Kostas Depastas: Traditional Potter of Sifnos

Kostas Depastas of  Sifnos is one of the last of the old time potters. In his workshop in Heronissos, perhaps the most isolated settlement on the island, he uses traditional methods to make his simple ceramic pottery beginning with digging his own clay and gathering wood to heat his kiln. On an island of masters Kostas is considered one of the best and an afternoon watching him at work is an afternoon well spent. The name Depastas probably has it's roots in the Venetian occupation of the island.

This is the 'factory' of Kostas Depastas. Actually the workshop is the open door on the right. The green door in the middle is the 'store' and he lives in the room on the left.

This Potters wheel is where he spends much of the year

Kostas shows us how it is done beginning with a lump of clay taken from the secret spot where he digs his...

Adding a little water...

It begins to take shape...

As the wheel spins he uses his thumb to widen the lip

All done...

Kostas has several pieces he has designed that are actually puzzles which he challenged us to figure out how to use, for example this wine caraffe. "What else do I have to do in the winter" he says.

These are from the 'store' where he sells his pots

These can be used to store olives...or chocolate-chip cookies. Whether for practical purposes or decorations, his pots make unique gifts, though you may not want to give yours away. 
Especially the Depastas Dribble-Cup which I had to have and is the life of every party.

I couldn't live with out it now
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