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Nobody works as hard as Wendy and Joanna and the ladies of Sappho Travel in Skala Eressos, Lesvos. Their office is not only a full service travel agency but they seem to have taken the role of problem solvers and parent figures for the travelers looking for a little security far from home. It's nice to have a friend in a far-away place and besides being good travel agents they are good listeners, though the office can get crowded in mid August. If you are coming in August book early and you will make them very happy, though not as happy as they will be if you come in April-May-June-September-October when not only will they have time to talk to you but they will be able to give you a limitless choice in accommodations.
Matt Barrett


This is Sam calling from cold, wet London!  I'd like to say it's lovely to be back but that would a bloody enormous lie!
Where do I begin in thanking you for all the time, effort and patience you put into helping me sort out my flight problems.  So I guess the best way for now is just a really big thank you.


The cab arrived on time - we caught the plane and arrived safely.  No upgrade or apology letter I'd like to add!  I haven't had the energy to start my letter writing - so I think I'll leave it until Monday.  I'll send you a copy to see what you think.

I'm sorry I was a complete pain - but this year has been so stressful for both of us and this I think nearly finished me off - I don't know if I'd have had the energy (or the language skills - thank you Johanna) to sort it out without your help.

Enough of this gushing.  You'll both be nominating yourselves for sainthood next!!

Anything you can think of that you fancy from London?  Perhaps a London Bus fridge magnet - or a union jack badge.  Noooo?  OK - then perhaps I could tempt you to a small model replica of the Houses of Parliament?  I can see I'm offering you too much as a reward!!  I'll think of something.

I also got a chance to digest some of the things that have happened to you both - I can't believe I was helped by a broken back and a nearly died recently!  You really should write you stories!

Anyway - we just wanted we hadn't forgotten.

I'll be in touch soon.

Take care of yourselves (or try!)

With lots of love

Your truly devoted new friends!!

Sam and James    xxx

 Just a quick email to thank you for a wonderful holiday and to say sorry
 that Lucy and I didn't get chance to call in and say goodbye properly last

 We all had a really good time. Thank you for all your help in arranging
 things for us.
 I'm sure we'll be out there again one day.

 and tell Jo that we were sorry that we missed her and hope that she makes
a full recovery soon.
 Don't work too hard !!


Jo and Joanna,

Well - what a crazy two weeks. Back here in a very cool and wet London,  I
almost miss all the madness, confusion, and politics and that lovely road
between Erresos and Mytelini! Anyway, hope all is calm once more in Erressos
for you both. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help - for sorting the
car for us and driving Emily to the village to shoot on the last day and for
trying to get me a taxi at the last minute on Thursday Joanna. The mayor
ended up not being available anyway and I have to try and contact him again
to arrange a meeting...

And thank you both for just being your fabulous selves - it was lovely
filming with you both - despite the crazy circumstances....

Best wishes and talk to you soon,


Hi Jo and Joanna,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help during the past two weeks.

Marg and I had a brilliant holiday - your arrangements on our behalf, and
the apartment, were great!

Hope the "stuff"  with the mayor sorts itself out - and you are thriving
next year when we book another holiday!

Wishing you both all the best,

Jean and Marg.

Hello Jo and Joanna, well, it's back to the rat race. We had a wonderful
time in Skala Eressos. We are already talking about a return trip and
renting Joanna's apartment. Thanks for all you did to arrange everything for
us. Hope all is well with both of you. Take Care

Caye and Marian

Dear Matt,
Thank you for your assistance.  It seems between myself, my husband in
Bosnia and Sappho Travel our e-mail systems were experiencing a little
spring fever or something of that nature:)  Sappho was getting our e-mails
and responding, both my system and my husbands were saying our e-mails were
not going thru and we were not receiving the e-mails Jo and Joanna were

We did, however, get to Erossos and had a fabulous vacation.  We stopped in
and met Jo and Joanna and they were delightful and extremely helpful.  They
arranged transportation back to the airport and arranged for accommodations
in Athens.  What a truly relaxing and enjoyable town.  Everyone was so
friendly and wonderful.  We ended up staying at the Mascot, because we did
not know Sappho had already made arrangements at the Erossos Pension, and
Costas was hospitable and entertaining to say the very least.

We met many of the locals and felt a warm welcome from the moment we
arrived.  I felt a deep gratitude to the gentleman that runs the shop next
to the Blue Horizon, as the time grew near for my husband and I to part once
again, this gentleman saw something in my eyes and gave me a gift.  He said
"it is for your worries" and was one of the beaded ropes I saw so many men
carry.  This really meant a great deal to me and warmed my heart.  I carry
it with me and relive every moment my husband and I shared on this lovely

Erossos is truly a remarkable place.  I will happily recommend to friends
and family they too experience the splendor and beauty of Lesvos.

It was your website that first drew our attention and all the detailed
information you provide is an excellent tool for anyone traveling to Greece.

Thank you again for all your correspondence, please extend our appreciation
to Sappho Travel and our apologies for the mis-communication.
Take care,
Jeri L. Julian

Thank you Matt !!!
This is the way I begin my e-mail to you because the summer of 2000 was marvelous.
We were in LESVOS, in concret in Skala Eressos on August. The place with nice beach and
very good restaurants (we love ADONIS) . We were in touch with JO and JOANNA of SAPPHO TRAVEL, they helped us to solve some problems with the lady who manages the ERESSOS PENSION . We enjoyed a lot the art shops, the aesthetic cafés, everything. The sea was very quiet, no boats in the horizon , the water very clean, the nice route to go to ERESSOS, the little  village and the white houses of ERESSOS with the colored doors. We spent all our 7 days without visit anymore places, just SIGRI, a very nice place too.
I send you my best gratitude to your important work for Greece in general (and Lesvos specially).
Kindest Regards,
Rosa Pujantell 

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