athens.  This was my fourth trip to
the city and thought I had seen most of it but your guide took us to
places I had not visited.  Thank you for such an excellent product.

We just wanted to say THANKS! for the safe trips to
and from the airport, and seeing that we were taken
care of at the hotel and the airport and not just
kicking us out of the cab on the curb.

Thanks for the friendly conversation and tolerating
all of the questions from a first time visitor to
Athens. You really made our stay nice, and we just
wanted to let you know we appreciated it!
We hope you enjoyed your donut and coffe!
Thanks again!

John and Amy Swadner

Hi Matt,
     I arranged the tour with the Dimocks and Sullivans in Athens through your web site, and we all wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time in the limo.  Dennis was so informative and friendly that we felt quite at home, although we couldn't speak the language.  In a half day, we felt as if we had a chance to see the best of the city with explanations along the way. 
    Keep up the good work.  We envy anyone who has the opportunity to see Greece through your eyes!
           Warm regards,
            Suzanne Pearson
             Cape Cod, MA  USA
P.S.  Please give my best wishes to Dennis and tell him to wait for the "magic!"  He'll know it when it happens.

Thanks to George for sending Nick to pick us up at the airport. He was
wonderful, and made us feel right at home in Athens. Even though we decided
to head down to Napflion and Santorini rather than stay in Athens, we're
recommending you to all our friends who are going to Greece. Thanks again.
- Alex Schuh


It's Doug, one of the stranded cruise passengers your rescued yesterday!

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your help in getting us from the airport, in booking a hotel for us, and in transfering us to the ship.  We were extremely relieved to get back onboard and we even enjoyed the day in Athens.  We did manage to find the Acropolis and even have a few souvlaki pitas and gyros near Monstiraki Square.

Thank you once again.  I know we kept you up late and had you up early and are most appreciative of your assistance.

Douglas Yiu

Hi Matt Barrett,
I just wanted to thank you for an excellent website. I used much of your information and advice from hiring George (actually got Nick, a wonderful driver) to staying at The Electra Palace. We loved the pool! It was the first time in Greece for my friend and I and we both absolutely loved it! We stayed on Hydra for 1 night and also took a 4 day cruise of some of the islands. Greece is so beautiful.  Thanks for making our trip easier with your website!!
Sherry Pedone
Boston, Ma

I had the privledge of having George Kokotos as my driver for 3.5 days.  He was wonderful!  There were three of us.  Actually, I only had his services for 3 days as I got very sick on and had to stay behind on the last half day trip to Cape Sounion.  He took my friends to his home and his wife cooked lunch for them.  She sent back a bowl of chicken/lemon rice for me since I had been unable to eat anything else.  If you haven't gone yet, definately hook up with George!  And tell him his "angels" from Ohio miss him!

My daughter and I used one of George's drivers, Vangelis, and although I'm sure George is wonderful, I don't see how he could possibly be better than Vangelis was!  I highly reocmmend you use George's service - especially Vangelis!

     My wife, mother, father, and I were in Greece and Turkey from late October to mid November in 2001.  Matt Barrett, who has created the page introduced me to the marvelous find of George Kokkotos.  He has a V.I.P. Taxi Service and is tagged with the distinction of "The Best Taxi Driver in Greece".  The title does not give justice to his ability!
     With the assistance of his wife, Loula,  George orchestrates a tailor-made itinerary to your desires.  In George and Loula`s younger years they lived in Melbourne, Australia and New York City.  At the price of $28 per hour you see and understand much more in a designated period of time.  When George is already booked, there is Dennis, one their sons, who is a fabulous compliment!  Dennis, a trained Physical Therapist and born in the United States, is patient and an excellent driver for his years.  He is well versed on many subjects, both in Greece and the world.
     My father is 81 and bests mobilizes with wheelchair and walker.  My mother is quite agile and healthy for her 77 years.  Both are well traveled and enjoyed their time with Dennis and George.  They were given every consideration for their years, as Greece is not well endowed with handicapped facilities.  If you are planning a trip to the Mediterranean and are in Greece, if even for a short time, I would recommend:
George Kokkotos

Hi George(my newly adopted Greek son),
Thank you,thank you,thank you for introducing Cindy,Janet and me to the
beauty and glory of Greece!You made our trip an unforgettable one!Your
extraordinary knowledge of Greek history is remarkable.I feel as if I had a
college semester in a Greek history class.I think I'll nickname you Prof.The
sprig of thyme you picked is in a little Grecian pitcher in my living
room.It still smells beautiful-the Oleander leaves are in a Grecian cup.This
vacation was a dream come true for me and a sort of pilgrimage.We love your
beautiful land ,your people(so friendly)and your food(yum-yum).Thank you
again for taking such good care of us!Regards to Dennis(he's a doll) and
Paul.I hope you went to your island and got reinvigorated.Remember,your
family and your loved ones are your real treasures.You've got to "Stop and
Smell the Roses".Carpe Diem!!
very sincerely,
Lenore Gill(Super Mom)
New Jersey,U.S.A.





Dear Christos,
My two friends and I traveled with George in June and had a wonderful time.
Would you please contact him and ask if he would mind if I put a link to his
webpage on a website I'm creating from my Greek travel.
While you are at it, thank him (and his wife) again for the soup he brought
to me in Athens while I was sick.  It took me two more days to feel better,
but we finished our trip on Crete in fine fashion!
Thank you,
Betsy Kenniston

Please pass along to George, his wife, son and colleagues our thanks for
their excellent service during our vacation to Athens and Mykonos. We were
very impressed with everything. Unfortunately, we were not able to make more
use of their services for touring around Athens and the surrounding area,
but I will certainly recommend them to friends who may someday travel to
Greece. And we will always call when we make our own visits.

We very much enjoyed Greece in spite of the horrible tragedy back here in
the USA. Thanks again for all of your help, and best wishes.


Dave Michela
Tony Lopesio
Tom Jones
Dan Streiff
Steve Passeri
Tim Evens
Chadd Dunn
Bob Cohrs

Dear Dennis,
You the Man! As we say in America. On behalf of the
8Astronomers who went to Delphi with you and the other
driver, THANK YOU AGAIN. You treated us to a once in a
lifetime event. Your attention to detail and kind
understanding was amazing. We all enjoyed every moment
in your care. When you stopped in to check on us
Friday on the bus, we were all thrilled to see you.
You could have been a Rock Star the way everyone was
excited to see you again.

We wish you the best in all you do, and hope you will
take satisfaction in knowing you made our little group
of 7... oops, no 8, :) VERY HAPPY.

Hi George,

Anabelle and I would like to thank you for making the Athens portion of our
vacation very special.  We both hold fond memories of your lectures, though
if the truth be told, I think Anabelle slept  through that part <grin>.  We
also want to let you know we got back ok and all our loved ones are safe and
sound.  We had a wonderful trip, but obviously the events of September 11
put a damper on our trip.  It is very grim in NYC now, as you can imagine.
I used to travel to get to work through the WTC every day.  It is so sad.
Thanks again and we hope to be back sometime in the not too distant future.

Anabelle and Glenn Susser


Sorry we did not have a chance to meet, but I wanted to thank you for sending Vegales in your stead.  We had such a wonderful time with him.  He was si courteous and kind.  And always looking for ways to help us during our stay.  I do not suppose we were the easiest to tour and transfer around, as we had a lot of baggage due to out sailing excursion.
He was just delightful, and we think of him and our fantastic Greek experience often.

In the wake of the World Trade Center bombings ( we arrived home the night before that happened), we are even more thankful to have had the opportunity to see some of Athens and Greece in a more settled time.


Susan & Tim Kirkpatrick, travelling with Scott & Linda Hiltgen

Hi Matt - thanks for all the helpful information on your website.  My wife and I just returned from a two week trip to the Greek Isles.  We had a couple of days in Athens and, upon your recommendation, arranged for George to pick us up at the airport.

We got in two hours late (2am, local time) and fortunately our driver was still there to meet us.  George wasn't available, so he sent one of his associates, Vagelis Kollias.  Vagelis was a terrific help and we ended up hiring him for a tour of Athens the following day.  It was great riding around in a brand new, air-conditioned Mercedes and avoiding the heat of the day.  We'd highly recommend him to anyone in case George is unavailable.
Thanks again for being such an invaluable resource.

Jason & Patti Bell
Sacramento, CA

Just a note to thank you for making my vacation such a wonderful experience.  You, your wife Lulu and your son Nick made me feel more like a visitor to your home than a first-time visitor to your country.

Your warmth and hospitality got my vacation off to a great start.  And what can I say about Nick . . . not only was he a great conversationalist and driver, but gorgeous as well.

I would love to visit your country again, and you can be sure that when I do, you'll be the first person I call.

Thanks again!

-Gwen Carter

Hello George.Just to say thank you for your services from and
to Athens airport,we loved your sons limo!
We may have to do a flying visit to Athens airport and rather
than stay in Athens go straigt to Agios Constantinos,Locridos
to catch the Flying Dolphin.
We cannot say what date it will be but only in the next couple of
months.Could you please give an idea of cost of your service
from airport to A. Constantinos.
Thank you
Peter & Sandy Jones.

Dear Matt: Thanks for your help and advice. I used George last year for a trip to Meteorea and he was FANTASTIC! I plan to use him again, this year. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Sherry

Hello George,


Sorry, we didn't get to meet you  last week but thank you very much for sending the other George to take care of us.  We enjoyed our trip there and my 4 1/2 month daughter was comfortable with the car seat you provided.  She slept most of the time on our way to and from Delphi.


Could you please give our thanks  to George.  He was very nice and kind to us specially with my daughter.  Could you also please forward the attached picture of him with my daughter.


To Mr. Barrrett, thank you very much for your Survival Guide and Greece Traveling with Children site.  Traveling with our baby was indeed an adventure.  And you were right, it can be done.


Again, thank you very much!



Dear Matt---All the information from your web pages was such a great help on our trip to Athens and the Pelopennese last spring--Thanks so much!! George met us at the airport and took us to Delphi the next day. When he heard we(my sister-in-law, daughter and myself) were renting a car from Swift to go to the Peloponnese for a week+ he told me the rules(understood but not written) of driving in Greece. We did great--only tried to go the wrong way once on the one way street--even getting lost in Piraeus for a couple of hours was not awful. Anyway all in all the whole experience was just about perfect--only met 3 "tacky" people--everyone else was so nice--especially in the small out of the way places on the back roads and I can't wait to come back-this time with my husband, hopefully for a longer time. So when we figure out when and where and how (the yacht sounds like a great way to get a different prospective) we'll be getting back to you-maybe next year or after the Olympics.
We are thinking about going to Floriade near Amsterdam for its 10 year flower show. Since you were such a help for my Greek trip I was wondering if you know of a "Matt Barrett-Netherlands style" web page. We have looked at many web pages but all they seem to offer are their "great" tours and we are definitely not "group tour" people. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places (I am not particularly computer literate-but I try)--anyway any help would be appreciated--thanks so much for your time--
Kathy Touchstone

Hi George, Dennis,
How are you. Hope you are getting ready for your Easter
celebrations. Have a great Easter. Hope your Business too is thriving.
Ooops forgot to remind you. I am one among the four Indians from
London who travelled with you a month ago. We had a very great time
travelling with you. Dennis treated us specially on the last two days,
stoping at beautiful spots for taking pictures and taking to nice

Take Care

george-thank you for such a great trip --renee and i talked at dinner
tonight how to get you more business when we get back to usa--last night we
get to paros at 1:30 and the person who was suppose to pick us up was not
there wondered the streets for an hour to find your hotel and we both
said--wish george
was here--finis williams

Home safely 24 May. You know this, but it is so true that Christos is
prompt, full of information, grants every assistance, a great driver and,
most of all, a gentleman.

Just sorry that we couldn't have met you, George.

As I understand it, Matt Barrett and family should have arrived Greece 24
May. If you have a chance to pass along our regards, please do so.

We will pass the word of your wonderful service, George the Famous Taxi

Our trip to Greece was WONDERFUL, and as much as anything else, the warmth
and friendliness of the Greek people made our stay so rewarding. We are
already planning our return.

Jim and Linda

Dear Matt,

I got back last week from Greece and had a great time.  Your website helped out tremendously, however the best recommendation that you gave was George the Taxi Driver.  George didn’t actually pick us.  Instead we were greeted by a young man named John.  John was great.  He was patient, knowledgeable and reliable.  The taxi was spic and span clean and very comfortable.

John proved most valuable on the day of our return home.  The same day that we were scheduled to fly home a strike with the public transportation and some of the air traffic controllers took place.  I called to check on our flight and it had not been affected, however I was told by the hotel front desk that getting a taxi would be practically impossible.  When I told them that I already had reserved a taxi they said that it was a smart move. John was going to pick us up at 930am, however about 850am I went outside to call George on my cell phone.  I spotted John and his taxi in front of the hotel.  Bless his heart, he had shown up early and was waiting for us.  We were ready, so he called some other people to find out the best route to get to the airport.  Thanks to him, we got to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight home.

I will most definitely recommend George and his taxi service to our executives, corporate clients and anyone that I know traveling to Athens.

Although I have traveled internationally for the past 22 years for business and pleasure, this was my first time going to Greece.  Your website helped me to prepare and George’s taxi company gave us a true sense of security.



Hi !

Well, we have to say you made our trip to Greece extra special. Your attention to our comfort and interests, your easy manner and fun banter and your love and knowledge of Greece were unsurpassed. We were a little nervous about the cost but really wanted a personalized tour of Athens, you certainly exceeded our expectations and was well worth every penny! Our Cruise of the Greek Islands, Venice and Istanbul was filled with wonderful memories, your tour remains one of the highlights and we will remember you fondly for many years to come.

Thank you

Dee & Andy Karski
Toronto, Canada


Based upon your expertise on Greece, we booked our land trip of Athens-Delphi-Meteora and hotel in Athens through Aegean Thesaurus Travels June 10-13. It was by chance that the travel Agency has contract with George to provide transportation, so we had the opportunity to experience what you rave about George on your website.

The two day Athens-Delphi-Meteora tour was in care of Makis (also known as Mikey), and we couldn’t have found a better guide. Makis was knowledgeable, helpful, and funny. We were amazed at his command of English, and complimented him for that. We were originally planning to take a group tour, but since tours did not leave on Sundays, we had to book a private tour, and we were fortunate to get Makis as our guide. He showed us places that group tour would not have covered, e.g., the amazing, over five-feet tall nest on top of a church that was built by storks during their annual migration. When we visited, the mama stork and babies were present in the nest. What a sight to see! Knowing that we were vegeterians, Makis took us to a great restaurant near Meteora. In two short days, we had formed such a bond with Makis that when departing we felt like we were leaving a family member, and so did Makis. We would like to share with you our attached photo with Makis, which he may also like to have. Please convey our thanks to Makis for the great time in Athens, and tell him we want to taste pomegranate from his home garden on our next visit.

Our whole trip from June 1 to June 18 was wonderful. Luckily we had left Athens before riots began.

Prafull & Lata Shah, Satish & Rashmi Shah

Dear Matt,
I just wanted to thank you for your amazing website. I just got back from my vacation in Greece and I based it mostly on the information I found on your website.
We took a half day trip to Corinth with Paul, George's partner. It was great to have someone with books in the backseat to read. Paul was so friendly and knowledgeable about the cities.
After Athens, we went to Mykonos and Santorini. Paradise on Earth. I know I do not have to explain to you the beauty. We rented a car in Santorini too! Great idea!

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help!
My boyfriend and I are planning our next trip to Greece already. Speak to you soon!
Take care!

THANK YOU FOR A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi george

just a few lines to thank you for the two trips we did... the service was
superb and we enjoyed the conversation.

truly an excellent service and i look forward to renewing acquaintance
during our next visit to greece - there is still so much to see!

best regards


Dear George & Loula:

I wanted to Thank you once again for helping to make our stay in Greece as
pleasant as it was.

As you know, Niko and Vangelli took care of my family as if they were their
own. Traveling with my Uncle Jim, who is 76, and my son Nicholas, who is 6,
was made easier because of the kindness and care we were shown by Niko &
Thanks to Niko & Vangelli we were able to tour Greece, see the sights and
most of all, enjoy the food. Niko knows every great restaurant in Greece!
They would watch after us to be sure we were both comfortable and safe, even
calling ahead to make sure the air conditioning was put on for Uncle Jim and
taking care to keep Uncle Jim out of the heat while we explored the
archealogical sights.
Not to mention the love and kindness they showed our son Nicholas, teaching
him about the archealogical sights we saw, teasing him, and hugging and
kissing him after keeping them out late as they dropped us at the door of
our hotel each night only to pick us back up early the next day, with never
a complaint of being tired and always looking sharp and well rested.
Niko and Vangelli are the absolute best!

I am sure you and George are very proud to have two wonderful, caring and
kind men as Niko and Vangelli to represent you and your service.

As promised, I will be more than honored to refer your services to family
and friends who are planning to come to Greece in the future.

I hope to come back to Greece again, and when we do, you can bet you will
hear from us!

Again thank you for Niko and Vangelli and the kindness they showed my
family, I will always hold them in my prayers and wish only the best for

Our best wishes to you and your family.
Kind Regards,
Denise McMahon









My grandaughter graduated from high school this year and I promised her a trip to Greece (her father is Greek and her grandmother came from just outside of Athens.) By pure chance I came upon your website and found it very helpful. Although I had been to Greece several times and fell in love with it, this time I was going without my husband and felt a little intimidated. Your suggestions made it easier for me to make my plans and George the Taxi Driver was the perfect solution to three (I also took my daughter) woman on their own to do some sightseeing and be transported from/to the airport and to/from Piraeus.

Not only was he prompt, but he was very informative and courteous. It was such a relief seeing his familiar face when we returned from Paros on the ferry. The pier was so crowded we didn't think we would find him, but sure enough he was waiting by the gangplank!!! (THE REASON FOR OUR TRIP TO PAROS WAS BECAUSE YANNI KATSOULAKOS IS MY SON-IN-LAW'S FIRST COUSIN). When I saw your recommendation for his all-night club, I had no idea he was a partner in that concern as well as the one across the way. It was great fun and he was so grateful for the plug.

Not only did I recommend him to our travel agent, but I also recommended your website, although this agency is very intimidated by the internet.

Thanks again and hopefully next year my husband and I will return to Greece, perhaps this time to another location. I would like to go to Corfu and take the ferry to Albania, which is my father's homeland. I've also been there, but it was very primitive and I guess things have not improved much yet.

Rebecca Lilly


We stayed at the same hotel you were at in Athens and I left a note of thanks for you at the desk. I'm not sure you received it. We also met your friend Peter (from San Francisco) on the elevator.

PPS This was my first time using the internet and your site made it so easy that I have become more at ease about doing more planning, buying, and using it as a resource.

Dear George, Dennis and Chris, Thank you all for your hospitality and providing RobinAnn and I with piece of mind. We had a beautiful time and look forward to visiting again. If you are ever in New York City please conatct us via e-mail or by phone 646-286-2830. Thank you all again and best wishes and good health. Yours, Michele McGonigle

Hi Matt just a short note to say thank you, your site has helped me and my wife have another great holiday in Greece, we also used George's taxi. Picked up by Nick he was just great,
Anyway Matt thanks again Best wishes John & Jane Bratley

Dear George and Loula.

Thank you for making our vacation in Greece so memorable. It was a wonderful way to see the mainland. We
enjoyed meeting Nick, Christo and of course, George!

I do not know if Christo told you or not, but I left my purse (money,
passport, plane ticket, etc.) in his car when he dropped the 3 of us off at
the airport at 5:00 AM. If course when I realized what I had done, I
panicked only to find out that Christo came back and gave my purse to
someone in my party. What a relief when I found out as I was trying to call
you! I would hate to think if we had used a normal taxi in Greece but am so
glad we used you! Please convey my appreciation to Christo and he is my

Thank you very much!

Sharon Inamoto

George - I am finally back in the US, and I wanted to write and say thank
you for a most enjoyable tour. The trip to Sounion was my favorite part of
our trip to Europe, and the meal in the taverna was excellent... exactly
what I expected. Thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful tour of
your beautiful country.


Jim and Elizabeth Bohn  

Hi Matt!

I just came back from Greece and wanted to tell you
what a big help your web site was for me!  I went for
the Athens Marathon and had a great time!  My cousin
used your site, too, when she went to Greece in May.
We both agreed that getting George, the best taxi
driver in Greece, to pick us up at the airport was the
smartest and least stressful way to get into town.

Thanks - Elizabeth Kelley

Dear George,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided my husband
and I during our trip to Athens last week-end.

We will certainly use you when we visit again and will recommend you to any
one else we know travelling to Athens.

Kind regards,
Helen Leary

Hey Billy,
We made it home on the 30th with perfect flights.But nothing was so perfect as our wonderful week guided by you in Greece.  We will never be the same.  Our experiences were life changing and enriching.  We know so much more about our lives by learning about the past. 
Thank you a million times over.
I got my glove and the chocolates from your mother.  I am afraid to say that only 3 of the chocolates made it to the US.  We enjoyed them the entire flight.  The 3 chocolates left were saved for midnight new years eve.
Emily has only 2 chapters left in the book, but has to stop for now because she has a major test on Saturday and has spent her hours studying.  We have already had one snow storm since arriving home and are expecting another 5-8 inches tonight.  Emily is hoping for a no school snow day. 
We all like those.
We have had greek salad, but are having trouble finding good greek cheese.  We will keep searching until we find it. 
Hope you had a great New Years celebration and that you have all the best for the new year.
We have also searched for the cookbook with no luck.
Tamara Gibbs


This is just a note to say thank you for the wonderful trip to Delphi
and Meteora.  Peggy, Maggie and I had a great time.  I wish that we had
known about your service before our travel agent booked our half-day
overview of Athens.  Although our guide was fairly knowledgeable, her
voice was not strong enough to be heard outside and more time was wasted
getting everyone on and off the bus than actually touring Athens.  Next
time we'll know who to contact first!

Again, many thanks for a great tour.  I hope you were able to get your
Thanksgiving turkey without problem.


Ken & Peggy P'Pool
Maggie Speight

Hello there.

Just wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed spending time with
your son Dennis.  I wish we could find someone like him every time we travel.  He
made things so enjoyable and easy for us.  I'll certainly recommend your
service to anyone I know who is planning a trip to Greece.  Thank you again.

Three more Americans that consider you a friend.
Ron, Linda and Jennifer Speer

Matt. Thank you for great guide. Also, thank you for recommending George.
After reading about him on your website, I booked his services and boy am I glad we did. We arrived or the Oriana in Pireaus in the middle of a thunderstorm which abated enough for us to be met by George and his famous taxi. He told us the night before, they had had hailstones the size of golf balls. Many cars had their windows smashed.
He took us round the sights and then recommended a place to eat at the Plaka where incidentally they did the finest chips (french fries) I have tasted for a while!
We came out and boy did it start. Thunder and lightning (very very frightening!) every few seconds and the most massive downpour I have ever encountered. In minutes, it was impossible to walk about. We didn't get to see the Plaka because the road was like a river. My friend dropped his camera crossing the street and it got washed away.It was like being in the middle of a monster monsoon.
We asked George to take us back to the ship and on the way, the weather got worse. As we headed downhill towards the port, we saw about 30 yards in front of us cars stranded with water halfway up them. George swung the taxi round and somehow we struggled back up the road which by now resembled a waterfall.We hit something like a manhole cover under the water. Quickly, the city became gridlocked.Cars were washed away in the river and we were hardly moving. "Now we are in big trouble" said George.Still it thundered and lightened.
It was so bad, that some passengers had to walk 6 miles back to the ship sometimes waist deep in water because the trains had stopped. It was difficult crossing the roads without being washed away.
Somehow, George got us safely back to the ship on time. The ship had been held up for an hour because a man had been taken ill.
Conditions were so bad, it took George six hours to get home! He is a star. I get the feeling that if we had been stranded, as we were, without passports or much cash, George would have taken care of it. He said it was the worst weather he could ever remember. What a day for us to choose!
He is a great bloke whose only concern was for his passengers. God bless you George. May Athena watch over you as she did us that day. Hope to meet you again some day.

David Dutton, Lancashire, England

To our favorite Greece Guides:

Just a big thank you to you all for the great service you gave the Hoskins
Group.  We are all still talking of the great time we all had.  Thanks for
putting up with our humor and we already have shared your email addresses
with our friends the Duncan's planning a trip to Greece next month.

We hope you all will get some business from them too.  When I get the photos
developed I will email you all a copy of you with our group.

Kindest regards,
Donna and Tom Torrens

Thank you again for your excellent tours in Greece last week. I have just
added my Greece trip to the travel pages on my personal website, along with
a reference for you at the bottom of the lead-in page. Please don't hesitate
to use me as a reference for any of your potential customers.

The first Greece travel page is at:

The home page is at:

The "What's New" page is an index of all the latest additions to the site:'s%20new.htm

Wayne Mackey

Dear George and Dennis,

I wrote Matt Barrett a thank you and asked him to pass along my words to
you.  I don't doubt that he will, but I wanted to say thank you directly to
you as well.

I did not have the privilege to meet you, George, but my family and I were
fortunate to meet your incredible son, Dennis.  I can't tell you how much my
family and I appreciate all that you did for us, Dennis.

Our trip was planned last minute so we were at a bit of a loss about what to
do and see.  I had told my father about your services in advance, but he was
busy with work so we had to call you from the Frankfurt Airport.  We were
surprised to discover you were available and eternally grateful as well.  We
were exhausted and in a daze when we arrive so to see Dennis' smiling face
at the airport was a great relief.

Due to our last minute planning, we didn't know what we would have time to
see during our stay.  The trips Dennis planned for us were fantastic, you
really maximized our short stay in Greece.  I am still in awe at the things
I saw - from the Temple of Poseidon to Meteora.  You knew so much about
everything we were seeing and could answer all of our questions, even if it
was just what does the writing on that truck say?

Thank you for all that you did and I apologize for how quiet we were in the
car sometimes.  We can talk so much we sometimes run out of things to say!

We have fallen in love with Greece, and it was you, Dennis, that did most of
the courting!  We are already planning a trip back, probably to sail some of
the islands.  I usually don't like to return to a place I've traveled -
there are so many wondrous countries in this world and sites I have yet to
see.  However, Greece has taken hold of me and I can't imagine never
returning again.  My heart was breaking as the plane took off and I watched
the islands slip away until they were masked by the clouds.

I gave you my information here in the states and I sincerely hope that you
use it.  If you are ever here in Los Angeles or San Francisco, our homes are
open to you.  We would love to share our cities with you and do as you did
for us - share more about a place than can ever be learned in a book.

Please feel free to contact me about anything.  I will be passing along your
information to anyone I know who plans a trip to Greece as I only wish good
fortune and a bright future for you and your family.

Kind regards, forever in your debt,

Erin K. O'Brien (and my father, Vince and Tim, my boyfriend)


I remembered to write and thank Matt for his web site and its advise but I do not believe I ever wrote to you to say Thank You for Nic. My husband and I took a two week trip to Greece in Sept. that was  absolutely wonderful. The trip really started off well when we had Nic to pick us up at the airport. My husband had been hesitant about the trip with concerns about language and getting around. But, with Nic's help from our arrival at  the airport, to the wonderful 10hrs we spent with him the next day as we explored the city of Athens, any hesitations or concerns were gone. We tell people all the time how wonderful it was to have a personal guide who was both knowledgeable and a really nice guy. Thanks again for your help and services.

A & J  from South Carolina

09 July 2003

    My family and I were scheduled to visit Athens for a full day.  Unbeknownst to us, the tour company that we had booked with only allowed us six hours in Athens before we had to be on the road again.  We had tried to book George in advance but he was already booked for the day we would be in Athens.  However, we were able to book with one of George's associates.  When four persons turned into 17 persons, George was able to accommodate us all in a mini-bus with the most courteous and very knowledgeable driver by the name of Aristotle.

    Aristotle was at our hotel right on time (early actually) and the second you met him, you couldn't help but like him.  He  was friendly, spoke excellent English and Spanish and was very accommodating.  When I told him about our limited time in Athens, Aristotle quickly suggested an alternate itinerary and in a few minutes all 17 of us were on our way.  Of the 187 people on our tour that traveled with us to Greece, only the 17 of us got to see more sites in Athens and enjoy an authentic Greek meal thanks to Aristotle.  We were the envy of the entire group!!

    During one of our stops we got to meet George in person.  He was with the family that had booked him earlier.  George introduced himself, spoke with us a few minutes and was quickly on his way to be with his customers.  George was also very warm, courteous and friendly.

    My family and I plan on returning to Athens and when we do, we will definitely book their services once more.  I know that we can count on Aristotle or George to shows us the true sights and sounds of Athens and beyond.  Next time we will plan on spending several days in Greece, not just six hours in Athens.  Whether you stay six hours or six days, the services that Aristotle and George provide will definitely make your visit more rewarding.  I'd recommend them to anyone.

Thank you Aristotle for making our trip most excellent!!!

 The Tapia Family,
Gabriel, Nida, Stacey and Jennifer






Christos, could you forward this to Dennis?  I lost his card but wanted him to get our feedback.

George, I wanted to tell you about the great day we had with your son in Athens.  He was courteous, knowledgable, and ensured we were able to get to see all of the sites in Athens that we could in our limited time.  He was even able to recommend a good place for Gyros, Souvlaki, and Baklava outside of the Plaka!

Best of all Dennis' tour included not only the sights but the history of your wonderful country as well -- certainly a bonus we were appreciative of given our limited knowledge of Greek history.

Thanks again and Thanks to you, Dennis, for doing such a wonderful job for our tour!  We will certainly recommend your services to all of our friends and in reviews of our trips posted online.

Your friends, Sue, John, Patrick, and Steve

Just let me say....what a pleasure it was to have used your taxi service.
Both gentlemen were extremely professional and delightful to deal with.  I
will be glad to recommend your service to anyone I know that will be
traveling to Athens.  Thanks again and I wish you a prosperous Olympics.
Alex Johns

Dear George, One of the highlights of our cruise was the tour of Athens with
your son Dennis. His knowledge and personality made for a memorable day that
we will not forget. From the time he picked us up at the dock until our
return we did and saw so much more than what  the cruise line offered at a
very reasonable price. Please thank Dennis from the six of us for a great
time. Sincerely Rene and Jeanette Laporte


Just returned to California last night.  Just wanted to let you know what a
wonderful time we had with you a week ago today.  Thanks for all you
hospitality.  We will definitely recommend you to any friends headed your

Best regards,



Just want to say "Thank You"  for honoring this agreement we made even
though there was a Taxi strike that day, and we were several hours late due
to engine trouble with the airplane.

We were beginning to think that maybe we wouldn't get to see Athens!

Efkharisto Poli,

Hi Matt ,I just found your web page whilst surfing the net . As I have had
a longing to get away from life in the U.K for a long time I found your
imformation ,pictures and articles so interesting . You seem to be doing
the things most of us only dream about!  Thanks for giving me some ideas
for the future .................regards Steve

Hi Matt:

    I just wanted to thank you for your website.  I found it a few days before leaving for Greece as I only had a week to prepare for the trip. 

    The best thing that I did was hire George.  However, he was unable to help me and assigned another taxi driver to me who was fabulous.  His name was Thanos

    Thanos met me at the airport (thanks for informing me about the airport) and took me to the hotel.  The next morning he picked me up early and we drove to various sites associated with Oedipus, Delphi, Metsovo, and Meteora.  Yes, a long long day, but it was a dream come true for me, particularly seeing greek shepherds with their goats in the Pindos Mountains.  We spent the night Pension Arsenis

    At the Pension, we were given a true greek dinner with everything being raised or grown by the owners.  The rooms were modern and very comfortable (reminded me of Italy).  The Pension is very close to Meteora in Kalambaka.  A wonderful breakfast was included.  The owners were very hospitable and courteous.

    The next day, I was able to tour the monasteries at Meteora -breathtaking!  Thanos made sure that I did my tourist shopping and then we drove down the coast and back to Athens. 

    The following day, Thanos picked me up and took me to the airport to meet a friend and then took us to the temple of Poseidon, to lunch at a little restaurant at the base of the temple and back along the coast to Athens.

    Thanos was both knowledgeable, courteous, and told wonderful mythological greek stories based on our locale.  He went out of his way to please me and his company was easy and pleasant.

    I would go back to Greece in a heartbeat!  And will...I want to see the northeastern area and at least get to one island. 

    Thanks to Thanos, the Pension Arsenis, beautiful weather, the natural beauty of Greece, and above all the information obtained at your site, my time in Greece was unequalled (and I travel nationally and internationally a lot for work and play)...


    Louise  :)

Thanks, Matt.  When I was in Athens this last December I found myself in the middle of a taxi strike when I was supposed to get my flight home.  So, I went to your site, then called George and I was at the airport in an hour!  That tip alone was worth more than you'll ever know!  Cheers, Richard

Absolutely Fantastic! What a terrific experience! Elegently attired in suit,
tie and overcoat, George met us at dockside, whisked us to the Acropolis and
several other landmarks, waited patiently while we browsed the central
market and shopped the Plaka and Psiris areas, all while education us with
an entertaining monologue on Greek history, culture, the Olympics and got us back to dockside on time. We have every intention of
revisiting Greece and engaging him for one of his several day Athens &
Beyond tours next year.

Thanks again, Matt.

Gary & Terry McMullen

  I just wanted to thank you for your advice and for all of the information on your website.  Though our trip was short, we really enjoyed it.  Being winter, the airport was not that crowded and though it would probably not have been too bad waiting for a taxi, after the long flight, it was nice to see Spiros, one of George's associates, standing there waiting for us. He even gave us a little area tour and lots of good information on the way to our hotel. Later in our stay, he gave us an excellent tour of the sites of Athens and recommended a wonderful restaurant. 
   Once we arrived and got 'our bearings", we realized that you were right, that it is quite safe there.  The people are very friendly and most speak English very well.  I wish we could have stayed longer. The Hotel Grande Bretagne was very special, and we loved walking around the Plaka.  Perhaps we will get back there someday.  In the meantime, I am directing any interested persons to your site should they wish to plan a trip.  It's really a one-stop central information place if you are visiting Athens.
  Mary Kiewlak

Dear Matt,

We can't thank you enough for recommending "George the Taxi Driver."  We arrived home yesterday after a very brief trip to Greece.  We had arranged a full day trip to Corinth, Myceneae, Naphlion, and Epidavros as well as a return airport transfer.  We did not meet George as he was on a 3 day tour,  but we had the pleasure of being with his associate, Nick.  What a wonderful person and great guide!  We have never enjoyed sightseeing as much as we did with Nick.  We are pretty well-travelled, but this was the experience of a lifetime.   No tour buses to board.  No waiting for the inevitable person who is late because he knows you won't go anywhere without him.  For the four of us, this day trip was actually less expensive than buying a bus tour.  The airport transfer was probably a little more, but we had a very early departure and no worries about whether or not someone was going to show up .   We have never met a more courteous, kinder, or friendlier person  than Nick.  Also, what a sense of humor!

The Athens Metro was the cleanest, safest, and easiest to use of any public transportation system we have encountered anywhere in the world.  And what a bargain!  

Do you notice a lot of superlatives in this message?  We  can't say enough good things about this experience.  Our sincere thanks for all of the good advice.  We hope to return to Greece when we have more time and we will certainly use the services of  George and his associates.

Best regards,
Dennis and Candace Snyder, Howell, Michigan
Larry and Barbara Alderink, Saline, Michigan

Hi George.

  Victoria ,Bryce and I would like to thank you for the professional and
friendly service we had from you on our trip to Greece.
  The driver who picked us up and dropped us off at the airport was very
courteous.I am sorry I can not remember his name.
  Dennis was a great guide on our trip to Delphi and it was a pleasure
meeting you at the Taverna. The food was exceptional.
  Mikas was also a real tour guide when we went to Souion. He went out of
his way to stop so we could take pictures. He also stopped at a wonderful
Taverna so we could have lunch by the sea.
   Because of Matt Barrett and you we are already planning our next trip!!
   We hope to come back in either June 2005 or September 2005. We will spend
two days in Athens and then charter a sailboat and visit some of the islands
for 5 or 6 days. We will be bringing 6 others with us, we hope.
    Thanks again for all you good service  and say hello for us to your


                                      Rich Victoria and Bryce Wiseman

Thank you for having Dennis pick us up at the intercontinental....We had a great trip with him.....And enjoyed talking about NYC and the Bronx....

I have told my Beverly hills travel agency about you you are in their computer system...

Thanks again.

josh levin

I recently brought my family to Athens for our first ever vacation to Greece.  We emailed you to arrange transfer from the airport to hotel, etc.  We were met at the airport by Christofer and I was hoping you could pass on to him our many, many thanks.  He made our whole trip stress free.  He made us feel welcome and comfortable and knowing he was going to get us from place to place on time made all the difference.  He spent a whole day with us touring outside of the city and made for an unforgettable day!  We are very indebted to him - please let him know if possible.

Tony Hursey

Matt & George,
I just completed a cruise with my wife, brother and his wife that included a stop in Piraeus on December 8, 2009.  We had arranged for George Kokkotos to provide a taxi for us for a day of sight-seeing in the Athens area.  We were promptly met at the dock by george and his associate, Simon Tzagos.  George insured us that we were in good hands with Simon and indeed we were.
The entire day was superb.  Simon was not only polite and knowledgeable but he was very personable and a pleasure to spend our time with.  He clearly explained the significance and history of each of the sites we visited speaking perfect English.  Simon was very focused on insuring we had the best possible tour in the short time we were in your fine city. He recommended that we stop for lunch at a small Greek bistro frequented by the locals.  The food there was excellent and the atmosphere great.
And lastly, the taxi we rode in was spotlessly clean and Simon's driving skills allowed us to ride with total confidence in our safety.
When I hear of friends planning to visit Athens, I will strongly suggest that they contact George for their transportation needs.
A very happy tourist,
Rodger Fry

Hello George and Loula,

How are you two doing? And the boys? Hope all is going well!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your hospitality. You
two are wonderful!

Loula - you are such a lovely lady, inside and out! Thank you so much
for opening your home to four traveling Americans. You definitely have
the gift of hospitality Loula. You made us feel very welcome. It was a
great memory of our Greece trip. Thank you so much!

George - Don calls you our Greek historian! Whenever we share our Greek
adventures with anyone, Don is always saying "and George says this" and
"George says that". Everyone always asks who George is! So we tell them
about this wonderful fellow that was so kind and helpful to us. And
people will always ask if I tracked down my family. Which, of course, I
tell them yes, with George's help! That was so wonderful to walk where
my grandfather called home, an experience I will always remember. It was
also sad to hear about what happened to our family during WWII. Did I
tell you I found my great-grandmothers name in that book I bought "Drama
of Kalavrita"?? Evidently, her family was part of the resistance
fighters. But, I hope to find out more about that next week when we
travel to visit my Yiayia. Thank you so much for all your help George -
you were great.

Wasn't that exciting when Greece won the Euro 2004???! I hope things go
well and Greece shows the world a wonderful Olympics.

Thank you both so much,
Your friend in the States,
Dianna and Don Callaway

PS I thought this photo was great of you and me George-don't we look
studious??!  :)   Enjoy - Artemis

Greetings George,
I'm Clay Corvin from New Orleans.  You took care of us when we were in Greece in November 2003 (two airport pickups and early morning returns). 
Just a note to say we remember you and your family in prayer and look forward to being back in Greece in November 2005 or January 2006 if not sooner. 
Clay Corvin
New Orleans Baptist Theo Seminary

Hello George,  This is Debbie Steil. On July 18th Kristos escorted my two friends and I on a wonderful day in Athens.  We would like to thank you and Kristos. It was so nice to be met at the ship and not to have to deal with all the drivers vying for our business at the port. We really enjoyed beating the crowds up to the Acropolis.  When we were coming down the tours from our ship were first going up. The trip to Souion was great, especially in the air conditioned car. It was exciting to see some of the venues for the Oympics and all the preparations going on. And, of course, shopping is always fun.  Thank you again for a fabulous day in Athens.

Kristos took us to a lovely shop where my friend bought a gorgeous vase and we all bought some things as well as some official Olympic items.  We would like to order some more things from this shop. My reciept is to light to read. From my credit card bill, I think the name of the shop is Linardatou, however I'm not sure. This shop was not in the Platka. Could you please email to me the name and telephone number so we can call and order some more things?

Again, thank you for making our day in Athens so wonderful.

Debbie Steil and friends, Jan McArt and Darlene Pfeiffer.

dear George,
dear Kristos

now that we are back in Belgium, we would like to thank you again for the perfect service that you have given to us.
Starting from the day we arrived in the airport, where Kristos was waiting for us, we had a wonderfull time at the olympic games.

Our day trip to old olympia with Kristos was something we will never forget. He was the perfect driver and guide and through him we have learned so much from Greece.

We will recommend Kristos  and you to all our friends and relatives who will come to Athens.

Thanks again, you helped to make this perfect holidays in Athens.

Mary Jane & Ghislaine

Hello, George.

I wanted to thank you again for your excellent service over the three days
we were together.  Our trip would not have been the same without your help. 
We now know so much more about the history and culture.  Thank you for
sharing your love of Greece.

We hope to return to Greece before many years pass, and we will, of course,
plan to have you waiting at the airport.

Thank you again.

Chuck & Betsy Bradshaw
Franklin, Virginia


We are back in the USA and I just wanted to thank Dennis for the wonderful
day we had in Delphi last week. it was really the highlight of our trip and
I will recommend it to our friends that will be going to Athens.

It was also nice to meet "George. The Famous Taxi Driver"

Ralph Cataldo

Please let George know that my recent experience in Athens (11/12-14) with Demetrius was outstanding. Demetrius did an excellent job in picking us up at our cruise ship, touring Athens and the environs, and delivering us to our plane early on the 14th. Demetrius was always prompt, courteous, informative, and easy to work with. Our lunch on the 13th was especially good.

W. Pinsky

Dear Mrs. Kokkotos;

I just had to write and thank you for introducing us to Dennis. What a fine
young man and what a credit he is to your company!

Dennis made our trip to Greece the wonderful adventure it was. Never could
we have seen or done all we were able to do without him. He is extremely
knowledgeable, so very polite, super considerate, and a joy to be around.

Dennis spoke so highly of you, his mother, and shared many of his
experiences as a young boy. Since we are mothers, we could identify with
the many nice things he said about you and the love and respect he has for his
family. You and your husband are to be commended on the beautiful job you
did in raising him.

I cannot say enough good things about Dennis. I am sorry we never got to
meet George, but I feel we know him just through knowing Dennis. You have a
wonderful family and I just personally want to thank you for exposing us to
your delightful son.

Carol G


We rode with John, one of your drivers, when we were in Athens in September 2004 from the cruise ship, Millennium, and were very happy with him and his we have recommended your services, along with John, to our friend, Jim & Regina Cornwall, who are coming to your city in May, so take good care of them...we gave you the utmost recommendation and now you will take good care of them for us.

John A. & Carolyn L. McGirr
Naples, FL

Dear George/Dennis,
    Adam, myself, and the kids just want to thank Dennis for showing us such
a wonderful tour of Athens and around the city into the countryside.  His
personality, knowledge, and the driving made the trip so much easier for all
of us.  Best of luck always and thanks again.  Sincerely, Susan Gilbert

Dear George,

Thank you very much for the excellent taxi service you gave us on our recent
visit to Athens.

My wife and I had been to Athens a couple of times before, but our friends
had not, so I wanted everything to run smoothly for them.  I need not have
worried - everything turned out just like you say on your web site.

We shall of course recommend you to our friends in England (and to one who
lives in Athens - Kifissia!), and I have passed on your details to our local
Travel Agency.

Please give our thanks too to Christos and to Dennis, who were very helpful.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Wansborough

Subject: RE: George taxi & limo service
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 11:25:07 -0700

Jeff & I just wanted to say a huge "Thank You" once again to you, Dennis and
to Chris for your prompt and very efficient handling of all our travel plans
while we were in Athens last week.  We were so lucky to have found you on
the Matt Barrett Greek Travel website.  What a wonderful relaxing time we
had with Dennis on our half-day tour of the seashore and Poseidon's Temple
and that terrific grilled lunch in Vari at Tassos.  WOW, I still can't
believe Dennis got us to try Kokoretsi (we must have some Greek in our
background somewhere !!)  Maybe next time we'll try the other stuff he raves
We have given some of your business cards to our Honeywell travel office in
Clearwater, and please feel free to use us as a reference anytime.  We thank
you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for us, you made
everything so easy and safe.  Look us up when you get to the states and can
visit the west cost of Florida, we'll show you around !!!!

Best regards, Yassas
Diane (& Jeff)

Dear Dennis:
Maurice, Lucy, Nick, Gregory, and Lynette, along with me,
send our greetings and thanks for making our trip to Greece
unforgettable. Your manner, humor, ability to communicate so much
information about Greek history, great choices in food and shopping,
and the sense of security that we had knowing that you were there was
priceless. The children adored you and Lucy in particular has enjoyed
the photographs of you!Some combination of our group will return to
Athens, sooner rather than later, and we will be in touch. It has been
quite an adjustment back to regular life after such an experience of
history and beauty.
Love, Lisa

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your Team for helping to make
our stay in Greece so enjoyable. Please convey my thanks to John, Dennis
and Billy for their dependability and graciousness with our transfers
and tours.  I will certainly recommend you and your staff to anyone that
I know to be planning a trip to Greece and I definitely will be in touch
on my next trip to your country.  Greece is a fabulous country and your
hospitality made the trip even more enjoyable.  If any of you ever make
it to Texas, let me know -- I'd love to show you around.  Regards,
Harold Thompson

Hello George;

    Had to write and thank you for sending us Dimitrios.

    We first booked "George" for a trip to Cape Sounion with some swimming on the way Sunday July 10th. We were so impressed with Dimitros' professionalism, knowledge and service that we booked him for a full day trip to the Peloponnese.

    What a magical day. Dimitrios picked us up from the cruise ship and we just sank into the very clean, airconditioned Mercedes and let him take us away.

    Dimitrios answered all our questions and was so knowledgable about history, culture, Greek life. We learned so much about Greek life. Always professional, he watched out for my daughter and I at all times so that we felt very safe to just let our guard down and wander.

    Honestly, our last day with Dimitrios was the best day we had on our holiday. We saw and did so much but ended up back at our hotel feeling relaxed and pampered. From swimming at Nafplio to shopping in the supermarket for olive oil Dimitrios went out of his way to ensure we had the experience of a lifetime.

    It was great to meet you George at Mycenae. You provide an excellent service and have obviously chosen your associates carefully. I will be recommending your service to anyone I know visiting Greece.

    Thank you

Maggie Kelly and her daughter Bonnie.

Hello to Matt Barrett and George Kokkotos !

I have to tell you, some people told me that I was crazy to make reservations with a private taxi service that I had found on the Internet.  Now I can tell them that they would be crazy not to use the services of such a pleasant and top-class professional. 

Please see below the letter of thanks that I am faxing to Thanos, who was referred to us by George Kokkotos. 

Thank you sincerely Matt for the reference to George and for all of the extremely useful information on your website.  I referred to your information throughout our trip - whether it was for food, sites to visit, what to expect on the ferryboats and much much more ...

Thank you sincerely George for choosing Thanos to take our family on such a perfect tour.  And we are very happy that we decided to use your services instead of the tour operated shuttle to go from the Athens airport to our hotel on arrival.  It made a difference for those first few moments in a new country.  John was very helpful and entertaining! 

Best regards,

Suzanne and family.


Fax to : Mr. Thanos Papanikolaou Fax : 210 6517503 (Greece)
From : Suzanne Simard (Montreal, Quebec Canada)
Date : July 26, 2005-07-26

Hello Thanos,

We have just returned from our fabulous Greek vacation. As promised I am sending you a few words on your exceptional excursion. I am also sending this review to George Kokkotos, to Matt Barrett, to our travel agency and to our local newspaper travel section. I’ll let you know if an article on you appears in the newspaper!

Let me try to tell you how much we appreciate your good work. Our goal was to get a top quality tour with some information on Greek history and mythology. Mission accomplished ! My boys Samuel and Simon are telling everyone about you and the sites that you showed us, as well as the detailled information on history and mythology : the Corinthean Canal, Epidavros, Nafplion, Ancient Corinth and the castle of King Agamemnon.

Thanos, not only were you able to answer all of our questions and to keep us very interested during the entire day, we noticed how you savoured each question, especially from the boys. You took pleasure in sharing your extensive knowledge and you did so in a very pleasant and professional manner. And you arranged all of this according to our personal selection of sites in addition to allowing us enough time to shop for souvenirs.

Later during our vacation we visited other sites such as the island of Delos and Akrotiri (in Santorini) but the day spent with you remains the highlight of our trip. The boys are already planning their next trip one day, with an excursion to Olympia …

We met other travellers from Quebec who were going to Athens. I gave them your business card with our best references. As these people listened to Samuel and Simon talk about your talents, they planned to make time for an excursion with you. I hope that they were able to do so !

Please let me know if I can do anything in Montreal to help promote your business in Greece, whether for vacation travellers or business. It would be a great pleasure for me to do this and to help others benefit from your professional services. Please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you, Thanos !

Best Regards from your most appreciative fans :

Suzanne, Rémi, Samuel and Simon

Montreal, Québec (Canada)

dear matt just a short note to thank you for two things.. your travel and
george. i just returned from my second week long tour of athens and
vicinity. both times ive had george drive me around. without your guide i
would have been clueless . without george i would have been equally lost.
keep up the good work. thanks again bill forbes. p.s. george has adde4d a
honey stop near napoli and we watched olive oil being processed. if my
luggage ever arrives i will have five lbs of honey and five kilos of fresh
sqeezed olive a bunch of sardines in your honor

George, Thank you for you assistance & kindness in meeting and helping our granddaughter, Amanda, & her classmate, this morniing. Amanda left me message about your kindness. I am most appreciative & hope to meet you personally later in the year. Pls tell me if you received the proper fee for services. I spoke w/ your son on telephone this morning.Again, thank you. Regards,

Ralph Earl

Hi George - Marg, Jenny & I really enjoyed meeting you and Dennis personnally during our 4 day visit to Athens last November 25-28th - it was also great getting out into the country with you for one full day and one half day when you took us to our ship. Next time we shall certainly take an over-night trip to Delphi and surrounds.


Marg would also like you to thank the man at the olive oil factory who gave her a sample bottle of his product. We got it home in one piece and it is terrific.


Don't know if you can receive pictures but here are a couple we took - you may recognise the man picking the olives ! The other was taken of us at Poseidon.


I have sent your card to our Brisbane travel agent for future reference. On this note our next door neighbour, Joan Miles is flying Singapore Airlines to Athens on May 29th, arriving May 30th for a short stay before visiting Mikanos & Santorini. She is an elderly lady probably in her late 70's or early 80's and wants to do a return trip to Greece while she is still fit. She is on a tight budget but would like to use your services to meet her at the airport and take her to her hotel. Can you maintain the 55 euros costing for her ?


She can speak some Greek and is actually something of a Greek scholar with a good knowledge of your history.


Our best wishes... Duncan McMurtrie

Hi Matt, I've just returned from a conf in Greece Crete to be exact,but we did follow some of your suggestions especially to have George show us around Athens. We were 7 people in my group so George suggested we call his son Dennis,which  I did & we had a wonderful tour with him. We had 5 college students with us so they just enjoyed Dennis all the more, he was so knowledegable & fun to be with. Thanks for your suggestions we'll suggest your web site to others when needed,thanks again,Sandy

Good day, Billy!
I had the best time seeing your wounderful country and city!  Thank you for such an enjoyable and informative tour.
I have told so many people about you and you father's outstanding service.  Get ready for more e-mails and calls!
Thank you again, Billy.
William G. Schmidt
Advertising and Public Relations, Inc.

We just wanted to say hello and to wish you a Happy New Year.  We are sending you a couple of pictures and we wanted to thank you for giving us a most memorable vacation in the Peloponnese.  We hope to return someday and if we do we will contact you.
Anne & Deane Christopolis

Dear George and Billy,
We  are back home in Los Angeles and have been sharing some of our adventures in Europe with friends. Though we didn't get to meet you, George, we did have the enormous pleasure of having Billy drive us around your beautiful country. We were telling our friends what a charming and polite young man Billy was and it was such a pleasure to have him share such amazing places with us. He was knowledgeable about the history and took us to some amazing vistas and lesser known places that we might never have seen had we gone with a regular tour guide.
George, you and your wife have raised such a gentleman and you should be so proud of your son. Billy, thank you so much for the wonderful experience and you know that you are welcome to stay with us when you visit Los Angeles.

Nick and Sangeeta and I send you our best wishes and thanks. Do stay in touch.
Thank you again.

Dear Billy:  I sent you an e-mail to your yahoo address and it came back.  Do you have a new e-mail address.  Let me know.  Hope you and your family are well.  We are doing good here.  Busy! 
We will never forget our time in Athens and especially your kindness and help to find our family village of Vervena.  That was an exciting day.  That was the highlight of our trip to Greece.  Finding where our Italian grandparents came from was also very special. 
Hope things are going well for you and your father's business.  Let me hear from you, o.k. 
All the best,
Georgia from New Mexico
P.S.  please remember if you come to the States, please call me. 

Dear Billy and Dennis,

We wanted to thank you again for the enjoyable tours of the Argolis region
as well as Delphi and the Parthenon.

Billy, thanks for the resaturant recommendation in Athens (Psaras). We
loved the atmoshpere and the food was very good. If you happen to pass
through the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania when you come to the States, we
would be more than happy to extend the same hospitality.

I wish you both continued success and will recommend your service to anyone
I know traveling to Greece.


Gail, Shawn, Jill, Michael, Jeanne & Phil (The Zilkas)

Hello from Columbus, Ohio.
Richard and I just wanted to thank Dennis & Billy so much for the great time we had in Greece!  Our trip couldn't have been better. 
Thank you,

Heather Kile & Richard Hunter

Hi Matt,
My name is Guy, from Perth Western Australia.  I spent hours on your site before heading off the Greece and wanted to drop you an e-mail thanking you for the recommendation to George the Famous Taxi Driver.
While we didn't get George (I guess he gets pretty busy as his reputation spreads), we did get one of his drivers, Mike who picked us up from the airport and took us on the Sounion half day trip.
Mike was an absolute hoot.  Very entertaining, with many comments, anecdotes, tips for things to do and places to go to eat.
Our trip into Athens from the airport was manic - he detoured into the Plaka area on the way to our hotel in Makrygianni to show us the restaurant Psarra's (dragged me out of the car to run up the steps and grab a handful of cards and show me the menu), gave us a card for Phannasas ("the best souvlakis in Athens), explained all about Athens", Athens traffic and drivers, places to go on the map as we were driving along the motorway at about 120 km/hour, and spent half his time raising or lowering the sunvisor on my side depending on whether the sun was in my eyes or not.
Our trip to Sounion was as entertaining.
I've sent George a quick e-mail thanking him and giving Mike a good rap.
Thanks again.  I love your website and will be digging into it's depths over coming months.
Our trip to Greece was a bit short.  Mainly in Athens, and we only got to Aegina (for a day at Marathonas which was wonderful) and Santorini (for 3 days which was also wonderful), but I am pretty taken by the idea of myself and my wife taking time off in a few years to spend maybe 6 - 9 months in the Greek Islands. 
best regards,


Good afternoon George;
We arrived back home last night, thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Greece and plan on a return trip very soon, to see the half of that wonderful country we missed this time. 
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the transportation services offered from the airport to our hotel upon arrival in Athens last Saturday.  It was great seeing John waiting with the sign as we were leaving the arrival gate area; he was very pleasant and cordial, with lots of local information, depositing us at our hotel in a most efficient manner.
I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone; most especially folks arriving fresh from a 16 hour flight, lucky enough to make certain they have all their personal belongings and getting through passport control, without having to worry about the "next step" (finding their way to a hotel).  To be able to relax with no concerns regarding waiting in a taxi queue or figuring out the bus/metro process while the brain is still ten time zones away is most definitely worth the fair and reasonable price of your service.
Again; I would like to compliment John on his professionalism and attention to detail; as we were leaving his car at the hotel, he had the presense of mind to check the back seat to make certain we left nothing behind.  I have never seen a taxi driver do that; more often than not, I expect they would hope that some valuable article was left behind!!
Feel free to use this e-mail, excerpts from it, or my name as a testimonial, if you so desire.
r/Bill and Linda Rys

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