About NTL (DEL)

Kea is an island known for its artists. Because of its proximity to Athens it is the perfect weekend getaway and well-known artists like Fasianos have houses here. But one artist who is not known anywhere but on the island is Del, also known as Dellapizza. Born in Kea, one of a set of twins, Del came back to his ancestral island after living in Athens when he was in his twenties. His job as a handyman for the town of Ioulida gives him a perspective of life on the island that few others have and he uses his art to express his feeling about the island, the people as well as local, national and world events.

You can contact Del by mail:
Ioulida, Kea
Tel. 22880 22062


You can also write to DEL by e-mail through Matt Barrett at matt@greecetravel.com


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