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Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 4:49 PM

Subject: THANK YOU!!!!

Dina, first and foremost, I wanted to thank you for such an amazing trip that you arrainged for me and my girlfriend.  From  A to Z you didn't spare any expense and made our trip the most unforgettable experience of our lives.  We were more than pleased with every aspect of our trip and came home gushing about Greece and the warmth of the people your country inhabits and the incredible sights and history your country beholds.  We have developed SO many pictures already and have shown all of our friends and family members of the wonderful islands and unforgettable historic landmarks.  Everyone came away awestruck.  And I honestly think I have convinced a few of my friends and co-workers to come visit Greece in the next year or two....and to be completely honest, I am thinking about saving my money up for another trip back as well.  But all in all, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the trip of a lifetime. I have already recommended Fantasy Travel, and you in particular, to everyone who is thinking about visiting Greece.  Believe me, we have become the poster boy and girl for Greece promotion back here in the States.  Don't be surprised if I drop you another email over the winter asking you for some prices to island hop again, we are that in love with your country and really itching to come back.

So again, thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for us to make our trip the best vacation yet.  Please forward this on to your boss so he knows what a great job you are doing day in and day out for people like myself. 

Best of luck, and I hope we have a reason to contact you again!

Scott and Mary Ann

Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 6:45 PMSubject: Our Trip to Greece

Dear Dina,
I write to today to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you in arranging our very successful visit in your country.  Your professionalism and warmth in all our dealings made the experience so rewarding in many ways, and we all thank you for all you did and are.  You truly made our vacation worry-free and I feel you understood our expectations completely and followed through with plans that made it a memorable visit for all of us.

I also write to provide some feedback on our itinerary, as I imagine it is important for you to know, from a customer's perspective, how we found accommodations and services you arranged.  So...briefly, here goes:

Our initial arrivals in Athens (both for Winnie and then for Steve and me) were tremendously smooth and on-target.  Your rep was waiting for us, as promised, and was friendly, caring and very helpful, which is so important, especially for those of us who are traveling to a country where we do not speak the language and are arriving tired and anxious.  She made our transfer to the Aegean flight smooth and worry-free.  Throughout the entire visit, all the pre-arranged taxi drivers, as well,  were on time and waiting and very courteous.

When we arrived in Hiraklion, the Thrifty rep was right there, waiting and it was really great to have the car at the airport, and an agent waiting with the paperwork so we could get right on our way.  He even led us to our hotel, so we didn't get lost that first evening in the dark.  On the other end of the Crete voyage, in Chania, it was really great to simply park the car in  the airport lot, hand the ticket to the parking agent and walk away, knowing all would be handled for us.  We were really impressed with the whole car-rental experience.

The Megaron Hotel in Hiraklion was magnificent.  The hotel was beautiful and the room was truly spectacular, with views as promised.  The staff there were professional, helpful, friendly and right there when we needed them.  I have never seen such a stupendous breakfast buffet! 

We found the location of the Veneto in Rethymno really unique and special.  Walking in the front door was a real treat and the public areas of the place had an ambiance of history and beauty.  The rooms were quaint and clean and comfortable enough, though no comparison to the public areas of the hotel.  We felt the hotel sacrificed some level of real comfort in our rooms in order to use antique furniture (there was no place to sit comfortably to read, etc).  The staff were kind enough to us.  Our real issue with the Veneto was that there was no way to have breakfast, or even coffee, before 10:00 AM!  We were able to negotiate them to 9:30, but for travelers, it is important to start the day early to get in as much flavor of the location as possible.  With such a late breakfast, getting out of the hotel before 11:00 AM was impossible and those are wasted hours for we tourists.   Each morning, I went out, walked several blocks and brought take-out coffee back for the three of us.  I was surprised there were no coffee-making facilities in the room given there was a kitchenette.  None of this, though, was enough to make us feel like it spoiled the visit. 

The Hotel Porto Veneziano, in Chania, was really very nice, with a spectacular location, right on the beautiful harbor.  As promised, we had a waterfront room, overlooking a bay full of sailboats with the breaker in the background.  In the distance, the waves crashed and we could hear them when our windows were open.  The staff were professional and attentive, as well, recommending great restaurants and directions to find them and we truly enjoyed our stay.  Good, hearty breakfast buffet.

In Athens, the  Hotel Electra Palace was a beautiful place to end our holiday.  After their initial attempt to sneak us into a partial-view room, the Hotel staff moved us while we were out the next day we were enthralled with our new room and terrace overlooking the magnificent Acropolis!  The staff were very helpful in correcting the initial mix-up.  Again, a very hearty and impressive breakfast buffet.  I have to comment, though, that the hotel's Internet access was nearly worthless and I wasted 12 Euros on it.  It was tremendously slow, when it worked at all, and the staff seemed to have no knowledge of the problem or how to correct it.

Our tour to Delphi was a show-stopper (I am sure you have heard that before!).  G.O. Tours really did a wonderful job.  Our tour guide, Fay, was very educational in her wonderful tour explanations and one did not want to miss a word of what she said.  She knew her history, to be sure, and she elaborated on it to make it all understandable and relevant to each of us.

Finally, our early morning taxi pick-up to meet our flight was (why am I not surprised?) on-time and comfortable. 

Dina, the trip is one we will never forget, in no small part due to your caring help in arranging everything to meet our needs and hopes.  Though I have written a few less-than-positive comments in this email, please do not take these as anything more than honest feedback, in case it is useful for your business.  Believe me, we loved our visit.  And we truly loved  working with you.

We all wish you the best and look forward to our next communication.

Mark (with grateful Steve and Winnie in tow)


All at Fantasy Travel,


    We would sincerely like to thank you and recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone wishing to travel to Greece.  George, Vassilis, Christina (and many more whose names we forgot) made our first trip to Greece a Fantasy come true.  Of course we a had a little skepticism using an overseas travel agent, but any worries we had were erased the second we landed in Athens.  Christina (I believe was her name) and the driver picked us up at 02:30 (in the early morning) at Athens airport, greeted us like old friends and gave us all the travel documents as promised.  Our numerous ferry trips, port and hotel transfers, hotel accommodations, meals, etc. were all better than promised.  Again, the kindness and punctuality of everyone we dealt with was amazing.  We loved Mykonos and Santorini, as well as our quick stay in Athens.  We stayed in room #104 at the Princess of Mykonos......what a spectacular view and hotel (we highly recommend this room for the view)!  We will never forget this trip and promise to return very soon.  We will use Fantasy Travel again for booking our entire trip.  Thank you again for the amazing service and professionalism.  We have already recommended you to a few friends.

See you soon!

Thank you.............

Angelica N

Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 6:41 PM
Subject: Thank you for everything!

Hi Litsa, 
My husband Brian and I just wanted to thank you and Mrs. Dulce and everyone at Fantasy Travel for a fantastic experience in Greece.   Your planning, arrangements, service and staff were all wonderful!  We will highly recommend you to anyone we know who is traveling to Greece.   Hopefully we’ll be able to return in the future and look forward to working with you again.  Please thank Mrs. Dulce for us and thank you again for everything!

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 11:51 PMSubject: Thank You

Dear Vicky,

You arranged for my husband Ray and me to travel in Greece May 16-May 25.  I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we loved your country, and all of the travel arrangements were just perfect.  Everyone was so friendly, helpful and spoke English which made a our trip very enjoyable.  Greece is a lovely country, and we are happy we had the opportunity to experience the sights, history and culture. 

Thank you for all of your work in coordinating this travel.  You are a very good ambassador for your country, and I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends should the occasion arise.

Best regards,

Ricki Wilson

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 9:50 PM
Subject: Efharisto!

Kalimera!  Just a quick note to say thank-you for helping make our Greek vacation wonderful!  Although we saw only a little of your beautiful country (there's so much!), it was everything I'd hoped for.  You took the hassle out of traveling from Athens to Santorini to Naxos to Athens by prearranging all the flights, ferries, and transfers to/from hotels.

Patra - Thanks for all your hard work.  Your hotel selections were great and your general advice was very much appreciated.

Ria  - Thanks for handling the last-minute changes after Delta got us to New York too late to make the Athens flight.

Nelli -  Thanks for your help at the airport on both ends of our trip, and for your wonderful smile.

I would recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone planning a trip to Greece!

Lisa R

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 3:43 AM
Subject: thank you!

 Hello Dina

  I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all your help. I am back  from Greece, and am already missing it SO much and cannot wait until  next year to return. All of your suggestions and planning were perfect.  Hotel Attalos as well as Hotel Adonis were perfect. Everything went so  smoothly. Greece was more beautiful than we imagined. 

 Thanks again and i look forward to dealing with you next summer! 


Dear Matt,

             Thank you so much for all your help and advice with my trip in Greece! i just got back and everything went smoothly!! I felt very safe!! so i wanted to thank you very much!! and i wanted to fill you in on my adventures...............

I did go to Delphi on an organized tour that took me to Meteora by Fantasy Travel! than i went rock climbing with a company in meteora!! he was a young guy named Kostas Liolos that took me up the mountain rock climbing with ropes! it was my first time and he made me feel VERY safe!!!!!!!!! yes, I followed Fantasy Travel 100% on their tours, but i abandoned them at the monastaries on Metoera(of course with their permission) than I hiked 5 miles down the mountain and 2 miles back into town., to return to the hotel. soon Kostas Liolos picked me up at 2:00 to rock climb, than at 5pm he drove me to the train station. it was only 10 euros to take a nonstop train back to athens! and i stayed at the student inn hostel which i loved! also, i took a tour with fantasy travel to mycenea for one day! loved it! the food was AWESOME! than i went on a 8 day greek isle cruise!!


Also, i got see all the greek isles(patmos, santorini, mykonos,crete), turkey (istanbul,ephesus), Germany and Austria. most impressive on my trip were three highlights................rock climbing in Meteora, visiting King lugwig's castle of norswchinstein in fussen(munich,germany) and lastly, the hills in Austria!!


                     Matt, thank YOU SO MUCH for all your HELP and ADVICE!  i really appreciate this!  I loved being with Fanstasy Travel!! and Vicky was my travel agent and she was very helpful too!

                       thanx a million, kimberly s        

Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 9:42 PM
Subject: RE: Fantasy travel

We just returned and wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip!  We've never enjoyed such service before:  being met by you or your partners everywhere and immediately taken to our hotel.  It was wonderful to arrive in Athens at 2:30 a.m. feeling exhausted and have someone there to greet us and arrange for our taxis to the hotel!  And to arrive at the hot, crowded harbor on Santorini and be greeted with someone holding a placque with our name and immediately driven to our hotel. 

We also wanted you to know that the Ganimede Hotel in Galaxidi is great.  It's a short drive outside of Delphi and has a lovely vine-covered courtyard where the owners grow peppers, pomegranates and beatiful flowers and serve a great breakfast (a variety of fruits, including kiwi and plums, lemon cake with lemon curd, chocolate cake, breads, jams such as fig and chunky orange marmelade, homemade chutney, delicious scrambled eggs). 

We had a big maisonette, overlooking the courtyard.  It was also nice to have restaurants where we could sit outside looking at the harbor and enjoy foods not on the usual tourist menu (beets, broccoli, risotto with mussels). 

We also loved the Volcano View Hotel on Santorini (breathtaking!) and the Ilion Suites in Nafplio (although this hotel is on a tiny, hidden street and we found it only after a police officer gave us clear directions). 

 Again, thank you so much! 

 Barbara McFarland

Hi Matt. Like many others I found your site while researching my trip to Greece. It was very, very helpful thanks a million. One of the most wonderful things was using Fantasy Travel. I dealt with Dina, and she was amazing. I emailed her with an itinerary and names of hotels I had checked out, and we emailed furiously back and forth till she got it all set up for me. I had a week in Athens and 4 days on each of Crete, Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos. As I was leaving Australia 3 weeks before landing in Athens on Sept 27 it was great to be able to leave the ferry bookings in her capable hands. It wasn’t possible to book that far in advance and I wanted it sorted before I got there. I believe it cost me no more than doing it myself, and saved me a lot of aggravation. While in Athens I called in to meet the wonderful Dina, and she was just as delightful in person as on the email.

Thanks again

Regards Lyn

Dear Litsa,

We just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful honeymoon you
arranged for us. You were right, there was nothing to worry about and
we enjoyed Athens, Santorini, and Istanbul immensely.  I wish we didn't
have to leave so soon!  We will definitely be back, next time we are
thinking of visiting the Greek Isles, and spending a longer time in
Santorini.  By the way, we actually got to shoot a wedding there!  A
wedding coordinator in Fira loved our work and asked us to cover a
wedding of an Italian couple.  I will show you photos from that and our
trip soon.  Thank you again for your help! We also wanted to thank
Dulce, her daughter Nely for being so gracious and picking us up at the
airport. They are wonderful.

Take care!
Lesan and Carlo

Hi Patra,

I made it home in one piece after a wonderful adventure in your country.
  I'm a little jet lagged, but can still recall all the fascinating ruins
and sites we saw in Greece. Your attention to detail was superb.  Every
part of our trip was flawless and precise.  If a taxi was scheduled to
pick us up, it did, and every hotel was expecting us.

The Atlantis Hotel was a very busy place while we were there.  Evidently
your ex PM was visiting and there were TV and radio crews everywhere.
  All his supporters on Crete were also present and partying until the
wee hours.  We fell in love with Santorini and hope to visit again (not
in the summer months) when we can swim and enjoy the beaches.

After spending a few days in Athens I can really appreciate the effort
Mrs.Dulce made in meeting us at the airport.  The National Road works
well, but getting to the National Road is a different story.  I couldn't
understand why we needed to be picked up three hours prior to our
outbound flight.  After spending more than an hour in traffic I knew the
reason we needed three hours.  I can only imagine how long it took Mrs.
Dulce to reach us when we arrived.  Please extend a very heartfelt
'Thank You" to "our Mom away from home."  She took excellent care of us
and made sure we had her contact numbers in case of emergency.

We certainly are glad we connected with you and had you arrange all of
our Greek travel and accommodations. Many many thanks from both Alison
and me.  We will never forget Greece.

Our best to you and Mrs. Dulce.

Nancy Terry

To: Dina
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 6:48 PM

Subject: Re: fantasy travel

Greetings from America upon our return from Greece.  I just wanted to compliment Fantasy Travel and the Greek people for providing us with a wonderful ten days in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini....we were truly grateful and very impressed with "perfect execution"----meaning that all our "to/from" transports throughout our travel destinations were totally dependable and timely....our transports were always waiting for our arrivals and departures with signs and greetings.  It would be very inconvenient and frustrating if it were otherwise so it seems like all the parties with whom you contract services were well aware of the importance to "be there on time".  All went like clockwork.  Many thanks for your efficient services.  Just a few observations for your potential customers:  A day to Delphi with George the Famous Taxi Driver was an economical (for two couples sharing expenses) and relaxing experience;  renting a car for one day each on Mykonos and Santorini is highly cost was about 50 Euros per day including full insurance---a fun way to spend a day exploring the entire island(s);  traveling lightly...each of us had a carry-on size suitcase and backpack....was a very wise decision on our part.   Having Fantasy Travel as our Greece agent was the wisest decision of all.  Feel free to have potential customers email me for ideas, impressions, suggestions, or whatever they wish to "talk" about....I delight in folks who travel "on their own".  By the way, the four of us are in our mid-60s so one need not to be a teenager to do it this way. 


Dear George,

A quick word to thank you for arranging the visit to Volcano View Villas for us over Easter (our Easter not Greek Easter!). As you rightly said, it is a wonderful place and very hard to tear oursleves away at the end of the three days. You may remember that we were the couple that wanted to go to Siros and Naxos but thankfully you persuaded us otherwise! I should also add that we got fantastic service and help from Nick Dinos at the villas on Santorini. It seemed like nothing was too much trouble for Nick and it really helped to make the visit a very pleasant one for us. One of these days we hope to return to the Greek islands - including Santorini again!

Best regards.

David and Patricia

Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 9:37 PMSubject: Honeymoon in Greece

Hi Litsa,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I had the most fantastic honeymoon in Greece. It truely was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much for all your wonderful planning- everything went so smoothly and all the people that helped us were friendly and accomadating. Thank you so much for recommending Naxos to us- it was our favorite part of the trip and we can't wait to return someday!
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your service. Thanks for making our trip to Greece so memorable!!
Genevieve Ryczek and Nathan Rantala

Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 2:01 AM

Subject: RE: fantasy travel


Just wanted to say thanks for handling our trip!  We had a great time and everything went smoothly because of your help.  Thanks for a great job helping with all the arrangements!  I definitely want to come back to Greece and see some more islands.  We loved all the islands, but especially Santorini.....what a beautiful place!

Thanks again for all your help!


Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 2:38 AM

Subject: Thank you

Hello Litsa and Fantasy Travel,


Thank you so much for setting up our Greece vacation! 

Erroll and I were a little nervous as we had little knowledge of Athens,

Mykonos, and Santorini, and were hoping for the best since this is our

first time not planning the trip ourselves. 

We couldn't have been happier with our accomodations, and the

scheduling of transfers was perfectly on time... every time!


Thank you again, and we will certainly recommend Fantasy Travel

to our friends!


Laura K

Dina -

I wanted to thank you for helping me plan such a wonderful trip to Greece! We enjoyed every part of our stay.  It was awesome to go from Athens to Naxos to Santorini to Crete and know that we would have someone available to get us to our hotel, help us make plans for excursions, and take care of us!

Athens was very busy for us, and both our daughters say they would have done one day less there and more days on Crete.  We enjoyed the bus tours with G.O. Tours, especially Delphi.  The girls enjoyed the shopping, especially the flea market.  Thanks to Dulce for letting us know to go there.

Thank you for called G.O. to get Cara's sunglasses back - they were her special buy at the flea market.

Every single part of our trip worked out great.  We ended up taking the boat excursion on Santorini - the girls both say that is one of the best things we did in Greece.  We did the trip that went to the volcano, then the mineral springs and Thirassia.  It was a super day and Volcano View Villas did a good
job helping us with arrangements for that and also for a car on Santorini. The girls said you should recommend that boat excursion to everyone.

We loved the Alkyoni Beach hotel on Naxos.  It was hard to get motivated to leave Naxos since it was so relaxing and peaceful there.  We enjoyed the beach and the pool and also seeing Naxos Town.  We also rented a car there one day, your agent on the island was very helpful.

We loved your choices for hotels in Crete.  The Pantheon Palace was fun and it was really nice to have the half board.  We enjoyed swimming in the sea there the best of any place.  And there's not enough great things to say about Andromeda Villa and Chania - what a wonderful place.  The Villa itself is very beautiful.  Barabara and Athena at Andromeda Villas were very helpful and we loved the old city and the market.  The pool there was wonderful and the girls found a litter of
kittens to play with and that made them happy for many hours.  We ended up driving a rental car from Gouves to Chania and it was a fabulous day.  We found interesting caves, towns and shops all along our trip.

Dina, without your help our wonderful trip to Greece would not have been possible.  We truly appreciate everything you did to work out a plan that would be the best for our family.  Each destination we visited was beautiful and unique and fun in it's own way.  Knowing that you had arranged all of our transfers, ferries, and hotels allowed us to simply enjoy the trip and not worry about any details except what to do each day.

Thank you!

Diane B

Hi Eleni!

I just had to write to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Athens!  Thanks to you, everything worked out perfectly.  It was so nice not having to worry about getting to our hotels once we made it to an island, or worrying about fast boat schedules or flights or anything!  Everything was so well planned . . . and the companies that Fantasy works with on the various islands are very good as well.  It was definitely one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had. 

The Hotel Petasos Beach on Mykonos was everyone's favorite . . . the location was great, the staff so friendly, and the rooms were so nice.  I think we had brand new upgraded rooms because there were a few minor problems the first night, but they were resolved very quickly and it was fantastic.  

The view from Caldera's Lillium Villas on Santorini was amazing!  And the staff there was very friendly as well . . . Maria was a big help as we ended up renting cars and she handled that for us. 

The Pantheon Palace was fine . . . it wasn't as nice as the other island hotels, but it was clean and had a beautiful view.  The location was good as we were able to get to both Hania and Ag. Nikolaos.  But just mostly stayed at the beach and tavernas right there in Gouves as we were really lazy!   

Hotel Plaka was in a great location as well!  It was great being right there in what seemed to be the heart of the city, with a beautiful view of the Parthenon. 

I really just wanted to say thank you for the work you did for us . . . it was a wonderful vacation!  I've sent your name to a friend of mine who wants to take her family to Greece next year so if you hear from Nancy Gunning, tell her I said hello!  I will most definitely recommend you to anyone travelling to your beautiful country.  I loved Greece so much when I was there nearly 20 years ago and was worried I'd be disappointed . . . but not even close!!  It was better than I remember.  I'll be back!


Ginny S

Dear Litsa,

We just got back from our magnificient trip in Greece and we all wanted to
thank you very much for the perfect arrangement. We loved Sifnos and fell
absolutely in love with our apartment in Santorini (besides many more

Be well and thanks again.


Dear Litsa,

     I just want to thank you for all of your wonderful help making our trip to Greece such a success! It was so nice not to have to worry about anything and all of the arrangements you made turned out very well.  We decided to stay in Athens our last day and shop rather than try for Hydra, so now I have an excuse to return sometime and see it.

     You did a great job - Many Thanks again - Jane

Hi Litsa !!!

 I just wanted to say that my honeymoon was a dream come true.....Thank YOU SO MUCH for all of your help. Every place that we went to was just wonderful, and the staff at the hotels were extra nice. Everything was clear and understandle and very organized. My new husband and I wanted to extend our greatest THANKS to you for planning this wonderful honeymoon for us !!! I will send you a picture of us so that you can know who we are :)

 Thank You again,

Val M

Dear Fantasy Travel.

We have just returned from our holiday in Athens and wanted to thank
you for finding us the
Hotel Central.  It was really nice very clean and
very welcoming.  It was great being so near the Plaka and the other
sites,  we managed to have a day of sightseeing by walking to each of
them.  We were originally going to stay at the Attalos - im glad that
was full!

Thanks again

Helen Thomas

Matt, just wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVED our trip to Greece...your site was by far the most helpful, and your emails in response to mine (way back in May and June 2007) were much appreciated.
We booked an Athens package with Petra from Fantasy Travel, and she was SO patient with my myriad questions. That worked out wonderfully, and the Arion Hotel (around the corner from Attalos) was a gem. We would stay there again in a heartbeat. Being on the edge of the Psiri (sp?) district was a delightful find...have you been to Gelatomania? WOW!!
We took the train (buying the tickets was an EXPERIENCE) to Thessaloniki, and fell in love with the city. Our hotel was the Egnatia (not the Egnatia Palace) on Antigonidon St. Fabulous. Again - we'd stay there in a heartbeat - loved everything except the peculiar and totally annoying very loud techno pop music they played in the breakfast room. We did get them to turn it down/off. Great location for us. Walked up to the Ano Poli district on our last morning. Sat at the harbor over drinks and people-watched. Great fun.
Petra booked flights for us from Thess. to Lesvos, then back to Athens for a final night, hotel Arion again. We were enchanted with Lesvos - stayed at the Nassos Guesthouse. Except for the first night when I sat on the bed and it broke into splinters, all was great. I quoted your site so often my nephew said, "You know, I'm kinda sick of hearing about Matt and Matt's site." :)
It was a great trip - hot hot hot...but no forest fires. We'd go back tomorrow, and can't wait to do so. Thanks again for your advice. Hope to meet you sometime - Nancy Allred says she's going to get us together!


We are back from our wonderful trip to Greece and I just wanted to thank you for helping to make everything go so smoothly. It can be a little overwhelming being in a completely foreign place but you and the rest of the Fantasy travel people who helped us (Dulce was right on time and very nice/helpful as was the other woman who helped us with departure) made it a very pleasant and easy experience.

Thank you so much for all your help. It was invaluable in making our trip a great experience. I would unconditionally recommend you and your agency to anyone traveling to Greece.

Best regards,
Danette Chimenti

Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 1:49 AM

Subject: Re: Greece vacation

Mike and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with our trip to your beautiful country.

It was so organized – (the girl that met us at the airport was so sweet).   Everything went so smoothly and everyone was so nice. 

Like you said, the weather was a bit cool and windy, but going in the off-season had its advantages.  Hotel Tharroe in Mykonos gave us their nicest room with such a beautiful view.  It was right over the pool.  They were also very accommodating and helpful in every way.

Aside from me getting sea sick on the ferry over to Mykonos AND Santorini, it was a great way to see the islands. The 50 minute flight back to Athens from Santorini was much better, but I’m glad we took the ferry.  I wasn’t the only one getting sick.  It was just so windy -- those waves were huge!

And then there was Hotel Katikies, which I’m not sure words can describe.  Once again, with it being the off-season, they gave us a great room, which happened to be the Honeymoon Suite!  It had its own hot tub and upstairs bedroom and the view was just out of this world!  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that went there.  The staff was excellent.  The service was excellent, and the view was breathtaking.   

Thanks again for helping us with this great vacation.  We both agreed it was #1 on our vacation list.  I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to top it.

I will definitely recommend your services if the situation arises.

Warmest regards,


Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 1:21 AM

Subject: Our trip to Santorini in September

Hello Patra,


How are you? Still very busy or has the season eased down a bit?


Why I'm writing to you: We wanted to say a big "Thank you very much!" for arranging everything so perfectly for us!!!

There was not one instant where we were got stranded or a transfer not working 100%. That's really amazing. :-)

Also, both hotels (Athens Plaza & Majestic) were just great for us and in the best possible locations.

And don't let me start with the tasty Greek food! So tasty and delicious... :-)


We wish you and your family and the Fantasy Travel team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


All the best,

Michael & Karin

 Mr. George Gerasimidis,
   My wife and I recently visited your office on the reccomendation of Matt Barrett. You booked for us two nights at the Hotel Princess Mykonos and two nights at the Volcano View Villas in Santorini with a return to Athens. I would have stopped by your office to thank you but I'm afraid we just didn't have the time before our flight back to London and the United States.
At first we were not too sure how we would find these hotels however, when we arrived we were made very welcome and we enjoyed every minute of our stay. I work for Virgin Atlantic Airways in Orlando, Florida and since I got back  from Greece I have reccomended your company  to my Staff Travel Department and to some friends.
I would like to thank you for  a most enjoyable stay in the Greek Islands and we hope to see you next year.
 Best regards
Alistair Bell 

Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 5:47 AM

Subject: Thank You Vicki!

Hi Vicki, My wife and I would like to thank you for putting together a wonderful tour package to Istanbul when we were staying at the Hotel Armonia in Athens. We would also like to thank you for the wonderful accommodations you were able to arrange at the Athens Plaza when we returned to Athens. We had an outstanding room with a view of the Acropolis. We hope to visit Greece again in the future and will definitely keep you and your travel agency in mind. Thanks also for making these arrangements on such short notice!   Best regards,

 Mary & Roger

Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 9:26 PM

Subject: Thank you

I just wanted to email and say Thank you for all the arrangements.  Everything was done perfectly.  We even got upgraded to a private bungelow at Elounda Mare.....dont know if you had anything to do with it, but it was so nice.  That place is wonderful.  I will highly recommend you to people that are looking to travel to Greece sometime soon.

 We had a great time, Greece is beautiful.


Last month, my sister and two friends and I returned from a wonderful three weeks in Greece.  Wanted to let you know that we took your advice and contacted Fantasy Travel in Athens.  Dina, at Fantasy Travel, worked with us - doing hotel reservations, tour bookings, meet and greet at the airport - a few times more than we thought - since she helped us get around during the taxi strikes throughout our visit.  We were so pleased with her work that we made it a point to get some flowers and track her down to thank her personally.  Thanks for your recommendation - she was a real find for us and one that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any of our friends who are lucky enough to be traveling to Greece in the future.  Sallie Walters

Hello Matt Barrett,

We wanted to write this e-mail and let you know that we just returned
from Greece, in what we can honestly say was the vacation of a
lifetime. We first of all wanted to thank you for your web site, which
helped us to plan our vacation.

We also wanted to give a very large plug to Fantasy Travel (and Carla),
who did a fantastic job in arranging our vacation for us. Our vacation
consisted of the following:

We flew into Athens and then immediately flew to Rhodes. After about 4
days, we took a ferry to Mamaris in Turkey, where we were met by our
own personal driver who drove us to Ephesus. We toured Ephesus on the
first day, stayed overnight, and then on the second day toured St.
John's church, and the house of the Virgin Mary. We then drove back to
Mamaris and caught the ferry back to Rhodes, where we flew out that
evening for a three day stay in Santorini. After Santorini we took a
ferry to Paros, where we stayed for 5 days. We then went to Athens for
three days and after that came home.

Fantasy Travel arranged our whole trip for us. They worked out all the
ferry schedules, the hotel bookings, and taxis. We told Carla at
Fantasy Travel what we wanted from our vacation, including the islands
we wanted to visit, and she took care of the rest. Each time we moved
to a different island we were met at our hotel by a taxi driver to
transport us to either the airport or ferry terminal. When we arrived
at our new destination, we were again met by a taxi driver who took us
to our new hotel. Not once did we have to worry about whether or not a
driver was going to show up on time. It was all taken care of. And on
top of all this, we had our own private driver for our trip to Ephesus
in Turkey!

We just could not have been more pleased with our vacation, and with
the job done by Carla and Fantasy Travel. We would highly recommend
them to anyone who is thinking of a trip to Greece.

Gord and Dereth Campbell

Dear Vassilis:

You and the staff of Fantasy Travel must have degrees in the Art of Persuasion and Greek people must be sensitive and caring people. I hope I get to meet you all and give you hugs when I get there. Thank you so much for all your hard work; Matt Barrett was right when he said he thought the folks at FT were the best; I could not agree more. I will recommend you to all my traveling friends coming your way and I will be talking to you very soon to re-plan my trip . Oh--if you go to my magazine's web, you will find me and what I do here in Virginia.

Love to you all,



Greece (and Turkey) were wonderful.  We were surprised to like Athens so much and look forward to another island adventure and starting or finishing in Athens to do more exploring.  Thanks again for all you did for us.


Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:42 PM

Subject: RE: fantasy travel

Hi Dina.  I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for everything.  We had a WONDERFUL time on our honeymoon in Greece.  What a beautiful place!  Everything went exactly as planned and everyone you arranged to meet and/or transfer us was polite and professional (and on time!).  We didn't have to worry about a thing.  I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous about going with an overseas company to arrange our travel, but I should not have been.  You guys are great.  I will recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone I know traveling to Greece in the future.  Thanks again!


All our best, 

Leslie & Matt Haggerty 

Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2006 10:18 PM

Subject: RE: Greece holiday

Dear Litsa,


Ever since we arrived from our vacation in Greece, we've been working and biz traveling like crazy.


I still didn't want to forget to thank you, your team and your partner agencies for making our trip so enjoyable! We loved every hotel, every location, everything was perfectly on time, all was fabulous! We absolutely loved it and want to go back to visit a few of the many great locations.


Thank you very much and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year!


Lida Lensch

Hi Dina

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in planning our holiday we had a truly wonderful time. Your careful planning with regards to making sure that everything we wanted to do fitted within our limited budget was greatly appreciated.

We are both having a tough time trying to get back into 'work mode' after our incredible holiday. We were only gone for two weeks but we felt like we'd been away for six months - definately a sign that you've had a fabulous break!

We loved Greece - particularly the Volcano View Villas Hotel and Santorini. Paros, Naxos, Athens and Meteora were also excellent. 

I would definately like to return to Greece in the future and would not hesitate to use your agency again. I would recommend your agency without hesitation to any friends that also wish to go in the future.

Thank you for your excellent service and professionalism.

Have a wonderful day.

Best regards
Ruzena Demel
South Africa   

Hi Dina,

I don’t know if you remember but you helped schedule a trip to Greece for my wife and me in May. In fact, it was our honeymoon. I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic visit and it was due, in large part, to you and Fantasy Travel. Our plans all went off without a hitch and our accomodations were quite good. In particular, we really enjoyed the Volcano View hotel and the Porto Veneziano.

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon truly memorable and a trip which helped us in starting our marriage in all the right ways. Best wishes to you and the staff at Fantasy Travel.

Sincerely yours,



We can’t thank you enough for putting together what was truly a wonderful trip. Everything worked out perfectly. The hotels were great, the towns were breathtaking and importantly the logistics worked flawlessly. We had a ball. Great place, great food and great company. The proprietors of the Villa Andromeda were especially accommodating, changing our room for one with a better view and advising us on a great beach and a great special restaurant where the locals go. And between Santorini and Crete, sunsets will never be the same. We celebrated them each and every night with a bottle of local wine, pistachios, olives and some cheese on our hotel balconies before heading out to dinner.

I have sung your praises to everyone who’s asked about the trip and told them not to plan a trip to Greece without you!

Anyway, thanks again for a truly memorable experience. We couldn’t have done it without you and your associates.

Very sincerely,


Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2006 11:54 PM

Subject: Thank you

Eleni -

I want to thank you for your help with our trip to Greece.  Everything went beautifully - even with the demonstration in Syntagma Square when we arrived in Athens from Santorini.  Christina led us through the Metro and across the Square ( right through the demonstrators) to our hotel with no problems.

I realized after that how essential using your agency had been for us.  Without your help, we would have not had any idea how to navigate the demonstration.  Christina was very personable and professional and it was so nice to have someone waiting for us everytime we arrived or left a destination.

Greece was very beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  The only small hitch was that the car was not ready for us on Santorini on the evening of our arrival - but was delivered the next morning as promised.  My husband was very surprised and excited by the SMART car and we both enjoyed being able to explore the island on our own.

I would highly recommend your agency and would be happy to share our experience with any prospective travelers that might like a personal recommendation.  I will definitely save your email address for the next time we travel to Greece.

Regards -

Kathryn and Dennis

Dear Litsa,

I stopped by Fantasy Travel one day while we were in Athens.  It was Sunday, you weren't there and I found out that you would be in a class the following week, so I would miss you and wouldn't be able to thank you personally. 

The trip was truly magnificent.  My Aunt had lived in Greece in the 1960s and Santorini was her favorite Island.  It was so much fun taking pictures for her while I was there.  She just turned 90, so it was especially nice to see Santorini for her.  I think my favorite Island for relaxing in the post tourist season, was Mykonos, Santorini for it's spectacular views, Crete for it's earthy music and style and Athens for it's remarkable history and architectural beauty. 

I want to thank you for the exceptional planning and detailed care you took in our arrangements.  We were so happily surprised to be met at the airports, boat docks and hotels through out our trip.  Dulce and Nicko were wonderful and our connections and greeters in Mykonos, Santorini and Crete very friendly, helpful and kind as well.  

 This trip could never have been as enjoyable or affordable without your expertise and attention.

My many thanks to you and Fantasy Travel,


 Hi Dina,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in planning our honeymoon. Everything was absolutely perfect! We loved the hotels that you booked and all the transfers were very timely. We had a great time and we will definitely recommend Fantasy Travel to our friends. Thanks again for all of your help!


To: "Dina Kastrinaki" <

Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 10:43 AM

Subject: GREAT trip!

 Greece was absolutely FABULOUS and again, I can't thank you enough for all your help.  Every hotel room had a FANTASTIC view! EVERY one!  We were quite surprised (and happy) that we found ourselves to be quite  alone at many of the major places. Hardly any people around! Corinth,  Olympia,  even the Acropolis. Only Mycenae and Delphi had some tours come through.

 My favorite place.... Monemvasia. How perfect an ancient walled city!  Again, no one around. Unfortunately, we were there only 32 hours.  And  the room you had booked us at hotel Kellia... was a whole building by  itself! Gus, the proprietor was great.  I'm absolutely thrilled with the photos that I preserved.  They will  provide much inspiration for my artwork. I'd love to share my whole  album with you but will send you a few photos. I've got about 1100!

 We  will be contacting you when we start planning our Egypt trip for next spring.

 The attached photos are us at the roof top of Hotel Attalos in Athens  and from our room that you booked for us in Monemvasia Hotel Kellia

 A million thanks!


Just returned from Greece.  We had a GREAT time!  Fantasy Travel was fantastic - everything was really well organized.  Thanks for having such a fantastic web site - it really helped us prepare for our trip!!!  Thanks also for responding to my question from a few weeks ago.
Ruth Hull
Campbellville, Ontario, Canada

Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2006 11:45 AM

Subject: Many thanks from Cathy & Garry B

Hi Dina,

This email is so overdue!!! sorry.

We just wanted to say thankyou so very, very much for all you did to make our trip to Greece last October so perfect.

Our accomodation at The Adrian in Athens, The Mediterrian in Rhodes  & especially the Volcano View in Santorini (oh... most especially) was wonderful.  Our tour to The Meteoras was unforgettable (& the accomodation was beautiful).  Everyone we came in touch with was so kind & helpful... our memories are still so fresh in our minds, we don't need to look at our photos, but with them we're able to show our friends what a beaultiful country you have.

We've told anyone who says they're planning to visit Greece, to email Dina at Fantasy Travel.  Your knowledge, your recommendations, your beautiful, bright & happy personality made our trip absolutely wonderful.  Dina you're an asset to Fantasy Travel & tell your boss you're worth more money!!


Again, thankyou so very much.



Cathy & Garry B xx



and to actually meet up with you in Athens, just topped it all off!!



Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:21 PM
Subject: Rizzi Honeymoon

Jeff and I wanted to thank you for making our honeymoon absolutely perfect.
Everything was wonderful and we had such a great time.  It was so nice to
not have to worry about anything while on vacation. You did a wonderful job
planning everything and making sure we were where we needed to be, everyone
was so nice and helpful.  We can't wait to come back. Greece is a magical

Thank you for taking care of us and answering all of my questions and
concerns, your company and all of the affiliates that we dealt with in
Greece were top notch. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Our Best,
Jeff and Laura
Chicago, Illinois


 thank you so much for the package you prepared for us and our honeymoon
 i realize that there were some small problems (due to the ferry accident just prior to our arrival)
 but you and your staff did your very best to help make everything come together
 it was a wonderful time and we both truly fell in love with greece
 i know we will be back again someday to visit hopefully you will still be working as our travel agent
 also, if you would ........ please tell dulce thank you for taking us to the airport so early in the
 morning and make sure dulce tells nickolas that he was superb and a pure joy to be around
 he made our last night in athens a very enjoyable and romantic experience without the three of you (and marcos on sunday)
our trip would not have been so wonderful and fun
 or as the greeks say

 keep in touch and make sure nickolas gets a copy of this
 thanks again maria
rory and samara

p.s.  we would like to keep in touch with nickolas if you or dulce knows of his e-mail or new address
 we would appreciate it if you would pass that on to us

Hello Nadia,

We arrived home Sunday afternoon safe and sound, and we want to thank you for the great job you did coordinating our trip to Greece.  Our trip went along flawlessly.  We were very impressed that you always had someone waiting at all the transfer points as we got off the plane or boat or came down from our hotel room.  You and your agency did a magnificent job in arranging for these transfers.  I am especially thankful for your being able to switch the hotels in Athens.  The Electra Palace was much more suitable for us.  We had a wonderful time in Greece; we saw many faces of Greece - the ancient archeological sites, the City of Athens, the Greek Islands; I got to swim in both the Ionian and Aegean Seas; and I got to meet Nadia.

This was my first experience planning a trip over the internet and it turned out to be a great experience.  I will do it again, thanks to you.  I understand that your agency, and perhaps you, plan trips to Turkey.  We are thinking about going there in 2003, so if you have any suggestions, please e-mail or fax them to me.

Again, thank you for your assistance.  If I hear of anyone planning to go to Greece, I will surely recommend you and Fantasy Travel to them.


Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 2:40 AM
Subject: Thank you

Hi Litsa.

I just wanted to write you and thank you for everything.

Our honeymoon was a dream......thanks in part to you.

Everything was so wonderfully organized and we didn't have to worry about a thing.  It was very comforting having someone to meet us as we arrived in each location and everybody was so helpful and friendly.

As far as the hotel we stayed at, they all get an A+++++++++++++

The Mykonos Grand was fabulous.  What a nice luxury hotel.  The view from our balcony was beautiful.  The pool was great and the staff attended to our every need.  I would definitely recommend this hotel to others.

In Naxos, The Villa Mirandi was just what we needed.  After going through the hustle and bustle of Mykonos, we were ready to relax and this was just the place to do it.  The hotel was very cozy and our apartment was perfect.  It was a nice small, quaint hotel.  There were quite a few honeymoon couples there.  And once again the staff was extra friendly.  Thanks so much for recommending this place.  It was probably our favorite island of the 3.

Finally in Santorini, Sunrocks hotel was a honeymooners paradise.  It seemed like we had the best view on the entire island.  The service was impeccable and the private dinner that they served to us in the private restaurant was probably the best dining experience we've ever had. 

So, again...........Thank you so much for everything.  It was a pleasure working with you and we will keep you in mind if we ever travel back to Greece again, which I'm sure we will. 

Thank you,


Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 6:46 PM

Subject: Travel thanks


Terry and I want to thank you, Fantasy Travel, and everyone who was involved with our trip. At every stop, agents were waiting to take care of us. Everyone we dealt with was very hospitable and accommodating.

 The hotels you set up for us were fantastic, as were the islands you suggested. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and are planning on visiting Greece again.

  We have spread the wonderful word of your services to friends and family. We had a "fantasy vacation" for our 25th wedding anniversary and want to thank you very much for the attention to detail and wonderful service you offer.


Terry and Skip Rosen

Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 6:30 PM
Subject: Thank you

Dina,  We just wanted to say thank you for a job well done.  All of your
effort helped make our vacation very special.  We were truelly impressed by
your professionalism and your prompt response to all of our inquiries.  All
of the accomodations and arrangements were excellent.  Special praise goes
out to Hotel Princess of Mykonos.  That was our favorite spot of the whole
vacation.  It was hard to choose from so many favorites but "Princess"
really was special for us.  Again, we thank you for all you did to help make
our 20th anniversary so perfect.
Sincerely,  Jesse and Andrea

hi dina,

i just returned from my honeymoon last week and i just wanted to let
you know that all of the arrangements that you made were simply
fabulous!  my wife and i had a great time - we wish we could have
stayed there longer.  Greece is such a fascinating country - i'm glad
we got the opportunity to learn about its culture and experience its
beauty.  everything went very smoothly on our trip, thanks in large
part to all of your effort in taking care of the details.

we both miss Greece and hope that we can visit sometime in the future
again.  in the meantime, thank you so much for everything.  efkharisto.

Dear Nadia,

 It has taken me longer than I had wanted to send you another email.

 Myself and Alexandre wanted to send you many thanks for all the time, advice, and effort you had put towards our Greece trip. We had a wonderful time and definitely plan to visit Greece again in the future. We really loved all the hotels, the islands, and the service we received through your company. It really made our trip effortless and and full of good memories.

 Further, thanks you so much for your help in booking us a beach front property for those last days in Greece (at very short notice). The hotel we were in  was very nice and (you may hvae already known this), we were quite pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded to a room with our own private pool........a great way to end the trip.

 So, once again, many thanks for all you did for us. Your company is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful and professional representative. I have already passed along yours and Fantasy Travels' name to some friends interested in travelling Greece.

 Take care of yourself and hope to do business with you again in the future if we ever head back towards Greece.

 Sincerely ,

Nori and Alexandre

Dear Friends

Firstly on behalf of my husband Bob , son Andrew and myself I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for organizing our wonderful trip to Mykonos and Santorini . We had a most enjoyable time and everything went well . Also thank you for organizing our return trip from Santorini to Athens by plane when the ferries went on strike . We were able to return to Athens in time for our night trip of Athens that we had organized and to catch our plane back to London the next day .

Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 8:30 PM

Subject: Re: Fantasy Travel


 We just got back from Greece yesterdya and wanted to let you know that we're very pleased with all of your arrangements. Everything went as planned and the hotels you selected were very good. We couldn't have asked for better.

 Please feel free to use us as a reference should any potential client want to email a former client.



 Hi George,
 Just wanted to let you know that I made it home safe and sound. I liked
 to thank you for your hospitality and for taking the time to make me feel
 welcomed in Athens. You run a wonderful operation and I would think that most
 of your customers are very pleased at the end of there holidays. 

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 5:45 PM
Subject: re: Greece trip

Hello Litsa,

Sheila and I a just back from our trip to Greece.
We want to thank you for your recommendations, excellent planning and
booking arrangements. Everything was fantastic!
Your summary letter was easy to follow and all the vouchers for hotels,
hotel transfers, boat and air transportation
worked just as planned.

Individual comments on,

CAVO TAGOO (Mykonos) this hotel was great. One of the most comfortable.  No
shuttle to/from town but only a 15 minute
walk along a very narrow/busy roadway. Buffet breakfast very good.
ILIOVASILEMA (Santorini) room was very nice and the views were outstanding.
Breakfast in our room was very good.
We decided to rent a car for one day and tour the island.
LATO (Iraklio) this hotel was a pleasant suprise as it was very nice.
CASA DELFINO SUITES (Hania) Wow, this hotel was great our room was
fantastic, the hotel location great and the buffet
breakfasts were very good.  We really enjoyed our time in Hania.
RODOS PARK SUITES (Rhodes) This hotel we think overall was the best. The
buffet breakfasts were very good.
We loved that it was only a 5 minute walk into Rhodes old town.  We were
very happy not to be right in old town Rhodes
as it is much busier than Hania.
We rented a car for one day and drove to Lindos.
We really had a good time in Rhodes.

On our bus trip in mainland Greece we told some other people about our
island plans and gave them your name. Perhaps
they will contact you to book a vacation.

Thanks again for helping Sheila and I have a great vacation in Greece.

Best Regards,
Leo & Sheila S

 Hello my friend,

 How are you? First I am writing to apologize for not being able to thank you
 properly for the great time that I had in your country. I arrived safe on
 Sunday night but then the office has been so busy that today is the first
 time that I have been able to email and let you know how much I appreciate
 your hospitality. 

Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 10:23 AM
Subject: TamiStevens-USA,home now

Thank you so much, Litsa, for all your help in planning such a wonderful
vacation for us!  It was perfect!  We loved every place we visited, and
enjoyed every hotel we stayed in, and we were so glad that you suggested we
drive through Olympia to Delphi--we really had a good time traveling in that
area.  We met a woman (a shopkeeper) in Olympia who knows you.  We got to
talking to her, and she asked where we were staying.  When we said the
Olympian Asty, she said "it's the best hotel here.  How did you learn about
it?" and we mentioned Fantasy Travel, and your name.  That's when she said,
"I know her, she grew up in this town!"  Is this true?  I never asked for
her name, but anyway, she was a very nice woman and we liked our stay in
Olympia very much.

The highlight of the trip though, I think, was Santorini and our Honeymoon
Suite at Canaves II.  I'm so glad that you secured that room for us!  It was
beautiful.  We celebrated my husbands birthday with 'room service' for
dinner on our balcony.  His brother had called the hotel and arranged for a
bottle of champagne to be sent to our room.  When the hotel found out it was
a birthday, they sent up a full plate of fruit for us!  We had a lot of food
(all delicious) and a very wonderful time.  (We also enjoyed the restaurant
'Ambrosia' the night before).

We were so happy that the weather stayed nice for us, not too hot.  And
although it rained a little bit on us our last 2 days, before we left town,
it was also very fun.  My husband swam in the ocean (in Vouligmeni) in the
rain.  (I had coffee under a big umbrella, and I took photographs of him).

All of your vouchers and transfers worked perfectly for us.  (We told your
co-worker, Christina, how much fun we had on our trip, so hopefully she told
you right away).  Anyway, we loved the food in Greece and all the people we
met, and all the sights we got to see.  But, especially, a BIG THANK YOU to
you, for organizing the trip so beautifully for us!  We really hope to come
back again and see more of the country!

Sincerely, Tami (and husbandScott).

(Oh, by the way, the TIM store on the corner near your office
sold us a cell phone for 45 Euros.  We loaded it with TIM phone cards and
called family members at home every night!  It worked very well.)

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 12:03 AM

Subject: Thank You!

Dear Patra and Eleni,


I just wanted to send a quick note in order to thank you both so much for planning our wonderful vacation in Greece!  We had a wonderful time... saw some very beautiful places and had some unforgetable adventures.  We very much enjoyed our time in Athens--however brief it may have been--and Santorini was lovely.  But I think we had the most fun on Crete, which was both breathtakingly gorgeous and intellectually fascinating.  Though I'll admit we got rather too attached to the Cretan Raki...


Because of the huge amount of moving around we did, it was extremely helpful to have everything booked in advance and we felt very well taken care of with someone to meet us at every stop.  We will certainly recommend Fantasy to anyone we know planning a trip to Greece and hope to return someday ourselves.


Best wishes and many thanks,


Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 5:11 PM
Subject: Greece Trip

Hello Eleni:  I just wanted to write and express my thanks and delight at the arrangements you made for us.  Everything from the air flights, car rental to the Sofitel Hotel in Athens were perfect.  Our stay at the Dana Apartments on Santorini was spectacular. The view from the apartment was breathtaking and the staff/owner were more than accommodating.

I would definitely recommend your services to any of our friends who are planning a trip to Greece. 

Thanks again for making our trip to Greece unforgettable!

Dennis & Lynne

Hello Dina,

Andrew and I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did planning our honeymoon.  It was truly beautiful and magical.  We were impressed with the punctuality of all those involved and amazed that there were no glitches at all.  We would most definitely recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone who is thinking of visiting Greece.  Please extend our thanks to Dulce and all the others that made our stay so fantastic.  Our only question is are you guys in any other country??

Thanks again.  Should we return to Greece we will be sure to call you.

Best regards, Lori & Andrew Deane

Good Morning Athina, Thank you so much for your wonderful services. We were very happy with the trip.  Please use our name, phone, address & e-mail number as reference for the good service.
  Hope, with all our hearts that there is peace soon and that travelling is encouraged once more. (United States is recommending not to fly or vacation near, around or in Israel). We wish you the best and hope to work with you and see you next year.
  Have a great life !
  Maria & Shelly Baum 

 My husband and I have returned from our trip and wanted to thank you and Vicky Gerassimidis, in particular, for your assistance. Everything went as planned- we were met at each stop with necessary transportation -(ferry,airline, taxi and rental car), our lodging was beautiful- it all helped to make a worry free vacation.
Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and look forward to a return
trip. I  have already begun to sing your praises and refer others to your agency.
Thanks again for your assistance.
Beth and John Williamson 


  I just wanted to say hi and let you know that Bill and I were eating at a Greek restaurant the other evening and remembering our wonderful vacation. We were so thrilled with all of it and we'll keep it dear in our memories forever. We toasted to you and the wonderful trip that you created for us.

Thank you again!


  Terri Speir

Kalymera, Athina

We had a great trip in Greece. Driving was a real adventure, especially on some mountainous roads going to Olympia, and also driving in the traffic in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The weather was mostly okay wherever we were. I think Athens had flooding when we were in Olympia, and I called you from Delphi when I heard there was flooding somewhere toward Larissa and Thessaloniki. But we only saw some rain a couple of days during the whole trip.

Everything was good with the hotels, and the rental car was okay except for the nearly empty gas tank I told you about. I was able to figure out about the right amount of gas to give the car back to them nearly empty. So that worked out alright.

We saw even more than we had hoped to on our trip: Athens, Olympia, Mycene, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Delphi, Thessaloniki, Vergina, Pella, Mt. Olympus, and a lot of the Greek countryside. We really enjoyed it.

It was a pleasure working with you and Fantasy Travel. Thank you for helping us have an enjoyable and memorable vacation.

Best Regards,
Jerry Keating and Mary Ellen Carveth 

Fantasy Travel....  Maria and Irene

  We would like to thank you from our hearts.... You and your staff are to be congratulated on your professionalism...
  In EVERY facet of your service to us you have excelled..... We lack the means to express our appreciation for your kind intervention when our daughter had her asthma attack..  Most importantly you came to her aid,  while still enabling our family to have a most enjoyable vacation.... THANK YOU.....

  All is well here.. Melinda is doing fine and Amy is fully recovered...

  We now have had the pleasure to use Fantasy Travel for two trips to Greece... we look forward to the third time.

  With our Love,

  Stika family 

Dear Mr. Gerassimidis,


My husband Jim and I recently returned from a month long odyssey to Greece. Almost all of our travel arrangements - excepting only our time visiting with relatives - was arranged by Makis Hatzopoulos.


From our very first contact with your company, through a link on Matt Barrett's website, Makis was extremely professional, helpful, and informative. I can honestly say this trip was the most worry and hassle free we have ever taken. Makis listened to our very explicit requirements as to hotels and transportation, and gave us exactly what we wanted. When at the last minute our son Nic decided to join us in Greece for the second half of our trip,Makis was able to make matching arrangements available with very little advance notice. When Nic forgot his passport at home and was stranded in New York until it could be overnighted to him there, Makis was absolutely WONDERFUL in juggling his itenerary - adjusting his connecting transport and hotels - all with a fabulously good natured understanding. I hope you appreciate him as much as we do!


I would also like to thank some other employees of Fantasy Travel for their assistance during our trip. Mrs. Dulce Doriz and her daughters for gracefully dealing with late arrivals and lost luggage with kindness and good humor; and Ms. Ria Sarigianni, for her cheerful welcome and assistance when we visited your Syntagma Square offices.


We plan to return to Greece next year, and will of course plan to work with Makis and Fantasy Travel again.


Efkaristo Poli!


Eleni, Jim and Nicolas Gellepis

To: Dina Kastrinaki

Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 8:04 PM

Subject: Re: fantasy travel


Marty already wrote a short note of thanks for all the superb work you did putting a most memorable trip together for us.  I too-a bit belatedly- wanted to thank you for all your excellent work.  Your selection of hotels, connecting transportation and locations for our trip last spring through the Cyclodes was superb and made for a wonderful introduction to the Greek islands.  Hopefully we can return someday soon and continue our exploration of the Greek archiopelogo.  Until then we have a wonderful portfolio of memories thanks to you.

Appreciatively yours,




Greetings from Canada.

I would like to thank yourself and the staff at Fantasy Travel for putting together such a wonderful itinery for us during our recent visit to Greece.

Everything was completed to our satisfaction. We were met promptly for each transfer, every ticket, hotel reservation and each means of transport was handled correctly.

As a result we had a most enjoyable visit to Greece and will make recommendations to our friends that when they travel to Greece they should make their reservations through Fantasy Travel.

Thank you very much for your professionalism.

Best Regards

Lorne and Barbara Clayton 

We want to express our appreciation to YOU.  Our thanks for the compassion that you have expressed when my daughter became ill can never be full expressed... We love Mykonos, and by virtue of our repeat visit to the Princess of Mykonos Hotel you can tell how much we love your Hotel and staff... Its like family.... BUT nothing can compare with the way you came to our aid.... We will NEVER forget your kindness and professionalism... All we can say is thanks for being there... We hope you and Princess of Mykonos Hotel prosper as you deserve it.....

  Much Love from the Stika Family and until we visit you again...

  PS Amy and Melinda (my wife) have recovered. 


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for planning the best vacation I have ever had.  Everything went off with out a hitch, and there was not a disappointing moment in the whole trip.  I saw, heard, ate and experienced everything that I could.  I found some very interesting information both in the Historical Museum and the Maritime Museum on Mykonos. 

Now, about next year....

I know that the Olympics are next year.  When do they start?  I thought that I would spend next year on Hydra (a couple of days), and then the rest on Crete.  Hopefully the dollar will be a little stronger against the Euro by then.

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service.

Matthew Rumph

We just returned Monday, Oct 30 from our trip to Greece. You did a
wonderful job helping to plan our trip and make it the best it could be. I will be
recommending your travel agency to my friends. Irene met us at the airport
 and made our stay so easy. Irene is the BEST!!!! Thank you for doing a
great job!!!!
Janet Copeland 

We recently returned from a three week trip to Athens and four of the Greek
Islands - Mykonos, Paros,Naxos and Santorini. Having accessed Matt Barretts'
web site ( - a must for anyone
considering travelling to Greece, we took his suggestion and contacted
Fantasy Travel.(
Our original plans for touring Greece had ranged from doing it completely
independently - to booking a complete tour. We compromised and used Fantasy's
services for all land arrangements,( hotels,  ferries and transfers.) Their
suggestions, coupled with Matt's recommendation of the Hotel Attalos in
Athens provided us with top notch hotels, impeccable service and reasonable
rates. For three weeks the cost was $1225 per person. (We booked our own air
via Priceline) and except for the included breakfasts, were on our own for
Fantasy met us at all airports, ferries and hotels without a hitch. We were
delayed for a day in Mykonos due to high winds, and they made all the
re-arrangements for us. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If I were to
return to Greece, I might be tempted to do it all on my own to save a few
dollars, but for the difference in price, would probably put myself again in
their able hands.
FYI - Greece in late April and early May was sensational - no crowds - lovely
weather - and unless you mind not being able to swim due to chilly water,
definitely the time to go. And of course, it's dirt cheap - if you stay long
enough, it's probably cheaper than staying at home!
Our thanks to both Matt and Fantasy.
Sandy Skiles
Rochester, NY

 Hi Nadia,

 I would like to thank you for helping me with my
 travel plans.  My trip to greece was a great sucess.
 I had such a great time.  The hospitality at Hotel
 Princess of Mykonos was warm and friendly.  Everything
 was as planned.  The boat ride, the plan tickets, the
 car rental worked out perfectly.

 Thank you.

Dear Nadia, Thanks for your note. I am happy to report that the two voyagers are having a WONDERFUL time in Greece and a lot of that is thanks to you! They really enjoyed both the hotels in Athens and Mykonos but are raving about
the one in Naxos where they are now. They could not be happier. I will pass along your info on the hotel in Crete and thanks for that. As I said before I plan to be in e-mail contact with you when my wife and I decide to do a trip there. My e-mail address will change  in mid-June as I am leaving this one and I'll let you know what it is. With best wishes, Steve.

Nadia, we have now returned from Greece and arrived back safe and sound.  Thanks so much for setting up our trip around Greece.  Everything went very well and was very well organized by you and Fantasy Travel.  Once again we thank you and will recommend your agency to any of our friends who will want to travel through Greece in the coming months and  years.

Everything worked out perfectly and we all had a wonderful time.  Greece
certainly has changed since I visited 34 years ago!  You did a great job getting us organized and situating us in lovely hotels.  Thanks so much for all your efforts.  Ann

Please add me to your list of Newsletter subscribers. This site is

I am two weeks away from leaving on my trip and am pleased to let you
know that every detail has been planned perfectly by Nadia of Fantasy
Travel. I checked out their package tours and let her know I wanted to
do it for a lot less money. She worked at it and managed to trim my
expenses by about 50%. What a deal.

Carol Howell

Dear George,

I have been working with your agent, Nadia, and wish to tell you of her
outstanding effort to put together the perfect package. It is not the
fanciest or most expensive. However, once I told her of our wishes, she
simply took care of every detail. As I told Matt Barrett, I would not
hesitate to use your office again and I compliment you for hiring such
talented agents.

Carol Howell

Hi Patra,

 My husband and I returned from our fabulous Greece honeymoon last night and just wanted to thank you and Dulce for all your help.  We were highly impressed with how well everything was arranged and how easy it was on us to get from island to island.  You were invaluable in helping us plan this trip and Dulce was a great help wheile we were traveling.  We had a wonderful  time and will definitely recommend a Greek Island vacation to our friends- and will highly recommend traveling with Fantasy Travel!

 Much Thanks!


Dina, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in planning our fantastic vacation to Greece.  We had the best vacation of our lives.  We can hardly wait to go back.  All the hotels were excellent and all the connections and ferries worked perfectly.  We loved the Princess Mykonos and were thrilled we had the only room that had a lounger on the balcony.  We actually loved every island and every time we arrived at a new one, I was convinced it was my favorite until we would go to the next.  The food everywhere was excellent, and in particular the adjacent taverna at the Alkyoni hotel in Naxos was outstanding.  The dining at Hotel Yria was also exceptional, although a little pricey.  It was nice to be able to have room service too.  We loved the amazing view in Santorini at the Volcano View Villas, and it turns out the manager of the private villas, Niko, is from Winnipeg and my husband and Niko know mutual friends from the University of Manitoba.  The location of the Hotel Attalos was perfect and we enjoyed the half day tour immensely.  I also bought a beautiful black leather jacket in Athens that will always remind me of Greece.  Thank you for putting us on the slow ferry into Santorini as per our request and especially for the first class tickets!  We loved it.  We loved all the people we came in contact with and were amazed at the warm Greek hospitality.

We are recommending your services to all our friends.  When we go back to Greece, we will definitely contact you again!

Thank you so much,

Carolyn and Robert

Hi Vanda. Just back at my desk from a week in Santorini and one wonderful
night in The Volcano View Villas. I just wanted to say thanks for all your
help. And I'll definitely be returning and staying there again one day

Regards Pete Armstrong

Hello, Eleni.

This is Claira, if you remember...

I would like to say a BIG belated Thank you!! for your wonderful arrangement to make my trip to Athens so memorable and unforgettable.

From having Nicole (Mrs Dulce's daughter, hope i got her name correct) personally receive us at the airport, to the absolutely beautiful Remezzo Villa with our wonderful hostess, delicious greek yogurt with honey (i am an addict now!), we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Greece.

It's like a honeymoon i don't want to end.

it is a blessing in disguise that our initial choice of Volcanoe villa or Pegasus suites weren't available..

Remezzo had the best view, (even though we didn't get the only room high up so that the we get the seaview from the window), and breakfast was delicious, and Imerovigli town was way better to see sunset than Oia or Fira because it is the highest point of Santorini, i think.  

Our accomodation at Remezzo was the one of the BEST part of our trip..

Not even our stay at Intercontinental would compare to it.

The greek islands is Greece, and not Athens itself.

My husband and I felt safe and wandered around Athens and its ruins, but we had the most fun in Santorini.

We would love to return for another holiday.

I definitely would recommend you and your agency to my friends and family for making our trip flawless and worry-free.

Thank you very much once again.


Thank you very much for handling everything for us.
I'm sorry I did not get a chance to meet you in person.  We had such a nice time in Greece.
The hotels you found for us were excellent, and the locations
were perfect... Especially the Volcano View Villas on Santorini!!  They have the best view on the island for watching the sunsets!!!  We Love Greece, and want to come back again.  It will be awhile, but we will be back.  We saw alot of the mainland as well, and of course many of the old ruins.

I will certainly use your services again and recommend your company to my travelling friends.

Warmest Regards,
Danny Dudas
Los Angeles, California

Dear Lista,

We are just coming back China. It was a wonderful trip you organize, as well I would like to send my thanks to Ms Dulce.

Thank you, and all your help.


Hi Litsa!

Please forgive me for just emailing you now.  I have been crazy busy since I returned from Greece and I have a spare moment right now. I just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING time.  Everything was fantastic and Fantasy Travel did such a great job.  Thank you for everything.  We loved everything about our trip and we will always love Greece.  It was such a fantastic experience. 
Thank you again for everything and take care.  I will certainly call you for our next trip.   
Take care.
Brent & Lana

Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 1:11 PM
Cc: Eleni; Keith Gill


I just want to thank you for our trip. We had a wonderful time.
Our trip was planned well. We tried to visit Fantasy while we were in
Athens but the office closed for the Holiday.
James and Keith are going to send you their personal thanks.
Any future recommendations we will send it directly to you.

Thank you,

Hammed Adeniyi

Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 5:26 PM



As Hammed mentioned previously, we had a wonderful time! I was very
impressed with the planning and selection of islands. I will definitely
recommend your agency to some of my colleagues here at work for a trip
next summer. Once again, thank you.
James B. Labastille

Nadia, Nadia, Nadia !!!
 I can't express enough to you what a wonderful time Rob & I had in Mykonos
 & Santorini.  The entire package was perfectly planned - thank you so very
 much!  We truely enjoyed a stress-free vacation.  Having all transfers
 included was such a convenient relief for us.
 The Princess Hotel in Mykonos was GEORGEOUS!!!  We had a pool-side room,
 with wonderful panoramic views of the port city below, and outstretching
 body of blue-blue-blue ocean.  It made it so hard to leave our beautiful
 room everyday, but there was lots of sightseeing & beaches to go to each
 day.  We took a 1/2 day excursion to the island of Delos one day, and were
 just in complete awe all day from all the ruins, temples, mosiac tile
 floors, aristocratic homes, uncovered from thousands of years ago - it was
 absolutely amazing!  The hospitality at the hotel was just so hartwarming
 and exceptional!  To have Christotholo, our tranfer guide, run unto the
 ferry with us, to make sure Rob & I and all our lugage got on the ferry
 safely & timely, was just such and unexcepted service - they were all so
 very wonderful.
 Ah.... the Volcano Views in Santorini was another top-notch resort.  I
 think we could choose from 5 pools to sunbathe by each day.  I am still
 amazed how over 80 rooms, pools and restaurant can be built thousand of
 feet above see level, and protrude from cliffs!  Once again, we had a
 quiet, romantic room, near poolside, overlooking *the best* sunsets we've
 ever seen!  I am also so very grateful for the stand-up showers we had at
 both the hotels.  Being from the States, this is how we bath everyday, so
 it just made it another nice comfort of home.
 Thank you so very much for making a good-portion of our honeymoon the most
 relaxing and memorable vacation we have ever had.  We won't even hesitate
a moment to reccomend Fantasy Travel, the islands and the 2 most-wonderful
 hotels we have ever stayed with, to family and friends.  I know you will
be the first person we call, the next we want to see a new set of greek
 islands or any other related Greece vacations.
 All Our Best,
 Maria & Rob Enos
 Westport, MA, USA

 Thank you for a wonderful holiday.
 Everything was perfect and all the hotels were great.
 Really had a good in the islands and look forward to coming to Greece
again maybe next year. If so, will arrange accomodation through you again, but must be good
 Take care,
 Marina Bratina

Good afternoon Litsa or evening where you are.
 I just had to write to tell you thank you for your efforts in putting  together the Greek trip for my son, Paul, and his new wife.
  He just got home this afternoon and I just finished talking to him on the telephone.  He could not offer  enough praise for you and your group, on the trip, the hotels, the  islands and the overall Greek experience.  They had a great time and the trip went off without any problems.  The only problem they had was they could not read the street signs but so what.  How lost
 could you get on an island?

 And for my part, I would like to thank you and your staff for all your help.  And please don't go out of business because I have another son who is planning on getting married in the next couple of years, he just got engaged three weeks ago.  And based on Paul's experience that would be another good wedding experience.  Also I have another vacation coming up next year,
 unfortunately, this year's vacation was used to see Paul get married in Italy, and your country and service are now high on my list of places to go.

 Again, thank you for all your help and efforts in making the trip something they will not forget.
  Best regards
  Dale Hackbart
 Dallas, Texas

Hi Matt,

 Just wanted to once again say thanks for such an awesome and informative web site.  We just got back last night and we had such a great holiday.  Some of my summary info-

 - Fantasy Travel rocks!  We've done a lot of European travelling and always on our own without a travel agent.  I took your advise and used them this time and was so glad. What a relief to have all the transfers taken care of.  They were very thorough and I just can't say enough....

 - We ate at Psaras in Athens and loved it.  Excellent food, not bad prices, and wonderful ambiance. 

 - we stayed in Mykanos and didn't find it that expensive.  Well, really no more so than Athens or Santorini.  Also, though a lot is going on in that island, it still is very beautiful and one doesn't HAVE to party all night!  Found a small, wonderful restaurant with amazing service and food, but not too expensive. 

 - Santorini was more expensive than we expected. 

 - We bought a metal bottle of ouzo at Brettos and told him we were there because of you.  He seemed happy about that. 

 Thanks again.  We loved Greece.  Long, relaxing meals, excellent food, Greek music, beautiful, friendly people, the most beautiful islands, souvlaki's (thank you for that guide - very helpful), etc., etc......  We can see why people like you move there! 


 Ian & Teressa


My friend and I are going to Greece in May. I had to give a 5 minute
(maximum) speech in a graduate class I am taking and decided to tell the
story of how I planned my trip. I attached the written version (below).

Thanks for your site. Its a wonderful and plentiful resource!


Mandy's Speech

Until 4 months ago, I thought planning a trip involved nothing more than calling a random travel agency, using any of their agents, choosing one of the itineraries they provided and giving them my credit card number. However, I quickly became aware of how mistaken I was when planning my trip to Greece. After months of research, I now understand the importance of choosing an appropriate travel agent/agency.

My initial attempt to plan my trip was to use the same travel agent, Christi, that booked my cruise last year. I hadn't yet researched any areas of Greece I wanted to travel to so I asked Christi to choose an itinerary for me. What she chose for me was a group tour that included hitting every tourist trap. The price was high considering I had no choice in destinations, and she had never been to Greece to offer me any additional advice. This was my first indication that planning this voyage would prove to be a much harder task than I originally anticipated.

In order to avoid wasting time, such as my calls with Christi, I decided to ask the travel agency up front if they had any agents who had either traveled to Greece or had planned many trips there. This is when I was introduced to Shirley. When asked, her co-worker described her as "extensively traveled in Greece". After speaking to her briefly, I realized this woman's idea of "extensively traveled" varied from mine greatly. Shirley had traveled to Greece about 10 years ago, for 4 days, to only 2 islands. Although I continued to allow Shirley to research some ideas for me I knew if I wanted my trip to be planned appropriately, I was going to have to do some of the research myself.

Using the readily available technologies in this country, my research began by "surfing" the web for anything related to Greek Travel. Luckily my search began and ended at The website is written by Matt Bartlett. He introduces himself as someone who has lived an/or traveled to Greece since 1968. From browsing through the site I was able to narrow down the destinations in Greece that interested me. Half my battle was over. The next half was taken care of when I was provided a link, from Matt's site, to a travel agency in Athens. I quickly emailed the agency that I was planning a trip to Greece and was interested in itineraries that they could suggest using the locations I narrowed down to. I soon had a reply email from Maria at Fantasy Travel in Greece. Who better to ask advice from than someone who lives there? Maria was able to provide everything the other agents were not. From $60/night stays in hotels with amazing views, to ferry scheduling, as well as her extensive knowledge and useful suggestions to enhance our trip.

This process unquestionably proved to me that when planning a trip, using modern day technologies to access foreign travel resources is an excellent alternative.

Hello - We hope you are doing well. We wanted to again thank you and
everyone else at Fantasy Tours for the fantastic job that you all did! -
Everything that we set up worked very well and we were very impressed with
the level of service that was provided at each location! The accomodations
were great, the transfers were always there and we were met with a smiling
face at each one, and the wedding ceremony went very smoothly!
We will certainly recommend the services of you and Fantasy Tours to
anyone who asks and will e-mail travel sites with our recommendations... THANK

We were also wondering if you got the pictures and the DVD from Clive
Wright and were able to send them to us??? Thank you also for being able to do

Tak Care, and we look forward to working with you again on our next trip
to Greece (which just can't come soon enough - hopefully next year!)

Ray & Shari

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful vacation.
Your planning and attention to detail allowed us to
enjoy Greece to fullest extent. Dulce our point
person was fantastic. Her professional approach gave
us that added sense of security that relieved any
worry. I will highly recommend Fantasy Travel to
anyone planning a trip to Greece.


Richard Twomey

Dear Nadia,

We wanted to let you know what a wonderful two weeks we spent in Greece
and what a pleasure it was to meet you. It was nice to be able to put a face
with all the emails we had recieved from you.

We enjoyed our stay in Athens and on both Santorini and Mykonos Islands.
The hotels on both islands were beautiful and the weather was great. The
hosts from Fantasy Travel were there waiting at every airport, hotel and
port and we had no problems at all.

If we should ever visit Greece again, we will certainly contact you at
Fantasy Travel. Thanks again for putting together such a great trip.

Russell and Pat Mason

Marcos: You and the entire staff at Fantasy did a magnificent job for us
on our visit to Greece! 5 Stars to everyone and I assure you I have and
will be recommending Fantasy for their efficiency, effectiveness,
helpfulness, and excellent value given.
Thanks again!

Dear Patra,
Well, we are safely home from our trip with many beautiful memories. We can't thank you enough for all you did to make our trip so wonderful, everything went like clockwork, it made our travel so enjoyable. We loved our hotels and of course Greece was beautiful beyond all our expectations. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Thanks again, and thank all your colleagues who met us and were so gracious.

Dear Nadia:

Just want to thank you again for helping make our holidays in Greece an experience of a lifetime! I want to compliment you and your company on doing a great job. Everything was extremely organized - from the minute we walked into our hotel in Athens until the time we left. We appreciated the contact name and phone number of the representative from your office - even though we didn't need it because everything was flawless. Your transfers and representatives on the islands were friendly, courteous, and helpful. We will be highly recommending you to anyone we know going to Greece in the future. Thanks again for everything.

Elizabeth Coolman

Dear Litsa,
Our Greece trip was outstanding! Thank you for all the arrangements-it was
perfect. Please tell Denise thank you also.
I have already recommended your travel agency for my sister and my parents
who are planning a trip next year.



Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We have just returned from our trip to Greece and could not have been happier with how smoothly everything went. The transfer, hotels, and taxi's were all perfect, and most importantly our wedding went off without a hitch. It was absolutely magical! I wanted to write and thank you for all your work and effort you put into making our vacation perfect. Thank you again.


Dear Vanda:

My mother and I would like to thank you for Denise and Dulce. They were so warm and friendly and made us feel so welcome. I really appreciate the care they showed my mother.

Also, Christine at Top Travel in Thessaloniki way out of her way to help us track down some possible relatives in Thessaloniki. She was so kind to help us. Especially, since she was so busy.

I can't tell you how thankful I am. Greece is so beautiful and we are so proud to be Greek Americans now!!! (but we want to go Greece!!!). Everything was perfect and you took care of every detail. Thank you.

I will be emailing thanks to Christine in Thessaloniki. Please give our regards to Denise and Dulce.

Kathryn Adams and Dorothy Adams
Washington State

hi Litsa,
we have an amazing trip. not one problem. the divani, the santa marina
and the chromata were great. if you don't know the Chromata i'd highly
recommend it to your clients. it was perfect. thank you so much for all
your help
kind regards.

Hi Litsa,
I have managed to catch up on the work I missed while I was enjoying
myself in Greece (and working too...). I just wanted to take a minute to thank
you for all the work you put into my trip. You really went above and beyond
what I expected--and it made all the difference. (You were very
patient--especially with all of my requests for receipts...)
I hope all is going well with you and that you get some time off to enjoy
the summer. How would you like post-cards from my other work-related
Take care,

I want to thank you and everyone at Fantasy Travel like Denise, Bobbie the
cab driver, and Dulce and the people at Meridian travel for all your
personal and incredible service and attention to detail. We loved Volcano
View Villas. what a beautiful place! And the little town of Naoussa won
our hearts. The trip to Myconos was too short but we did manage to see Delos
the morning we left since it was closed on Monday, the longest day we had
The people in all the hotels were very helpful and there were no problems
at all with any of the transfers. Everything went like clockwork thanks to
you all. Please give my regards to the owners of Fantasy Travel. I will
certainly highly recommend you to anyone I know who will be going to
Kindest regards and deepest thanks,
Anne Mansfield and Kate Schrinsky

Just a brief note to say say Thank You.
Our trip went very well, all arrangements took place as planned, and we had a great time.
Thanks again,
David & Betty Gilfillan

Dear Vanda

I want to let you know how very much we enjoyed our holiday on Naxos and how impressed we were with the services of Fantasy Travel, especially changing our tickets for the return ferry and still meeting us at Piraeus. We shall certainly recommend your services to others.

Thank you very much


Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 7:47 PM
Subject: Re: Contact info

Sadly, my holiday is over and I have returned to work. But I wanted to tell you how very very pleased we were with your services!! It was so comforting to know that all the arrangements had been handled and that we didn't have to worry about how to get someplace, or how to buy the right ferry ticket or anything. The people who escorted us were all friendly and particular we enjoyed Costace and Marianna!! And they were always right on time. And the hotels you selected for us were clean, comfortable and in good locations. We will definitely tell our friends to use your services. Does Fantasy Travel operate out of any other countries? We are planning a trip to Italy in Sept and could use a service like yours there as well. Again, thanks for your wonderful help.

Subject: Re: refund due to strike

Dear Patra,

Thank you for the quick refund. We had a great time in spite of the strike. We plan to do a cruise of the islands next year or the year after and we fully intend to use your services again. You, Dulci and Fantasy Travel are absolutely the best travel agency we've ever worked with and you are free to use us as a recommendation any time you wish. Thank you very much for the wonderful personalized service and attention!

Warm regards,

John and Nea

Kalispera Litsa,  

We are back in the USA and want to thank you for the wonderful service you and Fantasy Travel provided to us on this trip.  I hope you will show this e-mail to your manager or to the owner of the company because I want him/her to know how much we appreciated your support and planning.  Dolce met us as you had indicated and helped us get settled with all sorts of information and transfers and vouchers. As you had indicated, everything was arranged and all drivers arrived on time and we got to all the places smoothly and without difficulty. We were amazed at how smooth it was. We liked the Divani Palace (great location and very nice people)  and loved Astra Apartments (gorgeous setting, beatiful rooms, lovely owner/manager, quiet and out of the way but close to Fira and Ia and an easy drive to Akitori. Hotel Armonia was so-so but Voulegmeni was a nice change from Athens. And, the trip to Delphi was great- what an extraordinary place!  

It is unusual for me to make travel plans on the internet and I was worried- (I guess you knew that from some of my e-mails). However, from your first e-mail responses to me (which answered my questions directly and honestly and made good suggestions) throughout the finalization of the plans to the last day when a Fantasy representative met us at the hotel with the driver to go to the airport to return home, we felt well cared for.  So, many thanks for a good visit and for all your help. If we have friends who plan to go to Greece, we will absolutely refer them to you.

I am sure the alliteration is not quite right, but Efharistou Litsa,



Deborah Heller, PhD
Strategic Planning and Evaluation Group

Hello Litsa,
We had a wonderful time! We are all back home safely. It was a long return journey home.

I want to thank you for all of your hard work. In spite of the strike you managed to make our trip very nice. Through all the uncertainty you remained cool and calm regardless of how many calls I made to you. I know you worked very hard for us.

The accommodations in Crete and Santorini were wonderful. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants special treatment. The transfers throughout the entire trip were excellent, especially the cab drivers in Athens. Please send my regards to Dulce. She was extremely professional and pleasant to deal with.

Our next trip may be to Egypt. If so, we will contact you again. One day we will return to Greece. I think we will consider a cruise next time. Again, we will contact you.

Good luck to you in wherever life takes you. Remember, if you ever decide to visit New York please contact me. We will be moving there this August.

I wanted to copy the owner of your agency on this e-mail, however, I could not find his e-mail address on your newly designed web-site. Please forward this e-mail to him.


Hi Marcos and all of Fantasy Travel.
I just wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL our trip to Greece turned out
to be.  You all did a fabulous job in meeting us at all of our destinations
and with the transferes.  We were all so very impressed.  I especially want
to thank Nellie for her kindness.  It was so nice to be greeted by such a
warm and friendly person when we first arrived in Greece.  Our hotels were
also just great.  We were very impressed by them all.  The only thing i can
add is to perhaps say that it may have been appropriate to warn us that the
Anna Apartments was a little ways away from any towns and that renting a car
was almost a must in Santorini.  It worked out just wonderfully, we did
realize that we wouldn't see much unless we had a car and it was very easy
to rent one.  The people who ran the Anna Apartments were very glad to help
us rent a car and made it very easy.  Thank you for giving us such a
wonderful experience and I would be glad to recommend your agency to anyone
going to Greece in the future.
Thanks, Anne

Hi Litsa,

The four of us are back in Singapore.

Thanks for arranging such an enjoyable and memorable trip for us. Should we intend to visit Greece again, or any of our friends want to visit Greece, we will definitely recommend Fantasy.

Keep it up and all the best.

Thank you and best regards.

From: Kong Fong Sang
Lim Sok Kiang
Joanne Goh
Ivy Hoe

Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 4:52 PM
Subject: Trip to Greece

Hello Patra,

You helped us plan our trip to Greece for the first two weeks of October.  We want to thank you for your guidance and let you know that everything went according to plan.  You made it easy for us and we enjoyed staying at all the places you booked us.

Karen and Art

Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 12:00 AM

Subject: Re: Holidays in Greece -Fantasy travel

Dear Litsa,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your assistance in planning our vacation to Greece.  My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful time.  Each of the hotels you chose for us exceeded our expectations, and the locations were great!  We were able to see so much in Athens without ever needing a car because our hotel was in such a convenient spot.  The Hotel Adonis on Mykonos was beautiful, and the staff was very nice.  And the view from the Caldera's Lilium Villas on Santorini were unbelievable.  It was so nice to know that all of our transfers were taken care of, and the whole trip went very smoothly.  Our ride was always waiting for us and the ferry trips were great.  Thanks again for all your help and advice in the planning stages of this trip.  I will definitely recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone I know who in interested in travelling to your beautiful country.

Take care,


Nadia & Litsa,
I wanted to thank both of you for your help in planning my vacation in
Greece. The service that your agency provided was truly professional. You
worked with me through two last minute "crises" with Olympic Airways and
everything went very smoothly. In addition, having the transfers waiting
for me when I arrived at the airport in Athens, as well as at the islands was
very convenient, expecially because the ports can be crazy when the
ferries unload. I am sorry that I didn't get the chance to visit your agency in
Athens and meet you personally, but my time there was too short.

I also wanted to ask you to pass along my thanks to Dulce and Dina who met
me before my transfers in Athens the day I arrived. Dulce was so nice that
she offered her cell phone number to my sister and brother-in-law who
arrived in Athens with me, even though they hadn't planned their trip
through Fantasy Travel. Please thank Babis and the team at Meridian
Travel in Naxos and Leslie and Suzanna at the Alkyoni hotel for their help and
hospitality, as well as everyone at Volvano's View Villas (Manoulis,
Sakis, Nikos, and others whose names I can't recall) who made my stay in
Santorini even better than I had anticipated it would be. Both Naxos and Santorini
are such beautiful islands and the Alkyoni and Volvano's View are great
hotels; I plan to visit both islands again in the future, for more than 3 days

Again, I wanted to compliment you on a great job and to let you know that
I will certainly be recommending your agency to anyone I know planning a
trip to Greece.
Kind regards,

hi litsa
just a quick few lines to thank you for the excellent arrangements made
for our vacation in greece. everything went off very well and even olmpic air
performed excellently - amongst all the flights only one was about 45
minutes late.

all in all a truly enjoyable vacation - you guys did very well because we
never had a problem or surprise with any of the hotels, flights or car
pick ups
thank you once again for the excellent job and i will have no hesitation
in recommending others to use your services
best regards

Nadia (Fantasy Tours, Athens)

This is John Nash in the US, for whom you made transportation arrangements in May through the Greek Islands and to Istanbul. I just want to say that I appreciate your service and help with all the arrangements. Everything went fine (except I almost missed my flight to Istanbul because of a delay in the bus transportation to the airport, but I made it!)

There are a couple of things I would like to mention that you may pass on to other travelers in Greece.
- The Poros area is a very good location to see some of the sights in the Peleponesus area. We stayed in Galatas, on the mainland across from Poros which, as you probably know, is a beautiful island. One day, we rented motor scooters which made the island more accessible and enjoyable.
- Santorini is a bigger island that we imagined. As there were four of us traveling to Mykonos and Santorini, we rented a car in Santorini which let us discover many wonderful sights on the island. The rental was very reasonable at E70 for three days. I would definitely recommend a visitor to Santorini consider renting a car.

I also would like to recommend the place we stayed in Santorini. Villa Mathios was absolutely great! The rooms were very nice, the swimming pools were beautiful, and the restaurant was terrific. Costos (Constantinos Papalexis), the manager, made us feel very welcome and helped us with our sight-seeing trips. He also runs the Acrotiri Travel Agency associated with the hotel. Although a distance from the main island town of Thira, Villa Mathos, at the lower end of the island, is in the center of many of the island's tourist attractions (Red Beach, Acrotiri ruins, vineyards, lighthouse, etc.) The car allowed us to enjoy the hotel and all of the sights on the island. You should consider the Villa Mathios when you are booking other visitors to Santorini.

Once again, thank you for your pleasant assistance.

John Nash

Hello Nadia!

Sorry it took us so long to send you this e-mail, but we had to get our
computer fixed when we got home. We wanted to let you know our holiday was
fantastic and we really appreciated all the work you did to make everything
go smoothly. We loved Greece and all it's wonders. It was reasurring to
know there were arrangements for all our transfers and our accomodations we
pre-arranged. We enjoyed each place we stayed and they were all unique in
some way. We made the mistake of not checking directions for our two
accomodations on Crete. Finding them was quite a challenge. Of course,
that was our error. We thoroughly enjoyed Istanbul. We highly recommend
Fehmi Bey Hotel. Good location and well managed. If you have any
questions about our other accomodations or about any of the different
people organizing our transfers, let us know. Once again, thank you for
everything you did for us. We know it is your job but we also know how
efficiently and expertly you did it. You made our long awaited trip to
your country extra special. We can only hope that one day soon we can
again contact you to book another trip to Greece so see more of it.


Bruce and Janet Jenkinson

Dear Patra
I would like to thank you for the great vacation in your beautiful
Your agency was outstanding and handled everything for us even down to the
transfers to and from the airport. Everyone was exceptionally nice and
made our trip worry free. I would certinally recomend your office to anyone
traveling to Greece. You have our sincere thank you from my family and
myself hope to see you in the future.


Dear Patra,
My sister and I would like to thank you for making our trip very successful and enjoyable.. the hotel accommodations were perfect and I would highly recommend the Villa Morandi on Naxos.. We rented motor scooters for 3 days and had a wonderful time. Naxos is a very quiet and serene island.. we like Santorini , the view was fabulous, but a bit more touristy than Naxos. All the ground connections and boat transportations worked out like a charm, which also made for a perfect trip. Thank you again for all that you did for us!
Chrissi Sperling
Kim Stamatin

Dear Matt,

Thank your very much for your e-mailes. They realy helped us to find the way
in this terrible mess of information. Thanks to Nadia also from "FANTASTIC"

With kindest regards,

Kutsna & Irine Amiredjibi

Hi there Litsa,

We are back home safe and sound with many fond memories of our wonderful honeymoon trip to Greece in May and June. It was a dream of ours for many years to go, and thanks to your wonderful organization, it was a dream come true. Your attention to detail made it so much easier for us to relax and enjoy our time in your beautiful country. We have commented many times to our family and friends about how well you looked after our every need ... from meeting us at the airport and ports, ensuring safe transportation to every destination, especially during that dockworkers strike when you stayed late to make sure we could get away the next day, arranging lovely accommodations, and even helping us out by looking into the potential problem with the rental car on Santorini. Everything was just perfect !

Many thanks also to Dulce, Denise & Dena. They were all wonderful to deal with and very, very helpful. Dulce in particular was very sweet and helpful, especially when seeing us off at the airport.

We were very glad we got to get the chance to meet you Litsa, and we have attached the picture we took at your office.

We also have many other lovely pictures and have posted a couple of them on

Please make sure that you pass this along to everyone who helped during our trip, and especially share this with your manager. He or she is very lucky to have such dedicated and caring people working for him or her.

We have already recommended Fantasy Travel to many friends, and Tish's sister and a couple of their friends have told us they intend to get in touch with you to help plan their trip to Greece next year.

Warmest regards,
Tish & Gord

Just wanted to say thanks..We had a great time.Would recommend Fantasy
Travel to anyone..

Sent: Sunday, December 24, 2006 1:59 AMSubject: Fantasy Travel - Comments on Your Services for Our Trip from 8/25/06 - 9/16/06

Hi, Eleni.  I wanted to give you our comments on your services for our recent trip.  You are excellent!  That applies to all of your collaborators too!  We had only a few minor problems along the way, which are described below; but, overall, we can't thank you enough for the excellent services you provided.  We were so impressed with the promptness of your collaborators, and they made our transfers amongst the ferries, planes, and motels so easy!  We ate a lot of your delicious grapes everywhere, buying them from local fruit stands, plus other fresh fruit too.
We must comment that a few of the 2-star hotels you provided seemed to be even better than 2-stars.  The ones that we felt were "only" 2 stars were the ones on Mykonos and Santorini.  They were just fine though.  The swimming pool and view at the Venecia Hotel on Mykonos were breathtaking.  The uphill walk from town back to the hotel was a little tiresome since we did it a few times each day; but it was good exercise!  The clerk at Hotel King Thira in Fira was especially nice; and the collaborator was especially helpful because we did take one of her tours (to the volcano and Ia).  However, following are our comments on the others:
Hotel Samos in Samos:  It was SO convenient to be so close to the ferries to Kusadasi and to Mykonos.  The clerk was really nice, friendly, and helpful.  The breakfast was great!  It was so nice to have a refrigerator in the room, and one where we could even make ice!  We felt like this was a luxury only to learn that refrigerators in the room seem to be normal now.  Ephesus was great!  This was a really nice hotel to spend our first few nights after our long day getting there. 
Venecia Hotel on Mykonos:  Our ferry was very late.  We arrived at :30 in the morning.  We felt very lucky to have the collaborators there with a taxi to take to our hotel.  Most of the other people were trying to figure out how to get to town.  The view from the swimming pool was great!  The continental breakfast from the terrace with that view was a wonderful way to start the day.  The hotel clerk was very nice, especially since he called the callobrators for us.  They had delivered notice to us that they were picking us up at 13:00 the next day.  We knew that couldn't be right because our ferry left at 10:15.  The hotel clerk called, and the collaborators apologized, that they had scheduled so many trips that day that they had made a mistake.  The time was corrected; and the collaborators picked us up at 9:30 instead.  That was fine.  Delos was great!
Hotel La Grotta in Chora on Naxos:  This was our favorite.  The people running the hotel were fabulous!  Nicoletta was charming, so very helpful, and friendly.  She arranged to have our laundry done and arranged for a rental car to be brought to the hotel.  The breakfast was really good, with lots of fresh fruit.  Our rooms weren't quite ready when we arrived, so they served us a glass of lemon liquor, which was good and strong.  The view was unbelievable!
Hotel King Thira on Santorini:  The clerk was very friendly.  The location was really nice since it was so close to the shopping area.  We enjoyed our day tour to the volcano and Ia.
Hotel Castello in Iraklion on Crete:  The breakfast was fantastic!  This was a very fancy hotel for us, but we certainly enjoyed our one night here.  That said, we had poor service in the restaurant for dinner; but because our ferry was late, we weren't eating dinner until almost 22:00  There was a bit of an inconvenience in that the TV Remote Control given to us didn't work because it was the wrong brand name from the TV in the room; so we had to return to the Hotel Desk and get the correct one.
Hotel Kriti in Hania on Crete:  Again, the breakfast was fantastic!  This was another fancy hotel for us, and we really enjoyed our two nights in Hania.  It was so convenient to be able to walk to the beach, shops, restaurants, and harbor.  The only inconvenience, which got funny after a while, was, again the TV Remote Control.  I had to go to the Hotel Desk no less than 4 times to finally get one that worked.  The empty batteries were the problem in most cases.  We did have a slight problem, which wasn't the fault of the hotel.  We asked if it could arrange for our laundry to be cleaned and returned no later than 14:00 on the next day since the shuttle was to pick us up at 15:15.  The hotel clerk was really nice and arranged this for us.  However, the shuttle arrived early at 15:00, and our laundry still had not arrived.  The hotel clerk called the laundry service several times after 14:30 since I asked where our clothes were.  The laundry service finally delivered our clothes around 15:15 p.m.  We were getting really nervous.
Hotel Amazon in Athens:  This was, again, so convenient!  It was nice to be able to walk to the Acropolis and Plaka, and the hotel was really nice.  Since we were considering Hotel Attalos, we did find it and had a drink on its terrace with the Acropolis view.  We decided that Hotel Amazon was more convenient for us, and Hotel Amazon seemed to be much nicer although we did not see the rooms at Hotel Attalos.  We thought the section of town where Hotel Amazon was located was a nicer area too.  The Acropolis was great!
I apologize for sending this so late after our return in September, but I did want to thank you again for your excellent service and assistance in making our trip to Greece such a wonderful one!   People ask which island we enjoyed the most; but we really couldn't say because they are all so different.  We must admit, however, that Naxos was probably our favorite because the motel hosts, view, beaches, and car tour were so wonderful.  If any of our friends decide to go to Greece, you can be sure that we will recommend you.  You're the greatest!!!  Thanks again.  Happy Holidays!
Ellen C. Kariya


Ken and I wanted to thank you, Dolce and the staff of Fantasy Travel for your help in arranging our honeymoon in Santorini. We had a fabulous time and everything was handled so professionally, politely and efficiently. Deep appreciation for all your time, effort and help!

Jeni and Ken Wolf

Erika and I returned yesterday from a wonderful vacation in Greece.
Thank you so much for putting together such a magnificent package.
Everything went well, and every detail that you had arranged (all the
transfers, etc.) happened without flaw. We will have life long happy
memories from this trip. Thank you again.
Erika and Brian

Dear Patra,

On behalf of my wife and myself we thank you and Fantasy travel for your help in exchanging the ferry tickets and the wonderful holiday arrangements you made for our family and the Deutsch family.

We thought that you, Dulce, and your staff were extremely reliable and most helpful in all aspects of our holiday  Thanks to you, our time spent in Greece was enjoyable and free of problems.  We look forward to contacting you for our next visit. 


Thank you,

Lawrence Reichgut

Dear Nadia,

Chris and I just wanted to thank you, Dulce, Mr. Nichols (our taxi-driver), and Fantasy Travel so much for the amazing, breathtaking vacation we had! We loved and appreciated how you all took care of us while we were in Greece. Your service was impeccable. When we return, hopefully soon, we hope to use your services again. Our pictures are fabulous, and we miss Greece already. We will definitely recommend your services to our friends!Thank you so much again, Nadia!

Jackie and Chris

Hi Litsa - - Just want to thank you from all the people in our group for a great holiday!!! All of the many changes and additions were handled very professionally. We are very glad to have had you to help us and will recommend you & your firm to anyone we know that is thinking of traveling to Greece.

Again, many thanks for all your help!!
Gord M


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for arranging the details of our Greece trip.  It was the first trip to the Greek Islands for both of us.  We had an amazing time and only hope to visit again to see the other islands. 

Thank you again! 


Tarry C

Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 2:08 AM

Subject: RE: Greece

Hi Litsa,

Just a short note to thank you very much for all your help, advice and organisation. Everything ran very smoothly and all our accommodation, transfers etc was wonderful. We had a fantastic time.

I won't hesitate to recommend Fantasy travel to all my friends and family.

Kind Regards,

Lisa & Josh

Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2006 6:39 PM

Subject: Greece Trip

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We had a great time!


Everything was on schedule...please thank your wonderful staff. The leader of the Classical Tour was knowledgeable, capable and fun! Electra Palace treated us like Queens, Casa Delfino was memorable with a great location and Nikos Villas was a dream come true. We did not have a moment of anxiety...the whole trip went very smoothly, even though there was a schedule change back to Athens because of the strike. We were kept informed and had a very relaxing time. Your countrymen are very friendly and helpful as we did not know a word of Greek. Food and wine were good too!


We will certainly recommend your services to anyone we know planing a trip to Greece and will contact you if ever our travels take us to that part of the world in the future. Thank you again!


Pat T

dear christina: we have just returned and we had a fabulous time. thanks for all your help. please thank Efi for us. she did a great job with last minute changes for us. The kamari beach hotel and Santorini were just to good to leave so soon, so we stayed an estra half day thanks to Efi. Neli was also very sweet and helpful. You have a great crew and did a wonderful job for us. I have recommended you to my american travel agent. thanks again, Lauren chinn (and family) PS-we found my great grandparents in the cemetery on Rodos. We also found their names in the synagogue near the square of the martyrs in old town.

Dear Vanda,
I have been meaning to write a note to thank you for the travel
arrangements you provided for our recent trip to Greece. We had a
wonderful time. Your work made everything so simple for us. Our hotels
were wonderful, as were our ferry rides to the islands. Thank you very
much. Warm regards, Jane

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 7:53 PM








Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 2:06 PM

Subject: RE: Santorini-Paros-Mykonos


Just a note of thanks for arranging an absolutely wonderful trip to Greece for us. We had the best vacation ever and everything was perfect. The transfers and hotels were a perfect fit for us! Thank you for taking the time to listen to our needs and take care of us. A huge applaud to you, Fantasy Travel and all the people that worked with you. We will definetly recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone travelling to Greece. Thank you again.


Jenna Shell 

Dear Vanda,

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help in planning our vacation. Everything went smoothly and we had a great time in your beautiful country.Thanks again to you and Dulcie.

Mary Ann

dear patra

we wanted to thank you again for your most wonderful service .
hotel atalos in athens was a great location in a good budget and hotel aiolos was wonderful!
you can recommend it with no fear.its modern,clean,high standard,friendly.i would say that its first class kind of apartment hotel.
we stayed there for 3 more nights but we didnt know in advance and every day we just decided to stay one more night. at the end when we asked them that payment will be through you for these 3 nights as well, they said it was too complicated to sort it out on the spot so unfortunatly we paid direct.
anyhow, defenitly next time we come to greece will book everything with you.
you realy gave us a most proffesional and pleasant service and i will recommand your agency to everyone going to greece.
greece is a wonderful country and athens,to our oppinion is a lovely city.we realy enjoyed athens this time as well as last time we visited.
please give our regards to your friend that met my husband.
if you ever come to israel(when peace will come) you should contact me and be our guest.
please send me your phone number i dont think i have it.
best tregards

Hi there,

I am just writing to thank you for arranging the holiday in Greece. We had a very enjoyable time. The rooms that you got us in the hotels always seemed to be the best ones which was great. The rooms in Athens, Delphi and Meteora had great views. However, despite the great views and the swimming pool, we would not recommend Hotel Edelweiss in Kalambaka as it was very noisy especially at 7 am when the coach parties that were staying in the hotel were leaving and the breakfast provided was terrible. Hotels Cecil in Athens, Acropole in Delphi and Aiolos in Horefto were excellent. Also the car rental comany upgraded our car to one with air conditioning which was great.

Thanks again. Next time I travel to Greece I will be sure to contact you for arrangements.

Chris Brooker.

Litsa, Thank you very much for every thing what you did to make our vacation pleasant, My wife and me are very happy for the trip you organized for us, We are very, very pleased. The details and maybe new information for you I will send it to you when I have the time. For now Thank You again.
Mr. Mrs. Luis Jaramillo


We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your beautiful country, thanks to your hard work. Every arrangement was carried out smoothly and we had NO problems whatsoever. The representatives on the islands were very gracious and we really appreciated their efforts also (especially Effi on Santorini and Avigail on Paros). It was truly a "trip of a lifetime", although we are not going to make it our only visit to Greece. We will definitely be returning in the future, and when we do we know that Fantasy Travel is the agency to contact (and Patra is the representative to work with). Thanks once again for all your efforts!

Bill and Barbara Sartor
San Antonio, Texas

Hi Litsa
Just a thank you for the wonderful time I had in Greece and the beautiful job you people did in making it so wonderful. My transportation was even early and I was too, so that worked out perfect. And the Divani Palace hotel was very nice and I was just there to "crash." I plan on taking another trip sometime and will definitely stay there. Since I didn't have any sleep when I arrived, I wasn't able to do any sightseeing. The flights were great and thank you ever so much for a great job Fantasy Travel did for me to enjoy my first time in Greece. When I showed my pictures to everyone here in Michigan, they were so impressed.
Thanks again!
M. Esther Macomber

Hello Patra,

We just want to let you know that we've fallen in love with your country and it is in large part due to your help. We were very happy with the service and assistance we received from you and everyone in your company who helped us. Our trip went very smoothly and we were very reluctant to leave when the time came. We plan to return as soon as we can and will contact you when we are ready. We will also recommend you and your company to anyone we know who is planning a trip to Greece.
Thank you for all your help.

Best regards,

Mike Hughes and Gail Warner

hi nadia
just wanted to tell you and your staff how very much we appreciate your help
in arranging a truly lovely and mystical greek trip:-) please tell dulce for
us that the arrangemtns that she made for us upon our arrival - for our
transfer at charles de galle airport for our trip home - went suprememly
well! we NEVER could made it to the connecting flight in time had she not
made the terrific arrangements for our assistance. please give her our
deepest thanks:-)

thank YOU again nadia for tending to the smallest details - it was lovely:-)
we cherish our memories of your most beautiful country - gentle wishes:-)

chris and will

Hi Litsa,
Just wanted to say thanks for your help with our holiday to Kea. The
family had a great time, the apartment was just what we wanted and everything
went very smoothly.
Thanks again for your help,

Hello Nadia,
I would just like to thank you very much for all the
hard work you put into preparing my itinerary while I
was visiting your beautiful country. I cannot tell
you how much fun I had exploring all the islands and
the mainland. The hotels were very good, the rental
cars were what I expected, and all the different
agency representatives along the way were extremely
helpful to me. I would not hesitate to recommend you
to all of my friends who plan on going to Greece. I
think you are doing a great job. I would like to
return one day and perhaps we can put a different plan
together to see more of your colorful country.
Again, thank you very much for all that you did for me.

Best regards,
Ralph Ramirez

Hi Athina:
We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed all the arrangements for Greece that you handled for us so efficiently. The Porto Del Colombo was particularly memorable!
Thank you ever so much.
Mae Boa and Gerry Liski
Regina, SK. Canada

Vicki: Gigi and I are back in the US, after a wonderful trip to
the Greek Islands you planned for us. Thank you for taking the time on short
notice to do it. It all worked out very well. Ferry trips were ontime and
not delayed, and were very pleasant. Each Hotel we stayed at was very nice
to us and we had nice rooms. So thank you again. Mike Halloran

Dear Matt: My wife Gigi and I wanted to tell you how helpful your online Guide was on our trip to Greece.

One of our best decisions was to use Fantasy Travel in Athens(once we got there) to book our reservations to the above Islands. Vicki worked very hard on a very short timeframe and  did well.  We used George the taxidriver in Athens for two one-half days--he is a very nice person and tries hard to tell you about Athens,etc., but we had two issues: we spent a lot of time in very heavy freeway traffic--Athens seems so congested on the roads, a problem they must get fixed by the Olympics-- and we(and least I) found George hard to understand in English, and had to concentrate very very hard to understand what he was saying, which made me sort of exhausted at the end of the day. The ferries to the Islands were quite good. We found Naxos to be a very interesting Island, even though it isn;t on most tourist agendas--great museum of Ancient objects downtown, great beaches, cute towns in the mountains,etc.  San Torini is beautiful. We stayed at the Astra Hotel which is first class. If we go again we are going to pick a place on the beach(Perassi Beach is nice), having done our view of the caldera thing. Crete  was very interesting--the Knossos dig(we don;t care that Evans used his imigination in  reconstructing things, it was very interesting), the town of Chiana(much more interesting than Iraklion as a city, although Iraklion's Architectural museum is better). Vicki put us in the Atlantis Hotel in Iraklion which, of course, is first class. We struck out on our own for four days and make the mistake of picking a Hotel Vantaris on the beach near Georgiopoulos(on the way to Chiana) which was a mistake--lots of mosquitoes get into your room(we are still recovering from the bites--it is the only place on the whole trip we experienced this) and it seems to only language they speak there is German, and the whole place is one big German package tour. So we darted off the next day to the Amphora Hotel in Chiana--a really cool place. Try to get the upstairs rooms that look out on the bay and the tavernas by it.

 Thanks for all your help on your website, it was very , very good.

 Dear Matt:

  I am so happy that your web site popped up very close to the beginning of our travel planning.

 I spent a lot of time weighing each way to see a few of the Cycladic Islands. I followed you advice and contacted Fantasy travel. Athina was the one!! very helpful and quick. When everything was in place the coupons etc were couriered to us in Western Canada within a few days.

   We also used Nicholas' Taxi on Rhodes. I was about to use "George the famous Taxi Driver" in Athens, but Athina came up with a plan that included a Taxi to the airport at 3:30AM!!

 We were fortunate to have Maria from GO Tours(arranged by Athina for our side trips from Athens.

  Not only did I take your advice regarding working with a local tour company,I have applied this great theory to all future travel. We are utilizing a Singapore flight pass for travel within the next few weeks.

 I know that I owe you at least a bottle of Ouzo, but if everyone that I have told about your web site does manage to contact you or the people you recommend your purpose has been served.

  Forever thankful,

    Angie Darling,




We just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Greece.  Everything you did for us worked out great!  Hopefully we'll get to work with you again soon.

Thanks again,

  Todd and Maggie

Hello, Nadia!

We have returned from our trip to Greece, and we just wanted to say thank you once again for all the arrangements.  Everything was perfect, and we loved your beautiful country.

All the best to you,

Irene Schaper

Dear Litsa,

I stopped by Fantasy Travel one day while we were in Athens.  It was Sunday, you weren't there and I found out that you would be in a class the following week, so I would miss you and wouldn't be able to thank you personally. 

The trip was truly magnificent.  My Aunt had lived in Greece in the 1960s and Santorini was her favorite Island.  It was so much fun taking pictures for her while I was there.  She just turned 90, so it was especially nice to see Santorini for her.  I think my favorite Island for relaxing in the post tourist season, was Mykonos, Santorini for it's spectacular views, Crete for it's earthy music and style and Athens for it's remarkable history and architectural beauty. 

I want to thank you for the exceptional planning and detailed care you took in our arrangements.  We were so happily surprised to be met at the airports, boat docks and hotels through out our trip.  Dulce and Nicko were wonderful and our connections and greeters in Mykonos, Santorini and Crete very friendly, helpful and kind as well.  

 This trip could never have been as enjoyable or affordable without your expertise and attention.

 My many thanks to you and Fantasy Travel,


THank you very much!!
ONce again, I must comment that your service has been
incredible, and my wife and I consider ourselves quite
lucky and fortunate that we were able to find you on
the internet. Thank you for everything you have done,
and i will definitely contact you should we ever find
ourselves back in Greece.
by the way, do you only have services in Greece, or
other countries as well?

Dear Litsa,  Many thanks to you for your arrangements for our time in Greece.  We loved your country, at least what we saw of it: Athens and Santorini.  Your agency representative was great, even though our plane was 2 hours late.  The car was a great asset in Santorini, the guide at the Acropolis was good and hotels were great.  If we had not had the car, I believe I would rather have stayed in Fira itself.  Thanks again for all your help and the wonderful experiences we now have of Greece.  Ciao,  Rose Anne and Marianna

Hello Patra--

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all of your hard work in
arranging our trip.  We had a wonderful time and made so many memories
that I am sure we will treasure for years to come.

Please give my regards to Dulce who welcomed us so warmly; she set the
tone for our stay.
Thanks again! 
Take Care,
Tamara & Brian Cameron


 Just another update. George from Fantasy is fantastic. He really has made my life easy AND bought me lunch. I gave him some more business while I was here and he really came through for me. I took a photo of us together and I will send it to you when I can. I am going to add to the testimonial page also.

So, I am on my way to Cairo for one of his excursions today and I also want to thank you for all you hard work and dedication to the site. It has been a lifesaver.



Thank you so very much for all of your help to make our excursion to Crete
very smooth.  The cars were at our hotel, as expected, and were picked up
as expected.  We had a wonderful time, and were able to explore more of the
island this time.  The best was to be able to show my husband's family
what a beautiful country Greece is, although they were only able to see Crete.

We just wanted to say thank you for your help, and I am sure that we will
be in touch again when we return to Greece.  Maybe this time we will see a
different island.....

Thank you again,

Desiree and Andy Sacinski

Comment: I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job
you did in making travel arrangements for us in
mid-May.  My mother and I dropped in to your
agency in the middle of our trip.  A very helpful
lady provided some information, and helped us
decide on an itinerary and a hotel for the
remainder of our time in Greece.
Later, Vicky took care of all our reservations,
ferry bookings, and transfers, at very short
notice. She even made some extra calls and
arrangements for us, which made the rest of our
trip go very smoothly.  We had a wonderful and
enjoyable stay in Santorini, and our travelling
was worry-free, thanks to her excellent planning
and advice.  We had hoped to drop by to say thank
you in person before leaving, but did not have
time on our last day in Athens. 
I hope we will have the chance to travel in
Greece again in future, and we will certainly
know who to call for help when we do so.  We will
also recommend your agency who are planning
travel in Greece.   
Congratulations on your excellent service, and
your efficient and professional staff.  It was
very nice to deal with such pleasant and helpful
people.  Thanks again for helping to make our
holiday memorable!

Heather Ross

hi patra!

i wanted to write to tell you how nice our trip was, many many thanks for all your help.  dulce was very friendly and helpful, and everything went very smoothly.  my wife teresa really loved your choice of hotels!  thank you again and i look forward to another trip to greece in the future!

all the best and efharisto,

daniel bagdadi :)

Dear Litsa,

Just wanted you to know that everything you organized for our trip was great. I would highly recomend you and your agency if the need ever arises. I loved Greece and the Greeek people. If you ever come to San Francisco do not hesitate to call on me for advice.

All my best,


I want to thank you and Dulce for our excellent trip
in Greece.
I will tell my friends who are planning to go for the
Olympics that they should only travel with you.
If there is any Internet site where I can post my
recommendation, please let me know.
Best regards,
and thanks again,

Hello Patra:

Well our vacation has already come and gone and just wanted to drop you this quick line to thank you for all your help co-coordinating our time in the islands.  Everything was terrific, the hotels were very nice and the service was tops. 

We will be coming back in the not to distant future and will definitely leave ourselves in your capable hands to help us with the planning.

Thanks again

Kathie and Wesley Aldred

Dear Patra,

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging a wonderful and hassle free trip to Greece. Your arrangements, recommendations and advice were absolutely perfect. You really thought of everything.  Judy and I had a wonderful vacation and if we ever get to Greece again ( and I hope we will) we will definitely use your agency.  Everyone we dealt with was efficient and professional. We especially enjoyed our driver in Crete (George) and our tourguide who took us through Knossos and the Museum.

Thanks for helping us have a wonderful 10th anniversary,

Jim Hauck

To: Eleni

Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 7:25 PM

Subject: Thank You


We have been home for a little over one week now and I wanted to send you a note to tell you what a great time we had on our trip to Greece.  My wife and I also wanted to thank you for making all of our arrangements.  Everything went like clockwork – even with some of our early morning departures.  It was especially nice to have someone waiting to pick us up at each destination and take us to all of our departures.  While this takes a little bit away from the adventure part of international travel; with all the transfers we were making we think it made the trip much more enjoyable.


The sites in Athens were amazing.  I had no idea how large and efficient the Greek ferry system was.  And each of the islands is unique.  Surprisingly to us, our favorite island was Mykonos.  Once we figured out how to navigate the maze the island was a lot of fun.  Our only disappointment was that Akrotiri was not open.  We also did our part to help the Greek economy by bringing home far to much Greek liquor and jewelry.

Again, we had a terrific time on our holiday.  Much of that was because of the great job you did in putting together the details of our itinerary.  We will be sure to recommend to our friends who might be considering a trip to Greece to use Fantasy Travel for help in making their arrangements.
Thank you again for all your help.

Best Regards,
Rick and Barbara


 We just wanted to thank you so much for making our Greece trip so great! We appreciated all the work you did for this trip! It was a perfect vacation for us, one we will do again in the future! Also please thank Dulce. She was so kind and helpful as well! We hope to work with you again in the future. I think we need another week or so in Santorini!!

Thanks again,

Jenny & David Kosco 

Hi Patra,

It was great meeting you in Athens. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did putting our trip together.  It was fun and we loved Athens and the islands.  Also, I’m having souvlaki withdrawals!


Mike and Julie Walsh


Thanks for the amazing honeymoon.  Everything was to our liking and all people we came into contact with were very friendly and helpful.  I would definitely use Fantasy travel again and will recommend you to my friends.  Thank you again.


We have now completed our travels, and are back in Sydney.

Many thanks to you and the people at Fantasy Travel for looking after us
so well while we were in Greece.
All arrangements went well, and we were very pleased to have pickups from
hotels and airports go so smoothly.
The hotels were all good, and we had a great time.
All the best,

Hi Litsa,

I wanted to thank you for your help in arranging our travel to
Greece.  James and I had a wonderful time and you helped to make it very
special. We enjoyed all the hotels we stayed at and really appreciate the
service from the car rentals companies.

I especially wanted to thank you for your willingness and flexibility to
change our itinerary. Although, as you mentioned, we found that driving in
Pelopennese was a bit challenging, we still enjoyed the adventure of
getting lost and seeing some additional small towns.

Thanks again.
Please let me know if we have any payments or balances remaining.

Best Regards,

Hi Litsa,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help in organising my holiday.  Dulce met me at the airport and was very re assuring, although I never saw her again, it was nice to know she was there.

I had a lovely time and enjoyed the Islands as well as Athens itself.    Santorini was my favourite.

Thank you again.  You did a great job.

Lynda McPherson

Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 1:24 PM

Subject: Greece honeymoon

Hi Vasillis

Thank you very much for a wonderful tour of Greece. The itinirary you put together was excellent, and everything went so smoothly - we didn't have a single hiccup! The girl who recieved us at Athens airport (I can remember her name) was great and she gave us such a nice welcome.

The accommodation was also excellent, especially at Chania and Heraklion.

Thank you one again for all your efforts in organising the trip - you have helped to make our honeymoon perfect. I will deffinitely be recommending Fantasy Travel to my friends if they ever travel to Greece.

Kind regards


To: Dina Kastrinaki

Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2006 5:20 PM

Subject: Re: fantasy travel

Dear Dina,


We wanted to let you know what a wonderful trip we had and to thank you so much for all your help in making it so.  All of the hotels you selected were perfect......within easy walking distance of the towns and with nice views.  All of our connections were fine, even the one on Santorini.  The Hotel Adonis has the best people running it.  They were so nice and helpful.  They even got us some dinner when we arrived there late on our first night.  The rental car agent actually had us follow him to the hotel.  This was so helpful beacause it was dark and very late. We spent a great day on Delos.


Naxos was a wonderful surprise.  We felt the island was pretty authentic with less focus on tourism.  The Royal is gorgeous and a nice walk from the center of town.  We also loved the old section and spent a lot of time roaming the narrow streets.

We had a lot of fun driving around the island.


The Athina, on Santorini, is SO BEAUTIFUL!  We could't believe the view from our little deck overlooking the caldera.  We were so happy we stayed 4 nights there and could have stayed longer. 


Iraklion was our least favorite place, but the Lato was well located near the museum and an easy shot to Knossos.  We really enjoyed Chaina and the Porto Veneziano.  The staff was wonderful and we had a great time in the town.  We also were able to hike the Sumaria Gorge.....a highlight of our trip.


Again, thank you so very much.  We hope to return soon.



John and Susan


Dear Nadia,
Just a short e mail to let you know that we had an
excellent holiday in Greece and to thank you for your
help with booking the holiday.
Everything went like clockwork and there were no
I would be very glad to write an e mail to your boss
to let him know how impressed I was with your personal
service.Please send me his name and address so that I
can do this.
If any of my friends decide to go to Greece I shall
not hesitate to give them your name .
Thanks once again,

Litsa, As we expected from your exceptional email service to us, The trip went great and as planned. Momma was great(Dulce!!), she showed up at the airport and took care of us the whole trip, Being able to call her at any time was beyond good service. We saw Athens, and the hotel in Athens was great. Mykonos was charming, and we met people that grew up there whole life there and they were so nice and accomodating it was great, Princess Mykonos was beyond our expectations as well. But last but not least, Santorini was like a fairy tale! We rented a car from the hotel, A brand new car bright yellow. We saw the whole island and took it into town at night. We went to the most expensive restaurant as you suggested. The view and the food was great. We saw movie and tv stars dining in the restaurant. The whole experience was great.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but getting back to every day life was a challange.

Thank you so much and we will recommend your services. Thank all of your staff for us.

Rob and Maria Larson

Dear Dina,

We want to thank you for everything that you have arranged for us in Greece.

We had a great time in your beatiful country.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Dina

Thanks for rearranging our travel timetable to accomodate our revised arrival. We had a wonderful time and I will be sure to recommend your service to any of my friends who are looking to schedule a vacation in Greece in future.

Yours truly,
Simon Sheppard

Dear Marcos,

We just wanted to send a (delayed) thank you note for arranging our recent Greek tour. We had a wonderful time, thanks in no small part to your skillful planning. The location of the hotels in Athens were great and the accommodations and scenic views at the hotels on the islands were first class. The Astor Hotel was undergoing some renovations and was a little drab, but the views of the Acropolis from our room and the restaurant made up for it.

 We were particularly impressed with the Volcano Villas Hotel in Santorini. The front desk was extremely helpful and the hotel offers free scheduled van service to Fira. We enjoyed the restaurant so much that we ate dinner there every night during our stay.

All in all, we had a wonderful trip and a great time. We would like to thank you personally for all your assistance in making this a truely memorable holiday. We were so happy that we have  recommended your services to several friends already.

Warmest regards and best wishes,

Amy and Tracy Miller

Thanks also to Christina, who met us at the airport both times and gave us the packet of vouchers. We were very impressed with how smoothly everything went during the whole trip. All of the transfers occurred like clock-work and were a big timesaver. The high speed ferry was great and much better than the regular ferry. We did not know that there were a non-smoking area and business class available on the slow ferry until after departure and both areas were full. Upon reflection it may have been advisable to upgrade to business class on the slow ferry.


Hi Nadia,
I just wanted to write and say thank you to yourself, Litsa, and
George for such excellent service.  It is a bit rough sometimes
traveling alone as females, and you guys made all the difference for
us and put our minds at ease.  You and Litsa were very accommodating
despite all my last-minute changes and George was a true gentleman
when I came to get my refund.

I really enjoyed the Delphi and Meteora tour, and the Attalos Hotel
was in an excellent location for us, so thank you!  We really enjoyed
walking along the streets under the lit-up Acropolis and had an
excellent organic vegetarian dinner at Eden (we are both vegans).

had a lot of fun, and will be sure to contact you the next time I
come to Greece.  Next time, it will be with boyfriend and we will be
travelling first class.  I am in Rhodes right now and it is FABULOUS!
And of course we will have to go to Oia on Santorini...

Anyway - just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and comment on
our experience.

Take care of yourself,


Thanks Litsa!
    We have the beautiful pictures!
:)  I just wanted to thank you for everything!  We had a wonderful time in
Greece and will definitely be visiting again some day, and we will without
question use your services again - you did an excellent job, everything
went so smoothly, we were very pleased.  And I will of course recommend Fantasy
Travel to everyone I know!  And to those I don't too!  I often write on
the chat boards on and (honeymoon board) and always
recommend you...hopefully you get lots more business.  It was SO nice
having the transfers all set up ahead of time, that is such a nice touch.

We really liked Athens - people had been telling us bad things about it,
but we loved it, and Delphi was amazing, so beautiful.  Next time we want to
visit Meteora!  And Santorini was breathtaking - by far our favorite stop
on the trip.  Mykonos was very nice too - the water was so clear!  We had a
few windy days on the islands, but overall, weather was great - we were so sad
to leave!  :)

Oh, and Karlo's parents had a fabulous time too!  All of their friends
want to go now, so you may be hearing from some of them in the future.

Well, thanks again!  Right now I'm just catching up on laundry!  And
trying to figure out how to get this marriage certificate translated!!!  I'll
figure it out!  :)
When I get some photos scanned in from the wedding, I will email them to
you...they came out great.  And I think that day had the most beautiful
sunset of the whole trip - it was perfect!


I would like to inform you that we were very pleased with our trip in
Greece. Everything was very well organized and we really had a very
good time.

I would also like to congratulate Dulce for all her support and the
way she managed to change our scheduled in order to make us stay one
more night in Santorini ( a blessed place, for sure!!!).

We hope to get in touch again with you very soon to plan a new

Thanks for everything.

Heloisa and Paul Altit

Litsa and Dulce:

Thank you so much for making our vacation to Greece such a pleasant one.  You looked after us perfectly and we were happy to be Dulce’s “children” for a couple of weeks.  We will highly recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone wishing to spend some time in Greece!  Thanks again and hopefully we will be back soon!

Kirsten and Craig Pearce.

Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 6:29 PM

Subject: our trip...



...was Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!


Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip.  Taxis, hotels, tour bus trips--everything was on schedule, well planned, and very high quality.  We were on-the-go just about every day (so there was little time for real relaxation), but that was our own choice.  We got to see and do many wonderful things.  I had studied ancient Greece for many years in graduate school, and it was very exciting to see so many of the places that I had read and studied.  As we were travelling we were making notes about what to visit on our next trip to Greece.  We will be sure to use Fantasy Travel.


 Thanks again!



Dear Litsa :

I hope you are very well. This is to say thank you very much for the travel services you arranged for Manuel, Hector and I in Greece and Turkey. Everything was great and we had a very pleasant time.

Hector is still traveling through Central Europe but asked me to tell you he is also grateful.

We hope to contact you in the future for other travel services.

Warm regards,

Alfonso Anzures.

Hi Dina;
Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big "Thankyou" for all your help in
organising our holiday in Greece and the islands.

Everything went wonderfully smoothly; your advice on our choice in hotels
was invaluable, and needless to say - we had a great time!

Thanks again,
Vanessa and Crawford Ross.

Hi Dina, just dropping you a short note upon our return back to Canada…Our trip to Greece was great…All of the arrangements worked out well and we had no problems at all. The Attalos Hotel was very clean and comfortable and the view from VVV was awesome!!  The ferry was quite calm until the docking at Santorini and the flight back to Athens with OA was fast!!

Thanks for everything and should we plan another trip to Greece or know someone who is planning a trip to Greece we will recommend you…

Tracy and Greg Bassett


Thank you so much!! You did a wonderful job putting our vacation together. We had a fabulous time.  I can't wait to come back to Greece.  Next time I will come alone, stay longer and in one place (probably Santorini).. You will hear from me as soon as I can start planning.

Again, many thanks.

Marjie Redmond 

Dear Dina

Thanks for rearranging our travel timetable to accomodate our revised arrival. We had a wonderful time and I will be sure to recommend your service to any of my friends who are looking to schedule a vacation in Greece in future.

Yours truly,
Simon Sheppard

This is a note to George.
George,  you did us good.  Thankyou very much.  We had a great time on Crete, Santorini and Mykonos.  I will not hesitate to recommend your agency to friends. Our hotels were wonderful and friendly and our schedule went like clockwork until the tragedy at Paros.  The victims and their families will always be in our prayers.  Thanks again and we may just meet again sometime.  Dan, Maryann, and Mary Montandon, and Loretta Luger. 

Dear Dina,

We had a great holiday in Greece and liked the hotels you chose for us. The Philippos in Athens was so convenient for everything and we just loved the location of the Cactus on Rhodes; it was great watching the cruise ships go by from our balcony.

Thank you very much for all your effort. Keep up the good work.


Hi Dina.
Christine and I got back from our trip a couple of days ago.
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for organizing our amazing
honeymoon! We loved visiting Athens and the islands,
and we enjoyed learning about Greek people, and Greek food (yum)! :)
Our hotels we exactly as you described, and all of the billing/transfers
were very smooth. Thanks for your attention to the details, it made
our trip even more wonderful. We look forward to recommending
Fantasy Travel to friends who want to visit Greece!
thanks again,


 I want to thank you for all your help in the planning of our trip.  You made everything so very easy. This has been the easiest time we have ever had  making our plans.  I really appreciated your promptness in answering all our Email.  I am getting very excited   as we will be there in two weeks. 

Sincerely,Walt & Dianne

Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2005 4:15 AM

Subject: RE: Fantasy Travel: Mykonos-Santorini-Athens

Hi Eleni,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and everyone at Fantasy Travel for you great service. All your planning was perfect and we had a great trip. It really made us feel relaxed to know that you had taken such good care to plan our itinerary. I will definitely recommend you to any friends of ours that decide to travel to Greece.

Thanks Again.

Paul & Terese

Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 4:18 PM

Subject: Greece trip

Hi Litsa,

Margaret and I just got back from our month in Greece.  What a wonderful country!

I just wanted you and your office to know that we were more than pleased with the arrangements you made for us.  Everything was so organized and we didn't have a moment's worry the whole time.  Thank you all for your wonderful work.  You certainly exceeded our expectations!

We are traveling to Southern Italy next year and we were wondering if you have any connections with a travel agency there that we can use.  If so, would you forward their email address to me.

Once again, thank you for all your help.


Hello Dina,

Stacey and I just wanted to send you an email to let
you know how simply amazing our trip was.  We wanted
to thank you for making our holiday so great.  It went
much better than we ever expected.  We will strongly
recommend you and your agency to everyone we know, you
can count on it.  Thank you again.

~Chris and Stacey Ketchman

Kalemera Dina, =)
Just returned and wanted to thank you for top notch
care! You really gave us a good tour and cruise and we
are so happy with the service.
I will be forwarding your name on to many friends that
are planning on traveling over there.
Thank you again!


Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 6:36 PM
Subject: Efcharisto poli!

Hello Litsa,
My wife and I are home in the USA again with MANY wonderful memories to
cherish from our trip to Hellas.  Our trip was great!  Thank you very much
for helping with the arrangements.  Your expert advice and efficient
planning made our vacation more enjoyable.


Dear Litsa:

I just returned to work today and I am VERY BUSY, but had to take a moment to thank you for all your help with my wonderful trip to Greece!  Everything went very smoothly thanks to all you careful planning.  Even the weather was perfect! 

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed Zefi at the Saga, the Canaves II was absolutely spectacular -- I can't believe the Perivolos House could have been better.  We actually giggled with delight when we checked in. 

We rented scooters in Poros and Naxos and they were a blast (fortunately we turned them in in one piece and we were in one piece as well)!

I want to return to Greece again and again!  I'm so sorry I haven't been going for the last 15 years when I'm told it was very inexpensive.

Again, you were wonderful, I appreciated all your help and I was told Fantasy was a great agency by everyone!

One happy customer.....Many thanks Dawn Hardies

Litsa ,

Thank you for your help  our trip was one in a life time, we have had an incredible time in Greece and in Turkey, I just arrived yesterday from Paris, Also I had an incredible time. It was wonderful the service your agency provided us.

Best regards and have a good time

Hello Nadia.  I am writing to thank you for planning such a terrific trip for us in Greece.  Every hotel, transfer, flight and tour was simply wonderful.  We all had a lovely trip.  We will be recommending you and Fantasy travel for anyone we know who is going to Greece, and thank you for all of your wonderful planning.

Take good care,
Deborah Allen
John Scroggins
Malinda Atkins

Dear George, this is to thank you for the excellent arrangements you made
for Mrs. Robin Luce and I to visit Santorini.  Our accomodations at the
volcano view villas were superb.  we especially want to express our appreciation
for the limosine service to and from the airport in Athens, it removed a great
deal of stress for us.  Your drivers were punctual and courteous.  All in
all you provided first class service and accomodations for us at an economy
Please let me know what the daily rate for the hotel in Santorini was, as
I plan to reimburse half of the cost to Mrs. Luce.
Please be assured that I will tell all my friends visiting Athens to
contact you before they make any plans.  I, of course, will certainly call you to
make arrangements on my next visit to Athens.  Thank you so much.
Johnnie Marie Gilbert

Hi, Petra-
I already came back to my country from Greece.
Thanks very much for your arrangement.
Greek islands are really beautiful, I look forward to visiting there again.
Alyssa Chen

Dear Patra,

I just wanted to let you know that the honeymoon couple( Michele and Greg) returned from their trip.Everything went as planned and they had a wonderful time! They particularly loved the Esperas hotel in Santorini. They indicated that the staff was the nicest people they have ever encountered in all of their travels.

I wanted to personally thank you, your staff and agency for the excellent job you did in helping to plan their trip.You delivered everything as promised.



Hi Marcos,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you so much for all of your help and accommodating all of our last minute changes to our trip. We had a wonderful time in Greece – it was a perfect trip. Both of the hotels that you recommended were fabulous; we loved the Alkyoni, it was so convenient and friendly, and the Canaves II was spectacular. All of our travel transfers were executed flawlessly and your affiliates on both islands were professional and helpful.

Thanks again for making our trip so special. I will certainly recommend you to any friends traveling to Greece.


Ashley Barrett

Dear George and staff,

We just want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us.
Everything was perfect.  Hotels were all great and our transfers were
all there on time at  every destination.  Even when the ferry schedule
changed twice at the last minute, the arrangements worked and when we
arrived on Santorini at 2:30 AM, the taxi driver was right there to meet
us.  Thanks again,

Bob and Maureen Nelson

Hello Dina,

Thanks to your help we all had a memorable & wonderful vacation.  Sorry that we couldn't find time to stop by your office to chat ....  well, next time then.  

Greece is a beautiful country & people are so friendly and helpful.   The air is so clean & pure (unlike Los Angeles, the air is full of smog) and the water is so blue.  I'm in love with all the cities along the coast....they are so peaceful & clean.   Definitely I will come back again & next time I will stay and relax  in one of the islands or a small city along the coast.

We're very pleased with your service & again, thanks. 

Take care!!!

For: Patra Lagoudakou

Patra, This E-Mail is to thank you very much for the arrangements you made for us in Greece recently. These were faultless from the time

we arrived at Athens until the time we left. Should any of our friends want to go to Greece, we shall certainly recommend that they contact you.

Our holiday in Greece was very enjoyable, but we were surprised at the huge number of tourists in the country even though the season was nearly finished. There were so many tourists we saw more of them than we did of Greek people !

Thanks once again.


Ross Huggins

Hi Dina,

I realize this note is very late, but I wanted to thank you!
My husband and I had a wonderful vacation in Greece and enjoyed the trip very much.
Esperas Villas was perfect!  Our room was the best and we couldn't have been happier.
We also loved Paros. 
All the transfers that you provided made the journey very smooth!  I must also say that you provided us with perfect weather  :) 

Thank you again Dina.
We will be sure to contact you to help us plan our next trip in Greece.

Best Regards,
Katie and Jeff Weeks

Hi Litsa,

We got back from Greece 2 days ago and we want to let you know that we had
a fantastic time!  Thank you very much for making all the arrangements for us
as everything went very smoothly and that allowed us to enjoy our
Please send our thanks to Dulce (Mom) who did a fantastic job in helping
us to settle down after our arrival in Athens.  We went to your office to
look for you on Friday but you had already left.  Although we are bacj in
Singapore, we left our hearts in the Aegean Sea!! We will definitely visit
Greece again and travel with Fantasy!!

Thank you very much, once again and take care!

Kok Leong & Gwen

Just wanted you all to know what a wonderful wedding you all contributed
to on 7th October 2003. Attached is picture of the Happy Couple at the

Thank You All
Howard and Maria Westlake

Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 6:15 PM

Subject: Re: Fantasy Travel

Things got so crazy after I got back from my trip to Greece that I never
sent you a note to thank you for all your help in planning our trip.  We
have a wonderful time and have great memories to reflect back on.  We
appreciate the time you spent in explaining all the arrangements, etc. to
make sure it all went smoothly.  It is a little difficult when you are
doing this long distance but everything turned out great!  Thanks again!

Dear Chris,
This is just a quick note to let you know that I have now returned from my
trip and had a marvellous time on the day trip to Delphi! Thank you so
for arranging that for me- I will defenitley return to Greece soon as the
people and places were so great....
Thanks again for your help in making my trip memorable!
Kind Regards
Melissa Watson

Dear George,

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your company's work!  Andrea was wonderful and all the arrangements were perfect!  The service that we received was exceptional and it was amazing that you put it together for us on such short notice.  Without your work we would never have seen as much of Greece as we were able to!  I am grateful to you and your company.  I am spreading the news about your agency to those here in Washington, DC!  Thanks again!


Dear Litsa,

Kathy and I would like to thank you,
Fantasy Travel and Ms. Andrea for your wonderful work
and planning. We had a great time visiting Santorini,
Mykonos and Athens. All of the taxis and shuttles were
waiting for us and the hotels were absolutely
outstanding. We had such beautiful views in all of
them. We wish we could have had more time to visit
Greece for our honeymoon but truly enjoyed the entire
trip while we were there. Our Greek is still extremely
novice but Efharisto Poli.

Scott and Kathy Ahrens 

Thank you, Litsa, for all your help.  We had a wonderful time in Greece and Turkey.  There will be over 100 people from my company in and out of Greece between now and the end of October, so I'll be sure to pass your name along as a great resource!

Thanks again and best wishes,

Anne Paton
West Region Data Center Director
Ticketmaster Los Angeles


Hello, just wanted to say thanks for everything.  Our trip went very well,
and everything was terrific.  We really enjoyed the Lilium hotel on
Santorini and were lucky to have wonderful weather as well.  We certainly
hope to make it back to Greece someday and will send some email when we are
ready.  Thanks again,

Austin S. Rose
119 Apple Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27514

We have just returned from Greece and we just wanted to let you know how wonderful everything was. The hotels were great and the the transfers were all right on schedule and we never had to worry about anything! We got to my grandmas home town in Kastania and it is beautiful there! Every where was beautiful! I was there 22 years ago when I was 16 years old so I appreciated everything even more now. Thank you so much for making our trip wonderful and special! I will definitley recommend Fantasy Travel and you and would have you put our next trip together!
Thanks again
Janet Garrison

Dear Litsa,

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful trip. We have
never enjoyed our time together so much, and I am saddened to
be home.

Again, thank you for all your help in making our stay in
Greece a truly memorable one.



Hi Marcos:
Just a short note to thank you and Fantasy Travel for an
outstanding two week program that very efficiently included Athens and four
beautiful and unique islands. Your attention to detail and superb
organization of all the logistics made this adventure one of our best
vacations ever!

From the warm welcome by Fantasy's Ms. Santos to the
awe-inpiring tour of Athens to the stunning beauty of Santorini, the entire
experience was first rate and speaks to the unparalled dedication and
professionalism of  your firm. Thanks again - we're already recommending you
to our friends and business associates.
                                                  Eliz and Larry Hillier

Dear Eleni,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for all of your
help, and to say that we had a wonderful vacation in Greece. What a magical
country! The hotels were perfect. The transfers all went very smoothly
thanks to Fantasy Travel. I hope to come back next year - with the children
this time!

Our very best regards,

Laura Graham and Ezio Genovesi

 I apologize for the delay in sending this (& have misplaced your direct
email address).  We wanted to thank you once again for all your help.  We
had a fabulous trip!  The arrangements were excellent, the representatives
were wonderful - punctual and friendly; and the weather cooperated for the
most part.  Unfortunately we missed seeing you (there was soooo much to see
and do!) - but I'm sure we'll be back!  Thanks once again.
 Monica & Kevin Wenger


Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the wonderful holiday in Greece that we have just enjoyed. Everything went to plan and all the hotels that were chosen were perfect. So on behalf of Sandra Portoeus and Robert Ludbrook I just wanted to say thanks.

Hope all is well in Athens and all the very best for the summer months and the Olympics.

  Sam Sherer

Dear Litsa,
Thanks for all your help-- we had a great time and we were very happy with the hotels you selected for us.  The meet-and-greet people were always there on time and everything went well. I won't hesitate to recommend your company.

Thanks again.

Sincerely, Rose Laganella


I can't thank you enough for all of your help in planning our trip. You were so helpful, responsive, and flexible. I was particularly impressed by how patient you were when we were trying out different itineraries to fit meet everyone's needs. The trip was perfectly smooth - at every stop there was a friendly face to help us get to our next location. Your choice of hotels was also wonderful. Greece is a beautiful country and we look forward to returning in a few years. Our trip was exactly as we wanted, and you were definitely the key to making it all happen. Many thanks! My mother and aunt plan to take a similar trip next year, and so they will be contacting you soon!

Thanks again and warm regards,

Kate Gunthert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
American University

Hi Litsa!

We had the most WONDERFUL time in Greece - we were particularly impressed with how smooth and organized all our transfers were and
the choices of hotels and scheduling. It really allowed us to enjoy  our vacation stress-free knowing someone was waiting for us at every step along the way. Each stop had its own unique charm, but I do think Santorini was our favorite -the views were all breathtaking and Dana Villas incredible.

Thanks again for your hard work and great suggestions. We will certainly recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone we run into planning a
trip to Greece.

Colleen (Bob, Katie and Kevin!)

I wanted to thank you and all at Fantasy Travel who made our trip to
Greece go so smoothly.  Your office was easily accessible and ready to
answer our questions.  We especially liked the hotel accommodations.
They were definitely the small scale family hotels that we requested,
and the views were quite memorable.  The transfers were always prompt,
dependable and courteous.  We especially enjoyed the return ferry trip
from Paros.  Even though it was "slower"  than the Blue Star, it was
much less crowded and more relaxed.  In Paros, Arc Travel gave us a
lovely historical introduction to the island and arranged a convenient
trip to Delos for us. There was a bit of a problem regarding the return
time of the rental car, but you helped us work it out.  I did not
realize that the Atos car would be a stick shift rather than an
automatic.  If I had known, I would have paid extra for an automatic
transmission.  However, the standard transmission ended up working fine
for us.  So, we want to thank you again for your help.  We will
recommend you highly to anyone who asks us.
James Conlon


Thank you so much for all of your help with our honeymoon. Lisa and I had an
amazing time and we were very impressed with each of the hotels that we
stayed at. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. 

We are expecially  grateful for your extra help with our hotel in Santorini. We could not have
asked for a more wonderful and romatic place to stay.

As my friends and family become more and more interested in a trip to
Greece, I will highly recommend them to you and Fantasy Travel.

Thank you again for everything.
Best regards,
Joe Nowiczewski

Dear Litsa,

This email is to thank you and the team at Fantasy for organising a wonderful holiday.  We had absolutely no problems the entire time.  Your staff were very punctual and helpful and the organisation was superb.  Well done!

The Cypria Athens was a wonderful hotel. 

Best wishes


just wanted to thank you for coordinating a wonderful trip! everything went very smoothly and we had a great time.  Greece is a beautiful country & I hope to visit again.

Dear Patra and Nadia
Thankyou so much for helping us organise our holiday in Naxos!!!  We only
spent one day on the beach, the rest of the time we were on bus tours,
looking round museums and the castle, at concerts, shopping etc etc so we
had a really wonderful, interesting and relaxing time.  Our hotel was
clean and comfortable and the food on the island was delicious!
Thank you again
Emma and Faith

Dear Litsa

Imagine meeting your mother after 32 years and then going on the most
fantastic holiday together to catch up with the lost times. Imagine that she
had never been on holiday and the delight and wonder she felt at your
wonderful country and people!!

Thank you so much for making our trip truely memoriable. Everything was
perfectly organised and despite 4 flights and 4 hotels  and car hire in 8
days, everything flowed seemlessly; transfers, check ins etc. We had
absolutely no problems, not one!  We could just concentrate on having a
marvellous time and get to know each other and all the wonderful people we
met. We saw, we did so much it felt like three weeks not eight days!

I think this holiday was great value for money and will have no hesitation
recommending Fantasy Travel to anyone. When I return to Greece again it will
certainly be with you guys. Congratulations on a fantastic company that does
exactly what it says it will do, politely, effeciently and promptly. Thank
you for organising our very special trip. Yammas!!

Very best wishes
Jason Furness (UK)


We have returned and other than the arrival confusion, all went smoothly. We
had a wonderful time and were so pleased with the accommodations and the
convenience of being picked up and delivered to the right locations. Thank
you for arranging such an enjoyable vacation! I'm sure we will remember it
for years to come. Should any friends or colleagues travel to Greece, I will
give them your address and suggest they rely on you for a hassle free trip.


Hello Marcos:
  I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in getting our trip to
Greece in place on such short notice.  I am happy to advise George of your
excellent efforts and the need for him to pay you more money immediately for
your excellent work!!
  I really have nothing but positive comments about the entire itinerary.
The Electra was an excellent hotel to begin in Athens.  It's location can't
be beat though I am sure there are cheaper, and less desirable places,
around.  The accommodations in Mykonos and Santorini were great and the
staffs in both places were spectacular.
  The 5 hour ferry ride back to Athens from Santorini was a bit of a test
in the high seas.  I have never ridden with so many sick people in my life.
Thank god for Mythos and a bar stool with a clear view of the horizon ahead
of me!!
  Good luck to you all during the Olympics.  That will be a crazy time for
  We will return some day.
  Bill Dryden


  Thank you for an absolutely wonderful vacation - your organization and accomodation was superior and we had a truly wonderful time, thanks to you.  We have already given your website and name to many friends!


The Hejmanowski's

Hi Dina,

John and are now back home and I wanted to thank you for organising our Greek experiences.

Everything went like clockwork and we were very happy with our hotels. The VVVillas on Santorini was the most amazing hotel -nothing will ever be able to top the view! Unfortunately it blew a gale during our stay on Mykonos however the nice people at the Vencia made up for it.

Thank you also for your restaurant suggestions - we ate two nights at the Strofi and have amazing photos of the Parthenon taken from the restaurant. Friends gasped when we showed them what we saw as we ate our dinner. By the way we both thought the food in Greece was the best of our entire trip.

We hired a ' bomb' on Mykonos and Santorini so we got a chance to see the less touristy areas.

Thank you once again Dina, I hope your boss payes you well! I'm really looking forward to seeing Greece showcased at the Olympics and I can say I was there.Best wishes to you and your family,



Hello Litsa,

We would like to thank you and your team for the great welcome and service we had during our trip in Greece. Everything was perfect. Your team is very professional. We will recommand Fantasy Travel to our friends anytime.

Besides, we had a wonderful trip. We loved every island we visited. Our favorite was Mykonos. What a view!! We absolutely want to go back one day.

Thank you again and have a great "olympic summer":)

Josée Turmel

Christian Fortier

Hi Patra,

First off, my wife Linda thanks you for the amazingly professional job you
did for her and her friends during her recent trip.  She had a wonderful
time and your company's treatment of her went a long way to making it a

Secondly, she HIGHLY recommended the tour she took her first day there, so
my friend and I would like to do the same.  We get in Wed evening, so we
would like to do it Thurs morning.  If you need me to fax over a form, I can
do it in the morning (it's 11pm here).

Note ...when you reply back you will get an Out of Office message from my
email.  I will be checking though.

Thank you again,

Tim Sullivan

Hi Litsa!!

This is Nathalie & Daniel, the happy honeymooners!! We had such a great time during our honeymoon in Greece, from Athens to Santorini ... Greatly organized, excellent hotels and services, beautiful island, delicious food, and winning team in the European Cup!!!!

Thanks again for all your help, and for contributing to this special moment of our life!

Nathalie & Daniel

Hi Patra,

We just wanted to thank you for all of your help with the travel arrangements you did for us.  Everything turned out just the way you had said.  We had a great time in Athens.  Such a wonderful and busy city!  We loved the city and the culture.  We will definitely come back to visit hopefully in the very  near future.

Thanks again,



Just wanted to thank you again for helping arrange our trip to santorini/skiathos/athens.  we really appreciate everything you did.  our vacation turned out to be absolutely fantastic and everything turned out wonderfully!!

Jeremy C. Wang, MD

Hello Dina!

We returned yesterday afternoon, tired but happy, and want you to know that all your arrangements were really wonderful.  thank you so much. Even the slight glitch that Mike and Katie had at the Hotel Phillipos was not really a problem for them, since the Phillipos rectified it in minutes...and included us in the bargain!  So everyone was happy.  Mike and Katie were very happy with the Hotel Phillipos on Sunday when they booked in all was fine on that front.

We were delighted with all the arrangements you made for us.  Every single contact was perfect, we had no waiting and no 'no-shows' at any destination; our hotels were just wonderful, and the tours good too. 

Mike especially is good at making friends wherever he goes, and in practising his Greek, so we all benefited from his willingness to ask "how do you Greek?"  We Had a wonderful time with the waiters at the Volcano View Hotel in Santorini, who of course were  celebrating Greece's win over France!!

Speaking of this hotel, we were enchanted when we checked in and found that Mike and Katie had  been given the best suite in the hotel!! (The one in the brochure with the four-poster bed...)

We met quite a number of Americans who were on their trip courtesy of Fantasy Travel....including a young couple from Austin Texas who were on their honeymoon...we were on the same ferry to Mykonos, same hotel there, and same hotel in Santorini, same flight back to Athens...we enjoyed their company several times in Santorini. 

If I mentioned every little thing that pleased us, you'd never get through this email.  So I will just say that we were truly delighted with the high level of service you provided us, including the detailed follow up.  I can't wait until we can plan a return trip to Greece, when we will call on your services again.  In the meantime, we will recommend Fantasy Travel to all our friends.

Thanks, Dina, to you and the staff at Fantasy Travel, for making our Greece adventure so fine.


PS I should add that Neil, Mike, and I loved Athens itself. (Katie is not a big city girl). Next time we will spend more time there to explore the city beyond the Acropolis...!

Hi Dina,

Just a very quick email to let you know that my mum and I had a fantastic time in Crete and Santorini - glorious weather, friendly people, great food, great company and beautiful scenery. Thanks so much for helping us with our bookings and travel arrangements - everything went smoothly and we had a wonderful time - we really appreciate you looking after us so well.

Thanks so much,


We are safely back in L.A., and I wanted to send a final 'thank you' for all of the arrangements.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every single day!  Thanks also for arranging the transfers - we had no idea how much stress that would save.  In particular, Julie in Athens was great! 

When we return to Greece we will definitely be back in touch.  Good luck with the Olympics!

Matt Mulder   

Hello Litsa,

I wanted to take a little time to send you an email to thank you for all your help in making our Honeymoon so beautiful. Your professionalism and the way you handled the little things that came up was first rate. When Air France cancelled our flight into Athens, and when the ferries schedule changed at the last minute, you took care of matters so calmly and didn't miss a beat. I did not have one worry on this trip.

Our vacation/honeymoon in Greece was even better that I pictured in my dreams. It was a perfect mix of things to do and total relaxation. I must be a bit crazy but I really loved Athens (While everyone else that was still there was probably wishing they could escape the heat by going to one of the islands) - the feel of the city, the food, the culture, the history - it didn't make me miss New York one bit. I wish we planned more time there (next trip and a cooler season).

My wife, Vicki (and I) really loved Sifnos. The people were friendly and food was the best that we had the whole time in Greece. It was a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

There hardly seems a need to mention Santorini since everyone who's been then can attest to it's unsurpassed beauty. It was a must see - but it could have been a nicer place to be if it wasn't so "Touristy".

All the time you took and your detailed responses to all of my questions and concerns was truly appreciated. I am going to miss our correspondence and all the planning of our trip. I hope we can "talk" again soon the next time I travel to Greece.

I know being in the travel business you probably have many contacts all around the world if you ever want to travel, but if you ever find yourself coming or in New York and would like any advice or help, please drop me a line.

Yours truly,

Mike Schaefer


We are back in Bombay after a wonderful holiday in Greece.

George,I want to say thank you to you and Litsa for the wonderful arrangements you made for us. The hotels were well chosen, and the organisation was flawless.

And you can be sure that we joined in the celebrations when Greece won the Euro cup!

Thanks again, 
Kind regards,
  K Dubash

Thanks Litsa

We are home now.

All of the family enjoy our trip in Greece, and satisfied with the arrangement of the hotel and the schedule.

Thank you

Lin Chang-Ping


Just wanted to say thank you for arranging our trip to Greece.

Everything went well and we had a great time.  I am sorry we didn't get to meet you but Andrea did a good job !

Thanks again
Athina Sikaivtsas


Thanks for the wonderful vacation.  We enjoyed it!!! 
Congratualtions on your soccer victory.

Sally Buzzell

Hi Litsa

My wife and I called to see you on three occasions whilst we were in Athens, but were sorry that you were not available on any of those visits. 

Having returned to the UK safely, I would like to thank Fantasy travel and you, in particular, for the fact that our holiday went like clockwork without a slip and was most enjoyable. The hotels were excellent and the transfers all went without hitch. 

We are considering the possibility, in the future, of a visit to Samos/Kusadasi-Ephesus/and, possibly, Lesbos but gather (from Patra, with whom we spoke on one of our visits to your office) that this may not be as "simple" as our recent tour. We would certainly not want an overnight boat trip Athens/Samos and back. 

Your sincerely

Dear Athina:

How was your vacation???  If you had half as much fun as we did on ours, you had a great time!!!  And that is why I am writing to you.  We just wanted to say thank you again for planning a wonderful trip for us!!  Crete, Santorini and Athens were all beautiful!!!  We have told everyone that it was one of the best trips we have ever been on.  After traveling through Europe the past couple of years, we have to say that Greece totally rises to the top of our list for friendliness, easiness and cleanliness.  The best food, the nicest people, the easiest to communicate.  There was never a  moment when we felt uncomfortable, everyone was so gracious and accommodating.  Thank you so much for making this years trip the best!!!!

All of the hotels you booked us at were very nice and the locations so convenient....the Go Tours were great....the guide for Athens and Delphi were especially terrific...people who you could tell really loved their jobs and wanted to share a lot of information.  Our hike through the Gorge of Samaria in Crete was awesome ... we booked it through the hotel... definetely a must do , but not for the  wimpy people ... it was really a hard walk, but fun for us!!!

Also, it was really great to meet you....I know we probably caught you at a busy time, but it was so nice that you took the time to meet us and it was nice to put a face to your name!!!!  Please thank all of the people you had meet us at our destinations... they were terrific...and know that if anyone we know over here in the states wants to come to Greece, we will recommend you!!!

Thanks again!!!

Connie McGinty and Family

Dear George,

I wanted you and Dina to know that we really appreciated the help and
assistance we received from you when we were on vacation in Santorini and
Paros. You helped us put of a tight spot on the first evening and this
rescued us from a bad start. We loved the Volcanoe Views and also the
Contaratos Hotel in Paros.

We had such a good vacation and feel very rested.

Next year we will return, this time with my parents form New Zealand and
our two kids. We also are hoping to organise some friends with their family
as well.  We will definitely come to you as our travel agents and advisors.

Thanks so much for the personal level of service you were able to give us,
which made all the difference.

Best regards from us
Shane and Linda McElroy

Hi Dina,
    It has been almost two months since we returned from the wonderful
trip that you arranged for us.  It seems like it has taken that long for
some of it to soak in.  We will have great memories for a very long
time.  I want to thank you very much for making the trip happen for us. 
All of the arrangements, transfers, flights, etc. went as scheduled
without any problems to deal with.  We had a very good  experience with
our flights on Egypt Air.  Our guides were excellent; Eugenia on the
Greece land tour, Abdo on the Nile cruise and Sonja in Cairo.  They all
were very knowledgeable and gave good explanations of the various sites
that we visited.  The cruise of the islands was enjoyable but we would
have like to had more time at some of the sites that we visited.
    It was good to meet you in person and to talk briefly when we were
in Athens.  If I find out that any of my friends are planning a trip to
Greece, I will strongly recommend that they contact you to make the
arrangements - and who knows, we may come to Greece again one of these days.
    Thank you again,

Dear Dina,

Got back last week after a rather long break so it has taken a few days to settle back. We spent a week in London as well.

This is to thank you for making Greece happen!!! it was a lovely holiday and it went off without a hitch. For me, Santorini was an amazing experience, for Neha- Mykanos, Jitain ,loved the feel of Naxos.

Thanks once again and I hope there will be other holidays for us in Greece, which you can help us plan.


Hi again Panagiotis,

Though it's already more than a week that We've returned to HongKong, we're
still missing Greece and enjoy the photos that we took when we're there everyday.
In fact, Greece really contains many nice places and we've just been 3 of its
most famous islands. If we've got a chance, we'll definitely visit Greece again.

We like both hotels that u've booked for us, especially the Volcano Villa Hotel.
It provides brilliant view and swimming pools. The breakfast provided is also

One of the most special things happens to us is that we also have a chance to
look at the transfer of the Olympic fire in the morning on July 14 in the Volcano
Villa Hotel. The driver that took us to the hotel was the athelete that held the
Olympic torch! He ran for 200 meters and took some nice shots immediately. It's
really an unforgettable moment.

Pls find attached photo that we'd taken when we're in your travel agency. Hope u
like it. Once again thank u for your kind help on arranging the trip for us and
answering my queries.

Cheers. Henry

Litsa, I presume Mr. George told you that he helped us on Saturday.  We have had an amazing time here in Greece, and we want to thank you for all 
you did to help us!  We have loved your country, and appreciate your help  in making this happen!

Best wishes,
Meredith and Jan Ripley

Hello Patra:

It has been some time now since we returned from our Greece vacation. Monica and I would like to thank you for helping to put together a very nice vacation for us.

When we arrived to Athens your agent was waiting for us and immediately helped us obtain a taxi to drive us to the Divani hotel. When it was time to go to Piraeus, the hotel manager was well aware of our need for a taxi and the driver was waiting in the morning. The high speed ferry was most enjoyable, with good espresso drinks and tasty snacks - a good view too. The Volcano View Villas in Santorini was an excellent hotel and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. One of the restaurant workers helped us learn new Greek words every morning at breakfast. We remain impressed with the hospitality of the Greek people and felt very welcome in your country. Even though we could not speak too much Greek, we tried our best and most people were friendly in return. I hope that you experience the same hospitality if you ever visit the USA.

Attached is a picture from the room of our hotel at the VVVillas. We spent a lot of time enjoying the vistas and watching the sun travel from one corner of the sky to the next. Not too much to worry about in such a beautiful place. We only had to wake up each day and then we were happy!

We would like to thank you again for the fabulous travel package and the reasonable prices for the accommodations and travel. We are very pleased with the level of service we received from Fantasy Travel and especially from you. If our travels take us to Greece again we will most certainly contact you for travel arrangements and we will also recommend our traveling friends to use Fantasy Travel if they need a good agency.

Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the summer and the hustle and bustle of the Olympics.

Monica and Nate Stoffregen

Hi Litsa and Patra

It is few weeks after I returned from Greece, and has been busy catching up with the project here.  I just like to let you know that we enjoyed our holiday at Greece, and we are happy with the arrangements you have made.  Athen Cypria gave us the top floor with Acropolis view for both nights we stayed there.  All the three hotels are very good and at excellent locations.

Thank you!  Keep up the good work!



Estimada Cristina A.:

Quizas no recuerde quien soy, y por eso he dejado el mensaje en el que Usted me proponia el viaje que he realizado con mi esposa. No queria dejar pasar mas tiempo para agradecer Vuestra profesionalidad y en particular senialar el gran carisma de Julia, quien ha sido un angel guardian durante nuestra estadia en vuestro pais. Todo el viaje fue perfecto y todo ha funcionado a maravillas. Cada vez que escuchamos que alguien piensa pasar por Grecia, comentamos que el servicio de vuestra agencia de viaje ha sido uno de los mejores que hemos tenido en los ultimos anios, y no se puede decir que viajamos poco.

Nuevamente queria agradecerle su atencion, y vuestra capacidad para concretizar todos nuestros deseos, y en especial agradecer la seriedad, profesionalidad y gran calor humano que nos ha brindado Julia en los dias en los que hemos estado en Atenas.


Federico Galussio

We very much enjoyed our stay in Athens to see the Olympics.  The Hotel
Attalos was fine.  And the location next to the Metro was extremely
convenient to the Olympic venues we attended.  The hotel was also extremely
convenient to other things we did in Athens, including the Acropolis,
Monosteraki square and the restaurants there and the Plaka.

Thank you for your assistance in obtaining such a suitable room in spite
of the shortage of rooms for the Olympics.
Nick and Fran Rackoff

Thank you Eleni and the entire Fantasy Travel staff:
I enjoyed the Olympics and Athens very much. The memories and places I have travelled to in you fine country was worth the effort.
I extend my appreciation for all you help and perhaps life will take me back to Athens in the future!
Cory Leung


Your arrangements for our trip have been fantastic. I loved the Princes of
Mykonos and the Volcano Villa. And the Akrotiri was a hidden jewel, given
the rocky beach plateau son spots. Swam there all day, and loved it as well.
We will definitely reccomend you to our friends, many of whom are hoping to
travel to Greece as have we. Couldn't be happier with your service.

Mike DeArmond

We just like to say that we absolutely enjoyed our stay in |Greece and
the wonderful hospitality of Greek people, thanks for the wonderful service

We also remembered to bring nice Greek coffee home.

If there are interested Singaporeans in Greece holidays, we will be
reommending your services.

Best Regards
Cecilia & Tay Khong


Thank you (& Patra), again, for all of your hard work on our travel itinerary. 

We really had a wonderful time in Greece.  It was unforgettable!!   I don't know if you've heard already...but ironically, on our flight from Santorini to Athens on September 20th,

we ended up sitting right next to George (your owner of Fantasy Travel)!!!  So strange how that worked out...something like that just couldn't be planned out in real life. 

We got to talking with him and he asked us about our travels in Greece, and then asked us what travel agent we worked with.  We were all surprised that we were sitting next to each other.

We reported to George that our travels were wonderful, and we loved working with Fantasy Travel.  We would definitely recommend you to any friends or family in the future who plan to travel to Greece.

Thanks again for making our trip so wonderful!
Gretchen Muhl

Hi Dina.

Greetings from Singapore! Yes, we have made our way to Greece between 02Sep - 16Sep05 and are now back home after spending two short weeks there. Just want to thank you specially for making all the arrangements for us which indeed has made our trip so much more enjoyable.   Everything went clockwork. The hotels are clean and well located (we especially like Myconos Beach),  the transfers are punctual and the sights are breathtaking!    It was just Great!
 Thanks to all in Fantasy Travel who has made it possible for us.

 One regret though...that is we didn't get to visit with you at your office.   Sigh....

 Once again thanks for all the wonderful memories we have of Greece.

 Warm Wishes,
 Yuet Ming,
 Yoon Lee,
 Ling Hon

Hi Litsa,
Just wanted to say thank-you for such a smooth easy trip.  We had a great
time and everything went smoothly.  Greece is a fantastic country... and
the food is the best!!!
Thansk again
Reid and Alicia


Thank you!  

I am glad you emailed, because I wanted to tell you what a
fantastic job you did.   Everything was perfect and we had an excellent
time.   I will be recommending your services to anyone going to Greece, as
your services were outstanding.

You were even not content to hand me my tickets and let me go; you were
watching the ferries and went out of your way to fax my hotel and let us
know we needed to change ferries.   We wouldnt have known if it wasnt for
you and I appreciate it!

All in all, excellent work.  Working with Fantasy travel was simply a
pleasure and we hope to be back in 5 years!



Thank you so much for everything you did for our trip.  You did a great job. 

 I know the Poros thing was out of your hands and it gave us more time to
explore Athens, which we loved.  Santorini, Athens and Mykonos were
beautiful and you were right about Crete, not enough time to really see it. 

The service was fantastic, the hotels were amazing and everything went
extremely well.  I am so sorry your poor co-worker had to meet us at the
airport at 5:00 am, but the personal touch was really nice. 

Next time we come to Greece, we'll definitely look you up to do Crete more thoroughly and
perhaps see Corfu and Mykonos again.  Thanks again.


Dear Litsa:

This is a long-delayed email, but I wanted to thank you for arranging our travel after the Olympics.  We had a fabulous time, and it was wonderful knowing our transportation and hotels were all taken care of. 

All the hotels we stayed in were first-rate - I'd recommend them to my friends! 

We really appreciate all your work that made our trip such a success.

Thanks, Barb DeArmond

Hello Panagiotis,
We have safely arrived home in the USA, and I just wanted to thank you for
your help with the Athens hotels and the Santorini flights.
We enjoyed Attalos very much... nice, clean, friendly, with nice roofdeck.
We also enjoyed Cypria very much... it is clearly a higher grade hotel
than Attalos, with a wonderful breakfast and very helpful staff. Personally,
if I return to Athens someday, I would probably return to Attalos!
The early morning flight on Aegean airways turned out to be a blessing.
While Olympic Air flight was delayed for "fog," our flight (which was
supposed to leave 30 minutes later than the Olympic Air flight) left on time
and only took 25 minutes to Athens!

Anyway, thank you again for your help.
Arash Anoshiravani and Jinoos Yazdany

Hi Dina,

We are back from our fabulous trip and I have to tell you it was UNBELIEVABLE.  All of your arrangements were perfect.  The hotels were outstanding and we'd reccommend all of your suggestions to our friends.  Thank you so much for all your thoughtfulness.  My amazing trip covering the Olympics for NBC was topped only by the holiday you helped plan.


Deirdre Fitzpatrick

Hi Dina -
It was nice meeting you face to face the other day and I wanted to thank you
again for all of your assistance with our trip.  We had a fabulous time and
enjoyed every aspect of the Greek Islands.  It is definitely a trip we'll
recommend to others and if they have the need, I'll have them contact you.
Thank you again.

Dear Dina,

We all enjoyed our trip very much! It was too bad that we could not see the
island of  Santorini, but I really think my mother in law would not have
made it up all of the steps to get there. She did have trouble with walking
long distances with her back.  So i think everything worked out for a very
good reason. I have to thank you for all of the work you did to make our
trip easier.  Everything went as planned. I also have to mention how
wonderful the staff was at the princess hotel in mykonos. They were all so
helpful, especially Sophia. She was wonderful!!!  In Mykonos my mother
in-law forgot her wallet in the taxi, and to our surprise she got everything
back.  Here in the States I don't think she ever would have gotten it back. 
We were so impressed with your country.  Thanks once again for everything. 
P.S.  Thank you for crediting our accounts.

Judy Motzkol

Dear Litsa,

We want to 'Thank You' for all your help in getting all our documents, hotels, travel and tour packages together for our visit to Greece on Sept. 23-30th. We were able to throughly enjoy each and every moment as we had no worries. You took care of us. Your expert knowledge worked quickly and flawlessly.

Also, Fantasy Travel had Miss Julia meet us at the airport with our documents and papers. I want to tell you what an excellent  representative she is for Fantasy Travel and your country. She is most helpful, knowledgeable and has a great personality. We loved meeting her. She never made us feel we were being rushed out the door so she could meet the many other travelers she had to greet that day. We felt we were the most important customer of her day. Please tell her we appreciated her help at the airport and loved her warm generosity.

If there is ever the opportunity for us to come back to Greece, we will definitely contact Fantasy Travel. We have told  friends and family about Fantasy Travel. Thank you so very much.


Debbie and Jim Phillips

Littleton, Colorado USA

Hi Litsa,

We’re back home and have caught up on our sleep!

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.  The itinerary was perfect and we really enjoyed ourselves.  It was just wonderful.  Thank you for working with us so closely.  The entire trip was perfect.
Kindest regards.


Patra & Fantasy Travel,

I apologize it has taken me so long to send a note.  I just wanted to thank you for taking care of us (Amanda Mullen, James Hurst, Darrell Scott) while we were in your beautiful country the first week of September. 

We loved every part of our stay!  EVERYTHING that you and Fantasy Travel arranged went perfectly.  We had absolutely no problems and in fact were treated even better than we had imagined.  Even when our ferry was late (due to high winds) to the island of Santorini, our transportation to the hotel waited for us until we arrived.

We were very happy with our stay in Greece and your travel arrangements made everything easy for us to enjoy our trip.  We were completely satisfied and hope to visit again sometime soon.  When we do, we will certainly be in touch with you again.

Thank you.


Darrell W. Scott

Dear Panagiotis,

Terry and I just wanteds to thank you and commend you and Fantasy travel most highly for your services during our recent vacation.  The services you provided were flawless, and right on time and it was so easy to work with you all.  Thanks to you, Anastasia and Julia-  all of you were polite, helpful and very professional.  We were extremely impressed.  Rest assured that if we should ever return to Greece I will be giving you a call to help us again.

Efkaristo polee
Tony and Terry

Hello Litsa,

Just a short note to thank you and all the crew at Fantasy travel, for the FANTASTIC holiday you planned for us.

Thanks again

Peter Borg

Hi George and Patra,

  My cousin and I just returned from our vacation from Greece.   I would like to extend my warmest THANKS to the two of you who took care of our every need during the preparation of our trip.   Thank you for seeing that every detail was taken care of prior to our arrival to make sure our stay there was a wonderful one.

  We would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to the two women who were our liaison (the very kind woman who met us upon our arrival in Greece,  so sorry I cannot remember her name at this time).  But, she was extremely helpful and pointed out several tourist spots of interest to us.   Also, to Anatasia, who met us at the  ferry in Athens (coming from Naxos) and again at the airport upon our departure.  Thank you for making sure everything went smoothly.

We had an absolutely wonderful time.  

Thank you, once again.

  Annanita Apin

Anjanette Gaane

Dear Eleni,

I write to express our heartful thanks for your wonderful arrangement for
our journey to Greece.  We actually found that all the transfer and
escorting are perfect and timely, your choice of hotels in the islands is
excellent, and the price is reasonable.  Your efforts make our trip in
Greece enjoyable, saving us a lot of trouble in shopping around for hotels
and finding the correct schedules for the ferries to the islands. I would
without hesitation recommend you to our friends who are planning to go to
Greece on holidays.

Many thanks again

Dear Panagiotis

On behalf the O'Callaghan's and ourselves I would like to thank you for your services in managing our itinerary for our Greece holiday. Everything was organized to the highest standard. 

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our friends who are travelling to Greece and require assistance in their travel arrangments.


John Halligan

Good Day Mr. Pantagiotis,

Just a note to thank you and Fantasy Travel for an excellent job on our recent trip to Greece. Everything went very well. Our hotels ( Princess of Mykonos and Volcano View)  were very pleasant and all transfers went smoothly even when one ferry was delayed by wind. We reached our santorini destination at 0300 hrs and were met at the ferry on arrival.

It is good to see there are dedicated, professional organizations, like Fantasy Travel in business. I hope we will have another opportunity to use your services.

Sincerely yours,
Donald Keays
Seagulf Marine Industries Inc.
Halifax, Montreal, Great Lakes

Hello, Patra,

    I have received my Visa credit card bill for September. There are no charges posted on the first day of my visit  for phone calls from the airport to Fantasy Travel. My worries were unfounded!

    Hope all is well with you. Thank you again for your help planning our very successful Greece visit. Please send my regards to Julia who was delightful and a big, reassuring help.

    We hope to return to Greece some time in the future and will be happy to use your company again.

    Sincerely yours,

    Mark Cinnamon, M.D.

We made it home and now must go back to work.
I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for arranging everything for our trip in
Greece.  Greece is a fantastic country - everything was perfect!  We were
very pleased and surprised by the high level of service - everyone was
on-time and the tours and accomodation were great (we were particularly
pleased with the Philippos Hotel!).
We will definitely recommend Fantasy Travel and Greece to everyone we
Ruth Hull
Campbellville, Ontario Canada

Hello, Patra,

I want to thank you, and all from Fantasy Travel, who made our recent trip to Greece a perfect and memorable one!!
You took care of us royally, and we appreciate all you did for us!!  The transportation to and from, the hotels;  because of you at Fantasy Travel, our trip was wonderful from start to finish!!

Each of the hotels were special.  Of course, our favorite has to be Volcano View on Santorini.  Our week there was a dream come true!!  We were given the special villa out on the point overlooking the caldera, such a luxurious villa it was, too!!!  Our own private swimming pool, and the place was unbelievably nice!!!  We made good friends with a couple of people working there, and enjoyed all of the staff.  The breakfasts in all the hotels were excellent.

 We were never disappointed, and we felt very special that we were met at our destinations by folks from Fantasy Travel, with signs with our names on them, and we were well taken care of. I would highly recommend Fantasy Travel to everyone!!!!  Christina deserves a special thanks for meeting us at the airport in Athens so very early in the morning and escorting us, with two happy cab drivers, to our hotel.  The staff at the Hotel Philippos was most helpful, and the breakfasts delicious.  The location in Athens was perfect for us!

We loved the Plaka area, the Acropolis being so close, etc.  We wanted to visited the office of Fantasy Travel, and regret not doing so, but knew you would understand that time was short and we didn't know our way around too well.

The Highspeed ferry to Santorini was fine.  The regular ferry from Santorini to Crete was a memorable and sort of scary experience!!!  There were 700 Croation graduate students and 50 of their leaders on the boat, so luckily we were able to secure a cabin and escape the massive celebration!!!  I will always book a cabin in the future!!!

The 7 days on Santorini topped everything else, as mentioned above!!    However, the stay on Crete was special also. The Hotel Atlantis in Heraklion was a very nice hotel, good breakfasts, very nice staff, great rooms, etc., and the hotel was in a good location.  Our Thrifty Rent Car was very nice.

The stay in Chania had a special flavor also!  The hotel was quaint, the staff nice, and breakfasts good.  The location was perfect!  We were a bit warm in our rooms though, as the air conditioner had been cut off for the season, and the noise level at night,plus the warmth, made it a bit uncomfortable at times, but certainly still good.....

The Sofitel at the airport location in Athens was wonderful!!! Wow, what a nice and convenient hotel! 

All in all, Fantasy Travel took care of us royally!!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our trip to Greece as perfect a trip as anyone could ask for!!

We send you our best wishes and our sincere thanks!! 

Beth and Nicholas Christoff
Stacy and Stephen Graves


Thanks to you, our trip to Greece was absolutely wonderful.  From the
moment we arrived to the day the aircraft lifted off the runway to take us
home, the trip was magnificent.  Our hotels were great, the food was
terrific, and each and every transfer was flawless.  The van you arranged
for us for the Sparta trip was perfect and our driver Michael was first
class.  He was knowledgeable, humorous, and a pleasure to be with.

The reunion we had with my wife's family in Evia was very special.  There
were many tears and many hugs.  We hope to be back in late April to spend
Easter with them.

Again, thank you for making our trip the best trip of a lifetime.  We know
you get many thanks from many people but you really are the best at what you
do.  Your compassion for people and the love you have for your country
reflects in the way you treat people who come to Fantasy Travel.
Our only regret was not being able to meet you, but we hope to see you
when we come to Greece again next year.

Kind regards,
Tom & Francyne

Just a short note to thank you for your help in organising our trip to Greece in August. It is nearly a year ago now (Jan 04) when you were suggesting hotels and routes. And I am just sorting out all the documents and photos from the holiday.

You will be pleased to know that everything worked out well. We liked the Hotel Aiolos and Horefto best, but what a road! The contrast with the next resort at Olympic Beach was amazing.

THanks for you help, we can now start planning 2005!


We just wanted to thank you for a fantastic holiday.  It was so nice to have everything organised, including taxis from place to place.  I hope you will be able to help us again in the future, when we have saved up a bit ... we certainly want to return.  Thanks again

Julie Hilton

Thank you once again Panagiotis for all your kind help with our visit.
We arrived home safely last night after a lovely stay on your island.
Please pass on our thanks to all concerned with our trip which was very
well organised by yourselves.
All the facilities, Hotel, Airline, Taxis and staff were excellant and we
would not hesitate to use or recommend your services to anyone.

Kind regards.
Hugh & Barbara


I wanted to write and thank you for an amazing trip.  You did a great job organizing our week away, my mom and I will always remember it.  I hope to return to Greece one day soon, until then I will refer anyone who is interested in going to you.

Best Regards,

Dear Litsa,

Greetings.  We're now back in Thailand after a thoroughly wonderful trip to
Greece and Turkey.  This note is to thank you and to let you know how much we
appreciated your help in making all the arrangements that made our trip very
enjoyable, relax and trouble-free, and also for the changes in itinerary in
Santorini and Istanbul that we requested on short notice.  As it turned out, we
were lucky and did not have to pay any penalties to the airlines at all. 

We enjoyed both Greece and Istanbul immensely and hope to come back again soon.
Two things stood out in our minds. 

First, Santorini, the IRA Hotel - a room w/a view of the volcano and caldera, and
 the sunset were a sheer beauty - thank  you for making this booking for us. 

Santorini/IRA Hotel alone was enough to  bring us back to Greece.  
Second, the Classical Tour (w/ Go Tours) was supurblyorganized, comfortable,
and the guide (Anatasia) was very knowledgeable.
We appreciated learning the history and culture of Greece.

I hope you share this msg of thanx and appreciation w/ George (whom we met
briefly when picking up the new vouchers) and your other colleagues.  As said
before I will surely recommend Fantasy Travel to my friends and colleagues who
would like to visit Greece and nearby countries.  Too bad we didn't meet up
during this trip (may be next time), but we hope you are well and thank you

With Warm Regards,

Tanatat and Sarinee

hello and how are you?

I just want to thank for your help during my trip to Greece - we had a great time in Santorini and our nights in Athens were great at the hotel - thank you so much - I am sorry it took a while - On my return to Los Angeles - I went back to Europe on a Trip to Italy (Florence-Tuscany-Rome) and I came back for a few weeks and left to Madrid on November 24 and I just came back last night - Your name came up since I am planning to go to Venezuela to see family in January and was looking for my travel agent in South America - Anyway, thank you again and I look forward to see Greece again soon. Alfonso

Hi Dina!

I have been thinking of you and wanting to email you but it has been so busy.  We got married on November 20th so I had to plan that shortly after we got back to Canada on October 11th, and then get ready for Christmas.

I hope that all is well with you and you are not working too hard.  Is it busy this time of year for you?

Rejean and I wanted to thank you so very much for all that you did to ensure we had an amazing vacation/trip in Greece.  The Herodion in Athens was fantastic, Princes of Mykonos in Mykonos was great, Santorini was beautiful and all our transfers worked out wonderfully! 

We hope to visit again next year so you'll be hearing from us again.

We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year!

All the best,

Antonia Kyriakoylias-Weston

Hello Marcos,

It has been a couple of months since we returned from out trip to Greece and I apologize for not writing you sooner.

I want to thank you for the excellent service that you provided to me and my family in the great accommodations and travel arrangements that you made for us and the extra effort you put forth when our ferry did not arrive as scheduled to transport us from Santorini to Crete.

You did an excellent job and I will recommend you and Fantasy Travel to whoever I can.  We had a great vacation and much of that is owed to you.  You represented everything to be exactly as it was.  There were no surprises.

We received a Christmas card this week from Dana Villas, which was a very nice surprise.

I hope you had a merry Christmas and that 2005 is a very prosperous and happy year for you.

Best regards,

Lee Pitner

Matt, I've had to call George to help me with some tix to Germany and Italy for a relative of Marias (TP's maid) as she was short on time with her visa from Albania and needed to go to Germany to visit her son and  then to Italy to visit her daughter, well on Xmas week you know everything's booked way ahead of time , but Xrisoula managed the unmanageable and at very good rates, their service was super and if you talk to them please thank them on my behalf  Take care Andy

Hi there, Matt !

I want to thank you for your extensive website, with the billions of
links, but most especially for the inclusion of Fantasy travel. We have
had very good luck arranging our upcoming holidays in Greece
corresponding with Eleni. what appeared to be rather complicated in the
beginning became pleasurably simple once she had made suggestions for

Incidently, I cannot access any of the Greece-based websites (eg.
Fantasy travels site) through your web pages today. Any ideas?

Eric Ward up here in the frozen north

Dear travel personnel,

 I just booked and paid in full for a three-week trip to Greece and the islands.  I am so pleased with the wonderful service and help I got from your company and Litsa Christou.  She always answered my emails immediately, she had wonderful suggestions, she was well informed, and she was very patient with all my questions.  Now I hope the trip will be as wonderful as the planning was.  Thank you for the excellent service.


Diane Woods


I just wanted to thank you for making our travel arrangements for Santorini
- Dana Villas was indeed very nice - we really were pleasantly surprised
with the accomodation.

Thanks again - we will be sure to use your services again when we next
travel to Greece.


Comment: special thanks to Dina for your long distance assistance with
planning our trip last summer. Your suggestions and choices of hotels were
perfect for my daughter and myself. You really helped make our trip smooth
and memorable. When I plan a trip to Greece with my husband, I will
definitely be in contact with you.
All the best to you and may God bless all you do.
Thanks again,
Debbie and Melissa

Hi Eleni,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip Patty and I took to Greece.  The hotels and their views were wonderful, and we very much enjoyed your country via plane, ship and auto.


Dear Matt,

We have returned from our three weeks of travel in Greece and we had an excellent experience. Litsa at Fantasy Travel did a superb job--all her suggestions and planning for us enabled us to have a very successful first visit to Greece.  We loved it!  Thank you for the recommendation.  Diane


I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and Fantasy Travel for the great job you did with our trip. Everything went smoothly and because you took care of all the details, we were free to enjoy our vacation. I got your company name from Matt Barrett's website and will also share with him our experience.

Greece is a beautiful country and I hope I can come back again and spend more time in places we didn't see, or places we saw but didn't have enough time. I loved the scenery and my son, who is fascinated with history, was so excited to see the places he's studied in school.

Thank you again!!


Dear Dina,

Thank you for the great job you did in arranging our holiday in Greece.  All transfers occurred as planned. The Hotel Phillopos was very nice and its location was very convenient.  Our trip to Delphi was wonderful -- the tour guide was superb.  I really enjoyed the business class accommodations on the ferry to Mykonos, and The Princess of Mykonos was excellent, as was the Volcano View in Santorini. Everything was perfect for us. And thanks for making the Greek people so friendly and the food so good.


Dear Patra,

We are now back in Ottawa and want to thank you and other staff at Fantasy Travel for your planning and assistance to ensure that our holiday in Greece was wonderful. It most certainly was. You have a very beautiful country,

Thanks again for all of your assistance.

Donna and Doug

Dear Patra

We just got back from our trip and wanted to thank you for all of your efforts to make it a smooth, easy and successful experience. We really enjoyed it very much. We certainly will tell all of our friends about our journey and we will not hesitate to recommend you and Fantasy Travel.

Thanks again.

Best wishes,


Hi Eleni,

I just wanted to thank you and Fantasy Travel for doing an excellent job in planning our trip to Greece.  Everything was so easy and we loved our travels around the islands.  It is a beautiful country and we have nothing but wonderful memories.  We would highly recomment you to friends and family visiting Greece. 


Dear George and all members of Fantasy Travel,

Just a short note to thank you for all your services.  Everything went just as planned. All transfers were done efficiently and without problems.   All of us had a great holiday and we thoroughly enjoyed all the people we met in Greece. I did not have one unpleasant experience.  I wish I was able to stay in Crete for a longer time and I am already thinking of a return visit. Once again, you and your staff did I great job. I didn't know about the wait list situation for the flight to Samos until I arrived in Athens and was told by the person who met us.  I'm glad I didn't know and everything worked out fine. If we missed that flight I think it would have made our plans difficult. It's good to be lucky.

Best wishes. 

Lou R

Hi Matt

Just wanted to send you the biggest THANK YOU!! across the Atlantic for setting me up with Fantasy travel. Dina Kastrinaki is taking very good care of me and helping me sort out all the details to make it a fabulous retreat.

Many many thanks.

wishing you well on your adventures!

Laila Ghattas
Aziza Healing Adventures

Hello Patra –

Now that we have had some time to reflect on our trip to Greece, I wanted to write to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help.  You provided wonderful service at a fair price.  We LOVE Greece and I’m sure we will return often.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to travel to Greece!

Thanks again!!

Truman and Mary

Dear Eleni, 

We just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our trip and that all went well.  Our thanks to you and Mrs. Dulce. Greece is a very lovely country to visit and we hope to return someday.


Doug and Joan

Dear Dina,
We wanted to thank you so very much for our wonderful trip to Greece.
Everything was perfect.  The hotels were great (the locations and
views were unbelievable) and our transportation was on-time and quite
We will definitely be recommending you and Fantasy Travel to our
friends who wish to spend their holidays in Greece.  We will also be
back soon!!
Thanks again for helping making our honeymoon so relaxing and memorable.
Sarah and Pramit

Thanks for booking this trip for us.  Kim and I had an excellent time.
Your   choice of hotels was great.  We will definitely recommend your travel
to anyone we know who is planning to go to Greece in the future.

Thanks again

Dan & Kim (the Honeymooners)

Hello Patra!  We returned last week from our trip to Greece, and my husband and I love your country!  Everything was arranged so well.  Thank you for taking care of everything!

We were particularly enchanted with Santorini and the Villa Katikies.  Although the Villas were separate from the Hotel, we soon found that they suited us better than any Hotel could.  The extra privacy, space, and personal attention made it seem like our own private oasis.  

The only problem we had came when the Villa manager called to confirm our flight from Santorini to Athens.  Apparently Olympic Airlines had changed its flight schedule, so our 8:00 p.m. flight was rescheduled for 10:30 p.m.   This was a happy change for us, as it gave us more time in Santorini.  However, you may want to advise your clients to reconfirm their flights just before their trip.

Again, I want to thank you for your thoughtful planning.  I would definitely recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone interested in traveling to Greece.

Jennifer & Joseph

Omaha, NE, USA

Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 11:30 PM
Subject: RE: Greece trip

hello litsa!

thanks again for making all our greece travel arrangements. everything went
smoothly and the hotels were wonderful. christina was very nice and
friendly  :)

we'll never forget our very fun and memorable trip to athens and the
beautiful islands!

take care,

> Thanks for all your help in arranging my daughter's travel plans.  You
> have been very helpful.  In the future, when we get back to Greece we'll
> definitely be contacting you and we'll make sure our friends and
> acquaintances are aware of the great services you provide. 
> Regards,
> ted

Hi Litsa. I wanted to personally thank you for an excellent trip. All of the transfers went smoothly and we didn't run into any problems. The management of the Remezzo Villas on Santorini is probably the best I have ever encountered. We all had a blast and have come home with great memories. Thanks again!!

Very Sincerely,

Hello Dina,

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks.

Dianne and I had a wonderful trip, and everything that you arranged worked out just perfectly.

In fact the Hotel you booked us on Santorini had an unexpected bonus. As it turns out, it is the only hotel on the island with an elevator!
This really turned out to be a plus!
I will be pleased to point people in your direction when they ask about our trip.

Many thanks!
Dan and Dianne

Thank you so much for planning our wonderful trip to Greece. Everything went like clockwork. It made everything stress free. We loved Crete the best, than Ios, than Santorini, and than Mykonos. Each island was different so I am happy we were able to see them all. We talked to several people who booked their trip through you and were so pleased. At Mykonos Beach Hotel they tried to give us a servants quarter room with no windows so we asked for a different room and we had a great room with a patio and view of the sea. We definitely will come back as we loved the islands, the people, the beaches, everything. Thanks so much for making our trip so delightful, Dina. I will recommend you to all of our friends. Bev and Sean

Hi Dina

Thanks for our travel's organization in Greece (May 5 > 14).
Everything was perfect.

I strongly recommend Tharroe Hotel at Mykonos: well located, gently received, sunny, etc. I really hope they will be full the most of time because it is one of the cosiest hotel I ever enjoyed worldwide...

Jean Pierre

Hi Litsa,

You organized a trip for us during the week of 5/18-5/26 and I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  Everything went smoothly, all the transfers were on time, hotel locations were great.  The trip surpassed all my expectations thanks to you all.

Best Regards,


dear litsa and george,

we would like to thank you for the trip you have organized for us,it has been perfect in every way,timing,cooparative from your staff on every station,tour guides,lodging, everything very well prepared and we very much enjoyed our stay in greece,we will definitely recomend your company to our friends and also i will give your adress with my coments to our travel agency in  israel noga-mona tours including our itinerary prepared by your staff whis has been very clear and exact.

thank you again very much with ourbest greetings
chava  and rene rechnitz

Dear Patra and Fantasy Travel,
We are back in the States after a WONDERFUL  holiday in Greece. All of
your arrangements and accommodations were superb--they matched or exceeded our
expectations! When we return to Greece we'll do it through you, and we
will enthusiastically recommend you to others!
best wishes,
William and Lynn V

Litsa, I just completed my trip to Athens and Mykonos.  I just wanted to say thanks to you and Fantasy Travel.  I had no glitches at all, someone was there to meet me at the airport and give me all my vouchers for tours and hotels, transportation to and from pick up and drop off points were always punctual.  My hotel stays and experience was very memorable and I wanted to thank you for the service you provided, I will definately keep Fantasy Travel in mind on my next trip.



Hello Eleni - We have returned from our trip to Italy and Greece and have to
say we were absolutely pleased with Fantasy Travel!  The assistance and
organization and people were the very best and the hotels were wonderful! 
We will heartily recommend Fantasy Travel to anyone going to Greece.  Mrs.
Dulce was the nicest person!!  She went out of her way to be helpful and
assisted us in every instance and made sure we were taken care to the
maximum possible.  All the meetings at airports, ports and hotels went
absolutely perfect.  We couldn't have been pleased more!!

Tell everyone thank you for us and if we book a trip to Greece again, we
will definitely look to Fantasy Travel!  We found the people in Greece very
friendly, the country beautiful, and the food was fantastic!  Came home with
a couple cookbooks and have already been making Greek salads on a daily

Peggy S and co-travelers

And it was a WONDERFUL trip!
You and Fantasy Travel did an absolutely excellent job in making this an
excellent experience for us.

We will be happy to refer you to anyone we know who may be traveling to
Greece, and we will be happy to provide a reference for Fantasy Travel at
any time.

Thanks so much, Litsa.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

Andie and Arnie
Austin, TX

Hi Lita,

I’m sorry I didn’t send this off sooner, but right after our honeymoon in Greece I started my new job and things are just now slowing down.  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the trip was and to thank you so much for putting the trip together.  It really was the best of all possible worlds, all the freedom of traveling by ourselves with the security of being met at every important stop along the way with rental car keys, ferry vouchers, and so on.  All the hotels were great, particularly the one in Nafplion.  I’ve given your contact information to several friends and family members who are considering a Greek holiday.  Everything went so smoothly, and we’re already looking ahead to another trip in a few years.  Thanks again for everything, you and your company were a delight to work with!




Dear Litsa: 

I just wanted to thank you for helping us with the Greeek portion of our family's European vacation. Everything went so smoothly. We loved both the Electra Palace and the Volcanoes Views hotel in Santorini. Athens looks great post-Olympics!

Thanks again,


My wife, Tina, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Fantasy Travel for helping us with our travel and accomodations in Greece for our second honeymoon on our 20th anniversary.  We had a fantastic time!!  All of the hotels that you booked for us were excellent, and the comfort of having all of the ferry tickets in hand was so important.  The luxury of knowing that every detail, down to the transfers to and from the hotels at every stop was something that we were not used to in our previous travel experiences. 

I will whole-heartedly recommend your agency to all of my friends, who, based on our experience, are already considering a vacation in Greece.  As for us, well, there is that 21st anniversary coming up, maybe you will be hearing from us again quite soon!!

We love your beautiful country, your people, your food, even your perfect weather.  Thanks again for a "Fantasy" come true.

Best Regards,
Matthew & Tina

Hi Dina,
Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in the planning of the trip to
Greece.  Everything was perfect.... Hotel, travel arrangements, contacts at
the airport, etc. If we know of any friends planning a trip to Greece, we
will certainly tell them that using Fantasy Travel is a must.  take care and
hopefully we will be back again soon.



Hi Dina,
Just a quick note to let you know that we have arrived home safely, and
that we had a terrific time in Greece.  Everything that you set up was just great,
and everyone was right where you said they would be.  A particular favorite
was Astra in Santorini.  Thank you very much.  We will pass on your name to
whoever we meet planning to visit Greece.

Sorry we are so slow in thanking you for the most wonderful vacation we have ever had. You and your staff did an excellent job for us and we are so grateful. Having Kristen there to meet and greet and then get up at 3:00am to go back to the airport with us was above and beyond. I wish we could have met you all, our intent was to come in to the office with a treat, but that did not turn out. I hope you enjoyed the hazelnuts we sent with her, I laughed. I obviously did not do my homework, or I would have known Greece  had more hazelnuts than Oregon!!Oh well at least I knew better than to bring olives.
 Thank you again for a trip of a lifetime.

 Mike and Linda

Eleni- I just wanted you to know how well our trip went due to you and  Fantasy Travel---We will certanily be reccomnding you to anyone we meet who is travaling to Greece. We had a wonderful time! Thanks again--Chip

Hi, Patra,

Evelyn and I are back home now. I want to thank you again for arranging such a fine Greek vacation for us. All of the arrangements were very satisfactory and the connections were flawless. Thank you also for your personal kindness and helpfulness. It was a pleasure to meet you in person.

Best regards,


Hi Litsa,

Just a quick note to let you know that we had a wonderful vacation in Greece.  Everything worked out as planned and we were very happy with the hotels, the tours and the selection of places.

Thank-you very much!  You will hear from some of my friends in the future!

Susy S and family

Please give our kinds regards to Dulce.  There was no need to call her since everything was perfect!

Hi Litsa....

We are back and I just twant to thank you..... The hotels were great and both islands just perfect.

Thank you for all your  help.

Our trip to Greece was a great pleasure.


 Dear Vassilis,

    Just a note to let you know we are back home in the US and that our trip to Greece was wonderful!  The taxi drivers were especially great.  It was so welcoming to have Nely there to greet us upon our arrival and to have such nice drivers pick us up and take us to the hotel.  The Electra Palace was also great. The view of the Acropolis is truly spectacular.

 We had a little more difficulty at Creta Maris as most people there were on a meal plan and the people there were not as friendly.  But the bungalows were very nice and comfortable.  We also had trouble finding the hotel. The rental car was ready and the lady was waiting for us at the airport and it was very easy to drop off the car to her at the fast boat.  The ride and seats were fine.  Nick, from Volcano View Villas was there to greet us and took great care of us.  He suggested restaurants and was a valuable resource.  We loved it!  It was the perfect ending to our "fantasy" vacation.  You did a great job and we appreciate everything.

 PS.  Do you have any way for me to get in touch with Nely?  She was so very nice and I would like to send her a little something from where I live.  You can have her email me maybe?  Thank you again.

  Gayle L

Hi Patra,

    We're home, but wish we were still in Chania! We had a great time in Greece, and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful planning and the efficiency of all of your associate travel agencies. As we were coming into Iraklion and saw how big the port is, my husband and I looked at each other and said, "How are we ever going to find Thrifty Car Rental!" We were so happy to see the "Thrifty" sign  with our name when we got off the ferry.

    The hotels were perfect for us...they all had great locations. We actually walked to Volcano View from Fira a couple of times, when no taxis were available! Everything was great! Thanks, again.




Joe and I returned yesterday from Greece and I want to THANK YOU so much for making our vacation perfect!  You really made sure that everything was taken care of, from the transfers to the hotel stays.  We really appreciate everything you did to help us!!!!  Also, Christina was so nice to even say goodbye to us at the airport yesterday morning.

Again, thank you for everything!!!!!  We will definitely recommend Fantasy travel to anyone looking to go to Greece!!!!!



Sorry it’s taken such a long time to get in touch, life’s been very hectic since we returned from our holidays.

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for organising our recent holiday in Greece. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The accommodation was great – Athens hotel was in great location, we really enjoyed the relaxing and family run accommodation in Naxos (Birikos Appartments) where we were very well looked after, and found very relaxing: nice calm location just next to gentle seaside resort was just perfect, and Santorini was just wonderful with those amazing views! All the transfers help to make the trip non-stress free and contributed to the overall quality of the holiday. Of course we found Greece, the people, culture and food just wonderful, and will always have very fond and special memories of our lovely holiday there.

Once again many thanks for all your hard efforts which helped to make the holiday such an enjoyable and successful one. I will be sure to recommend you and your agency to anyone I know is interested in going to Greece, and should we decide to return and visit another part of Greece, I will be sure to get in touch.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of us enjoying Greece. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and many thanks once again

Jon & Silvina


I just wanted to let you know that we had such a wonderful time in Greece!
The trip went very well, all of our hotels were great and the connections
you had set up in advance really helped.  Thank you so much for all your
help!  Epheristo!!



I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my wife and I had in your beautiful country! All of the arrangements that you helped me with worked our wonderfully. All flights and pick-ups went off with no problems. We especially enjoyed Santorini.

Like I said in previous emails, I am a part-time travel agent and I will be more than happy to refer future clients to Fantasy Travel!!

Again, Thank you for all your efforts.

Jeff Mc


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we could not have been
more happy with the wedding package and the services of Fantasy Travel.
Everything went flawless! Everything from the hotel to the wedding
coordinator was great. I have to admit I was a little skeptical having done
everything via the internet. My fears were immediately gone as soon as we
met Ms. Dulce at the airport. My fiancée felt like she was in a fantasy
being married in Santorini and all of your help made it possible.

Please thank everyone again for us and would recommend your services to
anyone who is thinking of marrying in Greece.

Thanks again!

Marc & Michelle

Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 2:14 PM
Subject: Recent Holiday

Hi Litsa,

I just wanted to write and thank you for everything you did in organising our recent holiday.  We had the most fantastic time, everything was organised perfectly and there were no hitches.  We called into your office, but you were not in that day.

We all loved every minute and when it was time to leave one island there were many mixed emotions as we didnt want to leave but were excited to go to the next.  Even the 7 hour ferry from Sifnos to Santorini was good (I was dreading this), standing on the back at every stop watching the chaos unfold.  At each accommodation everyone was so friendly towards us and made us feel so welcome, we would definitely recommend all to friends and family along with recommending yourselves.

Once again a big thank you for making this holiday so perfect.

Kind Regards

Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 6:22 PM

Subject: Wonderful service by Eleni

Dear Mr. Gerassimidis,

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the prompt and pleasant service I have received from Eleni.  Over 4 months as I arranged a Crete-Santorini-Athens trip for 15 individuals Eleni has been on top of every detail and responded to every question.  I could not have asked for better service.

Especially in the past 2 weeks when 2 different travelers had problems - one cancellation and one plane ticket name problem - Eleni has replied promptly and efficiently.   What peace of mind!  Eleni and Fantasy Travel went beyond my expectations.

 Thank you; I look forward to my travels in Greece.

 Patty H

Hi Eleni!

As Jamie mentioned in her email!  Our trip was FABULOUS!!!
Everything was perfect...loved being “taken care of”...everyone we connected
with at every place we stayed were sooo professional & fun!  LOVED Santorini..
felt like we died & went to heaven...did a lot of exploring &
the Greek culture...we mentioned “Fantasy Travel” every where we went..
we also heard some “horror” stories of people that had used other agencies in Greece..
We MUST return & stay longer!  Plus we’ll tell all of our friends to use you!


Hello Vassilis--


Thank you for the follow-up e-mail!  What service!  The trip was spectacular!  We had an absolutely great time.  Our only mishap was getting off on the wrong island (Ios) as mentioned to you on the phone that evening...  and our driver was tardy in Istanbul, but that was of no great consequence.


Having seen all we saw... if I were to go there again, I'd say fly to Athens, hop over to Mykonos (via plane-- slow boat was too long)-- spend 3 days on the beaches... take a boat to Santorini 3 days...  fly to Istanbul for about 3 days... and that's it!  Of course if someone hasn't seen Athens-- they'd have to consider it... and Istanbul frankly could be it's own trip if someone wanted to venture out of the city.


You did a great job planning our trip-- and we will always highly recommend Fantasy Travel!  Thanks again!  Judi

 Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 5:20 PM
Subject: Thanks
Dear Eleni:
Thanks for all your help. The Andromeda Villas on Santorini and the
Villa Marandi on Naxos were excellent. Likewise, the two flights and the
ferry were essentially on time and worked well. Greece is a lovely
country and the people are warm and friendly. We hope to return soon. 
Thanks again.
Jon P

Hi Vassilis, 

 We a back home and already miss your country.  On behalf of Gail and myself, we thank-you more making  this the most memorable vacation of our lives.  The 2 locations were perfect and we couldn't  of asked or  dreamed of more.  Thank-you again for a wonderful time. 

 Edward and Gail. 

 I was wondering if you do Italy as well.  We are already planning our next escape for next year.  Look to hear from you soon.

Dear Dina, 

 It's been a few weeks since our lovely time in Greece and now  that we're back to reality for a few weeks, we want to thank you  and your agency for doing such a wonderful job for us.  We had a  fantastic time and much credit is owed to you for ensuring that  all of the details were taken care of so that we were free to  explore and enjoy without worrying about the details! 

 You are blessed to live in such a beautiful country.  We hope to  visit it again.  Thank you Dina and Fantasy Travel! 

 Mary and Holly

Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2005 6:51 AM

Hi Dina

Im sorry we missed you on Saturday. I remembered when we got to the office that you don't work on the weekend, I did loose track of what day it was.

I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful holiday, saw some incredible things, lots of old ruins. I loved Athens and the Amazon Hotel was very nice and the people there were very helpful and friendly.

It was hard to leave there as we enjoyed it so much, but all holidays have to come to an end eventually don't they!

It was lovely to meet you and once again thank you for all your help.

If I hear of anyone planning a trip to Greece I will be recommending you.

I hope I will return to your lovely country in the future.

Best Regards

Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 1:39 AM

Subject: thanks

Sorry - I have been pretty busy since I got back, but I wanted to thank you - our trip was wonderful.  No complaints.  All of the hotels were great, but we particularly liked the Attalos in Athens (great location and fantastic views of the Parthenon from its rooftop bar)and the Aphrodite in Lesvos (which has the best chicken souvlaki anywhere we visited, and great atmosphere with the family who runs it and the other patrons.)  The beach and hiking in Naxos were the best and Santorini has the views.  Oddly, in Naxos our hotel was entirely filled with people from Germany, but that was fine.

I would recommend you to anyone I know who is interested in going.

Thanks again for your help.

Sue Ellen

Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 5:09 AM
Subject: Greece vacation


I just wanted to send you a note to extend my gratitud for the arrangements you made for us in Greece. All the tours and transfers worked out great and way beyond our expectations. The hotels during the inland tour were very nice but the one in Santorini won our hearts. They by far exceeded the service level of everyone else and the facilities were just right. All the taxi and boat transfers worked out without any problems and the drivers were very friendly.

Needless to say, I will not hesistate to refer your company to anyone I know that will be going to Greece. Our only regret was that we did not have more time to stay in Greece and did not make the time to stop by and thank you personally. But I am sure you understand that we were trying to make the most of our days in your lovely country.

Once again, to you and your company... THANK YOU !!! for an excellent job.


Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 10:52 PM

Subject: Re: Greece holiday!-Fantasy travel

Hi Litsa, 

I know this is delayed, but I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for the tremendous job you did with selecting our hotels and arranging our holiday in Greece!!  All of the people from Fantasy Travel and your sister agents who met us on the islands were exceptionally friendly and most helpful!  It was so nice to be greeted with such Greek hospitality!  The arrangements made our trip stress free and so relaxing and were EXACTLY what we were looking for.  Thank you for paying mind to all the detail I gave you and creating such a wonderful itinerary in such a short amount of time! 

I would, without hesitation, recommend Fantasy Travel (and you in particular) to anyone I know traveling to Greece.  I myself hope to be back as soon as I can!

Thanks again and best wishes to you!

Monica D

Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 6:35 PM
Subject: Great trip!!!

Eleni- Wanted to tell you what a great trip we enjoyed in Greece.  Your accomodations and transfers to and from everything were first rate and timely. After arriving 7 hours later than we had planned(Delta will be hearing about this, 15 people missed the plane by 5 minutes), we arrived in the Plaka in time to have some supper and get our bearings.  What a fun and energetic place to live in for a few days!  I asked for a room on the 5th or 6th floor and we had a perfect view of the Acropolis from our window. Spectacular!  Our day trip to Mycanae/Epidaurus etc. was a highlight of Henry's trip. We managed to see almost everything we wanted in Athens(tho' we missed the Benaki). Mykonos was nice and we loved the hotel. Had a stormy day on Sat., but we enjoyed some good old fashioned relaxation and a nice meal at our hotel.  Santorini was great fun and our view was fantastic from the Volcano Views.  We had met some people from Chicago and spent a great deal of time with them eating out, shopping and enjoying the sunset from Oia one evening.  A beautiful island, easy to get around(we did the hotel shuttle, taxis, and busses), we enjoyed every second of our time there.  We even enjoyed an extra evening in the Plaka on Wed. nite, taking the airport express shuttle in and back.  The girls and I now have beautiful Byzantine rings to remember out trip.  Thank you again for arranging so expertly this anniversary trip- one we treasure always.  Diane and Henry

Hi Cris

Sorry taken so long to contact you  -  been extremely busy  !!

Thank you very much for a well organised trip.   We enjoyed every minute
especially Mykonos  (I loved the place).   Crete was also very beautiful especially
the area from Heraklion to Chania  -  this side of the island was really lovely  -  Santorini
very cute but Oh so DRY !   Athens  GREAT !

Thanks again and will definitely recommended your Agency to people this side who wish to travel
to Greece. 

Hope you received my brochures.

Kind Regards
Ernest & Lilian

Hi Litsa,

I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful service you provided.  We
were impressed with how smoothly all of our transfers and pick ups went.
We had a wonderful honeymoon.  We will surely contact you the next time we go
to Greece...we already want to go back!

Christina and Nelly are delightful.  Please thank them for us.


Carol and Daniel


 We are back in the States and getting back into life  as usual here. I just wanted to write to thank you for a wonderfully planned trip to Greece. You did a great job! All of the accommodations were exactly as you had indicated. Moreover, all transfers were perfectly on time and we went from one place to another without any problem. Greece is an absolutely beautiful place. Athens was bustling and fun and the islands were absolutely gorgeous! We were able to enjoy all of it even more due to all of your well planned arrangements and itineraries. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone going to Greece and I will definitely contact you again on our next excursion there! We have already decided we must return and visit Crete and Rhodes!
 Thanks again,

Hi Litsa,

We are home and I just wanted to take a minute and
thank you again for all of your help.  Because of you
and your support our trip was a huge success!  We had
the most wonderful time and have fallen in love with
Greece and her wonderful people.
Thank you again for all of you kindness and help,

Merideth Hendry

Hi Patty,
I received our DVD and the pictures are great!  Tell
Clive "thank you" for us!

Our trip was wonderful!  Everyday was perfect and we
thoroughly enjoyed Greece! Thank you so much for the
work you put into arranging our trip.


Hi Patty...
I want to thank-you for the great support and the excellant smooth travel connections and hotel
accomodations. It made my tour so very easy to enjoy. I have a married couple (friends) that I have referred to your agency who are traveling to Greece in September. I gave them your email address.
Please take good care of them. I recommended you highly....Thanks again for the
excellent job. I plan to tour Turkey next and will check out your tours for their. Roger Ericson

Patty, Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a great job putting together the island hopping vacation for my parent's (Bill and Marg Smith).  They returned home on Sat night and were so happy about their trip, they couldn't say enough nice things about your services, they will be recommending you to many of their friends.  They were also really happy you were able to help Mom out with her little dentist emergency.  Thanks again.Debbie 

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