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Hey, I hafta tell ya that web / newsletter of yours is
kickass all-encompassing ... I've never been to
Greece, and the thought of going there came up only as
an aside, but after looking through your website it
looks like it's going to happen ...

I don't know what you get for all that work but, from
me, thanks ... if it all works out well I'll have an
ouzo for you when I'm over there ...

take care ...

Hi Matt!!

This is the best site on the net about Greece. The official Greek sites can't even minimally compare to it!! I'm going to Greece in Sep 2003 for 2 months to study and I have browsed your site over and over again for information. I'm really sorry that I spent around 30$ on a guide book before I found this site!! Keep up the good work, ,and make the Greek tourism board pay you for the upkeep of this site!!

Maria Pia


Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for your excellent website!!  What great information!  You helped me out on my trip many times and I appreciate it so much.  I had the best time ever! 

Thanks again!


Hi Matt,

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all the helpful info provided on
your website.  I had a conference in Athens to attend this past October; it
was my first trip to Greece and I had a blast (didn't make it to much of the
conference).  I was putting together a scrapbook of my adventures and went
back to peruse your site and realized that you were very much the catalyst
for my great memories.

Thank you and I wish you the best.
Christie Blodgett Dycus



Many thanks for your website! Parts are just plain informative, parts revive all kinds of memories of our visits to Greece. We've been there 5 times since 1984, and are now planning our 6th trip in September. Four visits were in Sept./Oct., one was in May/June. One story from our first trip came to mind as I just read your intro to Crete, about people who only wanted to stay 2 days. We too were one a rather quick (16 days) trip, had spent 2 nights Athens, 2 in Paros, 2 in Santorini, planning on 2 on Crete , 2 on Rhodes and back to Athens. To get to Rhodes we had bought tickets from Sitia to Rhodes since there weren't any from Iraklion. We took a boat from Santorini to Iraklion, spent one night there, rented a car with friends and drove to Sitia, planning to stay one night then off to Rhodes.

But the morning we were to leave, we got to the airport, a little cinder block building, the attendant came out in his pajamas, and announced "Flight is Cancelled". This started that first "Only in Greece" experience. Our taxi driver immediately became our advocate, carrying on an animated conversation with the attendant. It seems something about the wind or something had caused the flight to be cancelled. OK, it was early in the morning (like 6:30), let's go back to the hotel. The driver not only took us back, but drove us around town showing us the Olympic office, and a couple of places to but boat tickets if we needed them. Back at the hotel HE DIDN'T WANT ANY MONEY BECAUSE WE DIDN'T REALLY GO ANYWHERE!!! He really felt sorry for us. Well we forced him to take something. Went back to our room (the key was still on the desk, the desk guy was still asleep) -No problem. and we wound up spending three wonderful days hanging around Sitia, soaking up the sun, their local wine, etc.   Have been back to Crete twice, spending 6 days once and almost two weeks the next time.

There you have it -

Sam in DC

Dear Mr. Barrett:

My uncle and I are off for our vacation to Italy and Greece. Thanks to your wonderfully helpful website, I was able to understand where I wanted to go and stay and what I wanted to do with my time in Greece. Your website’s recommendation for travel agencies was quite useful. Through it, we found Uli Perschau at Dolphin Hellas, a most patient, wonderful, and helpful travel agent! I know we are in good hands and Dolphin Hellas managed to package everything we wanted at an excellent price, better than either their competition or I could have done on my own. I wanted to be sure you know that your website is appreciated and that your recommendations for services are excellent.

Ruth Morentz

Dear Matt,

I'd love copies of your newsletter and Island Synopsis.  We plan to visit
Greece in October (lst time) and visit the areas where my husband's parent's
parents are from (Meteora & Skopelos).  Your web-page is unbelieveable!


Judy Tsoukalas

Our trip to Greece was the trip of a life time, thanks to you and your
newsletter!. How do we vote for your web site as the best?! I can't find
how to do it.

We spent one week in Athens, with trips out to the various historical
sites. We WILL go back after the Olympic fever has wained a bit. Your
advice, including a day with George, the taxi driver, was right on.
Thank you!

Phiol and Karla Dellner
Sacrament, CA

Matt ? I love your website.

It's written with passion and wit, yet doesn't talk down to the Greeks,
which some sites and guidebooks seem to do.

You clearly love the same things as the rest of us who adore Greece have
discovered, namely the infinite possibilities the country offers for simply
stepping aside and observing that which makes Greece so wonderful. (I call
it 'eddying out', a white water rafting term for pausing a while, and it
can be anything from a 30-minute coffee in an Athens café 200 metres from
the last one you stopped at, simply because you like this new streetscape,
to hopping off the moped on an island headland and scrambling down 50
metres because that little patch of earth, its olive tree and the new view
it affords just looks so enticing).

I was last in Athens in September, and forearmed with large chunks of your
survival guide I had a blast. Admittedly, I was mainly doing the ancient
ruins circuit, which is fairly straightforward, and I had friends to help,
but I'll be back in Athens next month, and want to do more of the
off-the-beaten-track bits, backstreets, bars etc. so again, your site will
be invaluable.
With a new Athenian girlfriend, I'll be doing the London-Athens gig a fair
bit this year, and we plan to travel in Greece this summer (they have a
place in Poros, and your section on that island was good) but having seen
some of your trips further afield, I want to get into the Peloponnese and
points north too.

Anyway, great work you're doing, keep it up. I'll let you know how this and
subsequent trips go, and I'll keep visiting and
recommending it to others.

Once last thing: Can you recommend a good illustrated book on Greece, not
so much a guide book, more like a book of photographs?

Best regards,

Alan (London)

Hi Matt,

I would like to thank you for your help and information about greece.

I used fantasy travel to help book my trip and they where fast and very
helpful in getting me set up for my vacation and as a result I had a great
time on my trip. Greece is a very spectacular place and it has so much to
see and do. I didn't have time to see everything that I wanted but I did see
most of the items on my list....( I found myself laying on the beach more
than expected. )

Greece is one place I would recommend all my friends to come to as well as
use your site for information on greece. I went to a few of the restaurants
you recommended and as always you where bang-on with the review... I found
that Picasso mexican bistro was a great change for a night out and the
margaritas where just to good to stop at one...

Keep up the great work on your web site as many people will benefit from all
the information.

thanks again for everything.

A friend from Canada

Steven J.


Just had to send you an email to tell you how awesome your website is.  I just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Greece (Athens, the Peloponnese and Santorini) and your website was so informative and dead on.

~ I stayed at the Attalos Hotel - very nice people, my room was spotless , great location, etc.  I'd stay there again in a second.

~ Received the $2 map immediately and used it.

~ I ended up not using the cell phone guy but he was very informative and responded immediately via email to all of my questions.  Next time I will do the cell phone.

~Various restaurants/bars were so good - couldn't get enough Thanisis no matter what!  Especially "to go" with a huge, cold beer.

~Psirri - loved it!  Never would have gone there until I read your info.  The transformation from day to night was fun to watch and the nightlife was the best.

~Greek language tapes - I purchased Simple Greek for Travelers - everyone understood me.  Now costs $13 and worth it.  I never had so much fun talking to the locals everywhere I went.

I'm sure I could go on but these were a few things I just had to mention.  Thanks for sharing.

Ginnie Holmes

Hi Matt,

It's Jan, of Jan and Paul.   Maybe you remember that crazy couple that you met end of season, at the Attalos Hotel late November of 2003.  We had such a good time on our last night in Greece and I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your insights, and good selection of real Greek food and drink with us. 

I know that it is late in coming, but our gratitude is still forthgiving, and we have thought of you many times, and just wanted to say THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!  My sister, Holly, who told us all about Matt and Lesvos could hardly believe that we actually got to meet you and dine with your Family!  Alas, I convinced her of the truth and how I drilled you to figure how you knew Matt's last name, and my husband in the background is saying, "Jan, He is Matt.  Any how, this is very late coming, but it was a special circumstance for me when you responded to my request to the Attalos counter person to see a little of the real Athens and you, behind us, said "follow me."  And that we did and the rest was so fun. 

So...for what we lack in good manners and timely response, we make up for in Oregon, USA hospitality.  Please contact us if you should decide to come West in the USA.  We would love to host you at our home, and would enjoy the opportunity to share in travelore again.  Hope we get to meet you and yours once again.  If not, thank you for the time that we shared.


Jan and Paul

Dear Matt,
We used your website to plan a stay in Greece in May and you helped when our
ISP refused to pass on emails from DolphinHellas. Thanks again for both.
We stayed on Kea for a bit over a week and everything worked out very well.
Kostis Maroulis could not have been more helpful or charming. As were
Rolando and Nikos in Ioulis. We found all the locals very friendly. The
galactoboureka (my spelling) given to us by Marcie's neighbour was a
The only thing I would add to the holiday is decaffeinated Greek coffee. We
are happy to eat at Greek times i.e. late. But we dare not have Greek coffee
after a late night meal. Wendy was new to Greek coffee and our first cup at
Rolando's had a mighty kick because it got us from Ioulis to Otzias to
Korissia  via the walking paths. Your Greek friends will doubtless think us
weak but there is a small business opportunity there for restaurateurs with
sleep-deprived, English-speaking customers.  

Hi. Just found your Gythion guide.
  I lived and worked in and around Gythion for about 2 years.  1981-1983.  I returned in about 1998 for a brief 4 day visit. met some old friends, had a trip on the boat in one of your pictures.  Fantastic to see the place in pictures again. Enjoyed your description and enthusiasm for the place.  It looks a bit cleaner than it did then.
I lived mainly in Mavrovouni. Which if approached from Gythio to the village square at sun rise, used to have one of the most spectacular views. With Tiegertous mountain stood snow capped even in early June, away in the distance. Just the sound of goats on the hillsides.  Also a quiet and truly Greek place with the platia and fish restaurant, perfect to finish off an evening away from the relative bustle of main street Gythio. 
There is a lovely, small beach. (sandy) just out past Selenitsa which was kept immaculately clean and was always quiet.
If you've ever read Captain Correllis' mandolin. The pace of life in the early '80s was just the same as in the book, in both Gythio and Mavrovouni.  Not quite so many Donkeys about the place now.
Thanks for reminding me.
Kalo taxades.
Paul Sutton

Mr. Barrett,

Since I was four years old, I have been fascinated with every aspect of Greece and its culture.  I have no Greek heritage, know no Greek people - I don't know where it came from, but I have been consumed with the culture and history of Greece for most of my life.  Last summer (2002) I had the pleasure of spending two months in Athens studying archaeology.  I lived in Kolonaki with other Americans studying archeology.  I was overwhelmed by the experience and hated to leave the country.  I felt in that short time, it had become my home, as if I was meant to be there.  I vowed to one day move back.  It was upon returning home (to Mississippi) that I found your website.  I have since visited it almost daily, reading articles and enjoying the photos and the stories you share.  It is a wonderful way for me to rejuvenate during that 5 minute break at work!  I work as a philanthropic fundraiser and program developer at the University of Mississippi, where I graduated with degrees in Music and English.  I hope to begin studying Greek in the fall on the side and finish a third degree in Classics. 

I don't know what my long-term plans for the future are, but I know I would like to return to Greece next summer (2004) on my honeymoon.  Greece is such a popular honeymoon spot, but I was hoping to develop a trip plan that incorporated both traditional vacation aspects and unique Greek experiences.  With the Olympics being held in Athens next summer, I am wary of making plans and need some advice.  We are planning to get married very early in the summer to avoid the "busy" season - probably the 3rd or 4th week of May or at the latest the first of June.  We have 10-12 days to vacation and a moderate budget.  Any advice you could offer would be treasured. 

I enjoy your website very much and wanted to thank you for all your efforts to help people who wish to experience the wonder of Greece.  I appreciate your generosity in sharing your personal experiences and will continue to visit the website to look and learn even more.  Thank you very much!

Emily Cooke

Wanted to let you know we had a great time!
The islands we visited, Poros, Aegina, Spetses, Hydra, Epidavorus (spelled
wrong I am sure) and Santorini were all beautiful and each had unique
qualifties that made them memorable.  Athens was also a blast. Dinner at
Strofi was entertaining and delicious.  George's crew took very good care of
us on our transfers  and our half day tour of Athens.  We met his son
Dennis, what a handsome young man!
We made great use of your island guides several of us had printed, so thank
you much for that too!
We had a wonderful Captain for our sailboat experience.  We couldn't have
been more pleased with him.  He took excellent care of us and he was great
fun to boot.

That brings me to one more request for your assistance.  As this was our
first experience with a sailboat charter, we were totally unsure of what to
tip the Captain and I think we did not handle it properly.  We want to make
it right, but we're still unsure of what's considered acceptable or the
"norm".  We came home feeling like this young man was our friend, yet as
though we had just insulted him.

Do you have any idea how this is normally handled?  We botched it once and
don't want to botch the attempt to correct it as well.

Again, thank you for all of the wonderful information that helped to make
our Greece experience that much more enjoyable.
Marcia K. Secaur
Vice President - Investments/
Operations Mgr
Smith Barney,a division of Citigroup Global Markets Inc.


I'm looking at Olympics stuff and remembered that I had never thanked you.  You have the BEST travel guide site on the internet!   

I travel extensively to Biblical lands with my students at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  My first trip to Greece was in 1970.  I spent a few days in Athens and two weeks on Crete.   

I'm taking my 24th group to Israel in November and have traveled Turkey, Jordan, Italy, Germany, France, etc.  I've taken four groups to Greece and we have traced the route of Paul from the North to the South.  All of that to say that of all the travel guides and books and notes that I have used I have gotten more useful information on your site than any other place I travel.  I have a Christian web site- and it is not in the same league as your travel site. 

Thank you for the hard work and great stories.  Also for the interesting notes and suggestions.  I have used George everytime we needed a taxi.  My tour guide of choice and one of the best is Christiana Vaveki.  We have stayed at the Jason Inn in Athens on three of our trips to Greece and have found it to be superb! 

Bless you on your future trips. 

Clay Corvin
Prof. of Administration and VP Business
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
New Orleans, LA

Dear Matt,
    I never did get around to thanking you for all of your very helpful info. My family and I spent an amazing month last summer visiting Italy and Greece. We did take the ferry from Venice to Patras (Minoan Lines) and then made our way to Athens. We spent the next two weeks on Lesvos, Santorini and Sifnos. We loved each and every one of these islands for all different reasons. The experience was extraordinary for all of us. I'll always remember the day at the Acropolis when my 13 year old daughter had an epiphany when she realized she was at the site where her dance mentor Isadora Duncan had created one of her favorite pieces. We'll always cherish the fact that my 4 and a 1/2 year old learned to swim on the island of Lesvos. We had one of those "travel experiences" on the island of Sifnos when we found that the    hydrofoil we were taking back to the mainland was canceled. We struggled to get on a ferry that was to leave a few hours later only to find that that too was being indefinitely delayed due to weather. We hung out for 10 hours that day and ended up meeting some wonderful people who we ate, drank and made merry with all the way to Athens. I really believe the hardship was well worth the result. It was a great lesson to share with the kids. Thanks again for putting us on a great path.

Hi Matt,

We made it back safely and it is a trip we will never forget. Everything went wonderfully. Athens was beautiful and the people were very nice. The Attalos was great and the staff was friendly and helpful. Sakis and Yiannis especially. We never felt the least bit afraid no matter what time of the night.  We only saw one homeless person the whole time we were there. I can't say enough about the food. We ate everything and it was all delicious. I realized that people in Texas just don't know how to prepare lamb. We ate it quite a few times. 

Santorini was even more beautiful than I imagined. The Keti hotel was very unique and we enjoyed it. We went to the beach everyday after we got tired of sight seeing. The donkey trip up the cliff was exciting.

Thanks for creating your website. The information we received from it made our trip more enjoyable and less scary. We will definitely go back to Greece. 

P.S Sounion was breathtaking and worth the bus trip from Athens.


Marsha Toole

I have enjoyed browsing through your Greek travel guide which I am sure
would be invaluable to those who have little or no experience of the Greek
nation, people or culture.  As another who has dedicated over 20 years of
holidays to Greece and her islands I think your webb pages are fair and
accurate - we all have our favourites and it is often difficult not to let
ones own preferences shine through.  The thing which has drawn myself and my
husband back to Greece over and over is the FILOXENIA, open hospitality,
which is with reason not always so prevalent in the more touristy areas now
a days.  We have made many true friends over the years in various places,
often having been offer a refreshing drink on passing a house miles from
anywhere, and ending up in the bosom of the family.  We have found the
people to be generous to a fault wherever we have travelled in Greece.

My own favourite is little Paxos in the Ionian which we first visited over
20 years ago when you could rent a room in a private house for 3 - 5 pounds
sterling a night.  I also love Lesvos - Vatera is beautiful and tranquil
beyond belief and here once again we found true Greek hospitality for which
I shall be eternally grateful.  The help and assistance given by virtual
strangers to myself, and indirectly my husband, when he suffered a heart
attack could not have been bettered by close friends.  The level of care and
treatment received at the Hospital in Mytilene also was superb.  So good
infact that when we returned to the UK our own family Doctor was so
inpressed with the reports that they sent back in my care, including every
ECG printout they had done, he wrote to thank them personally.

Keep up the good work...  More on the smaller islands please.. and thanks
for such a comprehensive site.

yia sas

Hi Matt,

I want to thank you for suggesting Dolphin Hellas Greek Travel agent. I used them to book my winter vacation in Athens. They were absolutely brilliant. The accommodations was perfect. It was my first vacation to Athens and it was absolutely wonderful, because of your excellent suggestion. Thank you very much.


Hi Matt. I have contacted you before about the very guide to Greece you have
set up. After seing the information about the Olympics I felt I should once
again say congratulations for your very precice and most of all objective and
unbiased information.

Keep up the good work.
I hope we'll all enjoy these very special for us Olympics in Athens. I know I
am going to be there.

Vasileios Zografos
PhD student
University College London

Hello Matt Barrett,

We are Peter and José from Holland
We did a cruise with Royal Olympic Cruises last August. One of the port to
call was Hydra.
Royal Olympic calls every Thursday evening Hydra.

We enjoyed your article about Hydra on the Greece travel side. especially
about Pan.

We arrived at 20:00 hours, we had time until 23:00 hours. Time enough to
taste the a little bit of the life on Ydra
After reading about Pan I had to find him and shake hands. At first we
couldn't find him. we asked some locals and they said 'he must be here you
can't miss him'. After a while we catch sight of him. I had to run for him.
Finally I good stop him and we shaked hands and talk for a short moment. It
was nice to meet him.

We agree with you Ydra is the most beautiful port in Greece.
My wife enjoyed and fell in love with the island

The story about Pan shows that the Internet is able to connect people.

Thank you the Hydra story and all the other information,
Succes with you side. Next time we go the Greece again we will check you
side first .

Regards and greetings

Peter & José Verweel.

Thanks for your response.  Totally enjoy your website.  Have learned so much.  Your writing reminds me of the Rick Steeves books!  Can't wait to see Greece - or at least a small part of it.
Duxbury, MA


    I can't imagine what our recent trip to Greece would have been like without having first found your website.  Your website was our bible and without exception everything was exactly as you presented.  We spent a week in Athens and a week in Mykonos and Santorini.  Our trip exceeded our grandest expectations because of the information on your website including George the Taxi Driver and hotel recommendations.

    Thanks for all the work you have done and your willingness to share.

                                                                                                                                    John & Sheila

Dear Mr. Barrett,
I enjoyed your stories on Greece. I hope that we will be able to return
some day.
I found your site in my search for a Maclaren stroller homepage. I need a
replacement for the 5-point harness that I crushed when closing my trunk.
Do you know of a source for Maclaren replacement parts? Your page on
strollering in Greece did not have an active link to Maclaren - your code
did not include a HERF.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Nancy Childs

Yes, I loved Matt Barrett site and found it useful THANK YOU SO MUCH Hope
some day I get to meet you in person in Greece!

Dear Matt -
    Wonderful article and you have our votes for
Mayor of Athens any time!  I can see your ruling that
anyone taking office would have to prove they could play a musical instrument and
sing the blues.
    Also a great piece on fishing - I was down there with you all the time.  I
guess there is a time when you have to move on, but it ain't easy.
    All good wishes for your terrific website - the liveliest in cypberspace -
          Mavis and Will

Dear Matt,

Well, we made it home after a wonderful visit to Athens and Santorini.

We went into the carpet store and met Tom. Had a wonderful talk with him not once, but twice. He's bright, articulate and such a pleasure to spend time talking with. We wanted to ask him out for a drink, but didn't want to seem like pushy New Yorkers.

Greece was everything and more. The people were terrific. The Plaka marvelous, the fish market, meat market, vegetable market, flea markets EVERYTHING so fantastic. We went to all the places you recommended. They were right up with what you said if not better. The jewelry store Bysantium was unreal. We didn't buy, because we weren't in the market at the time, but know that when we go back he's the first place we'll stop. Bretto's for ouzo was amazing. So smooth and wonderful. Panos at the Acropolis Hotel was a delight and so informative. His Mother was even better.

Just wanted to stay THANKS from the bottom of our hearts for your encouraging words re: Santorini. We had marvelous weather regardless of the dates of 11/12 to 11/17 and most of the know it alls on the net said the weather was going to be awful. We had sun every day and beautiful breezy clear nights. I would never discourage anyone and you didn't and I can't thank you enough.

The food was amazing. Each meal better than the next. We ate and drank and ate and drank and shopped and did everything all the good tourists do. Even though there was a great anti-Clinton sentiment we were always treated fantastically by the people and with great respect and warmth. Had some great political talks with Tom. He was so great to talk to, especially since we are so political and interested in the world and what's going on. We had a rug connection as we have some Ege rugs and he now is the distributor for a company who has bought the license for these rugs. They are called ART rugs and are Klees', Picassos', etc. We bought ours at ABS quite a few years ago and when we walked in there were the "new" ones. We talked at great length to Tom about that. It was a wonderful connection and again THANKS!!!!!!!!

With warmest regards,

Valerie & John Duval

Hi!  I am from Houston, Texas and my family lives in Tripoli, Greece!  I go back as often as I can in the summers.  I am fluent in Greek and live it 100%!  I just want to let you know that your site is EXCELLENT! :)  Man, I thought I knew enough about Greece but HELLO!  You have given me a whole new picture of Ellada!!  Please email me when you can with the address to your site.  I found it very randomly and do not know how to get back to it.  I would love to tell ALL my friends about it so that we can use it next time we go for the summer!  I REALLY need to broaden my horizons and go to all the islands before I get too old to party!!  Thank you and good work!!

Matt hi! My name is Nikos. I am a Greek living in Australia and I have a program on the Greek radio here in Sydney. I am visiting your web site many times. You 've Dane an exultant job! Congratulations. NIKOS ARGYRAKIS.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Greece the beginning of September.
I have visited your web site and have printed EVERYTHING!  I also emailed
Kiki Zikou also.

Your web site is fantastic and I know I will be using all your information.

thanks, rhon

You have the best website on Greece yet!  After viewing all of your invaluable information, I am thankful that I will be journeying to Greece with a native of Athens.  Have mercy should I, as an American, try to "go it alone"!


Dear Matt,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply together with the Greece Travel
Newsletter.  i feel ease after reading your precious comments.  Oh....i & my
husband can get started on the planning of our trip to Athens &

Really many many thanks to you.  U are really nice & wonderful !!  i love
your websites and they're fantastic and informative. This morning, i just
printed out the Travel Newsletter you forwarded me to study and i'm now
thinking of going to one more island - Lesvos where you highly recommended. i'm getting more excited !!  Hope to see you in Greece !!

Best Regards
iris ^_^

Hello from Aviano, emailed you last month about a cousins cafe in Skala Kolonia. Headed there in July for two weeks. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your news letters that you send out and that the ferry schedule is a big help. Passed it along to some folks headed over for five weeks vacation. It helped them out with their island hopping plans.Maybe we'll see you in Skala one day. Ciao, Alex and Sue Kovras

We will be travelling in Greece May 15 thru June 13.  Since we will be
"on our own"  rather than a tour we've been doing lots of research via
print, personal experience and the internet.  We wanted to let you know
that your net pages have been not only the most useful but also the
best written of all ... copies of your information have been both
informative  but inciteful - and humorous, and have rendered us even
excited than we thought possible.

We will be in Sifnos on/about May 23rd for a stay of about 10 days,
probably in Kamares hope to stay at the Hotel Stavros - based on your
description of it.  We also hope to run into you along the way, at one
of the restaurants you describe, a local taverna or a path ... and
certainly at the travel agency.

Thank you again for writing lucidly ...

Joan & Ken Nunn

Mr. Barrett,

I just wanted to email you and thank you for your site.  My girlfriend and I
graduated from college in May and took a 2 week trip to Greece at the start
of June.  We printed every page of your website and took it with us.  It was
a savior.  We flew into Athens and spent the first night there.  The next
night we flew to Lesvos and stayed at Vatera beach and then headed to the
Cyclades.  We spent 4 nights in Santorini and then went to Ios where we
spent 5 nights.  We needed some advice about how to get to Rafina and get a
hotel at midnight, so we called George and he was amazing.  He, like we
found all Greeks to be, was the nicest person I have ever talked to.  I
called him and told him about your website and he looked up hotels and gave
me advice.  He was great.  I won't bore you with a ton of details, but our
trip was amazing and I will be going back as soon as I can get the time.
I just wanted to let you know that I used you web page as a guide, I bought
as many postcards as I could and most of all I wanted to thank you for your

Hope you are there now and if you are then I am jeolous.


Jarred Maxwell
Austin, TX

I just thought that I would drop you a e-mail telling you what an
amazing home page you have created at Http://  It is
the most complete directory I have seen about Greece.  My hat goes off
to you.

Stavros Tzortzatos
Montreal, Quebec

Thanks for everything. My wife and I just returned from a week in Greece
(Athens bookends around Paros, Delos and Naxos). We relied on your Athens
survival guide, Island Synopsis, and Uli Perschau at Dolphin Hellas.

Some highlights:

Naoussa on Paros! What a great little town. Studios Kanales were a perfect
place to base. In all my travels I've never experienced nicer hospitality
than what we received from Luciano and Constantina. Maria at Orbit travel on
Paros was splendid too in arranging a day trip to Delos.

Parian wine! Oh my god, I'd go back just for the highly drinkable local
grape. The 97 Kavarnis red, for example, at 740 Drachma (what is that.. two
bucks?) was excellent. With a plateful of olives and fresh charcoal grilled
octopus, well, what could be finer?

Galaxy Hotel in Naxos is a beautiful facility, but the hospitality leaves
something to be desired (e.g., no pool towels-- I was told I would have to
go into town and buy my own beach towel). Maybe this will improve over time.

Good call on the Ouzo Brettos. Nectar.

Excellent dining experience: rooftop at Strofi with Acropolis view.
Reservations a must! Excellent food, no-nonsense service, great prices. I
had goat that practically melted in my mouth.

So, thanks again.

John Schouten and Diane Martin
Portland, Oregon

matt,.#1: iam SURE everybody who reads your stuff dies from
laughter....OH maybe that's why you haven't heard from anyone, they're all
DEAD!!!! we split our gutts last night laughing so ARE a GREAT
writer/story teller. I have NEVER read anythinh written by ANYONE who tapped
into the greek soul, and GOT it like you. You are a kindred spirit..Elliot
Mintz was this off the wall/genius radio dj (New York & Calif.) who later
became pers, assistant to John & Yoko Ono.. he was indescribable..brilliant
a very intellectual/cerebral Howard sternISH kinda blows your mind type of guy...I
can't describe. at another time... you HAVE to please send me your we know what we're doing for NY Eve..we are reading your
web site. Boy can I tell YOU stories!!! I've had 4 emails this morn from
friends that I sent the site too and they love it..mayve we will start a fan
club!!!! anyway...please KEEP WRITING!!! do not stop...I KNOW the GNTO I
think I should have a word w/them...but you know..they know NOTHING about
greece or Greeks!!! anyway, take care, and from the entire planet, my family
& i are waiting for your newsletter & a word fromyou!!! take care...(you
crack me up!!!) S.

You have written a marvellous description about Thessaloniki. Everything
important is in this interessting description. I like Thessaloniki very much

Many greetings and a Happy Easter from



I just returned from my first trip to Greece (I'm from US). In the months leading up to our vacation, we scoured your website time and again. It was tremendously helpful!!!  Thank you for giving people the inside scoop. Per your recommendation, we also used Fantasy Travel to plan everything. They did a fantastic job. Everything was taken care of for us and went smoothly. I'd use them again and I would encourage others to do so.

Greece was amazing. Everything was bigger and grander than I expected, even after seeing all the pictures. We spent a day in Athens, four in Santorini, three in Crete, and then one day each in Napflion, Olympia and Delphi. Unfortunately, due to limited ferry service, we spent more time in Santorini (although I absolutely loved it) than we should have and less time in other places. If I go back, I'd like to spend more time on mainland and Peninsula. One thing we did not count on was the poor infrastructure and the fact that you are driving on narrow, windy roads deep in the mountains, so getting from one place to another took so much longer than we anticipated. The only thing I truly did not like was how crazy everyone in Greece drives. Even though I was forewarned, it was extremely stressful and scary.

Thanks again for helping make our trip such a memorable success!!


Hey Matt.  We did it.  We went to Greece and got married on Santorini on
October 3rd.  Thanks to you for your suggestions from your website.  I had
my first shot of ouzo from Bretto's as you suggested!  Stayed one night at
the Adams's too.  Again, thanks for the tips!

I have spent the better part of the last two days surfing your site and it

I am also from North Carolina and I graduated from UNCG w/ a degree in
Ancient history/Archaeology. During college, I spent two summers on a "dig"
at Mochlos, Crete. It was an experience which really had a positive impact
on me and I consider myself to be a phil-hellene for life. Your pictures of
Athens & the islands brought back the wonderful memories and feelings that I
have of my time there. There was also a ton of information that I wish I
would've had known back then.

I have since graduated from law school at UNC and am now a JAG attorney &
officer in the Navy. I have the great fortune of being assigned to Souda Bay
in September 2000 for one year. I will be taking my wife and 18 month old
daughter with me. Any tips (other than "Strolling thru Athens") for
traveling w/ small child in Greece? My memory is that kids run wild in
Greece and are welcome just about
anywhere (within reason).

My wife and I can't wait to get back and we are literally counting the days.
  Something about Greece gets in your blood and creates a longing to always
return. Particularly for those of us who have been fortunate enough to live
there for periods of time. My friends and I have often joked that the raki
and retsina never taste as good in the states as they do at a taverna at

Anyway, great job on the site and thanks for all the info that I will be
able to use this time over to Greece. If I can provide you with any other
feedback or info, please let me know. I would be happy to do so.

Andy Smith

Yo hablo español y vivo en Costa Rica me encanto tu pagina sobre Grecia ,
es increible lo util que puede ser para una persona que piensa viajar .
Come and visit us in Costa Rica . Thank you

Hi Matt,

    Rhonda here again. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the help you gave us on this project! When we start to lose faith in mankind someone like you and Tom show up and show us that there are still good people out there willing to help with the small things! Actually, this is kind of a big thing to my daughter Rachel; her grade depends on this project and I was really at a loss on where to find this information. I wasn't sure you would help out but you came through in a BIG way for us!
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Matt

We are Dan and Marilena, from Bucharest,Romania.
We have made a woderfull trip to Rhodos last week.
Thank you for your great sites on Greece. We used a lot of your tips.
Previously we have visited Creta, Santorini ant the continent.  Creta is fine. Santorini is even more beautiful.
Rodos also is a beautiful place on Earth. We have spend there only 10 days. Based in Faliraki area, we have layed in the sun in  almost all important beaches in the island.  Our two years old son enjoyed it at maximum. There are also many interesting things to see.
We have visited not olny the ancient ciy of Rhodes and Lindos (that is a must for all turists) but also many others.
We have rented a car from Yotis, witch is a very nice person.
He acknoledged us about a restaurant in Elleusa, called Oassis, where they serve pumpkin floweers filled with feta cheese and greek condiments. Great.
I have travelled all across Europe but an yourt like in Greece i have never found. Romania is the country of milk and honey. By tradition our feta cheese is excellent, but the greeks are at least competitive.
I am so filled of the impressions on this holliday that is difficult to organize myself. I will better write you again in a few days. Anyway we'll return to greece next year.

Hi Matt,

I want to thank you for you awesome travel advice!  You probably hear this
all the time, but I want to share our experience with you!

My fiancée and I wished to get married in Greece so we packed up six of our
friends and left on June 1.  We stayed at the Attalos Hotel in Athens (your
recommendation).  They couldn't have been more hospitable.  For a group of
young people on a budget, the price of the rooms was perfect and they were
immaculate.  The city of Athens is so alive!  We had dinner at an outdoor
cafe with the Acropolis above us.  There was a man with an accordion and his
daughter had a violin and sang opera to us.  Very romantic.

The next three days we spent in beautiful Naxos and stayed in Agios
Prokopios Beach at the Agios Prokopios Hotel  It was
clean and beautiful, Mama and Vangelis really took care of us.  I think we
paid $12.00 a day.  Anything we needed; rides, scooters, alcohol, computer,
you name it, they accommodated us.

Then we were off to Santorini to get married.  We stayed in Perrissa at the
Blue Albacore Hotel directly across from the black sand beach.  The owner,
Yannis, was like a father to us.  He brought us wine and pastries daily.  He
charged us $12.00 a day for a huge room, which had a kitchen and a front &
back balcony.  He even took our men out on his diveboat to show off his
spearfishing techniques.

My fiancée and I drove around the island one day until we found a site to
have the wedding.  We decided on Red Sand Beach.  The contrast of the red
volcanic rock against the blue Mediterranean Sea was amazing. We brought my
cousin to perform the wedding ceremony.  So on June 8, around 6pm, we drove
to Red Sand Beach and had the  perfect wedding.  Afterwards, we got on
scooters and drove back to town.  Our friends tied cans and a just married
sign on the back of our scooter and we drove down the beach road through
Perissa.  The whole street was cheering and waving to us.  Yannis bought us
a wedding cake.  We befriended the people at the Yazz Club in Perissa.  The
owner's family cooked us a Mediterranean feast!  The people from town, that
we barely knew, stopped by and brought us gifts of wine and best wishes.  We
couldn't have wished for a more romantic, perfect and loving wedding.

A few days later we left for Milos.  The wind was terrible but it was one of
the most beautiful islands we visited.  It was very subdued so we had the
time to relax and take in the scenery.

Thanks again for your travel advice.  I can't wait to get back to Greece
again.  Next time we'll visit Crete, Santorini and possibly the Ionian

Take care
JoAnn Fogg

Dear Matt:

After many trips to Greece over the years, all of which have been fabulous, we've just returned from a perfect month in Greece.  Our family of 12 all traveled to and from different cities on different airlines, through different countries on different days, and we all left Greece in a similar fashion.  I was Communications Central, and nobody was more amazed than I when absolutely everything worked perfectly -- in Greece!

I relied heavily on your A TRAVEL GUIDE TO GREECE, and you gave me a number of excellent tips which made my job much easier.  I particularly used your info on Lesvos, where we all met when we entered Greece, and where our Greek family has moved from Athens.  None of us had ever been to Lesvos before, and you unraveled some of the mysteries for us.

We then ferried back to Piraeus to board our motor sailer, the Venetia, which we had sailed several years ago.  We sailed around the Cyclades this time, visiting many islands for 11 days.  Then, back to Athens for varying numbers of days.  I found Mike Constantinou of Greece Accommodations Direct through your link, and he was a perfect find.  He relieved me of making all our complicated hotel bookings in Athens, and again, everything worked perfectly -- in Greece!

After everyone else had left us, my husband and I went over to Poros on the Flying
Dolphin, where Mike is  for the summer, and spent all day and evening together.  The hotel there was charming.  Mike is coming to Vermont to ski with us this coming winter.  So you see what can happen when one finds Matt Barrett's Greek newsletter on the Internet!!

Thank you for all your good information.  I thought you'd like to know of our experiences.

Phyllis Holson

Dear Matt:

You rock. You rock. You rock.

I am about to take my first major vacation EVER, and Greece is always the
first place I wanted to travel to. I was a little intimidated by the idea of
travelling alone to such a far-away country, but your FABULOUS website has
really put my mind at ease. Tons of information that I never would have
found from a Canadian travel agent and incredible detail - you have really
provided a wonderful service. I am currently booking my trip for May and
thanks to your tips, I know I want to go to Lesvos - it appears to have
everything I ever dreamed of in a vacation.

Thanks a million for the great tips, I will indeed be stopping in to some of
the places you recommended, and I'll be sure to write when I return.

Again, thank you!

Rhonda Nugent
Edmonton, Canada

Thanks for the newsletter - the information you provide is amazing!  I have
particularly enjoyed your references to travelling with children in Greece.  My
soon to be 1 year old son is having his first trip to Greece in September and
your advice will no doubt prove invaluable.  On visiting your website I had to
laugh at your comments on Ios - I confess it is my favourite island even though
I am getting a little "old", but then again I am somewhat biased as I met my
husband there ten years ago and we are having our annual pilgrimage to catch up
with some old friends and to introduce our son Gabe to the Ios way of life.

Keep up the good work on your excellent site and having read so much about
Lesvos I think we may pay the island a visit next summer.

Thanks again

Kathy & Damian Allen

Dear Matt,

My name is Carmit and I am from Israel.
In the end of September I am flying to a short vacation in Athens.
Since this is my first flight ever, I was very nervous and had many
questions that not everyone were able or willing to answer.

I have just visited your site and I am glad to announce that all my
nervousity has vanished and every silly question I had has just been

Your site is simply wonderful. It gives great information, it is well
written, efficient, funny and friendly to use.
I have no doubt that my visit to Athens will be much more fun thanks to



Would love to be on your mailing list for your newsletter!
Your website is wonderful! Came across it a few years ago and now you have outdone yourself.
I have been traveling to Greece yearly for 7 years now after falling in love with the country during a trip in 1986. I just returned from Cephallonia and can't wait to return.
Not overrun with tourism......and scenic beyond expectations.

A few weeks ago I e-mailed you to ask about the safety of visiting Greece
during the Kosovo crisis. I just got back a few days ago, and you were right
- I sensed no anti-American sentiment whatsoever. In fact, I found the
Greeks to be warm, friendly and helpful (as long as you're not in line to
get on a bus).

Hi Matt,
  I am so excited that I found your website.  I live in CA and I am married
to a Greek.   We are going to Greece this May, my first time, and we are
taking our 3 year old son.  We will be there 4 weeks.  Out of all the of the
books that I have bought, your guide is the most informative and
down-to-earth, and makes the scary prospect of traveling to Greece for the
first time, esp. with a young child, not so scary.  My printer ran out of
ink printing pages off your website!  Your essay on "strollering" hit the
spot.  We will be "strollering" too.  Any other info you have in snail mail
form I would love to have, so please put me on your mailing list.  Your
guide is so detailed and geared towards the type of people like me that
don't like to find things out the hard way! 

I love your Greek Newsletters! They are interesting and informative... and we are leaving in 116 more work days! For what is turning into the "Greece the Matt Barrett way" trip (hotel Attalos, yacht charter etc. etc) . I can't wait to get back and give you updates.
Just curious, do they have guides you can hire in front of the gates of major sites, (as in the Acropolis? Delphi?) we always like to take guided tours of individual sites and love getting a guide for one on one information. I must also tell you that I've been visiting Frommer's web message boards and in the Greek threads, your name and web site are always mentioned with awe and gratitude for the wonderful job you are doing. In fact, I wrote to one man about a hotel recommendation and he wrote back 3 paragraphs on you and your web site! I love my fellow traveler's and our fabulous "country with no borders!" .
You are the greatest, keep those updates comin'
Thyra and Justin Lees-Smith 

Used your pages prior to going to Santorini, Peleponnese and Athens.
Very useful and accurate!
Loved Greece. People were great, driving not that bad (Athens excepted).


Thank you!I have read most of your sites, but getting an update of new additions is
great. I found particularly helpful to have the ferry schedule and fares!  And
the pictures...  FABULOUS!


 I can't tell you what a joy it is to be reading and exploring your web
sites on greece. Your stories paint pictures,and make me feel that I was
there experiencing the same things. I want to know are the stories from
"Spear fishing in Skatahori" in a book? is it still in print? I asked about
it at a Barnes and Nobel Book store last night and they said that they
didn't carry it.


I just returned from Greece two days ago. One of the women I had traveled with had printed off some 34 pages from your web site, which others in our tour had not discovered. I can't imagine what inspired you to help others in such a magnanimous fashion, but we thank you. I would like to visit one or two of the islands in a couple of years, and I hope your web site will still be available for me to assist in making plans. Word is spreading, so be patient with us, and don't dump the site. What you have done is so helpful, and I thank you very much for your generous gift of knowledge.

I get into your website often and
appreciate the additional suggestions.  I'm planning a return trip (my
3rd) to Greece in May of next year.  And partly in part to your great
info, I'm going to spend 4 or 5 days on Lesvos.  The more I read about
the island the more intrigued I am.

I just wanted to say thanks for your terrific website that just keeps
getting better.  It's the best I've found on Greece!

A fellow lover of Athens and the Plaka...
Susan McNamee

I want to thank all of the great people that sent me messages about my upcoming trip to Greece. Traveling alone to a beautiful country is exciting and the information I have been sent from everyone on the message board has been so helpful. An extra big THANK YOU to Matt.  YOU ARE INDEED WONDERFUL!!

I am only 11 years old and doing a report on Greece in school.  I got almost all of my info. from ur website and it's links.  Thanx for making such a great Site!!!

Hi Matt,
  Just wanted to let you know that you are walking down the right road. I
contacted Tom at Greek travel phones and he was absolutely great.  It was so
nice to have a phone while in Greece. I still have it with me now that I am
home. Who knows I may be back there again sooner than one would think. It
was great for having my contacts in Greece and the States.  Even when I was
in the taxi in Chania we called the Pension to make sure of where it was.
  The one funny thing I encountered was when I was at Brettos.
Everyone (locals) was laughing at how your internet article really does have
people stopping in to see the place. We would sit there and see faces at the
door peering in. It really gave the place an international flair.  And that
is what makes business good.
  Thaks once again and I look forward to your articles and additions.
Carmelleta aka....athena10

Matt:  I just love your writing! The way you say stuff is so.....GREAT! I'm
sure I'm not the only one, but you can sure say it EXACTLY like I wish I
could.  I truly appreciate your talent and your....way....Here's to
plastic!! and cigarette butts......Long live the humor in things..... Thank
you ....Claire-Marie

Your newsletter is beautiful. You don't get information like that in a
travel guide. I'm visiting Greece from Poland via Israel for the first time
in early June. I can't read the travel guides I find here (I can't read
Polish) so your web site is valuable to the point of being essential. I have
contacted the agents that you recommend via email and I hope they are as
helpful as you say, because I want this trip to be perfect. I am meeting my
girlfriend in Tel Aviv (she's on vacation there now) and taking her to
Greece to propose to her before we return to Poland together. You see why I
want everything to be perfect and I appreciate your efforts to make my trip
(and those of everyone who finds your page) better.

Thank you,

Dear Matt,
I came upon your page by chance and... boom!, it was
like finding a jewel among lots of useless EOT
descriptions. For me it's not so much for the
information you give (which are nevertheless
priceless), but listening to a friend who's shared
some of your experiences.
I am italian, live in Naples, and with my husband
Jamie (half English half American) we have been going
to Greece every year since 1989. We cannot face a year
without going there, it would be a tragedy. Rachel and
Brucie (4 and 3) have been going there even before
they were born (just like Amarandi), and we even
experienced some of your problems (nappies falling
apart, tragedies when Rachel found the same toy in her
"Lacky Girl" icecream).
Some of the places you described were "our places",
and it was heartwarming to realise that other people
enjoyed them as well.
I thank you for putting all this on your site, so that
we can share it and look  through it as we would look
through a photograph album at some of our most
cherished memories.
I will certainly write to you again, to ask your
advice on islands we would like to visit, I feel you
are the only one whose opinion I could trust.
Thank you
Mary Shanabrook

Hello there!
 My name is Lena and I have to tell you that I found your website accidentally and I just want to thank you for providing all this very useful information. Me and my boyfriend are going to Greece form New York with Cosmos travel tour May 26 and all the information I have collected until now was useless comparing to what you have provided on your site. It is really one of the most informative sites I ever saw and most wisely created. I just thought it would be good for you to find out that people are really appreciate all of your information and that you are really good in what you do!!!!!!!

In addition to all of it I have a question and I was wondering if you can help me to find an answer. I heard from many people that I can buy a mink coat or sherling for a very reasonable price while in Greece. I was wondering if you can assist me with any information regarding this question (store directions, price ranges maybe even some websites, etc.)

I want to thank you in advance for you response and looking forward to hear form you soon

Best regards,

SITE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Matt -- Our sons have gifted us with a southern mediterranean cruise for our 50th anniversary and we leave on October 25th.  The nicest part of the vacation is that we spend 3 days in Athens and 1 in
Santorini prior to the cruise.  Everyone we know has told us that we are going to heaven -- which is close anyway as I am 74 and my husband Marty is 87.  Anyway, your web pages have been a revelation to me and I have printed out so much of your information that I went through 2 printer ink cartridges.  I have compiled all the info into folders -- shopping, eating, taxis, etc.  Now I have two questions for you.  We would like to take a half-day trip to one of the islands near Athens by ferry since reading your info on that.  Would you recommend that or will it be too strenuous for us?  Also, everyone tells us not to take the cruise line's tour of Santorini but to hire a cab there.  Do you have any recommendations?  Our cruise line is Orient and our ship is the Marco Polo.  I hope this is not an imposition, but your photo looks like you are a real nice guy and you also look like one of our sons and I know he would help two old geezers like us out too.  Your writings are so informative and entertaining that I'm looking forward to re-reading them to my husband on our 9 hour plane trip over.
Thanks again.  Edythe Jacques.

I followed your guide during my recent trip to Greece Thank you very much. Please include Sounio and Lavrio in your list. I love the villages, the people, the beach. I will go there to celebrate Easter next year. The Ouzo's page is nice too. You are an embassador of  my adoptive land: Greece. Efharisto.

Hi Matt!
I am a seasoned traveller with what I hope is a
decent crap detector when it comes to useless but glitzy tourist info
and I must say that your pages are really spectacular! Well done.
Debbie Wright

I came upon your site by a delightful accident and enjoyed it very much.
I can tell you love the country I was born and raised and I also learned a lot of things that we usually take them for granted when we are there.
A wonderful resource for anyone visiting Greece and the islands.

Stella  :)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sitting in my dumb cubicle at
work and I have your page w/ the stories bookmarked and I've read a few and
they are really good. !! They brighten up my semi-dull work days! When
things are slow in the office (or when I'm just plain bored), I read a few
of your stories and I can see in my mind all the things you describe, and I
remember my own funny experiences there. I am Greek-American, used to live
in Athens... planning on moving back next year (getting married). That's my
story in a nutshell. Anyway, just wanted to say that your website is cool,
... I haven't read all of it yet, but it sounds like you've had great
experiences over there....
Well, "kales diakopes" and keep adding to your website!

-Gigi Papoulias

Hey Matt...

We just returned from our Grecian holiday (unfortunately).  I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it all was.  Of course, you already know that!  We stayed at the Adams in the Plaka.  Very nice people and had a great view!  We "rented" George for the day, but he was having health problems so he sent his friend also named George.  He picked us up at the airport (3am) and showed us Athens the next day.  It was a wonderful experience and we loved Athens.  3am is a great time to arrive in Athens as even customs has no interest in looking at luggage.  We then went to Santorini (the most beautiful place I have ever seen), Naxos and spent a night in Mykonos.  We didn't care too much for Mykonos (although it was beautiful), but it didn't have the "Greek feel" to it.  We loved our experience in Naxos and all the people, who are so welcoming and generous.  In Santorini we stayed in Imerigolvi and had the most awesome view.  We then went to Kamari beach and spent a few nights.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your website.  I planned our whole trip from your website and it couldn't have been better.  Every day we rented a scooter and combed the islands inch by inch.  It was all so wonderful.  Anyway, thank you again for all the advice!

Melissa Bradshaw
Charleston, SC

I am doing a project that you have to go "backpacking" in two countries in Europe. I picked Greece and Macedonia.  I have to keep a journal for each of the eight days.  The other sites just had general info.  Your site has a whole lot of the itty-bitty stuff, like where to go, where not to go, and things like that.  I printed out plenty of pages, and this is my number 1 site for this project.  I can't believe one person can do this, (I'm sure you used a little help) This site is great.
Thanks a lot
Jakob Vasiloff, 11, NC

Dear Matt, thank you for all the information you provided regarding the Greek Islands it was most useful. We had a fabulous time, starting in Athens, travelling to Naxos, Santorini, Ios, Mykynos, Tinos and Syros. They were really all beautiful in their own enchantered way. However we did find Tinos to be slightly dissapointing, probably that is why it wasnt recommended on your list. It isnt really a place for the young or tourists.
But we were lucky with accomodation. I enjoyed the bartering for the room prices, but everything was much cheaper than we had budgeted for, it was great. It will definitely have to be done again. But i have to agree wiith the sunset at Ioa being one of the most beautiful i had ever seen. It is truely one of the most beatiful experiences ever for me, and i would definitely recommend the volcano trip. All in all a fab holiday with nothing to complain about. I think we went at the right time because it was before all the tourists were out in force.
So once again thank you for your help it was really helpful especially for a holiday and country in which we were both new.
Erica Sample

I was on the net looking for some info on Greeece and happened upon your
site. I just wanted to compliment you on a terrific job. I have been
twice, once alone at age 19, and again with the family at age 39. When
we plan to go back without the kids I will definately benefit from the
info in your site.
Thanks, Rick B.

 I just wanted to let you know that I have really appreciated both your web
site and your newsletter.  We are planning a trip to Greece in September
for a conference on Rhodes, but will also spend 3 days in Athens.  Your
information has been very helpful in letting us know what to expect on our
trip.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Kelly Goodwin

I just begun reading all your information. We are just starting to plan a trip to Greece.  I cannot believe the amount of information you have available.Its wonderful!!  The pictures you have are so beautiful. And the font you used makes it easy to read, which is appreciated in a slow reader like myself.  I plan on reading more, slowly. Thank you very much. I just wanted to let you know. Will be in touch most likely in the near future.  Thanks again.Ellen

I just want to say thanks for being my no1 source of info on Greece. Everytime I would surf looking for a piece of information, I would discover that your pages were the most informative and the most straight-forward. We finally decided to go to Naxos, but next year it will be Eressos, thanks to you!

Thanks again.
Stalo from Cyprus

Hi, as it so happens, my name is Matt, too.  :)   I'm a senior in a high school in MD, and was assigned a very large project in one of my classes.  We had to plan every detail and aspect of a fake trip to anywhere in Europe, using the internet for most of our research.  Having an aunt from Greece and a close friend who's father was born there and visits every summer, I thought it would be interesting to do my project on Greece.   Well, finding things to fill the minimum 2 week fake stay was very difficult. However, once I found your site, I had so much information, I couldn't possibly fit it all!  I have to really think about what I would like to do since I couldn't cover it all in two weeks.  Your web site is outstanding and has been such a lifesaver for me.  It's my last big assignment before I graduate and I had been agonizing over it for some time.  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful information and to let you know that without your web page, I don't know what I would have done.  Thank you!

THANK YOU for your response, and your answers.
God Bless You!

Thank you SO MUCH MATT!  Wow...You gotta be the best thing Greece
has got going for it.

I love your site, your newsletter...and trust me - I will be reviewing ALL you
have to say as I plan a grand voyage to Greece for my FAMILY to celebrate
My Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary in Year 2000.


Dan Reynolds


I really enjoyed reading through all of your guides on vacationing in
You have an Excellent web site and a great writing style. It was by far the
most helpful and enjoyable
of all sites I looked over. My new wife and I will be going over on
September 10th for our Honeymoon and are
really looking forward to the trip.

Anyway, I noticed by your address that you are a "Local".  I travel through
Chapel Hill and Raleigh frequently
and thought I could show my appreciation for your guidance in buying you a
cold beer before we leave. Unless of course
you are fortunate enough to be in Greece at the moment.  Drop me a "line"
and maybe we can get together.


Mike Papadeas
Charlotte, NC

Dear Matt,
    Firstly I want to add my name to the list of people who think (and after
twenty five of years Greek travel know) your web sites are excellent. If I
of any one planning a trip to Greece I pass them your details with a weighty
    Apart from the satisfaction of 'making contact' the reason for this note
to ask you when you were last in Hydra. I was there Easter week and had a
wonderfully drunken evening (night) with our mutual friend Pan Lembisis. We
hadn't had a 'session' together for fifteen years and found that two old
had not only mellowed but owned up to both taking aspirin the following
    The photo of Pan that you show in the updated Hydra section of your site
finds him wearing the same clothes as he had on most of the time we were
him (apart from a truly wonderful Hawaiian style shirt which when paired
the great man produced what can only be termed 'a site to behold'). This
to the 'when were you there?' question.
    On a more practical note we were travelling by car,  which I was worried
about leaving unattended when visiting Hydra. No problem, we came straight
the airport and left it in the car park of the Porto Hydra Hotel. They
for a water taxi to take us across to the island and wanted nothing in
Not even the price of the phone call, love it! All the guides say park at
Ermioni and take the Dolphin. Our alternative may have been more expensive
the parking seemed safer, there were no timetables to rush for and it was a
really magical way of arriving on the island.
    We stayed at the hotel Bratsera. They have done a great job with the
we started with a suite then moved to a room (just couldn't leave the
and they were both as interesting as they were comfortable. It was my 50th
birthday and as all the old ledgers are left in the rooms I was able to see
a French company had bought the most sponges on the day I was borne!
    Well that's all I had to say apart from thanking you again for such a
site. Keep up the good work.
Ian Sellers

I am at the Montreal airport, going to Athens. I have found your site most instructive since it will be my first time in Greece (short stay on 1 week). I will try to give you my comments on some of your suggestions after.

Many thanks for your tips.

Claude Brunet

Hello :) I dont know why in hec's name I'm writing to someone I dont know...or further more to an address that may well not exist anymore in view of the update date on the website...

Anyways...I was just messing around on the net looking for stuff napster doesnt seem to "stock"....and  I stumbled across your page on rebetika and was totally blown away by your writing. I read from start to finish in one hit...

U r amazing... it was as if i was reading something i had written myself..meaning it was so so easy for me to grasp what u were saying... ahem, ironically you will probably have the odd problem i imagine grasping what on earth I'm rambling about...

Basically, this jumble of sentences is just my way of thanking you for giving me something so interesting to explore... your site :)

Thanks again..I dont know you but it makes no difference....I hope you are well and happy and doing whatever it is that you love.

Christina Galan,
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Matt!  I teach a televised Humanities class (Kentucky Educational TV)
and I ran across your page while making a "travel to Athens" worksheet
for my students to complete.  Would you allow me to copy your page onto
our website?  We would be happy to give you credit for all information!
Thanks, and thanks again.  Liz Jewell, KET Humanities.

wow! Thanks  A LOT! :) I couldn't have done this w/o your site! ( and you
can put this comment on your website ).  :)    Nella Forest

I just got back from an 8-day vacation in Greece; it was everything you said
it would be.  Your web site had been so informative that it was like we had
been there before and new exactly where to go and what to see.

I will continue to tell everyone who will listen to me to visit your web

My small donation in appreciation of your helpful web site is in the mail.

I agree with everyone, you should be Mayor of Athens!

Thanks again,

Kathy Costa

P.S. Even though my Greek Holiday is over, I will continue to visit and
enjoy your web site to see what's new.

Hi there Matt,

My friends and I just returned from a week's vacation in Greece.  We agree
that it was one of the best weeks in our entire lives!  What a beautiful
place, what wonderful people.  Thanks so much for your helpful website and
for clueing us in to Dolphin Hellas, which was a terrific agency.

We wanted to share some information with you in the hopes that you would add
it to your site.  Specifically, we spent most of the week in Santorini, and
we have more info that we'd like to tell other tourists about there.  We can
also e-mail you some pictures when we get them developed and scanned in.  I
thought I'd ask first if you would consider adding the information before I
typed it up.  It would be four great places to eat, the awesome hotel we
stayed at, our impression of the beaches and the arcaeological sites, and
what the shopping is like there.

By the way, on our last night in Athens I decided we had to eat at Psaras
Taverna.  It was a bit of a quest to find it (which eventually involved
stopping a tourist on the street who looked like she was holding a much
better map than we had) but it turned out we were right around the corner
from it and what a nice place it was!  Really excellent food, beautiful
outdoor candelit atmosphere, happy people eating there.


Kara C. Sheldon

My friend and I live in the UK and decided to go anywhere for a cheap weekend break. i noticed the flights to Athens were fairly cheap and saw your site.

I am so glad i did............ the weather was warm for November, we stayed at the hotel attalos ( really really friendly and cheap) and walked round athens, acropolis, flea market etc. we had a marvellous time and completely chilled out. many thanks for your guide- this was invaluable and definately helped us have one of the best weekends away ever.

We had never been to Athens before and have decided we are going again soon ( and of course back to the same hotel- the views are just stunning)

Thanks once again. elaine

Hi Matt,

Just a quick email to let you know that your website is fantastic and extremely useful.  

I spent ages last night reading your reviews looking at photos and laughing at many of your side comments. (Very funny!) .  It is one of the most useful travel websites I have ever used and I will be using it to guide my trip to Greece (in September next year) for sure.

Thanks again for all the hard work you've put into the site.  It's excellent.


Dear Matt:
I am only traveling vicariously this summer, but I wanted to let you know
how much I appreciated and enjoyed your incredible website. It is one of the
most informative, well-written, and good-natured sites I have ever come
upon. What a wonderful service you are providing! I will certainly refer to
it if I ever do get to go to Greece. In the meantime, it was a fun
cyber-stroll. (Do you know of any comparable sites for other countries, such
as Italy? Somehow I doubt it...) Bravo for a job well-done. Your enthusiasm
and generosity of spirit are evident throughout.
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Dear Matt.

      We just returned from a week long trip to Greece.From planning the trip to finding our way around we used your guide exclusively. I do not think we would even have attempted the trip without the information you provided.

     Prior to going we arranged all our transportation with George.One of his drivers picked us up at the airport and brought us to the Hotel Attalos. We stayed for 5 days and had a great tour of the Plaka Flea Market and the surrounding area.

On Tuesday Dennis ,George's son,took us on an all day trip to Delphi. When we stopped in a Taverna for lunch we met George who was on a tour with another couple.This was definitely on of the highlights of the trip.

On Thursday we arranged a half day trip to Souion.A driver named Mikas was our driver. He was also very professional. After the tour he dropped us at the Armonia Hotel where we stayed for two days.

George had a drive pick us up at the hotel and bring us back to the airport.

The entire trip went as planned which in my experience is unusual.

Thanks again for all the information. We are already planning our next trip to see the islands in June or September of 2005.


                             Rich Victoria and Bryce Wiseman

Hi Matt

I found your website quite by chance, and have dumped every other guide since :)

It is a lot of reading and unfortunately one has to be constantly online to go through it, but it is a treasure nevertheless.

The wealth of information is absolutely amazing. I am going to Greece with a friend in December and almost everyone (including a lot of Greeks !!) discouraged us because it is winter time. Your site was the first reassuring thing about our whole plan. We are going from New Delhi, so the winter is not really a problem. It would be a welcome relief.

I just wanted to write to you and congratulate you on the Greece Hub you have created. I will post a link on my website shortly, because it is absolutely awesome !!!!



I am just starting to plan my 15th trip to Greece and checked your website for the first time in several years.  Wow, it's very glossy now, but I assume the same good information which all rang true the last time I read it.  This year I'm taking a group and need a cruise so I sent off the form to Dolphin which I had recommended to some honeymooners 2 years ago who loved their service.  I expect one of my group will definitely want the cell-phone, and I may check out the Athens hotel instead of my usual Astor.  Keep up the good work.

Dear Matt Barrett: I thank you for your information and for replying to all my emails. We are back from 3 weeks in: Rhodes, Symi, Patmos, Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. My wife and I had the time of our lives in this our first trip to Greece. And much of our success was thanks to you.


Enrique Ochoa


I'm a New Zealand traveller and big Greece fan. I've travelled to 64 countries and I'd have to vote Greece as 'Best All Round Country'. I've been there twice. Lesvos is one of my favourite islands. I'm planning to go back to Greece as there's still huge sections of the country I haven't seen. In fact I'm even trying to see if I can get a job teaching Engish there so I can stay a decent amount of time and really get to know the people / culture / language. Have already made initial contact with Anglo-Hellenic English Schools.

 Anyway mainly writing to compliment you on your web-site. It would have to be THE definitive guide to Greece on the Internet. It's a huge site and covers everything the intending Greece traveller or tourist would need to know, and then more. Layout and use of colour is excellent. Your photos are also excellent. So far I've only had time to surf a fraction of your site, but I'll return for a little more each day as time allows.

 I know how much work goes into creating a web-site, because I've just launched my own site on-line at to which you're welcome to peruse.

 I was just trying to think what it is about Greece that is so alluring. I've concluded that it's the combination of everything. The long and rich history (which I've only recently familiarised myself with, much richer history than I ever imagined), the smiling Greek people (and I have to say as a young single man the Greek girls are the most beautiful in the World), the wonderfully healthy and good-tasting cuisine, the wine, the islands, the beaches, the rembetika music, the dances (I never knew there's about 1000 different ones) and not to forget (in summer anyway) beautiful Greek sunshine. As I say, it's just a combination of everything.

 I'm saving now for my airfares to Athens! Hope to be back in Greece next year. And this time I want to stay 3 months, the whole summer, not just a week as on my previous two visits.

 Thanks again for your web-site Matt, as I say it's THE definitive guide to Greece on the web.


Garry Telford

Hello Matt,

My name is Helena and I am writing this from Sweden! Stumbled across your fantastic travel guide about Greece on the internet yesterday and got stuck!!! I got amazed over how it was written, with so much humour and passion.... so unlike other travelguides! The photos in it are great as well, so personal and "alive"... so much different from other guides that kind of have arranged photos with no "spark" behind them!

My fiancé comes from Athens, he got stuck in the food section of the guide! He misses the Greek food a lot although we try to make some of his favourite dishes every week. Nothing can be compared to home for sure!

I lived with my fiancé in Athens for a few months before we decided to move to Sweden. Now we are trying to get the best from both worlds but it's not as easy as we thought it would be. When I was there I missed Sweden and now when I´m here there is so much about Athens that I miss. I guess it's hard to be completely satisfied! I especially miss the sea and the sun (among other things).... the weather in Sweden has been horrible this spring!

The jewelry your wife makes are very beautiful! It's so nice to see handcrafted things that have been done with such skill and personal touch!

Will surely visit some of the cafés you recommend in your guide when we go to Athens for vacation in June!!

Thanks for sharing your advice and love for Athens with the rest of the world!

Have a nice summer with your family!

Best regards,

Helena Svensson


My wife and I intend to go to Greece in April/May/06 - just started to look
at the travel books and websites - we always do this so far in advance,
because we sometimes use points for flights - but I digress - I just wanted
to thank-you for such a great website - ( I can't believe
it is the effort of just one guy!

We intend to scour alot of material, but I know we will be returning to this
for the final word.

Thanks again - & nice work.

John & Diane

Dear Sir Barret,

According to your Greek homepage, we sent you this email. We are six
students from Holland (studying in the Hague at the Higher Institute of
European Studies). This week we have a projectweek. We have to organize a
FICTIONAL convention. The subject of this fictional convention is to get
Dutch tourists to West-Greece and Italy.
For this fictional convention, we need some guest-speakers. We are convinced
that you with your knowlegde about Greece, can tell the Dutch a lot about
West-Greece. We would like you to be a guest-speaker at our fictional
convention. Because everything is fictional, you do not really have to come.
All we need is an email or a fax, were you can confirm that you will be
'available' the 26 of september 2000.
We would also like to know how much money you ask to 'speak' at our
fictional convention.
If there is anything that you do not understand, please sent us an email.
( You can also sent us fax our faxnumber is:
0031704458606. (If you sent us a fax, please mention '314' above it). It is
also possible that we sent you a fax, and that you confirm it. Then we need
your faxnumber. Please anwer us as soon as possible.
We like to thank you for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Imke Koe,
student at the Higher Institute of European Studies, the Hague.

Dear Members of the Higher Institute of European Studies,
It is indeed a great honor to be asked to speak at your convention on the subject of Western Greece which as you know I am one of the world's most formost authorities. As you may know my book The Impact of Dutch Tourism on the Sea Turtles of Zakynthos, is currently on top of the Bestseller list in the USA and because of that my agent is asking for a very high price for speaking engagements, (more than $20,000 US). However I have always been very fond of Holland since the wild days of my youth and will be happy to speak for the price of $5000 under the condition that you can take me to meet members of the group Golden Earring, if they are still alive.

As in any speaking engagement there are terms that we must go over as far as speaking time, snacks and beverages and after-convention parties but I am trusting that you have the situation well in hand and this will not be necessary. But you can count on my presense at your fictional convention on Sept 26th.

Yours Truly
Matt Barrett

PS. How do I get there?

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