This is known as waiting for a taxi in 'Taxi Square'. The square is actually called Mavrogenous Square and how long you wait for a taxi depends on how many are working that day and how far they have to go. But this line did not move for about half an hour. the good news is that if they don't come for a long time then they usually all arrive at once.

2 days after I put this photo on my website I got this e-mail:

Hi, Matt Barret.

Nice to meet you. I am Chris, come from Hong Kong.
I've just discovered your Greece Travel Guide. I like the website so much.
It bring me many sweet memories.
The informations are very useful.

Do you remember the attached photo? Mykonos - 2007
The first day my husband & I came to Mykonos, we also waiting for a taxi at the same time.
We went to Greece enjoy our honeymoon. I love Greece. There are very beautiful place.
I can take pretty photo in everywhere.

I feel so glad when I saw the photo. Thanks for your photo. I'll keep it.
I hope to see you in greece.