The Panagia Tinou and the similar looking Panagia Hozoviotissa are the pride of the Syros ferry fleet. In fact they are the Syros ferry fleet. These two ships are among the oldest in the Greek islands and serve the routes known as 'agonia' which is what it sounds like. They connect Syros to all the other islands of the Cyclades because Hermoupolis is the capital and anyone doing business, going to court, needing permits or an approval for architectural plans has to come to Syros. Even the jail is here. These ferries each do a different route every day and then return. They don't make money but are subsidized by the Greek government. Many travelers trying to make connections to the lesser known Cyclades from the popular islands end up in Syros to catch one of these boats. Syros is also connected to Pireaus by ferry and highspeed, several a day which also go to Tinos and Mykonos.