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Portara, Naxos

We are a boutique tour operator that designs and leads exclusive cultural tours on Naxos and the neighboring islands. Our mission is to provide cultural experiences on Naxos island in a unique and authentic way which promote the island's cultural heritage and enhance sustainable tourism development. With a strong team of Certified  Licensed Guides, we invite travelers to discover Naxos' past and present through the lens of our insiders' expertise in island tours. All our guides have an excellent command of the English language and academic level of historic knowledge, and provide transformational travel experiences which are culturally rewarding and, simply, great fun!
 Katia Mavrelli

Katia-Naxos Cultural Tours

Meet Katia Mavrelli

Katia Mavrelli is an experienced Greek tourism professional with a history of demonstrated success in her career in the cultural tourism industry.

Born and raised in Greece she developed early on a passion for her heritage. While still pursuing a Classical Studies Master's degree from Aristotle University, focusing on ancient Greek Philosophy and Art, she began her career as a Licensed Guide certified by the Greek National Tourism Organization. She developed extensive experience in tourism working also as a Tour Program Director for well known International Tour Operators where she lead groups throughout Greece and other parts of the world.

While exploring world cultures, she enriched her Classical Studies with a second Master's Degree in Management from Harvard University. Following her dream and now empowered with rich knowledge in both Cultural Tourism and Management, she created ‘Inspiration Ventures Greece,' her official Travel Brand in Athens, which specializes in cultural programs and experiential activities throughout Greece.

On Naxos, an island that has remained one of the most authentic cultural paradises of Greece, Katia launched Naxos Cultural Tours. Through this innovative boutique tour operator, she aims to give visitors unique opportunities to discover the island's treasures and local life beyond the standardized tourist activities. And, always, with a personal touch.

The Tours

The Best of Naxos

NaxosDiscover the best of Naxos on a private island tour.  Sit back in your private air conditioned Mercedes van and let your personal guide take you on an immersive tour of the island, behind the scenes and beyond guidebooks.  You will drive pass coastal villages to the hinterland of the island, visit famous land marks such as the colossal, unfinished Kouros statue and the marble village of Apeiranthos. While unraveling the rich history of Naxos, from ancient through byzantine and medieval times, you will experience the local culture of Naxos today. Enjoy local liquor and other delicacies, meet the Naxians and experience authentic Naxos in a day to remember.  *This tour is offered only on a private basis therefore we can adjust our stops and schedule according to our guests' interests. Please note that every Tuesday all archaeological sites are closed to the public.
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Naxos Town Food, People and Heritage

Naxos town tourNaxos Town offers the ideal synthesis of past and present for the traveler to connect with the true character of the island - its rich historical past and current gastronomic traditions. Our story begins at the Temple of Apollo (Portara) with the narration about the island's first inhabitants and the mythology that shaped their presence. We continue to an on-site excavation museum and unto the top of the Venetian Castle area where a great art collection of pre-historic Cycladic figurines will complete the island's cultural frame. From the historical port to the crowning castle, the Venetian Old Town with its quaint alleyways -where the food market is awake- passing by colourful fruit stands and stalls with aromatic herbs and spices, we invite travelers to enjoy sampling of local delicacies including a variety of fine, local Naxian cheeses with a glass of wine and a variety of phyllo snacks. The food tour is filled with the promise of more traditional mezes and local delights with delightful sensations of Naxian gastronomy at a traditional taverna where we all experience the tastes of the island at a hospitable table!  *Every Tuesday and daily in the afternoon small museums in the Old Town are closed - the tour can still operate without its value being affected excluding those two stops. For prices and more information please use this form

One Day Cruise with Licensed Guide to Delos & Mykonos

Full Day Cruise - every Thursday at 8.30AM

Antonis, licensed guide MykonosDelos, the island with the brightest light in the Aegean, is one of the largest archaeological sites in Greece and a top UNESCO World Heritage site.  The most rewarding way to experience Delos and its powerful role as a sacred place in antiquity is with an expert guide and superstar, Antonis Pothitos, who is acclaimed by Rick Steves and Matt Barrett.

Antonis will reveal the hidden treasures of this unique island, birthplace of Apollo -the ancient god of light and harmony. After a sail with a local cruise ship to Delos you will enjoy a full two hour tour of Delos lead by Antonis. As the magic of the site unfolds, experience the power of the ancient myths and stories related to it. Marvel at the temples of Apollo and Artemis, the slave and spice market, the famous ancient avenue of the marble lions guardians of the sacred lake, stroll through the residential quarter of the captains and merchants with their mansions decorated with splendid mosaics and continue uphill to view the ancient theatre.  Leaving Delos, you will set sail to Mykonos, one of Greece's most popular destinations.  You will meander through the labyrinth of alleyways of the picturesque town and gain insight into the Cycladic tradition of local whitewashed architecture. Mykonos is known worldwide for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and, before you leave, your guide offers tips on the best places for lunch and shopping so you get the most from your stay. Enjoy the rest of your day at leisure. Sail later in the afternoon back to Naxos, arriving in the evening. This trip originates in Naxos and also stops in Naoussa, Paros on the way there and back. For prices and more information please use this form

Villages of Naxos and Beyond

Naxos Villages TourWe invite you to join us for an exciting island tour of the villages of Naxos, which stimulates all five senses. Draw the curtain down on the guidebooks and discover the tapestry of local customs and traditions which brings the spirit of Naxos to life. Together, with your expert guide, you will explore the island's local culture, from village to village, meet people, taste traditional products and experience the sights and sounds of nature while unravelling the rich history of Naxos. Our tour begins with a small hike to a tiny village, off the beaten path, where time stands still. We are invited to a young farmer's olive grove, set among natural springs and running waters and overlooking a green valley, where we'll enjoy olive oil tasting and organic seasonal tastes. We continue to the site of the unfinished colossal archaic statue, known also as Apollo, which was "sleeping" in a nearby garden for centuries before its discovery by local farmers. After a glimpse of the island's ancient past, we drive from the plain to the highlands passing the marble quarries of Naxos. Time for a tasty stop at the mountain village of Apeiranthos, known for its marble streets and medieval architecture, to sample local cheeses with a glass of wine and savor Naxian tastes full of local flavor. Dessert is as special as our next village stop: Chalki is the former capital of the island where we'll taste Naxos' famous citron liquor at a 100 year old distillery and, as an exceptional treat, savour the locally- prepared custard pie. Drive back with treasured memories filled with a true taste of Naxian life, now and then.
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Naxos Absolute Archaeology Tour

Naxos TempleThere are thousands of years to discover on Naxos, with a history dating from the dawn of time. Among the island's great periods is the pre-historic Cycladic civilization that flourished in the Cyclades 3,000 BCE and produced amazing works of art. In the Archaeology Museum of Naxos you can see the largest collection of Cycladic figurines in the Aegean- second only to the collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.   Much later and after the Mycenaean presence on the island, the Archaic period constitutes the "golden era" of Naxos. At this time, under the leadership of Lygdamis -tyrant of the island, great monuments were erected including the Temple of Apollo, Temple of Demeter and Sanctuary of Dionysus. The great artists and engineers of Naxos prepared the Greek world for the miracle of the Classical Era and Pericles' Athens. The colossal "Kouros" statues and the 11 klm aqueduct -contemporary with the famed Eupalinian Aqueduct of Samos (birthplace of Pythagoras ) stand out among the Naxian achievements of that time.  Explore Naxos' history in depth and visit the island's archaeological sites with our expert certified guides. Together we can craft the ideal tour for history enthusiasts and archaeology lovers.
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Naxos Town Food Tour

3,5 hours - Afternoon Tour at 5.00PM Every Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Naxos Food TourWhat better way to discover authentic island life than to walk through the history and back streets of the Old Town for a sensational Food Experience and a true taste of island culture. New discoveries await you with every step to explore the local food tradition of Naxos with a small group and local Certified Guide.  From the historical port to the crowning castle, the Venetian Old Town with its quaint alleyways, where the food market is awake, you'll marvel as the story unfolds. Passing by colorful fruit stands and stalls with aromatic herbs and spices, you're invited to enjoy sampling of local delicacies including a variety of fine, local Naxian cheeses with a glass of wine. You'll savor the taste of fresh bread baked in a wood fired oven sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and a variety of phyllo snacks with "tsipouro". Your food tour is filled with the promise of more traditional mezes and local delights all along the way. You will learn about the richness of the Naxian products, the people and the local cuisine. You'll catch the spirit of Naxos as your guide reveals the history and town highlights which offer a glorious backdrop to the island's traditional flavors and scents … and raise your glass to toast the beauty of Naxos.   *Kindly let us know ahead of time about any food allergies or other dietary restrictions you may have.
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Naxos Old Town and Castle Tour

3 hours - every Thursday at 10.00AM

Naxos CastleOur tour begins at the "Portara" -Apollo's temple massive gate at the port of Naxos, where from we will hear an introduction about the history of the island , with views of the Aegean and the castle city itself. Walking down the pathway our immersive walk takes us back in time from the remains of the Homeric Greeks at the on-site archaeology dig museum to the ancient gods; from the Dukes and the walled fortresses of the Middle Ages to the contemporary sustainable character of the island.   Words cannot fully describe the many sensations experienced every step of the way in the Old town of Naxos. Marvel at the narrow winding streets where every corner, every coat of arms has a story to tell. Discover the Catholic Metropolis with its 11th cent. byzantine icon and marvel the outstanding art collection of pre-historic Cycladic figurines at the temporary exhibition housed inside the historical building of the 18th cent old Ursulines School. Re-live the towns history in this dreamy environment as your expert guide brings to life timeless myths and history of Naxos from its early Cycladic past to the Medieval and modern times.  Before the end of the tour, your guide offers tips on the best places for lunch, shopping and further activities on your own so you get the most from your stay on Naxos. For prices and more information please use this form

Naxos Mythology Tour

Mythology TourJourney to a magical world, a 4 hour bus tour visiting 4 archaeological sites: Dimitra's Temple, Kouros at Flerio, Dionysus sanctuary and Apollo's temple (Portara). Myth meets History in a wondrous tour of discovery... Discover the history of Naxos captured in the mythological stories of the island's ancient gods and heroes.  Our exclusive mythology tour explores these stories creating the spirit of Greece's timeless mythology and ancient treasures. In addition to the monumental sites dedicated to the gods, the island's springs, streams, plants and trees are all source of ancient myths and tales.  Let us introduce you to the ancient Greek gods and heroes of Naxos and together enjoy an unforgettable experience merging myths, history and the natural environment in one amazing tour of discovery.
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Naxos Town Christian Tour

Naxos ChurchExplore the unknown traces of Christianity on the island of Naxos and enjoy a private walking tour of the legendary Castle led by an expert certified guide.  Our tour begins at the Portara -massive marble gateway of the Temple of Apollo located at the port of Naxos where an Early Christian Basilica was built during the late 5th cent. AD. While marveling at the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, you will learn about the history of the island and its rich Christian tradition from the Byzantine years to the present. Our immersive walk down the pathway takes us back in time from the ancient world of the gods to the Dukes and walled fortresses of the Middle Ages. On our walk we will visit two of the island's major churches, the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Cathedrals. These visits provide the opportunity to discuss the differences -but above all the communalities between the Christian denominations which have coexisted in harmony for centuries on Naxos. As we marvel at the narrow winding streets where every corner, every coat of arms, has a story to tell we will also encounter traces left by the Knights of St. John.   Re-live the history of the town in this dreamy environment as your guide brings to life timeless myths and the Christian history of Naxos from its early Cycladic past through the Byzantine and Medieval periods to the present while discussing Christian history and contemporary religious traditions in Greece. For prices and more information please use this form

Naxos Cuisine Cooking Class

SpanakopitaIn addition to defining the cuisine of a region, Gastronomy is the art of choosing, cooking and enjoying good food.   Join us on a journey of the culinary tradition and gastronomy of Naxos. We'll drive to an off the beaten path village to enjoy our cooking class at a local family house (or tavern in case of a large private group). You will discover local products and the secrets of flavoring with the island's precious aromatic plants and herbs.  Our menu is based mainly on organic local products. The vegetables are seasonal and are handpicked from the nearby, family garden . The extra virgin olive oil, as well as the cheese are locally produced and, of course,the bread and the wine are home made. Connecting the history, the land, the food and the people our guests will experience an overall "Naxian Gastronomy event" For prices and more information please use this form

Naxos Sunset Mythology Tour

2 hours - every Tuesday at 6.00PM

Naxos Mythology TourDiscover the unique charm of Naxos Town under the magical rays of the setting sun. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the narrow streets of the Coast and Old Town, where your guide will bring to life the myths and tales of gods and heroes through enchanting storytelling.  Along the way, stops at picture-perfect settings with amazing views are not only inspirational for photography at best but highlight the narrative of the island's treasured myths. Every step of the immersive walk leading down travels the imagination from the world of the ancient gods to the Middle Ages and the walled fortresses of the ruling Dukes.  Explore the winding backstreets of the Old Town where only a local can lead the way through the labyrinth of narrow passages while delving into Naxos' mythical past. Glimmers of light reflect the awesome myth of the Minotaur of Crete and the marriage of Ariadne with the god Dionysus on the island. The inspirational walk ends at the famous ‘Portara' which was constructed in antiquity to honor the god Apollo and remains, until today, the distinguishing landmark of Naxos. Your guide will share fascinating, timeless stories which shed light on Naxos' fame as ‘playground of the gods' and highlight the island's sensational views at sunset. For prices and more information please use this form

How else can we help you?


 We are happy to accommodate individuals, families or even large groups on a private tour which can be adjusted or even re-designed and tailored to your personal needs and interests.  On request, we can provide French, German and Italian speaking certified guides.

Besides the cultural tours that we offer, we can handle group visits to Naxos from A to Z.  With a long experience with University groups, special interests teams, family trips and wellness retreats, having a clear vision of visitors' expectations, we provide the scope of reliable services to ensure the utmost convenience.   Our commitment is to provide exceptional service and quality aligned with the values of Responsible Tourism.  We welcome new partnerships and the opportunity to inspire a wider world of visitors to Naxos through unique, Greek travel experiences.


We can arrange luxury transfers with brand new Mercedes vehicles and all kind reliable car rentals. For large groups we can provide transportation with high quality air-conditioned coaches.


We design, create and implement your stay on Naxos exactly as you've dreamed it.  We're happy to create tour packages for groups, as well as, for friends, families, couples and solo travellers. From exceptional dining experiences and outdoors activities such as sailing, hiking, biking or even horseback riding to wellness retreat planning with yoga sessions on the beach, organic meals, reconnection with nature and many more rejuvenating activities.

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