In the end we were sad to go. We had a good time and even though I had wanted to stay in Tinos and only came to Mykonos to appease my daughter who then betrayed us and got her lip pierced it all turned out OK.  Her nose got infected and so she removed that ring and eventually she got rid of her lip ring too. Now she just has a bunch of earrings which is fine with me. But if you are going with your kids make some kind of deal with them so they don't run off and get pierced or tattooed because the shops in Mykonos don't ask for a note from a parent. But if thats the worst thing your kid does on a trip to Mykonos then you are doing OK. Luckily Amarandi had no idea of the stuff that goes on in the bars and clubs of Mykonos town or we would have never gotten her out of there.