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Swift Car Rentals

Swift Car Rentals

Elias had the only car rental agency in the Plaka. All the other agencies were on Syngrou and had familiar names like Budget, Hertz, Avis, Inter-rent and so on. I went to Elias and asked him if he would give people from my website a discount?
No problem.
Would he deliver the cars to the airport, ferry or hotels?
Sure that's normal.
Would he drive people to the National Road so they don't have to deal with Athens traffic until they have had a few days driving experience.
Great idea!
Not only would he do that, but he would meet them at the National road when they wanted to return the car!
He's a good guy too.
Matt Barrett

Post on Matt's Greece Travel Guides Facebook Page 7/22/18

Some months ago I requested information about Elias Manoua and Swift Car Rental in Athens. I was not finding current reviews and wasn't sure how to make contact. Eventually I found emails from 4 years ago and established contact. We used Swift Car Rental in 2014 and were entirely satisfied especially with their arrangement to get us away from downtown Athens and to meet us at the airport for our return. So I sought them out for 2018. From there everything went smoothly.

Elias suggested a vehicle suitable for four adults with luggage at a reasonable price. He was flexible with waiting for us to schedule a ferry to arrange meeting time. When the time came, our ferry docked. We had a short wait as Demetria couldn’t get the car close to the dock and feared leaving it to find us. But within a few minutes that worked out, and she struck a great balance of professional and personable. The Peugeot was comfortable with room for our baggage while still being small enough to negotiate tight village streets and sharp mountain curves. It operated on diesel fuel which was cheaper than gasoline.

In eight days we covered 1,352 kilometers (840 miles) spending about 125 Euro on fuel. We had arranged a vague meeting area when we exited the freeway into Athens. Before we got into the city we texted Demetria who texted back that a colleague would meet us when we got there. Once on the city street, we pulled out of traffic and within seconds two Swift employees approached to take over. One of them took the driver’s seat, and in a few minutes we were at our hotel.

So they delivered the car to us at the ferry dock. They met us near the freeway exit in Athens. And they left us at our hotel. The price remained as originally agreed upon. It was a very satisfactory experience and much easier than most car rentals. We never even had to go into an office where they try to get you to buy more insurance than you need. Swift in the person of Elias Manoua and his employees does car rental the way it should be done.

Finally, I don't think TripAdvisor accepts reviews for car rental agencies. But if anyone has suggestions on ways to sing the praises of this user friendly business, I will continue to sing out.


Dear Katarina and Elias,

I just want to thank you very much for providing us means to see more of Greece. Katarina driving us out of Athens was great help and I am very grateful to her.

We were heading to Naphlion, but finally we landed a couple of kilometres further in the town of Tolo. And thank God we did. We found accomodation in a very nice hotel just by the sea.

By the way, you can recommend Tolo to your clients as a nice spot to stay when visiting Peloponese: plenty of hotels and tavernas and nice sandy beach.

Parking the car in Nikis Street at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday was not as easy as Katarina had told us but we somehow managed to find a spot. Right before the waste basket. As agreed, we returned the car key to the reception at Nikis Hotel.

Once again, thanks very much.

Tom Baldowski

Hi Mat Thanks for recommending Avanti (Swift) Rent a car agency to me. Hlias and Salvos have been great to me and always a great help. Their prices are the best around and I should know as I am very stingy with money when comes to luxuries like renting a car. I will use them the next time by the Grace of God I go to Athens.

Just wanted to thank you for recommending Swift Car rentals. They did an excellent job, were amazingly easy, and made our trip wonderful. I would definitely use them again (and am even thinking of calling them again soon!). Thanks for the advice!

Dear Matt
I spent many long hours reading your site before my family and I went on our recent month long holiday to Greece.
I was always confident that the information contained on your site was worthwhile and so it proved to be.
Following your advice we had an excellent time and I would like to commend two of the providers we used
on your recommendation. 
We visited Fantasy Travel to arrange a visit to Rhodes and it would be fair to say that they meticulously organised every step along the way.
Their choice of hotel was excellent in the old town, its quality unexpected (Nikos and Takis). 
Swift hire car provided a new car in excellent condition for five days which was dropped to our apartment and they conveniently allowed us a drop off at Piraeus.
Marna M
Melbourne, Australia

Matt -- I want to report a good experience we had with Swift, from whom
we rented a car during our recent trip to Greece based on your

Our car broke down on the way from Sparti to Kalamata (fortunately not
too far from Sparti).  We were able to get it towed back to Sparti.  The
car could not be repaired.  We telephoned Swift from Sparti and decided
to take the bus back to Athens, rather than waiting for an extra day to
have a new car delivered.

When I sat down with Swift the next day, he agreed to a completely
equitable settlement.  He paid for the towing, the bus to Athens, the
extra half tank of gas I had just put in, and two days of the six day
car rental.  He couldn't have been more cooperative.

My only suggestion -- please urge Swift to put the name and telephone
number of the towing service he has an arrangement with in each rental

Hello Matt:

As recent travellers to Greece (a return after 30 yrs.!). we would like to let you know that our experience with Swift car rental of Athens was as pleasant, unproblematic, and worthy of total recommendation to others planning on renting a vehicle thru them. We had the car for 3 weeks, drove all over mainland Greece and the Peloponnese, plus Tinos island, and never had any problems. We did, as is 'usual' for most tourists, a minor dent due to narrow roads and unmoveable stone walls, yet were not charged for this, although we did expect it. We also received holiday wishes from the owners, even though we never met them personally. We were greeted and handed our car at the airport upon arrival by one of the employees, who was very competent. All paperwork was done quickly, and the return at 4:30 am at the airport was easy as per instructions and the good airport layout. We will recommend Swift to others we know, and as we have friends who live in Athens, they also get lots of visitors and we have let them know that they are a good, reasonable option, as opposed to the usual multi-national outfits.

If you're interested in some interesting B & Bs we stayed in, pls. contact us. We had lovely rooms in places like Mili (near Nafplio), Dimitsana, and Preveza, all found by chance, and good deals! We also have a web page in the making with lots of pics - if you're interested.

Greece was, even 30 years later, a wonderful place, despite the routine strikes, etc., but the people, food and sites were outstanding! Sept./Oct. is a very good time for bargains.

Cheers, and thanks for your site, as we checked out the many testimonials re Swift before we decided on them. It helped make our decision final.


Dear Matt,

I wish to thank you for all your efforts at It is a treasure trove
of all things Greek - it answered so many of the questions we had. Being our first
trip abroad it went a long way toward making it a fearless experience. We even rented
a 9 passenger Fiat Scuda from Swift Rent-A-Car that was listed on your web site. They
went as far as to deliver it to where we were staying in northern Athens - at night -
for around US$6! Amazing service and really pleasant guys as well!

On the down side, I did return to the states with quite a coffee addiction! The frappé
is a wonderful thing. Starbucks doesn't quite have anything quite like it. I also
made the mistake of swirling my morning "Greek" coffee and just about fell out of my chair!

We tried just about every food there was to offer - even the Kokoretsi. Cheese fondue
in the cool night air in Thessaloniki with mandolin music in the background is
something everybody should experience.

Thanks again,

Doug Heckaman II

Good morning, Manos,
we are off to santorini this morning. we left the key with the reception at the art hotel. we parked the car in the front of the hotel but to the left (turn left out the front door) but down a little, on the corner. the hotel staff said that it would be fine there. the gas tank was just under a 1/4 of a tank when you gave it to us, so we gave it back at 1/4 of a tank.
i want to say that your company provides a great service to tourists. it was wonderful eliminating the stress out of driving out of the city. and i hope your boss knows what a terrific employee he has in you! you are very friendly and personable...a great person to have working with clients so they have a wonderful experience working with your company. do you have any sister companies in other countries? i will definitely rent from them. if i come back this way again, i will definitely look you guys up. speaking of that, i will mention your company to all my traveling friends. i know 2 couples who are planning upcoming trips to greece. i am also going to put a wonderful review about you on people need to know about your company:-)
thank you again for your wonderful service,
ellen oldham

Hello Matt! 
In October 2006, my husband and I started our year-long Greek odyssey.  During the planning process, we came upon your website (very informative!) and through that, found out about Swift Car Rental.  This was one of the best experiences of our trip!  We needed a car for the whole year and Swift was the best deal we could find.  Not only that, but the best in service as well.  It was nice to know that if we had any problems we could call Ilias or Christine and it would be okay. It was more like working with family friends... much better than a big anonymous corporation!
We've been back in the states now for 7 months and are planning a return trip to Greece in September (just 3 weeks this time).  I just sent an email (via your site) to Swift to make arrangements for a car and I wanted to thank you for making the connection for us. 
Happy travels!
Kim and Tom Armen


Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
Carroll & Karen Schroeder (

Comment: I only wish I could say I needed a car Elias, we just wanted to
thank your company for the excelent service you gave us in September, and
will recomend it highly.  Your service of driving the customer out of the
city to a safer driving location is a great advantage over your
competition, and one we would recomend to future customers. Also your very
good English and patients with your customer were very admirable.
 Hope we can do business again one day.
Carroll & Karen Schroeder

We will be in Greece this year but will not be renting a car!  We will miss seeing you but we are renting a house on Hydra - what can I say?  Hope you have a wonderful summer and next year we will contact you.  Your cars are great and last year when you drove us to the "freeway"  - that was super!  Recommend you to everyone!

Dear Elias,
               Thank you for your excellent service to us during our recent
trip to Nafplio. We had a wonderful vacation and explored some of the
beautiful Peloponnese. The car was great to drive and of course we were
to visit some of the more inaccessible archaeological sites having our own
transport! I am beginning to plan another trip sometime in the future to
discover more of the Peloponnese so we shall definitely contact you if we
need to hire a car!

                               Vanessa and Richard

dear Elias and Julia:

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service during our recent
trip to Athens. We were very happy with the van and impressed by your
seriousness in delivering the car at the promised time, despite the
misinformation given by the people at the Astor. Thank you also for
escorting us to the outskirts of town, despite Julia's multiple other
commitments. We had an excellent trip and the van worked wonderfully,
never giving us any trouble.
Again thanks for your very good service and personalized attention.

Best regards,


Subject: RE: Swift rent a car


Just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful service - especially in the middle of the strike and standstill in Athens!  You did a great job for us - we would not have been able to manage without you.  We will definitely use your company again when we come over and we will be telling all our friends who visit Greece to book with you as the best car hire firm in Athens.

Once again, many thanks and hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes

Deirdra and Stephen

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