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As the list of recommended reading material grew I had to make an entirely new page for it. As I collected the books I had read and particularly those that I had used in my History of Greece, the number got even larger and it could no longer be contained on one page but I had to create several. I have tried to put books into catagories that best fit but after awhile I was not sure what should go where so some books may seem better suited elsewhere and others are in more than one category (especially if I really liked the book). Anyway once again another simple idea of mine got out of control and probably people will be asking me to put more books on. Some of these books can be bought by contacting the author or the publisher by e-mail and most of them can be found on by using the search box. 


A Travelers History of Greece
Travelogues and Guides

Its All Greek To Me

Zorba the Greek

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. If you have written a book you want me to add or if you have suggestions or comments e-mail me.

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