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People don't come to Ios to see little old men riding donkeys (though they are there) or fishermen mending their nets (though they do). They come to Ios because they are young and the island is the best party scene in Greece if not the world for people from every country. Thanks to my new pal Andy I have been able to compile this list of the best clubs and bars in Ios. After scrolling down this page I am ready to go to Ios myself. I suggest you read this page then print it out and stick it in your wallet or passport.

KANDI - Definitely one of the hottest new bars on the Greek Islands, this nightclub truly adds a bit of Euro-flair to the Island and is known for their unforgettable parties. If that isn't enough, they have an international cast of DJ's to spin the latest Dance music. One of the few nightclubs on the Island with outdoor seating and a special elevated VIP section with slick couches. It's right next to the bus stop on the Main Road and is opened until early morning. It is big enough to fit hundreds of people comfortably but small enough to give it a cozy feel. The best thing is Kandi always has more girls than guys. Now I know why all the workers from other bars rush to Kandi after work. My favorite nightclub on the Island!!

BLUE NOTE - Opened in 1979 this disco-bar is predominantly a Scandinavian bar. It is located on the upper main square and is managed by Lucas who is famous for his drink "LUCAS SPECIAL". The music they like to play is Swedish, Rock, Top 40, and Party Music Mix.

BULL DOG CAFE - This bar located in the village and was just remodeled for summer 2002. Bull Dog Cafe is known for it's Commercial partying music and exclusive shots.

CAFE ASTRA - A music bar located in the village, Cafe Astra is managed by Tarje Haakstad & Orjan Gjertsen. Known for their happy hour that lasts until midnight and daily drink specials. They keep the dance floor moving by playing Disco, Deep, Happy, Funky, Latino music.

CAFE CLICK - Open early in the morning serving breakfast and becoming the meetingpoint for a lot of Ios vacationers, this bar/cafe's speciality is yogurt smoothies, ice cream drinks, and fresh fruit cocktails.

DISCO 69 - This air-conditioned dance bar that happens to be situated in the main square has been around since 1979. This bar has more than 50 cocktails for you to choose from. They play new hits, famous oldies, and dance party music.

FUSION - A nightclub located on the Main Road, Fusion is one of the few nightclubs on Ios to have an outside portion as well as inside. They play anything from Progressive to Trance to Hard Core. Not one of my favorites though. 

IOS BLUE - Managed by Ioannis Blimes, Ios Blue was opened in 1970 and is located in the Main square. This music bar plays disco, rock, and dance music.

IOS CLUB - This is one of the first bars on Ios and has the best view of any bar on the Island. It's managed by Simon Gannopoulos and plays classical music during sunset. UPDATE: Simon has since passed away.

JONIS ELECTRIC - This ex-hippie rock bar is located in the Main Square and claims to have the cheapest drinks on the Island. Be ready to bang your head all night because all they play is rock, metal, and punk music.

LEMON CLUB - A disco located in the main village, Lemon Club plays mixed party music and has a great air-conditioner so you're comfortable while enjoying the laser show.

ORANGE - Opened in the early 70's, ORANGE is a music bar located on the Upper Mainsquare. Managed by Wendy and Panos, this bar is famous for its jelly shots and homemade chocolate and caramel vodka shots. One of the few bars to play Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock, and Reggae.

PEGASUS - Definitely a rock bar to check out if you love head bangin' music. Located in the village, some fun parties are Indian Party and Champagne Party.

PLANET IOS - This 4 year old, indoor/outdoor, multilevel nightclub boasts being the biggest club on Ios. With a grand mens/ladies room and many different VIP sections to chose from, the nightclub is surely TOP 2 or 3 on Ios. The Greek-American ownership has thrown huge, wild parties with big name, headline DJ's from Ibiza, UK, Holland, Australia, Italy, Greece, and USA. Located on the Main Road near the bus stop, Planet Ios plays House, Progressive, and Trance. Don't be surprised if you run into a large wet t-shirt contest with big cash prizes or people taking photos with space aliens!!!

Q-CLUB - Claiming to be the only club on Ios to play strictly Hip-Hop and R&B, Q-CLUB is managed by Jim Turbs who hires live acts as well as guest dj's. UPDATE: Q-CLUB has went bankrupt!!

REDBULL - This bar with a dance area plays all sorts of dance music. Outside tables and Redbull & Vodka specials keep the place busy all night.

REHAB - This bar opened on Ios May 2004. This is the old Underground Club located on the edge of the village. The new owners are Cookie & Yiannis and Niklas from Flames Bar. The music will be anything from Funky, Latino and Tribal House. UPDATE: I'm not sure I know who is still part of the ownership but I do know Niklas is still part owner.

SATISFACTION - Located in the village, this discobar has been around since 1978 and pumps out cool funk, hip-hop, dance, and disco. Ask the manager, Yannis Annovsis, about their Satisfaction Special.

SCORPION - From hip hop to progressive to trance, you'll hear all the latest dance hits here. Their drink special is the Scorpion Sting and they claim it will sting you.

SHOOTERS - This bar plays all the up to date releases of Pop, Funk, Dance music. Pump action fun guns loaded with alcohol make sure everyone gets a taste.

SLAMMER BAR - Located in the main square, this bar plays every kind of music like Hip Hop, House, Rock n Roll, 70s Disco, Latin, and anything else the dj desires. Ask for a Slammer where you wear a helmet, take a shot, and the bartender slams you on the head with a hammer.

SWEET IRISH DREAM - If you want to drink Guiness, this bar claims to bring it all the way from Ireland. The music you can expect here is Irish to commercial. It is located on the Main Road and is to your right when coming up "The Steps".

THE DUBLINER - A bar with a mixed batch of music, it is located on the main Road and is known for it's "100 Club". What is it? A hundred shots of beer in 100 minutes. UPDATE: Dubliner is now closed!!


FUSION - A nightclub located on the Main Road, FUSION is one of the few nightclubs on Ios to have an outside portion as well as inside. They play anything from Progressive to Trance to Hard Core. Not one of my favorites though.


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