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Honeymoon in SantoriniIn Santorini getting married is an industry, like making wine or selling souvlakia. For that reason it is one of the most popular places in the world to get married and you can find floral arrangers, wedding photographers, hotels, restaurants and even wineries all offering wedding services. Of course getting married in a foreign country is not that easy when you are making all the arrangements yourself, not to mention the paperwork involved to make it a legal marriage in Greece so most people opt to do it through an agency that handles all the details. My suggestion it to take it to the next step and do it through a Greek travel agency that offers weddings so not only will all the details of the wedding be handled by experts but also the travel and hotel arrangements will be coordinated and all the guests, not to mention the bride and groom will all be on the island before the wedding begins. In the summer of 2010 during a 24 hour ferry strike a young bride to be was crying because she was missing her own wedding. It was a sad story but completely avoidable since travel agents know long in advance when there will be a ferry or any kind of strike and will make arrangements so that weddings guests and participants will be on the island before the strike, by any means possible. The only way a young bride on her way to her Santorini could miss her wedding is if she did not know there was a ferry strike and just went down to the port expecting to get on the ferry along with the other people who did not know there was a ferry strike. Not that ferry strikes are that common but the point is that it is stupid to spend all your money on a wedding planner and then miss the wedding because you booked the ferry tickets and hotel on your own. So my advice is to go with the wedding packages. The travel agents use the same people who advertise their wedding services on Santorini and they just keep the whole thing coordinated so everyone shows up and has somewhere to stay.

Santorini wedding and honeymoonSantorini is of course a popular destination for honeymoons too, in fact most people who get married here spend their honeymoon here as well because where are you going to go that is more beautiful than Santorini? Again it makes sense to use a Greek travel agency for your honeymoon because if you book on your own, pasting together hotels and ferries in what you hope will be a flawless honeymoon experience that will forshadow the beauiful life you and you betroved will spend together, what if it isn't? What if  there is no ferry on the day you thought there was and you read the schedule wrong or they changed it? What if the caldera view hotel you booked on-line can't find your reservation and is full and send you to the hotel down the street with a view of the gas station and the disco across the street? This is your honeymoon and what happens on it could affect the rest of your life so you want it to go perfect, or if it does not go perfect you at least don't want it to be your fault if it isn't.

Volcano View Hotel, SantoriniBy using a professional Greek travel agency to book your honeymoon you are basically insuring that nothing goes wrong and if it does go wrong it will be fixed before you or your spouse even know about it. Honeymoon programs that are offered by the travel agencies are time tested and usually run like clockwork and are not just carbon copy stamped out honeymoons on spectacular Greek islands, but itineraries that can be tweaked to suit individual tastes, needs and constraints. For honeymoon programs visit Fantasy Travel's Honeymoon page and also visit my Honeymoon in Greece page.

For suitable if not spectacular hotels to stay in on your honeymoon I suggest the Volcano View Villas, the Celestial Grande VIP Villas, Caldera's Lilium Villas, and the Tzekos Villas all with caldera view, swimming pools and excellent service and in the case of the Volcano View a restaurant/bar which will enable you to not have to leave the hotel if you don't want to.

For more information on weddings in Greece see Greece Travel Banner

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