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You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

If you are looking for any of the normal guidebooks to Greece like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Insight Guides, or Blue Guides, just type it in the Amazon Search Box. I have not featured any of them because they are already so well known and I don't want to show favoritism because I don't really have one, and because if I recommend one and not the others, then they won't recommend me. Not that they do anyway. But if I had to choose one it would be The Blue Guide. Well I guess I just showed favoritism towards one of them. Oh well.... Anyway these guides and travelogues will make you the envy of your fellow passengers on your flight to Greece and they will probably help you have a much more interesting trip then they will too.

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Greece Travel Guides Athens: The City Matt's Pick!  Greece Beyond the Guidebooks
by John L Tomkinson tells the stories the other guidebooks do not tell and the sites the other guidebooks overlook. There are three books in the series so far with more to come. They are Athens: The City, The Suburbs and Attica. They are the kind of books that may remind you of your favorite history teacher, the one who told you the interesting and strange pieces of history that the text books left out. From close encounters of the third kind to little-known temples, haunted villas, secret schools and teachings and even stories of Jesus walking in Attika in the 1930's. The three books are Athens, The Suburbs and Attika These are the kind of books that make traveling even more fun. E-mail the author at or use the search box to order from Amazon.


Greece Travel Guides  Traveler's Greece Matt's Pick!  Travelers Greece: Memories of an Enchanted Land is an anthology of travel writing by John Tomkinson of over 100 visitors to Greece spanning a period of more than 3 centuries, from the late 16th to the early 20th. From waterspouts in the Ionian sea to vampires on Mykonos, this book is of interest to anyone visiting Greece and especially those who love the history and culture of Greece. From many rare works now difficult to access, the compiler has extracted a great variety of writing, and a wide range of approaches to Greece, from the unashamedly romantic to the brutally cynical. Not merely a valuable repository of historical evidence, 'Travellers' Greece' is an anthology which the non-specialist can read with pleasure from cover to cover.The book has 608 pages and 81 illustrations and is great companion reading during a trip to Greece. E-mail the author at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Athens Guidebook111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn't Miss by Alexia Amvrazi, Diana Farr Louis & Diane Shugart. Athens can be noisy and crowded and confusing, but it's spontaneous and always surprising. A cable ride up Lykavittos rewards with an incredible panorama but veer off the track to discover the hill's secret links to Parnitha. The beauty of Kaisariani Monastery's architecture is matched by the 'organised wilderness' of its incredible gardens. Ancient relics, great and small, mirror a glorious past that remains an example to the world, but they are only the start of what's great about Athens today. There are the mountains that surround it, busy with climbers, runners and picnic-lovers during the weekends. The ubiquitous graffiti, some admirable, some abhorrent, that reveal what's bugging the Athenians' psyche. Bars, cafes and restaurants thronged with broke Greeks who refuse to stay inside. Stores where you can find vendors as venerable as their antiques and others that are up to date with the edgiest demands. And many surprising, sometimes downright dark, dank and mysterious pockets. Athens is changing day by day. This book will take you to places that are beyond touristy or trendy; whether hundreds of years old or contemporary, their tales are timeless. Order from Daunt Books or Amazon.

Greece Travel Guides  Athens and Attica Athens and Attica: Journal of a Residence There First published in 1836, a revised edition with additional material by Christopher Wordsworth a nephew of William the poet. In 1832 he took a gap-year, after his studies in ancient Greek and Latin classics, to travel back in time over two thousand years to Pericles’ Athens. The account of his tour, Athens and Attica (1836), is still the perfect scholarly companion to the history, topography, and myths of an area compact in dimension yet vast in terms of its contribution to Western civilization.

 To order e-mail David Davidson at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Greece Travel Guides  The Cyclades by James Theodore Bent The Cyclades: Life Among the Insular Greeks (1885) by James Theodore Bent is a wonderful account of a journey to the Cyclades in the 1880s. In the winters of 1882-84 he and his wife made extended tours of the Cycladic islands and in 1885 Bent published what has become a classic account of their discoveries in Greece. His island-by-island journals are a fascinating insight into Greek community living at the turn of the 19th century, and the work established Bent as a traveller of note. Most of the major sites and sights are detailed, as well as references to customs and costumes, hospitality and hardship, history, folklore and myth. No account in English, then or since, has come close in terms of scope and achievement. To order e-mail David Davidson at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

100 Places in Greece Every Woman Should Go by Amanda Summer: With style, intelligence, and personal anecdotes from years of working in Greece, archaeologist and award winning travel writer Amanda Summer is your personal guide to Greece. In crisp and often humorous storytelling she will introduce you to the temples, shrines, grottoes and churches of this magnificent country, intricately woven with stories of the women – from goddesses of mythology to goddesses of cinema and arts – who have molded the history and culture of Greece itself.

Come along on a Greek odyssey to uncover the unexpected charms of Athens, float down the real River Styx, and travel to the holy sites of Kefalonia, Tinos and Mount Olympus to learn of miraculous healing involving snakes, saintly relics and women's underwear. Find out why Corinth’s ancient temple prostitution gives new meaning to the term Sex and the City and discover an ancient mystery cult on Lesbos that rivals ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. Sail to Leros, birthplace of Artemis and an island known as a destination for the insane, and make a stop on Skopelos to see that fantastic cliff top church where Meryl Streep belted out Abba tunes in the hit film Mamma Mia. Sexy, scholarly and spiritual, 100 Places in Greece Every Woman Should Go is a carry on must for every traveler who wants to experience the adventure, history and mystery of Greece. Order it on Amazon

Greece Travel Guides  RhodesRhodes in Modern Times: Don't let the title fool you. This book was written by the highly qualified scholar Cecil Torr in 1887 and is the first major account of Byzantine and Medieval Rhodes. The book provides one of the best histories of the Knights of Saint John, and the extraordinary events of the great seige which led to their expulsion in 1522 by the Turks. It is also a guidebook that will bring to life the Rhodes of the nineteenth century. Lawrence Durrell loved this book and most likely you will too. 

For more information you can contact the publishers at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Greece Travel Guides  Culinaria: GreeceMatt's Pick! Culinaria Greece: Greek Specialties by Marianthi Milona with photos by Werner Staplefeldt. Yes I know this  looks like it should be with the cookbooks but this book is something special. It is a combination food-travel-guide and cook-book too big to take anywhere with you but one you can sit happily traveling through Greece, learning about what they eat where and why, how they make it and when. It is the best resource on Greek food around.

You can order this book from the distributor at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Greece Travel Guides  Festive Greece Matt's Pick! Festive Greece: A Calendar of Tradition by John L. Tomkinson is a comprehensive calendar of the folk, religious, military and commemorative festivals of Greece. It is the only detailed guide of its kind in print in English. Included are in-depth studies of many of the more interesting and exotic manifestations of popular culture such as the mysterious figures dressed in animal skins and sheep bells which roam the streets of Northern greece during the winter and spring carnival seasons, the many variations on the popular cermonies of Holy Week and Easter, the fire-walking Anastenarides , the bull sacrifices of Lesvos, the annual appearance of the Virgin's serpents in Kefalonia and much more. From proud military parades commemorating the trials and victories of the modern Greek state, to children's spring festivities which have survived unchanged from ancient times, this beautifully illustrated guide provides the key to a more eventful stay in Greece and a better appreciation of its colorful past. E-mail the author at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Greece Travel Guides  Athens and Beyond Matt's Pick! Athens and Beyond: Day Trips & Weekends By Diana Farr Louis . Whether in pursuit of a rumored revival in the mountains, a riveting fresco hidden in an Attica church, a new find in the archaeological sites of the Peloponnese, or even just a very good island wine, Diana Farr Louis has been taking to the roads less traveled in Greece for the last forty years and coming back to Athens with ever more stories, recipes, and a deep sense of what makes the country what is today. In this collection Athen's foremost travel columnist recounts her day trips around the city and short weekends further afield, bringing together the history, mythology, cuisine and culture of each place with the ease of a local, and the eye for detail of a modern day Pausanias. Athens and Beyond is divided by region into chapters on Athens and Attica, the Peloponnese and Central Greece, and nearby Islands. It also provides practical information, such as restaurant and hotel recommendations, phone numbers and museum hours.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

travels in northern greece by diana farr louisMatt's Pick! Travels In Northern Greece by Diana Farr Louis: Greece, a land of evergreen forests,towering mountains, lakes and rivers. It doesn’t sound like the descriptions in most travel books. But when last did you venture into the country’s four northern regions – Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus and Thessaly? Clearly laid out and stunningly illustrated, this book will take you far from the tourist-filled beaches and open your eyes to an area of Greece that deserves to be visited by everyone at least once. Discover Byzantine churches and Turkish mosques; silk towns, fur towns and even a reborn town; the legendary Mt Olympos and the mystical Meteora; the crystal-clear rivers of the Zagorohoria and the jagged peaks beyond. To be used in picking out an individual location, dipped into from time to time, or simply indulged from cover to cover, this book is indispensable to anyone who wants to complete their picture of Greece.

Walking Tours of MessiniaEndaxi? No thanks, we’re walking!: Annie van Doorn is a Dutch woman who lives in the southern Peloponesos. For several years she and her friends have been exploring Messinia’s tracks and hills by foot. After a few years, they decided to make a walking guide out of all their explorations. They brought together all the information gathered on their walks and published: “Endaxi? No thanks, we’re walking!” In the book 23 walking tours in Messinia are presented and described in detail. In addition there is background information on this region of the Peloponnese, its places of interest, its beaches and, of course, the people who live here. And of course there are lovely photographs in the book. Over the past few years “Hiking“ has been making something of a come-back in Greece. Increasing numbers of tourists are now also realising that outside high season, Greece, and specially the area Messinia, has much to offer: breathtakingly beautiful scenery and unspoiled natural countryside, all waiting to be discovered by those on foot. With this guide Annie and her friends hope to give a positive swing on active tourism. Available in either English, Dutch and German.
Price: 17.50 Euro.
Can be ordered from:

Athens4kids, bookAthens 4 Kids: Hundreds of things to do and see in the city and beyond! Got Kids?.........Get This!!! There must be hundreds of great places to take your kids in Athens.  So where are they ? This is the question Mark Ritchie has answered in his new book - Athens 4 Kids.  This is the ultimate insider's guide to all the very best children-friendly places, activities, and events on offer in Athens and the Attica region. Residents and visitors alike will discover a huge variety of ways in which to celebrate family life here regardless of the weather, or their available time or budget. It really does have something for everyone! The book thinks practically about what parents (aunts, uncles, and grandparents), and, more specifically, children up to the age of 12 really need. Each careful selection is described and evaluated, in order to learn in advance what to expect upon arrival and at which age children might best appreciate the experience. The colourful illustrations and simple information-at-a-glance format makes choosing a venue fun, quick and easy. Athens 4 Kids is on sale in bookshops, selected stores, and in outlets at many of the venues that appear in the book. You can also order it directly from the author by e-mailing

Spearfishing in SkatahoriSpearfishing In Skatahori and Other tales of Modern Greece: The Travel Writings of Matt Barrett. People who have used Matt Barrett's web site and have read this book have one question: Why is this book unpublished? It is funny, informative, and gives a perspective on traveling that reminds one more of a neurotic David Sederis than an actual travel writer. The main reason it remained unpublished is because the author never really tried to get it published. He wrote it. Put it on the web and moved on to something else, as is his nature. But with on-line publishing being so easy these days, (a couple clicks and you are a published writer), Matt's book is now available for all to read. Destined to be a classic this book is to serious travel writing as Stephen Cobert is to Conservatism. "Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides are known world wide for their combination of humor, great photography and for being a valuable source of information. His first book is a journal of a summer spent in a Greek village by the sea with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law as well as a cast of colorful characters in a series of misadventures that are laugh-out-loud funny."  Read or Order Matt Barrett's Spearfishing in Skatahori

World Enough, and Time: The Travel Chronicles of Mrs J. Theodore Bent. Volume I, Greece and the Levantine Littoral Mabel Bent's diaries of 1883-1898, from the archive of the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, London

Greece, books, travel, journalsOn August 2nd 1877, the English explorer and archaeologist James Theodore Bent married an extraordinary Irishwoman, Mabel Virginia Anna Hall-Dare, the second of the four daughters born to Mr Robert Westley Hall-Dare of Co. Wexford and Essex. Mabel was 31, Theodore 25, and within a few months they had embarked on their pattern of annual travels that continued until his early death in 1897. Their trips began fairly close to home, visiting northern Italy, but by 1883 they were in the Eastern Mediterranean (in modern Greece and Turkey), searching out the antiquities, landscapes and lifestyles of a region that was to captivate them for the next fifteen years. Their researches led to a number of highly regarded monographs, papers and articles (such as Theodore’s 'The Cyclades, or Life Among the Insular Greeks', 1885, and the many publications of their various discoveries in locations such as ‘Rugged Cilicia’, the island of Thassos, and elsewhere) that were to place the couple securely amongst the foremost British travellers of the latter half of the 19th century.

The publication, therefore, of Mabel Bent’s personal notebooks from the archive of the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, London, represents the discovery of a lost and notable milestone for scholars and travel enthusiasts of all kinds. This series of volumes begins with Mabel’s account of the couple’s adventures around the Aegean and beyond, extracted from her fifteen-year sequence of notebooks and presented chronologically. Specifically, we follow Mabel and Theodore to the Greek mainland and the islands known now as the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, as well as the northern Aegean islands; their journeys along the Turkish littoral lead them from bustling Istanbul to provincial Mersin in the far south-west.
For more information you can contact the publishers at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

A Girl’s Guide to Lesbos

A Girl'd Guide to LesvosA traveller’s guide about the island of Lesvos with an LGBT orientation; research, texts and photographs by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou. (English language). Paper back edition, 240 pages. Price 15 euro

A Girl’s Guide to Lesvos is the first ever attempt to present the island of Lesbos in a guidebook format in a way that connects it with the “L wor(l)d”. Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, who was born and grew up on the island, guides you through Lesbos with a women’s perspective, but over all, with the perspective of a local who knows and loves every aspect of the island! She is one of Greece’s most successful photo-journalists and has published ten books and countless travelogues in Greek newspapers and magazines. In this guide, in addition to the beautiful photos, the artistic design, the extensive information about the place and its inhabitants, nature, culture and traditions, women will find the links between the present and historical memory.

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What if there was a guide to the Acropolis of Athens, specifically written for children of the upper elementary grades? There is. Now you can prepare your children for their trip to the Acropolis of Athens, before you get there. Give them a copy of Let’s go to the Acropolis, the only workbook guide available in the English language. Let’s go to the Acropolis is a quick guide that answers many questions, and gives meaning to the site. Here the kids can read all they need to know about the myths and history of the Acropolis. 

“This short guide for children, written by Aliki Ammerman, is a must for families or teachers who want to visit the Acropolis. It’s packed with historical information and includes more than 18 activities to hold any child’s interest during his visit. A time line, Who’s Who, and bibliography complete the book. We used this guide as a textbook for our fieldtrip to the Acropolis for many years. Our students learned the basic facts, and enjoyed the activities. We became scholars and not just “tourists.” This revised edition continues to be child-friendly, comfortable and accessible.” Cheryl Makris, former fifth grade teacher, American Community Schools of Athens, Greece.

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You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

Greece Travel Guides  Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponessos Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponesse by Patrick Leigh Fermer is part travelogue, part inspired evocation of the past and a glorious fusion of scholarship, imagination and history by the greatest of Greece's philhellene writers. Fermer's account of his journey through the Mani, a remote and untouched region of the Peloponesse, unlocks the secrets of a people and culture whose roots stretch back to Byzantium. This book is a masterpiece by one of the world's great travel writers. Greece Travel Guides  Roumeli Roumeli: Travels in Northern Greece by Patrick Leigh Fermer is another masterpiece of travel writing in the area of northern Greece that was known as Roumeli. Fermer recalls his travels, delving into its history, creating an intriguing blend of past and present. Fermor travels among Sarakatsan shepherds, the monasteries of Meteora and the villages of Krakora, among itinerant pedlars and beggars, and even tracks down at Missolonghi a pair of Byron's slippers. Fermer is the travel writer that inspires all travel writers.
Greece Travel Guides Ipirus The Unwritten Places by Tim Salmon is an account of the life and times of the people of the Pindos mountains of northern Greece during the ten year period that the author spend wandering the ancient roads. It tells in particular the story of his friendship with a family of Vlach Shepherds. The title is the transalation of Ta Agrafa, called that because it is the least accessable and least developed area in Greece. I highly recommend this well written and entertaining travel journal, especially if you like hiking and exploring the areas normal tourists and travelers never see.
Greece Travel Guides  Peloponessos Journey to the Morea Journey to the Morea by Nikos Kantzakis is an account of the author's search for his own art and being in the culture and life of modern Greece, or the modern Greece of 1937 when he took the trip that became this book. It is a deeply felt exploration of Greek history and the Greek genius combined with the rigorous self-examination of a man facing his personal and collective past. Kazantzakis was the greatest of the modern Greek writers and at least 16 of his books have been published in English including Zorba the Greek and The Last Temptation of Christ. This book is out of print so if you find a copy buy it, and if you are a publisher, what are you waiting for?
Greece Travel Guides  The Greek Islands by Lawrence Durrell   The Greek Islands by Lawrence Durrell was published in 1978 and is a very personal guide that weaves together evocative descriptions, history and myth, architectural and archaeological study and personal reminiscence. With one hundred outstanding photographs, this book is another classic by Durrell who knew Greece as well as anyone in history as well as a systematic exploration of the many islands of the Aegean Sea some well-known and others more obscure.

Greece Travel Guides  Bitter Lemons of Cyprus Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell is one of the best of his travel books. It tells the story of Durrell's effort to write on the divided island of Cyprus. Intending to settle down and purchase a house events do not proceed as he might have hoped. The book begins as a whimsical story of life on the island,and becomes a document of the Greek enosis (or 'freedom') movement on the island. Highly recommended even if you don't plan to visit Cyprus.

Greece Travel Guides  Corfu Prospero's Cell Prospero's Cell: A Guide to Landscape and Manners of the Island of Corfu  by Lawrence Durrell is one of his best books and according to Freya Stark, among the best books ever written. Depicting country life and cosmopolitan society of Corfu in the years before the Second World War, Durrell chronicles the island and its history in a way that only a great writer and humanist can. Essential reading for anyone who loves the author of The Alexandria Quartet.

Greece Travel Guides  Rhodes Reflections on a Marine Venus is Lawrence Durrell's second travel book, a companion and successor to Prospero's Cell. This book is  about the two years he spent on the island of Rhodes and revolves around a handful of colorful individuals, some apparently fictional and some very real. Reflections on a Marine Venus contains generous measures of landscape and atmosphere and a number of chapters on history of the island. Like Prospero's Cell, essential reading for anyone who loves the author of The Alexandria Quartet.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

Greece Travel Guides  Peloponessos The Flight of Ikarus The Flight of Ikarus: Travels in Greece During A Civil War by Kevin Andrews is acknowledged as one of the great books about Greece by no less an expert than Patrick Leigh Fermer. The book takes us on a journey through the Peloponessos during a time of turmoil and provides one of the most vivid, candid and memorable pictures of modern Greek peasant life, while reading like a good novel. Kevin Andrews is one of my favorite writers. Great companion reading for a trip through the Peloponessos. Greece Travel Guides  Athens Alive by Kevin Andrews Athens Alive is a book of writings about Athens collected and put together by the late Kevin Andrews. Beginning with Ovid in 7AD to Ernest Hemingway in 1923 and into the forties, it also features Gustav Flaubert, Lord Byron, C.P. Cavafy, and many others. It is a remarkable tourist's companion to the city. Finding a copy could be tough though. Published in Athens in 1979 by Hermes, this needs to republished either by a Greek company or better still a University press. If you love Athens you will want this book.

Greece: A Traveler's Literary Companion Greece: A Traveler's Literary Companion is a collection of stories and articles about Greece, similar to some of the other collections listed here with a major difference. These are all Greek writers who have lived and breathed Greece all their lives. Featured in this compilation by Artemis Leontis are stories by Kazantzakis, Vassilis Vasilikos, Nobel laureates George Seferis and Odysseus Elytis, and a number of others who if not well known to you are all 20th century Greek literary figures. Good stories reveal as much or more about a place as a guidebook and this is a great collection.

Greece Travel Guides Make Your Journey to Greece an Unforgettable Experience is a guidebook by Matina Psychogeos who is known for her language courses, her memoirs from the second World War and her book on the Olympic Games. The object of the book is to acquaint the visitor with the history, culture, the beauty and long tradition of Greece. It is simply written and laid out in an effort to make the reader feel comfortable about their journey to Greece. It features color photos, practical and historical information and a huge language section. Matina Psychogeos is a woman who is passionate about Greece and this comes across in her books or when you meet her. See her other books in the language section. One of the only guidebooks to Greece that is actually written by a Greek.

You can contact her by e-mail at

Greece Travel Guides  Greek Salad Greek Salad: A Dionysian Travelogue  by Miles Lambert-Gocs  is a rollicking odyssey through the Greek islands and mainland with Grecophile and ex-Athenian wine reporter Lambert-Gocs whose book The Wines of Greece won awards from the Wine Guild of the UK and the Angelo Hellenic League. Exactly the kind of guy I would want to travel around Greece with, or would any Greek-American who has seen the movie Sideways and would like to try it in Greece. This book is the next best thing, a medly of wit and insight about Greece with local wine and food as the backdrop. Greece Travel Guides  Dinner with Persephone Dinner with Persephone: Travels in Greece  by Patricia Storace is one of the best travelogues written in the last ten years about any country.  I say this because all the people I know who have lived in Greece and have planned to write a travelogue like Patricia's are all pissed off that she did it first and all she did was spend a year in Greece. She is pretty much on the mark throughout the book and besides the people who were jealous of her (like me) nobody who has bought this book has been disappointed, myself included. It is beautifully written, full of insight into the Greek character and the country.
Greece Travel Guides From The Holy Mountain Mount Athos From The Holy Mountain: A Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium by William Dalrymple is a highly acclaimed travel journal about a trip to Mount Athos as well as a journey to some visits to Israel and Egypt, all of which take place in a single summer. In the spirit of Patrick Leigh Fermer, which means very readible and at the same time informative and enlightening the book is a remarkable mixture of history and travel narrative spiced with anecdotes. For those men planning to go to Mount Athos this is a great introduction and for women, this is as close as you will get to the Holy Mountain. Greece Travel Guides Travelers to an Antique Land: The History and Literature of Travel to Greece by Robert Eisner, a professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University is a travelogue of the author's journey through Greece mixed with quotations from other travelers from the near and distant past. Eisner has written one of the notable travel books and there is an immense amount of material crammed into it. A nice blend of history and travel this book could fit just as easily in my history section as in travel.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

Greece Travel Guides  Travelers Tales of Greece Traveler's Tales: Greece is part of a series that as the name implies excerpts from well-known and some not so well-known authors who have visited Greece. Among them is Paul Theroux's modern secrets of the Oracle of Delphi, an article by Patricia Storace, Lawrence Durrell, Henry Miller, Nicholas Cage and a bunch of people I have never heard of, probably because they are travel writers. But for those who are visiting Greece or those with no intention of visiting anywhere but enjoy reading about foreign countries this book should keep you satisfied. Greece Travel Guides What NOT to do in Greece By Elizabeth Parker is an ALTERNATIVE, humorous guide for the traveller in Greece. It describes all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. The cause of misunderstanding for a foreigner in Greece is not the language, but the lack of knowledge about the customs, habits and culture of this wild and unpredictable race of people - the Greeks. They invented Democracy and the Olympic Games, so, if you choose to travel there for the sun, the sea, the cheap booze, the ancient monuments, historical sites and museums, or to sail the Aegean - keep this book in your hot hands and you will find information within these pages which will help to make your holiday more than just memorable-it will be a voyage of discovery. Also recommended is her book Lizzie's Paradise. E-mail the author at  
Greece Travel Guides  Lonely Planet Guide Greece Guidebooks. Though people assume I know everything there is to know about Greece, well I have to admit I sometimes cheat a little. For example if someone wants to know if there is a bus from Kalambaka to Delphi and how much it costs, I don't normally retain that kind of info even if I know it. That is when a real guidebook comes in handy. Though all of them are well researched the problem with some of them is simply out-dated information. Chances are though that any information that is old is in a place that it obscure enough that nobody bothered to go back to to check it out. Along with Lonely Planet I rely on Frommers for e-mail questions that I can't answer but Fodors and Rough Guide are pretty good too. If you like pictures the Eyewitness Guides are great. Which guide do I use while in Greece? Usually I wait until I know what part of Greece I am going to and then I go to Eleftherodakis Books in Athens and see which book has the most information on that area. But any of these books will be helpful whether you are a first time travelers or this is just one of many trips.

Greece Travel Guides  Athens: The Collected Traveler Athens: The Collected Traveler  is part of a series by Barrie Kerper published by Fodors. It is packed with essays about different aspects of travel, food, culture and many other aspects of Greece. With articles by famous chefs and authors Aglaia Kremezi and Diane Kochilas plus lots of practical information including a whole page on George the Famous Taxi Driver this book is an excellent travelers companion and I am not just saying that because she loves my website and even thanked me in the acknowledgement page. I am saying it because this book is the right balance of practical information and entertaining writing. If you want a guidebook full of prices, timetables and hours this is the wrong book. if you want to know a lot about where you are going buy this book. Barrie Kerper is an avid reader and traveler and the author of sevem other Collected Traveler books including Paris, Southwest France, Morocco, Provence, Central Italy, Venice and Northern Spain.

Greece Travel Guides Don't Miss the Metro! A Guide to the Athens Metro System: With a history of the Athens Metro, a how-to guide for the Metro, and station-by-station outlines, Don't Miss the Metro! allows travelers in Greece to enjoy Athens and its culture via the city's newly expanded mass transportation system. 15 ten-minute walking tours feature detailed walking maps starting at one Metro station and ending at another station. Each walk includes color photographs, notes of interest, and details pertaining to the length of the walk and why to take it. Since 1980 the author, Karen Knapp, has planned and supervised study in Greece with her Greek Studies and Latin students.
For  information contact or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Greece Books SalonikaSalonica: City of Ghosts by Mark Mazower is a very readable and informative history of the city of Thessaloniki which was one of the few places in the world where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived and worked together in relative harmony under the Ottomans. Covering 5 centuries from 1430 to 1950 the book follows the inhabitants of Greece's second city through plagues, war, famine and the arrival of thousands of refugees from Asia Minor and the exchange of population. This is a GREAT book and you should buy it especially if you have roots in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki may be one of the most unique and interesting cities in the world and Mazower has captured it. It should be in my history section but I did not have a space for it.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

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