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Eressos Travel in Lesvos

Dear Mr. Matt Barret,

we would like to thank you for the useful information about Lesvos. We have
been there last August and we really enjoyed our stay on the island. To be
sincere we found the accomodation and many other things thanks to Eressos
travel. Amalia, the person who is in charge for the incoming on Lesvos, she
has been wonderful and extremely helpful. She is a very nice person too.
We found Chios even more interesting than Lesvos.
Thank you again to you and to Eressos travel

Tamara and Martin (Rome)

Hi Matt,

I have to write to thank you for all the excellent suggestions you made that made our trip to Greece so memorable and interesting.  We stayed in Lesvos and Chios.  Our arrangements could not have been any better, all due to the fabulous help of “Miss Eleni” as we have dubbed here – the travel agent with a big heart.

She was simply wonderful.  She was responsive to us in a timely fashion that some of the other agents were not, which was the reason finally that we chose to work with her.  She had terrific suggestions and took it upon herself to offer some alternatives to our plans that proved to be outstanding and made our honeymoon trip even more special.  She was also so thoughtful in arranging special welcomes for us as we made our way. 

One the most important and helpful traits she has is to keep her cool and to help her clients keep their cool.  We became pretty nervous a few times about whether this all was going to work out, but she counseled patience, and that was the right advice. 

She was also extremely clear about expenses and made that aspect of the planning completely without ambiguity, which really helped us too.  I know that she was able to get us some deals through her connections, experiences that we certainly could not have done on our own, such as the special Suite we had at Hotel Pyrgi in Mytilene. 

I am writing you of course without any prompting on Eleni’s part.  I just believe she deserves a fantastic review for the fantastic job she performed for us.  We will surely look her up again when our travels take us to Greece. 

All the best to you and your excellent website work! 

Don Schiermer and Bill Rich
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Matt,

This is just a glowing note of praise for Eleni at Eressos Travel in Lesvos. From the moment she got back to me after my request through your site, it has been a positive, calming and productive experience.I was nervous, knowing that my family is arriving for 11 days at the height of high season, and had been seeking accommodation through the net on my own, to no avail. Eleni called me and told me to give her 1 day to get it together, which she did. We now have perfect accommodation booked in each city for the exact days we requested, at decent rates, as well as a car organized. So, we are really looking forward to meeting her this week, and if you happen to be in Lesvos anytime soon, please let us know as we would love to have a drink with you. We have been using your guide as inspiration for years, and we have always enjoyed your insights and humor. Thank you for your fantastic work.

Maya Kvetny

Dear Matt;

Although I traveled to Greece many times, I visited your website to get ideas on visiting Lesvos.  After faxing countless hotels and having no luck,  I contacted the above name that I discovered at your website at Eressos travel.
That was probably the most important "click" I have ever made.  Not only did Eleni book my hotel and rental car,  but never in all of my years of traveling have I met such a fantastic travel agent.  Not only did she turn out to be a fantastic travel agent,  but she was like a long lost friend.  In addtion to being the total professional,  she is truly one of the kindest, loving, and most generous people that I have ever met.
I was traveling with three americans who really have never been out of the country.  They were dazzled and completely bowled over by Eleni's charm and kindness.
Both Eleni and her husband went above and beyond the call of duty with us.  We were only there two nights,  so a fortune was not made in commisions but none the less they took all of us out for drinks and snacks and a breakfast on the last morning.   In each of our rooms Eleni had wine and refreshments and fresh fruit waiting upon check in.   She met us at the airport.
Matt,  she is truly a gem and the tops.  More importantly,  I think that we discovered a new friend.    Thank you so much for exposing us to her in your website.
Frank Knies

Hi Matt,

I was traveling with Frank Knies in Greece and I also want to tell you what a
wonderful person Eleni Mantzorou is.  She really made our trip to Lesvos
enjoyable.  Her and her husband spent an evening with us and really made us feel
like we had known them for some time.  I would highly recommend her.

I also enjoyed your website.  It was very helpful in planning our trip to
Greece.  We went to Athens, Meteora, Lesvos and Santorini.  Enjoyed them all.  I
really hated to come back.

The weather was also great.  Unfortunately we took to many winter clothes and
not enough summer wear.  I actually came back with a tan on my face.  Love it.

Have you been to Italy?  That's our next trip....

Again, thanks for the help.


Dear Matt,

Having read your site from top to toe we booked a weeks holiday on Lesvos Island this Easter gone. We (toddler and infant included!) had the most wonderful stay at Heliotopos and it was all thanks to Eressos Travel (Amalia was very efficient) Lena and her wonderful parents.

Thanks for the info and to Eressos (my server won't transmit my thank you note thro' to their address) and hope to go over to see more of beautiful Greece in the future.

With regards,
Clare and Nick Carpenter-Frank
Muscat, Oman
Middle East

Hi Matt:

Amalia at Eresos Travel asked me to write to you about our trip to Lesvos.

My grandmother was born in Mytilini so it was a very special trip for my mother, my boyfriend and me.

We had a great time.  The Blue Sea Hotel was clean, quiet, the staff were very friendly, nice and accomodating.

Amalia was a great help in arranging transportation to and from Lesvos.  Hopefully, we will see her again next year.


We just spent a some time on Lesvos and we really like the island.  We met
Amalia and feel that she is a really nice person and enjoyed working with
her very much.  She made some really nice reservations for us and listened
to our concerns about what we wanted and got them.

We are currently looking for a house to buy inn Lesvos or Samothrackie, any

Tell Amalia hi for us.  You are lucky to have her working for you.

Roxanne and Bronwen Raymer


Just to let you know that we used all your information on Lesvos to guide us around the island.  We had a wonderful seven days holiday with the assistance of Eresos travel who were so helpful in every way,  Amalia booked us into lovely accommodation, a room in Skala and a hotel room in Molivious, both with great views.  They were excellent and emailed us pictures of the accommodation before we left, and everything lived up to expectations. They were such lovely people to meet and talk to, not like your typical travel agents, as we called in to meet them on the way back to the airport.

We knew nothing about Lesvos before I chanced upon your site, and now I am spreading the word to all my friends.

Your guide to the restaurants was excellent and we did try many of the ones you recommended in Skala Eresos and Molivious (particularly the captains table which was excellent).  We failed to find Bennetts in Skala and the restaurant by the themal baths near Molivious.  All the ones we tried lived up to your recommendations, and we had the most wonderful food.

We did go into Sapho travel in Skala to enquire about accommodation on the sea front, but unfortunately we found the English lady extremely offputting and not at all friendly, so we would not be returning there, we mentioned that we had come as a result of finding your site on the internet and that seemed to offend her for some reason. She told us that they had a web site and that we should try that.

Anyway, we are really impressed with your site, and will recommend it to other people, and we plan to return to Lesvos next year with Peter's parents who we feel will really love the island.

Thank you for the wonderful site

Best wishes

Linda and Peter Higgins

Dear Amalia,
> We have came back at work again, but now we have an
> incredible memories of our holidays in Lesvos. It was
> perfect, all the apartments and Hotels were Ok, and
> the car hire too.
> The first place in Euriaki was a very peacefull and
> relaxing place.
> We enjoyed Skala Eressos and Molyvos too, in spite of
> we travel with our baby and the stone paved streets of
> Molyvos were very hard for us.
> Perhaps we could came again same time in the future.
> We hope so.
> Thanks for all, and congratulations for your good
> work.
> Xavier Comulada

Dear Amalia,
Just a note to thankyou for your assistance with our second visit to Lesvos.
We had a brilliant time in Skala Eressos, and the Heliotopos was a great place to stay.
The week went far too quickly....We have definitely fallen in love with Lesvos!!
Please thank the owners of the Heliotopos for us. We bought them a farewell gift, as they were very friendly.....Despite the language barrier!
It was a wonderful stay, much better than our visit in June (to Petra), and we certainly will be returning again in the near future.
Hopefully, you may be able to help us with that too!

Thanks for everything Amalia, and see you soon!

Gary Campbell 

Hi Matt,
The last testimonial on the Eressos link was from me.
Could i just explain a little.
We had gone to Petra in June '01 with a major tour operator, who made a complete hash of our holiday from day 1. After visiting several of the islands in previous years (Kefalonia being outstanding) and having no problems at all, the errors made by the operator came as a bit of a shock.
To put it bluntly, we HATED Lesvos because of it.....And Petra in particular. It was a blessed relief to get on the plane home.
However, after visiting your site and seeing the Eressos accomodation, we decided to give the island another chance in October.
We were slightly hesistant on the days leading up to the trip, as EVERY little detail was planned and paid for over the net. We really didnt know what to expect!
BUT...What a PERFECT break it was! The weather was fabulous, the island was quiet, and Skala is a wonderful place to stay.
We arrived at midnight, after leaving a rainy and cold Manchester airport. To wake up in the morning at the Heliotopos and be confronted by a warm, blissful silence, was simply unbelievable. We were soon welcomed by the owner, with a huge bunch of freshly picked grapes!
Every second of every minute of our 7 day stay was precious.
From being highly unimpressed by Lesvos, we were captivated by this magical island.
I must have taken literally hundreds of digital pics. The sunset over the mountains in Skala being particularly awesome.
It is now just over 4 weeks since we returned home, and the depression has yet to leave us!
As a businessman.....My sights are focused!
But HOW to do it remains a problem.....For now!

Eressos travel, and Amalia in particular, were more than helpful. Its just a pity that we didnt get to meet her. Maybe next year. We will certainly be returning!!

Many Thanks
GMC (Gary Campbell)

we had a great time at skala errosos, we loved your family and especially the parrot. we will write to matt.
we already miss the local sheep youghurt, and the local honey from lesvos.....
thanks kathryn and candace

> Hi again--Does Matt have an email address?  We finally
> finished our trip.  From Lesbos and Chios we spent 17
> days in Turkey and ended with 3 days in Prague, Czech
> Republic.  If I know of anyone going to Lesbos-I will
> recommend you.  Thanks again--Gary Milacnik

> Once again Amalia, thanks for your good information.
> Like most Greek people you have been very pleasant to
> work with.
> Jim 

Thanks for your e mail....yes we had a brilliant holiday, thanks to your help and assistance. I was going to go into the offices in Scala Erosos and thank you personally but you said you had moved offices in your last message.
Heliotopos really suited us, the proprietor was so friendly always with a bag of grapes and figs for us from the garden every day.... the apartment was ideal...quiet and just far enough out to walk to the beach and the fabulous tavernas on the sea front. ....I thanked him and his wife for our stay and wrote a page in his visitors book. I think we tried all the tavernas....the food was lovely and good that you could enjoy traditional food. I had intended writing to Matt....but being back at work this week has been difficult....Oh to be back in Lesvos!!!!!! I will write on Sunday when I have more time.
I would recommend Lesvos to anybody who enjoys peace and quiet and we would certainly go again. Just as an enquiry...are there any small villas around Scala Erosos that would be for rent. I noticed on the left on the approach to Heliotopos that there was a place set back on its own, I tried to catch the person staying their but didn't manage. Anything that you can think of?
Thanks again for all your help

> Hallo Amalia,
> how are you? Martin and I we have been very busy. I am sorry I could not
> write you before but I have not had time to send you an e-mail. We both
> would like, once again, for your help, your efficiency and your disposal.
> Without you it would not have been the same. We will now send an e-mail to
> Matt Barrett to tell him how wonderful was our holiday in both islands and
> we will obviously tell him about you as well.
> We hope everything is okay with you.
> Take care and lots of kiss.
> Tamara and Martin

Hi Amalia,

I willbe happy to send recommendations about myexperience with the travel agency. I thought you were very kind to be there at the port when I arrived amongeverything else you did for me while I was here in Lesbos.

Would you beable to arrange my trip back to Athens? I would like to know how much it will be to fly versus taking the ferry on the 23rd of October.

Thanks, Athena

Hello Amalia!
We arrived home safe and sound.  We enjoyed our trip and enjoyed meeting you.

Hi Matt:
Amalia at Eresos Travel asked me to write to you about our trip to Lesvos.
My grandmother was born in Mytilini so it was a very special trip for my mother, my boyfriend and me.
We had a great time.  The Blue Sea Hotel was clean, quiet, the staff were very friendly, nice and accomodating.
Amalia was a great help in arranging transportation to and from Lesvos.  Hopefully, we will see her again next year.

> Dear Lena, dear Amalia,
> I would like to thank you very much for your help on my holiday on Lesvos.
> am safely back again in Germany. The departure of the flight yesterday
> evening was within the time limit, though the safetycontrols were severer.
> After arrival in Germany I have to go by car, so that I was at home about
> 04:00 in the morning.
> I have established that 14 days on Lesvos are to short, but I must work
> to earn enough money for my next holiday.
> Bye for now and regards to all,
> Karl

> Dear Amalia
> Thank you very much for your mail.
> We have had a very nice time in Skala Eressos, specially at Heliotopos. We
> have quickly got friendship with family Paraskevas. It was a feeling that
> had knowing them for years, even though I don´t speak greek neither
> They have been very nice with us, also with another gests from Germany and
> England we talked with, too.
> If you remember we had agreed that we should move around, changing studios
> due to "see view" desire I had. We stayed just the first night at one
> and then we moved to another with see view for the rest of the holiday.
> Mantzoro even gav us olive oil he had made him self! It was very kind of
> him.
> When we came back to Norway, I had to go to Germany for almost one month.
> Thats why I am late to writing you this thanks letter.
> I have already written to Matt. Please let me know if you hear from him.
> I attach 2 pictures for you.
> I sent some pictures to Mr Paraskevas. I sent them to Eressos, not Skala
> Eressos as he wrote the address for me. I had not the post code for
> either. I hope the pictures reach him soon.
> Please give my regards to Pavlos. I hope I can make to come to Lesvos
> soon and I thank specially you.
> Regards
> Bahram

Dear Amalia,
Just a note to thankyou for your assistance with our second visit to Lesvos.
We had a brilliant time in Skala Eressos, and the Heliotopos was a great place to stay.
The week went far too quickly....We have definitely fallen in love with Lesvos!!
Please thank the owners of the Heliotopos for us. We bought them a farewell gift, as they were very friendly.....Despite the language barrier!
It was a wonderful stay, much better than our visit in June (to Petra), and we certainly will be returning again in the near future.
Hopefully, you may be able to help us with that too!

Thanks for everything Amalia, and see you soon!

Gary Campbell 

After finding your Web Site I found island I had never heard of before!.....What a fantastic discovery, we have just returned from a 2 week family holiday staying at the Heliotopos apartments in Scala Erosos. Scala really suited our needs...quiet enough with lots of tavernas and the best thing was that they served authentic and traditional food...plenty of choice and excellent quality. Hiring a car we saw plenty of the island, mainly the west. We would certainly go back. Thanks must also go to Amalia at Erosos Travel for her persistence in finding us our accommodation. Greece really is a wonderful place and now I must try and find somewhere similar for our 2002 holiday...back in Greece of course.
Can you suggest a destination, ideally with a main airport with connection to the UK.? I like relatively uncommercialised places with good beaches...not noisy and with tavernas to eat in at night.....any ideas?
many thanks once again...your website is encyclopaedia of knowledge

Hi Matt

My name is Martin Byrne from Dublin in Ireland and I just want to tell you about the time myself and my wife had in Lesvos. I meant to email you before now but since we got back it's been frantic.

We went to the Island on 9th June and returned in a much more chilled out frame of mind on 24th June. We booked the flight to Athens through an Irish agency and everything else we booked through Amalia and Lena in Eressos Travel. I must say I found them incredibly helpful and efficient. Right from our first email to them until we left the Island we could not fault their service.

We stayed pretty much put for the two weeks as we were exhausted from work and Fidelma had just completed and passed medical exams, so all we wanted was to chill out and do as little as possible. We stayed at the Heliotopos apartments and were greeted with a big smile a very clean and comfortable apartment and a big bowl of fruit, which was most welcome after the two and a half hour taxi drive from the airport. Our time at the apartment was most enjoyable: we read and slept and tried our best to communicate with the owner whose name I can't pronounce or spell, but we knew what each other was talking about...most of the time!!

The only thing I was a bit irked about was the fact that there were very few places that accepted credit cards. Mind you we got by. We took a day trip to Mylvos to use the cash machine there so were fine. That was a funny one actually, the bus ran out of diesel on the way back and we were stranded on a hill for about an hour as the driver sped off on the back of a motor bke with a 3 gallon drum under his arm.

We went on the tour through Sappho Travel, who were also very helpful. The only thing I found with them was they were a good bit more expensive on accomodation and car hire, and I got the impression they did not get on too well with eressos travel, but that's competition for you.

Sorry for the gap in time but since I started writing, there have been more exams and work has been frantic.
Any back to Lesvos. I must say that over all the standard of the Island is great and hopefully we will get back to it at some stage. We spent a day driving around which was really enjoyable and headed south to some hot springs, no I can't remember, I guess if I had finished this last July like I intended I would have remembered. The restaurants in Scala are really good and service is very efficient and friendly. The beach is faultless.

A funny story for you. One night we were in Scala for dinner and things were looking a little iffy weather-wise. We had just finished our dinner at around 10pm when suddenly the heavens opened. Then the whole village balcked out. We took shelter but decided we would get just as wet standing where we were so we decided we would make for the apartment which was 10 mins walk away. In the darkness we saw car lights coming towards us and they stopped beside us. Initially we couldn't see who it was because it was pitch black and raining really heavily. But it was the owner of the Heliotpos who had driven down to the village to look for us to give us a lift home. Now where would you get that eh?

A fantastic time has and a return visit is on the cards.


Martin Byrne

Dear Matt,
I am writing to tell you about my wonderful experience in Lesvos last year.
I traveled to Greece for two months with my little doggy Boy, a 5 lb.
Maltese. I was fortunate enough to come across your website and followed up
with Eresos Travel Agency in Mytiline, Lesvos. Amalia an agent from Eresos
met me at the ferry at 11pm, hired a cab for me and sent me to a very nice
secluded hotel outside Mytiline. I had nothing to worry about, it was all
taken care of!! Amalia is a young lady from Petra, where many of her
relatives live.
Here is the story about Amalia:
Amalia is a very pleasant, sincere young woman from Petra. She was
delightful and incredibly good to me. I was travelling solo (with my puppy)
for two months Amalia managed to hook me up to some wonderful people and
hotels in Lesvos, namely the Delphinia in Molyvos, the Melami in Skala
Kalloni and her cousin Alex (from Petra and who runs a car rental service
called "Number 1") he also has a Pensione in Petra where I stayed for two

This is the story about Alex:
Alex is great. He will bend over backwards for you and give you a great deal
on a car or motorbike or bicycle, whatever floats your boat.
I rented a room for Alex for two weeks. His mother, brother, brothers wife
and their son all had units. One happy family. Alex invited me for dinners
that lasted hours, many courses and many people from all over the world. We
would eat, drink and laugh for hours. Alex is very offbeat, he has a
wonderful sense of humor and a keen sense for business. His brother has a
restaurant in town where you ca have some of the BEST Greek food on the
island. Alex was very good to me and my puppy, there was no problem with
having a pet with me.

Athina's story:
I resigned from a high powered position in San Francisco and needed to
escape. I was burnt out. I traveled post 911 for two months, mainly visiting
Lesvos. I chose Lesvos because I lived on the island as a young child for
two years, not to mention my ancestors are from Kalloni (some still there).
I must admit, I had no intention of depending on my relatives so I conducted
a web search and found your site. I followed up with many of the names on
your site and found the "Perfect Fit" with Eresos Travel and Number 1 car
rental in Petra.
The next time I am in Greece I will not hesitate for a moment regarding who
to contact...Amalia and Alex will be first on my list!!

I hope you share this email on your website.

Warmest personal regards, Athina burns

Athena Burns
Project Manager-GBS TM
Fritz, a UPS company

Hi Matt,

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful three week vacation to Lesvos and Chios. Eressos Travel booked all of our hotels, a one day Saronic Gulf cruise and all of our transfers between islands and hotels. We had a wonderful vacation. Not only was it completely problem-free but the taxi drivers even went beyond the call of duty. One man stopped the taxi, grabbed something from the side of the road and presented me with two types of natural herbs which grow in Lesvos. The aroma was fabulous. In Lesvos, we stayed at the Aeolian Village and the Sunrise. The Sunrise Hotel was my husband's favourite. Lesvos is a beautiful island. Chios was very impressive also. We stayed at the Benovias Apartments, Kyveli Apartments and Grecian Castle. I would give special mention of George and Joanna of the Benovias Apts. Their hospitality was overwhelming. On both islands, the food and wine was wonderful. Most importantly, we found the people noticeably more friendly and helpful on these islands than we found in the Cyclades last year. My very special thanks to Anastasia of Eressos Travel who made our vacation one we won't soon forget.

Karen and Shawn

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