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Hotel Aphrodite in Vatera Beach, Lesvos

This is more than a good hotel. This is the kind of place you end up coming back to every year to see the friends you have made. Inexpensive and family run with a great taverna the hotel is right on the beach at Vatera, which is one of the best beaches in Greece. Owned by Maria and John who are Greek-Canadians who really go out of their way to make sure guests enjoy themselves and  take pride in their hotel and the island of Lesvos.There seem to always be English-speaking kids around for ours to play with and that is a plus of course. Vatera and the area around Polychnitou is the most interesting part of Lesvos with hot springs, traditional villages and traditional island products, many of which are available in the hotel. On Saturday nights they have live Greek music and dancing and it can get very festive. They also rent cars to their guests so they can see the whole island. Best of all for the kids they have a trampoline which keeps them more occupied than the sea does. And if that is enough there is also a beautiful swimming pool.

Yasso Yassus Yannis

We stayed in your apartments at the end of May this year, and enjoyed
your hospitality. Have you got an apartment available after the 8th
September 2000 for 2 weeks ? Can you advise dates and prices please. We
would like to make it in September if we can get a flight to fit your

Kind Regards
Jeff & Helen Ladkin

PS Tell Irene - LARGE beer please... and her olive oil is great!

Dear everyone,

thanks for a really great stay at your hotel.

we had a great time in Vatera and Lesvos and will certainly

recommend you to everyone we know.

The weather here is as usual raining and cold and we are already

 wishing we were back on the beach.

ah well maybe soon.

have a busy season.


Mike and family

Dear All,

Many thanks for a wonderful holiday.  We are now back at work and thinking of you often!  It feels as though we have left family behind.

Thank you again for your kind hospitality and caring manner that mean so much.

Wishing you a successful season and hoping to visit you again,

With love,

Sharon, Helen, Anne & Geoff Scott

(stayed 8th June - 22nd June 2000)

To all of the wonderful staff of the Aphrodite,

We made it home safe and sound.  We enjoyed Samos.  It too is a beautiful
and unique place, however our favorite place is Vatera Beach and the
Aphrodite Hotel.  Someone ask me what was my favorite part of the trip.
Even though we had seen some spectacular sights in your wonderful country,
I had to admit my favorite part of this trip were the morning walks I took
along the Vatera Beach Road.  The sparkling blue sea, quiet beach and
lovely wild flowers gave my mind a sense of peace and tranquility I hope to
hold onto forever.  Thank you for your kindness and patience.  We hope to

John, I checked Matt Barat's web site and he still mentioned the Aphrodite
Hotel--it is on the second web page--after the one we were looking at

Hope you have a wonderful summer season.  Please give our love to Irene.
She was so good to us.

Jane Bowles and Francis Daunt

Dear Mr. Barrett,

Based on your research and presentation on your site, with advice and help of Dina from Fantasy Travel we spent nearly 3 weeks at Aphrodite Hotel VATERA in LESVOS.

We are back and very happy with the experience. It is indeed VERY adapted to children and family needs, the facilities are minimal, though sufficient to keep interested over a 2-3 week period, although by the end my kids got bored with the limited selection - however that is much more than the other hotels that had nothing. Many parents come from other hotels to have kids play at this one. Staying at this hotel does not make a requirement to drive the kids around to search for some entertainment.

The food was very good and the service very personal by the members of the owner's family. The key to their success is the unusual and rather rare situation that a large family is in charge of all aspects 24/7 of the hotel and facilities.

As to the facilities, although no luxury, they are very clean and in good standing, quite alright for normal expectations. The immediate connection between accommodation, restaurant and terrace, beach and kids facilities , in a rather complete and tight integration is extremely favorable to families with children since it offers the unique possibility that both kids and parents run their preferred activities in close proximity such that parents can enjoy their time in the comfort of being able to supervise the kids rather easily and directly.

The area is trully pleasnat and relaxing because while being not crowded at all and  it has many authentic and genuine traditional features and from simple old village of VRISA to deserted beaches at both ends of VATERA beach, quiet vacation villas lined up the shore and rather good quality facilities of minimal variety in the vicinity. It is much more to our taste than the crowded north touristic areas of around PETRA.

Things of interest to be brought to your attention you may or not know about, you may even have them on your site but I admit that i did not review all your pages:

At MOLIVOS, 5 km up the mountain at the entrance of the village VAFIOS, there is a restaurant run for the past 21 years by the owner who actually serves at the table serving unbelievable tasty local food specialties from sun dried tomatoes pate, to oven cooked lamb and many many many other with local herbs and preparation method, bottles the wine under its own label s which make the taste rather unique . It even bottles its own wine under the restaurant label TAVERNA VAFIOS which, the white variety I would consider the best I had in many years  - - price for 3 adults and 2 kids who eat more than necessary and 2 bottles of wine was 100 Euro - at the upper end but I could not consider it expensive at top of the season. There is another one (Taverna Petrino) which copied this same concept but it was not opened at 04:00 P.M. possibly would have opened later like many in Greece after 06:00 P.M. but we were gone by then.

Check MOLYVOS CASTLE at 08:00P.M. just a sunset  - the atmosphere at top of the hill, views through medieval architectural arches over the tiny port at bottom of hill and the hill carpeted with red ceramic roofs that continue with silvery water.

For fish, your suggestion of AKROTIRI at old VRISA Village port was very good BUT I strongly suggest an alternative of same and even better caliber, "O GRIGORIS" in Nifida on the shore of the large gulf (5 km left down hill from POLICHNITOS which is itself 5 km from VATERA) (check the scan attached) where besides exceptional fresh fish it has English speaking personnel (which Akrotiri does not) who delivers and exceptional courteous and prompt service. Probably the fastest serving anywhere and we tried more than 10 restaurants.

In VATERA, if tired of Greek food, OASIS Restaurant (500 m West of Aprodites hotel) has an Italian cuisine of a an upper middle quality - which we were quite happy with  and a courteous and prompt family service.

Between VATERA and PLOMARI there is a small village MELINDA  with 2 restaurants fish style, good like Akrotiri. Of the 20 km of road from VATERA, 7 km are on stone serpentine road, not comfortable but safe  driving. The MELINDA restaurants are on  white marble pebble beach quite attractive, rather elegant in appearance due to the appearance of the marble shiny surfaces of the pebbles, a huge beach many km but interrupted by cliffs every few hundred meters.

From MELINDA one must take the new road to PLOMARI at about 07:30 P.M to 08:00 P.M. to catch the sunset across the sea with VATERA beach entirely visible as a huge curve bordering the sea and 4 high hills rising nearly vertical on a stepped arrangement from the water - quite a spectacular view.

Thank you for all your recommendations.

Best Regards,

Adrian Grigoriu

To Iannis, Georgio, Maria and all your families, and to Irene and family

Thank you for a very good time during the 2 weeks we stayed with you, we
loved your hotel and Vateras.
We arrived home safely yesterday after a good flight.
It is much cooler in England.

See you again sometime, best wishes

Phil, Pat and Becky Kennedy and Mary

Hallo George and John

Thought you might like a picture and me and Wendy enjoying ourselves at your beautiful hotel.

We had a wonderful time in September and felt we were very lucky to get such a modern hotel as we had booked an 'unamed accodation' holiday at the time.

It is a shame Going Places won't be advertising your hotel in the next brochure - but we have your details anyway and I've seen your excellent web-site!

Hope you are all well and say hallo to Irene for us - wish her luck for her trip to South Africa.

Bye for now.

Martin & Wendy

  Dear family Hahathakis,
  we want to say "Thank you" for the beautiful holidays we spent at your
very nice hotel in Vatera. We enjoyed the time we stayed with you very much and
therefore we are sure, we will come back to you and your hotel again!
 We felt in Aphrodite-Hotel like at home!
  Please give our greetings also to your permanent staff.
  We keep in touch.
  Special greetings from
  Ulrike Dieth & Bernd Schoser
 PS: Thank you for the digital-photo you sent us, we like it very much!

Dear Yiannis,

Val and I would like to thank you and your family for making our stay on your lovely Island so memorable.

We both know that you will be successful in the future as you have a very nice Hotel with the right atmosphere.

Once again thank you and with luck we will meet again in the near future.

Kind regards     

Peter & Val

Αγαπητοί μας φίλοι,
καναμε ενα πολυ ευχάριστο ταξιδι και γυρίσαμε στο σπίτι μας,με την σκεψη
μας στα Βατερά ,όπου περάσαμε τόσο πολυ όμορφα,χάρις,εν πολλω, σε σας.
Σας ευχαριστούμε για όλα και ευχόμαστε ναμαστε όλοι μας καλα και να
επανέλθουμε δριμύτεροι του χρόνου.
Καλο καλοκαίρι,και ο,τι επιθυμείτε
 Γιώργος και Λυδία Πανά.

Dear Yiannis,

We are back from our wonderful trip to Greece and Turkey and just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful time we had during our stay at your hotel.  Everything was perfect and we enjoyed having a chance to get to know you a little.  If a potential guest ever wants a recommendation, feel free to pass our name along - we will recommend The Aphrodite hotel highly!

Thank you so much for all your hospitality.  We will remember you fondly.

All our best,
Barbara and Mark

Dear Mr Yiannis
back in Cyprus for sometime already, we would like to let you know that we
enjoyed our stay at your hotel very much. It was interesting to be there at
the grand football match of the year too!! We loved Vatera beach.
Lesvos is a beautiful island and we would like to come again with the
Pls dont forget to let us know of any special offers or any other plans
you may have in the year coming.

Our regards to the family
Me pollous heretismous
Marlene Philippou

Hello to George, Yannis and Mama Maria

Just wanted to drop you a line to say what a wonderful week we had at your hotel.
Sue, Monica and I were made to feel like royalty. We enjoyed the hospitality, the food and the accomodations.
I told all my friends, and customers, what wonderful hosts you were:  introducing us to Costas so we could made the trip to Turkey, sharing snippets of your lives with us and, of course, the wonderful food - cooked by everyone in the family.

I hope I get to return since I left feeling like I had made new friends.
Thanks for making this vacation really special.

Paula H. Montgomery
Customer Program Executive
McKesson Provider Technologies
Hi Matt, after reading your story about Lesvos Greece my husband and me went there for a week last month (September 2004). 

We stayed at the Hotel Aphrodite on Vatera Beach, and had a great time. The food is fantastic, John, Maria, George and Georgina  (the owners) were great, the service not from this world, very clean studio's. 

We can recommend this hotel to everybody. 

Thanks for your tip, keep writing.

Freddie and Anke Wiggins
Las Vegas, USA

Dear Yiannis,

I just wanted to write to you and say "Thank You" from my wife and I and our son for a wonderful stay and your hotel, and for a great trip overall, that you helped us put together.  The ferry came off without a hitch, the car rental was perfect, despite the number of times we changed plans.

Again than you very much, and I look forward to the next time we come and discover the rest of your beautiful island.

Thank you again
-Kirk and Family

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