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You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

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HunGRHunGr by Karoly Vamos. When you have a thirst for success and a hunger for happiness, nothing can stop you. This book is a testament to just that, offering a candid and often humorous insight into the life of Karoly Vamos – dancer, choreographer and cancer survivor in Athens, Greece.

Growing up in the suffocating communist-led Hungary of the 60s and 70s, Karoly had no idea what twists and turns fate had in store for him. Suffering from unimaginable physical and emotional abuse by his parents, he turned to gymnastics for refuge, eventually discovering his hidden talents along the way. After finding his feet in the world of dance, he embarked on a new life in the Greece of the 80s, only to find that not all fairytales have a happy ending. Refusing to ever give up, Karoly was fuelled by his passion, talent, and dreams. A combination of hard work and good fortune finally brought him the success he craved, rising to stardom as a celebrity choreographer and dancer in the country’s top TV shows. While his career took off, Karoly was still lacking the one thing in life that meant the most to him – someone to love him for who he was. Traumatized by painful memories of his upbringing in Hungary and struggling with his sexual identity, he yearned to experience real love in his personal relationships, Karoly eventually found what he had been searching for, despite all of the difficulties he met along the way. But it wasn’t long before he would have to face one of the greatest challenges of his life as the dark spectre of cancer knocked on his door.

This book is an inspiration to all those who have suffered hardship, pain, and loneliness. Karoly is not only a survivor, but also a reminder that if you truly believe in yourself and have a hunger for life, your dreams will eventually come true. He doesn’t say it is ever going to be easy, but on reading this book, you will perhaps find the courage to continue your own personal fight, no matter where you are. From small-town boy to celebrity choreographer, HunGr proves that life can be amazing, for everyone. Buy it on Amazon

Spearfishing in SkatahoriSpearfishing In Skatahori and Other tales of Modern Greece: The Travel Writings of Matt Barrett. People who have used Matt Barrett's web site and have read this book have one question: Why is this book unpublished? It is funny, informative, and gives a perspective on traveling that reminds one more of a neurotic David Sederis than an actual travel writer. The main reason it remained unpublished is because the author never really tried to get it published. He wrote it. Put it on the web and moved on to something else, as is his nature. But with on-line publishing being so easy these days, (a couple clicks and you are a published writer), Matt's book is now available for all to read. Destined to be a classic this book is to serious travel writing as Stephen Cobert is to Conservatism. "Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides are known world wide for their combination of humor, great photography and for being a valuable source of information. His first book is a journal of a summer spent in a Greek village by the sea with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law as well as a cast of colorful characters in a series of misadventures that are laugh-out-loud funny."  Read or Order Matt Barrett's Spearfishing in Skatahori

Lost in the Wilds of Greece, by Penny Turner  tells of a love affair between the author and the vast wilderness areas still to be found in Greece. Traveling with her horse, George, she chronicles her encounters with the wild itself, and the people who still live there and preserve the magnificent landscape by using the farming methods that first shaped it. She rode through the wildest parts of Greece while exploring from east to west and from south to north. She describes breathtakingly lovely countryside, and also records her dismay at the loss of much that is beautiful. Sleeping rough most of the time, she managed to keep her camera dry enough to take some great photos. Brought up in England, Penny came to Greece forty years ago to teach English. But she lost her heart to the mountains and eventually broke away from civilization and rode out to find the freedom that only the wilderness can bestow. She is proud that because of these rides she became a member of the Long Riders' Guild and was made a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Order from Lykabettus Press or in the UK from

Herding Cats
by Dave Burnham

Herding Cats"The book tells the true story about the adoption of a Greek rescue kitten in 2021. It tells of the twists and turns of trying to get him from Greece to the UK, which became an emotional rollercoaster for my wife (Sue) and I, but will be a great help to anyone considering doing the same. (Including a guide Appendix at the end.)

It is also about one woman’s extraordinary commitment to feeding, neutering and rescuing cats on a small island in Greece (Poros).

The second part of the book gives a flavour of some of the experiences/adventures Sue and I have had in over twenty years of visiting Greece, featuring – Skiathos, Lesvos, Naxos, Sifnos, Serifos, Samos, Patmos, Kefalonia, Southwest Crete, Astypalaia, Paros, Syros, Andros, Milos, Ios, Tinos, Athens and a little on Mykonos and Santorini.
There are over 300 black & white photographs in the book along with a link to my website where you can see them all in colour.
The book is available in both Paperback and Kindle formats.
Just search for “Herding Cats and other Greek Tales” in Amazon

Or enter the ISBN: 9798411090192

All the proceeds from sales will be divided equally between the following charities:
Greek Animal Rescue – GAR
The Greek Cat Welfare Society (UK) – GCWS
Caring for the Animals Trust – CARAT
Nine Lives Greece
Brighton City Cat Shelter

Books about Greece This Way to Paradise: Dancing on the Tables by Willard Manus is essential reading for anyone with a dream to live in Greece or believes there must be more to life then what we in western society have gotten used to. The book by American author and playwright is a journal of their lives in the town of Lindos on the island of Rhodes where they send thirty-five years living alongside such people as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, humorist S.J. Perelman and novelists Richard Hughes and Martha Gellhorn. Anyone with a love of Greece (whether you have been there or not) should read this book. This book will do for Rhodes what A Year In Provence did for  the south of France. This is perhaps the best of the foreigner living in Greece genre.

Athens: The TruthAthens - The Truth: Searching for Manos, Just Before the Bubble Burst by David Cade. Charmed for decades by the music of Oscar-winning Greek composer Mános Hadjidákis, David Cade explores Athens as news breaks at the end of 2009 that Greece is in serious financial difficulty. After years in the neighbouring Middle East, the author talks to Athenians, examines many of the city’s most extraordinary attractions, and carefully surveys key aspects of Greece’s modern history. The result is both a thrilling account of what makes Athens tick and a vivid explanation of why Greece is as it is today. Widely researched and full of fascinating detail, ‘Athens - The Truth’ offers both a gripping read for the armchair traveller at home and a rich alternative to the traveller’s traditional guidebook.

Archaeological Sites in GreeceArchaeological Sites in Greece: Ruins of a Glorious Era by Triantafyllos Lazarides
Greece with more than 100 Archaeological sites that cover the entire surface of the country is an ideal destination for Cultural and Archaeological tourism. Within the framework of the development of the Archaeological tourism in Greece this book aims not only to show the most important historical monuments and archaeological sites of our country but also to provide the future visitor of Greece with the sufficient knowledge of the most significant archaeological sites of Greece. Ancient Greek civilization was one of the oldest and most famous civilizations of the antiquity. The remains of this glorious civilization are nowadays scattered throughout modern Greece. Famous sanctuaries… Grandiose Temples… Legendary oracles… remind us something from that luminous era. Be a part of the myth and enjoy a travel to the ancient Greece. Travel to Delphi which was according to the myth the naval of the earth… Explore Knossos where the Palace of the mythical king Minos was located… Tour to Ancient Olympia where the first Olympic Games were held… Visit Ancient Athens and have a walk on the sacred rock of the Acropolis… Join us to a trip to the most famous Archaeological Sites of Greece. You can
order the e-book through Amazon

Books about Greece Haunted GreeceMatt's Pick!  Haunted Greece: Nymphs, Vampires and other Exotika by John L. Tomkinson is another terrific book by Greece's best known unknown author. In the folk beliefs of the Greeks, the landscape is haunted by a large number of different types of beings which possess paranormal powers. belief in some, such as the Christmas goblins (kallikantzaroi) and vampires (vrykolakes) developed during the medieval period; others, like the Charos (Charon), the Nymphs (nereids) and the Fates (moires) may be traced back to ancient times. E-mail the author at 

Books about Greece FoodWorld Food: Greece was put out by Lonely Planet as part of a series. It's a small pocket sized guide that has a Greek culinary dictionary, useful phrases, lots of yummy photos and plenty of information about food, restaurants, wine, ouzo, olives, cheese and traditions. But my reason for recommending it is that they have used various pages from my website and then credited me as Matt Barlett, author of I Married A Lesbian. Considering the fact that they e-mailed me ten times because they forgot to get my written permission to use my articles you would think they could spell my name right and remember the name of the website they came from. But they apologized and told me they would fix it in the next printing (if there is one).

Curse of the Ancient GreeksThe Curse of the Ancient Greeks by Faris Nejad is an entertaining and awakening holiday read about Greece and her people. The realistic fiction based on true stories in today’s Greece "…offers a compelling, often very funny insight into contemporary Greek culture." Editing panel, Authorhouse UK"

This is the story of a Greek newspaper columnist born in a magical and remote mountainous peninsular stretching out in the Mediterranean, hugged by glittering turquoise coasts and dramatic cliffs. At an early age, the boy loses his father at a tragic work-related accident, which influences the rest of his life. He is shortly after taken to Athens by his mother in search of a better life. As an adult, he finds himself in the midst of a social and economic crisis in a country facing drastic financial upheavals. His mundane struggle to stay afloat, trying to keep his job as a journalist, and his troubled family intact brings back memories of his mysterious birthplace and takes his thoughts back to the glorious age of philosophy and logic in ancient Greece. Whilst on a vain professional search to discover the source of his country’s recent financial misfortunes, he is forced to reevaluate his most intimate relations with his family and friends, taking him on a soul-searching and unexpected romantic and philosophical journey.

Chasing AthensCHASING ATHENS by Marissa Tejada.  This romantic comedy follows the story of 30-year-old Ava Martin, an American expat living in Greece, who suddenly finds herself wondering where she truly belongs after her husband walks out on her. She soon discovers that the tumultuous, culture-rich Mediterranean country is coloring her life in a way no place else can, changing her forever. But is it where she belongs?

Ava’s new found independence throws her into the thick of Athenian reality, where she has brushes with violent police riots and gets a taste of both the alluring islands and the city nightlife. Despite pressure from her mother, uncertainty over her impending divorce, and unresolved issues with her long-estranged father weighing on her, she’s determined to make it on her own. With the help of two very colorful Greek friends, she laughs and learns while facing culture shock, language barriers and the charm of Mediterranean men, until a life-threatening medical emergency back home in sleepy Ithaca, N.Y., forces her to decide where she truly belongs – and what truly matters.  

This touching yet humorous story is set in Athens and the Greek islands.  This is Marissa Tejada’s debut novel. She’s an American expat living in Athens and is an award-winning freelance journalist and travel writer.  It’s available as eBook for $4.99 on Amazon.

Books about GreeceGreece on the Couch by Mark Dragoumis. The Greeks must accept unreservedly , unequivocally, unconditionally that they are in no way superior beings deserving special treatment. There are no such things as "the inalienable rights of Hellenism". Mark Dragoumis, author of The Greek Economy, selects 32 enlightening pieces from Analyse This, his popular weekly column for the Athens News. With his characteristic wit, pathos and unsparing commentary, Dragoumis sits Greece on the couch to probe into its daily workings and unworkings. On the road to healing the nation, he uncovers Greece's deep-seated idiosyncracies: why employers call in tips on the whereabouts of illegal immigrants only on Fridays: why Greeks covet civil service appointments and shun jobs in the private sector: why the old Pasok should be put out of its misery; and why the Virgin Mary is so popular.

Books about Greece The Greek Economy 1940-2004The Greek Economy 1940-2004 by Mark Dragoumis. Greece’s economic history reflects the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunate that have bedevilled the country ever since it became independent in 1832. The road to development has been full of pitfalls such as coups, civil war, several Balkan wars, two World Wars, occupation, a global crisis, and two outright bankruptcies. These have endowed Greeks with a sense of insecurity of varying intensity. This has led to a deep-rooted conservatism in national economic planning and deep-seated protectionism on the part of industry and workers. The result is an inflexibility in the face of changing market demands that has, for many years, prevented liberalisation and reform. Mark Dragoumis has been observing Greek affairs both from inside the government and as a journalist since the 1940s. His informative and compelling account explains economic developments in the light of political ones.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

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Books about Greece Foods of GreeceThe Foods of Greece by Aglaia Kremezi. This book was first published in hardcover in 1993 and is not just a book to cook from but a book to read as well. It transports the reader to the Greek Islands and the Mainland with award winning recipes and captivating photos. Aglaia blends history, mythology, religion and folklore to provide a facinating backdrop that explains not only the 'how' but the 'where', 'why' and 'when'. If you want to have only one book on Greek cooking for your collection this one is it. The book won the Julia Child's Award for the Best First Cookbook from the International Institute of Culinary Professionals.

Books about Greece Learn GreekLearn Greek in 25 Years by Brian Church. If you have tried, tried and tried again to learn Greek - and always failed miserably - then this is the book for you. In 25 humorous yet helpful lessons, Brian Church takes you through the minefields of  modern Greek and gets blown up by every single one. A columnist with the Athens News, Church was born in England, in 1965, and came to Greece several years ago. The politics graduate plans to leave in 2023 when his now famous lessons, published every Wednesday, have finally finished. Also available is his book Always On Sunday which answer important questions about Greece in a way that will make you wish you had never asked.

Rude Talk in AthensRude Talk in Athens: Ancient Rivals, the Birth of Comedy, and a Writer’s Journey through Greece by Mark Haskell Smith
In ancient Athens, thousands would attend theatre festivals that turned writing into a fierce battle for fame, money, and laughably large trophies. While the tragedies earned artistic respect, it was the comedies-the raunchy jokes, vulgar innuendo, outrageous invention, and barbed political commentary-that captured the imagination of the city.

The writers of these comedic plays feuded openly, insulting one another from the stage, each production more inventive and outlandish than the last, as they tried to win first prize. Of these writers, only the work of Aristophanes has survived and it’s only through his plays that we know about his peers: Cratinus, the great lush; Eupolis, the copycat; and Ariphrades, the sexual deviant. It might have been the golden age of Democracy, but for comic playwrights, it was the age of Rude Talk.

Watching a production of an Aristophanes play in 2019 CE and seeing the audience laugh uproariously at every joke, Mark Haskell Smith began to wonder: what does it tell us about society and humanity that these ancient punchlines still land? When insults and jokes made thousands of years ago continue to be both offensive and still make us laugh?

Through conversations with historians, politicians, and other writers, the always witty and effusive Smith embarks on a personal mission (bordering on obsession) exploring the life of one of these unknown writers, and how comedy challenged the patriarchy, the military, and the powers that be, both then and now. A comic writer himself and author of many books and screenplays, Smith also looks back at his own career, his love for the uniquely dynamic city of Athens, and what it means for a writer to leave a legacy.

Get it from the author

arcadia bookArcadia, My Arcadia by Nicholas D Kokonis is the semi-autographical poetic and powerful story of an audacious, smart, and hungry country boy (Angelo Vlahos) and the son of semi-literate, marginalized farmers who wants to escape the dusty poverty of his nameless village in the folds of the somber Arcadian mountains and go to America. Kokonis’s debut novel is the recipient of many awards, including a coveted “Honorary Prize” from the prestigious Academy of Athens, a First Homer Prize, and Gold Medal from the International Society of Greek Writers, and a “Special Recognition” from the Pan-Arcadian Federation. Though not a sociological study but only a work of fiction, Arcadia, My Arcadia tells the inspirational story of real people and their life. In this story lies the heart and soul of Arcadia. It is a personal memory of life, mostly fond but at times merciless. It is a portrait of life in Arcadia, and perhaps in all of the Greek countryside, during the stone years of the 1940s and the hopeful decade that followed, when villagers began to emigrate once again in hopes of a better life elsewhere. An authentic work of literature, based on experience and observation and not one written from notes taken during a months visit to the country, Arcadia, My Arcadia has as its prime villains class struggle and poverty.

"Occasionally a work that reaches our desks stands out even among a field of shining stars. And Arcadia, My Arcadia by Nicholas Kokonis is just such a novel. If your gift-giving list for someone of Greek descent can include only one present, make it a purchase of Arcadia, My Arcadia You won't regret it."
MARY PAPOUTSY, Hellenic Communication Service, LLC

You can get info on ordering this book from the author at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Out of ArcadiaOut of Arcadia by Nicholas D Kokonis. With his father invalid after falling off the family donkey and his mother so afflicted by arthritis that that she can hardly sell her flower and vegetable seeds in order to feed the family, Angelo Vlahos leaves his tiny village in rock-strewn Arcadia and arrives in America on a forged bank certificate of deposit. With all his possessions in a bundle, thirty dollars in his pocket, and a registration at a phony technical institute in Chicago, he forges with hope toward his two goals: to get a college education while working to support his family back home and to reunite with the love of his childhood, Antigone. But unforeseen obstacles throw him painfully off course and into a harrowing quandary. Faced with deportation and a crisis of the spirit, Angelo prays for his destitute family back home and hopes for a miracle.

The author weaves a tale of faith and innocence, courage and determination that will captivate your compassion and enthusiasm for Angelo from the first page, as he takes you along on Angelo’s journey in a strange new land.

You can get info on ordering this book from the author at or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Fotinoula and the Christmas Goblin by R.G. Fraser-Green

Step into a dark and deliciously disturbing Christmas tale...

"Never forget how devious a Kallikantzaros can be. It will try to snatch Mirtoula. It will keep trying until it has her. And if it succeeds you’ll never see your sister again."

11-year old Fotinoula doesn’t believe her grandfather when he warns her about the Christmas goblins. After all, the Kallikantzaroi were just an old Greek myth. Creatures with blood-red eyes didn’t really climb up from the underworld during the Twelve Days of Christmas to steal little children, and certainly not in a busy city like Athens. But Fotinoula soon discovers that some folktales have more truth to them than others. With her father away at sea and only an old book for guidance, she must summon up all her courage and problem-solving skills to save her little sister from one of these hideous creatures. In the process she comes to realise just how much her sister means to her. A thrilling battle of wits between girl and goblin in snow covered Athens, this touching story will delight fans of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Tracey Baptiste’s The Jumbies. Greek customs, music, food and history are woven together to bring alive a fascinating culture and a rather creepy festive folktale. A great Christmas gift for 9-12 year olds or any lover of a scary story with heart. Buy on Amazon

Scatterlight Donkeys & Foxballs Ice Cream by Julie Smit: Ever since the poet Sappho lived there in the seventh century BC, people have claimed the island of Lesbos has a special magic. It’s been a home to philosophers, painters, musicians, artists, photographers and writers. When she first arrived there from her native Holland in 2003 Julie Smit felt the magic pull so strongly she decided to stay. Julie’s weekly letters back home to family and friends evolved into a popular blog. Now they have been assembled into a very different kind of travel guide. Scatterlight Donkeys & Foxballs Ice Cream, brings out all the magic—in daily life, ancient and recent history, culture, customs and mythology, and the island’s unique environment—forests, mountains, beaches cosy or wild, hundreds of villages and twelve million olive trees—and of course, Greek food. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes poetic, and often funny, it’s a unique portrait of an island and its people in words and pictures. Julie’s stories are embellished by the sensational graphic design of Jeroen Koster and scores of wonderful full colour photographs by Jan van Lent. Send your order (mention if you want the Dutch or English version) and where to send the book to:

Crete-A Notebook by Richard ClarkCrete - A Notebook by Richard Clark: In 1982, on a whim, the English journalist Richard Clark upped sticks and left the country of his birth to go and work as a teacher in Crete. So began a love affair with theisland to which he still returns as often as possible. Crete - A Notebook is a series of snapshots of his experiences on an island he has grown to cherish. It is less of a travel guide and more of a traveling companion. Whether a regular visitor or a first time traveler there, this book provides an invaluable insight into life past and present on this exquisite island. The author is a writer, editor and journalist who has worked on an array of national newspapers and magazines in the UK. He is married with two grown up children and lives in Kent. Richard Clark is also the author of The Greek Islands – A Notebook

'My library contains almost all of the noteworthy books about Greece and her islands and this will be a welcomed addition. I will place it next to my collection of books by the late and great Patrick Leigh Fermor, because I think Richard Clark’s writing is as close to Fermor as we will ever come again.'- Aurelia Smeltz, author 'Labyrinthine Ways', 'A Lone Red Apple'

Culture and Customs of GreeceCulture and Customs of Greece by Artemis Leontis. The Parthenon. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Homer's epic poems. Gods and goddesses lounging around, indulging in pleasures on Mount Olympus. All of these images bring to mind the traditional icons of Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization. But what do we know of modern Greece? The answer to that question and more can be found in this comprehensive look at contemporary Greek culture. This one-stop reference source is packed with illustrative descriptions of daily life in Greece in the 21st century. Ideal for high school students and even undergraduates interested in studying abroad, this extensive volume examines topics such as religion, social customs, leisure life, festivals, language, literature, performing arts, media, and modern art and architecture, among many other topics. Woven into the text are beautiful and accurate vignettes of Greek life, helping to illustrate how it is people live. A crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Greece is fighting to hold on to the culture of yesterday, while still looking toward modernity. Culture and Customs of Greece is a must-have volume for all high school and public library shelves. ARTEMIS LEONTIS is an Associate Professor of Modern Greek at the University of Michigan.

The Greek IslandsThe Greek Islands – A Notebook: Occasional journeys through Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and other islands
In 1982, on a whim, the English journalist Richard Clark upped sticks and left the country of his birth to go and work as a teacher in Crete. So began a love affair with the Greek Islands, to which he now returns on a regular basis. The Greek Islands - A Notebook is a series of snapshots of Journeys and Places, Culture and History, and People and Island Life on Greece's enchanted triangle of islands - Corfu, Crete and Rhodes and the islands in between. Whether a regular visitor or a first time traveller there, this book provides an invaluable insight into life past and present on these beautiful islands.

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

Athens Then and NowAthens Then and Now by Adami Maro Kardamitsi and Fani Konstandinou: Athens of the late19th - early 20th c. and Athens of today, at the turn of the 21st c. What has changed? What remains unaltered? How does contemporary Athens of the 2004 Olympic Games compare with Athens of the 1896 first Olympic Games of the modern era? The collated photos of yesteryear and nowadays prompt us to compare, comprehend and muse. The photographic material has been gathered from various Photographic Archives and private collections, while the modern shots have been taken by the well known Hungarian photographer Laszlo Lugo Lugosi.

Feasting and Fasting in CreteDiana Farr Louis is an American food/travel writer and long-time resident of Greece. She has published several articles and two books on Greek cooking – namely Prospero’s Kitchen, Mediterranean Cooking of the Ionian Islands from Corfu to Kythera, and Feasting and Fasting in Crete. She has been contributing travel pieces for the weekly Athens News since 1997 and has written two excellent travel books, Athens and Beyond: 30 Day Trips & Weekends and Travels In Northern Greece, both highly recommended reading for those whose traveling in Greece goes beyond Mykonos and Santorini. Feasting and Fasting in Crete includes recipes and anecdotes, history and tradition about the island and is an essential ingredient in any Greek or Grecophile Kitchen.

Travelers Guide to ArchaeologyThe Traveler’s Guide to Greek Archaeology is an indispensable guide for anyone embarking on a cruise or trip to the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Read about the art and architecture of the ancient Greeks, whose world once extended from Italy and Sicily to the Black Sea and as far as India. Rather than a guide to a particular site or place, this is a book you can use in any museum or archaeological site to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of what you see.  Dr. Greg Smith draws on his experience as an excavator and Classical Archaeologist to give you information on : Greek History and Politics, the Greek City-State, the Architectural Orders and the design concepts behind Temples and non-secular buildings, the Mysteries of the Parthenon, the Evolution of Monumental Greek Sculpture, the Role of the Romans in Preserving Greek Art, the ever changing Styles of Pottery and Pottery Art, the lost world of Greek Painting and much more. It is available in print or electronic form from Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Apple etc. or to buy it at a reduced price click on the following link to purchase it directly from Friesen Press.

Unraveling Ariadne's Thread: Cretan MusicUnraveling Ariadne’s Thread: Cretan Music by Maria Hnaraki, Ph.D.: “Young Academic Writer and Reseacher in the Areas of Cretan Culture and Dance” Award by the Pancretan Association of America. "Crete is an island where many people from different countries, cultures and religions have lived and have left their traces. So isn’t music in Crete today a product of all these mixtures and cultural elements?" Dr. Hnaraki’s self-posed question is answered in the affirmative as the author takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the five steps -- or five chapters -- of this book, constructed in the spirit of the traditional pendozalis five-step dance. Writing in an intensely personal style, bringing into her narrative gods and heroes from Greek mythology and literature as well as present-day musicians and performers, Hnaraki succeeds in evoking both the rich history and the vibrant present of Cretan music.

The book is written in the English language. It includes notes, list of sources, glossary and suggested discography for readers who wish to study certain topics further. A CD including traditional Cretan songs and dances accompanies the book.

Maria Hnaraki is an artist and a scholar…So here is a work of feeling and thought. Dealing in beauty and tragedy – two things that are undistinguishable in Greek (and Cretan) tradition. You may read it as a treatise or you may enjoy it as a performance. It is both. -Nikos Dimou, writer

You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

Books about Greece Its All Greece To MeIt's All Greece to Me By John F.L. Ross. Greece is a country famed worldwide for its physical beauty, wealth of antiquities and other vestiges of its unsurpassed ancient civilisation. Yet despite over ten million annual visitors and an open and inviting culture, modern Greece is not an easy country for outsiders to understand or comprehend fully. Countless tourist guides extoll its resorts and archaeological tomes unravel its classical past, but there are few books that attempt to explore the many complexities of Greek life and lifestyles right here in the present. Athens News contributor John F.L. Ross, offers an accessible and dependable guide to the nooks and crannies of the modern Greek character, mentallity, customs and attitudes. It offers a sharp-eyed and challenging yet sympathetic look at the rapidly changing nature of contemporary Greece at the dawn of the new millenium with clarity, gentle wit and perceptive insight.

Books about Greece Festive GreeceMatt's Pick!  Festive Greece: A Calendar of Tradition by John L. Tomkinson is a comprehensive calendar of the folk, religious, military and commemorative festivals of Greece. It is the only detailed guide of its kind in print in English. Included are in-depth studies of many of the more interesting and exotic manifestations of popular culture such as the mysterious figures dressed in animal skins and sheep bells which roam the streets of Northern greece during the winter and spring carnival seasons, the many variations on the popular cermonies of Holy Week and Easter, the fire-walking Anastenarides , the bull sacrifices of Lesvos, the annual appearance of the Virgin's serpents in Kefalonia and much more. From proud military parades commemorating the trials and victories of the modern Greek state, to children's spring festivities which have survived unchanged from ancient times, this beautifully illustrated guide provides the key to a more eventful stay in Greece and a better appreciation of its colorful past. E-mail the author at  or use the search box to order from Amazon.

Books about Greece My Family and Other Animals My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. Most people are familiar with Lawrence Durrell who wrote the Alexandria Quartet among other books. But did you know he had a more famous brother named Gerald who was a world famous zoologist and author? My Family and Other Animals is his classic tale of his childhood on the island of Corfu where the Durrells moved to in the thirties from damp grey England. This is a wonderful book about an idylic time and will be loved by anyone who likes animals. For those who don't you may learn to love them. The book is all about young Gerry's collection of animal friends and their adventures in the family villa.

Books about GreeceBirds Beasts and Relatives by Gerald Durrell takes up where My Family and Other Animals leaves off and is another autobigraphical delight about the Durrell family soujourns on Corfu and the ten-year old Gerry's efforts to collect creatures for his family zoo. This is a delightful book full of simple, well-known things and a childhood intimately recalled in middle-age. Like all of his nature books this is a good way to forget your problems, much like going on a holiday in your mind as are his boks Fauna and Family and Fillets of Plaice from the same period of Durrell's childhood on Corfu. They are all recommended.

Books about Greece cultureCulture Shock: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette in Greece by Clive L. Rawlins tells the history and literature of Greece, its climate, flora and fauna but most importantly it tells of the people, their customs and traditions, their institutions and their language. It tells of how they relate to their past and seek to build their future with attachments to the west while preserving their connections with the east. Culture shock gives the newcomer a headstart in understanding Greece and the Greek people. The author has been visiting Greece since 1958 and spends time between there and Scotland.

Books about Greece Its All Greek To Me It's All Greek To Me by John Mole tells the story of a banker and international businessman who comes to Greece to find his piece of paradise and finds himself in a love affair with Greece after an impuslive purchase of a ruin which he restores. The book is a tale of sun, sea, sand and cement and his characters come to life as they attempt to help and hinder his effort to build the house. If you are dreaming of doing the same better buy this book. John Mole is a well known author of comic novels and the perennial bestseller Mind Your Manners.

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Books about Greece cookingThe Foods of the Greek Islands by award winning cook Aglaia Kremezi is more than a Greek cookbook. The author has put together recipes from all the islands that she has spent years collecting from the women, fishermen and bakers and has included enough information on the cooking ands culture of the individual islands to make this book interesting and pleasurable reading too. The book also contains recipes from the famous Molyvos Restaurant, one of the finest Greek Restaurants in New York City if not the world which hired Agalaia as a consultant to the menu.

Books about GreeceGREECE: Garden of the Gods by Jennifer Gay. Landscape designer and Athens News columnist Jennifer Gay draws on a decade of experience in the Mediterranean to show you how to succeed in gardening without harming the environment.Whether you are coaxing climbers out of pots on a balcony or carving an oasis out of acres of scrubby hillside, this book offers invaluable advice on dealing with drought, pests, high winds, fires and soil erosion. Learn how to compost, mulch and turn one pest against another. Discover indigenous Greek species and the secrets of their survival. 

Books about Greece Cookbook of the Jews of GreeceCookbook of the Jews of Greece is a collection of recipes collected by my highschool history teacher Nikos Stavrolakis. His book comprises representative recipes from the Romaniot and the Sephardim Jewish communities of Greece. It is divided according to holidays and rites of passage, and the recipes are preceded by material that focuses on the unique character of each community and their traditional customs. Nikos Stavrolakis is the founder of the Jewish Museum in Athens and also the man who restored the Synogogue in Chania, Crete.

Books about Greece Grecian Plate CookbookThe Grecian Plate Cookbook compiled by the women of St Barabara's Church in Durham, NC. Winner of the Prestigious R.T. French Company Tastemaker Cookbook Award and March 1988 CookBook of the Month from Good Housekeeping Magazine it includes nearly 300 time-tested recipes from appetizers to desserts with step-by-step instructions and many easy to follow illustrations. Sections on the origins of recipes and how they fit into daily life in Greece. Available by sending $21 to:
Ms. Erie Cocolas
1298 Wildwood Drive
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Buying a Property Greece by Mark Dubin: "This comprehensive guide to buying property in Greece is written by local experts and packed with essential information on every step of the process: dealing with estate agents, surveys, insurance, letting for income, building from scratch and renovation. The guide gives reassuring help with settling in; and there's all the specialist legal advice you need: on money transfer, ownership, mortgages, contracts, taxes, visas, wills, permits and fees. For a new start, a business project, a second home or a dream retirement, this book will prove indispensable."
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Books about Greece Greek-o-fileGreek-o-File! These paperbacks are collections of useful, informative and entertaining articles written by and for people who love Greece. They include subjects such as advice and experiences of property purchase & renovation, retiring to Greece, anecdotes of life in Greece, travel experiences from many contributors and background articles such as: Greek food, wines & recipes, history & mythology, language, music, book reviews and short stories - a total Greek experience.  Greek-o-File started out late 1998 publishing a quarterly magazine before switching to the annual book format in 2002. They have built up quite a following of Grecophiles who enjoy sharing their experiences and love of Greece with like-minded people." You can e-mail them at for more information.

Books about Greece Greek Wine BookThe Illustrated Greek Wine Book by Nico Manessis is a labor of love and anyone with an interest in Greek wines should buy it and treasure it because not only will it be invaluable when confronted with a wine list in one of the more touristy restaurants, but you will end up spending a great amount of time reading the histories, descriptions and explanations of the world of Greek wine, a world that is just starting to be discovered.

For more about Greek wine see Matt's Guide to Retsina and Other Greek Wines.


You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

Books about Greece Orthodox ChristianityThe Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Christianity by Kyriacos C. Markides is an engaging combination of dialogues, reflections, history and travel information as Markides follows father Maximos, a monk from Mount Athos, as he establishes churches, convents and monasteries on the divided island.. Markides book shows us the existence of an ancient form of mysticism within modern Orthodox Christianity. Markides is also known for his book Riding With the Lion about Mount Athos and his series on the spiritual healer and teacher known as Daskalos, the Magus of Strovolos and Homage to the Sun.

Books about Greece The PhilokaliaThe Philokalia: The Complete Text complied by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth is a collection of texts written between the fouth and fifteenth centuries by spiritual masters of the Orthodox Christian tradition. First published in Venice in the Greek language in 1782 this book has exercised an influence greater than that of any book other than the Bible in the history of the Greek Orthodox Church. Translated from the Greek and edited by G.E.H. Palmer, Philip Sherrard and Kallistos Ware

Books about Greece Olympic GamesThe Olympic Games: Past, Present and Future by Matina Psyhogeos. This is not just a history of the Olympics but a guide that will help you understand the site of ancient Olympia and it's importance in ancient times and now. If you are traveling with children I especially encourage you to buy it though adults will find it just as interesting. The author does not hide her passion for the games and the Olympic spirit. To order this  book or for more information use this form

Books about Greece Greek-English DictionaryThe Pocket Oxford Greek Dictionary is ideal for study, business, home use and especially for traveling in Greece. With over 67,000 words and phrases and helpful information on grammatical points of style and usage it is the most up-to-date English and Greek dictionary.

Cats of Greece: In 1984, Carolle Caouette, a Canadian photographer, discovered both Greece and photography. Since that time, she has returned many times to the Greek islands, fascinated by the beautiful light that reveals the simplicity and wonder of everyday life.

On the quiet... discreetly, secretly, stealthily, on the sly in the villages of the Greek islands, cats live their lives among the humans. On the quiet, Carolle Caouette observes them. She illustrates through her photographs her connection with the cats when she comes upon them by chance.

In this volume, the first of a series of four, photographs are grouped into two themes: “Above and Beyond” and “Step By Step”.  You will see cats living their lives surreptitiously, possibly living the best of their nine lives.  You will see that walls have ears sometimes, and even beautiful eyes!   You will see felines perched on walls, roofs and steeples and in trees.  You will see them languid, agile, in a deep sleep on balconies and on stairs.  Of course, you will see a little bit of Greece as well...  

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Two weeks of solo travel in Greece: a Pakistani girl's diary by Aliya Anjum"Look at Greece through the eyes of a Muslim female traveler from Pakistan. See the pictures in the linked slideshow to follow the narration pictorially. Become a virtual fellow traveler in this tale. A travelogue that would take you through 4,000 years of Greek history connecting it with Hollywood, the Olympics and Globalization in a storytelling narration that is educational yet very gripping"

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You can find most of these books by using the search box on the left, which I have placed conveniently all over the site. Just copy and paste the title into the search window and Amazon will find it for you.

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