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ParagaFor more than half a century the Greek Island of Mykonos has been a Mecca for tourists and adventure seekers. It has been visited by just about every celebrity, sports figure, political leader, archaeologist, professor, college student, house-wife, fashion model, writer, musician, famous chef, architect and designer in the world and it is not an exaggeration to say there is something on Mykonos for everybody. Great beaches, fine restaurants, beautiful hotels, amazing bars and clubs and the widest assortment of people that you will find anywhere. Mykonos is fun for everyone. I first visited Mykonos in 1970 when there were only two discos and the cafes on the waterfront had the wood and cane chairs you now find only in the most remote village cafeneons. Back then we camped on the beach or lived in caves. Mykonos is now the center of Greek tourism. But don't let that keep you away. Most people who come to Mykonos say it was the greatest holiday they ever had, and spend their lives trying to return.

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Mykonos Beach
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