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Matt's Greece Travel Guides

Dear Matt,
I am one of the visitors of your web page ( ) and I am really glad of what you are writing in those pages, since I am a Greek and I know how accurate are whatever you write in there.

Please accept my congratulations, for the quality of your web page and the honest way you are describing everything in there. It seems that you have worked very hard to create this web page and I totally appreciate your hard work!

I have been surfing in your web site for only 30 minutes and I felt that I wanted to express you how much I am enjoying it, so I decided to write you this note.

"BRAVO" again for the GREAT work!

I hope you keep working in this page and let American people (and not only) know more about Athens/Greece.

With great appreciation,


Hi Matt

Reading the "testimonials" pages, I think EOT (greek tourism organization) should pay you a mothly salary for the services you provide in promoting Greece as a destination! You do a far better job than they do!

I am Greek living in Athens, but I have many friends and colleagues abroad. They all ask me where to go in Greece, how to go, where to stay, what to eat, etc. Ever since I came across your site, I just send them the link and I'm done. They all come back to me saying how great their vacation was and how much your info helped them.

Feel free to contact me when you're in Athens again. I'll buy you a tsipouro


I'm an American of Greek descent (my father is from Sparta) and I've
traveled to Greece on many occasions. Love your site and refer everyone to
it as a first stop before planning a trip to Greece! Thanks for a
well-researched and beautifully-designed window into the place of my heart
and dreams.



I have never laughter so much for a long time. Thank!!
I am Greek and I can imagine the fun you had in the agora
good job  

I visited your web site, the Athens survival guide. I am a Greek
who lives in Athens and I feel the need to congratulate you
about the site. Sometimes I think you know better Athens than I
do ! Keep on updating your site.

Regards from Athens

Dear Blueking,
I happened to end up in your webpage about Athens, and
I was really amazed from it. It is a great "gift" for
my city, it says the things exactly how they are, and
reminded me that even when I get seriously pissed-off
in the usuall trafic-jams, Athens a few hours later
will be cool again :). I would only like to read some
more stories about experiences that people had in
Greece, good or bad, like the driving licence story.
Good luck in your next trips, anywhere...

PS. I have been surfing the net for 5 years, and it is
the only time that I feel the need to congratulate
someone for his web page. 

I haven't seen a more helpful and ingeniously arranged travel site than yours. I am a Greek who lives in the USA and I learned more about traveling in Greece than I ever knew before. I will certainly take advantage of the valuable info you have so lovingly arranged in your site the next time I go back for a visit.


Hi there, Matt.

I was surfing the internet and I just found your wonderful site. It is very informative,
easy to use, well-organized.

But the main thing is this. I don't have any questions, I just wanted to tell you that, as a Greek,
I thank you for the way you present my country and the city I live in. God knows that
judging from the international media, Athens must seem like a hell-hole for those
who can't easily distinguish between reality and journalistic hyperbole, so
thanks for putting things straight. (That's not to say that there aren't real problems,
which we must fix.)

I especially liked in your site the page on Athens, with the photo of the cafeteria table
with the kinito and the frapedaki on top. It's as much part of Greece as the Acropolis!
I am a translator, and not too much the outdoors type, so you probably know
more about travel in Greece than me, so the next time I am planning a vacation,
I will consult your site.

Keep up the good work!

Hello Mr Matt!
I m a 23 years old student from Greece and I live in Athens. Some friends of mine from Portugal are going to visit me in August and I needed some info and ideas on where shall I take them and what parts of Athens shall I show to them. I must admit that you have done a very good and complete job by having this site full of tourist information and personal experiences. I guess you really love my country! All this information helped me so much to decide what to do when they get here. And imagine I was born and raised in Athens!
I would like to thank you for your effort and ask you to keep up the good work. If you ever need my help on something, please go ahead and ask me. I want to help Athens be more popular, friendly and open to tourists.
Thank you very much,
Frixos Ntatsios
PS: I was completely amazed by your 25 tips to survive driving in the greek streets. It made me laugh big time. Too bad all of the situations you described are completely true.


I am a 32y old Greek, born and raised in Athens but came to the US for
graduate studies at the age of 23 and stayed here for the last 10y, 5 in Cincinnati,OH, 5y in
Los Angeles,CA.

Never in my life have I seen such an A-WE-SO-ME tourist guide than yours!
This is such an amazing work! I don't think that any Greek or the National
Organization of Tourism could come up with such results! I just wanted to let you know of my
appreciation, and admiration and assure you that, whoever I meet that I hear he/she wants
to visit Greece, I let them know of your website. In fact, your work is more than just a
tourist guide.

It raises the awareness and builds channels of communication between people,
especialy the American people, about Greece, its history and its people.
Hve you ever thought of turning yourself to a US ambassador to Greece?
I am sure you would do a superb job!

A highly -soon to be a US citizen- appreciating Greek!

Not sure where I am supposed to send this, so I used this address.

I have to say that your site is absolutely magnificent. I am Greek, I am
living in Athens, and even for me it is a great source of information which
dozens of interesting places and shops to visit. I recommend this site to
all travelling discussion boards I participate in (following your advice)
and wish you the very best of lack with the site. Admittedly, the design
needs a lot of work, but the content is plain perfect.

I sincerely hope you will never get tired of Athens Guide, and that it will
always be on-line.

I do not know what you do for a living or if this site generates some sort
of income for you, but if you ever deside you do not have the time or money
to support it please give it to someone else. It owuld be a shame to lose
all this great stuff you have gathered here.

best regards, Yiannis

Hello Matt!

thank you for the beautiful site you have made for Athens.
I was looking for old photographs of Athens to feel a little bit better for Greece's current status and I bumped into your lovely site.
I have just finished reading your stroll with your baby and wife from Plaka to Kypseli, hmm well done!
I laughed at least 10 times and at the same time realized that I am not a strange person for being exhausted each time I leave the center of Athens!

I am glad that someone came to visit and liked it. I am also glad to see foreign people, if I wasn't afraid to be considered weird I'd invite them for a frappedaki and a cigarette conversation to hear their reason for visiting and their background.
Greece surprises even me by the versatility of the beauty (plus it is November 6th and the temperature is 23 degrees celsius!).
I also have this undefined perception that the land (the ground, the earth) has a character and a strength of it's own that is rising from the soil, something wise and happy (especially the areas where ancient Greeks chose to build monuments).

So, thank you again for the site and wish you and your family the very best!




I was feeling a little homesick tonight, so I found your article on Monemvasia.  I haven't been there in nearly eight years, but growing up, our family visited every few years or so.  My dad came from there, and being Greek, is related to nearly half the town.  A lot has changed since I was there last; more Westernized, more technologically advanced.  But the ocean is the same, the winding road and the near-deadly heat. The flying dolphin, the stark beauty...I sometimes wonder if Angela's House, a hotel up a road just as you come into town is still there, whether the cafenio where we used to get our afternoon ice cream and frappe is still operated by the same old man.  The octopus hanging on ropes around the outside seating areas were never meant for weak stomachs, and we would watch as the young boys, having caught one of the things, pounded it against a rock out by the ocean.  You mentioned the German tourists turning places into summer homes.  I remember laughing at them when we went over.  Going to the ocean at noon, in the glaring sun, we knew that they would return looking like lobsters. 

Mostly, I just wanted to say thanks. You captured a piece of my home, and my memories.  In the pictures, I expected to see my aunt and uncle, my grandmother, or friends that I haven't seen in years.  Strange how places grow on you.



Just a short note to say thanks for having such a brilliant and informative website.

My name is Andrew G, I live in Sydney Australia. I took my family (wife and two sons) to Greece last October. We only had 8 days to spend in Greece before leaving for England. We organised our whole Greek holiday based on your website!

We stayed at the Volcanos View Villas in Santorini (wow! What a place!) We booked the villas through Fantasy Travel who were extremely helpful and patient. We had George the Taxi Driver's cousin pick us up from the airport. He gave us a one day tour of Athens as well as taking us to Cape Sounion. The tour was wonderful and saved us a lot of time. We went to the Acropolis, the Cape, Syntagma Square, drove along the Agean coastline (beautiful), olympic stadium (old one). In Athens we stayed at the Hotel Attalos (which was again booked by Fantasy). Everything was perfect. The hotel is just as you said - friendly and close to everything!

I would and have recommended your site to everyone I know. It is a blessing for all travellers to Greece, that caters for both the experienced and non-experienced travellers.

Thank you for making our Greek holiday an unforgetable experience!


Andrew G and family

Hello my name is Christine and I am from Greece. I just read your travel guide to Greece and I would like to thank you for doing such a great job on your site, it really made me feel proud for being Greek (not that I wasn't, you just made this feeling stronger).

The truth is that this is one of the best guides I have ever read. I hope you will be back to Greece soon and if you have travel guides for other countries too I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me the the site. Thank you in advance.  

Mr Barrett,

I would like to thank you for having written all this for Greece. It is so deeply real and true that it astonished me!
Thank you again, for making me feel good for being greek through such difficult times!

Yours sincerely
George Sapountzis

Dear Matt,
My name is Maria. I live in a city called Clearwater in Florida. I was born in Nikea-Pireus, moved from Greece at the age of 9 and raised in NYC. At the tender of age of 17 we moved to Florida when my parents decided they had enough of NYC winters and the landscape/climate of Florida was closer to that of Greece. I have been back home in 1989, 1990 and then after a long 16 years of traveling to various other countries, marriage, divorce etc. returned to Greece just this past June with my 12 year old son, Alexander. Alex stayed with me 2 weeks, we traveled to Hydra, Ermioni, Salamina and did the Athens/Acropolis/Plaka tour. I spent 2 weeks with family/friends traveling to Kefalonia, Ithaca ( my mothers place of birth ) and the Island of Paros. Unfortunately I had to come back to the states. My son, my job and immidiate family are here. All of my dads side of the family live in Greece. To say the least I feel SICK not just homesick...I have lived in the states since 12/1969 and have been naturalized but when I tell co-workers I am going back home they cant relate. Your web site has eased the pain of being so far away from Greece and not being able to live daily life in their. I read a portions of your site every day...the portion on the history of Greece has been amazing and I thank you for all the hard work you put in it. It has put so many fragments of my countrys history in perspective. I have already purchased my ticket for next year...I have 240 days left for another 4 weeks off and cant wait. I have done a lot of research as to where to go next year...again EUXARISTO POLI.
All the best,


I don't know if any Greeks write to you, but here is one.  My name is Christina and I am currently living in Washington, DC. I've been here for the past two years doing some research work on my field (I am a rheumatologist).  Now it's time to move back home, which is Athens. While I was searching my options regarding how I could ship my things I went to the website "" where I "stumbled" into the link leading to your website. What a surprise! What a delight! I think you've done an outstanding work! And extensive too! I wish you had a similar guide for another country and I would be a religious follower.  I should add though that I'll probably consult your website for MY future travels in Greece...!! I have traveled around my country a bit and I should say that whenever I could "check" what you say you were indeed at the heart of things, according to my opinion. I have already talked about your website to several friends here that say that will pay me a visit in the future. I have also urged my mother to look at it (she is not the "internet type") and to recommend it to anyone who wants to travel to Greece. My mother (Stella Angellaki) has studied history and archeology and for many years now she is guiding. I think she is charismatic in what she does and I believe my experiences along her side has empowered my love for my country as well as for other places in this world. You should "check" her out in one of your future travels in Greece...! But what made me write to you was reading ("and listening to") your page on Greek music (the rebetika link on your Thission page). That hit home. I was amazed and sentimental reading it. You start your narration from 1973 (I was born in 1968, the time you say you started visiting/living in Greece...) and it was like reliving my own (at least in part) musical "growing up". Amazing! Although I could continue forever (as well as start throwing my own suggestions here....) I should stop now. I believe you receive tons of e-mails and I know that this could also be tiring to keep up with. I just wanted to state that I am an admirer of your work and in case you want to make an additional (to the numerous you already have) Greek friend, I'll be delighted to meet you during one of your future journeys to Greece. Take care and keep up the good work,



Dear Matt
I have been looking through your site for the last couple of days, and I
wanted to congratulate you for your work. I am actually Greek, currently
studying in England, and looking through your site I got even more
homesick than I usually am (especially now that I'm in the middle of
exams). I have to admit that your site is one of the best guides for
Greece that I've come across. Even from a local's point of view, it's
excellent. Most guidebooks usually get on my nerves because they only
deal with the touristy places and things to do, and do not get the point
of living in Greece. I particularly liked your Athens guide. It is
indeed a beautiful city when you get used to all the traffic and smog,
and in 21 years you can imagine that I've grown very fond of it,
especially now that I'm away. You are one of the few foreign people that
sees this.
As for the sections about other parts of Greece, I was amazed at all the
places you've visited. At last, a good guide that deals with more than
just the islands (with the possible exception of Lonely Planet, by far
the best guidebooks, they're the only reason that I made it through my
Inter-rail last year...).
Anyway, I just wrote because I felt I had to congratulate you after
managing to make me this homesick... Keep up the good work!

Yia Sou Matt Barrett !

Your website on my home city is fantastic ! I've just looked at the
section on the streetpeople and buskers, and listened to the violin
player (amazing). I'm glad I came across your site (through some other
Greek links) and I tell people about it. I'm a hideously homesick
Athenian, temporarily in LA with my American husband. (I grew up in
S.Africa though). Your site has helped me to revisit my most favourite
place and birthplace (Plaka), and I was even crying here at the screen,
seeing hundreds of details that I know, including banana-sellers and
other people that I used to see.
I'm amazed at all the details and great photos of Athens that you've put
Bravo ! Ise katapliktikos. Na isaste kala....esi ke i  ikogenia sou.

Kalo fthinoporo.....
(and my husband, Matt as well....we came to LA for him to record the
greatest rock 'n roll CD for many, many years. Tell you later if you're

Browsing through your site I could hardly tell the difference whether
you were a visitor or a fellow Athenian. Great work!

Hello Matt,

If I hadn't been a Greek who lives in Athens and if I had happened upon your
website, the first thing that I'd do would be to buy a ticket to Athens! As
far as I am concerned, your message has been successfully delivered: You've
made my mouth water!

A strange thing, but it speaks for the quality of your site: I belong to
those Athenians who do know the Acropolis, who love being around in the
city, who have been countless times in Plaka, Monastiraki, Psyrri. Yet I
felt the irresistible urge to go for a stroll after having spent a couple of
hours navigating around your site.

Matt, I believe that you deserve a medal from the Greek government!

Another thing: Even if you hadn't mentioned it in your site, I would have
guessed your nationality instantly. It is so quintessentially American: It
exudes warmth, openness and friendliness, to me the most characteristic
traits of the American people.

Greetings from Athens,
GSM Greece

Hi Matt, I have been visiting your site for quite some time and decided to finally e-mail you. I live in Melbourne Australia. My parents were both Greek migrants to  Australia in the late 1960’s. I was born here so consider myself Australian of Greek background. Just thought I’d drop you a couple of lines to let you know that your Greece Travel and Athens Survival Guides are awesome. They would have to be the best websites for info and photos on  Greece I have been able to find on the web. If I didn’t know much about  Greece, I would want to visit after seeing you website. You do a far better job than the GNTO, but like you said it’s your passion, that’s why it’s so good.

I have been to Greece several times the last time was in 1995….quite some time ago now, but I totally agree with you, there is something about Greece that I absolutely love, maybe it’s the laid back lifestyle, like you say you feel like you belong there, it’s full of life. I enjoy looking at your photos, it reminds me of the times I was there, especially the Athens photos as I spent over one year living and studying there, so I remember some of the places in your photos, one moment that will stay with me forever was having a café at Plaka with the Acropolis as a backdrop…unforgettable.

All the best,


I am a college student at Loyola University Chicago and just read a
good chunk of your Great Athens tips.  I'm currently sitting here in a
computer lab and must admit that your commentary made me laugh out
loud, for I remember much of the same to be true.  Thank you for
writing something so close to home!
Oh, and I wouldn't recommend the Tower Air cheap flight to anyone!!!!
My family took it over this past summer. It left from NY at 12:00 P.M.
and was crowded and I threw up 3 times!!!
But you are correct, one does have plenty of time and warm sunshine
to get over it!!!
Thank you again for your humor and wit!
  Beth Manuselis 

Dear Matt, Andrea & Amarandi,
Hello! I absolutely love your pages about Greece, especially the Athens
airport section. You had me cracking up in the middle of my university
computer lab because everything you said was so true. My family is Greek and
I too know the legend of the Athens airport luggage carousel. It's so funny,
but I still look forward to it every time!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that your page is helping me SO MUCH because
I am planning my first solo trip "without parents" to Greece for this summer
so all the help I can get is great. Your pages are so helpful Thanks!

Dear Mr. Barrett!
I would like to tell you how much good your Athens survival guide did to me.
I am a greek student living in Munich, Germany since 1993 and I haven´t
managed to travel to Greece for the last 2,5 years. One of the few
possibilities to stay in touch with Greece is the Internet and so I landed
on your page. I really enjoyed reading the text version. Since I was born
and raised in Athens, Marousi in particular, it reminded me of all the
wonderful times I had there.
It is always uplifting to see that there are more people that love the city
that sometimes torment us but always embraces us with warmth.

Next time you´re in Athens, be sure to visit a café called Zeppelin. It is
on the hill of Galatsi and you can sit there and drink your coffee watching
Athens at your feet. At clearer days you can see right down to Pireaus.

Again, thank you a lot.

Sincerely yours,


Congratulations!!Your site is THE GUIDE for Greece!! I work for the GNTO and it is amazing how accurate the information is and how many things you can find inside. However, I think it would be better if you could set a new layout of the site, by clicking less and seing more...
By the way, can you promote Zaharo Ilias? It is a wonderful place near to Ancient Olympia and many people ignore even its existence... I could send you lots of information needed and many many fotos. Thanks in advance!

My best regards,

Markos K.

Hi Matt,

I was feeling bored, and decided to have a look at the net - no special destination. And I "fell" on your guide on "my" city = Athens. And I don't mean Athens, Georgia (or something like that), but "Atheena". Veeeeeeery amusing!! And you really astonished me with all that info you have. You know -- you seem to be so patient, so humorous, so understanding that you would have liked any place. Good for you.

Oh, first let me introduced myself: My name is Alexandra Tsakona and I am an Athenian who loves her city (not necessarily the city's inhabitants). I've been thinking to ask you: did you know that there is an "internet cafe" at the Megaron Mousikees =Athens Concert Hall across the US Embassy? Although the internet cafe you suggest (corner Boulis & Ermou or something like that) is much more practical due to its location, I thought just in case somebody is around the US Embassy, one could be interested in that, too. Should you be interested, the "Megaron" has a site: . This contains info on the internet cafe there. As you might see on my e-mail address, I work at the "Megaron", but have nothing to do with the internet cafe.

Well, I have to go back to work. Before I leave you, I want to tell you a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG "euharisto" (efharisto), i.e. thank you, for what you say about my city!

Wish you best,

I am Greek living in Chicago and usually when I meet people they ask me
where the best Greek restaurant is and where should they go in Greece.  I
give them as much info as I can but I always send them to your site.  I go
(or try to go) almost every year and all your information is right on.

Just wanted to throw you kudos for your website.  I am Greek-American born in the states but lived in Ano Glyfada for six years in my early 20's.  You have captured the essence of the passion we have for Greece. I sometimes have a tough time conveying the feeling and passion that comes out when you step foot off the airplane in Athens.  You my friend "get it".  Kudos to you.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

 Dear Matt, I think you do a superb job on your website.Anybody who wants to visit Greece should  be informed by it. I also want you to know,that I appriciate the attention you gave to my critisism of the  side walks of Athens.
                                  Thank you again
                                   Tom T

Dear Matt,

I am one of the visitors of your web page ( and I am really glad of what you are writing in those pages, since I am a Greek and I know how accurate are whatever you write in there.

Please accept my congratulations, for the quality of your web page and the honest way you are describing everything in there. It seems that you have worked very hard to create this web page and I totally appreciate your hard work!

I have been surfing in your web site for only 30 minutes and I felt that I wanted to express you how much I am enjoying it, so I decided to write you this note.

"BRAVO" again for the GREAT work!

I hope you keep working in this page and let American people (and not only) know more about Athens/Greece.

With great appreciation,


Dear Matt,
Your website has been most helpful!!! I can actually say that yours is THE BEST website I have come across while researching information for my upcoming vacation!
I am Greek and have traveled many times to my country but I don't think I was ever prepared like the way I am now...thanks to you!!!!!
Thankfully yours,


I'm Greek American and travel to Greece every summer. Though I'm very knowledgeable about Greece and speak, read, and write Greek fluently, it was a pleasure to surf your web site. You've got fantastic information for any one wishing to travel there.   BRAVO *****
Kalo Kalokairi


Matt, just a note to tell you I found your internet site accidently, and
read and read and read before we left for Greece. I contacted
, the famous taxi driver, and he "guided" us for two days, to Delphi one day, and to my
grandparents villages, Dimitsana and Langadia another. What a stroke of luck
for me to have found your site and George!
I didn't realize it at the time, but we did make several visits to
Byzantino, the restaurant in the was the best, as was
Platanos.....where there were only Greek families having dinner.  We have
friends in Corfu, and went there also...I had not been back to Greece in 15
years, and there are lots of changes...but it is still the country of my
roots, and I loved every minute of being there. How lucky for you to live
there. George and Loula are treasures, and every bit as special as you said
they would be. thanks,

As a native Greek who has livedin Southern California
since infancy (but tries to get to Greece and see the
folks annually), I find your guides to be the most
amazingly accurate, truthful and connected to the
local culture.  The descriptions are always dead-on --
from the feeling af arrival at the airport and driving
through concrete jungles to the listings of clubs and
hang-outs at the latest hip neighborhoods to your
pages on Rembetika.  I recommend your guides to any
everyone who plans a trip as the best and most truly
atmospheric.  I'm amazed that a little Anglo boy like
you can have entered into the Greek spirit so
completely (unless, of course, I'm mistaken about your
background). You ought to explain how your family came
to live in Athens (as you describe in your Rembetika
pages about Jimmy Quidd and the music conection.)

Also, I'll put in a plug for some of my favorite
places: Jimmy's American Diner (or something like
that) on the pedestrian mall off Voukourestiou between
Panepistimiou and Akadimias (I think it's Valaoritou
Street) has excellent Greek food AND genuine,
authentic, New York cheesecake!  Amazing, for Athens.
I also like the chain of Deli-Kiosk fast food
restaurants for breakfast: good strong coffee,
excellent fruit tarts and turnovers, and well prepared
European breakfast fare like croque monsieur and
gilled cheese sandwiches.  Some locations also double
as concessions for Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors or Dodona
ice cream (very good, if you've never tried it.)

Do you get anything out of this, or is it merely a
labor of love?

Anyway, keep up the phenomenal work!  You have all my


This is the coolest website I have ever seen.  I'm in Chicago, born in Athens 47 years ago and living in the US since 1955.  The Rebetika stuff is excellent.  I'm a fan myself.  When I was last in Athens, my friend John and I went to a club in the student section between Omonia (my father used to carve souvlaki/gyros there from 1929 till we emigrated) and the University.  It reminded me of the Village in NYC but the populace looked more like terrorists.  Anyway, we went to a second floor club like the ones you describe, and this fabulous suinger was performing classic rebetika with an excellent band -- excellent.  Her name is Voula Sallides.  The greatest regret of the last 5 years is not buying her CD there that night.  Your friends in New York don't have it.

I'm also president of the Hellenic Museum in Chicago.  We're going to start a building  next year.  Very cool.  And we do very good exhibits (including one on Greek Music a few years ago.)  E-mail me here so we can talk.  I'd love to link your sited when we're on the web (early April).  We're doing The History of Gyros in the fall.

From the moment i came across your site i was taken away!!!!! i thought there is no way i will get a site on the WWW, offering my knowledge and help to those traveling to Greece - this MATT person not only beat me to it, but beat us all to it - LOL - should be Mayor!!!!!!!
A job so well done!!!!!!! I hope that we will be albe to chat sometime and maybe even meet in person in Greece - i plan to be there next summer [June] and will be staying 5 days in Athens to see one or two of my closest relatives then I'm off to Mt Athos to hopefully learn to paint by and with the monks, then off to my favorite Island Mykonos to stay with my friend VASILIS the owner of the ELYSIUM HOTEL in town. Actually Vasilis is one of the first original hotel owners who built a 5 star
establishment - for the time -while everyone else had their homes to offer [as you may remember as late as even the very early 80's].
Once again - my hat off to you. Stay well.
New York City

Dear Matt

While I was planning and investigating a 4-6 day side trip to Santorini during my Easter visit to family and friends in Athens I discovered your Web pages. Your Web pages are my greatest find in the Internet since I started "browsing" a year ago.
I have visited many Greek Web sites but by far yours are the most complete, informative, and reader friendly. As a native Greek with family and friends in Athens, who has visited home more than 10 times in the last 25 years, I still find your Web pages invaluable. And I have not yet fully explored or read all your info., tips, and suggestions!!! Keep the good work going.
(You are welcomed to quote me if you wish.)

Thank you,
Anthony G.

P.S. - I just discovered that you and I have the same love "Rembetica". Some other time we can exchange notes on the subject.
I also love/get homesick with plakiotikes cantades.

Matt hi! My name is Nikos. I am a Greek living in Australia and I have a program on the Greek radio here in Sydney. I am visiting your web site many times. You 've Dane an exultant job! Congratulations. NIKOS

I just thought that I would drop you a e-mail telling you what an
amazing home page you have created at Http://  It is
the most complete directory I have seen about Greece.  My hat goes off
to you.

Montreal, Quebec


 I can't tell you what a joy it is to be reading and exploring your web
sites on greece. Your stories paint pictures,and make me feel that I was
there experiencing the same things. I want to know are the stories from
"Spear fishing in Skatahori" in a book? is it still in print? I asked about
it at a Barnes and Nobel Book store last night and they said that they
didn't carry it.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sitting in my dumb cubicle at
work and I have your page w/ the stories bookmarked and I've read a few and
they are really good. !! They brighten up my semi-dull work days! When
things are slow in the office (or when I'm just plain bored), I read a few
of your stories and I can see in my mind all the things you describe, and I
remember my own funny experiences there. I am Greek-American, used to live
in Athens... planning on moving back next year (getting married). That's my
story in a nutshell. Anyway, just wanted to say that your website is cool,
... I haven't read all of it yet, but it sounds like you've had great
experiences over there....
Well, "kales diakopes" and keep adding to your website!


YEP!!.You can step in front of the class. It is beautifull in what you are doing.  I am a Greek American. My Mother from Mytiline and my father from Kithera.  My wife is from Mytiline, Lesvos and I have been to Greece Five times. SO, your stuff is bringing me memories, and learning what I didn't know before. Thank you for your web page and keep  up the good work.  Pgmsr

A very good friend of mine gave me your website To check out Lesvos. My mother was born in Mitiline and she came from a place called Halika. My wife Alkmini was born in Mitiline from a place called,UP SKALA, just above the Market place in Mitiline. Later on as a little girl they bought a house in a town called Chrissomalousa, there she stayed till she came to America, in "47". My mother came to America in 1919, to be Married. ME, I am an American born who is very delighted to read and see your website. Your website is beautifull and I am learning alot about Mitiline. I have been there but one time,When I took my mother to see her country once again after 47 years. I was so very happy to see my mother so very happy, that literally she lost her voice in her exciment. We stayed in Mitiline for one month and we almost saw all of it. I would like to go again but a bad heart is keeping me away, but my memory of Mitiline still stays with me. I am 78 years young now and waitng to see the turn of the century, then who knows. Thank you very much on your important time to read my letter.It really brought Mitiline back to me.   Thanks  Peter

My name is Agapitos and I would like to congratulate you on your web page ( am from
Mytilene but I live in Athens because of my studies.I must admit that reading your pages made me really
homesick.It's really encouraging to know that Mytilene and Lesvos are places that can still inspire
a foreigner without having this intense tourist-attractive profile and I am certain that you have captured
another side of Mytilene and Lesvos that maybe I have become so accustomed to that now I tend to overlook.Anyway,it's a really great site.Well done!

Best regards

Dear Matt

I just visited and I believe that you have done an excellent job.
It is amazing how many things you know about the island.
There were a lot of things I don't know although I have spent more than one
year in the island and I visit it very often. In a matter of speaking I am
leaving Pireaus with Mitilyne on Thursday afternoon.

The fact that people use your work without even giving you the credit it is
so "Greek". Believe me I know.

The reason I am e-mailing you other than to compliment your work is to
suggest you a tavern in Lesvos that you should definitely visit and include
in your site.

Is called "Mpalouchanas" (believe me it's difficult even for a Greek to say
it) and it is in Perama in Gera Gulf (Kolpos tis Geras). The food is a
little better than dull and service is average. But when it comes to the
location than things do change. The tables are on a cement base that is
surrounded by the sea. You have literally the feeling that you are IN the
Gulf. If you are lucky (as I did) you might see a dolphin swimming a few
meters away from you while you having a "meze".

I consider that place one of the best places to eat in Lesvos!
I hope that during your next visit in Lesvos you will have the opportunity
to visit Mpalouchanas.

Kind regards

Just a quick note to say congratulations and thank you for your fantastic Athens guide website. It's by far the best and most useful that I have seen and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is thinking of visiting Athens .

Hi Matt,
Thank you for all the useful information I received for Greece! It seems
like you, literally speaking, fell in love with the natural beauty of this
'Godblessed land', which is the country I come from. I was impressed of the
depth of the information provided on your web pages, and the accuracy of it.
The only drawback was that some of the pictures(on the 'Lesvos' page) were
not visible at all, or took a long time to appear on the screen.

As for your new page on the island of Lesvos, I have to say that I found it
extremely interesting the way you supplied people with the right reasons for
visiting the island. I totally agree with you on how beautiful and unspoilt
this island is! Especially the view from the village of Sigri is
breathtaking. I always have this picture of Sigri on my mind but not so
vivid as I keep it inside my heart! It is a place that attracts you with its
natural striking beauty and culture than it's nightlife, which is hardly

For once again WELL DONE Matt!!
I truly hope Greece won't let you down!

Dear Matt

Is it possible to purchase a book on everything I saw in visiting your web site, especially foods, photos, retsina, ouzo, et all??

I was really impressed. Although I have not been back to my place of birth, Athens, or the mainland and islands for a few years, I try and explain what a great vacation in Greece would do for them. I am certain that my two sons would be very interested in such a book, if it exists.

Please provide details as to cost, availablity and methods of shipping. I'm trying to meet a dealine for the postal date to insure delivery to an overseas location.

Thank you in advance for anything that can be done.



I would just like to say thank you for being such a big help in me
living in greece. You have given me all the info that i needed for me to
have a great time in greece. I wish you the best of luck and happy years
in the future. Well hope to hear form you maybe i will be joining you
on the beaches of greece

deep thanks your friend aris

Hi Matt,
Nice to hear from you. I have passed on your site details to many of my travel agent friends. It always helps to be recommended, not that your site needs recommendation it is excellent. It is easy to navigate and full of very useful information. I can see how you enjoy your work and I hope that it provided good business for you.
Please congratulate your daughter on her site also, it great
Good luck and best wishes


I'm interested in receiving the Greece Travel Newsletter. Your website is wonderful. I had a chance to visit Greece after 26 years and I had a great time. Since I found your website, it's like I'm there. Keep up the great work.


Your site is extremely thorough. I'm a Greek that was born in Greece and has lived the majority of my life in the States. I am planning on traveling to Greece this summer with my two small children and I just wanted to let you know that all your information is helpful and very organized. Great work!

Dear Matt,

I discovered your Athens Survival Guide yesterday and I was so happy to see
such a detailed, informative and well presented guide to my hometown. I just
wanted to let you know I've added a link to your guide in my website.



Re: streetpeople

I use your site now and again, sometimes for practical purposes
(when I'm planning a trip to Athens) and sometimes just for
nostalgic indulgence.
The streetpeople section is brilliant; I share your fascination with
the characters of the street, the mixed feelings of empathy and
admiration for the kids and your opinion that the Athens streets are
stage to some of the worlds best musicians.
Keep up the good work,


This is a great site. Thanks for bringing me back so many great memories. I was 17 in 1972 and I had the same experiences discovering Savopoulo and rebetika at that time.

Also, I noticed a small error. The military police during the "hunta' years was called ESA not ELSA. However, it is true that these two words sound almost identical in Greek.

Thanks again

By the way, I am still vey fond of the old Sabopoulos music. I used to put my son to sleep by singing to him the "eixa eixa mia agapi ax kardoula mou..."

Hi ---I just wanted to let you know that this is the ABSOLUTE BEST Greek website around!!!!! You hit on everything!!!! I am a Greek American and have been to Greece many times. When I visit, I usually stay in Athens (Peristeri) with family. I am requesting the Greece Travel Newsletter as mentioned on the website. Thanks again for the terrific website!!! ---Christa Stefanopoulos

Hello Matt Barrett,
I found your website about 2 weeks ago and i LOVE it. I look at it eery
night...almost! I am from Canada and i am also from Greece and i have been
back many many times, the last time i was there was august-october 2001! I
am planning to go in February 2003 for one year. i want to take a class to
learn to read adn write greek. I am fluent in speaking though! While i was
looking for schools in Athens or Thessaloniki i came across to your website.
ANd let me tell you, you made me laugh many times. Its a wonderful
website....keep up the good work. It makes me sad though because i want to
go your website is the closes to greece that i can get to right
now! If you have any information in classes for me to take or good places to
visit on my 1 year trip to greece next year then please tell me!!
Thanks again for a great website.
Helen (Eleni)

Dear Matt,

Totally by chance I came across your site as I was surfing, I know Greece fairly well but have never lived here until I decided to settle in Athens two months ago, your site is a mine of information for all people who somehow have something to look for in Greece.
Thanks to you, I got in touch with a travel agency to make me offers for hiring a boat this coming summer, very friendly people answered back to my email right away.

Well Done Matt.

Mrs L

Dear Matt,

I am a Greek-American born and raised in the US. I have spent my life spending summers in Greece - a few years ago I discovered your website and it changed everything for me!

You have made traveling through Greece a pleasure! It is your site that enabled me to have a
cell phone delivered to me upon my arrival to Athens a few summers ago.

How did I ever travel through Greece without one??

While I'm not quite as Greek-travel-savvy as you are - I like to think I rank - I know parts of Greece as well as my "backyard".. and thanks to your site - I'm learning more and more.

Thanks for a great website and all the information/services you provide!


Dear Matt,
I don't know if you remember me. I contacted you last year by e-mail, explaining the situation in Kos island. My name is Katerina Moustaka and I own a rent-a-car business.
I saw the work you did about our island. The site is really beautiful and your information is truely impressive. The passage you have written about last year's crisis is really substantial and presents the situation exactly as it is. Your work in general is fantastic. On behalf of the island, thank you very much for everything you have done. Although I have a little complaint. You said you would contact me when you got here, but you didn't. I hope we can meet some other time, so me and my husband can thank you in person.

Dear Matt,

Please forgive my informal greeting, but I felt so
I just could not address you as Mr. Barrett.
I just want to say THANK YOU, thank you for your
wonderful web guides to greece. I am a 21 year old
girl and I currently live in the Netherlands - have
been for the last 1.5 years. I am getting ready to
visit Greece in the next month with my dutch bf so I
was browsing the
net for inspiration and places to show my my friend..
I came upon your site and that was it, I was hooked.
You brought me close to tears numerous times and I was
totally filled with nostalgia and love for my

Personally I am from Thessaloniki and that is where
we are heading now. Your sensitivity towards the
macedonian but also the old turkish issues really
touched me and I would like to express once more my
appreciation for your work.

I don't want to say more right now ( i mean get
more personal w/ questions etc) because for all I know
you might be getting mails like that every day
and are bored rotten with them by now. But if you are
not I would love to hear from you and get to know you

Take care, and once again thank you, you made my
My best wishes for you, your wife and daughter.


Hello Matt

I have read lots of the web pages of your Athens Survival Guide, and I must confess that I am very surprised by the deep knowledge you have about Athens. I am greek, living in Athens and I know the city and the way of living here. You have done an excellent job Matt ! You are so real in what you write and you mention details that only an athenaeum is able to know. I have to congratulate you for the rest Greece guide too. A couple of friends of mine from the US were planning to come to Athens and visit me and they asked me to provide them with some information about the city, so that they could have an idea before they come. I just forwarded them your web site !!! When they came here, they told me that browsing your site was like a real visit in Athens. I want to thank you for your great job. It’s honor for our city to have a friend like you.

Regards from downtown Athens !


i haven't got this computer for a long time, but the first thing i did, was to look at the sites of my dads birthplace,thessaloniki.
And I have to tell you, i was very pleased to see all those pictures that give me a nice feeling because it makes me feel a little bit at home here behind my computer in holland. greetings anna

Hi Matt,

I just returned from 2 months in Greece. I had not been back for 3 years and could not believe the changes. I wrote to you last year about having a site on the renovations going on. I thought of your site immediately when looking for old buildings with character, you are correct they are everywhere. I was hoping that you could do a before and after type site. Your site illustrates how passionate you truly are about Greece.

I hope you undertake such a site, you are probably one of the few people who could pull it off.

One of your biggest fans

hi! i was taking a look at your site just now and i loved it! i'm greek and i have recently moved to london and i terribly miss, as soon as i run into your site i started exploring it. it is fun! especially the section with the pictures from athens... i even recognised some people! all of thos eplaces are places where i've spent all of my years so far and it was so nice to see them again, even just their pictures...

you even have a picture of my favourite shop in pandrosou... the one with the ethnic jewellery etc... i used to spend most of my free time in monastiraki when i was 15 and i used to visit that shop every single day. however, my pocket money was so little that i could never afford to buy the things i really liked, so everyday i would go in without buying anything! after sometime the people who were working ther started looking at me somehow... i don't blame them. anyway... i miss greece so much! thanks for sharing your pictures. now when my english friends ask me what is greece like, i'll know exactly what to show them...


Hello Matt,

Great Site! Especailly your
Haridimos page and images. Plus, all those great
Greek connections...

I would very much love to include Haridimos on the Karghiozis Masters pages
of, and would love to request the use of materials from your
page with attribution, and links, of course.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Alexis Xenakis

Dear Matt,

After browsing your Athens Guide website I felt that I just had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated it.

I am a Greek-British national who was raised in Athens as a child (in the Makriyanni neighbourhood), but who has since lived all his life in the UK. For the last ten years or so I have travelled back to Athens as often as I can, probably once a year or so, and in the meantime have to make do with the internet whenever my nostalgia becomes too great.

Out of all the numerous Athens websites I've come across, I don't feel that any do justice to the city in the way the Athens Guide manages to, whether in prose or in pictures. I thought the site really puts across your affection for the place, despite the downsides to Athenian life. Wasn't it Melina Merkouri who said something along the lines of Athens being like an ugly woman who, nevertheless, it was impossible to resist returning to time and again?

In no particular order, here are my favourite site pages:

  • the section on Plaka, which also happens to be my favourite village in Europe, if not the world!
  • your account of strollering through Athens - while my grandmother was alive I would take her out for walks around the centre, an ordeal just as stressful and risky as the one that you describe
  • your photos of the 2002 snowstorm - I was in Athens myself for Christmas 2001 but left the day before it snowed. Until I saw these photos all I had was a few poor quality newspaper cuttings to try and imagine what the city must have looked like.
  • your photos of the 1st cemetery, which really moved me because that is now where my grandmother is buried and where I spend a lot of my time whenever I return

I also have a couple of suggestions: for learning Greek, I would strongly recommend the Athens Centre located in the Mets neighbourhood (its actually thanks to their website - that I came across the Athens Guide) - excellent courses of all levels and durations, good location, beautiful building and helpful staff. Also, for coffee shops, have you tried the Diogenes cafeteria behind Lysikrates monument in the "Dirty Corner"? Its a great place to peacefully sip a frape, away from the main street and, in the summer at least, its shady and leafy.

Once again, thanks for your great site - the next time nostalgia grips, I know where to turn!

Best Wishes

Hi Matt I spent 2 hours reading about my beautiful island I say my island because I was born in Mytilini  and lived in Kaloni we moved to the U S when I was very young my mother and father went to school in Kaloni my grand father Hercules which I am named after built the large stone house that is actually two houses side by side across from the school it was for his two daughters Cleopatra and Athena . My grand father at one time owned  a factory in Kaloni which made olive oil soda the only ice factory ,  which supplied the town and surrounding towns and villages and was also the original  power plant for Kaloni   my father Peter later donated the factory and its land to the big church that’s next to the cemetery which is back down the street where you mentioned the lady had the CD store now its run by a man named George and his daughter they are both so very nice and he especially loves music I was there for hours listened to all types of CD’S and bought about 22 my dad also donated some land to the cemetery to make it bigger  his sister Athena is laid to rest there .  My mothers house in the giant stone house one block from Dreams Café going towards Skala  on the right The little house  that sits elevated and the land in the park across Dreams Café  on the right use to belong to a priest in my family it has since been donated to the city that’s why  the park  is there there is a book about Kaloni and my family is every where in that book including including a picture of my grand father in his store in CONN. when he was in the U S we go back many generations   in Kaloni  my favorite place to eat in Skala Kaloni is Fedra and I was there this year for the Sarthela Festival I was up all night and left for the airport @ 6 in the morning my rental car packed and ready  my favorite Ouzo is the one in Polixnito with a green screw top cant remember the name I love going to the island I miss it so much when I leave as soon as I get there I visit my Nuno and Nuna they live in Mytilini  Then I go to Taxiarxi that is where I was baptized .  We know live in FL. and our last name is Mihaelaras every one in Kaloni knows us and the name .I WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK YOU FOR A GREAT!!!!! JOB YOU DID ON OUR BEAUTIFUL ISLAND  1 more thing can you please give me the web address because I want to share it with my family. I hope I didn’t bore you to much


A quick note to congratulate you on a brilliant website. Your love and affection for the country and it's people shine through, page after page and your enthusiasm is infectious.

As an Australian of Greek descent (both my parents were born and raised in Lemnos) and currently planning a trip back to the country of my heritage, I have found your website indispensable and a constant referencing point. I have been emailing links to all my friends and relatives and they too are impressed and excited with all your website contains.

Keep up the great work and many thanks

(Melbourne, Australia)

Gia sas, firstly thank you for responding so promptly to my e-mail.I must infact apologise for my delayed response, but having just flown back to home base and being close to the Greek Easter ,it has been a very hectic time.

It was 3 am when the "music fanatic" was sent an e-mail with subject topic"You owe me huge !"
Yes, indeed I owe my friend "huge".What a fantastic site.Remebetika music, history and one that "touched" me.
I wanted to just e-mail you and say,for what it is worth to you, I read and read and I played cd's mentioned there louder and louder and that "sunginithika" I became emotional.I live so far from Greece, and no I do not go often at all, so anything and everything Greek, in particular music is so important to me, to me music is "life"and it is with music that I cope with the every day living that we all do in one way or another,and of course for me in particular Greek music.I am no great"writer" so my words could never express what I felt by your site.It was not that it was "state of the art"or a graphics wonder, it was much much more that.It was for me to put it simply"TELIO"-PERFECT.It was close to 5am, I did a quick search via a basic search engine looking for a site that may mention you ,so I could get an e-mail address, I came across your Greek tour sites and voila there was the e-mail and just had to e-mail.I just wanted to say
Thank you - Sas eucharisto -
Since then I have also slowly gone through your travel sites guides, also very interesting and pleasing.
My warmest regards to your family,and I wish you all a Kali Anastasi, Xronia Polla.-Happy Easter.

Sas Xereto.

Hi Matt,
I've been reading your stuff for a long time and find myself going back to it when ever I get homesick for Greece! I am glad to see that your site keeps growing, but still wait to see a book!! I'm guessing that with the Olympics coming up, your query letters should be getting some attention!

I'm writing to inquire about the free Greece travel newsletter. If there's anything more that you haven't already said, I suppose it would be in there? Well, I love Greece very much, my husband was Greek and is buried in Messini. We go to Greece nearly every summer, and have an apartment in Kalamata. I, too, am writing a book about Greece, in honor of my husband, which revolves mainly around the food...or rather, takes off from the food and touches on many different aspects of the country and culture. I'm always interested in hearing stories about the food, to share in my book. Maybe someday you can bring the family to Kalamata and learn about the area. It is about to get a major tourist center, well, near there, anyway!

So, keep up the fantastic work! Maybe our families will meet some day in the southern Peloponneses!


Hi Matt,

I recently discovered your website and I think it's great!!!
You've pretty much covered it all.........
I travel to Greece every year and sometimes even twice in a year. My parents were born in Greece and have kept their roots and also have passed all their traditions, religion, customs and all other relations to us.
I would like to receive your newsletter. I am very interested. Every year we try (my husband and I) try to visit more and more places. Every year we plan as much as we could from here (Montreal, Quebec, Canada...) Once we get to Grc., it's go straight home (Zevgolatio, Corinth) drop off our bags, get the car ready, and off we go.
I could probably keep writing you but I don't want to bore you.
Please forward me a copy of your newletter at the following address:

Thanking you in advance,

hi mate,
i liked the photos and funny comments about the flea market in athens.
i ended up in your site pretty much by accident (surfing music comments for
Savopoulos, by the way greece is not only rebetico and i'm glad you seemed to get into
it- also check 'active member', 'diafana krina', 'o stavros tou notou' by miroutsikos,
haris alexiou, etc.).
as an athenian abroad i felt quite good and though not seen yet the rest, i'd say this
is not bad for an american site!

My grandfather was Greek and I have traveled to this wonderful country many times. I always enjoy the food and have eaten in many of the restaurants that you mention on the web.
Lately I have really become interested in the Greek Wines. I discover new ones each time I visit. The Greek people know how to enjoy life. The small village life knows good food and family. Someday I plan to live there for an extended time. Until then... I will dream with your web page. Thank you.


Congratulations, or better "thank you", for your
excellent website for Athens.
I am not Athenian, although Athens reflexes all the

I got surprised, because you have "catched the pulse"
of Greece, better than the Greeks!
Although, as Alexander said "Greeks are those who have
received the Greek culture", so the truth is that you are Greek.

I was also surprised to see that you liked Savvopoulos!
Dionyssis himself, his music, is Greece!
If you understand him, you understand Greece.
"Trapezakia ekso" (tables outside) expresses the real
beaty of this country, not the external, but the spiritual.
I don't know if you were in position to understand the lyrics,
if not, you have to learn Greek just for this!

Anyway, I was looking at the pictures of the street musicians.
I show the videos, too.

Greece is not what they show in the touristic guides.
Even myself, I am surprised to see everyday something different,
something totally unknown to me.
I come from Xanthi (Thrace) and I have taken hundreds of pictures
from Thrace, Thessalia, Mount Athos and Thessaloniki, using my digital
camera. It is surprising that in each trip I discover something new,
that I couldn't even imagine before that it could exist!

I am sending you some of these pictures as a "thank you".
I study in England, in a cold and wet enviroment, although
with your website I am tranfering back home..


Dear Matt
No specific questions for you, but I am currently planning a quick trip to Greece (I am 1st Generation Australian) with my husband (nervous Englishman) to visit family in Elika (SW of Monemvasia) and I've found your web page of great value - the most informative on the net for information on Greece.

All the best

My name is Thalia .... yes, I'm Greek American. And a travel writer.
(You can check out my books on, if you like. ) I've been to Greece about 10 times, have led tours there, etc. and have been to probably 15-20 islands.

I've enjoyed your site SO MUCH-- came across it last night and stayed up into the wee hours, amazed at all you had put together. Now when people call and ask me all sorts of questions about traveling to Greece, I will simply refer them to your site, which has ALL the answers! So thank you for that.

Next week we are fling to Europe for a 3-week honeymoon (one year after our wedding, which was in a small town on the Baja peninsula of Mexico). My husband Mike and I will spend a few days in Rome, visit my cousins in Athens, and then, probably go to Santorini.

He has never been to Greece before, so Santorini seems like a "must" for him. I usually stay in Oia, but I liked your suggestion of staying down near Akrotiri to be closer to the beach, as well really want to get our beach time in.

Then I was thinking of going to Rhodes-- one island I have yet to visit. Mike is an ancient history buff so there will be plenty for us both to see there. And I like the idea of discovering someplace new together on this trip.

But your photos of the beach and descriptions of the "resort towns" have made me a little bit concerned. Usually I stay in domatia in fairly small beach towns in whatever island I happen to be visiting. Since it's our honeymoon, we might upgrade a bit, but I'm wondering if you might suggest some quieter beaches or smaller beach towns that don't have flying parasails, rental umbrellas, etc. etc. on Rhodes.

Matt, thanks for your great web site and all the work that went into it! I will be updating my first book, A Journey of One's Own, which is going into a Third Edition, after I return from this trip. I will make myself a note to put in a plug for your site in my updated book.


Hi Matt - I have just discovered you web site. It is brilliant. My husband
and I were regular visitors to Greece from the early 1960's until 1983, when
we came here to live.

We built a house on the outskirts of Galaxidi. We know Delphi, Arachova,
Itea and the route to Patras through Nafpaktos etc. very well. This email is
just to compliment you on the outstanding quality of your web site and the
accuracy of the information of the area in which we live. I feel sure the
rest of the web site is just as excellent and I look forward to exploring it
fully. Thank you. It must have taken a great deal of hard work on your part.
I hope you will be able to keep it up. Good luck.

Yours sincerely.
Dr. Efthemios

Hello Matt

I've just been reading some of your stories about Greece, and I want to thank you for... well, it's hard to find appropriate words - your sincerity, I guess.

My parents are Greek, and I used to consider myself Greek as well although I have never had the fortune to spend much time in Greece. I have, over time, come to the realisation that I'm not really Greek and never will be; I'm a sort of hybrid (as you say, I have a "confused sense of identity", but that's ok). I live in Australia now, but grew up in South Africa. In any case, I just wanted to thank you for your stories and to say I hope you keep on writing. Your writing is very vivid, and while reading it I feel like I'm in Greece and am meeting some of the characters you write about.

My regards to you and your family, Andrea and Amarandi (what a beautiful name that is). Please don't feel you have to respond to this email (I imagine you get many from strangers all over the world, and that you wouldn't have time to respond to all of them); I really just wanted to thank you for your stories.



I just wanted to say that I think your sight is great. It is fabulous and absolutely wonderful.

I am Greek myself, born in Australia from Greek parents. Since my last trip to Greece I enjoy browsing the net on sites about Greece which remind me of my holidays there in the past. I must say that your site is among a few sites which does not degrade Greece and embark on miserable stories of bad taxi drivers, unhelpful locals and pollution levels in Athens.

All places in the world have a fair share of good and bad and I am glad to see that your site focuses on providing useful information about Athens and Greece which is a necessity for all of us who have roamed the streets and lanes of Athens with peaked curiosity and immense enthusiasm.

Well done to you.


hey there
i have been writing an article on `secret' athens for a greek-australian mag and i came across your site.
i lived in athens for a year and a half..and i am extremely impressed with the effort you have put into this is fabulous..and it brought back 1001 thank you.
i will refer my readers to this site.
incidentally, just how long were you in athens?????
you certainly covered the spirit and breadth of this amazing city which i love so much.
i am sighing as i type.
well done!!

Dear Matt:

We recently went to Mykonos via Athens over the July 4th weekend and
what memories your site brought back to me. The pics of the 2002 snow in
Athens were wild. We went to Athens last Christmas, actually left the
States the eve of Dec.25. When we got there, the weather was sunny,
temps in the 50's, really quite pleasant weather.
I didn't see any mention of the Changing of the Guard in front of the
old Parliament building across from Syntagma Square. It's a very solemn
procession and worth a mention in your guide.

I want to thank you for putting that guide together, though we've been
to Athens twice, we still didn't see all the sights.

I can honestly attest to your thoughts on Frappe'. That is strong stuff,
but I got turned on to it and yes, one should not drink 3 of those over
the course of 4 hrs and expect to fall asleep. I won't make that mistake

By the way, I'm Greek and actually born in Ioannina. My husband and I
are learning the language, since we plan on visiting Greece every year.
When we were in the Athens the first time, we actually got the nerve to
use their subway system and went to the National Archeological Museum,
another place to visit. But visit when you've had a few days to adjust
to their time zone, because the museum is huge and we were exhausted the
day we went there.

Again, I just wanted to let you know I went on your site and found it
very informative. Keep up the good work.


Hey Matt,
Just a Greek girlie from Thessaloniki who was amazed with your site!
Keep it up

Best wishes

Hello from Santorini, Greece.

As an Athenian living at the moment at Santorini island, i feel like i want to give you my congratulations for your webpage about Athens.

We all who live in Athens know its serious problem, and we the youngest generation really want to change some thinks in our city.

It was great to visit your site, as it was like a nice walk around my beloved city, and actually is the only site or tour guide who really sees beyong the mainstreem.

I really believe in this city, and really believe that is amazing to live at this cosmopolitan city.

Best regards,




Great depiction both socially and culturally. Being Greek / American and having grown up in Athens I get alot of people asking for all types of information about Greece, usually as a prelude to their travel.

Now I have a great web-site to refer them to.

Na Eisai Kala...


Dear Matt,
(though I am not certain you don't speak perfect greek by now!!)

Congratulations for your guide. I think is beautifully designed and your
information is correct and impartial. You seem to have understood very well
the spirit and the temperement of greeks.
I have always liked American people but now I like them even more !

I happened to spot your guide while searching a convenient site for some
friends who are visiting Athens this year. I am very happy that such a guide
circulates in the Internet. I haven't read everything yet, but from the
little I red I dare say that it is remarkable.

After all those compliments (from a very difficult customer beleive me !)
you should feel very proud.

Be well, and I will probably meet you sometime in Psiri or Metaxourgeio...

A Greek working in Brussels

 great guide! we are athenians living here all our life and still we learned new things about our city...!

Nice work...

Stathis + Maria

 Hi Matt,

I have to congratulate you on your site "Athens Survival Guide". I live in Athens and I found that all of your comments were very practical and very pleasant to read. I am writing to you in comment of something written in the section concerning the Acropolis. You mention that king Aegeas jumped from the Temple of Athena Nike into the sea; though I am quite sure (unless newer archeological findings find me wrong!) that he jumped into the Aegean sea from the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio.

Hope that my comment is helpful or that you will correct me and save me from spreading misconceptions about our history (I am always ashamed when foreigners ask me about our history and I sheepishly smile in ignorance). Your site is really worthy of attention and I hope that the swarms of tourists read it beforehand so they are not as much disappointed by the appalling first impression of the city.

Best Regards


 When did you make this website...
It is an AMAZING account of Greece. You have done a spectacular job of
intertwining the past, present and overwhelming aura of Athens.

My warmest congatulations !
You've done a great job! Your site helped even me, an Athenian !!!

Your comment are ( almost ) all absolutely correct and objective !!

Keep on.

Regards fromm rainy and cold Athens,

PS:If you come to Athens drop a mail !

Matt:  You have the best website I have every seen. I spend hours on end looking at it!  I think my husband is getting jealous!  We are planning a trip for fall 2004 or spring 2005. I have many dreams of the beautiful pages you have made. THANK-YOU!  Theresa

Hi Matt,

Just a quick email to say that I came accros your website about
traveling in Greece and I just like to say well done.
Very good up-to-date information on things and aspects of Greek even I
didnt know about :)

Keep up the good work


My name is George and I live in South Australia.

I've been looking at your BRILLIANT site for a long time now and have recommended it to many others. I've also referred travellers to Greece to stay at the Attalos Hotel after you  praised it. The people that stayed there were pleased with the service, location and value.

I think the Greek government should give you something (lots of cash and recognition) for the services you provide travellers to Greece. From reassuring them about the place to offering them hands on help to buying jewellery (my brother bought beautiful stuff from Byzantino) and personalised taxi service.

When I was in Greece last some years ago I was a bit critical of the place after travelling through affluent Europe and expected my ancestral home to be the one I always imagined in my head of friendly people, beautiful architecture and unspoilt landscapes. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed UNTIL I got to Ermoupolis on Syros and ever since then I've had a personal love affair with that remarkable port and island. I long to return all the time and often read your write up about it which I reckon hits the nail on the head. I often advise travellers to visit Syros but most don't because they haven't heard about it enough and want to visit the so called "hip' islands. That's Ok as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather keep it unspoilt and leave it  for the discerning traveller. A relative that did listen to me and visited the island was most impressed.

Ever since I discovered Syros I've been trying to get as much information and pictures about it as I can from the net, but unfortunately there isn't much. There's Mid-America a site about opera that briefly features the wonderful opera house and a few other sites that feature it briefly , but not enough to satisfy my deep interest. I'd very much like to read the complete history of the place as I know it's a very historical and seminal place in Greece's modern history. In a way it's the first Diaspora and as a Greek-Australian even this connects me to the island. One of the main features I adored about it was its well preserved neo-classical architecture with all the detailing in a holistic townscape. This fulfilled one of my fantasies of Greece that I mentioned earlier. Like a classical city recreated in the age of neo classicism. A mini St Petersburg on an island in the Aegean. I'm passionate about Syros and have been trying for ages to get a book or anything in English.  At one time it was briefly featured in Odyssey magazine which I subscribe to (they called it one of Greece's most elegant towns), but that was only about the restoration of the theatre and still not enough.

Now I am back at university after working in Japan and am studying Cultural Tourism as a Bachelors degree at university. We've been assigned to choose a cultural city and to do a project about it. I have gathered as much information as I can about Ermoupolis but it's still minimal and decided to turn to you, the guru of Greek travel to see if you can help me.

 I need a book(s) preferably with pictures on Ermoupolis and Syros and will be most grateful if you can direct me to this pursuit. I've been unable to get one online and  need it sent from Greece somehow, if one exists. Surely there must be one if not many. I will pay you whatever you think is fit for this request.

I hope I'm not wasting your time and I understand if you are too busy to help, but I feel we share a 'kindred spirit" on Syros. I have exhausted all avenues in attaining what I want from thousands of miles away.

 Hope you can be of assistance, it will be most appreciated

Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

A serious Syros lover.



Adelaide Australia

Dear Mr. Barett,

I would like in this e-mail to congratulate you for your website about Greece. I always use it when we need to give to tourists information about Greece. I like it bcz you have personalized it and there are many funny things in it.  

Sixaritiria kai pali,

Xairetismous kai filia



dear matt,

what a great site!! i really enjoyed browsing thru it, very thorough, im sure travellers find it very useful. i really liked your songs too.

i was sitting here at the office, bored to hell when i stumbled upon your site, just wanted to thank you for the company.. hehe.

im a greek amerian living in athens. grew up in NY and have been living here for abt 12 yrs. i recently made my own site.. but im not too good at it (yet). just some pics of me and my friends at various parties at clubs and bars in athens. i duno if ud wanna link to it, show people how we party...woo hoo!! lol

i must say that the cool thing about your site is the personal touch.. i think thats what mine lacks, maybe u could give me some tips?


Hello Matt,

I would like to thank you for your really great website on Greece. Whenever I want to find something (or show a friend something) about a particular island, or mainland destination, your website is the very first I turn to. I also just love to read about your experiences. I cannot believe how little I knew about the country prior to reading the information on your site! Thank you.

I am from Australia and am not as lucky as you when it comes to the distance to travel to get there (many people in Australia tend stop for a day or two in Bangkok or Singapore these days to recover from the flight) and the monetary exchange rates! Did you know an AUD is only worth around 56 Euros now!?!?! Ouch.

My mother and myself are going later in the year to visit my very old grandmother for 2 and a half weeks, and when I mean old, she's over 100 years old! Hopefully I'll go again next year to see the Olympics as I enjoyed them in year 2000 very much!

Reading your site makes me drool with anticipation that much more. I've been to Greece 3 times prior (9 years ago I went there via the United States for a month... NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans, SFO, yadayadayada) and I find it very interesting how detailed your information really is! I am also so glad I had found someone like yourself Matt that knows about the island of Syros and who can teach me a thing or two! No one in Australia (friends, travel agents, etc) has any idea, and this is the island my Dad is from! People tend to go on about Mykonos, Santorini, Paros... but, I find there are nicer places to visit. I plan to go to Skiathos, Thessaloniki and Kefallonia maybe next year... as well as the usual places.

Anyway, well done on a wonderful site.


Hi Matt,

Great Web Site.  I have lived in the UK for a long time but was born in Athens (and lived there for 6 years in the 80s) and visit 2-3 times a year . I can therefore appreciate your knowledgeable insights and have recommended your site to many friends. 

I would just like to point out a slight inaccuracy in your photo series on the Great Snowstorm of 2002. (wish I had seen that!).  You need not worry about the neo-classical houses along Dionysiou Areopagitou Street - they wont be going anywhere as the museum site is not in that block and they are officially listed buildings (something that means more now than it did 30 years ago).  My father was supervising engineer for the pedestrianisation scheme - I think you'll agree it is a great place to walk these days.

Kind Regards


Dear Matt,

Came across your Greek Travel site and was amazed by
the obvious love you have for the Country.

It is ironic that I, a Greek living in Greece, find valuable
information on my Country from someone whom I presume
is a "foreigner".

Thank you for your tireless efforts to make finding information

If there is anything in Greece I could assist you in return, please
let me know.

Kindest regards,

Hi Matt.

I am a Greek American who has gone back to greece all but 2 years from 1994 - the present (I am 25 now). My family is from Trizina, up the mountain from Galatas, and very well known there.

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed browsing through your site, looks like you have spent your times going thru Greece. I was surprised to see that you didn't have anything about the villages above Galatas such as Trizina/Damalas and the things they have to offer such as Devil's Bridge, the Lemon Forest, etc. Anyways, keep up the good work!


Dear Matt

Great site indeed. As a Greek-American or American-Greek if you prefer, I confess that your site is the very best. I saw the classified in Harper's and ventured into it.

I have been spending 4-5 months in Greece every year since 1988 and while doing a six week stint for the U. of Cambridge, I travel throughout Greece. August and September I spend on my modest sailboat, currently in the Ionian Sea.

I also have written about ten little tourist books in the process for the Efstathiades Group. They are tounge-in-cheek little things, ranging from " A visitor's guide to Greek driving and other paradoxes" to "How NOT to sail the Greek Isles".

But I must profess my admiration for your work. Bravo!!!


Winter Springs, Florida

Hi Matt !!

I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful work of yours on Greece
! Being a Hellene who moved to the USA at an early age and visits his roots
I would like to say KUDOS for this quality compilation of the most useful
information presented in such a pleasant and easy to read way.

I will highly recommend your work to friends and colleagues who have
developed an appreciation for Hellas and to many more who have never been
there to Greece but your guide will help them make their preparations and
explore the country in a more prudent way.

All the best !


Dear Matt,

I had already read your page on Sifnos before spending three weeks with the family this summer on Milos and Sifnos (what a swimming in Spilia!) and I must admit that it was that reading which to a large extent made us decide spending our vacation on the two islands.

I would like to congratulate you on your great work (and terrific humor) and hope you don't mind linking your site on mine even though is a professional financial site and has nothing to do with travels. I just felt I wanted to suggest your site as my favorite one on the net.

By the way, I am Greek, born and living in Athens.

All the best,


Dear Sir /FRIEND

I read today at ELEFTEROTYPIA for you.
I was visited your site.
I thought your more greek for many of us.
Thank you as Greek .


ps my grand fathers was from Mikra Asia.
I belive that all peoples must and can be together.

Dear mr ¦Barrett¦

we imformed from the newspaper ¦Eleftherotypia¦ 02 sept 2003 on the existence of your web page.

when we entered in the page a pleasant surprise us waited for your splendid reasons for LESVOS

few years before we bought a house in the ¦Megalohori¦ (¦Plomari¦) and from then we visite this island. every year . ¦¦

when you come you we call for ¦OUZO¦ and ¦SARDELES¦ ¦PASTES¦.

we thank for your love for Greece

Katsaros Lampros    


Dear Mr Barrett
I am an Athenian, leaving abroad for the past 15 years, currently in
Switzerland. Last month I got married at my summer house in Sounio and
while searching for a www page to suggest to our guests coming from abroad
I found your athens pages. I dont know if they read them but I read (and
keep reading) all your pages. Now I am waisting your time simply to say
Euxaristw. A very big one. For someone who loves Athens and dreams of a
mayor doing exactly what you would have done your pages are a
confirmation that I am not mad -or alone- to love this city.
As many people have said already you should be payed by EOT, the goverment
and every Athenian!
I will mention your www pages to everybody.
Na eiste pada kala,

Sycharitiria (Congratulations)!

Two Athenians

Dear Matt
I don't know what your motivation has been in putting all this effort
creating the website or why you seem in love with Greece more than any other
But I must tell you this a GREAT website and congratulations to you for
doing such a professional job
There are many times when people ask me for advise before their travels to
Greece and it's hard for me to give any as I see Greece as my home and not a
holiday spot only
So next time someone wants the visitor's guide I know where I will direct
them....great job

Hi Matt Barrett,

I just want to thank you for  I am a first generation Greek-American in Chicago.  I love traveling to Greece and I am planning a trip to the islands soon.  I loved all the information I received on your site.  I know I can always ask my family living in Greece for their opinions, but this site was organized so well that I don't feel I need to.

Also, I just want to say that you really captured the Greece I know and love.  You mention here and there about the pain one feels for Greece and you really brought that out in me when I read all the beautiful things our country has to offer.  Pain and longing is what I feel when I can't be in Greece and live the lifestyle so different than my own. 

Thank you so much for all the insight.


Hi Matt,

My name is George and I’m studying electrical and computer engineering in the Polytechnic of Athens (

I’m a great fan of your site although I live in Athens myself, cause actually I grew up in the city of Larissa and I moved to Athens in 2002 for studies.

I love this city so I walk a lot and sometimes (in my first days here) I acted more like a tourist and was so enthusiastic about discovering things!

I am still enthusiastic although I got to know almost everything (at least in central Athens) and I like your site cause it shows that you’re excited with Athens too and it’s amazing that you know so much stuff about the city even about everyday life (I was amazed as a computer-engineer-wannabe to see that you knew about Stournari str.!)

Anywayz, I saw that you actually mention the great snowstorm of 2001-2 in your site (back then I was in Larissa and I remember that up there it was even more cold than in Athens!!!). So listen to this: we had another severe snowstorm in Athens yesterday (not so bad as the one in 2001 though). The airport closed for about 24h and busses were not operating yesterday due to slippery ice on the streets, the national highway to Thessaloniki also closed between Kiffisia and Thiva, because some cars were not equipped with snow-chains and they blocked the highway not allowing the municipal snow-cleaners to get through and clean the way!!!

It was not very bad though cause everything lasted only 24h and today everything is back to normal!

Yesterday I couldn’t help going out and seeing Athens in snow so I went out and got amazed seeing Athens completely quiet: most shops were closed (except the big ones, but even they operated with half-staff), almost no cars in the center and the Acropolis was covered with snow! In Monastiraki there were some tourists who were quite excited with the scenery that they didn’t probably expect to find in Greece (a week ago the weather was all sunshine and high temperatures). I think that any tourists and even locals that were in Athens these days were very lucky because it’s very rare to see the city like this (of course those whose flights were cancelled or delayed during the 24-hour period that “Eleftherios Venizelos” was closed are not so lucky, but anyway…) Oh, another interesting fact is that (due to the upcoming elections) the political leaders have to move a lot and yesterday the president of the ND party actually took the train to Thessaloniki were he had to go for his party’s campaign (because airports and highways were closed and the train was the only means to get to Thessaloniki! It’s rare for a political leader to use the train for the 4:30 hour journey between Athens-Thessaloniki, which with all that snow lasted more than 6 hours!)

So, that’s it. Unfortunately, stupid me, I didn’t take my digital camera with me yesterday when I went out to central Athens. I could’ve got some great photos of the Evzoni in Syntagma with their coats on and with snow covering the whole place…

Keep on the good work (hope to meet you next time you come to Athens),



I have been visiting your website for several years but hadn't ever emailed you.  I am a first generation American born of Greek (naturalized US citizen) parents from Sifnos so you can guess which portion of your site I like to visit.  I am one of the Podotas clan (maiden name).  Anyway, to my point - I obviously enjoy your site tremendously and now have 2 children (3 & 5) that I'm sure will enjoy looking at it as they grow more familiar with Sifnos but today, I was going through your photo album (which I hadn't looked at before for whatever reason) and of course decided to focus on Sifnos.  Well, when I got to the wedding pictures I thought - "gee, who will I recognize on these?" - and lo & behold, not only am I related to the groom, but the gentlemen reaching up to kiss him in the "wedding4" picture is my father.  This brought tears to my eyes because my dad just recently went home after 6 months in the hospital.  I haven't seen him (he's in Greece) for over a year and we just booked our tickets to go there this summer after not having been in 3 years.  So it was a pleasant surprise and I know when I tell him he'll be tickled pink!  Not that you can see his face but that won't matter.  And you can just see my mother's hand but you know how their generation is - to have a picture on the internet will be special! 

I just had to write you and let you know how your pictures touch others.  When I need a Sifnos escape at work, I logon and go to your site and today you made my day!  Thank you!


Spring City, PA

Hi Matt.  I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy your website.
Impartial, free travel advice on Greece ..... I thought it was impossible
until I came across your site. 

Your practical pointers are excellent (and quite accurate) for those
travellers who want to discover the real Greece.  I get pretty tired of
hearing people say they've "done Greece" or "been to Greece" after they
spend one or two weeks in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.  I think you steer
them in the right direction on your site if they are serious about a Greek

I got married in Monemvassia last year  - my wife is Canadian, but has
fallen in love with Greece.  What a pleasure it was to show off Laconia to
my wife, in-laws and friends from Canada.  Only challenge for my guests was
that some natives try to take advantage of tourists, especially shopping -
Gee.... what a surprise that that necklace in Santorini dropped in price by
40% after I intervened in Greek to "assist" my friends from Canada.

Anyhow - keep up the good work.

Yiasou kai kales efhes,


Dear Matt,

I was really taken by your photos of the Peloponissos.  I have family in a town near Molai and have many fond memories of relaxing summers there. It was really neat to see sights I have seen through your photos - makes me want to go visit again this summer.  I would like to follow up on some of the people and places you had been to on my next visit... especially the "foreign" olive grower using the "foreign" name for the Peloponesse.

Rather uncommon fellow it seems and probably has an interesting story. 

I also have reservations about "opening" Lakonia up to tourism. 

Did you hear of the road they wanted to build from Eleia - Githeo right along the Lakonikos Kolpos shore?  So far it has been halted but what a tradegy if it went through since that is one of the few dune/grassland areas in Lakonia and is a nesting location from many birds and sea creatures. 

Thanks again for displaying your photos and for a nice website.  In the future maybe we can keep in touch especially if you are planning another trip to Lakonia. 


Hi! I have just stumbled somehow on your site while searching something about Acropoli and I just wanted to say  that I was very impressed!!

I really really liked it.

I caught myself smiling while reading through the pages….maybe because I live in Athens….

The photos on the and sites are exceptional!!!!!!



I just wanted to tell you that site you created is VERY good!!!

Good job my friend and I feel it was a VERY fair representation of what Greece is all about!!

Well Done.

Best Regards


Hello Matt


   I have browsed your excellent,fun to read site many times and I have recommended it to even more people.I think it is time to say congratulations and wish you the best for you and your family.As a Greek,I am proud and happy that you have created such a site and I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put in it.


   best wishes


   Margarita N

Dear Matt

A million thanks for what you've done!  Your sites (all of them) are
so incredibly engaging and personal...I love it!

I wrote you a couple years back regarding the village Stoupa in the
Peleponnisos.  I see that you must have visited the area (or at
least Kardamyli) from the new photo album.  I'm interested in
getting your thoughts on the place.  Of course, I'm biased because
that's my 'paradise'.

Anyway, as a reader of your incredibly funny, smart book I wanted to
know if you're going to Greece this summer.

Hope you're family is doing great!  Thank you again from the bottom
of my heart for putting into words the complex reality - and duality
- of being Greek/American.

Geia mas!


As a Greek-American  I lived in Greece for ten years and returned to the US for my graduate studies. I married a Greek- American journalist., and we have been traveling to Greece every summer untill the second baby came , and made traveling a bit harder. I came across your guide and I was amazed and happy to see what a wonderful guide you have put together. Your perception and desription deserve praise and honor from any Greek and the Greek government it self.

Thank you for putting this together. Even though I graduated from a Greek High school in Athens , your site informed me about facts I was unaware.

You made us proud and you made us laugh ( my wife and I) esspecially with your coffee story.


Dear Mr. Barrett,

I would like to express my admiration, of what you did
and still doing in such a perfect manner, about your
Athens and Greece's guide site.

Its really an exceptional work you should not let
All the things you re saying are true, reliable and
... uptodate!!!!

Hope the Ministry of Toursim in Greece could have such
a site!!!

Congratulations again and again!

Hope some Greeks love Greece as you do!

Alex (a native Greek)
P. Faliro

I am looking forward to see in your site info for
other islands and places of Greece too. Keep on the
good work.

Hi Matt,

I can describe your site in one word: FANTASTIC!

Especially the humouristic way you describe the Greek life is great! I work for many years in Greece now and I recognized a lot.


by's very difficult to appreciate a civilisation, a mentality, an attitude to life so well if it's not woven into you as you grow up. if it's not the stuff that makes you up, the words you dream about at night.

greece has been blessed with many such souls of "foreigners" who fell in love with it throughout its history. and this love gives you rose-tinted glasses, and i mean by this the wish to always see the beauty, hidden or not. but there must be a reason behind the ability to arise such passions, no? there still is, and i think there always be. thousands of years of alive history hididen in little streets and island beaches and children's games say so... :)

thank you for being one such soul.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for all the info and the funny stories!  I am a Greek-American who has been to Greece many times alone, but recently returned from a trip with my American husband and our 2 year old.  The stroller story convinced my to take one, but until I read your article, I had been worried, remembering the rough streets and fast traffic.  Now that we are back, I'm just dreaming of the next trip and reading more of your stuff!


Deat Matt,
I will try to make this brief ( I could gush about Greece forever!). I was just having one of my very nostalgic yearnings for Greece today and I just loved that I could hop on your site to some what fulfill that desire. Of course hopping on a plane would be better but my student funds most likely wouldn't allow for it! I'm looking forward to checking our your olympics pics I was a volunteer for the equestrian event actually. It was an experience that is indescribable as your probably know.
take care and keep up the site it is very usefull and great for us Greek enthusiasts!

Best wishes,


Dear Matt,

I was looking in Google for museums in athens and i accidentally found your web page. I was so impressed! You have done an excellant job! Imagine, I am from Athens and I dont know all of the things you have mentioned! I know....I m not proud of myself .....At least you made me feel proud of my home country, made me want learn more about it, even to think of going back..

Thanks for that! Thanks for loving it!


Dear Matt,

    You are a doll to put together such a beautiful website.  Poli andras! 

    I married a 2nd generation Greek American, so I'm adopted Greek.  We've picked up the family olives in Kriti for years.  I grew to love the winter months in the shadow of Psiloriti.  Now I get homesick for my patrida just like any diaspora, and I love to listen to Greek music and get nostalgic. 

    It's almost bedtime and I just taught my two little boys some simple step,cross back/step,cross front basic Greek folk dance moves to "Frangkosyriani" from your website.  After their baths I'll stir a little honey and lemon in my faskomilo and read to the little guys from Ill Met By Moonlight by Stanley Moss. 

    You're a good writer.  Thanks for keeping your website up.  I mean it.


Tzina (Jean) V

Dear Matt,

I would like to congratulate you for your absolutely fantastic 
website. I really enjoyed it.
The pictures are great! I am a greek studying in London, the temperature
is around 30C right now ( plus the humidity, you can imagine how 
awful it is ) and damn,
after seeing the pictures from Hydra ( my favorite :) ), Rhodes etc 
etc I am
really on the verge of taking the first @#$$%!^%* plane and go back 
I really miss it right now. I suppose sea is in our vains and no 
matter how gorgeous
places like London might be, we can't really live without it.
Very nice commentary as well. Keep up the good work ( I suppose you 
do this
professionally, or not? ) and have a nice summer.


PS. I hope I am sending this e-mail to the right person. :)

I thank you for a wonderful photo tour of an area I hope to see in person one day.  My dad is from Greece and came to the United States when he was 12...alone...3rd class..."on a big, big boat!"  We had news today that his brother, Pete, who lives with his family in Athens died yesterday...he was my favorite uncle, and your photos brought me closer to him.  Thank you.  I will see if my dad may like to view your thoughtful photos as well.  Take care, Mike


I just happened to your site when I discovered your nice pics from Athens in Google.

Your travel guides are great. They would be fantastic if the greek names were spelled correctly; as it is, I experienced twitches at the glitches, but I guess that it's easy to misunderstand spoken modern hellenic, when not a native. The worst was "magaritsa" (meaning something bad. magarizo=put dirt in the food) when it's magiritsa (from magirevo= to cook food)

I liked your daughter's effort too. Especially the article on Sifnos.

I may be an Athenian but Athens environmental issues being the way they are, especially at summer, I prefer other places to spend my vacations on, so I spent a few summers in Sifnos. So a tip: Next time you get there, ask for a visit to the haunted church, on the way from Kamares to Stavri. Best time: nighttime, just before midnight around the end of August. (there, a tip you didn't know about). There are other places too where strange lights can be seen at night, but there, looking from outside you can see lighted candles, while if you open the door it's just a dark church.

And a tip for cheap vacation in Sifnos:

From the 15th of August up to the middle of September, there is a custom for rich sinners, to fund feasts at otherwise abandoned churches and monasteries, with free food (some kind of boiled pasta) and free wine (some very cheap retsina). If your stomach is hardy and walking all over mountainous dirt paths doesn't bother you much, since these feasts are one every day, you can spend 1 month at 0 cost (or almost)


Alex M

Thank you!!!!!! Your site is exceptional. Reading your words bring me back to a place where I feel as if I belong. I'm a Greek American, interestingly enough from the island of Lesvos. My father was born in Vatera, Lesvos.  Lesvos is a magical place, I love it and with every wave crashing in on the shore, I hear my name being called as to say this is where I should return. You are doing a great service for us Hellenes and for the rest of the world, introducing our culture and way of life. Again thank you for all you do. If we ever would meet or have a chance to talk, we would have much to talk about, sardelles Kaloni, ouzo, and our beloved New York Mets. Again thank you for all you do.


P.S. Mets beating the Dodger 7-5, top of the ninth, Reyes kicking butt(7/23/2005) 


I don't think I've ever had an opportunity to meet a person like you!   I
appreciate your time and effort in answering all my questions.  Your sites
are great and have made me feel like it's time to revisit Greece after many
many years.  I definitely owe you a dinner or a drink to say the least -
when and if I get there.
Thanks again.

Hi Matt,

I thoroughly enjoyed your web site on Greece!  It's the most informative and authentic info I've found on the internet about Greece.  I'm sure you get lots of positive responses from travelers and people just interested in visiting Greece sometime.  I'm a Greek-American myself, and though I've visited on lots of occasions, your guide helped me determine what to see on my latest trip.  I just got back, and already I'm planning a return trip for the winter, when prices are a bit cheaper...

Thanks again,

Kostas S
Washington, DC

Dear Mr Barrett,


   I came across your website while searching for links for Greece for my friends and their upcoming journey. Needless to say that I was quite impressed with your work. However, the reason for this mail is not your site but your interview to Athens News. If you run for mayor, you have my vote.

  You will be happy to know that after the 2004 Olympics, Athina is a better place. Not perfect yet but better. We have a tram (cable car), which is ideal for a journey from downtown Athens to Glifada. It goes along the coast in a very slow pace. It seems that you haven't visited Glifada. An area that also has a lot of coffee shops and a good high street. Even though I live in Kipseli, 5 minutes away from Fokionos, I usually go to Glifada for coffee.

  I also want to mention that the phonetic pronounciation of greek words you provide, maybe easy for english-speaking people to say but also difficult for greeks to understand. Just my two cents on this, I could be wrong.

  Greece is a strange place and Greeks are strange people. Personally I dont like the attitude of my fellow country people (being p.c. here) and I dont expect to see much of an improvement any time soon. Hopefully, the members of my generation (I m 28) will help to make the life of Greeks and tourists better. 
Yours sincerely,                                                                                                                        Nikos

Yiasou Matt.
My name is Michael Pikos, and as you can probably tell i am Greek. I am a 30 year old Australian Born Greek, and i have a keen sense of patriotism and am proud of the heritage left to us as modern day greeks.
We have a holiday home in Kalymnos which is a little island near Kos, and we are frequently spending time in Greece. I now have a young family and will be taking my 2yr old daughter and 6 month old son to Greece in September to begin to introduce them to the love affair i have with our rich cultural heritage.
You are propbably wondering where the hell this email is going, well in truth it is nothing more than a longwinded thank you. Thank you for your website, and for taking the wonder taht is Greece and showing it to the world. You have done a fantastic job, and i know many more are gratefull for all your efforts. Thank you for taking the time, and considerable effort to construct this comprehensive guide to Greece. You have done more to promote greece around the world than any one person or organisation i have heard of, and for this you should be commended.
Mate if you ever happen to be in Brisbane, you are more than welcome to drop me an email before hand, and i would be more than happy to show you around my great city, and have a meal and a frappe at our local Kafenio.
Once again mate well done.
PS i will be sure to book a tour on the mainland through one of the tour operators you have recommended.
Michael M


I have been familiar with your Greece sites for over 10 years.  It all began when my mother (who's family is from Crete) wanted to plan a trip to Lesvos for my father (who's family is from Mytilini and Plomari but had never been there).  She used your hotel suggestions for what was a wonderful couple of weeks on the island. 

Beginning before that trip and continueing since, I have traveled to numerous parts of Greece numerous times (however, primarily to Crete).  Now, my wife and I and our one year old son, Dimitrios, continue the tradition (my wife's father is from Crete and her parents now live in Rethymnon 10 months of the year). 

We are now considering a boating trip through some islands with your brother David or with BJ Leck ... but that won't happen for another year or so. 

I get many requests from friends for suggestions on travel to Greece.  I can offer some ideas - and always enjoy the conversation - but I generally point to your websites and suggest that my friends fully explore what you offer then come back and talk with me.   You offer a great, conversational tour of Greece and I agree with many of your comments - especially Lesvos.  (That said, I have been considering writing up a detailed description/tour of Crete, with select destinations and suggests, for your considersation.  I think Crete has a lot to offer both on and off the beaten path .... although you are not off base with regard to certain locations - which are truly overly touristic.)

In short, I just want to thank you for giving me a good reference point and a great place to visit on the web. 


Bill K

Fairfield, Connecticut


I am writing to congratulate you on your excellent website on Greece...I am astonished by its quality and your good taste. I am a Greek immigrant living in the States, and I stumbled on your page by mistake. My first thought was - where's the "Back" button, uh oh, another American tourist uploading photos of tsoliades, beaches and souvlaki recipes...But after I gave it a closer look, I was really amazed...Your page pretty much summarizes the essence of my memories and homesickness. What I miss from back home is right there.

I have two suggestions for you if you're interested. One, you can add Thanasis Papakonstantinou in your "musical suggestions" page, in my opinion he's one of the greatest modern folk/rock composers in Greece. And second, the Stoa whose photo you include is called Stoa tou Vivliou.

Matt, thanks for such a good-looking and accurate resource.




Matt.. I have written to you before to ask you about hotels in Athens, since then my father has bought an apartment in Peristeri, I have to tell you that even though I am only half greek by blood, I am all greek by heart and I love what you have done with your site. I love that you have put something so extravagent together to promote Greece. Keep up the wonderful work.


Goodmorning Matt
We had email contact quite a while ago, when I was creating a greece portal as a final work for my edducation as a multimedia producer. I ascked you back then if you would be ok, with me translating some of your contents into german, refering and linking to you and your websites.
as usual i got burried in so much work and personal stuff that i could never go online with my website... it still slumbers on a testserver with arround a hundred entries heheh.
never the less it is so great to continuously stumbel over your websites and you as a person whenever i travel arround or read about greece. i love maia tsoklis tv shows about traveling as well as her magazine passport. this summer i stayed four months in greece, working through vpn connection for my office in switzerland. i bought her magazine and found an article about you... was lot's of fun to read her comments.
just a couple of minutes ago i was talking to a friend who could not believe that we have snow in greece. i made a quick google search and there you go again... matts winter in greece page was right there at the top listing ;-)
just thought to drop you a fiew lines telling you how much of an inspiration you have bin for me... as well as a source for soothing my freequent homesickness.
i quit my job a couple of weeks ago, finaly desciding to work independent and realize all those slumbering dreams. the greece project is ready for some reanimation ;-) i will be back in greece in spring... and plan to spend all summer there again. would be fun to drink an ouzo with a good pikilia together.
until then I wish you and your family, all the best.
igia, evtixia kai mpoliki diathesi gia ellada

Dear Matt, As an Army brat, I lived in Greece in the early to mid 1950s.  I have spent the ensuing years of my life convinced that I am Greek.  I became Greek Orthodox and after about 10 years the old Greek ladies decided that they would consider me Greek.  Our daughter is Russian, but she thinks she's Greek, too.  My husband just accepts it.  I go back to Greece as much as I can.  The reason I'm dropping you a line is to just thank you for your great website.  Whenever I'm feeling "homesick" I go to your site and it makes me feel so happy!  Thanks for all the information you provide.  Whenever someone asks me for advice about Greece, I just refer them to you.  You're the best!
Sincerely, Jennifer C

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