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Matt Barrett's Greece Travel GuidesUnlike Lonely Planet, Frommers and Fodors I have not attempted to write about everything in Greece. I have written about what I know and enjoy. I have spent the best times of my life in Greece and my guides allow anyone to follow my footsteps and do the same. They include: Athens Survival Guide, Greece Travel Guide, Greek Island Guide, History of Greece, Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island, Greek Food Guide, Hotels of Greece, and my original Greek Travel Guide. I am currently working on two non-Greece travel sites: A Guide to Paris and a North Carolina Travel Guide. I also helped build my wife's Byzart Jewelry site and my daughter's Greece4kids. I love getting e-mail so don't be shy if you have compliments, criticism or have questions about your trip to Greece. I spend 4 hours a day answering e-mail and I answer them all! People ask me how I could have created so many pages of information. It's easy. I LOVE my job! You can support my website by using the travel agencies and services at or booking hotels at but since I have no way of knowing whether or not you have, you can still e-mail me with questions about Greece at and I will happily answer you.

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