Syros has one of the best harbors in the Cyclades which is why Hermoupolis was the primary port of Greece until the late 19th Century. The cafes , restaurants and shops that line the quay give it a remarkable resemblance to pre 1922 Smyrna, and in fact many of the locals are refugees from Asia Minor. Sailboat skippers complain about the port because the comings and goings of the ferries can make it a bouncy and stressful mooring, and because you are docked up next to the cafes and restaurants everything you do is with an audience. On the other hand if you happen to be in the cafes you always have entertainment watching the sailors take showers and the skippers trying to keep their boat from hitting their neighbors when the highspeed ferry comes into the harbor. Hermoupolis is crowned by two churches. The Catholic Church of Saint George on the left and the Orthodox Church of the Ressurection on the right. Above them both are the OTE, TIM and VODAFONE antennas.