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samos, Greece, winemakingThe “Samos” wine produced from the well-known variety of the “White Moschato” Grape comes from an ideal combination of the local soil and the Aegean sun. The vineyards extend across the slopes of Mount Ambelos and as high as 800 metres into the mountains, perched between sun and sky.  Ancient low stone walls were built to hold and drain the valuable earth coming consecutive terraces, narrow strips of land which often allow only one row of vines to be properly cultivated.  Among all sweet wines of the world, the unique «Samos» wine come as a product of a blessed ecosystem combined harmonically with advanced technological practices respectful both to Nature and Tradition.

The “UNION” was founded in 1934 with the participation of twenty six (26) local  co-operatives representing all the vine growers of the island.  By forming this compulsory “Union”, the desperate peasants managed at last to protect their rights and bring a halt to their exploitation by the negotiants and vine merchants.  From then until today the UNION OF WINEMAKING COOPERATIVES OF SAMOS gathers the vine crop of the island and makes wine in its two traditional wineries situated at Malagari  and Karlovassi having the exclusive authority to sell it all over the world.  The Union, which has no counterpart elsewhere in Greece, supports the income of the vine growers of Samos and advertises the economic profile of the island.


The Museum of Samos Wine in Malagari takes you on a journey through winemaking history and culture.  It opened its gates on July 30th ,2005.  The building, amazing in its architecture, had many uses throughout the years.  It has been used as a winery, as a barrel-making factory, etc.  The visitor can see up close the huge barrels, the tools of the barrel-makers, old pumps, presses and filters used by old winemakers.  One will also find the full range of the awarded Samos wines for tasting and purchasing.


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