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Matt Barrett, Dorian Kokas, George Tambakopoulos

The Old Captain in Kamares

Sifnos nightlife, Greek island nightlife, Greek island clubs, nightlife in the Cyclades Whether you want to sit in the courtyard watching the lights of the harbor and the incoming ferry, or you want to sit inside and be entertained by Captain Lefteris and his partner Tony, the Old Captain is one of the most happening places on the island. (Both of them played a role in the legend of the Sifnos Monster .) The old Captain is where I began my career as a folk singer in 1984 when I shared the stage with the famous Greek-American superstar Dorian Kokas. Every night there was a line of people waiting to get in while all the other bars were empty. The only problem was that people would sit through the entire show nursing one drink and the bar was losing money so eventually they discontinued the live music. Too bad for me but lucky for you because otherwise I would have never become a travel writer. But sometimes when the moon is full and the crowd is right I have been known to do a surprise special performance. Come to think of it, if you go there why don't you 'suggest' they bring back the live music. I think it was the best job I ever had and I am getting a bit tired of writing about Greece. (You can hear my music at

Tony is a Greek born in Cairo and educated in America who speaks perfect English, in fact I forget that he is Greek sometimes. He currently splits his time between Sifnos and Tulsa, Oklahoma and Thailand. He is crazy about country music and if you have any CD's with you he will gladly play them though you may have to wait until the wee hours of the morning when most of the customers have left. If you end up at one of their after-hours parties be prepared to listen to the likes of Junior Brown and Willie Nelson until the sun comes up and the smell of warm bread from the bakery fills the streets of Kamares. Lefteris is a total basketball fanatic and is willing to talk about the subject for hours. He can tell you every American who is playing in the Greek leagues, his stats and what he makes a year. The Old Captain is where most of the yacht people go, in fact most everybody comes here at one point or another during the night.
Acting hostess and den-mother, Kelly Thayer is a professional jazz singer from Oklahoma who gave up her marketing career to live in Greece and spend her summers in Sifnos. Kelly manages the Old Captain and makes people feel right at home, giving plenty of  helpful advice about what to see on the island. Mention this website and drink free. (maybe).

More Sifnos Nightlife

The scene in Apollonia (on the main footpath with the pubs) during July and August is a miniature of Mykonos. People stay up until 5 o'clock in the morning going from one pub to another. It's a very happy environment (no rowdiness) and lots of fun. During the month of August there is no place better to be than Apollonia is nightime is the right time for you. If you plan to visit more than one bar Cosi, Mantalou and Argo are on the main pedestrial street and within easy walking (or crawling) distance from each other.

A listing of clubs and what kind of music they play:

Doloma -  another classic with beautiful interior - proposed for real music listeners - jazz, blues, rock, ethnic music - great drinks, very friendly..
Bodgi -(since 1993) - Music bar plays relaxing music at a tolerable volume, the no. 1 bar for true Sifnos-lovers with very friendly atmosphere
- a popular bar/club in the center of all the happenings; preferred by the youth and the jet-setters. Starts with early drinks served on the outdoor ground terrace or roof top veranda, and continues with party/dance once the doors close inside until the early morning hours.
bar & restaurant - early aperitifs/cocktails surrounded by a beautiful secluded garden in the center of Apollonia, out of the main street, offers privacy and relaxing ambience. Right next is the Rambagas restaurant offering exotic Mediterranean flavours and gourmet cuisine, run by a well-known Greek chef, so the guests can easily drift from aperitif to a tasty dinner next door.
Bar in Apollonia may have the best cocktails and the best choice of beers. Their margaritas are famous.
Argo Bar is one of the oldest and most famous bars on Sifnos. Since 1983 it has been serving delicious cocktails, and draws a crowd of young people and old timers many who have been coming since they opened.

Ampelos is a restaurant with live Greek music near Cheronissos that used to be in Exambala but moved out to the country so they won'tt disturb the neighbors. Good simple food and good music played by excellent musicians. Go.

If you ask me, the best way to enjoy the nightlife of Sifnos is to find a restaurant or ouzerie in the harbor and sit as close to the water as you can get. Order your favorite drink and enjoy the view, whether it is the boats and the lights in the harbor or the people passing by. If you look around and you see others doing the same thing then don't be shy about going over and saying hello and joining them for a drink. Maybe they have read this guidebook too. If you are on a budget keep in mind that the bars charge more for drinks than the restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy the pleasures of the port and then continue in the bars when you get tired of the tranquility.

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