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Delos: Sacred Island of Apollo

Island of Delos, GreeceDelos was the island of the God Apollo, inhabited since about 3000 BC, though it was not until the 8th Century that the first temples and shrines were built there. By the 5th Century when Athens began to control the Aegean they established the Delian League, an alliance of Greek City-States, and purified the island by kicking out the locals and putting the treasury there. During the Hellenistic period it became a center of commerce and one of the most important religious centers in Greece, attracting wealthy merchants, sailors and bankers from all over the Mediterranean who built more temples, shrines, homes and other buildings. In 167 BC it became a free port of the Romans with a market that sold 10,000 slaves a day. In the end it got trashed like everything else, by pirates, looters and early tourists. But Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and if you go to Mykonos and don't visit Delos at least once in your lifetime you should probably be embarrassed.


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Need a Guide for Delos?

Antonis Delos GuideDo you need a guide to Delos? Of course you do! Sure, one can do without a guide, just as one can get fit without the benefit of a gym or learn a language without a language teacher. But letís face it: few people get fit by exercising in their living room or learn a language through a book and some CDs. My name is Antonis Pothitos and I invite you to join me in an amazing archaeological exploration on the sacred island of Artemis and Apollo. Lets take a trip back into the past touring the remains of the city and reading its history in the cracks of time. This is the most educating and entertaining way to see Delos as many of my happy customers will tell you. I was born in Athens but raised on the nearby island of Naxos, studied in Crete but spent most of my adult life in Mykonos. For the last 10 years I have been guiding small groups and individuals on Delos and Mykonos during the summer time, and in the winters spending time between Syros and Naxos, where I organize private tours for hikers exploring the unique nature and culture of the Cyclades. I speak fluent English and I would love to share my knowledge about Delos and Mykonos with you. Contact Me for Booking and more information

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