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Matt's Greece Travel Guide 4

Even Even More for Matt's Greece Travel Guide

I wanted to write and thank you for your reply sooner, but things got crazy
before my trip and now suddenly I'm back home!  I can't believe how quickly
the time passed.  You are right on with your advice about Poros.  It is a
beautiful place to stay - I enjoyed every minute.  After arriving in Athens
(the last three days of our trip) we ended up taking a day trip to Delphi -
something I wouldn't have missed for the world.  And I have got to tell you
- you don't mention (urge, insist on) a visit to Lycavettos hill -
especially at night.  It was worth every step up that hill to see the view.
It took your breath away.  Spectacular doesn't capture it.  I'm still
disappointed to have missed Meteora (by the way - I can't get that
pronunciation down - I keep wanting to say "meteor-a") and Rhodes, but that
just gives me a start for my next visit.  I can truly see why you love this
place!  Janice Coen
p.s. - I'm not sure if you mention the Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in your
pages.  I try to visit the HRCs when I travel, and this was a big
disappointment (the only one on the trip).  Apparently they aren't
associated with the "real" HRCs, and I felt a bit uncomfortable there and
in the neighborhood it was in.

Your site and your daughters really helped me n my Greece project, and test. So ... thanks for the great site and the A in social studies!


Mr. Barrett,

For our five-year wedding anniversary, my husband I
spent three weeks in Greece--most of the time on Levos
and have you and your website to thank for a wonderful

We stayed, when in Athens, at the Hotel Attalos and
were overwhelmed by the view. (Rooms were suitable for
our type of traveling--we spend very litle time in
hotel rooms.)

The island of Lesvos kept us busy for the entire time.
We did not get to Turkey as planned. The people were

October is the best time to travel.

Thank you and if you have anything on Italy, let us

Kirsten and Steve
California, USA

Cheers Matt,

We just got back from a lovely 8 days in Greece - taking in Athens, Mykonos, Naxos and the stunning Santorini.

Also grabbed two meals at Eden ... very good and we also stumbled across a lovely Chinese restuarant in Mykonos which served us veggies well.  The rest of the trip (food-wise) consisted of plenty of Greek Salalds and stuffed peppers/tomatoes (!)

Cheers for the advice and info on your web site :¬)
Rash and Anj

I stumbled across your website over the last couple of years
that I've dreamed of going to Greece and have enjoyed it immensely.  But
when I was pointed in your direction by Conde Nast a couple of months ago, I
really understood how you're respected for your knowledge of Greece and
common sense ways of imparting that knowledge.  I look forwarding to
devouring your entire website as I plan our trip this year.  This year we're
really going to go instead of just dream about it!


Have enjoyed spending a great deal of time on your site.  I have made a
penpal friend in Athens and am hoping to see him sometime next year.
Your site has some fantastic information and has been a great help so far.


We just returned from 2 weeks travelling in Greece and I wanted to thank
you so much for all the information you provide on your website. It
definitely enriched our trip a lot. We spent several days in Athens and
very much enjoyed the restaurants you recommended. As vegetarians, your
food list was also very helpful.
I would also recommend Palmiers Bistro (I know it sounds terrible) which
is very close to the Byzantine and War Museums beside the Divani Caravel
Hotel. It was inexpensive and you got to sit in a park and take a break
from the museums. For less than $10 we shared potatoes, a big "trad.
greek sandwhich" and a huge serving of spinach and cheese crepes.

We also travelled to Hersonissus in Crete (the relaxing on the beach
part of our vacation). We got really really sick of the poor quality
touristy eateries and went in search of something different. I know we
met a lot of people who felt the same way about the beach towns in
Crete. Restaurant recommendations might be useful as there are so many
that aren't that great...
Anyway, in case you want to include some in you guide I should tell you
about the one we found. Our home town has a huge Lebanese community and
we are definitely Lebanese food enthusiasts. I would really recommend
Ksara's Lebanese Restaurant for both the food, service, and atmosphere
(right beside McDonalds just off the main strip in Hersonissus).The food
was home-made and very fresh, the hummus was fantastic, and the falafels
were perfect.

Our itinerary included time on a small cruise ship and a stop in
Kusadasi, Turkey. We went to see Ephesus. This was incredible, one of
the most amazing ruins/archeological digs I've ever seen. It made a huge
impression on me. I will be recommending to anyone who will listen that
if they go to Greece they should include this if they can. In the area
there also seemed to be a lot of very nice beaches and resorts, and the
market in Kusadasi is a lot of fun, so it would be a good several day
type of stop. Foreign currencey goes a long way in Turkey right now too.

Other than Athens, which I loved, my favourite place was Santorini. The
new prehistoric museum in Thira is free and quite interesting. In Oia we
had an amazing meal while watching the sunset at at an elegant place
called Kastros right at the very tip of island near the windmill. It was
quite expensive but the pasta was incredibly good and the menu was
creative. We were there the first week of Oct. and the sunset was
straight out to sea from where we were sitting. I have a friend who
proposed to his fiancee in Santorini, and if it wasn't at that
restaurant while the sun was setting, it should have been.

Anyway, I'm sure you get tons of mail like this, so I'm sorry for going
on and on.
Thanks again for all the great info,
Laura Hadden
Ottawa, Canada



Thank you very much for your kind advice and great help.

I like your website a lot. Although I haven't been Greece, I believe I have known there well with your detailed and comprehensive introduction. So you are really doing all the travellers a great favor. Good work.

Wish your an always happy life in Greece.

Leidi from China

Hi, Matt,

My name is Bill Miller from Richmond VA.  I just wanted to tell you how
much I have been enjoying your Greece Travel web site over the past month.
My girlfriend/fiance, her two teenagers and I are planning a three week
visit to Greece next year.  Maria is first-generation Greek and
speaks/reads greek fairly well and she has been to Greece 3 times over the
past 30 years.  This will be my first trip to Greece although she and I
went to Europe for three weeks last year.

All the work you have put into your web site is amazing.  It really allows
a person interested in visiting Athens and the islands an opportunity to
make some detailed plans.  I have been going through the site during my
lunch hour for the past few weeks and am getting a good education about the
country and places of interest.  We will use your suggestions to contact
local travel agents to arrange day tours and other trips while we are

Regarding the 2004 Olympics, what do you think about going to Athens in
late June - early July?  She works in the school system and can not get off
before then.  We do not wish to have our trip impacted by the Olympic
traffic and are even considering postponing the trip to 2005.  Do you think
our timing is ok?

Thank you,

- Bill

I enjoyed reading about your trip to Pelion. I was married on a boat off of Chorefto this summer.  My husband is a native Zagorian.  We are currently working on a documentary about the region.  Zagora is truly an amazing and magical place.  For future reference, that's the place to go when you are looking for the truly Greek experience.  Very little English is spoken. As you know, few tourists stop.  The people are wonderful, hardworking, and family oriented.  During my time there, I went to 2 weddings, a christening, several village festivals and dances.  There is an entire calendar of cultural events for the area available at the tourism office.
I just wanted to give you a shout from another Greece fan.
Cheli Clayton Samaras 

Your webb site is addictive! The information is amazing - the photos wonderful - thank you!!
I keep finding new things - I have spent hours browsing
my daughter and her partner are travelling to Greece in May
I have sent the info on to her as well
Now I just want to come to Greece too as soon as possible
I dont usually do this but I just had to let you know how impressed I am.

Noeline Halstead

Hello Matt,

I am sitting here back at my job in Canada reflecting upon the two and a half glorious weeks I have just spent in Greece. I just had to email you to let you know how useful we found your website(s) throughout our travels. I find it interesting now, reading what you have written, with a greater understanding of what you mean. Your writing is much more truthful than what we found in the Lonely Planet or Let's Go guides. My first impressions of Athens were just as you describe, busy noisy and dirty. However we patiently made our way to the Adonis hotel and found refuge from a 10-hour flight there. Where possible, we used the businesses you list, and found them to be just as advertised.

We chose our islands based on your website, and do not regret it a bit. Naxos does not seem to be in very many brochures or anything, but if-and-when we ever go back, we will certainly return to Naxos. The combination of relative solitude and interesting sites we found there, made us stay much longer than we expected. 6 days in total.

We hope to return to Greece within a few years, and would love to see (among other things) Lesvos and Rhodes. I will continue to monitor your site in the future, dreaming of the day I will fly back.

Erik Nickel
Regina, Saskatchewan

Dear Matt,
        My wife and I just got back Saturday night from Greece and I wanted to thank you so much for all your excellent advice and information.  We had the most unbelievable time over there and we can't get back soon enough.  We want to move!!!!!!!   (If you have any tips on moving to Greece, let me know......)

        Just a little bit of what we did:  We booked what we wanted to reserve thru Kassiani at Dolphin Hellas.  She had everything waiting for us at the Hotel Attalos and all our reservations were perfect.

        We didn't spend near enough time in Athens, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to leave Naxos. We LOVE Naxos!!!!!  We stayed at the Alkyoni Hotel and it was beautiful and friendly and absolutely perfect.  We couldn't recommend this place more.  Stamatis and Susanna run the place and they were wonderful. Susanna gave us big hugs and kisses when we left.  We actually stayed there for 4 days, went to Santorini for 2 days, then went back to Naxos for 2 more days.  Santorini is beautiful, but just doesn't have the charm and the simple beauty of Naxos.

        I could go on and on about why we loved Naxos so much, but one thing I will tell you about is a place called Katarina's Restaurant in Chora.  A guy named Michael is the cook, waiter, bartender, comedian, you name it.  His grill is right next to the dutch doors and I think everyone in Naxos must know the guy, because nobody who drove or walked by at the busy intersection passed without saying hello to him as he cooked.  And man can the guy cook!   Huge dinner with salad, drinks, dessert......about 6000 drachmas!!  I recommend his place!

        We did plenty of other things you recommended on your website, but I won't list them all.  We did NOT however, try a frappouzo...... sorry, just couldn't do it.  We DID try Raki......  I think I can still taste it too!! ouch!

Congratulations on your superb website.  We definitely spent more time reading your website than we did in Greece, but it definitely helped make our trip the best we've ever had.

Thank you sincerely,
Sean Wallace
Boston Mass

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to thank you for the advise on the compact travel coffee machine.  I picked one up here in Canada this week.  My husband will enjoy our second trip to Greece even more now that he can have his early hit of cafeine.  We are going to Lesvos and Chios in 2002.  Thanks again as usual.


We went to Greece on Sept 23, 2001 and had a wonderful time....found few tourists and an almost empty Santorini...can you believe that!? We felt safe.
Question for next you think it would be just as safe adding Turkey coastal towns into a return visit? I realize you are not the State Department, just want your gut feeling.  Additionally, how in general, have the Turks viewed Americans, assuming you have traveled there.
Thanks for a super trip....and we did go to the jewelry shop in Athens where your wife buys jewelry/gold Laura is a great sales gal....we bent some plastic there!

When You Wish Upon A Star:
I Can Make Your Home Dreams Come True
Lynn Tobin 

Hello Matt.

Thank you for some great laughs!  I visited Greece in May of this year and you brought a smile to my face!  Greece was wonderful and I am looking very forward to visiting again!
Karen Sheppard


I have to say thanks for all the insight into Greece you have given me over the past year.

Not only did I plan my trip, stay in your hotels, use George the taxi driver and his friend Yannis, find a hospital when I broke my arm on Naxos, and get a travel agent in Athens to help get us home after that, but now I find that after months of recuperation my craving for Greek food can be satisfied by the page I just found.

You are truly amazing. Thanks for all the insight and great info. I look forward to planning my 7th trip back there as soon as I can squirrel away a few bucks and convince my family it all for the good of my mental health. Keep up the great work!

Janet Gregory


Thanks Matt!  You were a tremendous help!

Emily Walter
Royal Olympic Voyager

This is the best website I've ever seen!!! It absolutely makes me want to go to Greece, and is so conversationally presented that it is fun to read just for itself!!! Good job.

Matt -

I just want to compliment you on a GREAT web site!  I was sloshing around at
lunch and found it.  Wonderful information that will be very helpful to
me/us as my group plans its visit to Greece in May 2002.  I especially like
the recommendations on the islands.   Thanks again for sharing information
you truly feel good about!
John Nash, Director of Public Relations
Society for Technical Communication

Kalispera sas,
We are so looking forward to our visit in Athens!  Kelly says we will all meet and have dinner together!  We certainly hope that happens.  Dorian and Tom have been such friends to our daughter.  I have been studying my survival Greek, and now I am hooked and want to learn more!! I am fluent in Spanish and love languages.  To be fluent in Greek would be a dream!
thank you so much again, Matt, for your websites and your advise in so many have helped my family considerably and we are so grateful.  you provide an incredible service.  I'm sure you know that!
See you soon!
Kristen and Jon Richetti

Matt, Its been two years since we traveled to Greece but thanks to the information on your web site, it was wonderful. Thank you. We had Fodder's and DK guide books, but found ourselves going back to the info you provided most frequently/reliable.

Well, it's time for our next big trip. Unfortunately we will not be returning to Greece (just yet). Instead we are going to New Zealand/Australia for a few weeks and hoped you might prove helpful once more. I don't remember you having any information regarding those countries but thought you might be able to suggest a peer/guide that would suit our needs.

Thanks in advance.

P. S.- Have since pointed numerous people to your site. Keep up the great work or better yet start one on Australia!

Hello Matt,

I was looking around the Internet for Websites of Personal Tour Guides and I came across yours. I wrote to say that it is a fantastic and very complete and informative site. I am looking foward to beginning a second job interest as an Independent Personal Tour Guide here on our Paradise Island of Guam. I am very excited and saw how you just about sold me into taking one of your very enticing offers of Greece. I've never been to the European continent, although I have traveled extensively elsewhere. I plan to visit Rome, Italy next year and might just do one of your 10 day cruise to Greece.

Well thank you and please know you caught my interest on such a wonderful Website.

Si Yu'os Ma'ase (Thank you)

Melia Sablan-Torres

Guam Island, USA



I have wanted to visit Greece all my life and have just begun to plan a trip for myself and a group of friends. I will gladly refer your site.

Hello - I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful web site. I spent six months in Greece in the late sixties and loved every minute of it. I have not been able to go back since but it is hat the top of my wish list and I have just spent several hours on your site remembering why I loved it so much. I live in Vancouver, Canada and was delighted to read about one of the hotel owners on Lesvos from here. Maybe next year . . . Thanks! Carol

Hello Mr. Barrett:

First of all let me say how much I love your site (and your daughter's). Since discovering it I think I have visited it at least once a day and have found it an invaluable resource for planning my trip to Greece. Your site is so informative yet very fun to read. I've recommended it to everyone I know. My brother (9 years old) loves and is so enthralled with Greek mythology that he has decided to save all his money so he can go to Greece in 2-3 years thanks to your daughter for the inspiration.

Anyways I just wanted to tell you how much your site is helping me. My boyfriend and I will be traveling to Athens this December from 12/25 to 12/31 and we have decided to stay in the Attalos Hotel. When do you advise we book flights and hotel? Also, how does one book the Attalos Hotel... do they have a website? email?

Thanks again!

Lindsay Milbrandt
Associate Administrative Specialist


Hi, I'm from England, and have found your website an essential pre-visit

I have used the travel agents recommended, and Esther @ Dolphin Hellas has
been superb.

I hav booked into the Attalos, as it looks inexpensively interesting.

Many thanks, I leave tonight for Athens, and I feel that I will be able to
get so much more out of my visit due to your website.

Niall Ferguson

Mobile 07879 662594

Hi Matt! I just wanted to thank you for the information you gave me
before my trip to Greece. I've arrived safely back in the states without
any unusual airline incidents. I found the people in Greece to be very
friendly, especially when they wanted you to buy something. : ) I've never
been kissed on the cheeks by so many strangers in my life. I ended up doing
the day tour to Poros, Aegina, and Hydra. It was fabulous. I'll definitely
be coming back sometime in the future to see the other islands. Thanks


Hello Mat, I used your web site this last year and have nothing but the highest praise for all the good info you have worked so hard to put into it.
I recommend your site to everyone that I know going to Greece, especially the Swift car rental company, Elias was just wonderful to us.
I will be retiring in a few years and would like to know if you have done any research on the cost of living in Greece as compared with the USA, or know of another web site that addresses this sort of thing.
Thank you for all your good advice, and I do plan on returning to Greece and Turkey again. Best regards, Carroll Schroeder Portland, Oregon

Hi just to say that I have really appreciated your site...we are organising our stay in Greece via your info!!
It is wonderful, you have converted me to using the Net in this manner!
However your site is really detailed and quite brilliant! I visited another site by large company and they just did not compare.

hi matt,
Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your
site, how informative and interesting it is! I've been
to Greece a few times (I live in Israel) and it was a
pleasure looking through your site and rediscovering
my favorite spots...
Great work!

Hi Matt,
I just wanted to thank you for the great site you created on Greece !
I went to Athens on September 2001 and to Attalos you recommended warmly.
Very nice roof garden view and genuine lovely atmosphere of Monastiraki.
Going back on 10th March : this time to Adonis if we find a room through
Fantasy Travel.
I've printed most of your files and it's ever so precious to read for clues.
I'm learning greek myself and I love Greece. Welcome on board this common
Thks again.
Will comment of my future trip should you be interested to have my feedback.
Best regards,

Dear Matt,

First, I want to thank you for creating a great website. As a frequent
traveler to the Greek Islands (and as a fellow Ios-lover who is now too old
to party all night) I know enough to know that the information you provide
is valuable and accurate. For me, spending time at your site is like a
mini-vacation. As I browse, my own memories are rekindled and images of
warm sands and blue waters get me through New York winters.

I do have two questions: This June, my wife and I will be returning to the
Islands . We will spend some time in the Cyclades (yes, including Ios) and
then I want to see Lesvos, in part, because of your recommendation. From
there, we want to see a bit of the Turkish coast and then a few days in
Istanbul. Here are my questions:
1. Is there a way to get directly from the Cyclades to Lesvos by ferry?
2. I understand there is a ferry from Lesvos to Aivali, Turkey. Is this a
sensible way to get to Turkey or would we be better off traveling through
Samos or Chios?

If you can answer these questions (or recommend someone who can) I would be
very appreciative. (Feel free to use any of my comments on your web site.)


Ed Wachtel

Dear Matt, I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave us in planning our trip.

I would of loved to of said Hi personally when you were at Attallos.

We loved Greece so much we definitely plan on going back to see that which we didn't see. We got snowed out of Delphi. We want to go to Myconos, Corinth, Santorini and back to Crete.

We had quite an itinerary, no thanks to any travel agency that kept telling us we couldn't do this or that. If only we had known that Kalambaka was minutes from the monastaries and only 15 minutes to Trikala for a bus to almost anywhere. It wasn't because we didn't ask! Every map we looked at stateside was not definitive in that area., so we never could finish creating an itinerary until we got there.

That said, Dolphin was awesome. Never did find a good agency out of Thessolaniki. We stayed at a fancy hotel, only because they were planning a party for New Years that got canceled because of the weather, so we had to stay anyway.

The Hotel called us a taxi at our request take us around Thessolaniki. We asked for a driver that spoke a little English, but he didn't. It was frustrating because he was very, very nice and he tried very hard to show us around.

We did have an awesome driver who spoke English in Athens and Crete. We took a ferry to Crete, I think to iraclion, then took a slow taxi to Chiana. (Excuse my spelling).

Toss in Rhodes and Corfu and we did have an awesome time.

Maybe we will see you next year or sooner.

Thanks again, Pauline Moore and Edward Rasmussen

Hi Matt Barrett,

How do you know now that I visited your travel pages? In fact I have visited them almost every second day since I found them one year ago. It's my bible when it comes to Greece and especially Athens. I find them extremely useful and well organized.

I use to travel to Georgioupolis in Crete every summer - the last 12 years. The place has changed a lot, but still it has some of the charme of the first visit. I stay for 6 weeks or more. It's my second home!

I also like Nafplion very much. I was there in the spring of 2001 - and plan a trip there from 2nd to 9th May this year. In the Greek Easter. I do think Nafplion and also Athens are comparatively expensive now.

I am very fond of Athens too. Once I spent the Christmas there, alone. It was just wonderful and like a Norwegian summer.

So how did you discover my visit to your pages - the pages that I appreciate very very much.

Many greetings from
Oslo and Anne-Marie

Hi Matt. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your web page. It has been most helpful! I've chosen a hotel in Athens ( Hotel Attalos) and I'm just waiting to hear from Sappho Travel about my choice for Lesvos ( Vatera Beach). I'm going to continue to use your page for my travels in Greece, it will be nice not to have lug around Lonely Planet for Greece. Thanks so much!

Colleen Flanagan

Dear Matt,

I really loved your site. I had less than a week to put together a self
planned holiday in Greece and your site made it possible and gave my so
much more enjoyment for my tourist dollar. Thank you so much for all
your wonderful advice.

I have just returned after the most fantastic two weeks where I managed
to fit in many of the first time things everyone wants to do when they
go to Greece, sites, islands, visits to friends etc.

I booked through Dolphin Hellas Travel as you suggested and loved your
hotel suggestions.
The Attolos in Athens was very well located and the management helpful.
The Nissaki in Naxos had a lovely position on the beach and yes I did
take your advice and hire the car.
The day trip around the island was wonderful. I managed not to hit any
stray donkeys, sheep, goats, ducks etc so life was feeling great.

The temperatures were 20-22C maximum each day and beautiful sun and I
really enjoyed having the place to myself. Particularly Santorini where
your recommendation about the Loucas was great. I am not sure I would
want to stay there in mid season as I think it would be a little noisy
but the view was fantastic.

One day I feel sure I will return but in the meantime thank you so much
for all your efforts and I will recommending it to others at my own
homepage (probably by march 20th I will
have the greece trip up with photos!)

Many thanks from a happy traveller,

Robyn Grosvenor
(An Australian living in Vienna in case you are wondering)

Dear Matt,

I am an events organiser from London and have been trawling the net for
info on Athens. I cam across your site and just had to email you with my
thanks for a really excellent website. I laughed and laughed and learned
all at the same time.
Keep up the good work!

yours sincerely,

141 London


I wanted to thank you for the invaluable information you provide on your web site. My husband and I visited Greece for the first time last Sept./Oct. of 2000.

I mean't to e-mail and thank you long before this. What reminded me of how useful your web site was, is a web site I found for Italy which is our next destination this Sept./Oct. The site is not as extensive as yours on Greece, but it is helpful. It reminded me of how I read everything that pertained to our trip to Greece on your site. We used your recommendations for hotels, and restaurants. We stayed at the Hotel Attalos in Athens and were most pleased. In addition, it was all the 'other' information that you provide that was so invaluable in understanding Greek culture. The information on food, dining, shopping, and general information and your experiences on the islands that was very much appreciated.

I am a little late in forwarding my thanks, but it is no less sincere. Thank you Matt.

Joyce Davis

Kali Mera!
Yasu Tee Knees?
I think Greece is very interesting.
In my school, we have Cultural Studies week every year where we pick a country. This year it is Greece!! They decorate the whole school to look like Greece and we get to do workshops including tasting workshops and language workshops. This is where I learned all these words. Efharisto for making all these websites! Your daughter's website I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot from it.

I just wanted to thank you very much for the information that you have sent
to me. To let you know my project was a great success, and the information i
recieved was just in time to make it a master piece!!!

Thanks alot


Sal Rietta

What a terrific website. I lived in Kifissia for five years and wrote for the now no longer Athens Daily Post in the late sixties, at the same time being a "Stringer" for I.T.N. in the U.K This year I am off to Lesvos for the Greek Easter. I try to go each year to a different it's Retsina and Ouzo and Red eggs and candle light processions through the villages.

Peter Marland

Hi Matt
Just Writting to say thanks for your help and your great site, if you remember I asked about Asthma and Athens as I was concerned about the climb to the Acropolise.
Just to let you Know I had a great holiday in Athens, and some great meals at Spiroses although never got to meet him and promote yourself to be put on his wall.
Since my return I have been telling everyone about your site, that is thinking of going to Greece.
I am now on Virtualtourist and tell all the travelers on there to go to your site as what you don't know isn't worth knowing.
Any way Thanks you really did help make my Holiday Great.
Sally (Linky_Pinky)

Dear matt barratt,
just looking at the first page of your web sight
(which i came upon quite by mistake!) i could tell it looked good! you
are very clever!
Jessice Phenna ( age 12)

Wow!!! Did we screw up!!!
I wish we had found your site before agreeing(and paying!)
with friends to go on a tour to Greece and Turkey with uhhhhh......"Grand Circle."
You offer the most informative and interesting information of any literature.....or site that we have seen....Greece or wherever!!!!
Thanks for all of your effort in putting together this fantastic
information package!!!
Sorry we couldn't book with some of your references..they really sound like fun!!!
Next time!!!!
Best regards,

Comment: I have enjoyed all your pages on each area of Greece. You do a fantastic job in all respects. I am a language teacher who works to subsidize my annual trips to Greece! I lived and worked in Greece beginning in l964, and I cannot stay away. I will attend the Durrell School in Corfu from June 1-7 and was looking for a new way to Kardamili in the Mani(to which I return each year), so I considered Patras/Kalavrita/and southwards. Your Kalavrita page has just decided me to do so. It is wonderful. Thanks again for your sites. I stay in close touch with them. I'll let you know how everything goes. Gerry Bailey

Hallo Matt,

There must be a mistake with this e-mail. I got your reply with all the answers, thanks again.

Anyway, I planned to write You today, because I got back from my Greece trip yesterday. It was definitely the very best trip I´ve ever had and my boyfriend, who has travelled a lot more, feels the same. We followed a lot of your suggestions` and had a great time. Thanks again for your advice, You helped to make our trip fantastic. We already think about going back to visit islands and Thessaloniki too.

Best Wishes


PS By the way, we happened to stay at a very nice hotel in Nafpaktos - Hion hotel. It had a magnificent view and very nice room with a balcony, there was also very quiet. And I could not believe that the price was only 38 EURO for double room.

Hi Matt,

Just a note to thank you for all the love and quality time you've
obviously put into the funny, informative, honest, usable, totally
excellent,,, and - they're just what I should have found a week
ago - we leave for Athens Monday 29...

I'm going to print up Spearfishing in Skatahori to read while we're
(me, the concubine and two daughters) exploring the Cyclades, so
if you're in the Plaka or on a boat and you hear someone laughing
out loud over a crumpled handful of bound A4 (or, come to that,
playing some soprano sax) then come over and say "I'm Matt,
you're Ralph and I claim my drink"!

Thanks again,

Ralph de Rijke

Hi Matt,

Wow, that was a fast reply. Pleased to meet you!

I'll definitely get back to you about Skatahori. Your site says
almost as much about you as it does about the people and things
you describe, but something tells me I'm going to be even more
absorbed by your own story.

Matt, I think it's great that you put so much energy into your sites
when you're up against giants like Rough Guide and Lonely Planet.
Because your work's far better. It's more personable, up to date
and accurate. More to the point, you love Greece and it really
shows. This is what the internet does best! So rock on!

Yeah, we'll be back home in drizzly Amsterdam by 24 May - but I'd
love to offer you hospitality any time you feel like visiting Sin City.
I'm sure there's loads of ways I could make your stay a success,
so don't hesitate to get in touch!



Hi Matt,

My husband and I are Canadians and we are going to Greece at the end of
the month, we have planned this trip together through internet sites
for three months now. We have about a hundred "favorite" sites on
Greece since we have begun to look to plan our trip and today... I found
yours! And let me tell you that is THE ONE I find the most practical
and informative (even more than the official greece sites!). This is
down to earth, it reaches us as simple tourists that are a little scared
by the "unknown" , what I think is normal. I plan to get through your
site inch by inch this week end and we will write you back as we return
mid-june for our comments.

Thanks for your great work and have a nice day!

Line Lalonde & Georges Harvey
Montreal, Canada

Hi, how are you? We hope all is still fine with you. Your site just gets better and better!
While you might not remember us, based on your recommendation, my wife and I tried Lesvos two years ago and using your information as our road map, we had an ABSOLUTELY delightful time visiting there and Naxos (Thank you again!!).
This was my wife's fourth and my fifth trip to Greece (we've seen several of the more common islands - Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Kefalonia, Corfu, Mainland Greece, etc.) and we are very focused on Sifnos and Skopelos for our late August / early September trip this year (sounds OK I trust... "Matt's favorite island for 20 years..." - Loved your stories!).
I contacted Dolphin Hellas travel and they can help me on Sifnos / Athens piece of the trip but can't help with Skopelos. Is there any agency (we already have the frequent flyer overseas tix from USA) that you might suggest that can help me wrap it all up with one coordinator for the whole trip?

Philip and Holly Passantino
Clifton Park, NY USA

I just wanted to say "thank you very much",

Your site is very thorough and helpful. I am traveling to Greece from Montreal, Quebec, Canada this weekend and need a 'quick summary' of where to go and what to see. Your site is perfect!

The personal touch of your web site is much appreciated when compared to the big sites like Lonely Planet.

Thanks again,


i have found your website from a link off your daughters website and wanted you to know this is absolutely fantastic they are both very easy to use and a joy to read thank you both very much i am a fan and you are now on my favourites list


Dear Matt Barrett,

I´m going to Greece on July with my husband and friends, and I have had little
troubles of finding good information. And then I found your website, and it´s
definitely fantastic! There is just about every information a tourist needs.

I want to thank you very much of doing so great work.

I live in Finland and it´s been difficult to get decent information. Finns
travel to Greece a lot, but most of the people take straight flight to some
island via travel agency, and the travel agencies don´t have many tips for
backpackers like us.

Best wishes,

Dear Matt,

I wanted to say thanks for your fabulous sites. To show what a cynic I (and probably many others are), I kept waiting for a hook, the place where your interests would finally appear. What's in this for this guy? But I think I've browsed pretty much the whole thing and have come to believe that you are just doing something you love and offering to share this love with anyone interested. What a novel concept! This is what I had imagined the internet could be but then, before I became a cynic, I used to be an idealist.

I came upon your info doing some reseach on travelling to Greece. My partner Barbara and I are thinking about a trip there this summer. Neither of us has been there but it is at the top of our list of places to visit and experience. I would like to combine it with a short visit to Israel to see my favorite aunt whose heath is not very good. It seems somewhat urgent to me to do this because, my Dad, her youngest brother, died this past year in Nov. and I don't know if I should leave seeing her much longer.

Anyway, your site has been a little like chatting with a friend and that has been a pleasure and has given some shape to all the options. We are in our early 50's and are living in Toronto. I'd love to receive your newsletter and any other info that you think might be useful that is not in your site. Thanks for your kindness in sharing this passion.


Hi! I've just seen your site on Paros and wanted to tell you what a hoot it is! I recently returned to the U.S. after living on Paros for 10 years (17 in Greece) and thought your insights and information were, not only accurate, but realistically humorous, as well. I went from page to page howling with laughter. You have really captured the flavor and, sometimes, craziness of this island, in your writings. It was so REFRESHING--the best travel guide I ever read!!! Thanks for the memories... Sas afino, Sigi.

Just wanted to say I found your website very useful. I just got back from a
three week vacation in Greece. I had the opportunity to visit Corfu,
Santorini, Ios and Mykanos. Must say they were all beautiful although
Mykanos was my favorite. The information your website had provided me came
in very handy. Thanks for the pointers and useful tips!
Krista O'Shell


My fiancee and I are going to Greece in 2 weeks. We printed almost a ream
of paper from your web site. You have better information than any book or
web site around. We typically use Rick Steve's travel books, but he has
nothing for Greece. I just e-mailed him and said he should hire you to
write the book on Greece. I also posted your web site on their web
site. They have a place where you can recommend travel books since Rick
Steve's doesn't have one.

Thanks for all your help!!! We'll let you know how it turns out. We're
spending 4 days each in Athens, Santorini, and Sifnos.

Thanks again!
Dave and Lydia

I must admit, I feel as though I know you. The photo's are great, and your sense of humor adds to each and every one. I have a friend in Greece as I type, and I was curious as to what he is doing and learning about each day. Everything has been so helpful! Thank You!

Finally. I have been bouncing about the internet for like a year and still have a million questions about this 'trip' I am going to take to Greece.
Your site is sooooo user friendly and thorough and I wish you traveled to the rest of the world and put up sites because consulting you before planning is not like planning at all.
I'd love to put you in my pocket when I travel, but this will do.
Anyone I know who thinks about Greece or is planning to go at some point- I will refer to your expertise. Thanks for being there right when I was at my wits end about this glorious place.
Laurie Searle

We just returned from a vacation to England. On the flight back to
SF, the couple next to us showed us their digital photos of their trip to
Greece and we immediately knew our next vacation will be to Greece. Knowing
absolutely NOTHING about Greece, I went on the Net planning to have spend
hours just finding informative sites. Yours was the first to come up and I
found it's the only one I need.

It's the most comprehensive, well-organized and entertainingly
written travel site I've ever seen. I'm so impressed! Are you just a guy
that has traveled to Greece a lot? Anyway, thanks, you've made my job a
lot easier!

Thank you so much for your website. I know how time consuming it is to do web pages like yours so I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks.

I am visiting Greece with a group of 17 friends from August 1-August 13 and have found your website very practical and helpful. This trip is pretty well planned, but your sites make me want to just go and explore.

Thanks again.

Tina Powell
District Data Technician
Information Systems Dept.
Antelope Valley Union High School District

Hi Matt – we have "spoken" before via e-mail, a couple of years ago, and on your recommendation we travelled to Lesvos and had the most incredible holiday.
I just wanted to say that your information on Greece is the best on the internet, and if ever I have the time and the inclination to lose myself in the atmosphere of Greece, I just need to go to your website. It is so obvious that you love the country, and your site is so evocative. Keep it up – and a big thank you again from a grateful Grecophile.

Dear Matt,

Just had to email you to say your site is one of the best I have ever seen. Congratulations on a splendid job!

Have been to Greece previously and am thinking of heading overthere in summer 2003-- have found your portal very helpful.

Best wishes,


Hi Matt,
Yes, we found ATMs all over; however, I couldn't get most of them to work with my Wells Fargo bank card. Only EuroBank would work. It was no problem since my boyfriends' Bank of America ATM card worked just fine. Thought you might want to know in case others ask.

We LOVED Greece. Part of our great experience came from your recommendations. The rest of the time we were on a Trafalgar tour.

We stayed at Hotel Armonia ... I love the Astir Beach and the cafe, "Oceanis."

We also ate at the Plaka Restaurant. It was a great deal... three courses for only $8!

Thanks again!

hi there matt,

hope you remember me, solita from columbus ohio. returned wednesday from greece and semi soft depression has set in! does that ever happen to you upon return?! im keeping my mind from sinking to deeply by researching ways to get us back there for an extended period.

we were in athens for a few days upon arrival and ate at my favorite little restaurant in plaka byzantio. ive been eating there for years and was a little saddened when it changed ownership. i know you think its as good if not better, im still not convinced, but its still my favorite in that area. said hi to thanassi and told him that he is mentioned on your site. ive known him for years, from the time he and his brother were both waiters at the restaraunt. he informed me his bro is ill with cancer and undergoing treatment with a questionable outcome. i was sorry to hear that.

doug and i then ferried to mykonos where we had a great time and stayed with old freinds. the island was just busy enough, no tourist overload. a few new places have popped up and a few old ones have dissapeared. i hate all the changes to my sweet island but its still a good time and relaxation is to be found. also took doug to delos, which never dissapoints. i hadnt been there in 18 years and enjoyed it immensely again. i wasnt going to go with him since id been already, but he insisted and im glad i went. awesome

we then went on to santorini, hadnt been there in 14 years. lots of changes. not all good. we stayed in perrissa beach which is almost unrecognizable. found a very cute little hotel there with a pool and just a stone throw from the beach. owned by a lovely and generous couple. prices were reasonable and exceptionally clean. let me know if youre interested in the name etc. we found a great beach bar our first night and stopped by there each evening after 12. they usually had a big bonfire on the beach each night which made me feel like it was the 70's. very cool, laid back. oia and fira of course were still beautiful, im not crazy about fira tho, way to many touristy places. oia was gorgeous as usual. a big let down was what has happened at akrotiri. hardly worth going to. dissapointing since i loved it years ago.

i wanted to go to sifnos, both you and a good freind recommended the island and i was going to stay at the hotel you suggested, unfortunately, the ferry boats and our schedule didnt jive, so we ended up going to paros. id been there years ago for a day and thought it was ok...we had a great time there, even tho i was bummed about not going to sifnos. doug and i really developed a fondness for the island and the people. even looked into buying property there. seemed relatively affordable. we shall see. i want to visit more islands before i make up my mind on which one to live on. we found a great little mexican restaurant in old town paroikia. a young guy whos grandparents were greek, went there and opened up a place, very tiny, the beginning of june. seems to be doing well and hoping to open up a place in crete too if all goes well. after weeks of just greek food, we were happy to have a different flavour! also found an excellent japanese restaurant in town too. run by a japanese guy who has lived on the island for 20 years and married a greek woman. the greek woman is long gone, but they had a daughter, who was our waitress who is a gorgeous combination of the two cultures. the food was exceptional.

this was dougs first time in greece as i mentioned, and im happy to report that he totally got it. loved it, felt at home, got into the groove and is looking into how he can continue to there what he does here which is carpentry, custom carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc. he has "chrissa heria". owned a contracting company here for 25 years until he had a heart attack and then he closed down the business and started freelancing. i think he could do well in greece once established. we heard a story from one couple that bought an old farmhouse there. they are restoring the place and go to paros twice a year for 6 weeks. they had a carpenter working on the house and commissioned him to replace three windows, on their return 5 months later, they still hadnt been done! typical! so doug may be just whats needed! if he doesnt catch greek time fever!!

well, ill end now, hate to talk your ear off. hope you and your family are doing well.

missing greece and hating ohio!

Thanks so much! I've just spent my entire week-end off mesmerized by
your web...My bag will be 'way overweight with just the printouts -
I feel I'm there already....Really - I'll be looking for "familiar faces"
and shouting "ah-ha! I know you - from Matts web!" Now I just have to
wait 'til Nov - meeting my "honey" who is coming from Kosovo - UN
We are staying at the Attalos ( thanks to your input). I've got him
hooked on your webb and the picture of fresh veggies are driving him
nuts! In Kosovo, you can get spinich, if you beat the wild pigs to it!
Thanks again! I'm not thru.....gotta' go put my computer eyeballs back
on your web!
PA - Vista CA

HI Matt:

Friends who had used your incredible site a few years ago recommended we use it to plan our Greek honeymoon. With the wealth of information you offer, we were able to book our own trip, start to finish. With your help, we avoided tourist spots, stayed in great hotels, ate extremely well, and found we loved each stop more than the last.

We landed in Athens, and had a 2-day stay in the Plaka. Almost immediately, we realized you were there with us - we we kept talking about how "Matt says this is a great place to check out", "Matt says the ouzo here is especially good", "Matt says this is the restaurant to try". It was as though we had a friend on the trip with us. Your tips were SO on target! Following them, trying to find the hidden little places you recommended was lots of fun. Byzantium jewelry knocked our socks off. What skillful beautiful designs - like stepping into a museum. We've enjoyed using the sea sponges we brought home in luxiourious baths - a small piece of Greece we brought into our home... Our climb up to the Accropolis followed your suggested route, and opened up vistas we couldn't begin to anticipate. On your recommendation, we found the First Cemetary - an oasis of calm in a noisy, busy city, filled with glorious marble statuary and greenest vegetation. Brettos was great - the "best ouzo in the world", and the only ouzo we were served straight from the cask. Staying in the Adonis Hotel in the pedestrian zone of the Plaka gave us a series of quiet peaceful nights of sleep, and let us start each day on the rooftop terrace breakfasting with a view of the Accropolis. We certainly knew we were far from home, and in an exciting new place.

Our next stop, in the town of Akrotiri, on the island of Santorini was incredible. The Villa Matthios Hotel was spectacular - we did a dance of joy when shown our immaculate new room. What a romantic setting! Our loft bedroom, under the traditional round roof, was an oasis with a view. The blue shutters opened onto the hot pink bouganvillia blossoms, and peeked over the blue water of the pool. We started each day on our little balcony, with a view over the bountiful gardens, the wine fields and hills and onto the ocean. We were so happy we didn't stay in crowded Fira or Oia. Instead, we heard roosters and birdsong, the ocean breeze, churchbells and the sound of peace. The Family Matthios knows how to run a hotel, and gives their guests everything they could ever need. A complete updating of the hotel and all its facilities has created a gleaming, friendly, professionally run, but relaxed place to stay. Wonderful food and drink, live musical enterainment, Mama's cooking, homemade wine, fish caught across the street in the ocean, a travel agency and gift shop, car and scooter rentals...we didn't want to leave!

We "scootered" our way around the rest of the island, seeing: Ancient Akrotiri, all 5 fortresses, the Red Beach, Caldera Beach, Perissa and The Forum (where we had the best meal on the island), Pyrgos, Fira, Oia, and lots of little stops in between. We found a spot near the tippy-tip of Oia to view the sunset, and on our nighttime ride back to Akrotiri, stopped to admire the Milky Way. The sun was hot, the weather clear, and the caldera something not to be forgotten. We hope to return one day, and will aim straight for the Villa Matthios.

Our next stop: Molyvos on Lesvos, at the Hotel Sunrise. Our arrival on Lesvos was in the early evening, in the rain, with a missing suitcase. Not an auspicious beginning, but we kept our spirits up during the 1 1/2 hour ride on the steep and winding roads to Molyvos. Checked in late, had a quick bite, and went to bed, somewhat deflated. Imagine our surprise when we stepped onto our balcony in the morning, to view the mountain, the olive groves, and the gleaming ocean! While not as dramatic as the arid cliffs of Santorini, we came to love this island best of all. The hills and mountains, winding roads, wide assortment of vegetation, fruits and vegetables, goats, donkeys, roosters and cats, and the architecture combined to create a very dramatic place to explore. The people on the island were very friendly and relaxed, and the staff at the Hotel Sunrise was extremely accomodating. We made a friend in Nicco, the chef. His tips coincided with yours, and sent us winging to the fishing village of Skala Sikaminias - a beautiful trip to make on scooter. We visited the Hot Springs of Erressos more than once - we had to go back on the morning of our last day for another Roman style hot bath and soak in the ocean. The food and wine on Lesvos was the best of the entire trip. Our favorite spot was right in the harbor of Molyvos - Restaurant Onar. Traditional style Greek food, freshest of fresh seafood, friendly service. All while sitting at the edge of the water, by the bobbing boats. On our late night departure from Molyvos, we watched the full moon shining onto the ocean water, as the town disappeared and reappeared from the winding mountain road. What a dream!

Although we have long dreamt of visiting Greece, and expected beauty, the details of the history, the food and the warmth of the people surpassed our wildest expectations. We loved it, and hope to return. Matt, thanks for all your effort in creating your incredible site. Without your input, we might have experienced a very different Greece.

THE ONLY NEAGTIVE we experienced was the Avra Hotel in Athens, on our last night. Your site recommends it as close to the airport and by the sea. It's close to the OLD airport in Paleo Faliro, and cost quite a bit of time and money to reach by taxi. It now sits on a very loud 6-lane highway, roaring with traffic until 4am. It's also close enough to a disco to hear each beat and many lyrics, also until 4am. We barely slept. And, the room was filthy. The rugs used to be green, long ago, and they smelled. The walls were patched but not painted. Although we checked out at 5am, we were charged for the breakfast which we never had. All in all, we ended up laughing about it. It was the ONLY place we were anxious to leave, and helped make having to go home less traumatic. We thought you should know, and perhaps consider updating your site.

It's the rest of trip we will remember for years to come, and we thank you for helping to make it great.

Susan and Robert Mauceri
Philadelphia area, USA

I just wanted to write a little thank you note to you for having such an
informative website. I was just recently married and we traveled to Greece
for our honeymoon for 2 weeks. We stayed in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.
All were very enjoyable-with the islands being our favorites of course. Your
website gave us a lot of insider information and made sight-seeing, food
selections, and shopping very easy. Keep up the great work on the website
and I hope others will find it as helpful as we did.

Hey my name is joanna. I am 11 and i visited your daughters web site and now am visiting yours. I am greek and filipino. My mom is from naphpaktos. I just want to say thanks for helping me learn more about my heritage.

Thanks again


Hi there:

A little background....I'm a North Carolina girl getting ready to take my
first passport trip out of the US (world traveler that I am!) and I'm going
to Athens, Greece.  I will be there for 2 weeks and I had no clue what to
expect in this strange new country.  I ran across your website and all I can
say is WOW!!!  Talk about getting lucky...this site has everything for the
novice Greece traveler.  I am soooooo excited about this trip and you made
it even more exciting.  I may just burst wide open before I leave!!!  Now I
know a little about what to expect...what to do and not and wine...nightlife...the
islands (going to visit Santorini...ahhhh yes!), and I hate licorice, but I
must now try ouzo after reading your site.  The Greek Tourism Industry
should pay you!!!!  I will be visiting a friend who is in Athens doing
construction for the 2004 Olympics.  He has only been there for 3 months and
has been very busy, so we plan to see Athens together.

Just felt compelled to drop you a line and say a big "THANK YOU" and I will
tell everyone I know about this site!!!

    Debbie Ogilvie
    Franklinton, NC, USA

Hi Matt,

I just want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  What a wealth of information!  I have always wanted to go to Greece and it will be a while before I can, but do hope to make it one day.

I can't believe all the fantastic information you have provided.  I'm sure I speak for many when I say thanks for all your time and effort helping people who are interested in travelling to Greece.

George Bain,

Winnipeg, Canada


I want to thank you for your guide. We had a great time.

I would just like to thank you for your website on Greece traveling, which helped me greatly! I was supposed to write a "virtual trip" to Greece, and with all of your information and personal stories, I was able to score an A on my report! Thanks again! :-)



We spent a couple of weeks in Greece in late October and thanks to your guide we avoided some major mistakes.  My first question - Is there any way to get Brettos ouzo in the US - will he ship?  We had some there, at the begining of our trip and then had other ouzo as we traveled and you are right it is remarkable.  On leaving Greece we bought a couple of large bottles and we seem to be going through that much faster than we thought.  The prospect of having to wait for some distant year when we might get to go back before we can resupply is more than we can bare. Any advice would be appreciated.


Two comments for your future readers - Matala- for those looking to avoid tacky tourism this is a place to avoid. We were drawn to the area by its colorful past but knew we had made a mistake as we drove in (driving a rental care around Crete was no problem at all) We then turned around and went a couple of miles and saw a sign for Komos beach pointing down a rough dirt road.  The beach was sparcely populated, complete with archeological site, and beautiful.  Back up at the road we found a house with rooms for rent (mini apartments actually, with kitchen etc) for $28 per night, complete with balcony with great view. 


Delphi - we did the two day bus tour - a warning for anyone considering the one day tour - the trip from Athens takes about 4 hours, you arrive in Delphi at about 12:30pm - you will get 1 hour on the site - 1 hour in the museum - then a quick lunch and depart for the 4 hour trip back.  The site closes as 2:45.  If you take the two day trip - don't go first class - it includes your dinner and the meal will be really boring BUT the village of Delphi is nice and has some decent places to eat.  Most important is to get up early the second day and go to the site (within walking distance). The site opens at 8am and the place is virtually empty until the tour buses start to arrive.  On our trip back the bus was filled with people who had taken the one day tour and they were all really angry that they had spend a full day for just 2 hours.  We on the other hand had a lovely evening in the village and got to spend the entire morning wandering casually without anyone around through the ruins and the museum before the tour buses arrived.


Thanks again for creating a site with so much helpful advice - now help us with Brettos ouzo if you can.

Steven Lloyd and Daniel Miller

Waynesville, NC

hi there,

we have just returned from 2 weeks in greece..... and read your pages
extensively beforehand......with much appreciation.. thought you may
like our observations

our two cents includes:

november is really out of season... we loved that, so much more privacy
in the places that were open, but also many disappointments with sites
being closed.....and we had no notice until we arrived.......ex:
meladoni cave in crete, the museum at olympia, the museum of archeology
at may want to let folks know that these museums will be
closed until the olympics....and scaffolding is most everywhere in

there are still so many things to do in greece, but folks may want to go
with a flexible olympia, the town literally closed
down as soon as the tour busses left... we think we were the only guests
in the hotel....and the one open get the picture, i'm
certain......another facet of that is limited menus, we only really had
variety in athens....tho i think i can eat cucumber/tomato/onion/feta
salads and slovaki for at least another two weeks straight... yum! gods!!!!  did you simply not notice?  perhaps being male
is that different? (nah, you simply were enamored of the porcelain holes
outside monasteries and  galleries!)..... i believe the heads up to
travelers will not detain anyone but encourage slipping a little pack of
tissues to use as a barrier into a pocket before a grecian
adventure.....tell us there are no dang toilet seats, for heavens sake!

regardless of the glitches in our holiday, we adored greece, we  will
definitely be returning, but after the olympics.....we have already run
on 3000 year old tracks in olympia and nemea, we have circled the final
lap like the marathon runners of summer 1896 & 2004 in athens, i skinny
dipped in the agean sea, and stood high in the acrocorinth that seemed
an invincible fortress, i've knelt in the altar at phaistos with mount
ida in the background and seen the sunset at naphlion and know there are
dozens of places yet to discover

i worry for the greek hosts.....the ugly americans (and we saw a bit of
rudeness) wanting the greeks to be familiar.... imagine not having
olives offered to them after a meal, or fire water, or fresh picked
oranges.... we experienced such amazing hospitality......i believe the
trade off for that is being open to the unexpected... i know you have
said that and am hoping you can say it again....

ok, so i'm beginning to run on, we got our photos back today and i'm
ready to plan my next trip.... wishing you and your family everything

with gratitude,  kat beck

 Hi Matt - I just wanted to express my gratitude to you. I know nothing about Greece and discovered your amazing website today via a seach on Google. I am so grateful for all the incredible information you have provided. I felt your passion and love for Greece and look forward to visiting it next spring. It would be an honor to make a donation to the Green Meadow Mission. Many, many, many thanks. Marcy


I just wanted to thank you for the amazing information in your website. I am planning a trip to Greece in May, and have had the greatest time planning what to do and see, all thanks to you and the information you have provided.....

Years ago, I pulled out an article on Sifnos as a place to dream of one i knew had ever heard of it (including several travel agent friends) - and there it is in detail.....

I have just contacted George the world's greatest taxi driver to make arrangements - and I know I will have a fantastic trip, thanks to you...I am already thinking of a return trip with my mom...

You provide a great service - Many many thanks.

Lisa Leach
(some one who has wanted to go to Greece since she was 8 and read her first Greek myths - and is finally going, 40 year later, in part thanks to you)

 What a charming discovery your web site has been. I have been reviving my
one month trip to Greece!
If I knew the language, I would like to move to Greece. Its people, its
charm... what can I say? I guess you must feel like I do.


Marie  Gloria
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Just a quick note to (a) say how much we enjoyed your greektravel website, it helped us out a **lot** in our planning for our Athens week earlier this month.  We were there 05-10Feb and yes, it was sooo cold and breezy, all the photos have us in coats and scarves, but we had an awesome time nonetheless, and the day out at Delphi showed us crystal skies and such heavenly fresh air, it was a great capper!  We stayed at Hotel Cecil per your recommendations too; got an excellent rate and the staff there went out of its way to give us any guidance we needed.  (b) pleeeese, do you have a frappe recipe?  You clued me into this marvelous concoction, and once I enjoyed it at the Nescafe cafe somewhere near the CLOSED archeological museum (I think that's where it was,) I was hooked.  I had them at McD and Goody's as well.  Yummmmm.  I brought back three little instant Nescafe frappe packs but the instructions are of course in Greek, so I'm still waiting to find the one Greek girl at work who can help with figure exactly how much water to add.  But if you can tell me how to make one myself with my own water and sugar and instant coffee or brewed coffee, either one, I'd be most appreciative!

And next time, we will go to Santorini and Meteora, that's a promise!

So much for a quick note.  You should know too, I noticed your praises being sung by a couple of other folks over at  We're not the only ones! 

Thanks again,

Christine Clancy

Thank you for a beautiful, informative web site


Hi Matt  

I check out your site regularly and take on board you tips, like last year we used George the taxi driver, it was just perfect airport to hotel, trips around Athens, back to airport, just great. Where can I find his number, I'm travelling around Greece again this year accompanied with some friends and good old Georges services would be  so helpful. Please help, very best wishes, and maybe we will see you in Athens one day.

Clive & Esther   (London)

Hey Matt, 

I love your site, you've inspired my entire family with your excellent journal on Greece!

God Bless

Adam Arfaras

I like your page, It's great!

       Sorry for my English, my language is Spanish.


Absolutely fabulous web site that you've created.  My brother & I travelled
to Santorini & Mykonos last summer and used your web site extensively for
research.  I still refer to it when I want to bring back the good memories
(and plan for a future trip.)  Thanks for your efforts and ability to
present such a genuine insight for millions!

One question I have for you relates to a U.S. citizen purchasing a business
(resturant/bar) on a Greek island?  In your opinion, is this difficult,
expensive, out of the question?  Would it help to have a friend from Greece
involved?  I have a strong desire to return to the islands and operate a
business there; especially in light of the 2004 Olympics.  I can't think of
a better time to be in "paradise."

Any insight or hints you may have would be greatly appreciated.  I look
forward to hearing from you.


I'm doing a travel to greece project for school and your page was VERY VERY VERY helpful
(sorry i cant put my name)

I delightful site, I've added it to my favorites and if we EVER get to visit Greece, I'll be SURE to print out the restaurant pages!  Thank you! 

Sincerely Ginny Tallent

Just wanted to let you know that I used your website to plan a trip to Greece recently and want to thank you for the info.  We stayed at the Attalos Hotel, used the Dolphin Travel agency to arrange a trip to Lesvos, ate at several of the restaurants you had recommended and had ouzo and brandy at Brettos.  Thanks for the helpful info.  Cindy Hose

hi matt,

it's about time i contacted you. i've been using your
website and referring others to it for several years.
it's really a remarkable, wonderful work.

i teach law in san francisco at new college, a small,
public interest oriented school.  we have some great
students who want to do good with their law degrees
(imagine!).  anyway. this will be the third year that
I've taken a group of twelve students with me to
greece to study.  i've done dispute resolution
courses, but this year, we're doing a course entitled,
"In Search of Socrates".  We will be reading Plato's
dramatization of the Last Days of Socrates and
exploring all the issues and themes that arise,
including a look at the ancient greek court system,
views of justice, civil disobedience in Socrates'
refusal to change his ways, and even the immortality
of the soul.  I'm team teaching the course with a poet
who is immersed in ancient greek philosophy.

we spend a few days in athens (probably at the Astor)
visiting the Agora to find the exact locations of
Socrates' trial where we will do some readings.  Then
we're off to Hydra (my favorite place where i've
visited for 10 years) to do some classwork and enjoy
the sun and sea.  It's a great experience.

Anyway, i just wanted to let you know firsthand how
helpful your website has been to me and my students.
It's the right combination of  information and
insights creatively assembled with a respectful and
affectionate attitude toward Greece. 

maybe we'll see you.

Chris Gus Kanios
Professor of Law
New College of California
San Francisco

Matt, my wife Karin and I are going to Greece Italy and Germany this May from the west coast (with Luftansa's special from Portland to Frankfort it was impossible to turn down). After buying Rick Steves guides and Europe by Eurail, and spending days inside Barnes & Noble with travel books and magazines, I became a little nuts.

So, I turned on my computer a few days ago and found your website on Greece. What a find! Your spirited look at the Greek Isles and all you've experienced, plus your recommendations and your writing style were so refreshing, I just wanted to thank you. I was so impressed, I tried to find a similar synopsis on Germany and Italy, but there wasn't anything like your stuff... nothing compares (your work stands alone!)

 Once again, thanks for sharing your spirited adventures of Greece to our little corner of the world.


Steve & Karin King

Dear Mr. Barrett (Matt):  I am leaving on June 5th for my 14th trip to Greece. (My paternal grandparents being from Tripoli).   You have done a super-human job with your website.  I have never seen anything like it.  Today I read the site re: your history teacher in h.s., Nikos Stavrolakis, former director of the Jewish Museum in Athens.  I hadn't heard of it before it near Syntagma Sq.?  Can u tell me what "landmark" it is near so I can find it.   Who is the director now?
I am also interested in the books: "Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece" and "Cookbook of the Jews of Greece."   Are there present day functioning synagogues in Athens where I might visit in June?  Are there any specific Jewish Communities in today's Greece or are the remaining Jews mixed-in, so to speak?  Thank you.
Susann M. Limberopoulos


  I really appreciate your website and found it very helpful. 

M.A. Bovis

Hi Matt

I emailed you a few times before my trip to Greece last october. Just wanted to say I found your info extremely helpful and had a wonderful time. I had ten days in Athens, a week on Mykonos, a few days on Hydra and a day trip to Aegina. For various reasons I was not able to go to any other island but will next time.

I would like to recommend the Arethusa hotel, I stayed there and the staff were great, all the male receptionists had a great sense of hunmour so we had a lot of laughs. The hotel was quite comfortable and they do a very good breakfast. The location just can't be beaten. I'd happily stay there again although I would like to know of any that have a small kitchen which is so helpful if you are staying any length of time.

Of course I loved the Plaka and yes, I walked straight into Adrianou st and saw Nana's apartment, she is in Greece this week to accept another award. You were right about the street, thanks for that. Above the sponge shop.

I was six hours in the Benaki museum, what a fantastic place it is and so absorbing.

On Mykonos I stayed at a small pension and the couple, Christos and Marina were lovely. I found the people there to be the most friendly and hospitable in any place I was in, I'd go back again.

I went on the flying dolphin to Hydra, as you say like a washing machine but quick and enjoyed seeing Poros so would like to have a few days there also.

May be my next trip will be combined with business as I have started doing business with a company in Athens. Can't think of a nicer place to return to. Of course it's the greek people who make it so inviting, I love them.

Piraeus did not faze me at all, I found it very easy to locate the correct boat to catch. I walked one day right round the yacht marinas to Piraeus, a long way but very enjoyable, the Marks and Sparks store in Piraeus was great with a good supermarket.

I went on local buses to Cape Sounion, really enjoyed it and mixed in with the locals. The cafe there though was rip off, advise people to take their own lunch.

I am now writing my travel journal, up to page 27 so far. I was in eight European countries and Thailand and Singapore, it was fabulous.

You must come for a visit down here, it is nice and you would enjoy our coast line and our islands also.

Best wishes, Kathy Forsyth


I just wanted to thank you for such a great site.  When I was planning
our trip to Athens a year and a half ago, your site gave me some
invaluable information.  We really enjoyed our trip to Athens!

Currently, I'm planning a trip to the Greek Islands for June.  Once we
decided that's were we wanted to go, I headed directly to your
impressive site.  Your advice to use a Greek travel agent makes a lot of
sense to me, so I've just submitted an information form to Fantasy
Travel.  I've never used a travel agent over the internet before, but
after checking out their site and the testimonials, I'm pretty optimistic.

Thanks again for providing so much varied and complete information.
Your love for Greece is apparent, and if we come back from our vacation
with only a fraction of your enthusiam we will have had a fantastic holiday.

Kat Lunamand

Hello Matt!

I finished the whirlwind tour and wanted to say your advice was well
taken when we discussed re arranging the schedule.

If any one attempts this schedule, I suggest they do it with seasoned
travelers and choose a car they will never want to ride in again....

Here's what we did:  Arrived Athens Thurs,  May 1 and went straight to
Santorini that night via Aegean Air.
Stayed there a full day, got some great photos of wildflowers, Akrotiri
and went swimming too.
Sat (may 3) flew to Athens arriving 8:15 am...rented a car and drove to
Delphi and saw the sights.  Delphi was the only place we felt we were
overcharged and got bad service for lunch on the whole trip but no big
deal.  We then drove later in the day to Meteora in time for
sunset..great photos.  It was a great amount of fantastic scenery to
see Santorini, Delphi and Meteora all in a one day period.

Sunday: toured 2 monasteries at Meteora and headed through Katara Mt.
to have lunch in Metsovo.  Continued to Ioannina and to Papingo.... 
you have got to go, it is great....although I have the parents' house
there, rather than open it for only 2 nights, we stayed at Dias hotel
in Micro Papingo...very clean and traditional style with modern
conveniences.  They arranged for the mule ride up the mountain (2600
meters high) overlooking Astraka and Vikos Gorge.
later that day we went to Ioannina and toured the Turkish buildings
near the lake. Then we went to Konitsa and the Aoos River.  We stayed a
second night in Papingo and then took off for Olympia.

We made it there with plenty of sunlight left...stayed over, toured the
ancient sites (ran in the stadium too)....then headed for Kalamata for
lunch and then Mani.

We stayed 2 nights at Liminis Hotel (Areopolis) and it was great ...50
Euros for a single..70 for a double.....the best views....we toured
Mani and Monomvasia the next day including the caves at Diros.

Next day we headed for ancient  Mistras, went to  Sparti for a photo
with the statue of Leonida, went to Nafplion, Epidauvros and Mycinea
and on to Corinth for a break and then decided to drive to Sounion and
made it for sunset....

We toured the Acropolis the next day and went shopping before heading
out early Sunday morning....about 2700 km in all..705 photos between
the 3 of us...I am very pleased with the Sony S-75 digital camera I
used because the battery life was never a problem and with the larger
memory stick, we were able to take about 350 high resolution photos on
each 128mb stick (over 2,000 each on low resolution).

I will be heading back in August for snorkeling and no driving...

I was greatly impressed by the improvements being made with the roads,
and even road signs...never did hear much Greek music like before

We missed out on a lot because of the museums being closed for

I happen to go to a lot of museums wherever I travel and have a few
suggestions which would make the museum employees lives a lot you have any suggestions as to who would actually listen? ha

By the way, what should the guides at the Acropolis really get paid for
a tour?

Best wishes,

Alex Mouzas


I just thought I would send a note of thanks for your excellent website I have been using it now for a couple of years and have found it very informative and factual.

Gordon Clark

Just returned from 13 days in Greece…..Fabulous…found your info most helpful and right on.  Thank you


Hi Matt

          I am of to Rhodes on Wednesday and was flicking through the net and found your site. I just wanted to thank you on bringing back some great memories I had of Ios. I was backpacking in 85 around the Islands but ended up spending all the time in Ios. I have never forgotten the sunset the clubbing and going to the bakers in the harbour after a night out to see the sun rise again. No matter where you go if you meet someone who has been to Ios there is an instant bond, you both know you've been somewhere special.  

Excellent memories, excellent site.

All the best

Tony D

I have just returned from the most wonderful holiday in GREECE. I want
to thank you, Matt Barrett for your help through your wonderful website 
in making  it so. From George "the best" taxi driver to advice on
delicious food, your guideance was invaluable. Thank you once again and
keep up the great work! Melody

Dear Matt,
I wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful and informative
web site. As it is my custom, when I return from one vacation I immediately
start to research and plan the next year's journey. While surfing the net
trying to decide what area of the world to explore in May, 2004, I came
across your site. It elevated a mere interest in travel to Greece into a
passion. Your love for this country is contagious! I made my decision and
contacted Fantasy Travel with my hopes for my dream trip to Greece with my
friends. I am currently waiting to hear back from them, and am looking
forward to my journey!
Many thanks,
Mary Kelly
1903 Blouin Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70808 USA

Hey Matt Barrett!

We just got back from three weeks in Greece and Egypt. Used your website to prep the trip, stayed at Attalos Hotel in Athens, used Fantasy Travel to book
tickets to Cairo and back, and used your guide all along the way.
You're awesome!  We're a family of four and didn't want to do the backpacker thing.  Your website was invaluable!
thank you so much for what you do.

By the way, the highlight of the whole trip was stumbling across this AMAZING place in Santorini, completely by accident.  It's called the Studio Artemis, on the cliff by Megalochori about 10 KM from the nightmare that is Thera town.  So peaceful, such an astounding view and overall environment, and WHAT A VALUE!!!
We paid 100 Euros for the top floor suite with ENORMOUS balcony. All four of us were comfortable as can be in the two-room suite.
The young couple that built it and runs it, Cosmas and Irini, are world-class neat people.  Very very cool people, running a spot-on place.  Please check this one out. 
It's also very well situated. Five minute drive from Perissa beach and the archaeological digs. Perfect for families and people who want the beauty and peace of Santorini without the high prices,  tourist frenzy and commotion that infests Thera.
They had a wedding party that had booked the whole place for the three days after we arrived, so we could only stay one night, but I'm going back to Santorini just to spend a week at this amazing place.

  Thanks again!

Tim Dickey, Executive Producer
Michael Holigan's Your New House

Hi Matt,

I love your website.  There's so much valuable information on your site, I can't imagine how long it took you to organize everything.  Anyway, the information was very helpful to me while I was planning my vacation to Greece.  I am so glad I came across your site because once I got there I knew exactly what I wanted to see and do. Instead of my relatives (yes, I'm Greek) trying to figure out what they should do with me, I just told them where we were going to go.  I will definitely recommend your site to other people I know going to Greece.


hi matt,
thank you very much for answering my querstions with such a lot of
informative websites! i write to george the famous taxi driver asking him to
pik me up at the airport. i'm looking forward to his answer.
i'm very happy to find so nice contact in the "world wide web". it is very
nice to find so good informations on so very nice web-sides like yours -
thanks a lot!
i wish you a nice day,
till then,
your "fan" siggi

Bonjour Matt,
Un petit clin d'oeil de Granville, Normandie, France
Les vacances passées sur l'île de KEA c'est deja loin pour nous.
Rappelez-vous, nous étions deux français arrivant à Kea le jour de la Pentecôte Grecque c'était le 15 juin, et vous nous avez indiqué le cordonnier du village pour trouver une chambre ! Puis nous avons partager le verre de l'amitié tout en écoutant le concert de musique devant la Mairie, construite en partie par votre Grand-père et celui de votre femme.
Ci-joint fichier sur notre ville de Granville. Nous retournerons à Kea . Amitiés de Martine et Henry
Translation :

Hello Matt,
Some news from Granville, Normandy, France
Our latest holidays spent on the KEA island seem to have occured too long ago.
Remember, we were two French people who arrived in KEA on he Greek Pentecote, on June 15, and you provided us with the shoeman's adress and he was able to rent us a room. Then we shared some drinks while listenig to the live concert in front of the City hall, partly built your wife's grandfather and yours.
Please find attached a file on our city; Granville. We plan to go back to Kea.
Hi from Martine and Henry

Dear Matt,
I had to e-mail you. Your website is wonderful. I have
been surfing for months trying to accumulate useful
information for my trip to Greece in a couple of
weeks. Your site is really well organized and
thoughtful. I plan to use whoever you suggest for the
various things we need. Thank you for your efforts.
Nicole Petrovich

Hello Matt,

    I wanted to thank you for your outstanding guide of Greece and Athens.  I am a student of the University of Kansas studying classical archaeology.  I just got done living on Santorini from 15 May 2003- 15 Jun 2003 working with Prof. Doumas at Ancient Akrotiri.  I wanted to tell you that I put up a website of my pictures.   I will also be going back to Athens this fall to study.  I will be studying at the Hellenic Center of Arcadia University.

Thanks again and I hope we can be in contact, so if you need someone to be part of Athens this fall!


Andrew Luxem

Matt, I've been spending some great, informative hours on your site
recently, and I'd like to include a link to your site in a quick hit review
of Greek travel web sites for a feature called "Desktop Traveler" in The
Wall Street Journal's Personal Journal section. I just wanted to give you a
heads-up -- and make sure the site is still going to be up and running when
the paper comes out as soon as next week.

Just so there are no surprises, I wanted you to know that I single you out
as the "top choice" of the bunch. I suggest it's not the most high-end
design, but the wealth of great information carries the day.

Thanks for the great information, best regards,

Jeff Grocott
News Editor, Weekend Journal
The Wall Street Journal

You are a legend!!!

Peter Smith

Hi Matt:

thanks for that lovely and absolutely necessary page of good advice - about acquiring an idyllic dream home in Greece.

So glad I found it and read it.

Not to mention that I'm prone to believe that even the over-inflated price is even more over-inflated - in a madly exponential fashion - due to the olympic games due to be held in Greece sometime soon.

I have a great fascination for the islands, but am luckily?  blessed with enough paranioia about everything, to counter-balance my sanity.   I hope.

I really enjoyed reading all that you had to say - about the whole situation, including the joint (family) ownership of property, and how impossible it can all be.

Thanks so much again,

jean miller, new canaan, CT

This site is really awe-inspiring!

I`ve never seen such a beautiful side about Greece. You must have spend a lot of time to put all of this together and I think you really love this country -like I do. Unfortunately I visit Porto Heli for the last time two years ago. So, I`ve not read everything at the moment but I will do step by step...

Best wishes from Cologne (Germany)



I traveled to Greece in 1999 and relied on your website more than on any
other travel guide (shout out to Uli at Dolphin Hellas Travel!). Now my
sister is planning a trip to Greece for her 50th birthday and asked for
travel books, which I will gladly give her (I liked the Lonely Planet Guide
and was especially happy with its recommendations on Crete - I highly
recommend GEORGE'S PENSION in Chania 88 715, Zambeliou 30 for those who like
an authentic and funky accommodation -- George is the bee's knees); but I
will make sure she starts with your website and am happy to tell her she can
rely on your recommendations completely.

Margaret Ann Brady


just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much I enjoy your web site. It gives me some sunshine and the feeling of being in greece even when Im stuck at my desk at work! Its great to hear from another family about how to get he most out of Greece  as a first time dad its always helpfull to get guidance

We took my daughter Eleni to Crete this year for her first birthday and as even the locals could not do enough for her - shame about the attitude of some of the Tourists. Now she is stating to al we are thinking about where to take her next year - what do you think about Corfu as an option?

Anyhow - better do some work - thanks for all the work you put in



Just a quick note.  My wife and I just returned from a trip to Greece (and Italy).  We 'used' several of your recommendations and I would like to thank you for the 'advice'.  We loved Santorini and Naxos.  We were only in Athens one night, so we didn't get much of a feel for the city.  Naxos is a great island -- endless activities to do.  Santorini is amazing in its own right, as well.

We stayed at the Loucas Hotel in Santorini, which had a great view in the heart of Fira.  The rooms were also very nice, by Greek standards, and the pool overlooking the caldara was a nice bonus.  In Naxos, we stayed at the Alkyoni Beach Hotel -- A great bargain at 80E/night, including breakfast (if you can call it that!) and an ocean view, about 20 steps from the sand.  In Athens, we set our heads to rest at Hotel Adonis in the Plaka, which was a nice little find for 70E/night.   
Again, thanks for the great site. 

Take care,
Paul & Stephanie Breakman

great website no bullshit  well done

Hello there,

My wife and I have just returned from out two centre holiday in the Greek islands of Agistri and Poros. We would just like to tell you that we had a great time and met some lovely people. We will definatley be going back to Poros after the olympics.

Thank you for all your help.

Tom & Moira McDonald

Hi Matt.
Had temporarily lost all my 'Matt Barrett' info ... I first contacted you over 2 years ago; can't remember whether it was prior to, or after, my first visit to Kefalonia.

However, I've now been to Skala, twice; fell in love with the island the first time.
I haven't been in touch with Jo and Joanna, I think in Erressos, Lesvos?; for quite a while now; but hope I haven't lost their email details.

I first contacted you to find out about opportunities for 'holistic therapists' to work in the greek islands.
You very kindly emailed me loads and loads of contacts.

I have just today, re-visited your website ... which appears to have been greatly 'updated';
brilliant source of information.

anyway; just to let you know ... I cannot forget the beautiful turquise seas, the smell of herbs in the mountains, the friendly people, and delicious food, I experienced.

Next time, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later ... I will endeavour to go off to Kefalonia on my own;
I know I should explore another island at some point; perhaps Lesvos, or Kos, of Lefkas ...
but I did so love Kefalonia.

I am trying to "recreate" my own little mediterranean garden at home; clay urns, blue arches, water-feature, geraniums, honeysuckle, jasmin, mock-orange, eucalyptus tree, bamboo, thyme, rosemary, sage, curry plant ... anything to give it scent!

okay, a bit daft in the middle of Bedfordshire ... also redone my bathroom; white tiles, white bathroom suite, turquoise shower curtain, and my greek ornaments scattered round and about; pale mauvy/grey "tiled" floor (well 'lino' really !);

anything to try to recreate my greek holiday.

anyway ... as my lunch break is about over, must go.

maybe we'll meet up one of these days.

In the meantime, many thanks for such a wonderful website; and all the information you gave me in the past.

Noeline Armstrong

Hi Mike,

I've recently discovered your website through Greek-o-file and have enjoyed reading of your travels.  I too, have spent many happy times in Greece, starting in 1974, (year of the Generals) then spending my honeymoon in 1979 and various yachting trips through different island groups.  My most recent trip was this time last year, when I finally had the opportunity to introduce my teenaged daughter to the wonders of Greece.

There is one theme through a lot of your stories that is really making me cross with you.  You keep referring to your hellish 10 hour flight to Athens.  Well, just think about we poor Australians who have to sit through MORE THAN DOUBLE THAT!  Stop complaining - if only I could get there in 10 hours - what bliss! 

The new airport is a vast improvement on the old "tin shed" but it's a shame they didn't invest in some new staff as well.  After a 23 hour flight, looking and feeling like death warmed up, it would be so nice to have an immigration official who said "Good morning - welcome to Athens" and gave you a smile rather than those surly, hung-over morons that have migrated from the old airport to the new.  They make me want to grab them around the throat and say "Listen buddy, I've just spent 23 hours getting to your bloody country where I'm going to spend a great deal of money.  The least you could do is smile at me."  One day I'll probably say it and get thrown in jail for assaulting an immigration officer!

Next time I go to Athens (I usually only stay long enough to change planes) I will try your recommended hotel.  I stayed in one last year just off Syntagma (Arethusa in Mitropoulos St) and for all the sleep I got, I may as well have camped on the footpath - horns blaring, motorbikes racing up the streets, garbage collectors - you name it!  However, it was very convenient and easy walking distance for most of the things we wanted to see.

Anyway Mike, enjoy your trips and if you can think of a job for an enthusiastic Australian so that I can live in Greece for 6 months and beautiful Sydney for the other 6, let me know.  Also, if you find yourself in the Antipodes some time, get in touch.  I have all the Greek restaurants sussed out, plus have a great boat on Sydney Harbour.

Kind regards

Deborah Kelly

Hi Matt

My name is Con and Im an Australian who's going to Athens next Saturday, just wanted to say that I think your
web site is fantastic,Ive learnt so much from it...

Thought you'd appreciate the feedback

keep up the great work


I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent website. It really helped me on my recent trip to Greece.

Though I am fairly fluent in Greek (read, write and speak) and though all my relatives are in Greece, the last time I visited was when I was a very young child 20 years ago. "What does Greece have to offer a Greek-Canadian",  I would ask myself. How wrong could I have been! With the help of your website and a few of the commercial Greek tourists guide (LET'S GO GREECE, etc.)I had to time of my life! I loved it so much that I plan to go again next summer and as often as I can afterwards.

I took over 350 pictures that I plan to put on a very rudimentary website and I will send you the link once I get it going.

One question I have is how often do you update you website? Also, with the Olympics coming up next summer, do you know if plane fares will be out of this world?

Thanking you again for a great website,


Toronto, Canada.

Yes. There are still more....
(you really don't have to keep reading these, I just didn't know what else to do with them)

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