Take a good look at this photo. No its not Mykonos. This is Agios Ioannis Porto on the island of Tinos, where we were staying and where I was quite happy. As you can see it is a quiet little beach with a few umbrellas and a cafe at the end. The photo was taken from my balcony at the Hotel Porto Rapheal. We had my Suzuki Grande Vitara and Andrea and I drove all over exploring the traditional villages and remote beaches. But my daughter Amarandi found it boring. So not so much as to reward her but to end her suffering and perhaps save our marriage we told her that is she behaved herself and didn't complain we would go to Mykonos next. Well she didn't stop complaining but we felt so sorry for her and so guilty for the fact that we were enjoying ourselves that we decided to go to Mykonos. Actually we decided about a half hour before the ferry was scheduled to leave but we quickly packed, threw our bags in the car and drove to the port. Anyway remember this picture because you are going to be quizzed on it later.