This is Paradise Beach now. Not exactly my idea of Paradise. When we were here in the seventies there might have been 30 people on the beach. Now there must be a thousand and few of them go in the water. There were more people in the pool than in the sea. Its actually not that great for swimmers. There is a rocky shelf that runs along the beach about 30 feet out and the sea is too shallow between the shelf and the beach to swim so you have to walk out to it, climb on to it and then swim off the other side. There is a section where it breaks off in the middle of the beach but unfortunately thats where the waterski boats and jetskis speed in and out of so you risk your life swimming there. In the seventies everyone here was naked. Now you hardly even see women going topless. Andrea says its because this is an 'American beach' and we are too uptight about our bodies, unlike Europeans who are happy to sunbathe naked in the city parks. It could be true. I get e-mails all the time from American women who don't want to go to a beach where there are going to be topless women.