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Traveling Alone in Greece

I did not have a section on solo travelers reviews but when I got this following e-mail I decided to make one because not only was it a joy to read but it will also give people who are nervous about traveling alone the courage to do it. Its written by a French-Canadian and English is not his first language but he makes himself clearly understood and it is one of those e-mails I was so thankful to get that I wanted to show it off to everyone.

Hi Mr. Barrett, how are you ?
I don,t know if you remember me but i wrote to you last summer to make a trip to greece from mid-july to mid-august. And i made it. For me it was not only a trip or a vacation it was an accomplishment. I made the trip of my life it was so nice and intense that now, i feel like a new person, i have a different way of thinking, because of this incredible trip. When my friend knew and my parents that i decided to go to greece they was all like, why greece ? why you want to go this far ? But in my mind, the place i wanted to go last summer was greece. I don,t really know why, but inside of me there was something that was pushing me to go there. When i arrived at the ariport in Montreal ( Quebec), alone with my parents and they were leaving me so ican catch my plane in my mind it was like : WoW, now i really in my way to go very far from my country and i,m alone !

But there was nos stress at all, when i arrived in Athens and i saw all the greek signs and people coming from everywhere, speaking greek, english, italian i was lost alittle bit. But, the first day i was at my hostel ( Athens backpackers, the best hostel in athens with a rooftop bar incredible!)
i was already feeling good and free. I was already speking with people from everywhere and making new friends, that was the party ! it was just day one !  

After Athens i went to IOS. What a paradise it was for me!!( 21 years old ) and for all the crowd of hundred young people that where there at this time of the year, i have no word to describe what i felt there. I slept 2 night at the Ios Palace ( INcredible, unbeatable view, its near the best beach of the island and near everything, I recommend it to everyone, it woth every penny i pay to sleep there) and i slept 5 night at the hermes hotel 9 very nice too, i recommend it too, very nice pool, with lots of nice young people. I went to the bar every night and i met new people evey day!! Many italian there ! In Ios every body is son nice and it,s very easy to make friends. After this i went to Santorini 4 days very nice, i have hundred pictures of that island. The sunst is unthikeably nice.

After i went to the most charming, entertaining, fantastic, unthinkeably nice place of my life : MYKONOS. Wow, even if it,s more italian than greek, and there is almost no real greek tradition there, i was 21 years old in a place that is in a league of it,s own! The girls were so nice that sometime i was pinching me to know that i was not dreaming !! I spend 10 days there and by chance that i had a plane ticket to exit this place, because i would have stay there more time.
The only think that was missing me was the greek tradition.
So, Mr Barrett, i wrote you this letter to you because i really want to thank you so much because if i haven,t foun your site on the internet, my trip to greece would probably have been impossible , or very hard. I took all my infromation on your site and that,s your personnal info that made me chose to go to greece and spend big money on a place that i didn,t even know one year ago, that is saying alot about the effort you put on that site( it is a achievemnt for me) I also want to thanks so many tiem the traval agency FANTASY Travel , i made my reservation in Ios with them and they send me a letter in my hostels with many different informations to guide me in Ios. They send a taxi to pick me up at my hostel and bring me in the port at my boat, so there was no stress for me. I was very happy to pay money and have a sevice so great. Thank you all the member of fantasy travel, i will made businness with you again anytime!

I was 21 years old, i was from Quebec ( french Canadian), i was alone, my fisrt langage spoken was french, and i went in greece. That was the rip of my life and i would have stay there all summer long ( if i had the money :):):):) You should have see my friends faces when i showed them the pictures from Ios and Mykonos, and the girls !!!

Yes, greece is not cheap for a canadian, but i made an achievement i spend 1 month there alone and i made more friend than in 21 year in my own country.

So, for all the young peolple that want to go there and have no idea what greece look like in summer i have just one thing to say to you : GO FOR IT!
SO finally, mr barrett thank you so much , because you made possible to me a experience that will stay in my mind all my life.
Quebec, Canada .
I went in greece from mid-july to mid-august


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